Starving Girl

Here is Starving Girl, a model on the Shopbop website. Now that I’ve seen her in a swimsuit, I’m really worried about her.

She looks kind of Iranian. Her parents probably came here in the 70s, to escape that crazy Ayatollah. Now, for all their trouble, they have a daughter who won’t eat.

Eat, Starving Girl!

11 Responses to “Starving Girl”

  1. Suebob Says:

    She should come to my office. It is CalorieFest 2006 over here. My boss gave us all Towers O Treats for Christmas.

  2. Sister Wolf Says:

    Hahaha! I’ll be right over. I LOVE Tower O Treats.

  3. Me Says:

    She is damn hot man!! (im serious) :D:D:D

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  5. Jenny Says:

    😐 Im thinner than that
    o_o she has no chest

  6. SkinnyD0n Says:

    She is perfect!

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  8. Madeleine Says:

    Oh no, you can see her I’mtoothinarmhair from here
    I’ve been there, poor thing, she looks like a pre-pubesent boy

  9. Ru Says:

    She is just an average size if she’s Asian. Some people can’t gain weight no matter what they do.

  10. Jade Says:

    Just because she is thin does not mean she is “starving”. You have as little right to tell her to eat as somebody does to tell a “curvier” girl to go on a diet. How do you know she doesn’t just have a healthy diet and exercises regularly to maintain a healthy weight for herself? You don’t. So shut up.

  11. Sasquatch69 Says:

    She is a porn actress Georgia jones

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