Most Sickening Sentence: Frontrunner for 2006 Award!

It’s only February, but reading about the James Frey debacle in the Los Angeles times, I came upon this stunner, describing Frey’s literary  manager (who has dropped him like a hot potato):

“Kassie lives in a world of smart and tasteful writers, and she has handled the situation with grace,” [ Brillstein-Grey Chief Executive Jon] Liebman said.

Wow. Fantastic. How did that little scumbag worm his way into Kassie’s world? My goodness! Why, by all accounts, Frey is an absolute vulgarian!

I don’t know. Maybe I’m too sensitive. But when I read that sentence, I thought “Holy shit, bring me the smelling salts.”

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  1. Mark Poirier Says:

    I was James Frey’s cell bitch and let me tell you, he’s no vulgarian. He’s a gentle, kind lover.

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