Vivienne Westwood Penis Cufflinks


What more is there to say? you can buy them here  for 75 United Kingdom pounds ($147.) You can never go wrong with Vivienne Westwood.

7 Responses to “Vivienne Westwood Penis Cufflinks”

  1. Suebob Says:

    I can’t wait til the boss sees these in the quarterly meeting.

  2. jennifer Says:

    i wish my grandfather were alive to see this – he’d have bought a new wardrobe just to be able to wear them every fucking day.

  3. Sister Wolf Says:

    Wow. Maybe you should get them in his honor? I personally want the VW buffalo tooth earrings (I’m serious, unfortunately!)

  4. Patick McMurray Says:

    Original, there’s no mistaking Viviennes’ ability to outstrip her competitors

  5. Patick McMurray Says:

    Wait till you see her SS 2008 range of cufflinks, which include a rendition of the Pirate (Skull and Crossbone) encrusted with Swarovski Crystals

  6. Lapel Pins Says:

    Excellent fun!

  7. Chloe Says:

    If you like THAT, wait until you see Karla Fox’s penis pendants, and platinum penis ring…the tip opens up to reveal a tiny hidden compartment! Outrageous penis jewelry designer…at Barney’s and Neiman too (not her penis stuff)

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