Why Men Hate Women

Before you get all excited, let me say that I am no feminist, far from it. I don’t think women should play lead guitar in rock bands, and I don’t want them to be sports commentators. I don’t want men to be strippers or nurses, either. If you need explanations for this, you know where to find me.

So, let’s examine why men hate women! Maybe you disagree with the premise, in which case, try thinking about burkas, chadors, clitorectomy, honor killings in India and Pakistan, blah blah blah. Now, all men are affected to some degree by their fear and loathing of women. This is not to say they don’t also love and desire women, but the fear and loathing exists at a primal subconscious level, and is played out continually in all societies. Bottom line cause: The first authority figure in every man’s life is a woman, whose power over him is absolute. She can withhold the breast, the bottle, all forms of comfort, life itself. Bad Mommy! She is not always there to provide what he wants, and later, she will probably even yell at him when he pees on the floor. He will never get over this early experience, and he will project it upon every woman he meets for the rest of his life.

You might be asking why women don’t grow up hating women, but maybe you realize that because every female infant will grow up to be like mommy, they internalize her instead. She is not the enemy: she is their gender role model.

If you’re reading this and you’re a man, by now you’re either mad or snickering with distain. If you’re a woman, you’re going either Yes, thank you for articulating this Unconscious Knowledge, Sister Wolf! Or else you’re going Big duh. Men: WE KNOW YOU FEAR AND LOATHE US! We still love you and we need you for all kinds of things! We need you for sex, for money, for opening bottles and taking out the trash. We just can’t quit you! Don’t even worry. But we see your hatred every day, all over the world. You fear our sexuality, so you make us wear big blue beehives and cover our hair. Or you make us get breast implants in order to get your attention and/or demean us. You hate us when we’re assertive. Every male insult for women has to do with power: we are bitches, cunts, ball-breakers, shrews, battle-axes! Men don’t even try to insult us by calling us weaklings, or babies. Because those traits don’t make  us feel threatened (i.e. mad.)

Men love our bodies, but they must first overcome their fear and loathing of our V area, which in the adult woman is covered with hair. Eeow, get rid of that hair, it’s too scary! If we wax it off for you, though, it will look like a child’s V area, which is harmless. Not only that, a waxed V area is naked in a sad, vulnerable kind of way, like a sheared lamb. If you disagree with this last point, on aesthetic grounds, okay (you pederast!) but before I would wax my precious V, I would have to say: “First wax your balls, pal and then we’ll talk about it.” Finally, there is female armpit hair, the scariest sight you can impose upon any man in the Western hemisphere. If you’re a woman with unshaven armpits, you are a woman with THREE PUSSIES, and few men are up to that challenge. My husband however is one of them, I am happy to report. But the average man will react like a vampire faced with the sign of a cross.

There you have it. I feel this is enough to set you on the right track. I could elaborate for a hundred pages, but my pigsty awaits me, and my husband has rented a movie. Since he handles my armpits with such courage and grace, I will go and join him for the stupid movie.

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  1. Cibbuano Says:

    Hell, I don’t mind if a women chooses not to shave… I’m pretty hairy, and I wouldn’t ask my girlfriend to do something that I’m not going to do!

  2. Suebob Says:

    Once again, I just had to link to you over at

  3. Suzanne Says:

    I think a lot about shaved and waxed snatch (I am the proprietress of the Campaign for Unshaved Snatch (CUSS) & Other Rants), but I never made the underarm link. The “three pussies” theory is pretty damn brilliant. Very CUSS-worthy.

  4. mikenothing Says:

    so basically, we hate you because you’re powerful ?

    thats like saying “oh they hate me because im too real”, or “people hate me because i tell it how it is”.

    people hate people because of the bad qualities they posess. men, i, we, hate women because of the bad qualities they display, nothing more nothing less.

    your page here shows up a bad quality you posess, which is that you blame the person hating you for hating you, rather than thinking for a moment “maybe i am to blame ?”

  5. Elena Says:

    /rolls up her sleeves and puts on the rubber gloves]

    ok mikenothing… let’s start with the first flaw in your argument; you didn’t respond to refute the author’s premise, nor any of her inductive logic, nor any of her supporting points. Instead, second flaw – you commit the most common logical error found on the net (beloved by trolls); you respond with a very poorly argued personal attack. Let me show you how it’s done.

    “people hate people because of the bad qualities they possess.” Where did you get this information? I can point you to plenty of clinically validated research that suggests, rather, that we hate because our limbic system supercedes our executive centers of the brain; we hate because the primitive mammalian part of our brain responds in fight or flight impulses to perceived threat, and due to its inherent limitations, generalizes the source of threat (having a reflexive reaction to all snakes, instead of individual snakes, is a greater asset to survival – hence we “hate snakes” rather than hating individual reptiles). People hate because they are afraid, and that is something I absolutely can find substantial empirical data to support. What people identify as threatening may be something that threatens their ego, or their lifestyle, their identity, their comfort zone, or anything else of value to them (not just their life). (for a good survey, see “why we hate” by Jack Levin, 2004). Virtue has little, if anything, to do with hate. Relative power, on the other hand, has everything to do with it, since power and vulnerability are inversely related.

  6. Jen Says:

    first off i agree with you, but identifying mens hatred for women with: “they hate us becuase they feel thretend by us” or “they make us get implants” just sound pathedic on our part

    when a man insults you its as simple as >>dont listen

  7. christianj Says:

    Your absolutely right….

    The privileged Princess is easy to hate.

  8. Bill Says:

    I hate women because they have to talk continually and incessantly about nothing. I hate modern women because they want the best parts of being a man and the best parts of being a woman without the shit end of either. I hate women because they will start a fight calling a man every vile thing she can think of only to roll over like a whipped dog and cry when the guy finally gets shit full of her and abuses her back in a like manner. Heaven forbid a man smack a woman for hitting him, scratching biting or throwing stuff at him. Don’t allow a guy to defend himself. I was raised by a woman. 85% of my teachers were women most of whom loathed boys because we acted like boys. Now they just put them on ritalin. I hve married two women and like the current wife, although the first one almost made me swear off all women. By and large most women are unlikable and that’s why i hate women

  9. Kevan Says:

    Bill and Mike are correct, and I would add this……………………..women should worry more about the reasons men hate them than the fact they do. Hell women hate each other. The vast majority (not all) despise men, despise each other, are extremely jealous of another’s (particulary another woman’s) successes, their own failure, lie, backstabbing, vile, and consistently angry when they dont get their own way. And worst of all they think withholding sex from their partner will make men do what they want. Wrong, it makes men leave and find it elsewhere

  10. Keith Says:

    It doesn’t really matter, ultimately. Women are finally beginning to turn men off in record numbers. They are stubborn, irrational and unreasonable and they refuse to see any fault at all in themselves even when men tell them what the problems they have with them really are; they immediately run to the tough girl persona whenever valid criticism of them as supposedly equal human beings is presented to them That’s nearly sociopathic behavior.

    So ultimately they end up alone and more bitter and sour than ever unless they find a very weak, milquetoast man with whom they’ll never be satisfied. Strange, when I was a little boy I used to think women were better than men in many ways. Familiarity breeds contempt.

  11. Ron Says:

    Fun post, but the gender feminist construct of fear as displayed here as usual misses half of the psychological equation. The one a boy fears more… his father.
    And yet, just like girls, if we have knowledgeable parents, and most importantly mothers who have accepted they are not the center of the universe, we grow quite to be quite healthy and don’t remain one y.o. forever. I do find it interesting that in the west, the second happiest group behind married couples is… single men. Free from the genfem claptrap indoctrination we find life can actually be very pleasant. I am thankful that I have a choice. I don’t have to get married either. I don’t have to engage in rigid expectations. I still have to pay for the chivalrous nanny state via tax dollars, but TANSFALS. Enjoy your anti-depressants and cats. Nah I say that in jest. Not a bad post, and I understand your point, but it just doesn’t resonate with many of us guys, and we find it intellectually flawed.

  12. Robert Says:

    The reason that men hate women is simple. Lack of understanding. What we do not understand, we just choose to hate.
    I do not blame women for being angry at men, or men for being angry at women. We did not grow up in the same way. Men were taught to be “macho”. Women sensitive and caring.
    When we met the opposite sex, the differences were apparent. Hostility then occurred naturally.
    I am bitter that schools do not have a class on male and female differences, because obviously men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

  13. QMulisss Says:

    I think it all ultimately boils down to men having had it so good for so long that any woman raising her head in dissent has to be swiftly ridiculed or bullied back into place serving some kind of male need or allaying their fears.

    The dude who goes on about women being almost sociopaths in their changing from sweet to sour in minutes is refusing to acknowledge that we all have both sides in us – yes, even men – namely, the harsh and aggressive and the tender and sweet. It’s just that men, having been in power over women for so long, are unwilling to have to redefine themselves when some traits they’ve come to characterise as their own are manifested by creatures previously pigeon-holed into the narrow space of ‘nurturer, giver’ and other non-threatening roles.

    We all know that no-one likes an angry woman but after centuries of having your identity and very nature defined for you by others in an attempt to clarify to themselves who they are, wouldn’t you be angry? Stop fighting it, just try to understand it in the women you care about.

  14. billy Says:

    So I suppose we should roll over for you and play dead? How old are you? Did you grow up in that world? Or did you grow up in the post feminist one? EVERYBODY’S identity is determined by exterior forces. Men tried to control women for centuries through representations in art and literature as well as religious and legislative restrictions. This is true. Nobody can argue it. But does that now give contemporary (often college educated and vegetarian with a strong interest in Orientalism while being unaware that it represents a form of intellectual imperialism in the hands of middle class Westerners. Some also have red hair and end up dating professors-yes, that’s my ex) women carte blanche to do and say as they please. You will see the gender gap widen in your favor for a while. But don’t let hubris get the better of you.

    Also, I don’t know who told one of these guys that women were raised to be caring. They are raised to feign caring as a means to an end, like all humans. Ultimately, they are no better or worse than men. They are our equals. Which means they are just as crummy as we are. Human beings are bad animals that will hopefully disappear leaving this rock quiet again. And I am glad I won’t be around to see it.

  15. kunzy3000 Says:

    I hate women, period! Including my MUM and current girlfriend.

  16. Godammit, I’m Mad! » Blog Archive » Do Women Hate Themselves? Says:

    […] while back, I wrote on the subject “Why Men Hate Women,” and I still get comments from angry men. (If you enjoy angry men, go and […]

  17. Dexter VanDango Says:

    Strength and intelligence are often confused with each other… especially by people lacking one or more of those qualities!

    And here it would be all too easy to suggest that women tend to lack those qualities if they seem not to understand them properly. For example, for the last few months, blogs have been full of postings by women complaining that men are uncomfortable with – or even frightened away by – women´s strength and intelligence. That we men are afraid to love you amazons!

    Okay, fair enough. There is a real problem. But I believe what is compounding these problems and making honorable romance nearly impossible, is men – and some modern women´s – differing definitions of intelligence. For, as is often noted, the most erogenous zone in the human body is the brain (which fortunately – or unfortunately – is yet to be enhanced by silicone). And as everyone knows, the amount of brain-power varies. In this respect we men are often accused by some of you women of cowardice when it comes to choosing our sexual partners. We men are often accused of preferring rather stupid women because we fear their more intelligent “sisters.”

    Okay, let me be honest. This accusation is close to the truth, but not quite the truth. For the truth is this: We men prefer honestly stupid women to women who merely think they´re smart but are not! For it is the coward, is it not, who feels the need to constantly proclaim his bravery, and the weakling to claim a strength he does not possess? How strong can a woman truly be if she has to keep bragging about her strength? In heaven´s name, isn´t this the crux to the whole “men can´t seem to adjust happily to today´s strong women” debate? The simple difference between true strength of character – and mere energetic hostility and mule-headed stubbornness?

    For there unfortunately exists a whole class of women who are boring at best and irritating at worst. These women are boring because they have no identity as individuals but can only see themselves as women, that is as the opposing pole to a man. Everything in these poor creatures´ sad lives seems to be defined by what is diametrically opposite to what men think, do and like. This, of course, is not a uniquely female ailment. Those men who can only define themselves as “men” are equally boring and stupid. One has only to think of motorcycle thugs, vulgar-mouthed and sexist construction workers, and sports animals like Mike Tyson. Obviously it´s a lesson we should teach our sons and daughters – When you let yourself be defined by your testicles or your ovaries you´re in trouble!

    So there is a type of woman that we men do in fact seek to avoid. This is the individual who happened to be born into the body of a woman and has become strangled by it. These women are often bitter (many times justly so) because of the treatment they believe they have received at the hands of men. And their bitterness shows itself quite actively in the form of cynicism, sarcasm, and cold hostility. But what do these women say when they see men back away from them in revulsion? They smile with evil satisfaction and say, “The wimp was driven away by my intelligence! He was intimidated by my strength!” Oh, please!

    Yes, when confronted with such irritating examples of neurotic behavior we men do tend to openly and honestly prefer women who do not boast about an intelligence they do not in fact possess. That is why a Marilyn Monroe-type will always be preferred by men to a Bette Davis whose only talent is the sting of her tongue. Admittedly, we men do tend to have a soft spot in our hearts, a genuine fondness for cheap women, confused women, dumb women. But only when they are basically happy and optimistic. For strangely, dumb people, men and women, are often the most pleasant and playful types to be around. They are generally cheerful and blissfully unaware of what a black valley of despair this world really is. And they tend to neither dwell on past sorrows nor look ahead with pessimism to future calamities. Check the suicide statistics and you´ll find that the lower the IQ the lower the incidence of the ultimate self-disgust! Abundance of anything always brings boredom and dissatisfaction. That´s why rich people tend to kill themselves at a much higher rate than poor people do. Dumb women are prized by us men because they´re easier to make happy, easier to cheer up. When a dumb woman is feeling down it´s often quite enough to give her a shiny stone from the back garden or recite her a poem which begins with “Roses are red – violets are blue..” and which ends with “..which is why I love you!” Their faces will light up and they will giggle most charmingly (and infectiously). But a self-proclaimed intelligent woman will never fall for this cheap sort of masculine soothing. No, a self-proclaimed intelligent woman will insist that you discuss and debate Simone de Bouvier, Sylvia Plath, Gloria Steinem, and the fact that no woman yet has ever organized a Treblenka!

    And when she is finished slashing and hacking and demolishing whatever nervous and placating remarks you may have been foolish enough to offer, she will be unhappier than she was to begin with. And it is at this point that we men (who normally feel exploited and manipulated when it comes to the game of romance) begin to wildly look around for some desperate romantic gesture which will placate and soften the hearts of these angry and resentful furies. “You have such beautiful eyes (stop staring at me like that!)”, we stammer. “Honest!”
    (It is at this point that I must point out, in all fairness, that not all modern women are like the blockheads I have described above. Or even a majority. No, I´m just talking about the ones who are emotionally crippled enough to get involved with me!)

  18. Henk Van Vleck Says:


    I’m as angry as a tyranosaurus about this.

  19. Lucas Van Duncan Says:

    I’m afraid of women more than my dad?


  20. Mike Says:

    Lol. This article is trash coz a woman wrote it, nowdays women must take da trash themself

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Get back in the kitchen and make me a sammich.

  22. Derrick Says:

    Nothing, I mean nothing irritatats my ass more than a woman who consistently blame men for there OWN shortcomings. As if by default, because she is a woman, she should be treated a certain way with respect and dignity, even if she comes off like a lets say, a gold digging, lying, manipulatve, conniving, brainless, worthless, overrated, stank, slut, tramp, hairy, smelly ape. Or to put it more succintly, because she is pretty. WOMEN IT IS ABOUT TIME SOME MAN HAS REAL BALLS TO TELL YOU, YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING GOOD BY DEFAULT. NOTHING!!!! EARN IT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE OR SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT MEN. WE OWE YOU NOTHING, NOR OBLIGATED TO GIVE YOU ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU ARE PRETTY. IF WE DO NOT LIKE YOU, OR RESPECT YOU, OR NEEED YOU. GET LOST. THIS REDICULOUS SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT OR WANTING SOMETHING FOR NOTHING MOST OF YOU WALK AROUND FEELING IS baseless AND WILL ALWAYS BE YOU DOWNFALL. Your treated like prostitutes because most of you act like prositutes with no sense of class, modesty, humility, intelligenc, or style.
    Chronic insecurity and an over abundance of narcissism is at the very core of 85% of the women that walk this planet. And it is a fact that most women hate what they see in the mirror, have serious self image issues, and wear more makeup than a popular clown at a kids party. Not to mention the fake body parts; hair weaves, fake tits, fake eye color, fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake ass cheeks, fake plump lips(upper and lower) and these women have the audacity, let alone demand, something REAL or to be taken seriously. Most of you don’t even look like real people. YOUR FAKES!!! Got it!!! FAKES!!! From top to bottom. BOTOX, OMG!!! Most women have no personaliteis to begin with, so I gues being totally expressionless was inevitably the next step. Hmmmmm sexy MUMMY IN A TOMB LOOK. And here this author has written an article about man’s “fear of women,” hairy V area and hairy arm pits. Your confusing fear with the “who the f@#$% are you,” look that often permeates our faces when we have to look at your clown face and hairy ass Chubacka!!!! And even the sex can’t save most of you whose ship, weighed down by loads and loads of insecurity, and mindless verbal chatter that even the most patient man grows tired of, is sinking faster than the Titantic. Because despite all the money women spend on their outward appearances, heavy cosmetics, or cosmetic surgury, skimpy clothes,..they always seem to miss the most important ingrediant of all: Substance. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Yeah, that inner glue that holds it all together kid. Class, modesty, style, grace, humility, and most of all a sense of humor. Can’t buy that. Sorry. Hence why so many of you women can’t keep a man, one night stands, doomed to be alone, or sharing a boyfriend or husband with another woman; particualry as you get older and you no longer have your looks(or a stripper pole to swing from) to bank on. Most men don’t hate women because they are women. Most hate them because women hate themselves. YOU HATE YOU!!! AND YOU’VE DONE EVERYTING TO PROVE IT, RIGHT DOWN TO SELF HATE, EATING DISORDERS, SELLING YOUR BODY TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, AND SELF MUTILATION. DEAL WITH THAT TRUTH.
    And finally, don’t blame men who have been enlightend or just now waking the F#$% up and seeing most women (not all women, the classy ones know who they are)) for the manipulative, overrated, conniving, brainless, PLASTIC SHELL wanna be hookers that only the desparate will ever bother to date and spend hard earn money on. And they can have all their tired, worn, asses. Do what you will with them fellows. And leave the classy honies, who are just as interesting in the bedroom as out of it, to a the luckiest man alive…ME. And I kept plenty of money in my wallet and account to booth. And added benefit of dealing with the right ladies. You won’t go broke trying to impress them. They know bull@#$.%

  23. Derrick Says:

    Hey, I wrote the above artcle rather quickly, so don’t hold the mis-spelled words against me.:)

  24. ekaterine Says:

    gosh, some people here are really angry. And Dexter VanDango your post was really intelligent, and as a young lady I agree with you completely, both women and men have flaws.

    to derrick: I don’t think that bashing the opposite sex is the most mature way of arguing your point.

  25. Jacki Says:

    Holy Cow! How did we get to this state of affairs?? I, an intelligent woman, have believed for some time that there’s something about me that men hate. I just wish someone would tell me what it is. Hey, I’m a big soul-searcher, and I think I can look at myself honestly, but I seem to attract, or not attract, men whom I presume hate me for my intelligence because otherwise I’m pretty sure I”m in the normal range of flawed humanity. I’ve been told by friends that I’m kind, loyal, passionate, all kinds of good things. Lately I’ve gotten into the things I’m passionate about and have tried to stop worrying about all this. It seems to be a global pandemic…men hating women; somen hating men. And I don’t want to be a part of it. I hope you all find your perfect partners.

  26. HANKSTER Says:

    You got it Derrick! My thoughts exactly. You’re supposed to pander to
    them and give in to their every little whim. BULLSHIT! I tried the nice guy
    routine. IT DIDN’T WORK. NICE GUYS GET SHIT ON. Yes, I’m mad as hell
    and won’t take it anymore. Most women are a waste of time, not to mention your money! If there are any good ones left I’d like to know where the hell they are!

  27. rita phipps Says:

    I think I will go out and kill myself because I really DO love men…

    Oh, but wait, I need to touch up my roots first.

  28. Raccoon Says:

    You all got it close….All women want one thing….to be worshiped. BUT it’s not *them* that wants your soul. It’s the forces that operate through them from *beyond* them that wants to dominate. They are being acted through and they have vast reservors of power they can tap into at will. How does a 115 pound woman beat a 200 man? INTIMIDATION! It’s the contstant mind games women play that get a mans goat. Females: It is your unwillingness to be corrected that turns men off and turn us off you do. It’s your ego that need to corrected. You need men for one thing only….to be corrected. That is what will save you from what is controlling you-get it? No, you don’t! See? You were created to be a help mate to a man but you refuse to help. You want it all but you arn’t getting me that’s for sure! I am staying away from you forever. You don’t deserve a good man and I thank God above I am not involved. You missed out big time. Ps. This generation of women sucks in general….no soul.

  29. Poetic justice Says:

    The Gods closed it shortly after first telling me that back in the day she verbally told him to just let it happen.
    They wanted to get “dealt in” to the Situation. Ironic, because this volunatary act ensured he would not be a candidate for accention.
    Poetic justice.
    Closing it was a clue about this family for those without the wisdom to understand the God’s prior clues:::His EXTREME case of poison ivy, punishment for their involvement in this evil.

  30. Epee Says:

    What a jumbled argumentation that flatly boils down to some reductionistic pseudo psychology bs. Clearly you have no clue whatsoever. The essay itself is suffering from some personally opionated hyperbole. As if it were that easy to decipher a single solution to the problems between people in a postmodern society or bridge the sex gap.

    Yeah we heard it all before, pain and pleasure principle now with a gist of freudian psychobabble. Bar all the Mother and Father figure and the impact they have on the child, (Which btw varies tremendously if you compare different cultures)*Riddle me this. It speaks volumes that womens aggresiveness is not physical but still they are as violent as men but in the context of social interaction. They display instead a form of psychological abuse albeit as violent as the mens large-stick-principle, and noone can be as cruel as women. You are very good at making others feeling miserable. Early in life they form cliques and behave like asses to eachother and I´ve been frankly chocked to hear how women treat eachothers. Nothing controversial here. Men can be pigs but what then are women? Men are no saints easily ahead of women in physical arena of violence and crime! Feminism is often right on track here but often fails to mention that aggression is displayed differently in both sexes. Of course you all have an axe to grind. Everyone has why shouldn´t you? Aggression is not simply explained by fear, it´s complex and reaches far beyond miscommunication.

    But sure you can give eachother hell and you (the proverbial) can surely use these “tools” against your partners as good as anyone. But then to generalize you personal bad experiences with the men that you choose and get involved with, to the entire population – the plethora- of men, as human beings. That is only going to end up in a self fulfilling prophecy, e.g if you look for it you will find it.

    Look instead to the self hating culture that teaches insecurity and narcisissm to both sexes BUT are crucially aimed at women, just so you and everyone else can be easy pickings on the market, trying to buy back some self esteem. The term deadface is used in the fashion industry about the expression on the models, they are reduced to a nonhuman, an object a commodity. This seem to be the unreflected ideal for many women today where the self becomes a fetish to be worshipped and of course scrutinized. Substance is left out in these false equation and all that is left is a dead face. But at least everyone has veryyyy nice shoes..

    Oh and lets not forget that the instituion of marriage at it first installment was a economical transaction, not the rosy colored romanticized dreams of some Hollywood production.

  31. Deborrah Cooper Says:

    I think men’s fear of women’s power is obvious and reflected in their belief that women should be soft, gentle, humble, nurturing and submissive to men. What a load of b.s., as indicated in my linked article.

    After the rape of the 15 year old high school student here in California last week, I researched gang rape and was shocked to discover how more and more men are engaging in that beastly behavior. Apparently in a last ditch effort to bring women down to their level and vent their rage. This group rape mentality is taking place all over the world, so it’s not just here in the U.S. Men everywhere are angry at women and taking it out on them with violence and their top weapon of choice – their penis. You are onto something here…

  32. fmr Says:

    All I know is if the available men out there are like many of the above posters, I’ll continue to be serenely single. And the last two men I dated were totally completely after my $$. Able bodied, intelligent, couldn’t keep a dime in their pockets so had to suck off of my bank account. Both were kicked to the curb in record time.

  33. Chris Says:

    Some of you men on here who are complaining are certainly a lot of bitter old guys. It seems men never take the time to listen, case in point, here. Not every woman is like that, just like every man is not like that. You can’t stereotype women or men, that is where the problem lies. The men on here who are saying they hate women, you obviously have problems. Your reasons aren’t even valid, you might as well be racist.

  34. Alex Says:

    While girls are growing up, they have a lot of competing to do (for boys). Some of you said women hate women – only because of men. Appreciate the differences – don’t hate women because they’re different. I agree – men and women have flaws, no-one’s perfect, so guys – get off your high horses.

  35. Alex Says:

    I feel sorry for you man, you’re sick

    kunzy3000 Says:

    January 23rd, 2009 at 2:58 pm
    I hate women, period! Including my MUM and current girlfriend.

  36. Jane Doe Says:

    You are all so very wrong!

    68% of all people who commit suicide are men.
    Ever thought about why?
    Men are biologically programmed to try to impregnate every woman he sees(unless he`s gay), but on the other there is stability and a sense of “gatherness” that he can achieve with a woman. You know, this thing called love, or more accuratly;what makes him human.

    So, for everytime he gets layed in a meeningless fashion (leading to no offspring and no love) He may not think it, but there is a part of him that feels wasted, unloved and used.

    Yes, I know, these are the kinds of things an older woman would tell a younger woman to keep her from loosing her virginity, but this is not not an old wives tale, this is more often than not, fact.

  37. Reality Says:

    What I read here is a lot of self-hatred projected onto men. Men don’t hate women for being women. Men hate women who are self-important, think they are men, entitled simply because they have a vagina, and are, for all accounts and purposes, useless to everyone (except themselves, of course). That this describes about 60% of American women under 50 is a problem with womanhood.

  38. Tigerbos Says:

    Everyone lives in a patriachal society. As long as it is that way, we will always have ‘battle of the sexes’. It is obvious when there is no balance, no one is happy. No one respects men for their inspid need to control and fear of being controlled, mostly by their genitalia. As far as men who use their penis as a weapon, then their weapon should be taken from them as far as I’m concerned. As far as the helpmate crap someone mentioned, obviously not everyone needs a man to help them. I certainly don’t, never did.

  39. CJ Says:

    Has it ever occured to anyone that no one person is the same? We have all had differing life experiences and genetics, that have crafted the person that we have grown up to be. That explains so much- if you really examine the individual life experiences and factors that play into ones life. This may explain some. But culture and social indoctrination also play key roles in how people behave. The reason that women don’t trust men, is because men are constantly viewing them as a potential f..k! Men, in general, try to control women and women want to be left alone…most of the time. Not because they don’t like men- they don’t have as much sex drive as a man. Even female animals only engage in sex acitivity when they are in estrus. The rest of the time, they will run off a male. The reason that female humans don’t have an estus cycle is because they evolved to be so- to accomodate the male of the species…so that she could survive! If you don’t believe that…try educating yourselves and you will find that numerous studies have been conducted on this particular subject. Maybe women are trying to return to their natural state of being…now that they are safe…or not! If men would back off a bit, they may find that women warm up to them. They don’t constantly need to be controlling everything.

  40. Mark Says:


    Simple funny cartoon about sometimes how it seems to work.

    However, I think that its absolutely amazing that this is an article. You are dealing in absolutes, and nothing is as such. You guys should all remember that shades of grey are everywhere, and not everyone is as they seem.

    Perhaps we should stop concentrating on who hates who, and actually just become better human beings as a whole.

  41. WomanRaper Says:

    Men force women to get implants now. If women want attention why don’t they initiate a convo instead of expecting men to do everything for them. If a woman gets a implants its her choice no man is forcing this on her, its just a cop out from actually improving oneself.

  42. Guest Says:

    Women are naturally sexual and they can easily acquire more sexual partners of the opposite sex than men can. Whereas men need to fight hard to protect their women from being kidnapped, raped, impregnated, and/or killed by other men. It’s no wonder men are so competitive and possessive because there’s actually more men than women in the world and that men typically don’t have many choices when it comes to the opposite sex.

  43. Kindlyfuckyourself Says:

    I will give you the junior psychology major answer in kind …

    “Women are continually behind men because of their fundamental desire to be Daddies princess. Men know this yet they cant resist the desire to protect and provide. Ultimately women the world over continue to live, survive and prosper due to Daddy.”

  44. Theproblem Says:

    The problem is the Derricks of the world.

    EVERYONE wants something for nothing. Why do people buy lottery tickets? Why do men want a woman that cooks, cleans, and fucks him without ever being a bitch?

    I HATE gender roles. I hate it when people think a woman or man should act one way or another. If you look at different cultures around the world, you will see cultures where it is the WOMAN who is expected to do the physical labor, and other cultures where men are expected to be pretty. I hate gender roles, I hate culture, and I hate religion. All those things are is pigeon-holes that you can’t break out of otherwise you piss the Derricks off for being, well, yourself. Not every girl is going to be nice. Not every girl is going to be reasonable. Some are just cunts. Just like men can be dicks.

    And psychology has shown us that it is easier to pigeon-hole (from what I was taught it had a lot to do with how much information brains can actually store. It’s easier for the brain to group things, and ignore anything that breaks from the groups as being too much information. Like some Natives of some countries seeing Europeans for the first time. The Natives didn’t even respond because it was information that was novel, and it was easier to just block it out). But the same brain that helps us not beat our enemies to death when we are pissed off, could be taught that not all snakes are poisonous. It’s just that people don’t want to be taught.

    All the shit the men above are complaining about is socialization. The “girls rule, boys drool” that gives some women entitlement complexes. Most of that shit is low self-esteem. They try to make themselves feel better by putting others down.

    Whether men like to admit it or not, it is partly their fault. Personality is partly environmental and partly genetic. If women are being bitches, it is because men are CHOOSING these women as mates. And because they are SOCIALIZING them to be this way. Who the fuck do you think owns all those makeup and clothing companies? A lot of them are MEN! It has nothing to do with hatred in that case and everything to do with money. It’s all some scheme to make more money! Just like Dove is coming out with the new commercials trying to “help women’s self-esteem.” They don’t give two flying fucks about women’s self-esteem. It’s all money. Otherwise, why is it only in Western cultures you see this phenomenon? You don’t see Chinese chicks being bitches because they are SOCIALIZED to be meek. Just like in Western cultures women are socialized to act a certain way to attract a mate.

    All around the world, it is the desire to fuck women that keeps all these terrible things alive. It’s not just humans. It’s any male. Look at bed bugs, for example, when the competition got too high for mating they evolved structures to pierce a female’s abdomen with so that they can still father her eggs. All this shit about how women should be covered in robes and women shouldn’t act like cunts is because it ruins the complete control (and the chance for sex) that these men crave. Notice that even though they “hate” women, they are still fucking them. Still in relationships with them. They want to fuck, and the only way to do it is like the elephant seals. Through destroying the competition (other males), and dominating huge hordes of females.

    And with 6 billion people and counting, I’m certainly not upset if people are having trouble finding mates. I think the vast majority of the problem with women is that they are not picky enough! I’m sick of women settling for losers like those posting above. It’s time for women to stop being bitches, stop being meek, and start being themselves. And if that includes being a bitch sometimes, then so be it. EVERYONE, yes including males, has times when they are just a jerk. As long as you haven’t pushed everyone in your life away, then there’s really no problem. Well, it would be preferable if all the jerks in the world weren’t jerks, but such is life. It’s called living. Deal with it.

    And you know what, MEN need to start being more picky! If your girlfriend is a cunt, and you don’t like it, dump her. For fuck’s sake, just get a blow-up doll or something. You don’t need to be with someone you “hate” for sex! YOU choose to roll over. YOU choose to be with bitches.

  45. yourmamaandpapa Says:

    reading this…well men do hate women. Too bad for you women can’t love you that way, no way. And don’t go wondering why the earth is in bad shape, if wars are still happening in so many places and the oceans are dying. It’s above men and women, it’s about evolution, it’s about love. But what do you care? men love guns and love that hate…kill, kill, kill. But here is the news boys, women are taking over the power. Women are wonderful and powerful, men are equally so only when they have controlled their lower nature and become spiritual. But society has taken away all the tools for people to do that. Look at tribes, all boys have to go through an initiation, and they don’t blame women for their inadequacy. Guys come on, be MEN. Strong, beautiful, fair and wild servant to our ancestors. Make a difference.

  46. Brooke Says:

    This is ridiculous. BOYS may hate women, MEN do not. Nobody automatically hates someone based on gender. They may recognize stereotypes and laugh a little, but no, most men, ESPECIALLY IN AMERICA, do not hate women.

  47. Lex Says:

    This article could have been more well thought out. The fact of the matter is that men have oppressed women for thousands of years. Even though women out number men, women are still classified as “minorities”. And the reasons why? That’s a bit of a loaded question that we can’t be 100% sure of.
    Men and women are almost opposites. We can’t begin to understand each other and why we sometimes do the things we do. It’s nearly pointless to try.As for equality, we’re as close as we’re going to get, in my opinion. Being somewhere in between equality and the more oppressive days of old has made for an odd mix in opinions of the way women should be treated. We’re confused.
    I think some of the angry comments made by men here are unwarranted and reflect a definite distaste for the “modern woman”. What they fail to realize is that the “modern woman” is simply another gender role that some women have fallen into. It does NOT reflect the thoughts and behaviors of the majority.
    I’m a woman and I do not expect anything I haven’t earned. I don’t expect men to find me attractive or shower me with anything. All I want from anyone is the same respect I treat them with.
    I don’t believe men fear us or our sexuality. But I do believe that they have a lot of power (that we give to them, in some cases) over the roles and standards set for women. Like what was previously said about shaving. How is it that women “must” shave(almost our entire bodies) and most men don’t. Perhaps we don’t have to, but that is what most men want and women wish to attract mates.
    Men and women both have standards that we are held to. I will not try to trivialize the struggles of men everywhere but when women are being sold, raped, married off against their will etc., we must acknowledge that there IS a problem there.

  48. A human Says:

    Many of the arguments I’ve read on here have been very persuasive and very good, but I feel as if something has been overlooked. For the most part men don’t hate women, and likewise women don’t hate men. Both genders just hate individual people and personalities. Gender makes little difference. Humans hate other humans. Whether one was born a male or female doesn’t matter. We’re all human, and so we’re going to hate one another. Blaming it on gender is just easy.

  49. tiffany Says:

    Someone upthread said that the happiest group of people other than married couples are single men. Perhaps single men are happy but I’d also like to point out that other studies put lesbians as the happiest group around. Also, married women are miserable, whereas divorced women are happy! Another statistic is that single women live longer than married women, but married men live longer than single men. I find that very interesting. I don’t think I’ll ever get marrried because it will mean shaving years off my life and handing it to some guy.

  50. BurnNewEden Says:

    Im a man, my mother had no power over me, she was/is a warm caring mother from day one to year 39…I feared my father.
    I’ve never made anyone wear a Bhurka or Chador. I’ve never forced anyone to have a clitorectomy, nor have I done an honor killing.
    Grouping an entire gender into one narrow minded tirade only shows your hatred for men.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    You don’t need us for sex or money. If you all become male homosexuals you can get over your fear and loathing as you don’t really need us at all. Just go have sex with other men. Lol.

  52. liz Says:

    all men hate women to some degree. they are like a virus on this earth and need to be done away with if we are to have any chance of survival. they are hollow husks who are very good at reading women and using women’s vulnerabilities against them. they can read women so well because they have none of the life of women, it is like the deaf man at a party. they cannot understand life. they wreak havoc on everything they touch. they are petty, rude, and every single man i’ve ever known has succumbed to attempting to backstab or undercut a woman in conversation for no reason other than his own petty hatred.
    if we are to regain any sort of balance, women have to see men for the hollow, useless creatures they are. women dance around men, depend on men FAR too much. men are not worth anything, which is why they must prove their worth over and over. it’s much like a bitch dog: the bitch is always trying to dominate to prove that they aren’t a bitch.

  53. Hannah Says:

    Yes…..men definitely hate us. It’s weird to me that you know this and you are also married. I’m not critiquing you….I just wonder. I’m a young, really attractive female that has given so much love and awesomeness to men, and they only wanted to hate and shit on me even more…..so I don’t really understand how someone actually ends up at an alter marrying one….I mean, they hate us right? Also, maybe you should look up “feminism”….you said you are not feminist, but feminism is basically just taking a sociological perspective on gender, which you have done when you acknowledge that men simply hate us and want us to die torturous and humiliating deaths. Perhaps “The Gender Knot” by Alan G. Johnson would be right up your alley. Many people have erroneous connotations to the word Feminism….it’s silly really. Stop it.

    Men’s hatred of women is humanities first misapprehension. The last persons comment is true…”much like a bitch dog the bitch is always trying to dominate to prove that they aren’t a bitch” (men being the bitch). Men have made themselves the little bitch over and over by hating and torturing women and then congratulating themselves for it.

  54. Sister Wolf Says:

    Hannah – I married a man who loves women. He is an anomaly and I’m grateful to have found him. I have raised two sons who also love women- smart women, in particular. Maybe I am a feminist.

  55. Kayle Says:

    @OP: wow. You have a lot of IDIOTS commenting on this clearly satirical post. I wonder how many of the regularly write letters to the editors at The Onion. And the Denialists among them? Godspeed you in your ignorance. I hope you have a nice cushy fall when you’re looking back from Nirvana- if you’re not too sldistracted by having entered the only bliss that surpasses your current state.
    @Dexter & Reality: your gender essentialist sexism are showing. You should probably hike those things up before anyone else notices. And a hint for Dex-can I call you Dex? You seem so close to knowing what you’re talking about, that I feel like *we’re* close, too– your problem is that you’re setting yourself up as a roadshow, not a companion. I know the apes do the transactional bonding thing, but they’re not so good with words or capable of sympathy. Trying going there WITH her, like a normal groen-up friend, instead of trying to *fix* her like friends in Junior High. The only reason your gift work on dumb women is because they’re more easily *distracted* from…pretty much EVERYTHING. the reason that same thing doesn’t work on smart women are 1.theyre more likely to have REAL problems that can’t be solved by distracting them from their feelings about it. You’re insulting them Bu trying to put flowers in front of their obstacles like theyre dumb enough to forget what’s behind them. 2. Why the do you need her to feel a certain way??? So you can feel better? …Huh??? I try never to treat my friends’ feelings as though they are less important than mine, so they should cheer up cause they’re making me uncomfortable. You should really look into the history of how women’s emotions are treated in general, and especially by men. Start with the Hebrew Bible and work your way to oh, about PRESENT DAY PUBLICATIONS. Note the objectification involved, as though a woman’s emotions are someTHING which she subjects OTHERS too, but little more. The entitlement in your sentiment is HUGE.
    @tiffany: thanks for correctly paraphrasing the REST of those incredibly problematic statistics.

    @StisterWolf: THANK GOD. Do you know how many women have raised spoiled insecure woman-haters? Most of them, on purpose????Thank GOD.

    Well, thats all for today. Great, hilarious blog post…seriously, 3 vags

  56. Kayle Says:

    @ Dex: I know I’m being hard on you, but guys who get into the “what am i sposed to do???” apoplexy generally do so because they are both bad at dealing with others’ feelings and project that difficulty onto relationships with those things with the feelings. If you don’t feel comfortable, OWN it, instead of acting like the women are the problem. They may have problems that warrant a therapist rather–and you don’t get to pull THAT one out at your convenience (see “own YOUR discomfort”, above), like men need ANOTHER way to label women as “irrational” or “psycho” (as though either of those are *caused by* *dealing with or acknowledging* *emotions*) –but that speaks to YOUR BOUNDARIES more than anything else.
    The trouble is, you never really ask the woman “what am I supposed to do???? If you werent in such a state of panic about how to be a man in that moment, you might find out you’re already doing it. Or how to do it, if youre not already. Don’t blame her for your feelings of ineptitude. If you can’t do what she needs, or you’d rather be paid for it because you feel the emotional load warrants it, well *that’s* YOUR issue, and you should handle it accordingly instead of dumping it on smart women.
    Ok. I’m really done now.

  57. Lon (Sweden) Says:

    All the heterosexual men’s sense of “logic” is always so funny 😀
    Thanks God I was born a gay man… so I don’t have a part in this hateful bullshit. I’m attacked by homophobes and bigoted people everyday, but that’s still worth it anyways. I love women, actually. I really love them, and I love them for what they are, can relate to their pain and I’m always trying to understand more from them. I love them as much as I love other gay/bi men – and not only because of their “sexual services”, but because I really see them as PEOPLE, just like it should be.

    I see heterosexual men as people too, of course. But it’s like they are a whole separated “crew”, hateful, ego(phallo)centric. And I don’t need people like that in my life.

  58. sue Says:

    did not bother reading the whole article really.. the ‘i’m not a feminist far from it… lead guitar in a band’ crap put me off to be honest, I think theres abit more to feminism than playing guitars and playing sports, try equal pay, equal rights etc which are still shockingly NOT equal even in this day and age.

    I agree that some men do seem to hate women, but I think it’s a case of, unintelligent men hate intelligent women because they can talk about things that they dont understand and they feel threatened by this.

    read a few of the comments too that are about whether or not women shave their vaginas? hmm.. it all comes down to sex at the end doesnt it?

    As far as things like breast implants go.. if a woman feels uncomfortable with the way she looks then its up to her to have surgery, good on her, but if this is based on her own esteem matters because if they need to be validated by what men think in order to feel good about themselves then that is what is wrong with society.

    The daddys princess thing if BS too, personally I never had a dad and I’m quite happy and am very self actualised and I have spent many happy years being single, by choice, and have provided for myself etc. I am in a relationship now with a man who I love but I don’t expect him to protect me and provide for me and all that shit any more than I would do for him.

  59. sue Says:

    Actually I stuck it out until the end and there are some good points in there after all! but something I cant stand to see if women claiming not to be feminists..

    Any woman who expects equal pay or to vote, or to get a job in the police force/fire service etc is a feminist!

    The suffregets fought and some even died to enable us to have these rights so lets all stop denying we have anything to do with it!

    Most of the air heads that I know think that feminists are all lesbians who burn their bras and hate men but why do they think that? because if you say you are a femenist then no doubt somewhere down the line a man will say these things to you and ridicule you and portray feminism as a joke.

  60. Joseph Savage Says:

    I FEAR NOTHING and your an idiot for trying to group males into one category. Being human means we are all diffrent with a diffrent personality no two people male or female are exactaly the same which makes your point less valid. like i said your an idiot.

  61. Sister Wolf Says:

    Joseph – You mean “you’re” an idiot.

  62. superpilot Says:

    sister wolf: You’re an idiot. P.S Screw women, they’re ALL worthless!!!

  63. Chris Says:

    All you say some right some wrong but I think you miss the point.

    before everything was simple.

    The men “the hunter” the woman “the mother figure and the housekeeper”.

    Men work bring food and secure his wife and house.
    Women take care of her husband and children and home.
    That was called family. Chidren raised with some values like father and mother and family. Happy? May be yes may be not but in the end the almost everytime died together and love each other even they were not in love the first years. Even if you are with a dog 10 years you surely going to miss it.

    I do not know if that way of life was good or bad. Is not the point.

    The point is we now live in a materialistik western shit civilization we build alone.

    Men are not hunters and women are not housekeepers. And now things are complicated.

    So my point of you. To build a family a relationship or even a buissness cant be 10 desicion makers adn 10 equal partners and 10 deciding for the same thing. You put a “manager” for every section of this buissness house whatever. And it works.

    So people must understand, If the man is not a man with the old good way then better not marry or make any relationship with a women.
    And a women if she wants freedom carier and dont want o raise childrne and pout her family and husband above work, fake boobs, and prettiness.. better not to get marries and have only casual sex.

    Me I love women and I like sex. I m a old way men and still unmarried. If I find a woman then REALLY WANTS BECAUSE SHE WANTS IT FAMILY LIKE I DESCRIBED ABOVE then I get her. So till then i porefer casual so i and the girl i am with be happy and both do whatever we wanna do.

    All other are bullshit. The problem is just that ppl now thing they can have both. But this is not possible. if you wanna have a family and children then you have to obbey the old simple rules. man is ,an and a woman is a women. If not both respect it then better stay alone.

    hate comes when man dont be responsible like man in a relationship, and women donr be mothers and houskeapers because in western media that not ok now. Must be models, or independet or whatever now the thing is.

    So one hates the other because this thing cant work. All other is bullshit.

  64. Paz Says:

    Wow, you men are really angry at women. If you are all so great, do us a favour, have sex with each other. End of species, end of bullshit

  65. Mike Says:

    I really don’t think women have to think about men to much more because men don’t need women much anymore. You want kids? Fine we will sell you our sperm, have and raise as many kids as you want. As far as sex, more and more married as well as well as single men have found men give better sex than women ever could. Men know what we want. How to give it, correctly, and the most exciting ways. And besides men accomidate each others various needs, all of them. Women simply can’t or won’t get down and dirty as men want. So, have your money, jobs, balls. You’ll be need’n them. We simply would rather have great sex whenever we want. No games. Just complete sexual satisfaction, guaranteed…

  66. jones Says:

    There are many factors why women make less money than men. Women tend to take more vacations and not work as many hours as men. Also, they usually decide to pursue the lower paying occupations. If women pursued the same jobs as men and required lower pay it would be idiotic for companies not to hire all women. I believe in America all is equal, but international sexism is still evident. I think that many woman in these counties are happy with the role that is required of them. The funny thing is with all the equality in America it still doesn’t seem enough to make some women happy. I think we may be being presented a case of blaming personal sorrow on another’s shoulders.
    I love women that don’t hate men. Women who blame the problems of the world on men are only making a bad situation worse. Imagine what the 2 sexes could achieve if they were united. I believe each is equally as genius as the other, but in different ways.

  67. jones Says:

    And, for the record, I’ve never made a woman shave her nether regions or armpits.

  68. Paul Says:

    I don’t disagree with some of what you said,but I totally disagree with the premise that men hate women,men in general love women they see the other side of humanity,the characters that they lack and cannot have .
    men perceive women as a work of art,with some exceptions.they value women’s feelings, safety,love more than they value their own.
    your analysis that the man fears the woman because of his mother,is totaly wrong;the man loves the woman because of his mother,let’s remeber that a male child is totaly dependent on the pation,love and care of the mother.in the most vulnerable stage of his life he looks for his mother to provide with all of his needs and studies shows that the male child carries his affection and reflects it on his relationship with the woman.
    men are the feared part of the humanity,with the sheer power. evolving as the disposable part of the specie ,they are an example of sheer power and strength,they are the territorial part of the specie,it’s more plausible that women and even men fear the man not the opposite and more men and women hate the man.

  69. Chelsea Says:

    Chris, you seem to have a misunderstanding of hunter gatherer societies.
    ” Most of the gathering is usually done by women.Generally women hunt the majority of the small game while men hunt the majority of the large and dangerous game, but there are quite a few documented exceptions to this general pattern. A study done on the Aeta people of the Philippines states: “About 85% of Philippine Aeta women hunt, and they hunt the same quarry as men. Aeta women hunt in groups and with dogs, and have a 31% success rate as opposed to 17% for men”
    So you see, men and women nearly equally contributed to the food supply.
    I just think men are afraid of women because women hold sexual power, and men resent it. They like sex, but they dont like having to be dependent on a “weak” woman to get it. It also seems like women are more intelligent and have better intuition, but that could just be me making stuff up.

    lso women use both sides of their brain equally, men use the left side predominantly. Food for thought.

  70. Covertfun Says:

    I thought this post was funny. I particularly like the image of the poster triumphantly hitting ‘publish’ and then slouching off to cuddle the rough beast and watch the dumb movie.

    Admit it, though… you kinda like the dumb movies.

  71. Emma Says:

    Slightly off topic, but needs to be adressed. Too many people saying men oppressed women for 1000s of years here.
    If you read history with some critical thinking, you will soon see that “women were oppressed for thousands of years” thing is a lie, or at least a misenterpretation. Fact is, men are stronger than women, and most hard work falls on them when times are tough. When your country is attacked by another country, who protects you? Men :) I think if men hated women so much, they would force them to do it, but they don’t. In world war 2, 20 million russian men were killed, versus 6 million russian women. The latter is no joke, but still 3 times less.
    Real oppression is when you rebel and kill your oppressor several times and possibly get killed for it, before the oppressor gives up oppressing you. That’s how oppression usually happened in history. Have anything like that happened to women? Even Simone de Beauvoir, who wrote what they call the feminist bible (the Second Sex) admitted women don’t want to break out of their “inferior” role. Because they need to hide behind someone strong the moment shit hits the fan. It’s just that in the past, if you used someone’s protection and provision, you accepted their authority.

  72. Derrick Says:

    I hate women because I was dumb enough to give her my heart. Now the bitch just fucking uses me for money, sex and blames me for the children she claims to love. If only I was as callous as a woman, then I would lie to them to get into their pants and leave the first chance I got, to save me from their deceitfulness.

  73. chris Says:

    There is a major reason why women do make less money than men: if they did make the same money, none of them would feel inclined to make a couple with one.

    And, without that, a vast majority of men would end up alone.

    You may argue as much as you want, but paycheck differences between males and women have dwindled (not as much as the second had any pay rise, more the first lose a lot o what they used to have… long are gone the days when a blue collar could pay for a house, a car and maybe even some college for the kids) in the lower echelons of USA society and, as a result, marriage is virtually disappearing there.

    We’ll all end up alone. And we’ll loath you women more than ever.

  74. Anorny Says:

    I stopped reading at “shouldn’t play lead guitar”.


  75. Anorny Says:

    And Chris- You can seal your crappy fate or you can cooperate.

  76. FRANK SAYS Says:

    the absolute reason is that there are more FILTHY LESBIAN PIG WOMEN now than we ever had. many of us STRAIGHT GUYS do want to find a GOOD WOMAN, but now that there are so many women nowadays going for another woman instead, that will be a problem.

  77. MimiLovesPeace Says:

    Oh,um okay. Some of the posts from men I read, kinda hurt. This is why I runaway from boys who talk to me. :( Also, why I’m afraid of men kinda.

  78. Jack Says:

    Okay… what?

    I’m not a man, almost a man, but not yet (17) but the idea that all men hate women because of their power or whatever I think is bullshit. Do you know why I think it’s bullshit? Because I love women. I love my mom. I love my girlfriend. I even love my sister even though I’d never actually tell her that :P. I don’t fear women of my own age. I fear women who have power over me (teacher, principle, cop, people you should fear either way), but I fear everyone who has power over me, and do my best to stay on their good side. And please, me fear my mom more than my dad? Fuck that my dad hits me and my mom doesn’t I fear him a lot more than I do my mom.

    Either way, I just don’t understand why women are always shitting on men and saying they ALL hate women and they’re ALL assholes and they ALL just want nothing but sex. Yes, we like sex okay? I haven’t actually had it (not married of course :P) but to my understanding it feels good, so of course we like it. Thinking that eeeeeeeevery man just wants nothing but sex though is stupid and immature. Sure there are some out there who do, but they’re in the minority. The difference is that the assholes out there get all the attention. You never hear people talking about good things men (or women for that matter) do as much as the bad things they do.

    Again, men do not hate women. There are qualities in women that men hate yes. But we do not all hate women. Just those qualities and I have time so I’ll just list them so you can decide for yourself if you believe me or not women.

    1.) Women who think they are entitled to something because they are women. Women hate this same quality in men. Men who think they are entitled to something just because they are men. The point is people hate ANYBODY who thinks that they are entitled to ANYTHING. So just don’t do it okay?

    2.) Women who refuse to do anything. I’m not a man yet, but let me put it this way. If a man has to do all the work and pay for everything all the time, and the women does nothing, then men do not like that. Believe it or not some of them (or at least I do) actually WANT to marry a woman who works, and isn’t just in the kitchen making a sandwich or whatever. I can make my own sandwich damn it! It’s not that hard.

    3.) No shaving/showering. This is mostly directed to feminists. Men shave. We shave our faces. We shower. We take care of our bodies. But feminists seem to think that it’s demeaning that women should be expected to shave or shower. Why the hell do you think that? I don’t care how beautiful you are. Take care of your body. That does NOT mean getting any kind of implants because we hate fake. That includes makeup! Just stay away from it you’re beautiful already. Of course that may be a little hypocritical because I like the emo/scene girls who dye their hair… whatever on to the next one lol.

    4.) This is a personal gripe of mine that I hate. It has to do with dating. For the first two or three dates I would be more than willing to pay for every single thing. But after that I would like it if she would at least OFFER to pay for something. It’s not like you can’t split it half and half. 50/50. It’s just fair I mean women should try in a relationship as much as a man. Also asking us to buy gifts for you every date? No. Just no.

    Those are the qualities all men hate in women in a nutshell. Like I said. Women seem to think we men hate all of you but that is not true. We hate certain qualities that some of you have. Don’t blame everything on us and look at yourself and think “what can I do to better myself as a person” and do what you can to, well, better yourself as a person.

  79. Sister Wolf Says:

    Jack – I really appreciate your comment and I agree with many of your points. Here’s what bothers me: I don’t want your dad to hit you. It’s not okay. I hope you have plans to get out of there when you turn 18 if not sooner. You shouldn’t have to fear your dad, who appears to have a serious anger-management problem Feel free to contact me at sisterwolf666@gmail.com

  80. Jack Says:

    Woah woah woah I appreciate the concern Sister Wolf but I didn’t mean he abuses me or anything. He does what all black fathers do. Hits me with the belt if I’m disrespectful or do something really wrong. He hasn’t done it since I was ten. Basically I learned my lesson a long time ago that as long as I don’t do stupid wrong things (lie, steal, any kind of immoral things that only idiots and young immature children do) I wouldn’t get the belt and the only times my dad would hit me would be when he’s giving me a boxing lesson. I don’t mean he actually hit me, just parented me the way fathers do. Bottom line I was getting at is that out of my mom and my dad, my dad was always the one with the belt and he’s a lot bigger and stronger than my mom. The idea of fearing my mom more than him is stupid is what I was trying to get at.

  81. Sister Wolf Says:

    Jack – Understood. I’m glad you’re okay.

  82. Dyaul Says:

    Wow, you lost me at the second sentence. You don’t think women should play lead guitar in a rock band? Show me a woman who actually plays rock guitar (instead of just owning one and using it as a dust collector) and I’ll show her a gold ring.

  83. John Says:

    I love women, not just for their beauties and bodies, but their personality and their natural traits. I love how they are so caring and sweet. I love how they can be so emotional yet they can be so sexual. As long as i know, i have a penis. So i’m not a man because i love women ??? So what gender i am??

  84. Jennie Says:

    I’m angry as hell as well. Jeez..men won’t let us be angry over legitimate reasons TO BE angry? That’s the patriarchy in full swing. Do us women have to ask permission to be angry? You “men” would love that I am sure. Okay-now let’s explore the reasons a woman (like myself) are angry-okay-we get sexually harrassed on the street on the subway at work-domestic violence (imagine if the person you loved verbally emotionally and physically attacked you)-female genital mutilation (which is going on not just in Africa now)-rape-men seem to love to molest kids (look at the sex offender registry–all men in all their glory)-men seem to love to hurt beautiful animals-dogfighting is ruled by men-you guys try to tell us what to do with our bodies (abortion)-who murders women? Men! Read any paper or watch the news-happens everyday-you guys looove making films and movies with women being murdered raped and hurt-you use the media to tell us how to look feel and live and so much more. Women are onto you..haha!

  85. Not You Says:

    Hadn’t thought about the symbolism inherent in hairless female genitalia(or male genitalia as seems to be a trend now), but the comment makes sense. There is a type of insecure male who seems to only be able to achieve ego function when he is with something young and very outwardly vulnerable, and the shaved pussy would be a visible, physical marker. The irony of the whole thing is that men are taken in by eye-lash batting, ego stroking, manipulative little cobras who interfere in relationships and are much more narcissistic than a healthy, assertive and confident woman who is comfortable in her imperfect but highly functional body which has served her well. A man who expects a woman to behave like a helpless pubscent girl is nothing more than Peter Pan in an adult body…and any woman who has a strong identity needs to pass him right on by because he is an impediment and a PITA. Satisfying adult relationships are based on realistic assessments of human nature, mutual respect, shared responsbility, acknowledged competencies, and a refusal to revert to adolescence as part of some kind of perverted mating game.

  86. dave Says:

    I do not see it as “HATE” , but I do expect to have to explain to rational people, from time tot time, why there are no women in my life and how I have never had a female friend ( is female friend an oxymoron?).
    Since none of them ever had any time for me, I guess that is how my life turned out, but I do not see any issues of hate involved at all.

  87. Gdogg Says:

    That’s a funny way to describe a kitchen.

  88. LUK Says:

    I hate women because they are bad people. Most criminals, murderers, rapists, pedophiles, bigots, psychopaths, thieves, drunk drivers, kitty kickers and Catholic Popes are WOMEN.


  89. So Very Much True Says:

    most of the women out there now are filthy whores and lesbians anyway, no great loss there. such a waste of humanity that they have become today.

  90. So Very Much True Says:

    and another good reason his, women that are straight have a very bad attitude problem with us men. and trying to start a normal conversation with one of these bitches is very impossible, since they are ready to call the police on us. so how do you expect us good straight men to meet a good one today?, especially since many of them are like this today. it is very obvious to me, why so many of us men can’t meet a decent woman anymore. just look at the garbage that GOD created today. GEE, THAT IS WHY.

  91. Jean Von pussy Says:

    What’s wrong with being a feminist?
    It just means you believe women should
    Have the same rights as men.
    Even if you don’t want a female lead guitar
    Player or male nurse- you can’t want to
    Deny their rights to be who they are.
    Feminism -humanism. I’m proud to say
    I’m both. Plus if your arm pits are auxiliary pussys
    Is your asshole ( if hairy) a 4th pussy?

  92. Sister Wolf Says:

    Jean – Speak for your own asshole, Madam.

  93. Kir Doblukix Says:

    I hate women because they are importunate, unintelligent, irresponsible, irrational, whimpering, self-pitiful, superficial, hard to shake off, and their genitals stink.

  94. Andy Says:

    what is to like about women?? their bodies are lovely, but the being within the body? evil incarnate!

    women are never happy with what they have, they’re always unhappy about what they haven’t – 99.98% of your life is perfect, but you whinge n bitch about the 0.02% that isn’t to your satisfaction

    women are willing to destroy the entire world to have – their make-up, their fashion, their shoes, their handbag, their ultra-home and a host of other inane planet destroying crap

    women never accept men as they are, and are constantly attempting to mould their man into what they think their man should be – men don’t fear their mothers for what mothers can withold, men dislike that their mothers cannot accept them as they are and try to mould their sons into their twisted idea of what their sons should be

    there’s a reason Eve ate that apple n conned Adam into eating it too – there’s a reason wars are fought over women (Helen of Troy) – there’s a reason man is made in gods image and women were made from the ribs of men

    men were happy living in their caves, hunting n gathering, living in harmonic balance with nature – why have we got fancy homes now? because women were never happy with caves, nor men and it seems they never will be

    women hate that they don’t have a penis, women hate that they are baby-incubators on legs, women hate that they lack physical strength, women hate that they bleed 1 week out of 4,, women hate that their IQ sucks and women hate that they are slaves to every emotional whim they find themselves subect to

    women suck – and all too often do that poorly too

  95. K Says:

    God, look at all the stupid assholes on here with their women hating posts. It just makes me hate men even more. Males are useless. Women can now reproduce without them. We can support ourselves, and protect ourselves, (we wouldn’t have to learn to protect ourselves if males didn’t exist). We don’t need the stupid fuckers! Let them all die and rot in hell! Women rule! All the hateful men on here, go suck your own cock because that’s the only sex you’ll ever get! Pieces of worthless shit! MEN SUCK ASS!!!

  96. Jman Says:

    Women are a-moral predatory filth. Don’t trust a word they say. Their motives are always entirely selfish. They can’t be trusted. A woman builds her entire world on a foundation of lies. Lies to she tells herself until she starts to believe them, then armed with that foundation of lies she moves out into the world telling these lies making everyone including herself unhappy. Never a scruple will a woman display. Their tears are ONLY for themselves. A woman considers something she is doing WRONG only after she’s been CAUGHT. All in all, rent, use and toss. That’s all you are to them, so it’s all they should be to you.

  97. Lilly Says:

    The world has confirmed to me, first hand, that what you put out into the world you will get back in return. When I read comments from men and women who hate their counterparts I know they are doing themselves a deep disservice– depriving themselves of the possibility of love. In this comment thread I see men and women trying to defend and protect themselves against the opposite sex. It is clear that many have forgotten that men and women were made for, not against each other. Men need women and women need men. There should be no shame in admitting it. So let’s just stop pretending we are above each other. Nobody wins in this game.

  98. jamie Says:

    I am a feminist republican. Go figure. I absolutely love your style and agree with what you say and townhouses it. Very true and very entertaining.

  99. rosie Says:

    im sorry but the moment i read “I am no feminist, far from it. I don’t think women should play lead guitar in rock bands, and I don’t want them to be sports commentators. I don’t want men to be strippers or nurses, either.” i just , it just made me so mad!!!

    i think what you wrote is smart and partly true, but why on gods earth would you say you are not a feminist??? being a feminist is nnot an insult, it only mean you fight for equality!!! men shouldnt be nurses? women should be rock gods?? get your head out of your ass!!!!!

  100. Chief Says:

    Actually we hate you because you abuse something so deep in our souls that takes such an enormous amount of courage too show a female, that when you abuse it you internally set a flame everything we are, and we begin to hate you.

    Ignore us when we do something beyond our abilities just for you, we’ll hate you.

    Give up everything just to be with you and call it nothing, we’ll hate you.

    Humiliate us, and you’ve already crossed the line, this is where our hate turns to murder and some of us will turn into killers.


    Because your supposed to be soft, you supposed to see things and value them in us and, your the bastion of what ‘love’ is and are supposed to understand it far butter than us, your supposed to stand by him/her until the very end.

    But you don’t.

  101. Miss Says:

    The only good man is a gay man, and unfortunately for us women, we can’t be more than friends with them. I hate most straight males, especially white ones since they tend to feel even more entitled than any other race, hence white (straight) male privilege. These kind of men are POS assholes, as many of the above posts have proven. Reading the posts by those woman-hating useless assholes just fuels my hatred. I can’t believe women put up with these dicks! Gay men and all women are better off gay. The less straight men, the better, too many of them are vermin! Oh, and before anyone bitches about reproduction, the only difference the asshole type of straight men, (the majority), being wiped off the earth and all women becoming lesbian would make is that sperm banks would be busier.

    All you bastards who hate women, please do us all a favor and jump off your nearest bridge. The world would be a much better place without you crapping it up.

  102. vanessa ray Says:

    “This post was completely right” – most of the men commenting

  103. G Says:

    Sex was attractive for me during my 20’s. But after marriage, there is some change. I love my wife for her caring nature and not her body. Actually female body produces more dirt than a man’s body. This is true. However I respect that. In my 30’s now that I am I just ignore male or female theories and just trying to share more love for my family. I dislike sex as the first thing occurs to my mind is “Oh No I am not going to put my little one in that urine filled and shit filled body. And I am not going to put my little shit filled urine filled dick in her urine filled hole”. Instead I hear my wife more and love her more

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