Fibromyalgia: Sign Me Up!

A good friend of mine used to laugh about fibromyalgia, explaining that it’s a fake disease. Now that I’ve read about it, I am not only convinced that it’s fake, but that I have a severe case of it myself!

While the pharmaceutical companies have finally started advertising a drug to treat it, one of the doctors who first identified the ‘disease,’ Dr. Frederick Wolfe, now doubts its existence. He and other doctors point out that the condition actually worsens once a patient has been given the diagnosis, which causes them to “obsess over aches that other people simply tolerate.”

The FDA has approved the use of Pfizer’s “Lyrica” for fibromyalgia, and its side effects are severe weight gain and dizziness. This seems like a good plan. The fibromyalgia patient can then seek treatment for the new ailments, ad infinitum.

The fact that fibromyalgia sufferers tend to also be afflicted with other nebulous diseases like irritable bowel syndrome and chronic fatigue, makes it very inviting. Basically, its victims feel achy all over, with pains that don’t respond to advil or even vicodin. There’s no way to prove you have fibromyalgia, or that you don’t. But if it’s recognized as a disease, you can go around complaining all the time! I love it!

Many years ago, the term neurasthenia would have covered not only fibromyalgia but Epstein Barr syndrome, chronic depression, and a host of other ailments as well. The first time I saw the word in the dictionary, I thought Bingo! I’ve got it! And to a greater or lesser degree, so do many of the people I know.

We’re tired, achy, bloated, depressed, congested, irritable, listless, itchy, anxious and short of breath. We hate to work or walk up stairs. When it’s not our stomach, it’s our head. “Lyrica!” It’s like a song to our brains from the loving musicians at Pfizer. And they’ll love us even more when we’re fat and dizzy!

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  1. Suebob Says:

    My sister-in-law had whatever it is pretty bad. She’s not a slacker. It killed her to be at home and I know she was in a lot of pain every day. It did get a lot better when she left her Job in Hell, so maybe it is psychosomatic, which doesn’t make the symptoms any less painful.

    Don’t you think there is a tendency to minimize “women’s diseases”?

  2. Jhianna Says:

    I remember when I was growing up. The doctors all took the position that cramps during menstruation were all just a figment of women’s imagination. I don’t know about you, but my imagination makes me want to curl up and die every month. Amazing that ibuprofen makes it all better. I suppose that’s just a psychological crutch though, right? It couldn’t possibly be something real because men don’t have the problem and women can’t even agree on the symptoms or their severity.

    The recent talk about fibromyalgia just reminds me of my “imaginary” monthly pain. I had the good sense to know even back then that those doctors were spouting horseshit. And that makes me more sympathetic to the folks suffering almost debilitating pain and less than sympathetic to the folks calling foul/hijinks.

    (I rewrote this several times trying to make it a little less agressive, but apparently I have strong feelings on the matter. Heh, who knew?)

  3. Sister Wolf Says:

    I hear you. I do believe that women’s ailments have been attributed to ‘hysteria’ or whatever. Maybe that’s why doctors used to be so quick to remove a uterus.

    I also believe more and more that the mind/body link is at work in most illness. Not cancer or anything like that, but most of our organs are so reactive to constant stress, it’s no wonder we feel awful.

    I wonder whether one’s attitudes about cramps have anything to do with how one perceives them? Not that they are imaginary, just that dread and/or depression makes them worse?

    I also belive that some nervous systems are simply more sensitive to everything….cold, heat, pain, etc. Thus, we do literally feel things that others may by oblivious to. Think of the autistic kids who can’t stand socks with seams…..

  4. Mark Says:

    One of the interesting things about this “disease” is that one the most effective treatments is group therapy. During this group therapy, participants are not allowed to mention their fibromyalgia, they are only allowed to talk about their day-to-day problems. The man who coined the word “fibromyalgia,” has since redefined it as “extreme selfishness.”

  5. Jhianna Says:

    Interesting – so the non-judgmental (extreme selfishness, wow) version of that would be more like what Sister Wolfe was saying (And Suebob too with her SIL). A link to mind/body stress that gets expressed in pain.

    I’ve had a friend for close to 20 years. When I first met her, she was stressed in a bad work situation and had constant health issues. Depressed immune system, constant colds/flu, and depression on top of it. It all seemed to go away when she found a better work situation. I didn’t really put it together until the work situation (along with life this time) went bad again and her health started to nose-dive.

    It’s amazing what our minds can do to us, isn’t it?

  6. Graham Says:

    Well, my Mom says she has it a little

  7. Doc Says:

    Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are probably the most common complaints that I see from people who are mostly unhappy in their lives or their jobs. It is usually the same demographic, and same economical class of patients. Most are usually women that have some underlying depression issues, and the few men that I have encountered have been nothing more then drug seekers. In response to Graham, everyone has “fibromyalgia” at some point or another, it translates to “muscle pain”. The sad part of our pathetic society is that that we have become such a “fix it with a pill” society that we we only mask the symptoms and never address the problem. If you are having a heart attack, I could give you enough morphine that you would forget about the pain of the MI, however, the problem still exists, I haven’t done you any favors. If you believe that you “suffer” from fibromyalgia, look a little deeper.

  8. greta Says:

    Pretty sure it’s not fake. It’s not “cramps” so much as a neurological dysfunction where people experience pain in their skin, muscles and fascia. I’ve treated people with it through massage (where I can barely touch them, and certainly can’t give what you’d consider a typical massage) and seen the pain register in their faces.

    I also have a friend with several neurological disorders that are toxin-induced,a dn he began experiencing fibromyalgia symptoms over time. He had plenty of access to meds before the diagnosis, and didn’t find them to be helpful. So not sure what to do with the last comment.

  9. Maija Haavisto Says:

    As a journalist and medical writer specializing in CFS/ME and fibromyalgia, I am disturbed that there are still people who don’t believe these illness exist, despite loads of scientific evidence. These illnesses ruin the lives of millions of people. They can cause constant 10/10 level pain, which has nothing to do with “not tolerating normal aches.” There are actually clinical markers for fibromyalgia – but you wouldn’t know about it, because you’re more focused on making fun of disabled people than doing your research.

    “The fact that fibromyalgia sufferers tend to also be afflicted with other nebulous diseases like irritable bowel syndrome and chronic fatigue, makes it very inviting. ” Chronic fatigue is not a disease. It is a symptom which can accompany fibromyalgia. People with fibromyalgia also often suffer from CFS/ME, a serious neurological illness, which can be progressive and sometimes even fatal.

  10. Sister Wolf Says:

    I only make fun of disabled people to the extent that I make fun of myself.

    Good luck with your book.

  11. Carole Says:

    I find it truly amazing that people without this affliction say that it is ‘in my head’. If that’s your opinion…’please cut off my head’. I have to live with this everyday…’s debilitating, excrutiating, unbearable pain that makes it so difficult to get up in the morning, to want to do anything at all….I go to work everyday, I drag myself thru the day, go home and attempt to make dinner for myself and my husband, keep the house semi-clean(no energy at all) and am ready to give up on life as I once knew it. I’m taking Lyrica….does some good, I’m not crazy about it, doesn’t do that much good most days, making me fat and forgetful……You know I would give anything not to have this…..all I ask each day, ‘why me?’ What did I do to deserve this…..fibromyalgia, I don’t care what it’s called, I’m not me anymore….something has invaded my body, my mind, and taken away my spirit……..unless you live with it you cannot possibly understand it….your opinions don’t mean anything to me…an opinion isnt going to solve this puzzle……I have another friend with this stupid thing, she can’t even work anymore…..we are both intelligent women. Can someone out there help us?

  12. LOL Says:

    It’s a joke, at least at my workplace.

    I work in a factory and I have several of these people as my coworkers. As long as they have a lazy job, they are fine, as soon as they have to work on a machine, by the time they get moving along they say ‘I’m going to have to take an FMLA day tomorrow, my fibromyalgia is acting up’. It’s called ‘I haven’t used these muscles because I have been sitting on my butt for so long that I forgot what it feels like to work’. That is like a person who has never run a mile in his life then just deciding they are going to get up and do a marathon with out any thought to it, then waking up the next day and wondering why they are sore, that is not fibromyalgia, that is called sore from physical exertion.

    Not trying to gender-ize it, and it is going to make me sound like a woman basher regardless of me saying that, but all the people at my work who are using that medical excuse to get out of actual work are woman.

    I believe that there is some truth in the disease and that some people do honestly have it, but I also believe it is a disease that is easy to fake in order to gain some sympathy from others or just to plain old steal money from the employer so that you can get receive a paycheck without putting any work in to earning it.

  13. Mary Ann Ringling Says:

    FIBROMYALGIA IS OH SOOO REAL!!! I was diagnosed “FINALLY” back in 1998. This was, of course, after seeing Doctor after Doctor, for over a year while my body degraded into complete “BED RIDDEN” form. It was a combination of the Fibromyalgia not being correctly diagnosed & the many different drugs each Doctor I saw prescribed to me!

    Most of that 1st year is remembered in bits and pieces as most of it I was in such a deep drug fog, many STILL wonder how I made it through! But not only did I somehow live through it, I finally found REAL HELP in a couple different places… I also lived through many nightmares over the next decade. You know the ones I speak of if you have FM… Being told everything from…”Fibro does not exist, so you need a head Dr.” to one of my all time favorites “We don’t cater to drug addicts here, so you may as well return to the state you came from!” Oh Yeah!! That was an Asian ER Doc at South Lake Tahoe, CA in 2001

    I have met 100’s of fellow suffers since my Diagnosis, including 2 of my life long best friends who have since been diagnosed, and one thing seems to be universal amongst us all…. “LACK OF INFORMATION AND SUPPORT”. THAT is one reason of many that brought me to the decision to write a book on the subject in the winter of 2006/2007 called…
    “Fibro-My-What?!” It is different from other books on the subject for one reason… I did not hold back on my personal, albeit semi-sarcastic, views and opinions on all I found during my research.

    If you are at all interested in checking out “Fibro-My-What?!”, I invite you to check out my official web site:
    Through my website, you can send me email if you have any questions that you think I may be able to answere for you. There is a lot of information there on the site also… just flip through the pages…

  14. Dee Says:

    So, is Fibro contageous? Because two of the “sufferers” have friends that also have it, and Mary Ann has not 1, but 2 life long friends that also have it. Is it more likely that birds of a slacker feather sit and loaf together?

  15. Zulu Says:

    My god those people who want to make fun of this I will give you my address and i’m sure i’ll have enough energy to give you what for. How dare you. You talk about these people being selfish and lazy. I have worked all my life and by the way still intend to. You don’t have a heart and you want everyone to do the work for you so that you can sit down on your bum and do nothing. Just stop depressing all sufferers with your sick attitute. You might find that one day you suffer from something and I hope only then people turn their back on you.

    I am married with children. I work full time and my employer is very happy with my performance. I very rearly have a day off. I come home and cook, clean, iron, do washing and still try and have a social life. What do you do???? I know people like you and i’m more sad for you than I would be for anyone with Fibro at least one day they may find a cure. How do you cure someone like you.

  16. Will Says:

    It’s weird that all these middle aged women and their best friends have the same “disease”. It’s seems most of then are overworked and underappreciated. Well “Fybro” seems like a good outlet for them since they are so unhappy in their personal lives. I wish doctors and pharmaceutical companies would be straight with the public and not cater to these unhappy women. But on the other hand, these are not the type of women who can be told they are faking so maybe this is the first step in shutting them up.

  17. Zulu Says:

    Will you must have a small penis that’s all i can say.

  18. Zulu Says:

    And what exactly are we faking Will. You can’t fake having a small penis can you I suppose it’s the same thing.

  19. Mark Says:

    I agree with one of the above posters, these women are not making their pain up, however, there is a root cause for their physical problems, and in my experience with friends it seems to be mental and stress related. Worried sick to the extreme if you will.

  20. In Awe of the ignoramous Says:

    Just when you thought people, men in general, couldn’t get more insensitive, ignorant, and downright lame…you read comments from baffoons such as yourselves. Part of me wants to feel sorry for you, because you just can’t fix stupid. The other part of me wishes I could reach through the monitor and pull your gonads out through the orafaces you call mouths. I’d love to poke fun at you while watching you sqeak in Soprano.

    It appears that the MEN complaining about WOMEN who say they have Fibromyalgia are jealous because they have to work and wish they could stay home and be lazy. You’re bitter at women because of the Women’s Lib movement. They certainly didn’t do us any justice by wanting to declare to the whole world, “I am WONDER DYKE, hear me roarrrrr!” While I loathe the women’s liberation mentality, and homosexuality, I can now at least get a glimpse of what made them WANT to assert their liberation and turn into lesbians.

    Not only do you men lack in the intelligence department, me thinks there is some “little man syndrome” sufferers as well. Good luck with that, and God forbid, your wives, sisters, mothers, or anyone else you love is diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, some moron such as yourself, doesn’t come along and tell her she’s just faking because she’s lazy. KARMA baby, KARMA.

  21. WormWood Says:

    Above poster says: “There are actually clinical markers for fibromyalgia”

    Huh? What markers? There ARE no markers. All you have to do is say you hurt in 16 or 17 places the doc pushes. That’s easy, just say it. Then you are golden. Yes, people have been declared disabled because of this, think about that next time you pay your taxes.

    Let’s be honest, lets call FM what it is: “depression with somatization”. Nothing more than that.

    BTW, I am a practicing physician, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons for 18 years.

    When a new patient lists FM on their interview sheet, you know you have an emotional whiner that’s unlikely to respond to any treatment. That’s a little doctor secret; they tip their hand.

  22. I know someone... Says:

    Please don’t be offended, this may be a unique experience.

    I may know someone who is lieing.

    I will refer to this person as him/her, s/he or his/her appropriately, as to protect his/her identity.

    I am close to someone who claims to have FM. S/he developed symptoms only days after his/her last child moved out on its own (empty nest syndrom?).
    S/he was wheelchair bound emediately (not by a Dr.) and later switched to a walker because s/he couldn’t aford to continue renting the wheelchair.
    This person also claimed a few times to have had his/her knees buckle and/or lose the ability to move one leg when walking with a friend as well as having bad reactions to scented products while walking in the grocery store.
    S/he even went so far as to “lose the ability to talk correctly” (jiberish or just sounds). I don’t remember what brought it on but I was the one to call the paramedics and follow him/her to the ER and translate. The doctor pulled me aside after the exam and asked me if s/he had a history of mental illness. – This person told me years before this that s/he was in therapy for multiple personality disorder and severe depression from traumatic events. This person is also a recovered alcoholic and has not held a serious/steady job since his/her seperation from his/her spouse and has been supported by family and child support ever since.
    The FM only came up when the child support stopped and the family (her last child was paying half the rent) could no longer support him/her.
    I strongly disbeleive this person to have FM. It developed over night and out of nowhere.
    I believe that s/he is using it to be on Disability and for empathy from family (they aren’t close).
    I also belive that s/he is so mentally disabled/ill (I believe s/he really suffers from Munchausen Syndrome because of the ER trip and everything else.) that it wouldn’t matter if I addressed the situation with the Authorities because s/he would be on Mental Disibility anyway. I just needed to get this off my chest.
    What would you think/feel in my situation?

  23. What a debate!!!/sarcasm!!! Says:

    Zulu’s only defence is that the disbelievers have a little penis.

    What does that say about her and her evidence (or lack there of).

  24. An outraged girl Says:

    you are a complete a-hole! Fibromyalgia is not fake. My aunt,grandmother, and mother have this disease and doctors have recently diagnosed me with it. I’m 14. It is a genetic disease the causes millions of people world wide to suffer, and someone as idiotic as you should be diagnosed with it….then let’s see how “fake” it is.

  25. In Awe of the ignoramous Says:

    Wormwood claims he’s a “physician” God protect any unsuspecting patients of his. He sounds like the biggest quack if you ask me. Many INTELLIGENT Drs take FM seriously and treat it. He sounds like he has zero compassion and without that you might as well retire. Maybe he’s an old fart that should retire. What an idiot. I’d LOVE to be able to check to see how many complaints there are at the state regulatory agency against him where he practices. LOL

  26. Brad Says:

    Fibromyalgia is a fake disease. It is used by people who want attention, are lazy, and want to get high on pain pills. I’ve heard the excuse, and I don’t believe it. The only doctors who “treat” it are the ones who want to sell pharmecuticals. Read the articles. It’s an excuse. Like non-descript lower back pain. Oh and my penis is quite large. Please learn how to spell it makes you appear uneducated, ignorant or simply misinformed. Cheers

  27. In Awe of the ignoramous Says:

    Brad, you appear to be the one who is uneducated and misinformed about FM. I have FM, I do NOT want attention, I am NOT lazy, and I don’t even take pain pills. I’ve never even asked for them. My doctor attends seminars on FMS all the time. He works with me, my Rheumatologist, and through diet and Physical Therapy.

    There are hundreds of doctors around the country that take FMS seriously and do all they can to make life easier for those like me, who would give their right arm to not be in constant pain – 24/7.

    I manage the best I can. I do what I can, when I can…many times my husband gets upset with me because I push myself too hard. I have FM, it doesn’t have me. Until you’ve lived even 1 hr in the body of a person who suffers from this debilitating, chronic pain, you cannot speak authoritatively on the subject. Trying to do so only makes you sound ignorant and bitter.

    Maybe your wife or mother has it and you’re resentful??? I’m sorry if that’s the case. It’s not fun, and it can be frustrating for family members. However, saying it’s “fake” doesn’t make them feel any better. It’s as real as Diabetes, Cancer, or any other disease documented by the AMA.

    There may be people that have it or claim to have that have mental problems, but that’s not the case for everyone. I am well educated, motivated, ambitious, and when I’m able…very energetic.

  28. GrandmaB Says:

    I’ve been dx’ed with “fibro” and it is complete and total BS. Yes, I have all the triggerpoints, yes, my body hurts and I can hardly move and I’m stiff all the time, but I do not need antidepressants and anticonvulsants and other potent drugs.

    I get up and go to work because i can make a hell of a lot more money working than sitting on my rump waiting for a disability check. Oh and it’s really funny how the poor suffering afflicted never miss a party or a shopping trip. Just knock it off. Get an education and a little self-respect, will ya?

    It’s a mental disease more than anything else. In that sense it is “real”. Get well soon.

  29. Cindy Clark Says:

    My sister-in-law has been diagnosed with this “disease.” She has always been a malingerer since the first time I met her. This “disease” conveniently shows up whenever she is faced with work or a favor. We now call her illness “Fibromyalibi.” I believe her aches and pains are real. The doctors have just given her a way out with a name for her pain. We’re in our late forties and who doesn’t have aches and pains at this age. It is frustrating because everyone trys to help but she wants to hang on to her “disease.”

  30. Jerome Says:

    A friend of mine was incapacitated with fibromyalgia for over 12 years. She ate a terrible diet and did not excercise and got worse and worse. Numerous claims to social security were denied and she was in a spiral. I asked her earlier this year to eat a diet of fruits, vegetables and chicken and fish. She lost 62 pounds and no longer argues with me that fibromyalgia is real, she now says it isn’t and that she had just grown weak. She now has her life back.

  31. Wow Says:

    I’m really sorry you’re getting responses from all these over-defensive people. You’re allowed to write whatever you want, and I do believe also that FM is generally faked. BUT, it’s one of those things where the people who have it are all losers on the internet that have nothing better to do than scream and whine and cry at bloggers.

    To everyone hating on this blogger, go outside and try to exercise. No more crying. Your body will thank you (BUT I HAVE FM AND I HURT AND WALKING MAKES ME TIRED I NEED MORE PILLS WAAAAAAAH)

  32. In Awe of the ignoramous Says:

    *Sigh* There just isn’t any cure for stupid.

  33. Wade Says:

    FM is a pigeon-hole for pain with no cause or explanation. However, when you see a disease that effects only ONE gender, and primarily one age bracket you have to seriously take a step back and look at it rationally. Is such a discriminate condition real, or is it something else entirely? My opinion is that FM is simply depression. I have to look no further into the matter than my own mother who suffered from a severe case of depression. She tried to kill herself twice, suceeded once- but was brought back. Now, she hurt – everywhere, 10/10 pain scale. Nothing worked. She was miserable in her marriage, her home life, and with all of it. That’s when it started. Doc said depression, FM, and CFS. Treated the depression, which cleared up with time and a divorce, and she feels better than ever. Cancer can disappear for no reason, and miracles happen, but for the most part diseases just don’t go away.

    Long Story short. I’m sorry, but you have depression. See a doc, get some pills, change your circumstances. It works. I have appy pains when I stress out (appendix), I go drink and shoot some stuff, listen to incubus, and I’m all better. It’s all in your head, literally.

  34. Wade Says:

    And FMRI imaging simply shows a hypersensitivity to stimuli interpreted by the brain. So, it is all in your head, no offense. Muscle biopsy results are laughable, because certain muscles – and certain points are going to be more dense than others. Not to mention my muscles may be more or less dense than yours as well. FM responds well to antidepressants because they address chemical imbalances in CSF, which is more likely than some kind of structural abnormality, which has not been documented. My heart goes out to you – really I do feel for those who really may have this. Maybe a cure is already out there, if not one will be soon. But, you must conceed that there are many who are riding the coat tails in hopes of Demerol.

  35. In Awe of the ignoramous Says Says:

    LOL I’ve already said I DO NOT TAKE narcotic pain killers of ANY kind. I’m NOT a drug seeker. Neither do I have any desire to become a drunk. I’m not very tolerant of people who turn to drugs and alcohol to mask their problems…they’re only adding to them, in my opinion.

    I suffered a fall, not my fault. As a result I have permanent damage, pain signals and neuro transmitters short circuited, resulting in what I now have…FMS. I was also hospitalized with a severe abdominal, bacterial infection. I had to take numerous IV Antibiotics which basically destroyed my Immune System, like Chemo does to a cancer patient. Guess what? FMS is also in the Auto Immune disease family.

    Drs who say that FMS is nothing more than depression are QUACKS! They haven’t bothered to get continuing education on the subject. The depression doesn’t come first…if you become depressed it’s because you’re in pain 24/7. Anyone is subject to depression who has to live like that. There’s nothing in my life that makes me miserable except the pain. I have a wonderful life, and am very happy, so that destroys your uneducated “theory.”

    FMS doesn’t have to consume a person’s life, it’s manageable with a positive attitude, over the counter anti-inflammatory meds and if you suffer from depression, antidepressants. People who are malingerers, or only seeking narcotics, are going to come up with any psycho induced ailment to get a Dr to pacify them. Shame on any QUACK who does that!

    My Rheumatologist told me that many of her patients that come to her saying they think they have FMS do have mental problems. However, this is NOT the case for EVERYONE. I think it’s pretty lame to just label all those who say they have FMS as “fakers.” Where did you get your MD?

    Oh, and FYI, I’m allergic to Demerol. They tried to give that to me when I gave birth and I had an allergic reaction. I didn’t ask for it. Some hospitals and doctors are drug PUSHERS.

    Many doctors who aren’t smart enough to get to the bottom of a person’s ailment and find a proper diagnosis resort to handing out bandaids. Good, caring doctors do their research and relate to their patients.

    It’s obvious that many of the negative comments are from people who have had someone in their life affected by FMS, and instead of trying to be compassionate and understanding, they’ve selfishly just labeled the one who is suffering as a faker, a drug addict, and cut them down. THAT is what I feel bad about. EDUCATE yourself people. You don’t realize how ignorant it makes you sound when you make such uninformed comments.

  36. Thou Shall Not Judge Says:

    I am a 34 year old male. I was an all state athlete. I was given educational scholarships. I was accepted into a private law school. I passed the bar and have a law license. I started my own practice in 2005. I have a 3 story building I work out of and a weight room in the basement. I employ 2 other attorneys and a staff of 14 people. I have a wonderful wife and awesome 4 year old son. While I was ON VACATION in February of 2007, I started having tingling sensations in my arms. That soon moved to my back. Soon after it moved to my legs. My skin felt like I had a severe sun burn. I had spots of pain all over my body. My clothes hurt my skin when I wore them all day.

    I loved my job. I loved my life. I was benching 300lbs. I am 6 foot 3 inches 220 pounds and I was in great shape. I did hurt my back in 2004 but recovered. Yes, my job is stressful at times. But I could not explain what was going on with me. Why did my skin hurt like I was in the pits of Hell? Then the pain spread to my face. My face still feels numb. I still have massive pain in my face. The pain in my joints and muscles comes and goes.

    About 3 months after my skin begining to burn I decided that I would just have to live with it. However, I noticed that I was not able to workout like I used to. I was not able to lift much weight at all. I was getting short of breath. Then I started becoming exhausted, to the point, I literally could not get out of bed. I was a proud man, but my wife would have to help me from the shower to bed.

    I went to several doctors, pleading with them to help me because I have a very large and successful business and I did not want whatever was wrong with me to stop me from making a living. Doctors looked at this 32 year old athletic looking man and said, there just isnt anything wrong with you. They could not explain my symptoms.

    I was finally sent to someone who tested me for autoimmune disorders, MS, Lyme disease, Lupus…. All negative. MRIs, all normal.

    Then I was tested for several types of cancer. All negative.

    Then I was tested for heart diseases… My heart was very healthy, no plaque or blockages and my heart is working fine.

    I was sent to the best docotors at the Cleveland Clinic. They had no answers other than probable fibromyalgia.

    My first response and continuing response has been denial, denial, denial!!! I do not want anything to be wrong with me. I want to be that normal guy who went on vacation and when I got back I was a different person, I no longer had my health. No, I did not go to some exotic place and pick up some unknown disease.

    What is wrong with me? Is it called fibromyalgia? Chronic fatigue?

    The doctors tell me that when they rule out everything else, then they simply explain that it is fibromyagia.

    Is this real? Is this all in my head? Well, let me explain it to you like this, let me push your face into a boiling pot of water and you tell me if the pain you feel is real. Maybe it is, maybe it is not? Why do I doubt your pain? Maybe it is because I have never had my face plunged into boiling hot water? Maybe I have no idea what it feels like to have my face burned by hot water. But when you bring your face out of that boiling hot water, I doubt you are going to try to argue that your pain is not real.

    I will admit, I have never really believed in people who complained about pain and other such things. I always thought, tough it out, get through it. It was not until I started having real problems with my skin burning, pains in my joints and muscles without reason, not being able to sleep, and to top it off, becoming depressed because my life has changed.

    Yes, I have to deal with people who are like I used to be, healthy and ignorant. Those healthy ignorant people should be thankful for everything that they have.

    I still struggle with “whatever” is wrong with me. I don’t care what you call it. Would it make you feel better if I wore a sling? What about if I hopped around on crutches? Would you believe me then? No, you probably would not. You would be to involved in your “self” rather than to have some compassion for others.

    Fibromyalgia is not selfishness. It is the exact opposite. I spend everyday trying not to be a burden on anyone. I go to work and put on a smile for my staff and my clients. Does that sound selfish? I do all I can to continue to have some sort of life. I try to still be a companion to my wife and son. People who think that I am a faker, what exactly am I faking and what is the reward for faking this illness???? Please tell me, because apparently, I am doing something wrong. Because I have had nothing but heartache and pain ever since this all started happening to me.

    Why would I want to be in pain? Why would I lie and say I am exhausted? I own my own business!!!! I can come and go as I please!!!! I wish I had my health back so I could spend my time and money doing things I enjoy like playing basketball, going to the gym, running, going hiking, playing with my little boy non stop. Instead, I have to suffer in a bed. Alone. I have to live with guilt for not being able to do all the things that I want to be able to do with my little boy.

    I would give anything to be my old self again. I still hold out hope that I will be my healthy self again.

    There is nothing more I can do as far as being happy. I have a great job, a great wife, a great son, I have cars, trucks, a huge house, atvs, you name it. But I don’t get to enjoy all those things anymore. Why in the world would I trade all of that for a bed, are you serious????

    But, I will not judge you as you have me. God will judge us all whether you believe in Him or not. All I try to do is stay positive, do what I can when I have good days, try not to overdo it on bad days and pace myself. At 34 years old, I am as successful as it can get and I can not fully enjoy the success. It is not my fault that I somehow became unhealthy. I do not smoke. I do not drink. I have never done drugs. If anything, it kind of makes you think, why didn’t I live it up and be some dope head like a bunch of people who still have their health. I know people who have smoked for 40 years and can get around better than I do, oh, but I am faking it, I forgot.

    But in the end, my reward is not in this life. My reward will be when I am gone. I will have so much more to gain.

    For those who suffer from whatever causes you pain, I have compassion for you. For those of you who mock those in pain, I have simpathy for you.

  37. Sister Wolf Says:

    ATTENTION! Please go here:

    Since I wrote this post, I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia! Last night I read two new books about it.

    I understand it much better now although there is much that still baffles me.

    Anyone who feels hurt by this post, please accept my apology for adding to your struggle to be taken seriously.

    Let me know how you are doing.

  38. Jim Says:

    ITS FAKE. Its bitchy woman syndrome.

    Every time I have met one of these chronic hypochondriacs, they all complain non stop about this fake disease.

    Give it a rest already people and stop blaming your FAILURES on imaginary diseases

  39. Doc in Training Says:

    Anyone who cites that the scientific community has established FM as a “disease” is only aware of half the argument.

    Another good half of the medical and scientific world holds that FM represents a chronic pain disease on the spectrum of depression and anxiety disorders. Yes, the concept of “hysteria” has disappeared today, but we still don’t have any valid explanation for FM.

    Moreover, any good medical textbook including authoritative rheumatology texts continue to identify the controversy of calling FM a “disease.” FM is merely a set of symptoms that have been arbitrarily grouped and given a name.

    Sure, there is a community (read: cult) of dedicated researchers, writers, and media folk who follow FM, but that following does not automatically qualify FM as a disease.

    I don’t doubt that some people suffer from chronic and unexplained pain. Yet if FM were truly a disease, we would have SOME possible scientific explanation, hypothesis, reproducible finding… something!

    FM is nothing more than the somatic manifestation of depression, anxiety, or some other psychiatric or psychosocial disturbance — often unbeknown to the patient.

    I’m not saying FM is fake, but labeling it as a valid medical disease makes FM a self-fulfilling prophecy and self-propagating condition.

  40. Kim Says:

    I have always been healthy up until 9 years ago. I had somthing very traumatic happen in my life. My daughter was murdered, she had left her husband who was abussive and she and her little girl had came to live with my husband and me. I don’t want to call him her husband, so I’ll just say him. He came to my home one day (saying he wanted to visit his daughter) After my daughter’s murder we found out he had been planning this for a week. My 17 month old grandaughter and I were both there during the murder. I was trying to save my daughter from being shot. He meant that wasn’t going to happen he shot her 4 times. Believe me when I say this it wasn’t just a shooting it was a mutilation of my beautiful little girl she was only 17 years old. At first I was diagnosed with severe depression, pannic attacks, and Post Traumatic Stess Disorder. She has one sister she’s a year and 11 months older. They were very close so she had some really hard times and had some problems. Even thinking about suicide she was hospitolized twiced. very scarry already lost one thinking you may lose your only other child. About 2 1/2 yrs. ago I kept hurting at times like I had the flu but then it would go away. I noticed when I would wash dishes my arms would hurt, my back, my legs, my neck, my entire body would ache with pain. I went my Nerologist where I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. NOW DO NOT TELL ME THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FM . YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WHO HAVE FM DON’T GO AROUND STICKING OUR NOSE INTO YOUR BUSINESS AND ABOUT WHAT YOUR PROBLEMS ARE. IM HERE TO TELL YOU FM IS VERY REAL I HAD 100 TIMES RATHER BEING ABLE TO DO THINGS WITH MY 10 YEAR OLD GRANDAUGHTER JUST LIKE HER BEAUTIFUL MOTHER WOULD HAVE IF HER LIFE HADN’T BEEN SO SELFISHLY AS YOU SAY WE ARE TAKEN FROM HER. Oh yeah just remember this talk about people and make fun about what they have be careful you may have it one day.

  41. Sister Wolf Says:

    Jim -Try reading some of the comments here.

    Doc -Thanks for the intelligent input.

    Kim -What a terrible thing to endure. Blessings and prayers for you and your loved ones.

  42. Kim Says:

    Thank you so much Sister Wolf we all need prayer more than anything! It’s not right you don’t bury your child their suppose to bury you! People talk about us the ones that have FM. Honestly you don’t know how that person feels. My eyes have been opened to things a lot more since my daughter’s murder I try to see things differently. I tell my family and friends to treat each other as if it would be the last time they would see them! Because the morning of my daughter’s murder I never in a million years thought about 3 hours after I got up that day I would go through the most horrible day of my life! Everyone needs to think about walking a mile in another persons shoes before makeing fun or saying FM or anything else for that matter is fake. Because I will tell you now what I feel is real 100% I dont want to be this way. Why would anyone want constant pain and be miserable it makes no since. I try to understand everyone’s feeling’s cause for one thing I don’t have one clue what they have gone through in their liftime. Who am I to judge I am nothing. That is the job of the most high GOD He is the one who will judge and the only one! Again thank you Sister Wolf for you prayers!!!!!

  43. Larry Says:

    It’s fake!

  44. Michigan Mom Says:

    For years my mother claimed she had fibromyalgia. My sister and I would laugh and make jokes about her being so lazy. I truely believed she was just nuts and had found the perfect “disease” to hide behind. Fast forward fifteen years. I find myself going to the doctor constantly, trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I have all these weird symptoms that don’t seem to be tied together in any way. Strange burning sensations, muscle aches, tingling toes and fingers, insomnia, hip pain and these really weird sore spots on my shoulders and hips. Doctor tells me it’s Fibromyalgia. I am shocked. Sickened. Embarrassed. I wish I still believed it was fake.

  45. Sister Wolf Says:

    Michigan Mom – Same story here. I didn’t even know my mom had it until a few weeks ago, when my sister told me.

  46. Anyone's Guess Says:

    There is plenty of evidence for abnormalities in fibromyalgia patients. Perhaps if you researched, you would see that they have made numerous discoveries in fibromyalgia patients, documenting noted abnormalities in the way pain is perceived in addition to abnormal distribution of CoQ10. There are other things as well that hint to a possible hormonal connection, hence more females.

    You have no idea what you are talking about and have no place stating such tripe things.

    In addition, do you know how many diseases exist that doctors do not know what causes? Fibromyalgia isn’t the only one. In fact, there aren’t a handful, there are tons and they are not fake or in someone’s head.

  47. Erick Says:

    I can only hope that all the heartless assholes on here who want to be the judge and jury for so many people who suffer end up with some type of debilitating pain that is misunderstood so that they face the same ridiculous scrutiny they are dishing out.

    I do not have FM that I know of although I have considered going to rheumatologists to see what help they can give me. I do have aches and pains from head to toe most of the time. It has been going on for years now. I do not complain to other people, I do not seek narcotics for the pain since they don’t work well anyway and have a bunch of nasty side effects that I wouldn’t want my enemies much less friends to have to deal with.

    I live a full and active life, but the pain is a constant stressor that I must deal with. Headaches that come on in the middle of having a great day, pains in my back, neck, shoulders out of nowhere when everything seems to be going fine. I would love a solution for whatever is going wrong. I don’t know if its FM or not. I workout 5 days a week and work 6 days a week as a fitness instructor. It is my passion and I refuse to let these nasty pains and symptoms stop me. But they are there, and they are very real. What they are from I do not know. I do know what I felt like a few years ago vs today and all I can say is that there is no way this is the natural aging process. On bad days I literally slide out of the bed onto the floor in the mornings and have to crawl for a few minutes before I can get up and walk. Often I have to spend an hour just getting warmed up and stretched enough before I exercise that I can endure a solid workout. 10 years ago I could do jump and jacks for 1 minute and be ready to go. That is not natural aging for a 33 year old guy who exercises regularly and intensely and eats a very healthy diet.

    I am sure there are some people who fake things for attention, but it is simply astounding how many people feel qualified to be judge and jury for everyone out there based on a few isolated experiences they have had. And for the doctors who scorn their patients seeking help, I hope you rot in hell as you are not fit to be called a professional, much less a doctor.

  48. Lauren Says:

    I do not believe the pain anyone suffers is fake. I worry that those who believe they suffer from Fibromyalgia have a real condition, just one that hasn’t been identified. It could be different for every patient. Fibro seems like a scapegoat when there is no real diagnosis in sight. How can it be a true diagnosis if there is no real working treatment and no true test to confirm the disease? My mother believes she suffers from Fibro, and I know she is not faking the pain that she feels. I do, however, believe that there is an underlying condition that has yet to be identified. I want my mother to be better and happy, but I do not think banking on the concept of Fibromyalgia is a good idea for her or anyone else. She discovered the disease on WebMD (not unlike many other Fibro patients I assume), convinced her doctors she had it, searched for a doctor who would prescribe Lyrica when it came out, and is still in pain and depressed. This cannot be the solution. Why give up? Why insist on a disease that most talanted and knowledgeable doctros do not agree with? I don’t understand. I often wonder if anyone who considers themselves to have the disease and is taking Lyrica has truely solved their problem.

  49. Ginger Miller Says:

    Wormwood just may be a physician. Sounds like the ones I work with. I am an RN. The docs I work with refer to it as the “F” word. They know when we get an admission and the person states fibromyalgia as part of their history that we are going to get a “whiner.” They say it is a catch all phrase for people who want to whine about their pain instead of tolerate it like the rest of us. My boyfriend’s daughter is diagnosed with “F” and she is and always has been the laziest person I have ever know. Age 40 and won’t even make her bed. She is now trying to get disability. My boyfreind overheard a phone conversation she was having with her other “F” friends (dont they all seem to migrate toward each other?) In this conversation she said the doctor wanted to do an epidural and her friend said “Don’t do that” “You would be able to walk normal again and would’nt have a good disability case” DUH! Ain’t that the point? You want to not be in pain and walk normal. Their may be some people who are in pain but this is also a “disease” one can fake and get disability. I am in pain. I am 64 and I have a torn meniscus, spinal stenosis and stress fractures in my foot but I go to work and go on with my life. And no, I am not a paperwork nurse- I work the floor and believe me it is WORK. For those dignosed with the “F” word, get off your butt and get moving and you would be in less pain. And stop living off my tax dollars.

  50. Ginger Miller Says:

    Lauren, you are normal. I am sure you have a lot of pain. but like the majority of us you refuse to let it get you down and go on with your life. Many of those who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia are indeed in pain. But they go on with their life. My complaint is about those who either fake it (malingerers) so they do not have to do anything or those that become whiny complainers, thinking their pain is worse than anyone else’s pain. Yep, they hurt and that is life, get over it. For Lauren and those who are really in pain, some medications my help. Lyrica, Cymbalta and Topamax to name a few. Check with your physician. But the most important thing is to keep busy, go on with your life and do things you enjoy.

  51. In awe of the ignoramous Says:

    Ginger, FYI dear, disability is NOT YOUR tax dollars. It’s money people pay out of their paychecks that is for the sole purpose of helping them if they do become disabled. It’s THEIR money. If you’re going to make comments like that, do your research so you don’t come across so ignorant. I have no patience or tolerance for ignorance!

  52. Helen Says:

    I can understand why it is that people think fibromyalgia is fake. When my deceased mother was diagnosed with the disease, I thought that she was faking to get out of work. Her descriptions of the pain was so unnatural and out of the norm. One moment she spoke of sharp stabbing pains esp. in her lower back, soreness, swelling, and burning sensations over her body. Sometimes she couldn’t move a muscle without excrusiating pain.The pain could last for days. In a matter of seconds, the pain could disappear as if by magic. I had a difficult time believing her.
    It was in 1986 when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have a severe case of the disease. At its’ worse, I laid in bed for ten days. Involuntary muscle movement had me screaming in pain. I prayed to God that he would take my life. If I had a pistol, I would have taken it. There is not a day that goes by when I am not in some measure of severe pain. When a bad attack threatens–I panic. I think about my mother often and the pain that she endured. The symptoms of fibromyalgia is outside the usual description of illness and treatment. It moves throughout the body in seconds and can hang on for weeks. It never leaves the body entirely. It can allow a person to rest just enough to catch a breath for the next severe attack that can come an any given moment—caused by stress, change in atmospheric temperature, another type of injury, repetition, or for no reason. Anyone that says fibromyalgia is a fake is lacking understanding about the disease. Understanding of the disease really doesn’t exist. I am sure that there will be people that will fake the disease to benefit themselves but take it from someone that knows, fibromyalgia is very real!!! I wouldn’t wish it on my worse enemy and I have a few.

  53. Reply for all the Angry Ladies Says:

    I read all the comments about how some women are angry at the men for being so insensitive, ignorant, stupid, selfish, and ridiculous. This makes me believe that maybe we men have a disease that hasn’t been discovered yet. Maybe there is something that makes us think or say these things and we haven’t figured out the cause. I’m looking for a Dr. to help in my quest to find out what causes us men to suffer from this unknown disease. So, ladies who are angry, please keep this in mind. We suffer, too. We just don’t know it yet.

    Zulu, your comment speaks multitudes about how you judge people who lack in agreement with you. Besides that, it also makes you look like something you may not be.

  54. Matty Says:

    I am a little confused whether this is a fibromyalgia support group or a let’s abuse some one with words site? Those of you that don’t believe in fibromyalgia should not be writing or reading these personal entrees. You have no business here. Why are you where you are unwanted and are doing harm? These suffering people are trying to help themselves to a better life. You seem to get pleasure out of putting people down and trying to demean them. None of us, none of us can fairly judge another human being so why do you try?


  55. Sister Wolf Says:

    Matty – I am just letting these comments accumulate, without editing them. I think they reveal the central problem with fibromyalgia: Those who don’t believe it exists are enraged for some reason. That’s what’s REALLY interesting. Why all the rage and contempt????

    Anyone who reads the entire comments thread can see my own about-face on the issue. Perhaps I will have to post yet another update on fibromyalgia.


  56. anon Says:

    Thou Shall Not Judge,

    You have something else. I injured my neck two years ago and it caused tingling down my arm for at least 8 months after. It’s completely gone. Nerve damage.

    Your back injury may have had something to do with the tingling. Pinched nerve, maybe?

    Just asking…

  57. Fybromyass Says:

    Thank you Sister Wolf for this post–I truly enjoyed reading it along with all the comments it has accumulated. My nasty, evil, bi-polar mother-in-law has this so called Fybromass and collects a disability check each month. She makes life a living Hell for her eldest son, and her husband. She also has a circle of “friends” and ex-coworkers who all conveniently have the same “disease”. There are days she claims she can’t get out of bed; yet the next she is shopping or partying with her youngest son and his friends. She is prescribed “morphine” and every other pain medication known to Man and Pfizer. She claims she has nervous breakdowns to excuse her absurd, bizarre and irrational behavior, such as cussing her children out, cussing her husband out, cussing anyone out, and acting like a child in most situations. My diagnosis, and I am nothing more than an ignorant, backwood, in bred hillbilly from West Virginia, is that she is selfish, bi-polar and wanted a way to sit at home on her fat ass to escape the working world (by the way she was a nurse) and enjoys bringing others into her circle of misery. (She has recently told me I suffer from a nerve disorder in my back and she can assist me in getting my disability claim started.) I refuse to be labeled the same as this psycho!

  58. Prince Namor Says:

    Some posters in this forum are making up what they say.
    Some posters in this forum are false identities.
    How much do you people that have FM weigh?
    Why is it mostly women?
    Strange how needy women are isn’t it?
    FM is when the women’s “worry” gene flares up and dominates the mind.
    My muscles ache full time because I exercise a couple hours a day.
    The operations of the mind can exhaust the body.
    What women has ever answered a question directly w/ out excuse?
    What are any of you doing to help the problem? Worrying!
    Why was a penis ever brought into the discussion?
    Penises are for reproduction and for people of substance, that’s all.

    I love ponies.
    I think I can make my wildest dreams come true.
    The internet is a refuge for the needy and helpless.
    I love chocolate
    I do whatever I want.
    There is no recession
    Almost everything is a lie.

  59. Newby Says:

    Wow! I came here looking for support about this disorder and now feel like I need to go back to my neuro and ask if he is sure about this. Not a drug seeker, very happy in my life, 5’4″, 137 lbs, 40 years old. Work 40+ hrs a week, until about 4 yrs ago, was very active. I now have chronic pain and fatigue associated with some very real physical disorders. Neuro says I have FM with Autonomic Dysfunction…affects heart rate and blood pressure responses…..critically. Now you folks, most of you, some physicians, are telling me this isn’t real! Again, Wow!

  60. Marie Says:

    I just think it is awful how all these people especially men are so judgemental about fibromyalgia. In my research after finding out I have fibro I found out that it is a very common disease in women over 30 and it also has something to do with your immune system. Maybe that is why these men don’t understand. I have a male cousin who has it and I know he would tell you in a heartbeat he has no drama. Educate yourself on this disease before you go throwing the first stone you may get sick one day and people won’t believe you. There is NOTHING FAKE about fibro, I have to wake up and exercise my leg muscles before I start out my workday or I will fall in the floor. I am not overweight I am 5’7 and weigh 125lbsand 36 yrs old. I am also a single Mother of three children and I workout 3 times a week because with this disease if you don’t your muscles and joints will just get stiff. I just think it is wrong for you to judge others when they know what is wrong with them. I think mine started from a motorcycle accident I was in because I went walking one day and could not even walk I had to call my ex to come and pick me up I hurt so bad from there it went to my back shoulders neck just all over so it is very real, but I deal with it. Have a heart people or are you just bored and like putting people down because you aren’t happy in your own life. By the way I never whine about my condition and I am not on any antidepressants because guess what I am HAPPY… I won’t be back because I just can’t get over the ignorance in some of these people. My ex was a jerk and I left him he didn’t leave me he liked beating me so you can’t say Oh I bet she whined all the time.. Good luck to you all that suffer from this disease and go somewhere else for support you don’t need this negativity.

  61. DJ Says:

    Anyone with chronic pain can spend enough time visiting doctor after doctor until one of them gives the stamp of approval, so the meds can start floating in and the label can be used to keep from “trying hard in life”. I’ve heard from physicians that this disease is over diagnosed. Doctors are often put in a position where patients visit repeatedly with the same complaints claiming that nothing works. The insurance company pays for visits to multiple specialists, and once they get the diagnosis that allows them to begin receiving pain meds, antidepressants and pain management, they are happy to have a label for their malaise. Not to mention the time off and possible chance at bilking their employer for disability. Yea, that thing the rest of us troopers pay for so those sufferers can sit in the movie theater and go to lunch with their comrades. I am in full agreement, there are usually other problems that just take More effort to solve than the patient is willing to make. Many personal, fitness, diet and mental health issues. I could do it too, but I won’t. It’s disgraceful to spend ones life complaining instead of trying to get up and COPE with life. I don’t actually mind eating well, staying fit and knowing I have pain to deal with. Without pain, you’re not really alive.

  62. Michelle Says:

    Yes, some people have pain because the have real diseases! If you have REAL pain go to the doctor and get a real diagnosis. The people on here saying there grandmother, sister or friend have it the quite possibly have something but FM is just not it. FM is just what the doctors give you as a diagnosis to get you off there backs! People that say they have FM make it there identity it that what you want to be known as … the whiner party pooper that know one wants to be around! because that’s what you are ask anyone around you! No one wants to hang out with you except other people that whine like you and then you just feed off each other.

  63. pissy fibro chick Says:

    I have fibromyalgia. I would like to say that I am not a depressed, middle aged woman. I don’t know anyone else with fibro. I am a teenager. I don’t hate school, I love it. get high 80’s. 90’s. I am in the band. I am on the swim and dive team. I was diagnosed with fibro when I was eight. I was being hoomschooled. When you are eight, you can’t fake this kind of pain. I all the sudden developed ADD like symptoms – I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t remember things. Around the same time, I developed arthritis like symptoms, but I had no swelling. My whole body would ache. I couldn’t get out of my bed. I would just cry. I was hospitalized for it, and nothing helped – NOTHING! Tylenol, advil, codeine – I was just in pain. I could hardly walk. I couldn’t play with my friends. All I could do was sleep – but I would wake up because of pain. I was eight. It lasted for months. You don’t fake this kind of stuff when you are eight years old. I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was put on diclofenac for the pain amd adderall for the fatigue and concentration – this finally helped, but I eventually had GI problems from the diclofenac, so I have started taking celebrex – this works ok to. They also added Lyrica to the mix recently. It does nothing so far, and I feel like crap – but I’ll see. I just want to be a normal teenager like my friends. I want to be able to get out of bed in the morning, with out feeling 90. I want to play piano without feeling like I am dying. I don’t tell people I have fibro, because I don’t want them feeling sorry for me, or treating me differently. I just want to be like everyone else. I work really hard to keep up to the other 16 year olds. And I do it, and I suffer in silence. Very rarely do I complain , I don’t whine – I don’t want to burden others. I don’t know anyone else how has this condition. This disease is real – please don’t say it isn’t. An eight year old wouldn’t fake this – a happy teenager wouldn’t fake this.

  64. Doug Says:

    The women’s lib movement was started as a population control mechanism.

  65. GoDammit is Right Says:

    I’m guy – who grew up with hypochondriac sisters – I would be the first to say a disease is fake. In this case, it is not.

    Do people fake it or think they have it? Of course. People fake backaches to get hydrocodone. People watch mystery diagnosis and think they Chron’s disease or Lupus. In my case, I’ve watched my wife suffer through this. She started taking Cymbalta, and the change was dramatic. SNRIs and SSRIs will not have a change like I witnessed unless there really is a deficiency in those neurotransmitters.

    The funny part, is it will probably be shown it is in the mind (in part).. but in the physical sense. Read about trials involving dopamine levels and pain thresholds. However, it more than just one or three neurotransmitters out of whack. Like any stochastic system, the mind and body respond to each other, amplifying some signal and filtering others. An allergic reaction is a prime example of this.

    A lot of things are over prescribed. ADD for example. But, I’ve known a few people, adults even, that certainly fit the bill. Just cause most cases are hyper kids that a teacher or parent doesn’t want to deal with, doesn’t disprove the existence of ADD.

    If you can’t have math/physics tell you what the weather will be 3 days from now with 99% accuracy, why would one expect science to be any better at giving a systematic method of proving every disease or condition there is – especially one that spans both the mind and body like fibromyalgia.

  66. GoDammit is Right Says:

    I’ve should have added, my wife had muscle spasms all the time. Mostly in her sleep. If her “mind” was doing this, it has a pretty powerful kick. She isn’t overweight, actually teaches yoga which helps considerably. Yoga also helps for MS, which use to be stigmatized just like FM.

    Women also seem to be sole suffers of this terrible disease where they bloat up, become needy, and hungry. Luckily, it goes away on average of 9 months. I think they just get tired of faking it. Now, I can go back and read my comics about a “Prince” that lives “under the sea”.

    Sister Wolf, it is unfortunate that the mechanism to go from not believing to knowing was experiencing. I wish Dr. Wolfe could feel it, even for just a week.

  67. So Tired Of This Says:

    Ladies, get real with yourselves once and for all. For the record, this is coming from a 28 year old female who has also suffered from lethargy, fatigue, pain, migraines, etc… Do I tire of feeling physically drained and exhausted? Of course. Am I willing to ascribe myself to a disease fabricated by a bunch of attention-seeking women and diagnosis-whoring doctors? Hell to the no. I take the responsibility for the fact that there are many deep-rooted underlying emotional/behavioral problems that manifest themselves in physical symptoms.

    I now know three different women who developed fibro literally out of nowhere. One of them was clearly seeking attention, suspecting a new random disease every other week (from GURD to IBS to PMDD… the list goes on and on). When someone was finally willing to give her a diagnosis, boy did she tout that around for months, telling everybody about her excruciating fibromyalgia pain and how she’s been suffering with it her entire life. Funny, I’d known her for 11 years and had never seen or heard her complain about typical fibro pain until it was the new disease she set her sights on. Almost the exact the same story with number two, a cousin who complained of a different ailment every month (sleep apnea, panic disorder, again the list goes on and on) and was finally thrilled to be diagnoses with fibromyalgia. Now all of the sudden she literally screams in pain and cries randomly because the pain is so unbearable. Not even going to go into detail about number 3, it’s the exact same story. It’s just really sickening, and the sad part is that I can tell these women truly believe they have this disease. They are that desperate to identify themselves with some disorder so that they can pity themselves and have everyone else pity them. Funny how women with fibro LOVE to talk about it, no? You don’t see people with cancer touting the fact to every random stranger.

    Look. Fibromyalgia is nothing more than a fancy name for a group of symptoms that are psychologically generated. Do I believe some people are truly in pain? Yes. Do I believe it’s physiological? No. Do I believe many many women fake it? Definitely. I think all of you women who claim to have it really need to dig deep within yourselves and ask “am I happy?” Is this the first vague disease that you’ve thought you had, or are you the girl who also had “really horrible periods” and irritable bowel syndrome? Does ANYONE but me think it’s ironic that the treatment for fibro includes a antidepressant??? I dunno people, I’m with the guys on this one and I think the women need to ‘man up,’ get fit, get some sleep, eat well and maybe seek therapy if you’re still having these mysterious pains. I’m frankly really tired of finding a woman with some strange disorder everywhere I turn, it makes all of us look like a bunch of attention seeking mental cases.

  68. OMG THANKS!! Says:

    OMG you are so right about this, im so freaking tired of it.
    my friend was ok till she got diagnosed with it and now thats all she talk about and she got worse since she found out she had it. like she said “man up,’ get fit, get some sleep, eat well and maybe seek therapy if you’re still having these mysterious pains” and stop crying about it.

  69. you all are idiots Says:

    fibromyalgia is fake.

  70. AceFace Says:

    Frankly, I think most about FM is crap. First, the “diagnosis” of having 11 tender points or whatever is completely subjective, and anyone that can read an internet article and say “ow” 11 times can have FM. That makes it suspicious. If that makes anyone angry, please pressure your miracle Drs to do some research and find a legitimate pathological lesion or reproducible OBJECTIVE diagnostic test. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

    I think that about 1/2 the people that have “FM” are faking, lazy, or have a very unrealistic idea of how much pain is acceptable in their life. I have talked to patients with “FM” that have pain to rate it from 1 to 10, 10 being the worst pain imaginable, and they rate it at 10 or more. Give me a break. People with that much pain can’t even speak because it hurts so much. If your heart isn’t racing out of your chest and you aren’t delirious with pain, you are not at a 10 or above.

    I think also that about 1/3rd have physical manifestations of psychiatric problems. yes, that does mean it is “all in their head” but then again schizophrenia is “all in their head” but is still a real, treatable, debilitating disease. Psychiatric =/= fake.

    Maybe 1/5 or so are just plain obese. For that 1/5th, lose some weight. Studies show that FM patients that drop pounds have less pain.

    And I think the remainder have something that isn’t well described or understood, but is an organic source of pain. These are the people that, despite having pain constantly, shy away from narcotics, don’t sit on their butts all day, and aren’t out to make everyone feel sorry for them. For that small group, my heart goes out to you.

  71. Angie Says:

    from being diagnosed with fibromyalgia to everything i have experienced, seen and heard, i believe it is something environmental causing some kind of defect (think, most if not all cases are from canada/US) and scientists and researchers just have not found the true cause of the pain yet.

  72. dalloway Says:

    I was diagnosed with FMS a little more than a year ago. I probably had it for several years prior to the diagnosis. I also have asthma and I have problems with my sacroiliac joint. An MRI about 4 years ago helped to diagnose the SI joint dysfunction. I always just figured the SI joint problem was what was causing pain throughout my body.

    I saw a pain doctor who did several sets of injections into my SI joint and spinal facet joints, which helped with the stabbing low back and hip pain immensly. I still always had a level of ache throughout my body on any given day, but I just did the best I could to power through it, and when I couldn’t, I used a sick day. So frustrating.

    I am a reference librarian in a public library, so I am a research fanatic. I came across FMS all the time when I was researching the SI Joint issues. I must admit, FMS sounded really fishy to me, and I kind of skipped over the information about it while shaking my head and rolling my eyes. About a year and a half ago, my husband and I relocated to a new state and I subsequently started seeing a new doctor. During my second visit to him, he started off with a physical exam. He said he needed to test some of my reflexes. He proceeded to apply pressure to a number of different spots on my body, and to my amazement, these spots were incredibly painful to the touch! I remember that the spots on my elbow and on my knee were so painful that I flinched. The amazing thing is that I had not been fully aware that these spots were kind of the apex of the pain until he pressed on them. He finished up the exam and then asked me if I had ever heard of fibromyalgia syndrome. I said yes, that I had come across it here and there, and then he said that he was adding the diagnosis of fibromyalgia to my medical chart. I burst into tears. I said, “that just can’t be! I’m not that kind of person!”

    It’s true, I’m not. I despise crybabies and people who display learned helplessness and refuse to learn new things or help themselves. One of my favorite sayings is “Quit your crummy bellyaching!” I kind of have a theory about FMS: You know how people who’ve had chickenpox as a child can come down with shingles, a variant of chickenpox, later in life? Well I think this may be what FMS is doing. I went through a terrible bought of depression in the early 1990s and it tends to run in my family. It is my belief that FMS is depression recurring as a physical manifestation of the same problem.

    But make no mistake, I am not depressed right now. I love my life. My husband is the best and we are nuts about each other. We recently bought our first home, and I love my job!! I was born to be a librarian! It is the best career on earth, and I HATE it when I have bad days that make it impossible for me to do the job I love so much. And I so DO NOT fit the mold of the bitchy whiner FMS sick lady with a bunch of bitchy whiner FMS girlfriends. Honestly, I do not even like women that much. I am embarrassed to death by the legions of selfish bitchy estrogen crazed gossipy drama queen chicks running around out there. When I am having a bad painful foggy achey day and someone notices it and asks me about it, I just tell them I have some sore muscles and I leave it at that, because frankly, I would not want someone else to stand there and whine about their health problems to me. Also, I own and frequently wear a pair of black leather pants, especially when my husband’s old school metal band (he plays bass) has a gig. So I guess my story shoots down some of the previous posts here. There are other things about me that shoot down the previously posted theories and beliefs, but I’ve already blathered on long enough. Suffice to say I am living proof that at least some cases of FMS are valid. BTW: the best clinical term to describe fibromyalgia is “fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS)” because of all of the loosely related and hazily defined symptoms without a consistant definite clinical presentation or underlying cause.

  73. Jenna Says:

    Look, I think this “debate” has spawned a lot of immature bickering and accusations. I find it irritating that the pro-FM side of the argument refuses to concede that MAYBE there are legions of malingerers out there using a very ambiguous and easy to fake disease to further their own agendas. I don’t doubt that some of the fakers are right here, hotly denying that anyone could fake something so serious and agonizing.

    Like it or not, whenever there’s a “convenient” disease that’s easy to fake, you’ll have far more people faking it than suffering from it. The fact is, people have numerous motives for faking illness. If you can pull it off, there are numerous perks and advantages to being “sick.” You get attention and sympathy, people expect less effort from you, doctors hand out intoxicating drugs, and you might even get a monthly check for your pain and suffering. With all of these incentives, it’s no surprise that disability claims have EXPLODED in the past twenty years. The greedy corporate takeover of the medical industry hasn’t helped one bit. Even if you’re not inclined to lie about your health, there’s a commercial on every channel every ten minutes to convince you that your “symptoms” require that you immediately “talk to your doctor” about Splendifica, the new breakthrough treatment for the DAD syndrome. “What’s that,” you ask with concern. Why, it’s a most serious ailment that causes depression, fatigue, sore feet, loss of appetite, irritability, and mood swings. It’s also known as the drag-ass-droopsies.

    The point is, this is a pointless argument. I’m inclined to take the side of the “suck it up and stop whining” crowd, but this doesn’t mean that I think nobody has ever suffered from fibromyalgia. I just think that too many people are far too eager to slap an important and serious-sounding label on what is probably ordinary, easily explainable aches and pains. Sure, you’re hurting and that sucks, but anyone who says life shouldn’t involve a little pain is trying to sell you something. Therefore, unless you’re writhing in agony on a daily basis, suck it up and stop being a wussy. I bet at least half of these fibromyalgic muscle pains could be CURED MIRACULOUSLY with regular exercise and a proper diet.

  74. Tricia Says:

    I have fibromyalgia. I totally understand why people and many Doctors and health care providers don’t believe that it exists and that we are making this up or we are hypocondriacs. It is the perfect diagnosis for a hypocondriac, noway to prove that they don’t have and no way to prove they do. I can tell you that whatever it is, it is real. I do doubt that everyone that has been diagnosed iwth it do that the illness. There are always these people in society that will fake an injury or accident to be compensation, for symphony and laziness does fit too. But, I can assure you that whatever this thing is, I am suffering, I didn’t and don’t want to live like this. I am 32 and have lived with this condition for a very long time. I am not lazy, I am active, I do work (not nearly as much as I would like to) and I am not a depressive person.

    So, “Fibromyalgia: Sign Me Up!”, if you want to live in constant severe pain, being tired all the time, miss out on life, I hope you do get it. Once you did, you would wish you weren’t so ignorant about it in the first place.

  75. Brian, the old man Says:

    I agree with Tricia. All I have to add is BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!

  76. Anonymous Says:

    I really do want to believe that fibromyalgia is a real disease, but from a past experience, I really can’t. I had a friend who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about three years ago. At that time, I thought it was a legit diagnosis because she experienced leg problems years past. However, as years went by I started to doubt its existence. My friend would often skip school on days of major tests because of her “swelling and pain”. She refused to do recreational activities climb stairs and took the elevator instead. Yet, she would be bouncing up and down during our homecoming dances and climbing up the stairs in her own home. Almost every excuse could be blamed on her “fibromyalgia”. It also didn’t help that she became mean and bitter (and did I mention she complained A LOT?)

    So to those of you who are genuinely suffering from pain, I do hope you find a cure, but at this point, I highly doubt that the cause is fibromyalgia.

  77. Tricia Says:

    In response to above – Your friend may have not had fibromyalgia – if she did, it sounds like she used it totally to her advantage to get out of things, which is wrong. Just because there are people like that out there – who lie. Doesn’t mean that it’s not a legit illness.

    We all shouldn’t be judged by a few bad apples.

  78. will Says:

    Hi genius.
    I would advise you to read the following stories :
    Then contact all these sientists and tell them they are idiots who don’t know their job since you have just solved the problem.
    Not very high respecting idiots like you.

  79. Mary Says:

    Pure ignorance. I may have fibromyalgia but it is you that I pity. I would rather walk in my shoes any given day than to catch what you have. What I have is physical. I have something, you lack something. Since your knowledge is so great…I’m sure that you can figure it out.

  80. Carol Says:

    ” # In awe of the ignoramous Says:
    February 26th, 2009 at 10:03 pm

    Ginger, FYI dear, disability is NOT YOUR tax dollars. It’s money people pay out of their paychecks that is for the sole purpose of helping them if they do become disabled. It’s THEIR money. If you’re going to make comments like that, do your research so you don’t come across so ignorant. I have no patience or tolerance for ignorance!”

    A little late, but I call BS. The people I know going after disability are looking for SSD or SSI. Not many jobs have disability insurance these days and if you never worked why would you have any coverage for taht.

    Social Security disability is the Holy Grail for trailer trash malingerers, because with it you get Medicare, Section 8, the whole Cheetos-eating Oprah-watching lifestyle.

  81. one big lie Says:

    I have been a practicing MD for 12 years now, and I can tell you(ALL OF YOU) that this “disease” is a load of garbage. We all experience aches and pains in life, some much more than others, but it doesn’t mean that it should be labelled as a disease. When people come into my office complaining of these symptoms I refer them to a psychologist and 99% of the time, after a few sessions, their “pain” is relieved not to mention their attitudes toward physical labor has changed. This medical lie has become a big problem in America and it needs to be addressed.

  82. brad Says:

    my sister hated her job (hated) and began running around to doctors complaining bout sorts of stuff. a bud who I told this to, his wife is a nurse for over 20 years. he said “don’t worry run around to enough doctors they will diagnose you with fibromyalgia, my wife sees it every day, its to adults now what add used to be to children”. bout a month my sister called me and said a doctor told her she had a “rare” disease. guess which one. I was scared for a second at the word “disease” but noticed she seemed happy as she told me. when she said the magic word “fibromyalgia” all I could think was wow the drug companies are going to love her. now 6 months later she is fat and still constantly complaining bout stuff (even more so), out on early retirement (psyche disability she did not get for physical reasons) and going to doctors and physical therapists basically every day. funny I have noticed at times she walks, lifts stuff normal, but if there is a crowd or a new person around she starts hamming it. its sad, and she has no business being on a drug like this lyrica or whatever its called. my bud was dead on. drug companies are just that. this country is a filled with greedy doctors/companies and prescription junkies. my sister is now (sadly I fear) the latter. I can’t turn on the tv for 15 seconds without hearing “bla bla bla ask your doctor if you might have fibromyalgia. at least the guy on the corner selling little baggies is not posing as anything other then he is.

  83. Louis Says:

    Im working at an inpatient, acute psych unit and my experience so far with Fibromyalgia has been that a lot of people with it are also have methadone addictions and are drug seeking. Now I don’t know what came first. It is a highly addictive drug, and it must be prescribed and used cautiously. A lot of the patients who have it also have horrible, shitty lives too. Again I don’t know what came first, if fibryomyalgia caused a shitty life because of inability to cope due to significant physical pains or a shitty life leads to lack of sleep, poor eating habits, etc. which would cause the common symptoms of the disease. There is often comorbid depression and anxiety, so it’s really hard to tell when something is a real physical problem or psychosomatic. But you have to be careful with that because it could lead to factitious disorder or a diagnosis of malingering. Both of those have huge stigmas attached to it that basically say you’re a liar, a drug seeker, or just a big whiner. I’m more inclined to say that fibryomyalgia is really people who have crappy lives and don’t take care of themselves or they whine because they don’t have the basic coping skills or resources to deal with a normal or expected amount of pain. I would say it’s more psychosomatic. But i am not an MD I will say, just a mental health therapist, working in a psychiatric situation. It is still really sad though, even if fibromyalgia isn’t ‘real’ because something is still wrong, be it a unstable family life, low ses and inability to get basic health and psychological care. Something needs to be addressed, just in different ways maybe.

  84. It's all in their heads Says:

    I know a couple people who have FM and they are whiners and can’t handle pain. They think they ware worse off than everyone else.
    The people that I speak of are my mother in law, her sister, and everyone else that goes to their fibro meetings. Or as I like to call them, pitty groups.
    When I had my son, I was having induced labor because I was at 42 weeks. Well, I hadn’t had any pain medication for the first 6 hours and then I caved, I’m sure anyone who has had a child would understand. The nurse comes in while I was laying there with my eyes closed and ask my MIL a high pain tollerance because I was doing so well without the pain meds. She said “No she has no pain tollerance at all” I wish I would have said something but when I looked up the nurse was rolling her eyes at my MIL as if to say “yeah right”
    Heck, even after I had my c-section because in the induction didn’t work I didn’t even take much of the pain medication as I was precribed.
    Now my MIL belly aches at every little pain and doesn’t get up off the couch for anything when she comes home for work. Mean while anyone else could be bleeding to death and it’s nothing compaired to her pain.
    I’ve noticed that all FM paitents travel in groups, have horrible hard luck stories, and they advertise that they have it to everyone.
    Now I understand that my MIL has some problems, and she probably does hurt some of the time, but come on, she can go to the mall and go shopping for hours. She drags my husband and I around the mall, and by the end we are sitting on a bench and she’s still going. But the next day, she’s not able to walk? It just doesn’t make any sence. None at all.

  85. FM Faker Says:

    I went to a rhuematologist yesterday for the 1st time after a positive ANA that my primary thought to run alongside a Lyme test a couple of months ago. I originally went in because I was having a stiff neck, low grade fever, joint pain, and exhaustion on and off for about a year. Since I hike about 4 days a week and am an avid birdwatcher, my husband was concerned about Lyme. The Lyme titer was negative, but the ANA was not, so it was off to the rhuematologist. He drew 11 vials of blood, took x-rays, and did a complete medical history. Because of my history of recurrent 2nd trimester miscarriages (4 total), plus the delivery of my twins at 25 weeks, and the nature of my current symptoms, he is leaning toward Systemic Lupus, BUT he did mention FM “if none of the specific AI blood test came back abnormal”. I said, “Isn’t that a fake disease?” he said, “No, unfortunately, it’s not.” I still think it is. If I don’t have lupus, I will just deal with the pain when it is there (and it does come and go). Yes, it hurts. Yes, there are days that I don’t want to get out of bed. Yes, it pains me that I sometimes can’t enjoy some of the hobbies that I am passionate about. But you know what pains me even more? When people whine and complain about these things. I still get up and do the things that are my job as the stay-at-home wife and mother of 3 young kids. I still cook, clean, run carpool, exercise to keep myself in healthy and looking good for my husband (and my kids- who wants a fat mom?), act as president of the PTA, chair book fair, etc., etc. My point s that everyone, EVERYONE has pain in their life. Sometimes it’s physical, sometimes, it’s emotional, sometimes it’s both. Most of the time the best “medicine” is sucking it up and pushing through it, as hard as it may be some days. Maybe that is the athlete in me, but I have certainly noticed that most of the people I know with FM can manage to do the things that they really WANT to do and only seem have those debilitating flares when they don’t want to do something. I don’t doubt the pain is real for most. I know it is for me, but it should never be an excuse. Rest for a couple of hours, if you nee to, but then get back on the horse and be productive in whatever way you can. If I have FM, you can bet your behind the the only excuse I will get out of the diagnosis is the excuse to IGNORE the SYMPTOMS and get on with my life!

  86. DJ Says:

    Sorry to disagree with many of you. I am a nurse, work in an ER. It is nonsense. Most of the people who come in with this complaint are woman. Most have other mental health issues as well. Also sorry to enlighten some of you but most of the people who present in the emergency room by a margin of almost three to one are woman with varying complaints, usually abdominal, rarely with any clinical findings to support the pain. These are the same people who lie on the stretcher, text messaging, reading books, etc while telling us there pain is 10/10 when they are clearly in no distress at all. Sorry but woman are extremely histrionic and are much more prone to exaggerate the smallest symptoms into full blown drama. You can all flame me all you want but that doesn’t change the facts.

  87. nf Says:

    I love the anger expressed towards people with Fibromyalgia. I think we should also hop on the MS bandwagon and call them hysterical attention seekers, and Cancer victims people who brought the illness upon themselves because of self hatred and a deep rooted psychological need to die but are too chicken to pull the trigger. We should also discredit AIDS/HIV victims because it would be safe to assume the only mode of transmission is being homosexual and that is just unacceptable and if they would just “think straight” their illness would go away too because obviously their psychological conflict over their sexuality somehow brought this disease to the forefront. Oh, and wait, let’s also attack those on anti-depressants due to a “Chemical Imbalance” because all the rocket scientists here would put their hands on fire that in fact, the exact chemical has yet to be identified, as well as the exact volume needed to bring the imagined chemical into balance has yet to be proven. Hey, illness is all a sham. The only real illness is that you can see like a missing limb. Those are the real disabled. DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW IGNORANT YOU ALL SOUND??? The aforementioned are not my views at all…but it is representative of what every one of you who are making a mockery of this illness are saying. Before MS was understood, thousands were locked away in mental institutions because the disease had no funding for research, science could not explain it so Doctors could not effectively treat the disease. MS is still a medical mystery whose treatment is designed to alleviate symtoms, there is no cure…just like cancer, HIV/Aids and the others, so before you spew feces, educate yourselves.

  88. Gandu Says:

    I call it Fake O Myalgia. Everyone I have ever known that “has” it is a miserable hypochondriac who does NOT fit in at work.

    All of the sudden they pop up with this FAKE disease and need pills to take care of it.. of course THEN they get all the easy jobs and the NORMAL people have to take up the slack.

    If your life is so miserable that you REALLY BELIEVE that you have some kind of illness, get to a psychologist before a happy pill doctor RIGHT AWAY because I have ZERO tolerance for fakers.

  89. Elizabeth Says:

    I have been a nurse for a long time, and from what I observe, fibromyalgia is fake. If a patient has fibromyalgia in their history, I know they will be difficult. This attitude is shared by 99% of healthcare providers. If you have FM on your chart, we dread taking care of you. Trust me. The patients are usually women, but I have had a few men. They seem to have the same sets of issues: GERD, anxiety, depression, IBS. If the patients are really “good” at fibromyalgia they have usually had every non-essential organ removed and a back or neck surgery(or two). These people seem to need a lot of attention, and enjoy laying around complaining and being high! It is funny to me how the non-narcotic medications shoved down on our throats on TV do not work for so many of them. Trust me they know the narcotics and their dosages. They will insist that their pain is a 12/10 when they can barely keep their eyes open and are slurring their words. I think that fibromyalgia is one of the worst things that has ever happened to healthcare or society. It is a huge excuse for bad behavior and shirking responsibility.

  90. Rod Says:

    I was in a auto accident in 1988 and had a whiplash injury. I’ve had neck, jaw, and lowback pain since. I was always given conservative treatment and even went to two chiropractors and many doctors. My back spine went from having scoliosis to not having any curve in the entire spine and neck. I had EMG readings that showed I had bilateral cubital tunnel and had surgery on both arms and exploritory surgery on my wrist in 1994. I still have numbing and tingling in my fingers and my fingers and wrists lock up. I had a deep subfacial lipoma removed from the back of my neck where I have this pain. This was in the muscle and very hard to remove. I have daily headaches that radiate from the back of my head forward since the accident. I lived on ibuprofen. I just recently had an EMG on my legs because of pain in my kneecaps and feet and it showed that I had nerve problems in my back even though my MRI was absent for anything in the lower back. The doctor stated that was probably the same with my cubital tunnel surgeries. I’ve lived with extreme pain for over twenty years. I never went for insurance money since I was in the military and I knew I had medical coverage. The Navy doctor that first saw me never gave me an xray and proceeded to crack my neck because he said it was malalighned. Young and stupid. I let him do it. I’ve been out for twenty years and my pain has never subsided. I also never went for VA money either since I thought I didn’t deserve it. I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and for the first time had to take pain meds. It doesn’t eliminate the pain; but puts me in a different frame of mind so I don’t think about it. I was diagnosed with incontinance and urgency when I was twenty nine years old. This never should of been happenning to me at that young age. I havn’t never been without work. I did have to switch jobs when I could no longer lift a substantial amount of weight. I’ve endured for so long and always excelled in the workforce and still do. I was diagnosed with depression due to pain a few years back and my wife finnaly told me that I really have to find out what is wrong with me. I just learned or thought I knew how to deal with it. My wife pointed out to me how I was really behaving and coping with this pain. I don’t know about faking it in others. I never got any gain out of my ailments. I use to play sports on a regular basis and just this year had to quit because I could no longer run because the pain was too much to handle. My daughter is an awesome fastpitch softball player and can hit the long ball just like her dad could. The sad thing is she always wanted to play ball with me when she turns eighteen. I will give it all I can for her; but I will never be at the level I once was at. I probly will look and feel like an eighty year old. Recently I was talked into submitting paperwork to the VA. I have doctors notes that are six inches thick. The rep said that I would get it with little effort since I’ve been seeing doctors for this within months of getting out til now. You can say all you want about faking or all in your head. It is in my head. The worst headache you could imagine. Others can’t see your pain so they judge. I use to do the same and now have learned the hard way. Only god should judge.
    Sorry so long.

  91. To All the fakers everywhere Says:

    It surely couldn’t have anything to do with Adam and Eve disobeying God in the Garden of Eden…you know, when sin, sickness and death were supposed to have entered the world. Nope, ALL “illnesses” are in your head. Anyone who “claims” they have a cold, the flu, cancer, MS, FMS, Lupus, Arthritis, Bi-polar, Diabetes, heart disease, CHF, COPD, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, or any other “ailment” are ALL FAKERS!! Even if you did have any of the above, you brought it on yourselves. You’ve abused your bodies, through poor diet, lack of exercise, etc. So suck it up and deal with it. You’re just suffering the consequences of your own poor/bad choices in life.

    It’s ALL IN YOUR HEAD PEOPLE! If you think you are sick, guess what, you’ll BE sick!! Just say no. Get to a shrink!!! Oh wait, they might prescribe anti-depressants, or anti-psychotic medications, SHIT.

    Medicine is NOT a “science” it’s ALL experimental. We’re all guinea pigs, lab rats. Drs prescribe some medication that drug companies push, if it works, great, if not, they TRY something else. They keep prescribing their “cocktails” until they find the right combination to bandage all your made up “symptoms” and then pat themselves on the back, write a “research” paper, and voila…you are another notch on their stethescope. You know, the shiny, expensive ones the drug companies give them, right out of medical school. In exchange for the hopes/bribe they’ll push their drugs.

    Guess what people, sometimes, most of the time, life sucks and then you DIE! You might as well try to make the best out of life while you still have it. If you want to walk around with one foot in the grave, and be an oh moana, whine and complain, that’s your problem…nobody cares…nobody wants to hear about it, nobody wants to be inconvenienced by it…with the exception of Drs…that’s how they make their money.

    Oh, and did I mention that I suffer with FMS? But it’s MY problem…I keep it to myself. I’m not a freaking martyr. I DON’T want attention. I don’t want anyone knowing about my pain. I don’t want drugs, I don’t want sympathy, and I certainly don’t want the criticism I’ve read in these comments. Geesh! So everyone, go on with your own life and mind your own damn business.

    The ones I think have “psychosymatic” disorders are the ones who find pleasure from cutting others down because they think they know it all…have all the answers…can know for certain how another person is feeling…because they MUST have walked a mile in their shoes…are annoyed that someone may not be able to live up to THEIR expectations.

    Well what makes your opinions, including these “Drs” and “RNs” who pass their “words” off (as if they were gospel truth), even worthy of being taken seriously? It must be awesome to have all the answers to everyone else’s lives. That would make you, um…Godlike. Because we all know many Drs and nurses have a God complex anyway. I just wasn’t aware that He had relinquished His throne to fallible, thinks they know it all, peeon, sinful, hooman (sic) beings. WOW!

    Merry freaking Christmas people. You don’t get anything for Christmas, because you already have it all, know it all. So enjoy your lumps of coal.

  92. Sarah Says:

    It is total faux-myalgia. I am a well-educated woman who believes this disease is completely false and used by lazy women that don’t want to work or have sex with their husband. Maybe they should do a study on cases of people with fauxmyalgia and munchausen symptom. It is an attention getting “disease” and if you “have” it then maybe you should see a shrink and discuss what’s really bothering you – like your crappy life and job.

  93. Catgirl Says:

    I am female and I am on Will’s side & other male posters with respect to Fibromyalgia. My sister is obese & has depression and is middle aged and hates her job. She’s been on leave from work since Feb of 2006 with “fibromyalgia.” Only because she got a doctor to diagnose her and fill out the necessary paperwork. It seems strange that she can go for coffee all day with my niece and go shopping and run errands. When asked she will still complain of all the pain she is in. I have seen an episode of Intervention where the woman on there had manipulated everyone – her family and doctors alike so much that she would scream out in fake pain just to have people do things for her and get time off work. It was finally put to an end when she was confronted about her fake pain and went to a treatment facility for ADDICTION and also for having a psychotic Delusion Disorder. All this time she was milking the system and getting her brother to clean her house and run her errands while she sat on her fat ass. I am going to report my sister and hopefully something gets done. I am tired of scammers, sister or not.

  94. Stephanie Says:

    Fibromyalgia is a REAL syndrome. My best friend was diagnosed a few years ago. She is in constant pain and hates taking medication. SHe was told by her own family that “it’s all in her head” and to “suck it up and get over it”. She was going through the process of getting SSDI because of this. It got so bad she couldn’t work and got evicted from her home and that was her last straw. She committed suicide because she just couldn’t take it any longer. In the note she left for her family she said that the fact that the SSA and most people in general don’t believe that Fibro exists, that SSA took years to get her a hearing so she could go in front of a judge with her medical records and doctor to prove she was sick she became homeless because of everyone’s lack of giving a shit about anyone but themselves. She filled a prescription of painkillers and took the whole bottle. She wasn’t a drug seeker, she wasn’t lazy! She worked two jobs for years with no problem before she got sick. So for all of you who think that it’s an excuse to be lazy or to leach off the government, think again. Three days after she killed herself SSA finally approved her after 5 years of putting it off. They never had to pay a penny because that is what they do. They wait until you give up and become homeless and invisible or you die. She did both.

  95. Catgirl Says:

    Well the only way a diagnosis came about for fibro was by the exclusion of everything else. So doctors will use fibro as the “disease” when nothing else fits. It’s pretty easy for manipulators to hone their acting skills and study what they need to say in order to get pills or time off work. Most of these women will NOT allow anyone to tell them it’s anything else because their goal is to get the gov’t to pay for them to sit at home and watch tv or go out shopping,etc. So I would imagine they can milk it pretty effectively. Just saying………..

  96. Fibro Afflicted Says:

    I have read much of the comments left on this page and to tell you the truth I don’t care what anyone thinks!!! writes!!! or says!!! about those people including myself, that have had the misfortune of developing fibromyalgia. For whatever reasons they’ve got it and I can tell you it is very painfull!!!! Remember Doctors are human and some humans are LIARS!!!!

    I have worked, paid my taxes, paid my way, done my duty for God and the Queen, brought my family into the world, made sure they turned out decent, never smoked, never drunk, never did substance that harms, ate healthily whilst keeping a face on my pain and covering it all up, because of the social stigma attached to people in pain.

    WHY? BECAUSE THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE I.E. GOVERNMENTS AND THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATIONS, POLITICIANS, PHARMACISTS, DOCTORS, ALL WITH THE SECRET HANDSHAKE would have us believe that we are social outcasts, no users, wasters, lazy loafers, idiots, need I go on!!!!

    The real wasters are those at the top that step on the heads of infirm people to get there: and systematically abuse their power and authority when they have social climbed the ladder pretending to do good for the world. Giving out flu jabs etc., to children, the elderly and infirm. Hmmm!

    Open your minds!!!! See what’s going on!!!!! Foods are doctored, before being put on shelves, Livestock are pumped full of Human Growth Hormone, antibiotics, and a cocktail of drugs that interfere with their development. CROPS ARE GENETICALLY MODIFIED AND SPRAYED WITH PESTICIDES. This is what we EAT!!!!! CHEMICALS!!!!!!!!



    NEXT TIME before opening your mouth and farting, try keeping your gaseous comments for those that give a shit!!!!!

  97. Fibro afflicted Says:

    And Oh…… I forgot to mention……., I don’t take a so called pharmaceutical cocktail of medicine that’s prescribed to me, that’s just like offering to put a plaster on a burst artery. No thanks they can keep their pills!!!!!! It’s much better doing without!!!!!

  98. Rod Says:

    I can’t believe all of the so called doctors and nurses that don’t think this is for real. Yes, some people have financial gain when it comes to injuries. Why is it that this disease isn’t found until after all financial gain from injuries is well over. If you think social security is going to make someone rich, your crazy. I would never think about going on disability, I’d be bankrupt in less than a couple of months. I have 2 children a wife and a large mortgage. The people that have to go on it usually have lost everything before any payment is ever received. I get pissed at our government for this denial after denial. These people put into social security. This is not a free handout. I have pain 24 -7 and I’ve never received a dime for anything. I was hurt in the service and have gone downhill for the past 20 years. So called doctors never could figure out why I went from having scoliosis after my accident to not having any Lordotic curve at all. I have neourology issues, urology issues, asthma, severe allergies, and chronic sinus infections due to loosing all lordotic curve in neck and back, “I never had any issues before accident”, depression due to pain, and chronic pain and daily headaches ever since. I never asked for pain medicine or disability from any doctor, just a diagnosis which I never could get! My present neourologist admitted to me that I fell through the cracks and it never should of went this far. If the doctors cared enough to research all of my symptoms that were well documented. I wouldn’t have fibromyalgia or the list of other issues that I presently have. This forum must have alot of non believers. Only GOD should judge. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  99. Laura Says:

    I am not obese, lazy or depressed. I have not had any organs removed and I am not a hypochondriac… and I don’t have MUNCHAUSEN SYNDROME. I go to work every day and am very successful at what I do. I am highly educated and do not find the need to “seek attention.” I don’t go around discussing my medical issues because it is no one’s business besides mine and my husband’s. Before you jump on that….YES….he pays plenty of attention to me in a very positive way and always has. I don’t need to “make up” some illness to suck the life out of him and my family and friends. I do not take narcotics. I am NOT miserable. I have a very blessed life and I am happier than most people I know. I don’t care if “it” is called Fibromyalgia or Mickey Mouse Syndrome. I know the symptoms I experience on a daily basis are very real. If any of you freelance doctors would like to explain to me what you are basing your “findings” on and what research you have personally conducted, I would love to take a look at all of it

  100. Malinche Deniz Says:

    Dear, dear,
    if it were in my power, I would sign you up. I would sign you up right now, and I tell you, you would regret it very bitterly. I have been having fibro and FMS for eight years and I kept on working all the same, the same volume and rate as other people, having to meet the same expectations, while getting a degree and finding the time to volunteer. I pay for it of course. There is not a day that goes by that I do long for my life and myself before the onset of the illness, when days were clear, long and free of pain. I truly hope your wish is granted and you taste life as we know it.
    @Doc: have done a lot of looking deeper, I looked so deep -you have no idea. Maybe you should to, you know apply your own advice to yourself… Start by curing your ignorance, my friend.
    More seriously, symptoms are very strange, eclectic and generic. Yet, all sufferers complain about the same cluster of things. It was eery to me when I first read about fibro: that they were others, experiencing the same unrelated symptoms as I was. Research is on the way: hopefully, the neat medical and scientific proofs needed for people like you, will soon come; they are already trickling in- do your homework. But most importantly, if they do come, they will bring us much relief in the form of better and more adequate treatments. (and, blogger: if the infectious lead is proven solid, XRMV, for instance, If I will make sure you get a shot).
    All others who suffer from fatigue: exercise (I do), eat well, maintain good sleeping habits, maintain a spiritual -whatever it is- and creative life, and if you can afford it, take a break from work or a holiday: that should alleviate your fatigue. Only and only if it does not, you should consider Fibro. Good night all!

  101. Malinche Deniz Says:

    Oh, and @Sarah: your comment cracked me up! An excuse for women not to have sex with their husband! Woman, you should win a prize for that one! Personally, I still enjoy sex (as you call it )a lot: I do regret that fibro decreased my stamina and ability to do acrobatic things, otherwise I would have it twice a day instead of once!
    @all fibro and CFS sufferers: it touches me to read your comments and outrage. Right now, it’s a low point for me, as I see it is for a lot of you. I know, you know, we know how it is and it’s enough. I have warm thoughts for all of you; don’t give up!

  102. Liz Says:

    As a 27 y/o woman, married and self-employed as a violinist, the continued degeneration of my ability to tolerate my fibromyalgia pain is the worst thing in the world. It goes along with my vulvodynia, which I have had for years and predated fibro. Both of them have been tested to show that they are the result of malfunctioning, pain receiving nerve endings. Biopsied tissue from the areas in pain have shown to be littered with nerves, much more then normal. I injured my tailbone, and a couple of years later my vulvular pain began getting worse and worse. Injury created more nerve endings, which fired normal responses as pain. I have changed so many things in my life to try to reduce the pain- soap, detergent, type of underware, foods, and medications were the last thing to be used. Some days I am good and the pain is very, very low, nearly not there and I can function normally. But on a day when any of the pains flares up, I am incapacitated. I did not know what this was, I was just in constant pain, before my doctors started working on me. And the more research that goes into trying to help people like me and others commenting here, the more actual clinical physical proof comes along to explain it.
    And no, this is not a “lazy day” thing. I want to play my violin, but some days I can’t. I used to horseback ride, and now I can’t. These are not work to me, they are things I love to do. Why would I not be able to do what I love most because of pain if it wasn’t real? And most people who have it work through it because of ingnorant people who won’t understand. I teach, I perform, I do whatever I can but some days it’s just not going to happen. I had to turn down the chance to perform Tchaikovsky’s 4th Symphony because I lost weeks of practice to chronic pain while changing medications. I miss my orchestra friends, I miss the music, I miss everything about it.
    It’s not that my muscles aren’t used to doing the work- they do the work anyway most of the time and the pain is low. If there are people using this problem to gain some sort of advantage or to get out of something, shame on you, because you’re making things worse for those of us actually afflicted. It’s bad enough to feel this way without people questioning the truth of what you say, acting like you’re crazy and it’s all in your head. Anyone faking does us a great disservice, so don’t assume that everyone is.
    And I write this while sitting at the computer with a heating pad on my back.

  103. Catgirl Says:

    That sex comment from Sarah was a bit whacked for sure. Also, I am not saying ALL people that claim to have Fibro are disgruntled,pill popping, attention seeking, lonely, middle-aged, hefty women in need of constant validation BUT there are LOTS who are. I get sick of the ones who are just looking for a vacation and to be paid by the gov’t to watch soap operas & eat bon bons all day, making their fat asses even fatter. Those are the ones that irk me to no end.

  104. Slutface Says:

    My friend has this – funny how it seems to get worse when she has to get up early for work or when shes trying to convince the sucker – oops I mean man – in her life she shouldnt have to work.
    Ive never known her to pull out of Friday night drinks becuase of it though. Oh, and did I mention she gets pethadine on prescription for it?!!!
    You cant even get pethadine when you are pushing out a baby – I must tell her now she can get “Lyrica” instead – that seems somehow much more fitting.

  105. Gandu Says:

    It is 100% fake. It only happens to WOMEN who are not happy with their situation in life.

    I have renamed it FAKEomyalgia . I have to deal with these nutcases at work and I flat out call them fakers to their face.

  106. James Says:

    I ran three miles yesterday and lifted weights and now the muscles in my arms and legs are sore. It must be Fibromyalgia!!!

    Gimmie gimmie gimmie!!!!

  107. Catgirl Says:

    HA HA HA gimmie gimmie gimmie
    that made me laugh, James. :p So true though, hey!

  108. Mel Says:

    You guys are terrible. Sure they may be some fakers, or misdiagnosed people but becasue of taht you claim it doesn’t exist? I suppsoe racism no longer exists either just because some people falsly claim that as well?

    Look i exercise regularly. Out of nowhere, after hitting the gym 3-5 times a week I woke up in extreme pain. It was 4 weeks before I could even walk again. THAT IS NOT MUSCLE PAIN BECASUE I AM LAZY or because i worked out and now am sore. In fact I am more sore now than when I everr went ot eh gym, and I am doing NOTHIGN that would explain that. You can dismiss symptoms of this 1 at a time, stress, life, depression. But when you present over the course of a year multiple symptoms, including rashes, breast cysts and other visiable symptoms it is pretty hard to dismiss me as crazy.

    I was diagnosed with this after only 6 months, and I had several symptoms present themselves over the last 3 years, but alwayss dismissed them. I am NOT a complainer nor a lazy person. I continue to work, so I consider myself lucky I can most days manage the pain through relaxation therapy, yoga, and a strong will to not let it ruin my life.

  109. Your Nightmare Says:

    You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your pubic region. That’s right I said it.

    If you had any clue, felt .01% percent of the pain, fatigue and/or side effects of the so-called miracle drugs they try and pimp on us, your opinion would likely change. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has at least one and they usually stink. You, like your opinion, are very assinine.

  110. doglovertoo Says:

    Slut face, Gandu and James, Do youse guys have a heart?
    Fortunately I married for better or worse and my hubby has stuck by me, without launching accusations at me. For 20 years my doctor prescribed antidepressants for my pain, and year after year I gained weight. I felt trapped in an oversized body. Those treatments did nothing to help me heal my pain, but only made me sicker.
    I started looking for alternative treatements (in addition to accupuncture and yoga) and lost my drug induced weight with amino acid therapy. Now I am taking low dose naltrexone (LDN) and regaining my life and cheap and effective old drug. My out of pocket health care expenses this year, before I started LDN are over $3000, but this year I committed myself to finding something that heals me of the horrible pain and fatigue that FM brings. I hope none of you never have to wake up with pain everywhere, like those that have FM experience every day. Have you ever had the flu with all the aches and pains? That what FM feels like, every moment of every day. Do your self a favor and never get married. You don’t have a clue what compassion is, and it doesn’t come in a pill. If you have FM or CFS search for LDN or better yet, join “Patients Like Me’ and read the threads there. Hope and healing is possible for everyone.

  111. Irritated Says:

    I think that it’s really funny that people who don’t have Fibro., and who don’t believe that it exists would actively go out searching for blogs regarding the illness. I could understand a sufferer of it coming across this blog, but not a person who doesn’t believe in its existance or has no experience with it, for that matter.

    Why are you disbelievers so obsessed with this illness? Are you able to get some kind of a life, or perhaps learn a new hobby? I mean, THAT’S VERY SAD. Again, it would make perfect sense for a person who is debiliated by this illness to come across Fibro. information on the net such as this site (because they are obviously looking for any info. that might improve their health), but you guys are the ones who sound like you have mental health problems, and issues with being able to socialize with others. Please get some help, for everyone’s sake. ALso, if you work in the healthcare sector, maybe you should think about finding new employment? It’s obvious that this isn’t the right work for you. Maybe a small cubicle, where you don’t have to have human contact. Empathy and common sense are obviously not your forte.

    Fibromyalgia is often a diagnosis of exclusion. However, many of the correct tests were never performed in the first place. THere are countless sufferers who have turned out to have a malignancy, thyroid problems, and/or neuromuscular diseases. That to me, sounds like someone missed the mark, and didn’t do their job correctly. Since doctors are the ones who provide diagnosis, this is obviously their error. Does that mean that doctors are morons, lazy, inconsiderate losers? Maybe. But obviously, not all doctors mke these errors, and not all sick people are faking it, and in fact, the vast majority are probably not in either group. This is Occam’s razor, please use it, if you know what that means (which you probably do not, so you can google the ‘dictionary’ next).

    P.S. Please get a life. You are embarassing yourselves by doing what you’re doing.

  112. Sparrow Says:

    I didn’t believe in fibromyalgia. I had a friend who had it in college and I thought “She just seems depressed. She needs to lighten up!”

    Then, my mother was diagnosed with it when I was in my 20’s. She had other things, like arthritis that was cutting into her spinal cord, and she’d had a laminectomy. “Mom, you have aggressive osteoarthritis all through your body. That’s why you hurt!”

    I was 23 years old, and I had really motivated myself to lose weight. I lost 175lbs and was exercising 3-4 times a week. I was eating great — the “DASH diet” for lean protein and high fiber.

    Then, I started struggling! I complained to the doctor that I felt achy and I was tired all the time. I wanted to continue to exercise, to keep off the weight that I’d lost. Just think, what it takes to lose 175lbs without surgery! Who would willingly give that up after having established a new healthy lifestyle? I was really proud of it.

    But, I got no help from doctors and the weight started creeping on.

    It wasn’t until 2007 when I finally got a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

    Take a look at those faces that indicate the level of pain. The smiling person has no pain, the crying person has a lot of pain, right? Well, gosh-darnit… how can you tell someone in pain from someone who is depressed?

    Pain and emotion are inter-related in the areas that they affect in the brain.

    What does a person who is really tired and fatigued look like? Are they smiling? How can you tell someone who is fatigued from someone who is depressed?

    Maybe depression is the “waste-basket diagnosis.”

    I am still working. I go to work and I come home exhausted. I do this five days a week and I recover on weekends. I work every day with roving pains in my body and I perform as best as I can with fatigue while my body fights against me. Sometimes because of my disturbed sleep at night, I can’t think of words or can’t solve a simple puzzle or concentrate. I’m on sleep meds to help and they do improve my life. I have to pace my activities, use rest periods, plan ahead, try to get rid of stressful things in my life that use up my limited energy, I practice good sleep hygiene. I’ve made a lot of adjustments in order to live pretty well despite the illness but I have had losses. I have grief. I don’t have the energy to go bird-watching as I enjoy… I sure can’t play softball like I used to. I used to exercise 3-4 times a week for 30mins to an hour… Now, I do 20 minutes as I can and before Lyrica, I could only do 5 minutes of exercise at a time.

    Try giving things up in your life or imposing limitations on your activities so that you can only do something you truly love once a month (bird-watching, for me) and then only with lots of rest periods and pacing myself. Try getting housework done when you can only work for 15 minutes at a time before having to sit down for an hour. I am still pretty functional compared to others with fibro.

    Truly, wouldn’t you be sad if you had to change your life in ways you didn’t want to, if you faced your limitations day after day, if you saw other people your age doing things you love without a second thought. That’s grief, as a result of a life-changing illness.

    If you refuse to “believe” that fibromyalgia is real, I fail to see any compelling evidence that I should “believe” that you’re a real doctor.

  113. Someone Says:

    I’ve seen too many people I know suffer with fibro to believe it is not very real. I’ve been told by medical doctors that it is nothing more than a disorder for “Overweight, depressed, and lazy women”, a literal quote. My first encounter with fibro was a 28 year girlfriend of mine 14 years ago. She was a beautiful 5’6″ 130lb happily married mother of 3 girls. Her and her husband outright owned their beautiful house up in the mountains. She had little stress, was definitely NOT overweight, nor depressed… nor lazy! They had tons of land and she enjoyed all her gardens out in her yard. Flower beds, veggie gardens etc. She was also very into arts and crafts and kept busy sewing and knitting and creating things that she then donated at fund raisers she helped organize in their small community. So when she was suddenly afflicted with debilitating pain at 27 years old, and was damned near crippled with it by 28… you tell me it wasn’t real. She was not fat, lazy nor depressed and unhappy with her envious life. She was young, beautiful and seemingly healthy otherwise.
    Last year I began to suffer bizarre symptoms and severe pain. It was in the midst of one of the happiest points in my entire life. After years of living in an abusive relationship I’d broken free a few years earlier… met my soulmate, had an awesome job that I’d longed for for years… and then married the man of my dreams. My family and home life were happy, and stable. We moved into a beautiful, huge farm house out in the country. My life had never been better. Nor am I overweight or lazy. I have 2 children, I worked full time, was financially stable and married to the love of my life. Yet, by the end of 2009 I was diagnosed with fibro. Hmmm…. I’m not seeing the “depressed, overweight, lazy” theme here at all. Oh, lets not mention my boss… who runs 3 businesses, one of which is a gym she favors 5x a week, also has fibro. Yup, again, not fat, lazy nor overweight!
    Let me instead tell you it is VERY REAL. But lets see what might be causing this mass onset of such a disease. After being diagnosed with fibro I was also diagnosed with several other things. Such as candida yeast overgrowth and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) Both of these required me to make a sudden and drastic dietary change. This included little to no sugar, low carbs and virtually 100% organic foods. Within weeks almost ALL of my symptoms were gone. Fibro symptoms and others. The longer I’ve stayed on the diet, the better I have felt. Perhaps the root of fibro. is our diet. And our practices of food growth and preservation. Perhaps it is the numerous poisonous chemicals plaguing our food industry. Because once I stopped ingesting them, I’ve become a new person.
    It’s not that fibro is not VERY real. It’s whats causing it that needs to be addresssed.

  114. Catgirl Says:

    5ft 6in and 130 pounds is fat fat fat. The horse probably kicked her so of course she was in pain if there is a bruise. ha ha ha

  115. Mary in Fort Worth Says:

    I am an educated (though not doctor) woman who works for a physician and have done so for several years.

    I do not believe fibromyalgia to be a real disorder, but I can tell from what the patient’s say that the pain is real.

    The problem is that the symptoms are so vague. Going through a list at WebMD or the Mayo Clinic can include symptoms that apply to us all. About half of the people who come in who have been diagnosed with it AREN’T Complainers who are attention and drug seeking. They generally have pain and are searching for answers.

    The OTHER HALF are people who dramatize EVERY SYMPTOM they have. They come in with lists of medications that have failed, umpteen symptoms that are vague, and then demand every test be done to rule out something else. After all the tests come back negative, they simply move on to another physician.

    If you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, please take a look at your life and your mental health. Are you stressed? depressed? Not eating or exercising well? Avoiding issues?

    I cannot tell you how many patients have thanked me that I suggested any of the above because it cured their symptoms.

    Please do not over dramatize your symptoms. If you go to the doctor and tell them that you are in the worst pain that anyone has ever felt, but you walk in then they are not going to listen to you. Physicians only have 10 to 20 minutes to listen, assess, and treat you. If you tell them that you are in excruciating pain, but are able to sit and laugh with your friends, it doesn’t bode well that you are telling the truth.

    So though I don’t believe in fibromyalgia, I suggest that those who have it seek treatment and take care of themselves. The pain that they are suffering through is real and deserves treatment. My best advise is to do the following:
    Come prepared with a shortened list of symptoms and approximately how often they occur, constantly (>80% of the time), frequently (50 to 75%), occasionally (25 to 50%), infrequently (1-25%).
    When making this list state “I have had frequent nausea for the past two weeks”. Don’t give day by day plays, physicians don’t have the time or the patience to listen to such detail. They are more apt to listen if you speak generally of your symptoms. If they are interested, they will ask for more information.
    Please follow what the physician says to do. If he suggests exercising or physical therapy, don’t argue and state that you are in too much pain to move. Simply start slow and do whatever exercise you can. Trust me, this will help to make you feel better and show the doctor that you are willing to listen (as so many fibromyalgia patients are not).
    Try not to sit around and invent medical problems. Sometimes the internet is a bad place. I have patient’s who have occasional mild headaches who are convinced that they have a brain tumor or arteriovenous malformation. The test is always obtained, which is normal.
    If the physician performs testing, MRI, CT, EEG, VNG/NCV, Ultrasound, etc, and the results are negative take the results for what they are worth. If your symptoms continue ask for lab work, but don’t demand expensive testing (lumbar puncture, etc) and then complain when it as well is negative.

    For all of you that are diagnosed with this, please just try your best to not over dramatize your symptoms and to present “Just the Facts, Ma’am” so that your symptoms can be treated and hopefully resolved.

  116. Sparrow Says:

    I wanted to respond to you directly.

    I know my story that I posted above is long, but I wanted to just point one part of it out:

    I got sick with fibro when I was the healthiest that I’d ever been in my life. I’d lost 175lbs through a doctor-recommended diet and regular exercise. When I sought the doctor’s help it was because I suddenly began struggling with exercise, despite my desire to maintain this healthy lifestyle.

    I just don’t think the answer is very simple. I really, truly wish that there were an easy cure. There are things we can do to reduce fibromyalgia symptoms, but I doubt anyone is “cured.” Current research suggests the central nervous system is involved. I guess it’s like a malfunction. It’s not well-understood yet but in time, more will be known about it. In the meantime, folks really ought to sit tight or be contributors to the body of knowledge instead of speculating on if it’s real or not.

    To my understanding, there was a time when Diabetes was thought to be a psychological illness. Now that the mechanisms of the illness are understood, nobody would question it. It’s going to take time.

  117. C Says:

    I have FibroMyalgia. I do not take pain medication, nor do I take mind altering medications. I do not drink and have never been drunk in my life. I do not use drugs and have never been high in my life. I do not suffer from mental illnesses.

    I miss being able to do the things I used to do like hike, camp, hunt, go spelunking, and work. My symptoms did not get worse after the diagnosis, they got better as I learned how to deal with the pain. Only recently has my symptoms gotten so bad as to debilitate me and this is 20 years after my diagnosis.
    Currently my biggest problems are the loss of feeling and use of my limbs, severe weakness, severe fatigue, and back pain. It is hard not to think about these when you try to stand and can’t. So I don’t understand how one is suppose to go about not thinking about such serious problems going on with one’s body.

    What is FibroMyalgia? It is an all over body pain in the lining of the muscles, each and every muscle and overactive/oversensitive nerve signals.
    Is it all in our heads? Possibly, because their may be a link to the hypothalymus.
    If you don’t know what I mean then you need to research more on FibroMyalgia. Those of us who have it are looking for a cure, because we are tired of this “syndrome” and our lives being limited.

    I wish it were fake, but it’s not. I live with the pain and symptoms every day. For those of you who wish to ridicule FibroMyalgia patients: Please educate yourselves a little more about FibroMyalgia. And I hope you never ever find out that it is real by living it.


  118. Lauren Says:

    YES!!! Finally someone feels the same way I do. Most people I have ever encountered that say they have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia are the biggest whiners and attention seekers I’ve ever met. From the very first time I heard of fibromyalgia I thought it was a fake illness. There is so much lie and deceit in this country about everything… I wander how many other things they tell us are lies. Like for instance obesity and alcoholism are not diseases, it’s a bunch of lazy individuals with no self discipline.

  119. SunneDaye Says:

    The symptoms of FMS are very real! What causes the symptoms is anyone’s guess; however, doctors diagnose these symptoms as FMS. Personally, I do not care what name they give it, it exists. I am concerned with what causes these symptoms and an effective way to handle the pain.

    One of the reasons people do not believe FM is real is because some doctors are guilty of diagnosing a patient with FMS simply because they have no real idea what is wrong with them. Because of this, many people were later determined to have some other disease/disorder. Obviously, these were not good doctors. As for the people who say in this thread that they are doctors and doctors in training, how about some credentials.

    I have worked in the medical field for over 20 years and I know some people will claim any illness/syndrome that they hear of. But that doesn’t negate the fact that real people experience chronic pain.

    As for disability, the person receiving the disability payments made contributions to the fund as required by the government. The purpose of the program is to provide for you if you should become disabled; it is money the employee contributed. Also, filing a claim for disability is not easy; lazy people probably would not even finish the paperwork.

    I also do not understand why there are so many people are on sites like this who don’t believe FMS is real. This site is definitely not a support forum for FM. If you don’t believe, then don’t come to sites like this one and attempt to harass people who suffer from FMS.

    Most people who suffer from FMS are not whiners or complainers. We are also not liars, lazy or hypochondriacs. Many of us are educated and had productive lives before FMS.

    Lastly, because we cannot “see” the symptoms of FM and because there is an assortment of symptoms, some people do not believe. We all breathe; we cannot see air, but we know it’s real – and so is FMS

  120. SAMMY Says:

    Can some one HELP My brother is seeing a new girlfriend and she told me she has fibro, chronic fatigue, irraitable bowel syndrome, but when I first met her she got really drunk and was mucking around with him she look physically quite capable I have also seen her washing her car, gardening, walking for about 3 miles. So my question is, is a fibro sufferer capable of these things.

  121. Avatar Says:

    I deal with Fibromyalgia fairly frequently in my legal practice, as a defence lawyer. Of all the forms of chronic pain I encounter, fibromyalgia seems the least credible to me. A chronic pain disorder that targets almost exclusively a single sex in a specific age group, that has no apparent somatic cause but seems to be merely a grouping of several ill-defined symptoms. It’s all very fishy.

    These firbromyalgia sufferers are always so similar too. You see the same type of personality over and over, almost without fail. Middle aged. Lousy job or no job. Bored, depressed, etc… The profile is so uniform, it’s just eerie. The second that magic word appears on a medical record, you know who you are dealing with and you can predict with almost pinpoint accuracy what they are going to tell you. But when you catch them on the surveillance video walking, shopping, and otherwise living their lives just like a normal person without this “disease”, you’re never surprised. The second fibromyalgia appears in a file, my hand goes to my phone to call my PI to do a background check and conduct surveillance. I am never disappointed with the results.

    To those of you who have real intense pain, perhaps you have something legitimately wrong with you that is not fibromyalgia? Bona fide neurological disorders like RSD and other neurological injuries can produce intense pain in sufferers that is very difficult to pin down and often gets missed or diagnosed by doctors, or dismissed as being merely in the sufferer’s head. I think we have to distinguish between such real conditions like RSD and fibromyalgia, which is your doctor’s way of saying “no clue”.

  122. Jess Says:

    I think the reason this hits home with so many people is because if you have experienced a mentally ill person who is constantly seeking attention get diagnosed with fibromyalgia it is obnoxious and only hurts them. My mother who suffers from depression and various personality disorders got diagnosed with this. You know the person is mentally ill and doesn’t suffer from this if they seem HAPPY to get this diagnosis and also if it is extremely inconsistent and convenient when they have bouts of pain.

    Now, the other side of the spectrum is normal, mentally healthy people who are suffering real pain. They don’t want all the drugs, the change their diet and do yoga and continue working and being productive members of society.

    Both groups of people and everyone in the middle is suffering pain. Why and if it is fibromyalgia every time, is a different story.

    For the angry people, I feel you. It has been the “f” word for me and my experience. However, I know that there are sane people with this as well. It has unfortunately been a catch all for people with mental illness too, which gives it a terrible stigma.

    Either way, I hope everyone finds the help they need with as little drugs as possible.

  123. Raine Says:

    Don’t be so mean. I think pain is not needeed. If someone is in pain ,then give them as much oxycotin or morphine as they want mabee even a Valium. Be nice!!kindness is good

  124. Cat Says:

    All the bitter, contemptous people who post on this site to voice their condescension for people who are suffering from this illness are really not wanted here. I don’t have to “prove” anything to you or need your “belief”. Most of you remind me of times in history when a primarily male run industry or institution ( can anyone say AMA) has denigrated something that affects mainly women. I have both FMS and Lupus (guess that is in my head too). I study, do triathlons, work full-time as a Dr. (bet the haters love that) and am a mom and wife, but there are plenty of weekends I have to spend in bed recovering. I was also a personal trainer and know the difference between fatigued muscles and training pain versus the pain and fatigue I experience most days. Yes, I guess I would much rather stay in bed on the weekends, than go out with friends, travel or run my business (no sarcasm here of course), I find the the denigrators to be offensive and ignorant.

    I will also be sure to tell my female friends (most of whom are in the prime years of their life) that their MS, Celiacs disease and Parkinsons are all in their head. Yes, the loss of balance for MS, the inability to metabilize nutrients for Celiacs, or the shaking with Parkinsons must be made up and an attempt to get disability or sympathy. Oh, forgot, most of these were considered female complaints, not “real” diseases, until many years of medical research determined the opposite.

    And an additional note to all the medical professionals who posted such scepticism and lack of compassion for the people on this site who are suffering. I entered medicine to help people and offer hope, whether their illness was mental, physical or emotional; those of you who seem to be lacking in this area should probably be looking for another profession. Heaven help the person who is under your care or is served by you. I pray it is never me.

    Hope and health to everyone else who suffers from this illness.

  125. Catgirl Says:

    No one said anything about REAL illnesses not being genuine such as: MS, Parkinsons, Lupus or Celiac Disease. Stick to the topic and stop being so self righteous about your life. No one is interested in your “lacking” sense of humour and your ever so brilliant mock-sarcasm placed in parenthesis either.

    We all know whiney, self righteous, hefty, middle-aged, sick of their jobs women are the primary abusers of Fibrofaker Syndrome. That is nothing new. They will keep filing false complaints because they feel justified in doing so. The Health Insurance Companies keep giving them their time off, because these women whining so that the doctors sign their forms just to shut them up, so they can get paid to watch soap operas all day.

  126. Cat Says:

    @ Catgirl

    I guess it is sad I need to point out the obvious but…

    I said the diseases I mentioned were at one time considered “female” problems or psychosomatic. I was not changing the subject. I was showing how much medical perception changes when research shows causation.

    Second point was that most of the women I know with this illness are not as you describe and it is your erroneous representations that are not needed. Most people I know with this illness are not fat, not lazy and have full time jobs and families. And would love to shut people like you up with some biological evidence.

    I don’t know what your beef is with these people, as apparently you have nothing better to do with your time than harass and denigrate people who are not bothering you. But that is your problem, not theirs. So get a life! And my sense of humor is fine thank you…have plenty, just not for people like you.

  127. chris Says:

    It’s not surprising to me that a fibromyalgia diagnosis has an 80% correlation to a BPD diagnosis. I know someone diagnosed with fibro and she fits the BPD criteria to a T. A nebulous disease with no clear cause or solution is a BPDs wet dream. If they’re raging they blame it on the pain. If they’re lazy and barking orders they blame it on the pain. If they’re upset they blame it on the pain. Nothing eases the pain, even opiates, so they can revel in their victimhood whenever things don’t go their way. When they do manage to do something simple they feel an inflated sense of accomplishment like they have just moved mountains and will be sure to tell everyone all about it despite the fact that it’s a menial task to everyone else. People diagnosed with fibro don’t deal with it quietly. They’ll make sure everyone knows about their “illness”.

    To top it all off BPDs rarely EVER admit that something is wrong with them psychologically so any mention of of fibro being related to BPD is met with derision and defensiveness. They will generally exclaim something along the lines of “You have no idea how bad the pain is” or “You would kill yourself if you had to deal with the pain I do on a daily basis”. It’s just another way to “prove” how much stronger they are than everyone else because they take on so much when in reality they blame everything on outside forces and never take responsibility for their actions. Fibro is just another excuse in a long line of excuses they use to explain away their failures in life.

  128. wormwood Says:

    I’m the doc who posted about 2/3 the way up the page, about 2 years ago.

    I think it is pretty telling that all the doctors and nurses who took a moment to post believe the disease to be a tip off to a difficult patient who will not get better.

    I don’t make any money from it. I have no dog in this fight. All I know is if I see it on the chart, I know I’m about to meet a depressed woman with vague complaints that just don’t respond to any therapy.

    In my experience the only docs who claim to believe in it are rheumatologists who make their money from this.

    A win-win. Whiny patient gets to complain, complain, complain and under employed doc gets to charge, charge, charge.

    Everyone wins. Except the tax payer as almost all of these folks end up on disability, Medicare or Medicaid, SSI etc.

    As I stated above, aside from some fakers, fibromyalgia=depression with somatization. Maybe with a sleep disturbance component.

    One last point.

    People with objective disease almost always refer to it as separate from them selves “I wish I didn’t have this damn arthritis”.

    People with fibromyalgia adopt it and nurture it making it “their fibro” They say “I’m so tired and hurt so bad from my fibro” Heavy on the “MY”. And they give it a little pet name :”fibro”, not fibromyalgia.

  129. Brandy Says:

    After reading through this entire thread, the one thing I find the most laughable is the idiot who keeps posting under different screen names, pretending to be a doctor here, an ER nurse there, et cetera. Same grammatical syntax, similar use of “scare quotes” and sentence structure, eerily similar sentiments, and most of all, the same level of callous, unprofessional, would-get-you-fired-if-your-boss-found-out behavior in THAT many different health practitioners who all just HAPPEN to have found this one random internet site?! Riiiiight. Dude (and I’d bet my Grandma’s farm that it IS a man) you aren’t fooling anyone. Give it up.

    I guess because people call mononucleosis “mono” for short, it’s fake too! BRILLIANT logic there. No way in Hades that I believe you passed medical school–not unless the University of Phoenix Online has started selling–I mean AWARDING–medical degrees. At best–at BEST–you’re some low-level scumbag CNA/gurney pusher who hates his patients and his job. At worst, you’re a sexist Google MD who probably posts on Free Republic and lives in Mommy’s basement, and who probably hasn’t had a date in years that didn’t involve Hustler and a bottle of Jergens.

    Frankly, the people who actually suffer from this disease really don’t give a flying rat’s rear end if some internet troll thinks it’s “fake”. It wasn’t that long ago that people of YOUR ilk thought that depression was “fake” too–and lo and behold, medical science evolved and suddenly there was concrete proof of its existence. So now you’re off to pick on yet another group of innocent, suffering people–and why? All I can figure is that your lives must be the shittiest of the shitty. I can’t imagine any other reason why a rational adult would spend time bashing sick people on the internet.

  130. J Says:

    Well, suffice it to say that I did not have the patience to read the entire feed (though I did read some), so if I repeat what has already bee said please disregard it.

    I cannot speak for the entire Fibromyalgia community, I can only speak for myself. I have Fibromyalgia. You can call it “depression” but I am not depressed, nor do any of my Doctors feel the need to treat me for depression. I’m actually pretty upbeat by nature.

    Try to tell me that I suffer from “extreme selfishness”….which actually made me laugh out loud. My life is built around doing for others. I am a stay at home mother and house wife, my children and family always come before me. I don’t want special treatment.

    You can tell me that it’s caused by the mind, that my “unhappy” life causes it. But what if my life is HAPPY?? And it is!! Would you look at that….someone who hurts even though they are happy!

    I am not disabled. I hurt. Everyday. All the time. But I learn to live with it. I deal. I don’t have a choice, it’s either that or let life pass me by.

    I do not plan to go on disability ever, I did not stay home with my children to get out of work. I don’t need/want a walker/scooter/crutches.

    I do not have IBS, Anxiety, MS, etc.

    Here’s the deal: I did not WANT to be told in my twenties that the pain I’ve experienced my entire life (oh yes, they had me going from Dr. to Dr. from the time I was about 4) will never go away.

    I do not NEED anyone’s belief, approval, acceptance of FM’s existence. Fine, it’s fake, whatever. Go ahead and tell other people that

  131. J Says:

    …WHOOPS!! My kid hit the mouse!

    Where was I? Oh yes….

    Go ahead and tell other people that what they feel isn’t real. Laugh at them. Make jokes out of them. Guess what?

    It will not change the fact that there are people with these symptoms. It won’t make it go away.

    I have Fibromyalgia. Or I don’t. No matter what you say my pain is here….and I live, and live WELL, in spite of it.

    Oh, and Fibromyalgia is a SYNDROME not a disease. Look it up.

  132. J Says:

    P.P.S. My comments are not for the writer of this blog, as I know that you were actually diagnosed with Fibro eventually.

  133. Iriane Todd Says:

    I’m speaking to anyone who thinks it’s not real. I served in this country as a soldier. I did a 10 mile march with a 60 pound rucksack. I didn’t lag or fall behind. I have been shot at and had bomb launched in my direction. A faker I am NOT. I know pain and what I feel is very real. Sometimes it hard to just get out of the bed but I do. I’m a full time student when I can be but I will not give up. It was 2 years of Dr.s give me narcotics I didn’t and wouldn’t take. I ran a mile 4 to 5 days a week. I give until I have nothing left to give. When I don’t have flare up my unit can count on me being the hardest working soldier around. If people look at my post and still thing it a fake they can so kiss my big black a$$. I am forced to give up a job that I’ve wanted to do my whole life. The Army said you are a good soldier but you aren’t fit for duty. Who would fake only to have the 10 years of serviced thrown out like garbage. WHO DOES THAT???? A FAKER I AM NOT!!!

  134. Iriane Todd Says:

    I made my last Post in a fit of anger. I didn’t proof read unit after I submitted it. If my boyfriend happens to find this post forgive for the awful writing and grammar. I love you Jeff.

  135. Another skeptic Says:

    I was diagnosed way back in the early 90’s with Fibro, while also being treated for rheumatoid arthritis (aka crippling arthritis). To be honest I think anyone that suffers from Fibro uses it as a crutch (I tend to agree that once a person finds out what it is they have wrong with them, they tend to milk the cow for all it’s worth). I am in a wheel-chair, I live in severe pain every-day to the point I don’t want to go to work. But I fight whatever pain I am experiencing, I don’t go boo-hoo’ing to anyone that will listen. Instead of laying in bed because the pain is sooo severe, get up and move around, that is what the Doctors that treat Fibro tell their patients the more physical activity a person has in their life, the less the pain will be. If you want acknowledgement of your Fibro, then get involved with the support groups. The more you make people listen the less they hear you. But to cry, whine, and moan about Fibro only gets people to NOT believe it is a REAL disease that is still in it’s infancy stages, just like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome use to be known as…

  136. Jax Says:

    It is sad that so many people are filled with so much anger and hate. Of course FM sufferers are going to lash out towards you ignorant people but that is because we are passionate and defensive over something we have to live and suffer with. What is the excuse for the haters who don’t know what they are talking about? Obviously you have something major going on in your life that leads you to spew hate to people you don’t even know. Maybe you will have to experience a horrible condition yourselves to learn some compassion. Hopefully you won’t have burned all your bridges by that time and someone will be sympathetic to you.

    I find it ironic that those of you calling us lazy, fat whiners are in turn saying you wish you had an excuse to be lazy, fat whiners. If you are actually jealous of people who have lost so much and had their lives turned upside down, what does that say about you? I, for one, can say that I have never sat here and thought, “wow, I am so lucky to have this “excuse” to not be able to do the things I love and function like a normal person”. YOU people are the ones with the mental problems.

    As for those in the medical field, it is a sad shame to see you admit that you judge people off a piece of paper before you ever meet them. I have definitely felt that way in my own experiences with medical “professionals” but I have tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and to convince myself that they don’t have a biased opinion. But YOU are proof that this is usually the case. However, I still have faith that there are good doctors out there who truly want to help others because unlike you, I don’t judge a whole group of individuals just based on the bad ones.

    Of course there are liars and fakes, just like there are in any aspect of life. Would you like to be judged based on something the guy next to you did? It’s a lot like racism, do you judge a whole race based on something that was done to you by one person of that race? If this is how you base every situation in your life, I feel sorry for you! You must hate everyone for something or other!

    I am not going to tell my experience with Fibromyalgia because it is my personal business and I have learned long ago that no matter how right you are, you cannot change a stubborn, ignorant mind. I will say that I am young, petite, happy, selfless, hopeful and driven. Not everyone fits in the mold you are trying so desperately to push.

  137. Jack Royal Says:

    Actually, there is a way to diagnose Fibro. They’re called “trigger points.” On a normal person, these pointed, when a little pressured is applied, won’t cause any pain. In a Fibro suffer, this will cause massive pain.

    Just trying to interject some facts here.

  138. Jack Royal Says:

    Correction: “these points”

  139. Chadwick Salvati Says:

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  141. Rachel Says:

    I am not educated enough on the subject to say “yes or no”. However, I will say this: If I wanted to feel nauseas right now, all I would have to do is think that I felt that way, and, eventually, I would be. When I have a headache, if I think about how bad my head hurts, it hurts more. That’s not to say that I never have a genuinely bad headache regardless. If I were tired, and thought about how exhausted I was all day, I would be absolutely comatose by the time I went home.
    Let’s just be honest. Women seem to have problems with aches, pains, fatigue, depression, and anything else that cannot be directly proven quite a lot. I am a woman with migraines. Apparently so is every other woman I have met. Unlikely, at best.
    For instance, my mother-in-law has been “diagnosed” with and treated for thus far: Migraines, depression, anxiety, bipolar, insomnia, and after googling it (which after doing you will always “have” whatever it was that you googled) fibromyalgia. Shes going after that currently. And I am quite sure that she doesn’t realize she is faking; these ailments are all very real to her. Perhaps it is women like this who have given a bad name to a very real disease?

  142. Stephanie Says:

    It’s real… I have it. I try to remain positive. Exercise really helps, as does trying to keep stress down. I do not doubt this is caused by my having a “different brain” than others, but as far as imagination goes, I know it’s not that. A positive attitude helps, but it is by no means a “cure.” Actually, being able to get up and move around helps a lot, even as hard as it is to get started. I don’t really like having a desk job where I have to sit around and get stiff every day.

    Believe me, if I could just wish my way out of this and just feel good for one whole day, I would.l

  143. Chelsea Says:

    I would like to start my response by saying I can understand how people can have the opinion where they do not believe that fibromyalgia is real as I used to be one of those people. Although I was not as callous and rude about my opinions, it seemed to me as a crutch that overweight people used to get off work.

    With that being said, approximately 3 years ago, I began noticing muscle and joint pain along with fatigue that became more and more severe over time. I continually tried different things trying to “fix” my pain: a lot of exercise vs no exercise, changing my diet (including taking out all dairy products from my diet), going to a counselor, thinking it was all in my head, etc. I then went to my doctor who suggested and diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. My pain has been severe and debilitating within the last 3 years, but I’ve worked full-time and maintained a pretty high standard of living. Fast forward to this year and I am feeling HORRIBLE – my muscles and joints flare up to the point that laying on the couch without blankets was unbearable, my fatigue would be so bad that I would fall asleep at work while TYPING, and I virtually did nothing but sleep outside of work. I had never felt such bad digestive problems as well, which caused me to go to the ER once. I also had pleurisy and was hospitalized for a night. I then began trying Lyrica and it virtually changed my life. My pain subsided and I was more alert than I had ever been. I’d like to mention that I am not depressed; I have a great life with my fiance and puppy; and I am 21 year olds weighing 110 lbs 5’2. I am not fat or lonely or insane.

    My point is that fibromyalgia is a real syndrome and is not just a figment of someone’s imagination. I’m sure if we went back to 1940, you’d also be the doctor banning women to mental institutions when they wanted to write a book or take a night off from cooking. I will continue to be an advocate for fibromyalgia sufferers everywhere, including myself, because I have been on both sides of the issue. We are not fat; we are not lazy; we are not old; we are not depressed or lonely; and we are real. Before you make judgement take a look at that our side of the fence and the details and studies that support the validity of fibromyalgia. I’d welcome you to check out for the latest issues surrounding the syndrome.

    Check your facts next time before you judge those of us suffering from this horrible illness. We don’t just assume you are a chauvinistic, egotistical, selfish, unintelligent man at first — even though are.

  144. Sister Wolf Says:

    Okay. “Scans reveal brain abnormalities in patients with fibromyalgia.”

  145. UCSF believes Says:

    As researcher at UCSF in pain conditions, I need to jump in here. First, addressing the few medical doctors who posted: the anonymous setting has made you too comfortable with addressing people who potentially do have life altering pain. I say this not to hinder you from your opinion which very well may be that fibromyalgia itself is not a descriptive diagnosis, but because the oath you made is to first do no harm. Reading through the post left by doctors, I felt a sting, an overtone of resentment that really is not needed. Now addressing those of you are those who feel their lives have been changed in every facet. The pain you feel is real. Perhaps some of the negative arguments from above got a bit convoluted, but the diagnosis of fibromyalgia is nondescript and unfortunately does serve as a catch-all at times. What I mean by this is that there is not yet a homogenous set of diagnostic criteria to diagnose obscure diseases like chronic pain syndromes. But do have hope because the body is governed by the laws of physics and therefore an explanation will present itself. I liken the frontier of disease discovery to long term memory in that we do not know how long term memory is formed chemically but we do know long term memory exists. The argument that “since we don’t know how it works, we are suspicious it exists” has been a part of medicine as long as shortsightedness has been around. To those who have heard your pain is all in your head, just remember that this is absolutely correct. Your head is where your brain is so where else would signal processing take place! I would like to take the opportunity to direct you all to a very strong resource and that would be Stanford pain management website or more importantly, to a YouTube video presented by Stanford medical center. Simply type in fibromyalgia Stanford video and you should be able to find it. The video is an overview of current research being done by the Stanford pain management center.
    In regards to diagnosis of fibromyalgia: let me start by saying that there is a plethora of other medical disorders and diseases that are difficult to diagnose and often times, the final diagnosis is made based upon the individual performing the diagnosis (i.e. The diagnosis may be different when performed by another person). This includes cancers. I dare say that no one would laugh in the face of an individual diagnosed with cancer – even the nebulous cancers that don’t have a well explained mechanism. Pain itself is just now coming to be understood by the research community and is in fact a pathology all of it’s own. Quite a bit of evidence is in the process of being analyzed, but to really understand the fill effects of what our dat means will take time. For instance, the MRIs that show brain shrinkage does not have much meaning, yet. There is a correlation and it has significance but no conclusions can yet be drawn. This is where we are at. We have a taste, a glimpse that something is going on but we don’t have context. There is definitely evidence to refute that all potential fibromyalgia cases are psychosomatic. As fibromyalgia patients, you shouldn’t be satisfied with merely having a label but unfortunately it seems that is all that medicine has done this far. It is all we have so I understand why so many inflicted with pain protect this word and also why so many are negative towards it. But what needs to stop is this aggression towards the individuals who have this label. It is the current limitations of medicine that inhibit proper diagnosis and effective treatment.
    All I can say is I’m working on it! It is not a condition that has the limited attention of a few doctors here and there, but is indeed a condition that is getting the attention of fine institutes like UCSF and Stanford. I do encourage you to take part in research trials if your strength and time permits.
    I know hope is sometimes a luxury, but please try to have some. I know all too well how easy it is to lose it.

  146. nedm Says:

    fibromyalgia unfortunately is fake. Show me some empirical evidence created in Europe or Asia or South America. One of my best friends works for a major drug maker and they largely make drugs for things that don’t always exist. It also keeps a market going. Heck look at Lunestia. It knocks people out, gives them odd feelings and they can’t remember. I go to law enforcement seminars and this is now a date rape pill.

    I know someone with fibromyalgia that claims she can’t work…yet she can type and stays on face book ALL DAY LONG! Then there’s another with it…and she doesn’t work either..yet drives all over the state, lives in public housing and enjoys taking trips to europe! It’s an easy way for people to stop working for the medical community to get more cash pure and simple

  147. wowem Says:

    Well, I’ve ready some pretty nasty comments from some of you, and I would consider you to be sociopathic, and most of you are in the medical profession, which is really sad. For you nurses and doctors (if that’s what you really are) really feel the way you do, get out of the medical profession. You’re not meant to be a healer. You don’t have the ethics or personality for the job. Or maybe, you are the lazy ones that don’t want to find real answers for your patients illness.

    I became ill with what it now called Fibromyalgia, when I was 26 years old. I am now 47. I suffered and drug myself to work and never asked a doctor for anything, because I felt they would think I was nuts because of all the problems I was having. I couldn’t believe I was in so much pain, and that I had developed interstitial cystitis and later irritable bowel. I have always worked and yes, I’m obese now, but I wasn’t then. This illness has caused me to gain weight. I still work, have a satisfying job, but the one thing that would be great, would be to be completely pain and illness free for the rest of my life.

    I’m sure there are those who use Fibro as a way to get over. I don’t take any drugs for the pain. I’ve spent thousands of dollars of my own money, to try and find other reasons for the way I feel. I don’t feel depressed except for my health. I’m better than I was years ago.

    The burning pain isn’t as severe, but let me tell you nay sayers something; If you had the severe burning pain that most truly is Fibro related, you’d understand what pain is. As the lawyer who contracted it said, It’s “hell”. It feels like you are on fire on the inside, under the skin, CONSTANTLY, with no relief. Truly hellish.

    Thank God for drugs that help to stop this type of pain. Lyrica and gabapentin are great medicines. I only take lyrica if I get really bad burning pain. I do think Fibro is caused by different things for different people. As for me, I think it was my thyroid (which is being treated) as well as chronic iron deficiency and other things. BUT I would never say that others aren’t in pain, just because I couldn’t “see” the cause. How stupid is that?

    So if what causes me some sleepless nights, fatigue, migraine headaches, stomach pain, nausea, irritable bladder and bowel, painful menstruation, burning pain in limbs, painful tissues all over the body and dizziness is called Fibromyalgia, then I’m glad someone is trying to find answers to why this is happening to so many people. I’m thankful, finally, someone is really listening to us. Piss on the unbelievers.

  148. magnsupp Says:

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  149. Vickey Says:

    Fibro is fake, I am 49-years old now. White female from a middle class family. Around the age of 35 I bloated up to 300-lbs. I lost my job. The father of my 2-kids left me. The kids were causing me so much stress. I just got fatter and fatter. I would lay in bed for 15-days. Collectiong food-stamps and gov. housing. Bumming off family and gov.
    I had Fibromyalgia, chronic pain synd, back pain, neck pain, depression, panic attacks, CHF, COPD, and became type II diabetic. My doc had me on over 19- pills a day. Smoked 3-packs a day.

    I got to know a well endowed black guy who moved in next to me. I discovered what sex was for the first time. He gave me my life back.
    I am down to 130-lbs now, working full time, I threw all the pills away, stopped smoking. Eating only healthy foods.
    I am not saying the fibro pain is fake, but that it is more of a lifestyle/depression state of mind. You have to get active, get a job, throw out all the pills, discover “sex” for the first time. I feel like I am 18 again.
    I would be dead now if kept going down that “Fibromyalgia” road. The doctors would have killed me with more and more drugs.
    You can have life again, JUST DO IT NOW.

  150. marie Says:

    I’m not sure about all this. I think that FMS “Fibromyalgia” might be real.

    My sister thinks that she has the Fibro. disease. She thinks that it is caused from a prion, a virus like DNA particle.

    She worked with a girl who had full blown Fibro at a local repo lot office. They would touch the same stuff all the time. Think about it, some cancers are now proven to be caused by a virus that can spread.

    The other girl with the fibro died of skin cancer at the age of 44.

    My sister does not know what to do. Does Fibromyalgia eventually turn in full blown skin/muscle/ or bone cancer?

    Hopefully for my sister, once this “Fibromyalgia” debate is sorted out, it will be a fake/ newest fad disease, that way she has noting to worry about.

  151. Hu Says:

    If you are overweight and in poor shape, and you experience widespread body pain like “Vickey” – that is NOT fibromyalgia. So, Vickey, you were likely misdiagnosed and you are clueless about the true etiology and nature of the disease. Rather than hear the nonsense of a person who doesn’t know what she is talking about, consult the science and innovative research done at Stanford University by Dr. Sean Mackey. A wonderful presentation explaining the nature of pain and the exact nature of fibromyalgia can be described here:

    Furthermore, I have had a high-functioning life even with fibromyalgia, but that was only possible with pain management. I am not a drug seeker or complainer, as I have a graduate degree and generally optimistic outlook on life. I was a competitive athlete before I came down with Fibromyalgia. For many years, I had been drug free with only mild-moderate chronic pain. But I have also had severe flareups of widespread pain as a result of injuries and accidents. And it SHOWS – physical therapists are unable to move my neck or back in certain directions due to spasticity and severe cramping and muscle pain. It is not an entirely invisible disease and it is not caused by being overweight or depressed. But because Fibro acts on the pain processing centers of the brain and spinal cord, overlapping mental health symptoms can, but not always show. You can have flare-ups of muscle pain / spasms even if you are in the best of shape, as I have experienced many times over.

  152. Hu Says:

    There are still unknowns about fibromyalgia. But if people stay up to date with the research done at Stanford University’s pain management research center, we will uncover the nature of fibro in exacting detail. I strongly believe they are close to determining the mechanisms and innerworkings of the complex processes of the brain and spinal cord. It is in my opinion that Fibromyalgia will be renamed as it has many times over. It is not a muscle disease but a brain-spinal cord -glial cell dysfunction or a disregulation of the whole nervous system. Eventually, I hope a new name that covers this aspect of nervous system and pain processing will be established and that people will stop making stupid assumptions that they have fibromyalgia just because they are out of shape and lacking motivation in life.

  153. Sherri Says:

    All a bunch of quacks, Fibromyalgia is totally fake. It is always the same stupid fat depressed women who claim the fibro ticket, a ticket out of work, out of house chores, and being the mother of her children. Just like they say, it is the newest fad disease.

    But with the economy so bad, and people out of work, I can’t say that I wouldn’t create fake pain “a sad Fibro story” in order to prey elderly parents, siblings, frends, and the tax payer to supoport me.

    I am sure that a few people really think that they are geniune “Fibroers” but reality proves that fibromyalgia is a form of depression. 99% of doctors say fibromyalgia is fake. just the newest fad disesae for middle aged depressed overweight women with a pathetic sex lives, or no sex at all.

    Social security disability and SSI are going bankrupt because of fibromyalgia.

    I think all you fat fibroers need to do what “Vickey” did and move on with your life. Loose the weight, get a job, stop being a drug seeker, stop clogging up the ER at local hospitals as you look for more morphine.

    Come on we can do better as a country. Lets set a better example for out children. Lets not teach them to be lazy leaches off the system.

  154. Amelia Says:

    Okay, so I have been reading this from start to finish. I am a 20 year old female, and I was diagnosed with FM when I was 8 years old…

    I was always athletic and smart and driven, and am currently a psychology major at the University of Kentucky on a full scholarship- I am obviously NOT lazy. I also don’t take pain killers. I took the non-addictive toradol for a while, because my doctor PUSHED it on me, but stopped because it hurt my stomach- the last thing I needed was an ulcer!

    I am in pain everyday of my life, and you wouldn’t know unless you were one of my close friends. My boyfriend hugging me HURTS me. I feel bruised all over, and I even walk just a little funny because all of my joints hurt!

    I don’t know about you, but not many eight year olds have a huge mental back story, are lazy bums, or even know what FM is. I sure didn’t when I was diagnosed. So how can you blame it on me wanting disability? I was eight. Or hating my life? I was a freaking cute eight year old.

    Also as a psychology major (and pursuing my PHD in clinical psychology)

  155. Amelia Says:

    …continued…this laptop sucks…

    I read a lot of research. Lyrica, a HEAVY ANTI DEPRESSANT, has only a 30% success rate with patients. So yeah, maybe some people have depression as their true issue, but the MAJORITY don’t.

    Also, most auto immune diseases are diseases of elimination. There are ANA tests that can tell a doctor your inflammtion, generally INDICATING autoimmune, but for the majority, no real tests. Are they are FAKE diseases?

    Are there hypochondriacs out there? Hell yeah. They will take on any disease they can latch onto for attention, fibromyalgia can be easy to fake to an uneducated doctor, but most CAN tell the difference.

    Oh yeah, and I HAVE A JOB, WORK OUT(and am a very healthy weight thank you), AND AM A FULL TIME STUDENT. Please, tell me to get off my couch.

  156. S Says:

    Amelia —– autoimmune diseases do have blood markers and not just ANA such as; ENA, anti-CCP, Rheumatoid Factor, anti-DNA, anti-SM antibodies as well as non-specific (ESR andCRP) inflammation markers. Furthermore, symptoms are visible. You can see the malar rash, scans and x-rays may show erosions and/or synovitis. You are wrong, there are real tests. You won’t get diagnosed with a complex AI disease without a lot of work-up.

    Fibro may be real but it’s not a neurological autoimmune disorder, unfortunately for those who would like it to be. It’s a physical manifestation of mental health problems. There’s no shame in having a mental illness. People need to look a little deeper than the muscle twinges and get out of their damn wheelchairs!

  157. NotAChance Says:

    I’ve skimmed through a lot of this. I’m a young male who is frightened that I have this disorder. There’s plenty of symptoms, and after reading studies and facts about the syndrome, I KNOW it is real.

    There are actually correlations between lower levels of a number of hormones and the syndrome. There are also muscular and skeletal issues related to certain forms of exercise (namely the weightlifting I used to love doing) that inflame the pain.

    This thing is real and it is terrible and it explains problems I’ve had for a decade. I DO NOT WANT THIS THING. If I am diagnosed as having FMS, I will have wasted the past six years of my life going to school for a career that I would not be hired for if I have FMS.

    The people that constantly come on here and rag on those who have FMS are certainly afflicted with another kind of disorder… sociopaths. You’re on here, stirring up trouble, because you have no lives. It is doubtful you are doctors or nurses or any other productive members of society. You are all VERY likely living in the basement of your parents’ houses, staying up until 5 AM playing WOW and figuring out ways to take out the anger you have about not being worth anything. I do not believe in suicide, but I fully support your right to kill yourselves. Go ahead and end your lives now, because all you’ll be good at is belittling people with illnesses and clicking your mice.

  158. Ella Says:

    Fibromyalgia is not a real disease. Fibromyalgia is a condition, or a state of ongoing loss of energy, loss of drive, loss of motivation, and loss of interest. Once an individual reaches this state they usually present with chronic ongoing unexplained pain, migraine headaches, unexplained energy loss and even new onset of suicidal ideations.

    The patient is also typically morbidly obese secondary to a fully sedimentary life style that is entertained with constant eating and caloric intakes averaging as high as 5,000 calories per day.

    85% of the “fibromyalgia” patients are female, age 45 and up, and usually suffered in the distant past a major life changing event. Typical events in the past 5-years for these sufferers include, but are not limited to divorce, loss of career, death of a child, heath crisis such as a cancer scare, lack of career advancement for age, unattained financial status for age, death of patents, or any other major lifer stressor.

    These women are usually able to cope with the life crisis by self medicating with food at first, and then with the weight gain comes loss of health, loss of job, loss of energy, etc.

    Most women also notice that they get attention from family, friends, and the medical community when they complain of the pain and this starts a self feeding circle of “the spiral down hill”, as the patient eats up all this attention, but only at the expense of getting worse off and not actually getting the help that they really need.

    95% of people with fibromyalgia need counseling for depression and or medication. They need a new light in their lives that adds back that sparkle and drive to live and thrive. They need a feeling of self-worth again.

    For the other 5% of fibromyalgia suffers, who actually have genuine authentic “standalone” Fibromyalgia, we know of no cure, sorry you are just out of luck.

    If you think you have fibromyalgia, please seek help; don’t pay attention to all the negative post of this site. Seek the professional help that you are entitled to as an American citizen and a human being.

    I have seen many women get their lives back and believe me there is truly life after fibromyalgia, because I am living proof of that. I even went back to school at age 50- and became an RN Practitioner. Please just go and see your doctor and hopefully he is not one of those ignorant doctors that think fibromyalgia is fake, if so, you may have to rely on an online support group or other resources, just please get help.

  159. Twyla Says:

    Three simple words


    Nasty fat women who want to collect a disability check.

    Real fibromyalgia people will not talk at all about the fibro, that is how you
    know who is faking it, due to the fact that they will hold you up for hours as they talk of every condition/disease/pain that they have.

    All a bunch of self centered trailer park trash who are fat and lazy and feeding off the back of the taxpayers. I know because this is 90% of my family. Total bums off the system, even an 8-yr old is on SSI due to fibromyalgia.

    My Grandmother on my mom’s side had 10-kids,
    47 grandkids 90% on SSI for being crazy or Fibromyalgia
    15 great grand kids 90% on SSI
    8 Great Great grandkids 3 on SSI due to “health problems”

    Total bums, 90% are “HOME SCHOOLED” = no shooling
    98% can’t read or do simple math
    $620,000 yr. in disability checks
    $5,000,000 yr in medical bills, suicide attempts, COPD, drug seeking in ER
    ,children in mental hospitals, no-prenatal care- new borns in children’s hospital for first 1-yr of life due to mother on meth. State has protective custody of 11-greatgrand kids
    $350,000 yr in goverment housing”low income housing”
    $350,000 yr in Food Stamps
    Not sure how much the tax payers spend per yr for the 12 or so in prision
    My family, which is only one family in the whole United States is costing the American Tax payer over $7,000,000 a year due to Fibromyalgia and fake pains, etc.

    This is why our country is going down the drain.

  160. Earthshowers Says:

    Really this is like talking politics or religion, half agree and half disagree. Yes some people fake Fibromyalgia to get social security just like some people fake a lot of other things to get money, pity or what ever else they are looking for.

    But for the ones who do really have it you have no idea what they go threw everyday. Let me guess next you people are going to start saying that people with bipolar and other mental problems are faking to right??

    Yes some people don’t like to talk about things that are wrong with them because they just want to feel freaking normal with out people looking at them and judging them like you people are now.

    Who are you guys to say that the pain these people are having is fake? And if some are faking it, your not fucking god just sit there keep your mouth shut and don’t listen.

    Some people like to talk about what is wrong with them, look how many people have been raped, beaten or almost killed! You think it is easy for them to start support groups and shelters? To stand up and talk about it freely?

    No but they do it anyways because they don’t care what people think, they know they did nothing wrong so what does it hurt if they can help someone else get threw their pain rather it be mental or physical.

    Their are a lot of bad people in this world, and to be honest if there really was a God none of us would be here right now. None of you are perfect in any shape or form, we have all lied about something or did something we shouldn’t of.

    You think these people want to be in severe pain all day everyday with no comfort? You think people with mental problems want to go kill people, or want to want to kill them self’s? No but that is just how it is, and for those who don’t have physical or Mental problems your lucky!! And you should be thankful everyday for that.

    But don’t think that gives you a right to sit on your high fucking horse and judge people just because you think it is fake. And as for people that get SSI sure some do not deserve to get it, but there is some that do need the help and there is nothing wrong with that.

    And really people now days are so worried about their self’s, they could care less about others around them. Its a shame how people have turned out. Everyone is only worried about their self’s and how much money they can get to make their self’s look good.

    You wanna say that these doctors are stupid! Fine. You wanna say all these people are faking their pain! Fine. But don’t think for one second you are better then anyone just because you have not felt the pain they have everyday.

  161. MsJohns Says:

    I see this thread is over a year old, but I want to comment anyway –

    Many of these posts comment about these women with “wonderful” lives that have FM. Since they have wonderful, dream lives, it can’t be from depression at all, can it?

    Let me tell you something – MANY times the woman you see that has a “dream” life is actually living in hell.

    I know because I am one of them. If you knew me, you would see my two beautiful children, my great husband, nice home, great job, good income – you would think I had a perfect life.

    I LIVE IN HELL. No I don’t have FM. I absoutely hate my life, almost every minute for reasons I don’t care to share with anyone. No, my husband isn’t absuive, I don’t have a secret gambling or drug problem. This is just not the life I want. And if you met me, I would let you keep believing I have the perfect life because I can’t share with anyone what is really going on.

    SO, when you say this couldn’t possibly stem from depression believe that maybe you aren’t admitting it to yourself or your friend can’t admit it.

  162. M Says:

    “Fibromyalgia” is a huge, steaming pile of stinky BS. Most people who claim to be afflicted with this “disease” are merely drug seekers looking for their next dope scrip. Those who are not drug seekers are simply chronic, needy complainers who love to tell people how much “pain” they’re in in order to gain sympathy and attention from those around them. What a pathetic load of crap this “diagnosis” is!

  163. fibrochondria. | Says:

    […] he called it. (Kind of makes me giggle, even now. Ha.) I remember reading articles like this and this, and nodding my head. Even the brochure the doctor gave me is laughable, with a sad woman […]

  164. Asper Says:

    I know someone who “claims” to have the “Worst” case of Fibromyalgia. She can not work, unable to clean house or cook. Has laid so much guilt on her husband for her condition that he does it all and feels sorry for her. She is on dump load of drugs, including methadone, and claims it still does not work. She has sat on the couch watching tv for so long that the cushion in the couch is busted. She is by far the laziest person I have ever known or seen in my life. She gets disability and claims she can do nothing, yet when its something she WANTS to do, she is all over it. She never leaves the house and complains when she is asked to do anything but one of her adult kids or husband. Any time anything big is going on, weddings, house chore day, someone’s moving and she was asked to watch the grand baby, she has a “Fibro Flare” and cant. If there are suffers out there, if this is a true illness, you should start by weeding out all of these lazy fat trashy people who want nothing more then a free ride in life. Idiots. Go get your white trash food self up and get a damn job and stop complaining. We all carry our cross, stop whining that you cant live your own life.

  165. Im Me Says:

    you know i belevie this is real 100%. i have been diagonosed with it. I’m 14 years old. I hate the fact that i do have it. Every day of my life i use to cry all the time screaming to the top of my lungs. My body would make unusual sounds. Also things out of the ordinary. I didn’t know what it was. My mom would give me all types if medicatioin none would never seem to work. After time and time going back and forth to the doctors they said i had Fibromyalgia. I have to deal with people telling me this is fake all the time. People just don’t beleive how serious this is. I always tell people how do you know how someone else feels? You don’t. I’ts just like when you say your cold and then someone says no your not. How do you know. They don’t. I have pain and i know it’s real. The fact that someonne who doesn’t even have a career or a liscence want to tell me whats wrong just aint right. I don’t know if were in the wrong category of diseases but we need to be in one. Fibromyalgia isn’t fake. But i know every one has there on opinion. Oh… and its not about being lazy.I am a soccer player. I have to keep in shape in order to have strong bones.

  166. alwaysmysunshine Says:

    I found this site through research on a FMS paper I am doing in college, not because I want sympathy, support, or to whine. This has been very discouraging to read. I am 32 yrs. old and was dx’d with fibromyalgia over a year ago. I am a very high energy person, have always worked 50-60 hrs a week, and do not like pain pills at all. After my c-section i threw the oxycodone in the trash. I have a fabulous life…..a daughter doctors told me i would never have, an amazing husband that I am deeply in love with, who I might add is serving our country overseas right now. I am not rich by any means, but we will not go hungry any time soon. I love my life and feel very fortunate to be living it….I am as far from depressed as possible. I do for others in any way I can and look for no sympathy because I feel lucky. I do have fibromyalgia, it does affect my life, and my body does hurt terribly some days. Doesn’t this contradict every stereotype that has been thrown around on this site as far as fibromyalgia sufferers go? Why can’t we all just get allong and help others instead of hating?

  167. It's a Choice Says:

    Fibromyalgia is the first obstacle in my life I have not been able to overcome through sheer dint of will.

    I’m 29 years old – a bit lean by American standards from too much yoga and not enough fast food, maybe, but inarguably “in shape”. I’ve worked since I was 14 (in my family, if you wanted to drive at 16 you had to be able to buy your own car). I’ve had the amazing opportunity to develop my career through international travel, self-education, and stick-tuitiveness.

    To be frank, Fibromyalgia is embarrassing. It’s the word I hear my husband murmur into the phone when we have to beg off from dinner with friends (again) because I simply don’t have the energy to go out after work. It makes my mother purse her lips when I over-exert on weekend visits and fall asleep in the middle of a game of Scrabble. It makes my boss wonder if I’m drunk when I call, because my brain simply refuses to work and I can’t quite make my tongue wrap around the words, so I slur and stumble through the conversation and eventually she understands that I won’t be in to the office for a few days.

    At first I thought I had the flu – I was achy all over, tired, dizzy. My body felt heavy and weak, I couldn’t focus, couldn’t remember things; I had difficulty opening jars, kept dropping things. I would be out of sorts for a few days, then I would feel okay for awhile, still a bit drained, but more like my normal self – healthy, active, energetic. The problem was, I had “the flu” every few weeks, sometimes as often as once a month in the winter. At a certain point I had to admit it wasn’t normal, and visited a doctor to find out what was going on. It was the first time I’d been to the doctor for something other than a well-woman check-up since having my tonsils out as a teenager.

    After nearly a year of being poked and prodded by various specialists and surrendering to a battery of tests for every obscure ailment under the sun, my doc finally looked at me over his glasses and said, “Okay, we’re going to try this one last thing. Go talk to this Rheumatologist, but if this isn’t it, I’m going to recommend that you see a Psychologist.” I was stricken – it’s difficult to imagine sitting in a Psych’s office discussing the possibility of self-induced pain, confusion, and fatigue when the first thing you do in the morning is throw open the drapes and smile at the sun.

    I hesitate to use the word “fortunate” when describing the relief I felt at hearing the word “Fibromyalgia”. My “flu” wasn’t the flu at all, and it wasn’t in my head. The Rheumatologist followed the diagnosis with some quick caveats: current medical understanding of the syndrome didn’t allow for tests that could either confirm or refute the diagnosis.; further, there was no “cure” for it, and treatment was trial-and-error, at best. The “fortunate” part goes hand-in-hand with the syndrome’s lifelong sentence – unlike Lupus or Lyme’s Disease, both of which show common symptomology with FM, Fibromyalgia isn’t degenerative. As painful or interruptive as it is – as inconvenient and infuriating and debilitating – it isn’t causing any long-term damage to organs, tissues, or bone. My body, though weakened, is still intact. I can still fight back.

    I’ve always told myself “I can deal with the pain… it’s no worse than day 3 after a hard run.” For six years I’ve gritted my teeth through pain that radiated through my body without cause and without abatement. Although prior to diagnosis I shied away from taking so much as a Tylenol, I allowed the folks treating me to prescribe a myriad of drugs – everything from anti-depressants to narcotics. The medications seemed to manage the pain to varying degrees, but completely ignored or in some cases exacerbated my primary complaint – I didn’t have the energy to do what I considered “normal” activities any more, and that was beginning to take a real toll on me.

    I didn’t want to have to choose between having a job and having a social life. I didn’t want to choose between being able to vacuum my floor Saturday morning or going to see my parents for lunch. I didn’t want to choose between being able to stand and make dinner for my husband or being alert enough to stay up and eat it with him. I was tired of living “either/or” – I’d always kept myself fit and healthy, always eaten right, always had the energy to both do what needed to be done and to enjoy the benefits of my hard work. I wanted my “and” back.

    I can’t tell you how many doctors’ offices I’ve sat in – how many nurses and PA’s and physicians and staff have looked at me like some type of self-injurious hypochondriac. I wanted to shake them and scream, “Look, you’re not listening… it’s not about the pain!!” It didn’t matter. They’d become calloused from being taken advantage of. Their compassion had been used up by people looking for a fix, or looking for a check, or looking to get anything from any one who’d give it. They couldn’t hear me, quietly searching for a solution, for the cacophony of whining, sniveling, non-stop complaints of people trying to game the system.

    After several years of being bounced from doctor to doctor, I finally found a physician who “gets it”. He “gets” that for me, pain is secondary. He “gets” that appropriate treatment, in my case, means helping me harness enough energy during the day to get on with the business of life. He gets that I’d rather make adjustments in my diet and exercise than stuff pills in my mouth, but that sometimes meds are necessary – the trick is balancing both to maximize the benefits.

    I’m still tired a lot of the time. I still have days where I can’t seem to stay awake for more than a few hours in a stretch – days where my brain refuses to cooperate and trying to articulate what I’d like for dinner is too complex to manage. On those days, discussing software changes with a client or hopping a flight to DC to present new technology at an industry seminar is beyond my scope of ability. My doctor and my boss still feel that returning to my position is out of the question – it’s another one of those things that had to give way to “either/or”. Either I can take the time now to focus on returning as much to normal as possible, keep my body in shape an exercise my mind and memory in the hope that I’ll regain some of what I’ve lost, fight back and aim at eventually returning to “real life”, or I can sit down, cry about what I’ve lost, wallow in self-pity and pain, and let it all go. For me, there may as well not be a second option.

    Just because you know a hypochondriac doesn’t mean every one you know is a hypochondriac. Just because some people see an ad on television and suddenly develop the “disorder du jor” doesn’t mean that there aren’t real people suffering, who need real treatment – preferably without snappish, snide remarks from those who can’t fathom what it’s like to go through this.

    I don’t seek the company of others with FM, don’t need a support group, and dont want a pity-party. I don’t want drugs to take away my pain that also take away my mind. I’m not looking to shirk responsibility, hide from my spouse, or run away from my job or my friends. I don’t want attention, don’t want allowances made for me, and don’t want your tax money.

    I just want my life back.

  168. mindless indulgement Says:

    my sister-in-law says she has this and even thinking about work is overwhelming. she doesn’t even have the energy to clean up after herself or get up before noon. the funny thing is, if there is a party or event to plan or go to, she has all the energy in the world and has no problem staying out all night drinking and doing whatever. but, oh, i’m too tired to do anything that i don’t want to do. she lives with one parent and is leeching the other into an early grave. sorry, but i call BS

  169. Not a Choice Says:

    I am 23 years old and I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for the last 6 years. This is not a fake disease, how DARE you say that the pain that I feel every day of my life is “imaginary”. At 23 years old wouldn’t you think I would MUCH rather be out drinking all night and having a great time with my friends? Hell yes I would! But I can’t. Why? Because I am in excruciating pain from the time I open my eyes to the time I close them. I’m not a lazy person. I have a full time job. I clean my apartment, cook and do the laundry. by the time I am done with all the things that I need to do in a day I have no pain tolerance and no energy left for my friends and family. and it sucks. It hurts like hell, but I face the pain everyday and work to remind myself that I’m still alive. That does NOT mean that I am not in pain or that my mind has made up a fake illness. If I punched you in the face when no one else was around, would you say that the pain from your broken nose was imaginary because no one else could feel it or see it or validate it’s existence? No, you would whine and cry because it would HURT!

    Of course I’m sure some people take advantage of the disease, and maybe some even fake it. But don’t go around calling everyone who has ever been diagnosed with this a Hypochondriac or lazy or a drama queen. Some of us really do live with constant debilitating pain and exhaustion. Until you know what it’s like to have to fight a war with your body to get out of bed every morning you should STFU.

  170. Not a Choice Says:

    And by the way…I do not take any medication. I know at some point I will probably be forced to when the pain becomes too intense for me to bear, but for now I choose to be drug free. This doesn’t mean that everyone can tolerate the pain without medication like lyrica and cymbalta. Luckily I have the most amazing boyfriend to balance out my moods and rub my muscles when I ache too badly, but not all sufferers have this luxury. So don’t go around saying that Fibro victims are a bunch of drug seekers.

    Besides, claims of Fibro, or like symptoms, have been around for hundreds of years. they didn’t have any type of drug for it back then…hmmmm, maybe that tells you something.

  171. mindless indulgement Says:

    s.i.l. is probably faking then. her house got so nasty she had to move out of it now lives with her dad. been there, she’s ruining his house now too. can’t get the energy to sweep or wipe something up but if there’s a party to go to it’s on. makes me sick, watching her bleed my wife’s parents white. mom is paying the mortgage (and fines from the city) on the should be condemned old house. her mom is in her 70s and has to work a full time job to support her cause she’s so sick. unless there’s a party.

  172. Clearly a faker Says:

    Not a Choice, your claim of experience a legitimate disease sound so overwrought and forced that part of you must realize how completely and utterly insane you sound. Fibromyalgia legitimizes what are probably very real social, economic or other stressors. Yes, you lack the ability to cope with these stressors, and what better what to alleviate your responsibility than by claiming it’s all due to a disease, over which you have no control. Perhaps you should start seeing a shrink?

  173. Clearly a faker Says:

    Not a Choice, your claim of experiencing a legitimate disease sounds so overwrought and forced that part of you must realize how completely and utterly insane you sound. Fibromyalgia legitimizes what are probably very real social, economic or environmental stressors. Yes, you lack the ability to cope with these stressors, and what better way to alleviate your responsibility than by claiming it’s all due to a disease over which you have no control. Perhaps you should start seeing a shrink?

  174. Big Mike Says:

    Funny how I only began meeting women with “Fibromyalgia” in the last few years. All have nearly identical “symptoms”, and amazingly, most “came down” with symptoms after someone else they knew was “diagnosed” with it.

    The common thread with all that I know “with” it:

    Some kind of stressful experience was the starting point.

    None have responded to any efforts by doctors – from medications (pain, anti-derpessants, and now even the new drug Lyrica – which caused weight gain and a host of other issues ON TOP of the supposed Fibromyalgia issues.

    Further, all have shown some “improvement” when they had stress levels drop and/or their friends with the “disorder” are not around them to influence them.

    I have spoken with a few doctors in my “line of work”, some of which are among the most compassionate people I know – but who all believe there is zero physiological issue with Fibromyalgia, and only one suggested that it might be a neurological issue that they just don’t understand – but said that she leans towards it being a Psychosomatic issue.

    I know quite a few in the medical profession in general who say that the common thread to every “case” they have seen is that the women are having difficulties dealing with other issues in their lives.

    But we all must make our own minds up. At least two of those I know personally who have been “diagnosed” with Fibromyalgia are sincere ladies. One of which has been considered a hypochondriac all of her life – long before “Fibromyalgia” became the fashionable “disorder”.

  175. Mike Says:

    It is odd how this “genetic” disorder is also contageous (usually between women with way too much time to gossip.)

  176. darma Says:

    I came here because I have been doing a lot of researching lately. I was the type of person who hardly got colds or flus so I would say pretty healthy. And if I didn’t feel good I pushed through anyways and did well at hiding little things. Recently I landed in the emergency room and had to have immediate surgery for a perforated bleeding ulcer. I’m not telling this for sympathy – I’m saying this to give some history. Since then I have not been physically the same. I have not been diagnosed with anything as of yet. They are doing tests because since the surgery a CT came back abnormal so have to go to have a double balooned endroscopy. Have recentyl been introduced to aches and pains and nerves that I never knew even excisted. So I’m saying this because I don’t believe that fibromyalgia is fake. I do know one thing that people are better off just dealing with there doctor’s, trusting there instincts, keeping a journal and sharing as little as possible with people who are not dealing with what they are. Because at the end of the day we are all human and only can relate with what we have experience to relate with. I wish all of you who are in pain relief and some type of peace.

  177. Corlyn Says:

    Not sure why this became a middle aged woman thing.

    I was just diagnosed and I am 21 years old and have been having pain for 3 years after I had a kidney infection. I pretty much feel like i am 80 years old. I know what wrongs with me and I will never let anyone tell me different.

    So suck it. Cause I deal with more painful things then your petty words.

  178. jili Says:

    wow this is crazy

  179. jili Says:

    Fibromyalgia is one of the biggest jokes of the healthcare industry. Yup believe it people, us healthcare workers think you’re all freakin nuts. As a medic then nurse now P.A. I have dealt with this fictitious disease firsthand. Once as a joke I asked a patient on my ride what stage of fibromyalgia she had 1,2,3,4, or 5. Now as anyone with a clue would know there are no stages of fibromyalgia yet she responded with 5! I’m a 5!! WOW. To me it seems like it’s a catch all…well so and so comes in she/he aches all over we’ve done numerous studies, numerous labs, numerous CT’s, you name it, yet it all comes back normal. Well lets do this lets just put this diagnosis on it, it will shut him/her up enough to get them out of our hospital/clinic and move on. Whats sad is that people take this crap so seriously, they are able to file for disability and what not. O.k. i’m sure your pains are real but for the love of God toughen up, just because your abdomen is hurting doesn’t mean you’re going to die or that something is wrong with you. Guess what I have that pain daily it’s called an ulcer from dealing with idiots like you on a daily basis. Seriously this is such a joke.

  180. mindless indulgement Says:

    jili you are awesome. i am right there with you.

  181. Nicole Says:

    There are some really “unlightened” comments on this page. What would you say if I told you that I’m a former beauty queen, former competitive cheerleader and professional ballet dancer, I weight 92 pounds and I’m 4’11”. I’ve seen 17 doctors over a ten year period to find out what is wrong with me. I’ve had two MRI’s, CT Scans, full blood work-ups, Emg nerve testing, etc… I’m 36 and have worked and supported myself since I was 16 at which time I left home with a back pack and called it a day… All of this was due to a cheerleading accident when I was dropped from 8ft up onto a hardwood floor… Unlightened ones, this IS A REAL CONDITION that affects every part of your life. I NEVER complain as it is not in my nature but from what I’m told by my friends and family – the look on my face speaks for itself. Peace, Love & Compassion to my fellow Fibromites.

  182. Leigha Says:

    Have you ever noticed that fibromyalgia “suffers” usually have had some injury in life. Broken bones or other accident. I broke my arm when I was 6 and guess what? It hurts when it rains. And since I’m getting older my back, hips, knees, neck, and other joints hurt from time to time. Oh and I’m tired when I stay up for hours dwelling on things I can’t change. My goodness I must have fibromyalgia! Yay!

  183. hs Says:

    To each his/her own opinion. I am a highly accomplished and educated person who would much rather prefer working my high paying job to contemplating social security disability. I was diagnosed with “fibromyalgia” four years ago after six years of suffering. I have declined narcotic pain medicine. Physical therapy, excercise, a healty diet and positive thinking are my preferred routes for pain relief and management. I am 38 years old, 5’5 and 120 pounds. I am a mentally grounded person who understands what limitations I have and why.

    I am not lazy, obese, drug addicted, or a drug seeker. I’m not impressed with the “label” of fibromyalgia. I like to think that I just face challenges that most do not.

    I understand the frustrations that some who have written are expressing; however, I think that it is not a just assessment to belittle a person who has chronic pain and/or fatigue.

  184. Jili Says:

    What a joke…..

  185. Brooke Says:

    Just get over it like I did. Leave that husband that is not pleasing you in the bed, loose all that fat, get a job, buy that sports car with half of his 401K after the divorce, start dating younger hot guys and start having wild crazy sex.

    Throw out all the pain meds, start working out 4-days a week.

    That is what I did and it worked. My Fibromyaliga/CFS/Depression/Panic attacks/ social fears, etc. all melted away.

    I love my life now. I am 46 years old and having the time of my life.

    As we get into our 40’s we women tend to just start to shut down, grow numb, gain weight, and think, “is this really life”, we just start to spin out of control.

    I am having sex with 1-2 different guys a week now. I go out all the time. I still see my kids on weekends and I still care for my x-husband. I am doing the things I never got to do because I got married at the age of 19 and have only been with 1-boring guy who works 60 hrs a week and could not/didn’t want to please me in the bedroom way.

    I know in the back of my mind I will go back to my husband and kids in a few years, but damm it, now I am living it all up for me now. It is my turn.

    Screw all that fat depression/ fibro life shit for now. I don’t need it, it doesn’t own me. I have total control over my life now.

    I know these words are hard, but that is just what we all need to hear.
    My younger sister got me motivated 3-years ago. She told me to get off my lazy behind and start doing something and I’d feel better. You know what, she was right. I didn’t realize how much I had shut out the family. I hadn’t talked to my brothers in 5-years. I only saw my parents 3-4 times a year and we live in the same town. I would only get out of the house once a week. I am thanking God I didn’t kill myself, or OD on all the pain meds I was on. You know I really hurt all over. It was real to me, but it was my life. You could put a loaded guy up to my head and make me tell the truth and I really believed I had all these pain disorders/dieseases. It was 100% real no doubt, but motivation and drive can work wonders if with the Lords belessings. You just have to take that first step and get up and walk out to the mail box, then start walking down the street, change your diet, join a gym, cut off all the sodas, fast food, etc.

    This is my time to live, life is too short to play that fibro game.

    I had 2- friends die of the Fibro life. They both over dosed on pain meds with alcohol. They were both just like me and 2-years younger.
    Sure it is real for maybe 1-3% of people, but it is all in your head, you just have to do something, start living again, have a drive, get out, go wild, be 18 years old again.

    Do it for your kids, if you don’t do this, you could die and then what. Live, breath, be happy.
    God loves you and wants you to be happy. He understands and he will forgive. Just do it.

  186. Jeff Says:

    I find that some of my friends with this “condition” have always been a little lazy. I suspected this a while back, and asked some people that knew them before I did. My suspicions were confirmed in all cases. They are still my friends, as I love people very much. I have a few aches and pains as well, and do indeed consider myself as a slacker. Still manage to go to work and attempt to give 110%. A few of my friends tell me I’m making them look bad because I use a cane and lost a small percentage of my heart function after my heart attack. But open heart surgery did wonders in my case. I’m an auto mechanic and I can tell you that its a cold, dirty, thankless occupation, but I didnt want to just waste away and made a promise to myself that if I lived through heart surgery, I was gonna work with all my might, as I feel now, as I did then, its far better to have to work by the sweat of your brow and suffer, than to be dead and not be able to do anything. Now that I think about it, those friends are making themselves look bad.

  187. Sylvia Says:

    In 2006 I suffered a tramatic life event, a tragic, sudden loss of a loved one. I spiraled into grief, depression, and anxiety. Within the next couple of years, I was dignosed with IBS, chronic fatigue, and, eventually, fibromyalgia. At the time, I truly believed there was something physical going on, but all the extensive testing performed on me was unremarkable. It wasn’t until 2009 that I ‘awakened’ to the fact that my underlining condition was depression. Once I came to terms with that and underwent extensive grief therapy, the classic ‘fibro’ symptoms melted away.

    The last thing I want to do is insult anyone, as I know first hand how miserable ‘fibro’ symptoms can be. I believe the majority of ‘fibro’ cases are psychologically induced, whether due to a personality disorder/mental illness, drug seeking/attention seeking behavior, or depression due to a life event. There are, however, the handful of legitimate cases. For those people, I hope they find the painfree life they deserve.

  188. KatKat Says:

    Hi There!
    I’m Kat, a 21 year old ex- dancer and teaching student from England…First point being I dont pay for my healthcare and am with the same doctor…
    I am also in more or less good health, Mentally stable, from a normal council estate background and am well educated (2 grades of Camebirdge), Also being a student any hard work is my own choice, given that a swim every week, used to dance (not ballet but hiphop, jazz, ballroom and street) I also like to think I am fit and though I am a UK size 16 I also walk 6miles to town once a week.

    I also have FM! First noticed when my arms and legs would randomly go dead or have pins and needles which i cant ever remember not happening, then as the doctor looked through my notes he realised I had been admitted for possible dance injuries that turned out to be nothing several times, At first I as tested for a trapped nerve in my back then for autoimmune diseases. At 18 I was rushed into hospital with massive pains in my chest, an ECG showed nothing and eventually I was told “must have been a spasm, dont panic, you could cause it to re-occure”!

    All these symptoms slowly came together and after nerve testing, pain response ect I was diagnosed, we have found things get worse with stress and I have learnt the occasional pattern in my illness (which it is). I know I I have a day where the pain is bad its best to go to bed early as would anyone else and then wake up refreshed rather than push through and be physically incapable of moving the next day.

    On the basis “its all in my head”, it could be for all I know! Amputees have reported phantom pain in their lost limbs and in epidemics peoples bodys have produced the symptoms with no cause except panic, so it could be my head playing tricks on me but you woldnt tell a man with schitozphrenia he is not ill, even though its all in his head?

    Dont judge, just educate and formulate an opinion, an opinion is never wrong just ill informed x

  189. Jonella Says:

    Fibromyalgia is real, my aunt who was only 54 years old died of fibromyalgia.

    Fibromyalgia is a deadly disease. Fibromyalgia kills over time. Fibromyalgia is not fake. Fibromyalgia will become the leading cause of death in the United States in the next 10-years.

    Fibromyalgia is the newest epidemic disease that will stop the United States in it’s tracks.

    We must find a cure for Fibromyalgia before it is too late.

  190. Geneva Says:

    And then there are people like me; who are dreading going to the doctor at all because of ignorant people like a lot of you out there preaching about something you know nothing about (nor do I) but I don’t go around pretending I know everything about a diagnosed illness when I am clearly not a doctor! Fibromyalgia is in my family. My mother has it. She is an extremely strong woman and forces herself to lead a normal life even though it absolutely is killing her! She refuses to let anything keep her down. I have seen her cry – no, sob in pain! Now I have a strong gut feeling that I have this. I have been delaying a doctor visit because I just shrug it off to be ‘normal aches and pains’, but I’ve worked in the holistic industry long enough to know there should not be even ‘normal aches and pains’, something is ‘off’ somewhere! Anyway, I am also a very strong woman in my opinion. I had my babies at home with no pain medications. I can handle pain! But NOT EVERY FREACKIN’ day! Sometimes I think I’m going to loose my mind because the pain is ridiculous and constant, and never in the same spot! BUT, I will probably put off having anything done about this. WHY? Because I’ll be damned if I’m going to listen to someone tell me it’s in my head, or it’s non-existent, or listen to people like YOU! Karma is a bitch and I surely hope you don’t ever end up with an ailment that gets you down! Shame on you.

  191. John Says:

    I have a roommate who claims to have this and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he’s one of the fakers. I’m not trying to say that this is a made up disease, as he is the only person I’ve heard say he has is (never heard of it before him), however I’m a bit skeptical. He’s always been a very self centered, manipulative person (before his “fibro” came about), and viewed himself as a victim to anything bad in life and that “the world is always against me.” He’s been possibly the most difficult person ever, and that’s after I’ve given in to almost all his demands. I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing will ever be enough for him. I can’t continue to cater to his every whim and the second I take a stand against something (the requests really get absurd), I get berated for being a terrible person and the worst person in the world.

    While he states that he has fibro and that I just don’t understand and am a garbage person because of it (no matter what I do or say…and I’ve tried to be compassionate over and over and cater to his demands), I also know that he has never had any regard for anyone else in his life and anything he can use to his benefit, he will, no matter what it does to someone else. He has a history of this long before his supposed disease.

    He’s also had drug problems before (both prescription and non) and after lots of lost time trying to understand him, which I can’t, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s some sort of sociopath mixed with narcissism.

    Whether his condition is true or not I can’t say for sure, and for those who truly have it, I’m sorry. Regardless, you can’t go around in life placing all your faults on other people expecting that everybody drop everything to help you, and in return you literally treat everyone like a piece of garbage. I have empathy for people until they treat you like scum over and over for doing nothing but trying to be understanding (ofcourse I’m never understanding enough though), at which point I chose to remove you from my life.

    If he does have fibro, which I doubt, and people with it are similar to him, while I do feel sorry for you all with the disease, I also feel sorry for the victims whose lives you also make just as miserable as yours (maybe not physically, but mentally). Sorry for this rant but I was researching this to try and gain understanding and ran across these comments.

    If he is a fake and I’ve incorrectly labeled any of you then I apologize. HOWEVER, if my above descriptions sound like you than having pain doesn’t give you the right to trample on others and if you ever want to receive empathy, then you need to return it once in a blue moon. Also, stop being a little cry baby about everything and learn to move on with your life. Try not being the most selfish POS alive, although I doubt you all ever will because you’ll just disregard this post since it doesn’t agree with youre preconceived ideas.

  192. Teresa Says:

    I have suffered with FMS for 20 years. I was in my late twenties was slim and active, happily married with two young children when I was diagnosed. I did not choose to have this terrible condition and would not wish it on my worse enermy. We as sufferers did not name the condition and also did not sum all our ailments into it, the doctors did. Unfortunately some doctors when they know you have fibro will dismiss the new ailment that you are suffering from and will say its your fibro. Is this laziness on their part or is it because they do not really know what is wrong with you. The people who get cured from FM must of been miss diagnosed in the first place and the people who do not beleive its exsistence should spend more time thinklng positively instead of spending their precious time finding faults with people who suffer.

  193. Fr0ze Says:

    I’ve had fibro all my life. I was mis-diagnosed for years, I was told it is all in your head, excersise through the pain and fatigue, I did so. I loved horses, mountain biking, I lived on the edge of moorland and was incredibly active thinking child. I killed myself nearly. I wanted so much to excersise through the pain that I kept going and going – doctors told me to push through the pain barrier and I tried. I ended up in bed in agony, throwing up, symptom after symptom. When I was finally diagnosed age 21 I was wheelchair bound unable to care for myself at all. Since being diagnosed I have learnt to control what I do, what I think, how I react and although I haven’t been able to undo all the harm I have done to my body, ligaments, muscles, neuro plasticity, I have been able to give myself a better life and work to rebuilding my body. I now have a partner and a daughter, something pre diagnosis I never ever thought would b possible. I have noticed that criteria for fibro patients diagnosis has gone from 1 year pain in all 4quadrents to 3 months pain in 2 quadrants. I know that 11 tender points r still required but until a blood test, scan ect is able to prove ome thing is wrong they won’t accept it no matter how I’ll u r, or disabled u are, no matter ow hard you try u get tossers going your just lazy, it’s all in ur head ect. That’s life!

  194. Lori Says:

    “Sign me up” … be careful what you wish for – karma is a real bitch. One day you may find yourself, or a close loved one, living with severe chronic pain. I hope they show you more understanding and compassion than you seem to be capable of. Have you ever thought to yourself … ‘just what if I’m wrong??”

    I won’t waste my time sharing another perspective, because you are clearly too self-righteous and judgmental to even consider the people you choose to belittle do have a real disease and can suffer greatly. Shame on you.

  195. Marie Says:

    Oh My God. Just found this website after searching for more information on Fibromyalgia. What a sick bunch of people. I agree wholeheartedly with Lori, You should be careful what you wish for. This is very real, very frightening and disabling disease. Maybe instead of ‘fibro’ bashing you should take a good look in the mirror and ask yourselves why you would be so pathetic as to sit in front of a computer screen and belittle, question and mock a disease that you obviously know NOTHING about.

  196. Melanie Says:

    Fibromyalgia is just another name for the chronic pains associated with Bipolar Disorder or Depression. That is why it is treated with antidepressants.

    “Signs and symptoms of the depressive phase of bipolar disorder include persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, guilt, anger, isolation, or hopelessness; disturbances in sleep and appetite; fatigue and loss of interest in usually enjoyable activities; problems concentrating; loneliness, self-loathing, apathy or indifference; depersonalization; loss of interest in sexual activity; shyness or social anxiety; irritability, chronic pain (with or without a known cause); lack of motivation; and morbid suicidal ideation.[7] In severe cases, the individual may become psychotic, a condition also known as severe bipolar depression with psychotic features. These symptoms include delusions or, less commonly, hallucinations, usually unpleasant.[8] A major depressive episode persists for at least two weeks, and may continue for over six months if left untreated.[9]

  197. Scott Cagle Says:

    This is just a bunch of women too unattractive to land them a rich man, who wont diet and lose weight, tearing into ice cream like a bulldog eating mayonnaise who are unhappy with their lives inventing an illness.

  198. So Much Hate Says:

    I used to be a skeptic too. For 3 years I’ve been experiencing severe pain. From electric shock-like pain in my arms, legs, chest, head, fingers, you name it. To the constant muscle twitching that lasts days on end. I’ve had such horrendous pelvic pain that I though I had endometriosis and went through a Laproscopy, for nothing. No endo, no cysts, no std’s, not even an abnormal pap-smear. Nothing to explain the pain that landed me in the ER twice in one day.

    Some days, my muscles will feel like they are being flexed, even if I am completely relaxed, I can’t tell you how uncomfortable that feeling is.

    There was no mental reason this all started. It wasn’t stress related. I have an amazing job, a beautiful family, the most caring husband anyone could ask for. I’m a very happy person. This just proves it can happen to anyone, anytime.

    I was skeptical of Fibro because I also thought it was a made up disease for the drug companies to profit from gullible people with normal aches and pains. I can’t believe I thought that. It is real.

    That is all.

  199. jamie Says:

    i am 23 years old. When I was 17, I spent three days in the hospital because of debilitating chest pain that left me taking only shallow breaths and unable to eat. it was awful. I am by far from lazy, complaining or overweight. The majority of my friends don’t know I’ve been diagnosed with FM. I have a prescription for an anti-depressant sleep aid, but due to the fact that I work full time in retail as well as attend a top 5 University for graduate school, I sometimes am too busy to deal with the grogginess that those medications give me. I don’t like pain pills and have refused them. I take aspirin daily to deal with my migraines and that has worked for 2 years. However, for all those who say its not real, explain to my why at 23, a person who played active sports in college (after the onset of this pain), works out, eats right and is highly educated and motivated is falsifying a pain? (And to those who say its for unattractive women, I don’t mean to sound arrogant but I’ve never had an issue getting a man and it’s not because of my brain). In six years, it has not mattered whether I was happy or sad, I have had pain in some way. I was not diagnosed by quacks, in fact, because I’ve been fortunate enough to live in major metropolitan cities for the last 5 years, I’ve only seen top 50 ranked rheumatologists. Sure, people use WedMD to diagnose things like this and exaggerate the feelings, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people who are actually suffering. We’re not all lazy, overweight, middle age, attention seeking drug mongers.

  200. Sasha Says:

    Basically, what this boils down to…
    Fibromyalgia? Real.
    Fakers? Of course!
    Expensive, ridiculous treatments? Yes.
    Treatments that work? Yes.
    Biofeedback is a good option here.

  201. Nurseyart Says:

    You are an idiot. Go to medical school then you have initials behind your name and people might listen to you. Ok, so you don’t want to believe fibro is real. Who cares don’t. But I tell you it’s something. I’ve had this since I was a kid. Diagnosed at 28, now I am 41. I work full time on my feet as a nurse. It truly kills me to put in full time hours and over time. But you only live once and I need money to live my life to the fullest. I never complain to anyone about how I feel because I know people don’t care to hear it. Go to medical school and figure out what it is then. Maybe your right and you’ll do thousands of us a favor in giving us the correct diagnosis and treatment. Other wise, find a hobby and spend your time being more positive and productive in life. Rather than slamming the medical field. And slamming a bunch of poor suckers like me who go through the one life we are given in misery. I can’t figure if your jealous because you want attention like some fibro suffers you know are getting. Or your just a loney idiot. I suppose post pard. Depression is fake as well. But I am sitting here laughing because I picture you believing in big foot and yeti. Who cares if it’s real or not to you. Does it really affect your life that dramatically to waste your time creating a blog just to hurt people? Maybe that’s it. Your one of those people who lie and backstabbing friends and coworkers and can’t figure why no one likes you. So your sad and miserable. So you want others to be miserable too. Well hate to tell you but those of us who have this fake fibro already are miserable. So pick on another fake disease. I’m sure you and your buddy Bigfoot are in picture perfect health. So there’s no need to make fun of any health issues you have. Except the fact your a little ugly inside and you need to learn how to love your self.

  202. Sister Wolf Says:

    Nurseyart – Could you at least spell “you’re” correctly if you’re going to call me an idiot?

  203. Omg This is Hilarious Says:

    I love the ping-pong game this post has developed.

    I found this through a google search after being told by someone that Fibromyalgia is a hypochondriac’s wet dream. The person told me this in reference to my roommate, who not only “has” fibromyalgia, but is also transgendered and a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

    I’m trans myself, as is my mate, but this poor chap transitioned in a quick few months after “deciding” he must be a man after his years of lesbianism weren’t “pioneer” enough for him (his words).

    This person is always complaining and constantly saying “that triggers me”. While I understand that it is not my position to say what another’s experience is, I must say this: there has to be a point where a person draws the line between reality and illusion.

    While I will admit there’s a good chance that fibromyalgia is a true illness, I liken it to Bipolar, which I was diagnosed with. These are not illnesses that are “lifelong” as people (and doctors) will claim. They are illnesses instigated by traumatic or unstable situations. Without some kind of MENTAL & EMOTIONAL help, they will never go away and will likely become worse. Listening to doctor’s on these matters can be a risk if that doctor is being peddled drugs by big pharma.

    In the case of my roommate, the reason I mention that he’s trans is because there is a point inherent in his illnesses. As a survivor of sexual abuse from an early age, it is no wonder, to me, why he has two illnesses related to physicality. His trauma has probably caused him a great deal of emotional pain that manifests as these difficulties.

    But when I consider the health and sanity of another person, I can’t help but want say something to him about it. He stopped going to therapy after getting the drugs he wanted. He doesn’t see a psychiatrist for anything but the prescription and yet still reminds everyone of his every trigger and his suffering from fibromyalgia. He reacted to somebody telling him that he “doesn’t handle emotions well” by kicking a box of rice milk across the floor and slamming the door to his room so loud it sounded like a gun went off.

    So in the debate of whether Fibromyalgia is a true illness or not, I must empathize with the folks who roll their eyes at the complaints of sufferers. I apologize to those who are suffering, no matter what the cause, yet when the only person I know who has it is a complete emotional wreck, a spoiled rotten teenager and someone who won’t tolerate listening to anyone’s problems but his own, I can’t invest much faith in his side of the debate.

    If you’re suffering from fibromyalgia, don’t take my words to mean that I don’t believe you aren’t suffering or that I think you’ve “made it all up”. When I was in the throws of my depressive and manic swings as bipolar, it most certainly was not made up. However, after I received the help I needed, I was able to discover what it took to control my swings. And I believe those suffering from Fibromyalgia are needing the same sort of help; help to sort out the psychosomatic causes.

  204. Nurseyart Says:

    Oh and sad thing is I came across this on accident too. Looking up something medical at work. Lol

  205. Fred Says:

    Wow, this thread is amazing, years of strong opinions. Heres mine. First what I notice is how ignorant and cruel some people are. Im not posting because I feel I have to defend myself or anyone ~ because thats not the kind of person I am. Im posting because I have a few minutes and got so pissed reading some of this I thought I would share my crankyness.
    I was diagnosed over a year and a 1/2 ago with this odd disorder or whatever one calls it. I didnt buy it because I struggled with them not being able to “prove it” I have dealt with many years of extreme neck and back pain on and off, getting worse over the years and these “trigger points” (a name that ticked me off) became worse. I knew a few people who had fibromyalgia and thought not me because alls they did was complain about it, and say how it kept them from everything including work, and then the state would pay to take care of them. 6 months ago I went back to the docotors due to complete exhaution, aches and pain, and plain old tired of the aches. My doctor asked if I took the meds or followed up with exerciese treatment. I said no. She said its time I try the treatment rather than say its all crap. I was very concerned about the label I would be wearing. She said there are two kinds of people with fibromyalgia those that buy into how awful it is and focus on that, and those that rise above it and work with it. (get off their butts and try and feel better). I am the feel better person so I agreed to try. I try not and talk about it much to people, exercise, take mild meds (not lyrica) I take meds to help me sleep only when Im exhaused, Im getting ready to start physical therapy to help me strengthen my body. I love my life, the people around me, and refuse to allow a lable to stop me. Call it Fibromyalgia, call it body aches, call it what ever you want ~ but its something and I hit a point of being so sick and tired of not knowing what the heck was wrong with me. I am not lazy, Im an active middle aged (yikes did I admit that) person not looking for drugs, pity, money or such from anyone. Looking for some relief so I can move forward in my life, because barriers suck. And just because some folks use this lable to get things doesnt mean we all are! Those looking for handouts, and excuses to be lazy and get everything for free have been around a lot longer the Fibromyalgia diagnosis! Dang I see people on disability or call out of work because they are constipated! If you want an excuse you will find it, if you want a solution will find that! Thats all…I dont care if anyone even reads this, I feel better just having been able to give my rant and rave!

  206. Fred Says:

    PS, Im not miserable…Never was, never will be. I would never allow something or someone bring me down. And never had depression ~ I laughed when they kept asking me that…Only time I get sad for no reason is a day before dooms day…and those around me better watch out then…or is pms fake too?

  207. hard working FM patient RE: claims people are lazy and attempting social security checks Says:

    I have had FM for 4 years now. I work a fulltime job, and go to college fulltime as well. I do not get social security nor ever applied.. I hurt each day of my life but power through it at work not saying a word as I am in severe pain. I am not asking for a handout, or any sympathy. I just wish people would face the fact that Fibro is real and quit bashing people for speaking out and letting others know that it does exist. I can not stand these close minded know it alls who claim its fake and its just some lazy woman’s way to a paycheck.

  208. Norma Says:

    I work in healthcare-RN Practitioner-40-yrs. I see fibromyalgia all the time. It is typically overweight white women who are aged 35-55. 90% of the time they don’t work and are on, or in the process of trying to get on disability. 90% have also had “fake” suicide attempts in the past years as a tool to try and speed up the disability claim.

    Mental disease is almost a sure bet for prospective disability seekers. You can’t prove or disprove disability for mental conditions- fake or not. True mental disease does exist and is real, but I can smell the fakes when I see them.

    15 years ago the going “fad” to get on disability was debilitating back pain. As medical science advanced, doctors and pain specialist were able to prove the fakeness of some claims- or fix the real chronic back pain patients with fusion surgeries and other therapies, or even pain meds.

    It will be interesting to see how all this plays out and what the next trend will be to get on disability. ADHD, PTSD, BiPolar, anxiety, CFS, Fibromyalgia, are all the hottest tickets to disability right now.

    It is sad because many people who really have the conditions above, can’t seem to get the help/benefits that would allow them to manage the condition and live a better life.

  209. Siobhan Says:

    its a true thing.. I usually feel okay… like 2 weeks out of the month.. it usually comes on with hormones.. Sometimes I cant such bad muscle spasms that my hands, feet, legs get contorted.. like a double charlie horse.. In like January.. my neck had a horrible muscle spasm..and it got locked up, couldn’t move it and it waS insainly painful.. cause it was the feeling of a charlie horse.. but it lasted for dayz.. sucked.. But Fibromyalgia is a true thing, they are thinking it stems from the MOno virus, which also carries the ebstein bar virus.. wish i tested possitive for, But mulitple scerosis.. they are thinking comes from the same virus.. so they want to do a cat scan on my brain to see if i have any leisuions or not.. it goes deeper than ya think.. this blog pisses me off.. cause its not like achey waawaaa pain.. its debilitating pain.. that somedays i can’t walk up the stairs.. and my hands legs feet.. are on fire.. and hurt really bad.. I don’t complain about it too bad.. Im usually up and about.. until in knocks me down.. then i take a few dayz off, and i get back to my trooper self.. this shit isn’t going to take me, and plant me.. and Im not going to take anymore medication.. I am going to deal with this.. the healthy way.. there are alot of triggers i;’ve been reading.. food and diet is huge with this.. Like today for instance. its raining out.. total trigger.. and I am extremely hurting all over.. and its a differant pain than arthritis.. i have that in my knees.. its more of a burning twitching muscle pain.

    One thing i do have though, is a good attitude about it.. lately.. at first i didn’t know what was going on with me.. but now i understand it more.. and am dealing with everything much better..

  210. Ted Says:

    I’ll start by saying that I am sure there are people out there who experience pain and that perhaps Fibromyalgia is an existing condition causing this pain or a broad term used when no other explanation for the pain is forthcoming.

    Of the several people I know with Fibromyalgia I don’t believe any of them actually suffer from “it” – however you would choose to describe “it”. Aside from the remarkable similarities in terms of social context and gender for these “afflicted” (all upper middle class women) they all share similar traits:
    – have reported ongoing bouts of depression for years
    – have reported a multitude of other pain causing issues like arthritis
    – love telling everyone else about their problems
    – take a lot of time off work for pain
    – brag about how much time off work they get
    – spend those days doing anything except work, seeing a doctor, or taking it easy and resting (golf and shopping seems like popular choices instead)
    – are underachievers at actual work but great at socializing
    – pain strikes mostly when they are required to do things they don’t like
    – parties and trips to Mexico cure all their symptoms

    Then you wonder why there are skeptics?

    I know people who have gone through intense bouts of pain due to debilitating diseases and accidents – several friends to cancer, friend shot in the throat while serving overseas, aunt dying of MS, brother breaking hips and legs in a fall, and more. You could tell when they were in pain. They were either completely wiped out by the pain or it was a visible physical struggle to cope.

    Then on the other hand – this year in fact – I see these two women with Fibromylagia who are in “intense” pain on the Wednesday and Thursday prior to the long weekend so they need to stay home and rest. Well….wasn’t I just amazed at their recovery when I ran into them that Saturday playing golf on a local course with a bunch of their friends. Just one of many, many examples of those I know with Fibromyalgia.

    Let’s see. Who’s more credible on the “intense and debilitating” scale? My brother who i watched pull himself up during recovery with his skin turning pale and grey, profuse sweating, shaking, grunting, etc… Or these two women in such intense pain just before a long weekend merrily golfing during said long weekend after they reported such severe pain they felt like they were dying.

    So here it is. I think that maybe there exists a real condition out there that is Fibromyalgia. Or maybe that it’s a term used for real pain when the Docs are unable to explain the pain. But I know for sure that it’s also an excuse used by many lazy fraudsters to escape work and sucker sympathy from those around them. Until doctors come up with a near surefire way of diagnosing Fibromyalgia I take any claim with a grain of salt. All I’ve seen is a bunch of whiny middle aged sloths taking advantage of the system.

  211. franco Says:

    I see the constant rantings of a sappy neer’ do well classmate of mine claiming to be lost in the throes of this “disease”… also a major pothead from 15 and “new age” I’ll believe anything mumbo jumbo guy as long as I have known him.

    I think that there may be some underlying condition(s) which will attract other conditions like a magnet so are always found together- like insomnia and pain- then depression sneaks in because you aren’t sleeping. BUT I don’t believe this is incurable for one second, I suffered through ALL the symptoms of this for years and found out I had a bad vertebrae that needed removal (!) and back to normal. Of course by the time you are 6 months into this Fibromyalgia “disease” you are probably knee deep in drugs which is a pretty firm anchor.

    My advice to anyone with this SYNDROME (not disease) is to stay off the drugs (the pain isn’t going to kill you, like I said I walked around with a 10 pain for years and had some depression but it isn’t going to kill you I promise), stop whining every second of the day, and for at least 6 months commit to diet/exercise/counseling/group therapy/ and a healthy new hobby.

  212. Godammit, I’m Mad! » Blog Archive » Great News For Hypochondriacs! Says:

    […] conversation here about fibromyalgia continues to stir bitter enmity between sufferers and doubters. The douters are inordinately […]

  213. Eliza Says:

    I’m shocked how many alleged doctors and nurses claim to work the ER and judge the veracity of FMS accordingly. Every once in awhile when I have to work on rotating triage shifts, it’s difficult not to hate evrybody. People come in complaining about nausea and severe stomach pain, then you watch them eat Vending out of Cheetos the four hours they wait to see a doctor. People go to the ER for the most ridiculous reasons: migraines, tongue pain, weird bumps. It’s all attention seeking. I get migraines too, my temperature goes up, I vomit, I consider trepannation. I take 200mg of CoQ10 and divided dosages of ibuprofen and wait it out in a cold room like the basement or bathroom. Why would I go to the ER so American physicians would ignore me in my 70’s vinyl seat for car accidents and heart attacks? Patients like that are sad and bored. Of course the ones who come in for fibromyalgia are whiners, like most of the others who brought themselves there. Patients exaggerate. They drive themselves in then refuse to walk through the lobby until someone gets them a wheelchair. If they think they’re waiting too long, they cry and throw themselves onto the floor. Is fibromyalgia real? The comparison waaaay back to ADD is probably the most appropriate, though I would’ve gone with Asperger’s. Some people are mildly inconvenienced by their inability to read facial and body clues, lack of understanding sarcasm and word play due to literal interpretation, and inappropriate behaviors in social situations. Others are desperate to excuse their bad personalities and difficulty making friends. Combined with the oft mentioned placating family physicians and drug-happy culture, any disease or syndrome with a psychological component is at least 60% bullshit.

  214. DERPY Says:

    i c SO many trolls

  215. Dr. Mongo Lloyd Says:

    LOL @ the so-called “educated” folks going on about “clinical markers.” You know what those markers are, folks?

    For the uninitiated, the ONLY test for fibromyalgia is a “trigger point” test. The doctor squeezes, pokes or prods 18 points on the human body. If you say 11 of them hurt, guess what? You have fibromyalgia!

    That’s it. That’s how easy it is to get a fibro diagnosis. No WAY anyone could easily fake that “disease,” right?!

  216. al Says:

    I know several people who claim to have general malaise style diseases. CFS, MS, and Fibromyalgia. I believe all of these diseases actually do exist. I also think that lack of proper nutrition and exercise contribute HUGELY to their symptoms. NONE of the people I have ever met, who have these diseases make a consistent effort to eat right and exercise, avoid caffeine, or naturally control their sleep quality. What I always want to ask them is, why? Why don’t you at least TRY doing the natural feel-good things (eat clean, natural, organic, unproccessed foods, get good sleep, stay off all meds, refined sugars, caffeine). If that is just too much hassle of trouble for you to try, then you deserve all the heckling of the unbelievers of your maladies.

  217. manda Says:

    “Go to medical school then you have initials behind your name and people might listen to you. Ok, so you don’t want to believe fibro is real. Who cares don’t. But I tell you it’s something”

    … says the person ignoring all of the other people in the thread that did go to medical school and have “MD” and “PhD” after their names. Good job!

  218. Sarahmarie Says:

    Wow! What a sh*t storm. It seems like we have people who generally hate people with illnesses or women. At some points in this tread I expected to see opinions about the welfare system and women’s debilitating emotional issues. Are you people for real? Men get FM, depression is a component but some do have per-existing mental health concerns, children get it and it’s not about doing things (like working) but how much and how long. I do two-three hours light housework (clean a toilet, swifter a floor, couple loads of laundry that i can’t lift, a load of dishes in the dishwasher) and i need two days to recover. A light touch on the shoulder is intense pain (an 8) for 20-30 minutes. Yes, it is autoimmune. Yes, it’s your brain being hypersensitive. Doctors act like jerks when they don’t want to cross speciality areas and collaborate with other specialist and when they don’t want to look deeper. Oh, and for all those who say we are whiners- I have never once used it as an excuse to get out of something and am very reluctant to talk about because I am ashamed I can’t meet all the commitments I used to be able to meet. FM sucks. People who lie about having it are pathetic. But people lie about mental health – There are always those people though.

  219. Sarahmarie Says:

    **the emoticon with the shades was a miss type. It should say ‘that last’.
    On last thought, whether the pain is physical or mental does not matter, we need to be healthy- period. I deserve to not live my life in pain. I do not need to just suck it up “like everyone else”. As a matter of fact, because FM doesn’t cause damage, but is chronic we live the rest of our lives, after diagnosis in a hell with no end in sight (even if meds help some). That being said, my brother-in-law had FM for 2or3 years (after rx’d). He was made a hermit by the pain. A year ago, he began to express his desperation at being in pain day in and day out. Hell on Earth if you ask me. One year ago, he stuck a handgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. RIP Michael. Your pain has ended. I do not condone what he did, but I get it. For all you doubters, haters and ignorant & conceited persons I have one question: Do you get it yet?!? Your talking about real people and their lives. We ALL deserve to live a good and fulfilling life- not just you.

  220. Exceller Says:

    I nearly had fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, like my sister in law, who gets worse everytime there’s something to be done. Then I decided they were far too common ailments for a special person like me so I now suffer from Croesus-Midas syndrome, which just means I want the tax payer to fund a luxury life style without my having to work.

  221. Concerned Says:

    In the pursuit of finding unexplained answers to those with Fibromyalgia (FM) DISORDER, which my wife has been told she has, I am finding this blog fascinating as it covers a broad spectrum of opinions which proves the “grey area” around this DISORDER.

    Since FM is rooted to mental health issues, I don’t feel some of the negative comments here are really warranted to help individuals who are truly struggling in life which maybe no fault of their own. At the same time, those who think they have FM or have been told they have FM from a Doctor – should really look deeper as was already suggested by a Doctor here within, since such research supports mental issues, rather than it being a disease like MS that can be diagnosed with medical tests, unlike FM.

    Some Research: Abstract attached: This research points at mood changes and disorders associated to fibromyalgia. Note that 74.8% have anxiety and mood disorders. Summary – treatment should focus on physical and emotional dysfunction.

    Genetic Factors:
    “Depression in fibromyalgia may be caused by specific genetic factors. It has been found that a large number of people with both depression and fibromyalgia also have a family history of depression. Therefore, many experts suspect a familial predisposition to developing depression in these individuals.”

    Treatment: The first link states there are 3 drugs to treat Fibromyalgia. It is stated that antidepressants are the most USEFUL medications for fibromyalgia, because it raises the levels of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain to manage depression, pain and fatigue.

    Certainly there are some people using FM to benefit and abuse the system, such as with auto injury claims and work compensations – those people will always exist. They are pure opportunists that need to be dealt with accordingly.
    For those people with true symptoms of pain, fatigue and depression – if you are self-medicating using only organic vitamins and NOT properly medicating using antidepressants in proper dosages to control the serotonin and norepinephrine levels, then you are NOT managing the problem at all.

    There seems to be this trend by FM sufferers to ignore the use of ANTIDEPRESSANTS as the basic treatment since they do not like the stigma attached to having a mental health issue. For those people, that is like putting a Band-Aid on a deep wound that requires stitches and expecting it to heal, only to find out that the doesn’t heal and festers into something worse to last longer.

    If any good is to come from Mental Illness Awareness Week (Oct. 7-13, 2012) to genuinely help another group of people – doesn’t anyone here think that associating FM to the mental health research already done makes sense ? This might be the bold step needed to make a “grey” disorder more “black & white” and really help those that need and want the help.

  222. Maiko Says:

    While some people may “fake” fibromyalgia, not everyone does. And certainly, not every person who has a chronic pain disorder is lazy and sits around doing nothing. I am a very healthy, very active 21 year old female with a chronic pain disorder that some doctors have speculated is fibromyalgia. It developed when I was a junior in high school and for quite a long time I honestly thought the daily head and neck aches and pain in my legs were “normal” aches and pains. I was miserable all the time. It wasn’t until about a year later that I realized purely by chance the one way to alleviate my pain, which is running daily for half an hour (about three miles). So this is what I do every day. If I don’t, I can expect a headache caused by the pain in the left side of my neck along with the inability to sit for any period of time because of the dull, aching pain in my thighs.
    Because of my condition that may or may not be fibromyalgia, I lead a very active lifestyle and I hate nothing more than being inactive. It is extremely presumptuous to claim that everyone with this disorder is faking it to justify their desire to be lazy. And, if you are characterizing people with fibromyalgia as fat, lazy people who despise working and activity, one look at me and you would know you are wrong. I am a thin, physically fit and very “healthy looking” person. There is nothing about me that would lead anyone to believe I have any type of health problem. I deal with my condition through a healthy lifestyle and exercise alone. I have never taken any sort of medicine to alleviate my symptoms, even though it has been prescribed to me. So, again, not every person is just looking for an excuse to abuse drugs due to this disorder.
    Basically, to claim that fibromyalgia is a fabricated disorder is quite repulsive to those of us who legitimately suffer from chronic pain. While I am usually positive about my condition and grateful that I at least know of a way to make my pain temporarily go away, there are days when I feel very unhappy that as a 21 year old girl who does everything “right” for her body, I am in this much pain. I urge anyone who disrespects people with chronic pain disorders by accusing them of lying will think about that. And to anyone who suffers from fibromyalgia or any other chronic pain disorder, I really suggest you give exercise a try because it may be the one thing to make you feel better, too!

  223. Maiko Says:

    That was supposed to say “to think about that”

  224. Concerned Says:

    Maiko, you bring up some very important points, being Regular Exercise, a Healthy Lifestyle and whether or not you may have Fibromyalgia.

    Since pain medication is not your choice for pain relief, as you have found your solution through exercise, is a good point to raise for others. Regular exercise is definitely recommended for many pain suffers to include arthritis, such as for myself, where I find much relief regularly exercising. In fact, it is safe to say that regular exercise and eating healthy, is generally good for the body, mind and particularly the heart.

    Your own words of whether you “may or may not have Fibromyalgia” is a great statement and good words of wisdom, for those using a labelled disorder to their advantage for personal gain, when genuine people like yourself, do suffer from pain. Not to say that Fibromyalgia suffers don’t – it’s just to question what they really suffer from and if other deep rooted problems exist for them. There is no doubt that chronic pain suffers do exist and some early signs of arthritic or similar pain suffers can experience this early in their life, without knowing exactly what they have and whether it is temporary or permanent.

    Fibromyalgia has associated mental health issues as mentioned in research studies with antidepressants being the most USEFUL form of treatment for this disorder. Interestingly enough, past generations of women between the ages of 40-59 were prescribed antidepressants to solve their emotional and physical pains, which did not last all their life in the end, according to my mother now aged 89. So if my mother had what is now, Fibromyalgia, she did not know it – she just lived through the typical female life cycle. Thus, the question – is Fibromyalgia really something new for this age category in women or is it something more? I guess since Fibromyalgia can’t be diagnosed by a true medical test like a blood test it can get misused by anyone wanting to label themselves or with the help of reluctant Doctor’s.

    So sifting through all those making positive and negative comments here – do they really know what Fibromyalgia is and do they have it or something else. Process of elimination would be to take antidepressants for Fibromyalgia as suggested by studies, while keeping a regular exercise routine and eating healthy. For those with a history of family depression, then Fibromyalgia may be the label for them in this day and age. For those women in the menopausal state – recognise this and pull yourself and those around you out of the darkness.

    Depending on age and the many other factors, anyone can see how “grey” the Fibromyalgia term really is and why so much controversy. It’s a mixed bag !

  225. TERESA Says:

    I know for a fact that fibromyalgia is usually faked in order to not have to work and to try and get on disability faster.

    I know because that was me.

    Fibromyalgia is totally fake and it is usually those women who are overweight and ages from 35-55 who have very sad lives.

    Most all women who have fibromyalgia also have depression, anxiety disorder, bopolar, CFS, unexplaned headaches, chronic back pain-even with a good CT and MRI showing no injury to the back or neck, very overweight, little to no work time spent working over the years, PTSD- with no stressful life event that may have caused the PTSD- and it goes on and on, and most all have had fake suicide attempts to try and get on disability faster.

    These women will talk for hours about every pain they have and how many pill they are on.
    They paint the image that they are knocking on deaths door and the doctors say that they could die anytime.

    I have had several friends of mine that I am talking about above “Snap out of Fibromyalgia”, get a job, loose the weight, get divorced and start dating better men, go back to college, and become productive citizens again. Each one has told me they are 100% so thankful that I was so hard on them and now they wouldn’t trade back for that fibro/depression life for the world.

    All you have to do is just get off of the bed and away from the T.V. and off the internet for 10-hours per day and start walking, eating better, get off all the meds and you too can have your life back.
    Please just give it a try- give yourself 1-year and if you don’t feel better, then go back.

    I promise you will love youself again.

  226. Brenda Says:

    While I have not had the time to read all the comments to this post, I do very much hope you get your wish and develop fibromyalgia. Only the best will do for you!

  227. Brenda Says:

    Criminy. I did just read a few of these “comments.” What a hate-fest! God bless all of you who have no clue. And even more so, God bless all of you who do have a clue and then some! I was one of those people who didn’t “believe in” a lot of illnesses and I received my “reward.” Fibromyalgia may not be “real” but then, please, figure out what causes all these symptoms so it can be treated more appropriately. Whatever this is — I can assure you it is not fake. Have a blessed day!

  228. Concerned Says:

    Brenda – please at least read the links to my comments for the most USEFUL medications to treat Fibromyalgia. There are also research articles and genetic factor links that you can read which are associated and “real” to what is known for the FM disorder. If FM could be medically tested with a definitive blood test or similar, negative comments would not be written here within. I hope this helps you to realize what may cause your pain & suffering and to dig deeper within you to see where this all lies.

  229. Kimberly Says:

    Wow, Some of these posts are appalling. I have constant pain. I am not a DR. I am just a person who spent countless hours going to countless DRs trying to get help. I don’t care what it’s called, I just want to feel better.
    For people to say that I am lazy and just want to sit around and feel sorry for myself, when they don’t even know me is crazy.
    How can you blame the patient for the Drs lack of answers. Maybe we need better Drs. Maybe Drs need to do their job and help these people. I didn’t diagnose myself. My Drs diagnosed me. Is it fair that I am now subjected to ridicule because the rest of the world can not agree on what “this” is. Call it what you want. I just want to feel better.
    Also i am depressed. Who wouldn’t be. this sucks. I see comments about how “these people” are sick one day then go to parties the next. Well your damn right. I spend almost every minute of my life feeling like crap. If i get a day when I feel better, you can bet your ass I’m going to spend it doing something that makes me happy.

  230. Not buying it Says:

    I find it interesting how the only responses towards those who express doubt are hostile, ignorant, and abusive. If you have this “disease” then you should support your arguments with better data…criticizing their opinion especially with low ball remarks about penis size, only shows a level of desperation to take the focus off the actual issue, which lends credence to the arguments against. It is no different than the individual who refers to people as being racist or ignorant when they have no real, solid, or intelligent response.

    If you want to make your point, stop with the individual case studies, the nasty distractions, and provide solid data. If you do that, nobody can dispute your statements. Make ignorant and unnecessary statements and you lose every bit of credibility.

  231. Kimberly Says:

    I agree. Penis size has no
    I would just like to say, I can not give any solid Data.
    I am the patient. I think its not really fair to say something doesn’t exist on the basis that people fake it. There will always people who fake it. However there are People who really have something wrong. I did not diagnose myself. My Dr diagnosed me. I don’t want People to think I am Lazy, bored,blah,blah,blah. I think that people saying that anybody diagnosed with Fibro is faking , can cause some real problems. What if there is something causing this and Drs stop looking because “its fake”. Not fair. There are a lot of aches and pains that can be faked. Everybody perceives pain differently. I dont know what the answer is. I just know that I have a lot of weird symptoms that I can not explain. It sucks. I feel like i got hit by a truck. I have no idea why. I just dont know. what I do know is that my Dr giving me a diagnoses at the very least was a relief in the sense that i felt like someone finally listened to me. This pain is real. I dont know where it comes from. I wish somebody did. But i dont want to be called a faker and lazy. Its hurtful. Its just not right. Also it is really scarey to know that our healthcare workers treat patients with less respect because they are diagnosed with fibro. That is shameful. People need to realize we did not diagnose ourselves.

  232. Concerned Says:

    Taking care of yourself and listening to your body is most important, regardless what you may have. Not realizing the state of one’s mental health also needs to be considered so the chemicals within the brain are being produced like other normal operating organs within the body. Getting other Doctor’s opinions is your option and if you really want to know what is going on with yourself means doing just that. If you were told by one Dr that you needed a major operation, wouldn’t you seek out other opinions before you made a decision to operate ? Many areas of the brain are involved in the experience of pain. When we stub our toe, it hurts – but only because our brain says so. Damage-detecting sensory neurons flash a message to the spinal cord, spinal cord neurons relay the message to the brain, and the brain decides (a) damage has occurred, (b) it has been inflicted on the toe, and (c) something needs to be done (we start hobbling, raise the foot, utter an expletive). It may feel as if our toe is throbbing, but the experience is all contained within a mental projection of the condition of our toe within our brain. Therefore, managing chemicals within the brain should be your focus to manage your pain (see my comments above and helpful links). One main study finds that people with a family history of depression are likely to be asscociated with FM. So is depression a product of your pain or vise versa ? Finding this answer might be the starting point to relieve your pain since antidepressants are the prescribed medication for this reason. Remember, pain is felt in the brain but for some people who don’t want to recognise mental health to be associated with FM then it is the “dog chasing it’s tail” to deal directly with the issue. Maybe the deep pain some people experience is the onset of arthritis and not FM but you have to find this out over time. Faking FM or faking anything else is another topic centered around people who are fakers – this is where the anger is directed within this topic and responses of this page. FM has spawned fakers just like whiplash in every car accident.

  233. Mai Says:

    Show me one real medical test that proves it is real and I will accept it.

    I want to see a blood test, DNA test, etc. something that is real.

    Anyone can go to a doctor and say they hurt in the fibromyalgia points of pain when he touches you.

    Anyone can look fibromyalgia up on the web and say they have it.

    I am a doctor and I work off of facts, labs, test results, not just words.
    I need to see something real and I will change my mind.
    Please tell me what test I can order, if any exist, that I can use.

  234. Concerned Says:

    Mai – for someone claiming to be a Doctor, sensitivity doesn’t seem to be part of your vocabulary. There are people suffering from PAIN, regardless of the NAME it is given. I’m an engineer and assume little but rely on facts, formulas and statistics. Very similar to what Doctors rely on. Why don’t doctors try to either support or eliminate FM for what it has been defined as, since it was a Doctor who published it as a disorder ? Doctor’s and PHD’s in general, like to publish papers and see their names associated with brilliant discoveries so they can get more fund money, etc – medical politics. Why can’t doctor’s unite for the good of a cause and make things black & white and clear this up for everyone sake ? Doctor’s coined the FM phrase, so fix it and elimate the controversy and what YOU are complaining about ! And by the way, cure cancer since it has been too long for that cause as well. Think about this Mai Dr God as you prepare for work in the mirror each morning.

  235. mitchell Says:

    My husband works 10-18 hours a day with Fibro. He is not lazy at all he
    Is the hardest working man I know. He works in a factory and has for13 years. He does not take meds because of side effects. The doc told him he was taking so much Ibprohen that his liver and stomach wil not take much more. His responce was I have to work some how, I have a family to feed.
    To all of you laughing at this I hope and pray you dont have to go through this you couldn’t handle it.

  236. Beula Says:

    To all the people who have Fibromyalgia it is very simple.

    You need to give your life to God.

    Fibromyalgia is the devil. The devil want you to hurt and suffer. He wants you all to get on the internet and spew out hate at each other- both sides belivers of fibromyalgia and the non-believers.

    We must come toghether and truly give ourselfs to God and he will heal us. We must show him that we so need his blessing by the way that we call out to him and ask him to pull the devil out of us in pain and suffering.

    I fell out of the flock and started smoking and drinking coke. I started laying out at night with men. The devil came into my life and gave me lots of pain and suffering.

    I got back to the Lord and he took the fibromyaliga away. I got my kids and husband back and lost the weight and got my old job back.

    Please get yourself right with God if you are suffering under fibromyalgia and as God to cast out the devil/fibromyalgia.

    Have the Chruch lay hand on you and they will heal and you will speak in new toungs.

    You shall even take up serpents and they shall not harm you. You shall drink deadly things and it shall not kill you.

    Fibromyalgia can be beat, you just have to get right with God.

  237. Concerned Says:

    Maybe Dr T can help – he has been on Dr Oz, Ricki Lake, Oprah etc and once had CFS as he states. He seems to have some solutions to CFS/FM, see the link about him attached –

  238. Kimberly Says:

    Dr.Mia, My comment to you is…. I have lab tests that say something is going on. I will not share those here. However, my Dr. is the person who calls it FM. I just go to him to seek help. So, I have to agree with Concerned. It’s not the patient who is wrong here. Find an answer. You are the Dr. We as patients come to you for help. I really do not care what it is called. i just want to feel better. Just sayin.

  239. mike Says:

    reconcile this:
    fibro is real
    what we think is what we become
    fibro can become our story
    our story is real
    we can decide to change our story
    there are more or less benefits that we derive from different stories
    our story changes as our other needs and resources and benefits change in time
    we can create our own reality (unlike ‘lowe’r animals)’
    our pre-fibro life holds many clues to our ‘fibro’ lives
    seek and you shall find
    become more whole and risk stepping outside of your comfort zone
    you are a good person and no one can ever take this away from you
    seek out others socially, go for brief walks in nature, bubble in your life’s accomplishments…. and try to do this daily…. and wake with a smile and sleep with a smile…daily
    and take one day at a time
    and you shall become triumphant in this one life with which you have been blessed! All the best!

  240. TruthHurts Says:

    women. cant live with em….
    there is no syndrome, unless you call it estrogen predominance.

    you think that complaining women could sit around and have people “tend” to her whining in any other era? what about the frontiersmen, she’d be left to die. middle ages…sorry charlie.

    this is an obama condition. we feel sorry for you, we’ll take care of you, we’ll pay for you. you poor thing, you just lay back and collect from the doers in this world.

    want to know what works alot better than lyrica? get off your lazy fat a__, get on a treadmill and sweat! stop laying around feeding that trap of yours and work, work, work. when youre so tired from putting in the first day of your life where you actually had to work hard, then you’ll sleep well. now, get up and do it again. 5 days a week, just like that husband you’ve been living off of.

    hard labor. do it for a year, and you wont have time to complain about your “fibromyalgia” do it for 3 years and you’ll start to learn something new…its called self respect. not living off someone else.

    want to get better? stop waiting for someone to empathsize with your misery, and work off some of that lard you’ve accumulated by your indolent lifestyle, you lazy pigs.

  241. Concerned Says:

    Hey “TruthHurts” – you are an ignorant and uneducated a$$hole. I know it is hard for stupid people like yourself to understand some of the real world medical issues like “pain” whether it is temporary or long term but I feel sorry that you live in some backwoods cabin and listen to banjo music for your world news to understand how the world turns. When you get off humping your boyfriend, try educating yourself about the subject and understand that maybe some people use a medical disorder for their own personal gain, while others have some cronic pain that they are dealing with. Next you are going to say that “Blacks” medically defined fibromyalgia (FM) and it is derived from slavery – get your act together $hithead. FM was medically defined in Europe and little is known at this stage about the disorder. Cancer hasn’t been cured 100% either but it can be diagnosed with lab tests. The difference between cancer and FM is that lab tests can determine cancer and not FM. I know this topic is far above your comprehension, but understand that people fake all kinds of things everyday just like yourself trying to project yourself like someone who is well respected in life – you just let everyone know that you are a transparent idiot, so that must be hard for you to hide in real life. See the difference yet – faking or being transparent ?

  242. Kimberly Says:

    Wow. You are mean. Lol. It’s almost kind of funny. Well I guess it must be nice to have all the answers. What a joke. You talk as if you know every person in the world with FM. I know a few people who have it and work everyday. So, looks like you maybe don’t know everybody who has it. Hmmm, Could it be that you may be wrong? I still have yet to have someone who thinks it is fake to explain to me why they feel the patient is in the wrong here. WE ARE DIAGNOSED BY DOCTORS! If you are a Dr. then help somebody. If you are not then shut up. K Thanks.

  243. Kimberly Says:

    Also, If you know so many people that are faking, maybe you need a better class of people to hang with.

  244. Karon Says:

    If you have fibromyalgia please at least try to give yourself a chance to rid yourself of it.

    #1 Go on a diet- loose the weight

    #2 Get out of the house and get a job

    #3 Get off all the drugs that are keeping you gorked out

    #4 Build up your “selfvalue” and get some real respect for yourself

    I had CFS, CHF, Fibromyaliga, PTSD, BiPolar, social phobia, severe shortness of breath, depression, suicide thoughts/attempts, was diabetic, and weighed 400 pounds. I really didn’t care if I woke up the next morning or not. I had no drive to even live.

    I hadn’t worked in 8-years, I only came out of the house like once a month. I had let my car and driver’s license go. I felt worthless. I was even on SSI disability and trying to live on $700 a month, which I gave half to my mom to help pay utilities and property taxes, insurance, and upkeep of the house.

    My mom died and my dad had been dead for over 20-years. I had to sell the house and and was forced to get out. I miss my mom with all my heart, but her death is what got me into a new life. I was forced to grow up and carry my own weight.

    I lost the weight, got off all the meds, got a job, moved into a small duplex and got married at the age of 38 and I am so happy now. I have 2-kids and an amazing life and husband that really loves me.

    I cut myself off the disablity check and got a job making over $2400 a month.

    Please help yourself and you will have a new life.

    It is all in your head. I promise you can feel good again.

    At least try to get you life back once, if it doesn’t help once you loose the weight and so on, then your fibromyalgia is real and you can’t be helped.

    Good luck
    Also find a good support group.

  245. Kimberly Says:

    You are very presumptuous. How do you do that. Just assume that every person diagnosed is obese? I do not understand this crap. The patient is not responsible for explaining or proving an illness. This makes me sick. People are mean and nasty.

  246. Concerned Says:

    Kimberly – people can be mean and nasty. Karon is being upfront and blunt about her experience which everyone is entitled to. FM is a grey area on it’s own. One day a lab test and further treatment will bring this subject more clarity that it needs. In the meantime, all one can do is get onto a better lifestyle which keeps one mentally and physically healthy. This I believe is Karon’s point she is making through her experience, however she comes across.

  247. Kimberly Says:

    Well that may be true, however assuming that everybody with FM does not have a healthy lifestyle is insulting on it’s own. I am not obese, I do get out of the house, I am not “gorked out” on drugs, and I do have self value and respect. That is why i am responding. I think it is great to share successes, but I am tired of the insults. That’s all.

  248. Jennifer Says:

    If I hear one more person compare FM to cancer I think my head might explode. What a desperate attempt to legitimize your dependency! I’m not saying you don’t have pain, but that’s like trying to compare a headache to a brain tumor. STOP STOP STOP!!! YOU are NOT in the same class as someone with a flipping DEATH SENTENCE!!!!

    I was on the fence before about this, but not anymore. How utterly disgusting. The OP is right: Sign me up.

  249. Kimberly Says:

    So because apparently somebody is being dramatic, which I guess I missed, you are now off the fence? Well if you want it I hope you get it. Good luck. Plus I guess if you don’t have a fatal illness whatever you have doesn’t count. oh ok. I didn’t know it was a who’s life sucks more contest.
    Maybe if people would stop telling us that we are faking, fat, lazy and depressed….. when you do not even know me…. people with FM might not feel the need to prove that they are in pain.
    The great thing is, It really doesn’t natter what a bunch of judgmental people that I don’t know says. They have no say. If I decide to get disability, too bad huh. I guess they will just have to live with it… lol…..LOVE IT!

  250. Fibro hell michelle Says:

    I would rather of had cancer that this horrible fibromyalgia that will torture me for the rest of my life.

    I am 44 years old and might live for another 40 years just to suffer with my severe fibromyalgia pain day in and day out.

    You lucky people with cancer, I do feel sorry for you, but you all will get a quick ticket out and have no more pain and suffering in just a matter of no more than a year or two until you die, or a cancer free. You life will go on and get back to normal. I will never have that.

    I will have to keep suffering and suffering and suffering.

    I am so sick of people discounting fibromyalgia.
    Yes I may be overweight, I may be “gorked out” on pain meds, depressed, but that is my business.

    Yes I may be on disability, but I paid taxes in for years and years, so it is also none of your business.

    To all you who think fibromyaliga is fake, i’d say that you better pray that you never get it.

    I’d much rather have terminal cancer.

    I do not mean to sound bitter, but cancer gets all the research money, all the public relations such as Susan Kolmen, etc.

    What does Fibro get- nothing, just stupid Lyrica commericals. That is it.

    At least the Governement will give you disability for Fibromyalgia and not cancer. I know people who had cancer and died and never got one disability check. At least the Government understands that Fibromyalgia is a much more severe and life limiting illness vs cancer which you either die really fast or get over it and are cancer free with a happy life again.

    Fibro is for the rest of your life. 20- 30- 40 more years of pure hell.

    I am so sick of fibromyalgia not getting attention. I am so sick of all the cancer research and no one setting up an organization to look for cures for fibro.

    Shame on all of you. Shame on you.

    Please don’t take me the wrong way. I am not mad at anyone with cancer, but I am mad at the system. Please don’t be mad at me. I am sorry if I sound too insensitive. I am just speaking from a broken and frustruated heart that is hardened with years and years of pain.

    Thanks for reading. I had to vent. I am sorry. Please don’t be mad at me.

  251. C H Ingoldby Says:

    A ‘disease’ with no objective symptoms, no test, no cause or vector of transmission.

    Just a lot of self obsessed, narcissistic hypochondriacs convincing themselves that they are ill.

    I call fake.

  252. Concerned Says:

    Since FM has been studied to have it’s history with depression (and anxieties) calling it “fake” to those with such a family history rooted in psychiatric disorders is not fake to them.

    True, there are no medical tests to diagnosis FM, like a “disease” which is why it is a “disorder” and falls into the realm of psychiatry. If the focus could remain on psychiatry, rather than always deviate towards physical illness then this topic wouldn’t be so confusing and debated.

    Neurotic Disorders and Somatisation associated with depression and anxieties is where the focus should be on FM.

    FM is all in the head after all, where all pain is felt and managed.

  253. Are you for real? Says:

    FM is NOT a disease. It is a syndrome or a disorder. You cannot find any markers that show any damage to the body by Fibro. All my patients who claim to have fibro also have migraines and IBS. My peers and I call it the TRIFECTA. We then shake our heads. Come back with an illness you can prove and I will give you sympathy and therapy. BTW – don’t whine to me. I have MS and still work full-time, raise a family, publish after seeing patients all day, and keep my home up and family fed.

  254. Concerned Says:

    I guess “Dr Phil” won’t touch this topic, since it would result in a drop in his viewing audience.

    Question to those in the medical community – any reason why FM can’t be dealt with directly by the Psychological community where they decide whether to provide pharmaceutical’s or not from a medical doctor ? This approach may at least weed out the fakers, since they don’t want to be classed with a Psychological disorder !

    At least this might class FM where it needs to be, which on the Psychological side of health rather than the physical !!

  255. Bob Says:

    My mother had fake o myalgia for 15 yrs, she is very irritable, seeks attention all the time, as plenty of energy when no one is around, when it comes to doing cleaning or cooking she suddenly needs to go to bed. She is very selfish, She never does anything wrong, when the boat drowns its everyone’s fault but hers. She goes outside when it rains like crazy wearing crocs, falls down on the porch’s steps. Blames it all on us for not taking care of her, dad works hard but to Her He never works hard enough, she then contradicts herself by blaming him for not being there.

    She forgets everything, mostly the bad shit she does, her disability check pays for everything apparently, dad makes 3 times the money and when you hear her talk he never pays for anything lol.

    She wakes up angry, spends her days yelling at us because we treat us like a normal adult that as responsibilities. If my parents have financial problems, its not only because of my dad…her too. She can’t take any critics.

    She tries to make everyone around her seem crazy. ”look my son wakes up screaming at night…”

    Dad left her a month ago, he never was violent, he almost killed himself because he couldn’t take her abuse anymore. She laced the cops and is now at a home for abused women lol. She called two times, She tries to manipulate me every time by distorting reality.

    I don’t believe in fibromyalgia anymore!! She just wants attention, the easiest way to get it was by whining and being the victim, when she doesn’t get her dose of pity she yells like a crazed person. She wants to live like a irresponsible child while being treated as an adult, that’s bs. She really likes to remind us that we are worthless, not god to her. I told her, your going to be alone, how are you going to miss us then?

    I am planning on not talking to her that much in the future, she is a parasite.

    Sorry for my English, it’s not my first language.

  256. Will Says:

    I know quite a few people with this. They lay around all day long and do nothing. Write several posts on facebook about being in pain (for some sympathy from others of course),and whenever the word “work” is involved they have a sudden flare up and cannot do anything but sleep.

    One thing I have seen with them all. They all want some sort of check or pain pills for their poor,unfortunate selves.

    Ever notice how “fibromites” obsess about the “disease”. Poor me…I know people with cancer that don’t want to talk about cancer. They want to live their lives. It is absolutely a mental condition. If you are overweight and complain about body aches and pains. Get off your butt and exercise. Change your diet. Guess what? This stuff is going to suck. You are going to be sore,but lets not act like years of lazyness and bad eating didn’t lead up to this.

  257. Kyle Says:

    My mom was just like your’s Bob. Your English is good. Will you hit this right on the money.

    All the women in my family, Mother, 3-sisters now in their mid 30’s are all now on disability for “fibromyalgia” and can’t work.

    They have no problem going to Branson, MO. every other week, going shopping on the first of the month when the disability checks come in, etc.

    They are all faking it. My oldest sister, who I really like, admited to me she is “Faking” it because she can’t find a job. She told me that she can draw $1200 a month, or work and be sent home early all the time and make $700 a month and have to pay for gas, meals, wear on the car, and day care.

    She gets $1200 a month SSD, a low income apt. for $92 a month, free natural gas, reduced electric, and $800 a month in food stamps.

    I’d do the same thing if I had three hungery kids to feed and a father in prision.

    The bottom line is that fibromyalgia is fake. People use it as a disease to get what they want.

    I told my sisters to just keep doing what she has to do to keep a roof over the kids and feed.

    Fibromyalgia is fake, not real, lazy fat women who want a free living, or who have to use Fibromyalgia to support her family when her husband walks out or goes to prision.

  258. Concerned Says:

    Bob – your mom needs to get her head sorted out. What you state about her is someone who is delusional and an attention seeker.

    Read these links below and let her know she needs help for her head not her body. FM is the new term for hypochondriac’s and in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s they would prescribe vallium for it. Today it is cymbalta and lyrica which is to deal with depression and axiety, same as vallium. The difference now is FM has shifted to make it “sound” like it is body pain. Same problem, just different era. Add in menopause and it is a mixed bag that still needs the same drugs. In the head………… where it is.

    Some Research: Abstract attached: This research points at mood changes and disorders associated to fibromyalgia. Note that 74.8% have anxiety and mood disorders. Summary – treatment should focus on physical and emotional dysfunction.

    Genetic Factors:
    “Depression in fibromyalgia may be caused by specific genetic factors. It has been found that a large number of people with both depression and fibromyalgia also have a family history of depression. Therefore, many experts suspect a familial predisposition to developing depression in these individuals.”

    Treatment: The first link states there are 3 drugs to treat Fibromyalgia. It is stated that antidepressants are the most USEFUL medications for fibromyalgia, because it raises the levels of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain to manage depression, pain and fatigue.

  259. Concerned Says:

    Seems like PhD’s still struggle with the mental aspects of the disorder.

    “Fibromyalgia and chronic pain in danger of being labeled a mental disorder”

  260. Mars Says:

    Who says Fibromyalgia is a Fake.I am a male of 55 who still has to run a business a house a garden and I am in constant pain.I used to be a bright social person..Use to be the imperative word,since I have been diagnosed I tell you I have the stamina of a dead dog…I could sleep all day long,me?.I used to get up at 5.30 am every day of my life and these days I can’t get out of bed before 9 am !!..
    I ache all over day in and out despite of being on the highest dose of Norspan patches !! nothing alleviates my pain,not even Lyrica. So if Fibro is a fake come a talk to me and I will tell you where to go..Ignorant,God willing you will never suffer from such a debilitating illness that ruins your life..I only wish I could be half of the person I used to be..Now days I can only plan things on a daily basis,simply because I have no idea how I will be the next day..

  261. Concerned Says:

    Fake to some that are “fakers” using the term FM, to manipulate situations around them for personal or financial gain.

    Pain is real. FM itself is in question, since it is NOT a disease that can be diagnosed with a lab test like MS, cancer etc. For this reason, it is a disorder.

    Pain is experienced in the brain – this is known. Pain is controlled in the brain, which is why when you take even Tylenol your pain is releived, depending on the degree of the pain. Morophine for the most extreme pain.

    Finding the root of pain and with FM being grossly used as the term or “flavour of the decade”, it confuses defining what pain you have and why you experience it.

    If you are comfortable with the label of FM – then you may never know the root of your pain.

    Right now FM is used by many “fakers” and that is the stigma that is attached to it.

    Chronic pain is the general class, but narrowing it down is the difficult part.

    FM like ADD is too common in today’s world and language, which the pharmaceutical companies have supported such disorders and manipulate for their benefit. Could the pharmaceutical companies be the “master minds” of all fakers ?

  262. sickinpainnotlookingforattentionorlazy Says:

    I know I probably shouldn’t bother to try to educate some people here who seem far to removed from reality to ever understand some very basic concepts but, I am going to take a plunge anyway.

    First, I have been diagnosed 2 times against my wishes with Fibromyalgia for an illness that is very much real. This came on 4 years ago and I attempted to ignore it and explain that I was having pains in my hands due to working too hard in the yard (I helped lay 12 pallets of sod in July in Florida) and this and that. I was running 5 miles bi-weekly, jogging with a double stroller with 50 lbs worth of kids bi-weekly, working bi-weekly, gardening, sewing, crafting, enfoying my extended family, keeping my home as neet as a pin and enjoying life to the fullest. I was not and am not depressed. I was not and am not lazy EVER either!! (GOOD GRIEF PEOPLE!!)

    After 2 years of joint pain I went in to see my Dr for a regular checkup and mentioned this pain in my hands and he thought it may be lymes from my yard work and I was hopeful that I could get on some antibiotics and get my hands back into shape but, i came back clear for all lymes and related (ricketts &such) diseases. He then sent me for Lupus ans RA testing because I also have a Molor rash on my face and some other Lupus like symptoms that I had always lived with. All these came back negative too.

    As time went on my hands and the fatigue (i think due to my body trying to cope with pain) got so bad that I could not brush my own hair or teeth for more than 30 seconds at a time. I would have mornings that I would get up to take a shower and have to lay back down because I was too tired to finish getting ready!! It got worse and worse in my hands. I had to stop jogging, running, I couldn’t open jars, I dropped everything, I couldn’t seew, craft, garden, dressing is very difficult, my house sufferred, my cooking sufferred, I couldn’t chop vegetables for the meals and was forced to buy frozen (yuck) quick and easy meals). This is not something that I am dreaming up in my mind!

    Next my hips started to be affected. I have always had 1 hip that easily popped out of joint and this is the one that aggrivates the most now. It hurts wicked to drive!! My hands hurt wickly to drive. My shoulders pop and hurt to drive and driving all togetjer is a very painful and tiring event for me now. I hate this because I love to go-go!

    My knees and feet crack and pop too. I cant crouch without a big pop and it is sooo hard to get back up. I am only 36 years old!! My knees feel as if they are bending backwards when I walk and I have to concentrate and be very careful too!

    My wrists and elbows ache and pop and I have severe tennis elbow. My jaw is very sensitive and actually I have never been able to chew gum due to jaw pain (strange coincidence?)

    I suffer intense and take me out of life migraine headaches. These can last up to 48 hours. I can have them 2 x’s a week. In addition to these migraines I also have tension headaches that start in my shoulders and neck (probably due to sore mucles) that can turn into migraines again.

    I can’t remember not having a fever in the past 2 years. I get them every night 99-103 (axillary). I take my temperature and log it for my doctors. I have swollen lymph nodes at times, a sore throat often, sore muscle often (usually near the sore joints). I have lost 45 lbs since March of 2012 and I am not trying to loose weight.

    I have Intersistitial cystitis which may or may not be related but lately is flaring and would be completely manageable if I had it alone but I don’t obviously so, I feel overwhelmed.

    I was sent to a Neurologist due to my migraines who decided to poke me in the back and diagnose me with Fibromyalgia. I was having pain in my neck lymph nodes and asked him about that and the fevers and he got pushy and told me that I was imagining the swolllen lymph nodes and he ignored my questions about my fevers. As it turned out, he sent me down the hall to his very own paid technitian to have an ultrasound performed on my cortorid artery where the technitian exclaimed on the size of my lymph node near the artery. I also was sent to several other specialist who recorded my temperatures elevated.

    I didn’t like the diagnosis for me because it did not explain all of my symptoms. I naturally wanted something that I could fix initially too. Obviously Fibromyalgia is an illness that they say is unfixable and usually gets worse. I understand that it is possible that I may have more than 1 illness but, I also don’t like to be diagnosed with an illness that seems to be a bucket that Dr’s can easily drop patients into when they can’t figure out what is wrong with a patient.

    It is also scary to be diagnosed with an illness that i know people do not believe is real. My own mother doesn’t believe it is real.

    What I want to explain most of all here to the nay sayers of this blog though is,whether Fibromyalgia is a real disorder or not makes no difference. The bottom line is that most people do not want to be sick! If they go to a Dr and the Dr says that they have Fibromyalgia than it means they have something. Whether or not it is “fibromyalgia” I don’t know but, I know that I don’t think that if I have it thta, it is all that I have and I know that I have been diagnosed by a neurologist and a Reumatologist and I know that am am REALLY SICK. I have good days and bad days too so, if you see prople doing something one day but, sick the other it is called fatigue. If you don’t understand it, don’t make fun, look it up. Educate yourseves in the matter.
    I have actually pushed back against this diagnosis and upset both of my diagnosing Drs.

    Of course, we may have someone out there who says they are sick and they are not but, let God be the judge of them. I am not here to judge and likewise niether are you. When we make broad statements about people we hurt others in the process and we look like fools doing so.

    I pray that none of you nay sayers never have to feel as ill as any of the people who have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or who are yet to be. May all who have be miraculously healed!!

  263. Concerned Says:

    Well said “sickinpainnotlookingforattentionorlazy”

    Pain is real and everyone has experienced it. The degree of pain and overall symptoms that come with pain vary with individuals as to be expected.

    What you have described about all your symptoms and pain has to be not only frustrating but worrying as well.

    I wouldn’t settle for being labelled with FM, since that labelling evolved in Germany with the ONLY one “wild-card” test that exists, which is to press your body at 18 points at 9 locations to see if you feel pain.

    The global medical community should have never adopted such German “Voo-Doo” at the expense of such a diagnosis to spin out-of-control as it has, which soon all pets will have FM and we can then buy drugs for them. Germany has Bayer the pharmaceutical giant, which everyone knows and who is more likely to have pushed the FM labelling to the forefront while all the US drug companies saw was a new opportunity to capitalize on.

    My wife & I lived in Germany for the last 4 years and surprise, surprise – my wife was diagnosed in Germany with FM.

    My wife`s family health history on her mother`s side has osteoporosis & arthritis and you would think that pressing the body in the same manner as FM to diagnose FM, would result in the same pain. Hmm – this is where the real diagnosis confusion would begin.

    For my wife – she seems to be in denial about her family health history that likely is affecting her and more towards the FM label, since that seems to be the “softer” diagnosis but not the reality, as she suffers in silence around her loved ones.

    Her neck, back, hips, knees, calves and hands hurt more so when the weather changes. Her hands are looking more pronounced towards that of ongoing arthritis as she loses her grip strength. She is starting to walk (and she acknowledges this) slower with a slight hobble and she can’t keep up to others.

    She doesn’t look for sympathy as she silently struggles and she doesn’t open up to me either to be truthful about her pain.

    She does however lean towards having FM – which is not improving her life as I believe it is purely false for her to have FM when family history and her true symptoms are being ignored.

    One thing that is true – FM and all the emotion that comes with it, which is likely not knowing what the hell you have or being misguided like my wife puts a strain on relationships.

    I would suggest not settling for being labelled with FM, in the event that you miss what you truely have. FM is a deadend diagnosis whereas, finding what you have and either curing it or minimizing the effects with PROPER drugs is the solution.

    The problem is understanding ALL factors of a patient and NOT forgetting that family history plays a big part in that understanding with proper tests to diagnose with. The pharmaceutical companies are too powerful and are throwing a wrench in the system.

    I hope you find some relief, facts and end point to your pain. You state that you don’t accept the FM label, which is good to take that approach since eventually you will find out the cause and solution. My wife doesn’t have the same approach and to me, likes avoiding the family history aspect – or at least won’t speak openingly to me that it maybe what she has rather than FM. FM has given her an “out” both in the eyes of others around her and herself to avoid the inevitable family history that is plaguing her. This approach is not helping us remain as one.

  264. KellBell Says:

    I have to admit, I have a parent with this Chronic pain… As a teenager I thought my parent was lazy and had given up on myself and brother.

    My parent kept complaining of pain and server headaches and not being able to get warm enough…so the heating bills went up and my brother and I became piles of sweat.

    As the years progressed my parent structured a routine, after several fall outs and very upsetting periods of none communication. Life for my parent became more active. My parent found a pain specialist.

    My parent then had a very heartbraking heart to heart with myself. They explained that they were attending a pain specialist and had been taught how to cope with… You guessed it Fibromialgia.

    My parent had several tests, which caused them much worry and concern. My Grandmother has degenerative M.S. also chronns diesease to the serverity that she no longer functions normally, and has a clonostomy bag. ( apologises if spelling is shot) My parent started presenting symptoms. What a Scary time which was kept close to my parent. My parent thought they were going crazy…

    The results came back clear phew!! Yet the M.R.I and C.T scan showed 3 bulging disks in the neck. After having several serious falls, which hospitalised my parent, they were finally told you have acute FIBROMIALGIA!!!

    My parent also has server asthma which has on serveral occassions has neraly taken there life… Yet another thing to the list. I admit I thought it was attention seeking in the begining I truly did, and feel nothing but guilt now.

    6 months ago I started suffering from a stiff collar bone, which spread to my neck and then eventually I lost complete use of my left arm. Also siatica was diagnoised. I have a very open and scarcastic sense of humour. I would kick out whilst walking then tap the other leg and say ta da to my partner. We would laugh and just get on with things.

    That is, until for 4 nights running I couldn’t lay back or hold my own head and cried very quietly to myself. On the 4th night he came down and took one look and said we are going to hospital… I point blank refused, due to, to many visits to see my almost dead parent and grandmother… Anyone would want to avoid A&E at the best of times.

    After a very long discussion (2 DAYS WORTH) did I mention I am head strong and o so very stubborn??? no, well I am!! te he.

    I was sent for acupunture, amazing!!! for the first few sessions, then it became unbareable ouchieeeeeeeee!!! put on heavy duty painkillers and a sedative, ( why people do drugs socially is beyond me ) off the head and a dribbling fool is not the look I aspire to, come on not a fectching sight to be hold by the man of your dreams is it ladies/men..

    I have since have had some nasty scares such as…We are going to rule out… CANCER, THYROID FUNCTION, TUMORS,FUSSED DISKS IN 3 PLACES OF THE SPINE… need surgery… Hospital gowns laying on front…large chested not fun! more drugs…HELL NO!! All clear phewwwwww

    Then the scans and the best bit. The Lumbar Punture/ spinal Tap. Now thats fun…NOT!!

    Again my gorgeous man, made me smile and laugh even though I was on my back for four hours… Ideal situ for him (wink ,wink ) if there was no risk of permanent paralisation. He fed me, took pictures and posted them on a social web site to which I found extremley funny. He was later offered a job via the nurses on my ward. Lifes to short guys you need to LAUGH!

    Now my doctor wants to put me through my paces for the tender points. I am an up beat person, full of life 90% of the time. Come on I have hormones and I AM NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM 😉 I dont want to have Fibromialgia in any way, but if thats the label I am given I wouldn’t for one minute state that people are faking or making it up. This has scared me on several occassions to the point of the DOCTORS FREAKING THAT I WAS HAVING A STROKE!! I have since apologised AGAIN to my parent who now feels they have given me something terrible.

    We all cope in our own way, tablets, exercise, therapy, denial,abuse, attention seeking, bottling it up…. Regardless

    People who live in glass houses should never throw stones..etc.
    15 years ago I was uneducated young and nieve, now i will not judge or critisize what I have never personally experienced

    I have lost a husband and I HONESTLY thought my heart was physically broken…All I wanted was someone elses life. was that In MY HEAD…

    To all in pain I wish your heart is full and love is in your lifes. To those who want to moch and judge, nothing but empathy as I WAS you. One day you will see the other side of the coin and I hope with all that I am you have loving, caring, non judge mental friends and family in your life.

  265. SALBINO Says:

    I wouldn’t wish Fibromyalgia on anyone…except you narcissitic assholes out there that have no clue how bad FM REALLY is, but sit here and talk shit about me and patients like me as though we reallly want this for ourselves. I say to you people like that, GFY!!!

  266. Lua Says:

    I have been suffering with Fibromyalgia for over 2 years. I was recently diagnosed and given drugs. My body is extremely sensitive to any narcotics and even after cutting my pills in 4 and taking a 1/4 of a pill, I get extremely drowsy and can’t stay awake. I decided to stop the meds and use natural supplements along with acupuncture and support from family. I can say my pain is very real! I do not seek a disability check, drugs or attention. I have 3 beautiful wonderful smart kids and would love to continue to participate in their sport activities and school events. At this time, my pain and extreme fatigue deprive me from such activities. We had planned a trip to Paris and had to cancel our plans because I had no energy at all. I can say I do have good days. I force my body to get up and go places, clean, cook and do activities with my kids. The problem with doing so is that it puts me in bed for up to 3 days! Life is beautiful! Only God knows what this is and when more informed, non-judge mental, uneducated information will be discovered. In the mean time, lets not discourage each other and seek hope and most of all faith. It’s unfair to be stereotyped by others because people are willing to degrade themselves with labels and call themselves what they are not. Also, don’t degrade others by making foolish comments when you are just a spectator and have no idea of what one is really going through. “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you”. The worst part to me about all this page is the comments and judgement coming from those in the medical field!!! Wow!!! May The Lord open your hearts and soul to add a little more care and caution to your profession. And May God bless you for the good things you do as well. To all of you in pain, don’t give up. Get up, smile, have a positive attitude as much as you can. There is hope at the end of the tunel. And may The Lord put His healing hand on all of us who are suffering. God bless you.

  267. Shocked Says:

    I am shocked to read all of these remarks.

    I was recently diagnosed with FM. I have an amazing job and make good money, why would I want to leave that for a disability check? Because I have tried everything to no avail. I do not enjoy shopping or visiting family like I used to. I have no other underlying condition, nor have I ever had any mental illness. I am a very successful educator and coach. But I am in so much pain daily that I can barely function. I didn’t used to be like this. I used to have the whole world in front of me.

  268. Concerned Says:

    To “Shocked”:

    The remarks within reflect the validity of FM, just like any other subject or illness that can’t be 100% defined. That is the problem with FM which should have never been introduced until it could be diagnosed with lab results.

    If I was ever told I had FM, I would not accept it, nor any other disorder that doesn’t have a proper means to test for it.

    If you accept you have FM, then accept the family history of depression that comes with FM as they have studied.

    Research that pain is controlled in the brain through levels of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain to manage depression, pain and fatigue.

    Good luck with trying to understand what you may or may not have.

  269. I suspect... Says:

    For the last 3 years now my mother has been ill. We were not sure about it until 2 years ago when the doctors diagnosed it as CFS (or FM)

    It’s main properties is depression and physical fatigue.

    While I don’t feel good talking about my mother like this I’m hoping someone can back me up when I say that from what I have seen looking after her these last couple of years that it is fake.

    While initially my mother was fatigued, she couldn’t walk properly and she was completely down all the time, over the last year I have pieced together a huge improvement in her condition which she claims its no improvement at all.

    When she first felt ill she could barely move now if someone was to knock on the door or if the telephone rang she would (and still now) spring up without a moments hesitation and rush over to the phone or door. No one else in my family has noticed but when that happens she moves as if nothing was wrong with her. How can she move that we’ll when she’s doing none of her physiotherapy? (im with her everyday looking after her so i should know)

    As for her depression, she first started claiming that she had no friends, that they were ignoring her. Well they clearly weren’t because they have had regular contact all the time. Also she has taken to being selfish and making demands for everybody to do things for her and then doesn’t show any appreciation whatsoever. We take her out where she wants to go and then claims that we did the wrong thing. She loves to talk about us behind our backs saying that we don’t look after her properly that we don’t care. I gave up my chance to accept my dream job of being a personal trainer because she said that if I left her then i would be leaving her in her time of need (how could I go after she said that?) now she is just so unappreciative of that fact.

    Is it wrong for me to think that she’s completely faking it? I don’t want to believe it but everything i have seen points to her faking this just so she could live a life in semi-luxury with the family pampering her 24/7. But another bit of evidence (length of illness being 3 years) points to this being a serious and real illness. After reading all the comments on here I cannot be sure if it is real or fake.

  270. Concerned Says:

    To “I Respect says” – If you are close to anyone you will eventually realize fact from fiction.

    No one here can walk in your shoes but yourself and you have every right to question her and the validity of FM – when it directly affects you and your life.

    I would pursue your dreams and there has to be a compromise with your mother to allow you to fulfil your dreams and at the same time still look out for her but not 24/7 – she is not in a wheel chair or needing such physical care. She sounds like she is needing emotional care and the recommendation for that is a phycologist to help her in general.

    Hope this helps.

  271. Jerry Johnson Says:

    I lost a leg and half an arm while deployed in Iraq. I would take Fibromyalgia any day of the week even though it is a made up disease for people that don’t want to work anymore.

  272. It's not what happens it's how you deal with it Says:

    I remember having a friend of friend diagnosed with Fibromyalgia years ago, the few times I was around her she was *always* whining and complaining or talking about it… from what I hear now she is in a wheelchair. She couldn’t have been more than 25 when I met her, and her boyfriend took care of her like she was a little kid. It was pathetic… my intuition is that there was and is nothing wrong with her besides being selfish and having mental problems.

    On the other hand I have a friend that I have had for a few years now who when the subject is brought up only talks very logically about her experience with FM and CFS – I don’t believe she is making it up at all, she also works a full time technical job, DJs, promotes clubs, and gets maybe 4 hours of sleep a night. I don’t think she is taking anything, and she is not a complainer, but she’ll hesitantly talk about it if asked. So I don’t think FM is necessarily “not real” – it’s just something people take advantage of as it’s vague and the term is kind of a placeholder until physiological causes are discovered. The symptoms do exist, but people who embrace it like a lifestyle are doing people who do suffer a disservice.

    I have PTSD from being drugged, held hostage, stalked and raped. I’ve had times I could barely function and was almost homeless, but I never sought out any kind of government assistance because I don’t believe in it, and rarely talked about it for a long time because I didn’t want to bother people – didn’t even seek therapy until I had a nervous breakdown. There is the same kind of “you’re just looking for attention” stigma attached, or was for me. I tend to hate people who fake shit in general, because it makes those who actually go through it more likely to be treated like attention whores. Some things are not as obvious on the outsides like missing limbs, but identifying yourself with a disorder like the first person I talked about is repulsive to me… certainly there was more to this person than that, but nobody ever saw it. I don’t identify myself by what happened to me, I do acknowledge how it affected my life and I do get angry, but all you can do is just keep moving forward – regardless if fm, cancer, ptsd, whatever. Life doesn’t stop just because something happens to you… you deal the best you can with things that come up and keep moving forward.

    Trust me, I’ve known narcissistic people who cry me a river because their boyfriend dumped them and it’s the end of the world and they want to die – I tend to promptly tell them I think they are codependent, selfish and I don’t give a flying fuck. I should have done that with person A when I was 19… I would never tolerate that kind of BS now.

  273. The Curse on the Mummy Says:

    Ah, I’m finally getting it! Just because a factitious disordered in-law of mine has triumphed at last by being declared a Sufferer of Fibromyalgia, including Disability checks, does not mean fibromyalgia itself is fake. It might be real. It might not be real. Nobody can prove it isn’t real: THAT’S the point of the discussion I’ve been having with myself about my in-law (since no one else will listen). Fibro has been co-opted by the Munchausen’s crowd. Shouldn’t THAT infuriate true sufferers? Where’s the outrage?

    I remember my younger days. I was having one baby after another and getting sicker and sicker, on the inside. I slept all the time. I crept around and mumbled, cried, and collapsed with lengthy migraines. One day I heard about HYPOGLYCEMIA. Soon after, it became the rage. Books like SUGAR BLUES solds gazillions of copies. And I had a reason to live at long, long last: “Hubby-honey, I’m not willfully weak. I’m not inferior. I have hypoglycemia! Looks, it’s in this book.”

    He didn’t buy it, didn’t think it accounted for my lacking ways, wouldn’t even glance at the book. That might be why I’m so much better nowadays.

    Now, if only my in-law would come clean about her Fibro, so she’d quit spending nearly $200 a month on meds not fully covered by her medicaid, so her husband, my son, could afford to take time off from work to see his doctor about his eyes, to follow up on the surgery he had to have, for which I paid $1000 toward the deductible on his insurance, further enabling his spouse as much as helping him. He’s going blind. It’s too late to save her kids from her, but if only I could save him.

  274. Says:

    Fibromyalgia is a real condition. You should have read the statistics on the awful and life changing side effects of severe allergies of Lyrica have had on patients. The effects of Fibromyalgia are little in comparison to a severe psychotic and adverse reaction to the drug. A patient is very lucky if this psychosis ever ends and they can return to real life of depression, anxiety, constant pain and hopelessness. Think before you speak. Think of the people without shoes and then think of those without feet.

  275. Truthis Says:

    Truth is, all of the so called “doctors” and “nurses” and”PA’s” and “health care providers” are probably not really any of those things. You see, I am a United States Senator. Only the NSA knows if indeed I am telling the truth or not, right? This is the internet. If they are all that they say they are then they should catch up on the leading research. Personally, I would never patron a doctor that questions the Mayo Clinic, Stanford, the leading UC medical schools, etc… That just makes them seem, ignorant. And also like con artists. Sounds more like a bunch of people jealous of other peoples pain. Really? Who would be jealous of that? These nay-sayers are extremely worried someone might be scamming social security. Maybe they should consider a career change to Social Security, that way they can personally run out and catch all the big fakers! Indeed, they should target “fat”, “lazy”, “old”, “middle-aged”, “nasty” women. Might be more gratifying then feeling bitter at home trolling support groups to pick on. I am quit sure that after a long day at work my doctor can be found picking on people on the interwebs. Totally see that. I feel outraged by their behavior because like most Americans I know, I cannot stand a know-it-all bully who probably is just a pimply faced middle schooler pretending to be something they aren’t, hurting others while they do so. Where is the proof they have anything to do with the medical field? I want proof!! You demand proof of fibromyalgia, discounting all of the leading research, I demand proof you are a doctor.

    It does not matter if I have fibromyalgia or I don’t have fibromyalgia. It does not matter if pain is “just in your head” or real. Pain is subjective. Maybe I personally had my children naturally, in a tub of water, and experienced little to no pain. Maybe you needed a needle in your spin. That is your business and your decision based on your own pain. If a medical doctor treats someone because of their pain, that is between them and their doctor…not some pretend “doctor” over the internet. Certainly, there is no room to judge others on their own experience which you have never experienced or felt. Judge by the measure you wish to be judged by.

    My heart goes out to all the suffering people with any painful illness, both men and women, of various sizes, careers, and experiences on this thread. My heart goes out to the pretend “doctors”, “nurses”, “physicians assistants”, “health care provider” as you obviously have a great deal of issues to deal with. My heart goes out to all the nay-sayers who hate their in-laws and judge the appearances of their roommates. My heart goes out to all the women who are objectifying other women. My heart goes out to the men that lack understanding. All of you, I feel sad for.

    Please remember ladies and gentlemen, it was not long ago when people thought mental illness was caused by the Devil. It was not long ago women and men were burnt at the stake because other’s did not understand their ailments. These people are the same people that would have cheered on the lighting of that fire. Send them your nicest thoughts, and refuse to think of them again.

  276. Brihanna Says:

    Listen to this…. I met my husband a few years ago & he constantly talked about having fibro . He made it sound so bad & he always had to take pills & couldn’t get outta bed. That’s when he lived with his mom. Who is a big hypochondriac / & is overweight. After the first year being together he walked with a cane when his back hurt – I caught him numerous times when he thought I wasn’t looking – he would walk normal and then back to limping . His mom tells everyone about fibro but he takes like 15 pills a day. I think that until its fully explained & diagnosed & true doctors should stop telling patients their condition is fibro. But she sits in a chair almost all day except to pee & get food. Her house is nasty … Obviously when u sit or hours in a chair & are overweight your body is going to ache & hurt . I don’t how to deal with her . But my husband hasn’t talked about it his so called fibro for over a year since I confronted him about his fake limping .

  277. Karrie Says:

    I was diagnosed with FM 20 years ago and I WISH it wasn’t real. I was a fit, active 30 year old with a happy life – decent job, loving husband, two healthy kids. I had never heard of FM until the day I was diagnosed. The comments from the doubters have me puzzled. What in the heck are they even doing on this site? Who spends time looking up FM if they or a loved one don’t have it and then leaves mean-spirited comments? I seriously don’t get it.

  278. Frustrated Says:

    I have no idea if fibromyalgia is real or fake.

    I am 48 years old. My wife is 42. We have 2 boys 12, 9.

    About 4 years ago my wife’s parents and her only sibling was killed in an RV carbon monoxide accident while camping.

    Shortly after the accident my wife was told by her employer to take all the time she needed. After 6 months my wife said she’d go back to work next week. Weeks turned into months and finally the employer had to take her out of the system. By this time my wife had went from 170lbs to 300 lbs.and was sleeping all day and doing Facebook and video games all night.

    Now she is on disability for depression/fibromyalgia. I am so sick of how she can’t even help raise the kids. She can’t cook or even get the kids up to catch the bus. I am working two jobs now because now we have lost about $1500 a month with the difference between what she did make and her $890 social security disability.

    My wife is depressed and faking her inability to get out of bed. I have done everything in the world for her and she is very comfortable in her newly created lifestyle.

    Honestly if her family was still alive, I’d bet my life that she would still be working and happy.

    All this from a stupid bird that built a nest in an exhaust pipe for the generator and killed her family.

    She won’t even pluck her facial hair out and she only showers like once a month.

    She yells out all the time how she hates fibromyalgia and how her life was stolen by the FM. She even says that she wishes that she was in the RV that night. This is really tearing my kids up and I don’t know what to do and I have no help.

    Please pray for my family and send a miracle our way.

  279. Sister Wolf Says:

    Frustrated – I am so sorry to hear about your wife and what your family is going through. I think that your wife is suffering from “complicated grief,” a form of grief that becomes an intractable depression. The fact that she talks about dying with her parents suggests that this diagnosis is correct.

    Whether or not fibromyalgia is real, or whether it was triggered by emotional trauma, your wife might be helped by anti-depressants. I have seen them perform miracles! Anti-depressants changed my own life, although they seem to help only 7 out of 10 people.

    I can understand what a tremendous burden this is for you. Can you google “social services” plus your city? There will be free mental health-care for your entire family. The kids will benefit from learning about your wife’s condition.

    Please appeal to your wife on behalf of the kids. Remind her that they love her and need her and that their grandparents would want her to be ‘present’ for them.

    Please write again so I won’t worry about you! Things can get better with the right help. If you tell me your city and zipcode, I will do some research for you.

    Hang in there. xo

  280. Robert Says:

    Every single person i’ve ever met with this ‘disease’ is a hypochondriac. All of them ‘suffer’ from IBS, Chronic Fatigue (laziness), and typically a laundry list of other crap they self diagnose or convince a dr they have. My mother was diagnosed, then her sister, her mom, her friends, etc, etc. It’s like a plague of excuses they acquire to keep them from having to do anything. Every single one i’ve known are middle aged, overweight, hypochondriac, women. Rather then complain why don’t you try getting off your ass and try doing something. I had ‘chronic fatigue’ too but I started getting active in sports and WAAAALAAA the fatigue goes away. Your body needs activity and these people use it as an excuse to not do anything which causes a constant downward spiral effect. If anything it’s a psychosomatic disorder that no one will ever find a real cause for. Anyone who disagrees is either trying to convince themselves they’re not a lazy hypochondriac or trying to sell something (dr, writer, etc.). Sorry girls i’m too honest. Get active and the pain goes away eventually seriously. Your body is trying to tell you the same thing but you’re doing the opposite which is why it’s getting worse.

  281. Bob Says:

    Funny how many of the people defending the existence of this “disease” often state the tasks they complete “all day” with this “pain”. It seems to me more like complaining about having to do them in the first place. Pains of life type crap. No one wants to work all day and have to clean up when they get home. If this shit can get a diagnosis, then people who do these tasks without complaining should be considered “mentally ill” and get meds and to complain about it all day. People should except that the scientific community cant always be correct and mess up on diseases from time to time.

  282. Bareo Says:

    Here is what is required to have fibromyalgia. Middle age woman, overweight, with previous mental issues.

  283. ticklememomo Says:

    My sister claims to have fibromyalgia. I find it to be ridiculous. She seems fine to go out with her friends, bake her self cookies, or go for a drive to smoke. However, when someone asks her to get up off her ass to help mom with the dishes or pick up a brother from football practice, she’s just so sick and can barely move.
    She used to have a job, and worked like a normal person. Her ex-boyfriend put it in her head that she’s to sick to work so she is now trying to get disability checks. She was never really even diagnosed, someone told her about it and now all of this sudden she has it, and its taking over her life. Since she has been “diagnosed” she fakes this illness even more. There is nothing wrong my sister except that she is a lazy bum.

  284. Crystal Says:

    I developed fibromyalgia after three C-Sections. It’s not a created, unhappy, depressed woman disease.. I had everything going for me.. I had just remarried and had two wonderful boys. It rained one day and I thought I was going to die!!!!! Chest pain that isn’t a heart attack, severe sensations of glass cutting my feet when there isn’t anything there, and some days I can’t move my arms to put on a bra. It makes me so angry that I finally had my boys and I can’t leave the house is the weather changes… my kids suffer so much from this condition!!! My husband deals with mood swings that I can’t even see coming until it hits.. much like M.S. I take pain pills when it become intolerable and use stretching or light exercise on other days to ease the pain. I think that a lot of people may abuse the system but it doesn’t change the fact that I do have an issue…it has ruined most of my life, and there isn’t much I can do about it…

  285. Pissed Off Says:

    I started reading the first posts and all I have to say to every single idiot who posted here claiming Fibro is fake is FUCK YOU! You have no clue!

    Some who’ve posted their stories here I applaud you. I am also a person DX’d with FMS and Lyme and I am NOT a whiner and I’m NOT a drug seeker. When i have a flare up so bad that i need to go to the ER I ask for non-narcotics. I’m also not an addict. A few of my family members are addicts and they call me a normie because I just don’t get what they go through.

    I was an athletic person into skateboarding, skiing, biking, competitive swimming and weight lifting. I was also a talented visual artist and musician (and yes, I did make money at it). My life was filled with kids, attending school, full-time teaching and weekend gigs. I would much rather be drawing, playing my guitar and making money from a job! My grown children beg me not to play because they have seen what it does. I want to be able to work and buy gadgets, pay bills. Instead I have to fight the government for the right to social security that I paid into my whole life since I was 16 because I’m now virtually bed ridden. I DO miss concerts and events I’ve looked forward to for months, but can’t do because my body does not comply with my wishes. I don’t care what it’s called I just want it to go away!

    I hate to talk about or bring up any of my health stuff because I don’t want to complain about it. I have other DXs, mostly stuff caused from an auto crash caused by a drunk driver who ran a red light and plowed into the driver’s side door of my car. People don’t get it. That’s fine. But if you are so stupid as to not research about a medical condition you know nothing about then shut the hell up! And why do you even care enough to post crap about it!

    I’m searching the web to find out more info not read a bunch of Neanderthal crap from spewing idiots. To the one person who said comparing FMS to cancer was insane guess what? FMS does kill people. I would agree the two diseases are not comparable, however, many who suffer from the painful symptoms of FMS kill themselves to escape that pain. Research exists linking FMS and deteriorating hearts and brains.

    I can only relate to anyone else my experience. I would not wish FMS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, CFiDs, Epstein Barr, or whatever the hell else anyone calls it, on anyone. Even those here who’ve “complained” about all the people they know who have it.

    Yep, I’m mad! I’d rather be (relatively) pain free.

  286. Stage 4 Mets Says:

    Hi I am a 38 year old father of 3 girls and have Stage IV metastatic cancer originating from a pericardial mass. The original mass was inoperable and was found 3 years ago. Radiation and chemo has slowed the cancer, but I am at the end now. The cancer has spread to my bones, brain, liver, and all other areas that sustain life.

    My wife and family will be taken care of, we have already collected my life insurance, didn’t know you could do that, but they said yes to our $500,000 check and I am not even dead yet.

    How can you all with “fibromyalgia” compare your “disease” to cancer. Cancer is real and has real cells and real masses that you can see on a pet scan, or other real test.

    To the poster way up that says that she would much rather have terminal cancer, well I will be happy to trade with you.

    I think science proves that cancer is real and fibromyalgia is a mental illness at best. I will be dead in a few months at the longest, you will still be feeling sorry for yourself doing nothing. I still work at my dad’s boat store( only 2 hours a day so they can eat- we live in the back of the store) on the lake. I am in a wheel chair most of the day, but yes I still actually get up and work despite my crushing pains and fatigue. I actually feel the best that I have in a long time now that I have stopped the chemo and all other treatments.

    Please don’t compare your fibro BS with terminal cancer, because you all have no clue what your really saying. I think I have a right to say, what I have, due to my impending death and experience.

  287. Monica Says:

    I worked as a CNA for some time in geriatrics. I can’t remember if that’s Dante’s third or fourth circle of hell. Anyway. Any and every single woman, without exception, who complained of having fibromyalgia, was fat, pissed off, and out of shape. Much like myself, however, I’ll just go ahead and say that I’m fat, pissed off and out of shape rather than reaching into the annals of snake oil medicine to label myself with some BS disease. When you eat crap, don’t move and live an tense, tiny life of smokes and rage, you tend to look for whatever you can to blame other than yourself. Thanks for your hilarious take on it, glad I found your blog!

  288. Hopeyougetitifyoudoubyit Says:

    It has completely caused me to hit a wall and ruined my life.
    You have no idea what you’re talking about
    God have mercy on you that accuse fm sufferers of lying
    I hope those same people reap their karma

  289. Cynthia Pendery Says:

    Amen!!!! It’s just another diagnosis that allows people who don’t want to work to go on the government dole- or, to just flop out in life and make their significant other do all the work to support them both and their families! It’s right up there with “bi-polar” (show me ONE woman who doesn’t get “bi-polar” at least TWICE a month), and that “chronic fatigue syndrome”, “chrone’s” , “lupus” and “lyme’s disease”. OH- and let’s not forget you can receive disability for being an addict/alcoholic nowadays too! We all get achy and tired as we age!!! Buck up and get a job losers! It help you focus on something OTHER THAN YOURSELVES!!!! Stop sitting on your ass all day taking drugs or getting drunk. You are destroying our society and bankrupting it.

  290. FedupAndAngry Says:

    Cynthia Pendery Aug 30th:
    I hope you are attempting to be ironic or sarcastic….
    Bipolar is a serious mental health problem and Lupus, Crohn’s etc are very real diseases (objectively provable by testing) that are life changing and potentially life shortening for some.

    There IS most likely a significant group of people who fake fibromyalgia (FMA) for secondary gain: attention, drugs, disability benefits, getting out of work and so on. However I think those who completely deny FMA exist are incredibly ignorant.

    I think those who say FMA is ‘all in the head’, ‘psychosomatic’, a form of depression or whatever may have a valid point in some cases. But you guys are also missing the point! If someone has a severe depression or mental issue that is manifesting as real physical symptoms that does not mean it is ‘fake’. It is still a serious & disabling illness that requires medical treatment. A patient can no more ‘snap out’ of depression/psychological problems than someone with a broken leg can heal without a cast, they need professional help.

    I also think there is a group of people who do actually have some underlying physical trigger for their symptoms but nobody is competent enough to find it.

    There is evidence to to suggest there are detectable differences (chemicals in the spinal fluid, hormones, brain imaging, etc) between those with FMA and normal healthy people and while that doesn’t prove what causes FMA it does at least suggest some physical abnormality exists.

    Unfortunately as there is still no objective diagnostic test and I suspect those with FMA will have to continue to put up with much of the ignorance displayed here for some time to come.

  291. Rob Says:

    I’ve known a few people with this and they all had two things in common. All women and all complete nutcases.

  292. lana Says:

    hi i’d really really like a response because they tell me i have fibromyalgia but i don’t know if it’s real… i’ve been in a lot of pain due to something… constant neck pain, can’t get to sleep, random painful sensations in my fingers and in numerous areas.

  293. Must B A Joke Says:

    I think this site must be a joke. I have never seen such ugliness spewed out by so many in one place. I guess there really are a lot of very mean, spiteful and hate filled people in this world, if this is in fact a legitimate site.

    Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are very real diseases. They are NOT mental disorders that are just wished on ones self. They are life altering thieves taking precious years of life from men, women, teenagers and children – years lost to a disease that no one understands and for which there is little or no help.

    Yes, there is a lot of mental illness on this board. The derogatory and demeaning comments I read are appalling and nothing short of abuse. It’s sad to see that there is still so much ignorance in this day and time regarding a very serious, debilitating and life shortening disease.

    Bigots and idiots reside in many places in the world – I just saw quite a few of them in here. Sadly, they may learn the truth too late – this “fake” disease may strike them or a loved one. Personally, I would be afraid to go to sleep at night had I even thought, much less said, what these morons have posted. Stay strong people that suffer the disease. It’s idiots like these posters that will reap what they sow, as we all shall. As my grandmama used to say “the sun doesn’t shine up the same dog’s butt everyday” – Have Faith!!!

  294. Sister Wolf Says:

    Must B A Joke – I’m sorry to say that this a real blog. I continue to allow these comments in order to let people show their ignorance and apparent rage regarding this topic. There is an amazing level of sexism as well as bitterness and stupidity among the disbelievers. Let’s let them reveal their mentality, while the rest of us learn compassion.

  295. Must B A Joke Says:

    Sister Wolf – I am also sorry to see that it is real. I guess these are the same people that think it is funny to watch a parent struggling with a child with Down’s Syndrome or autism, or a son suddenly being diagnosed as bi-polar, or a father facing one more horrible day of excruciating pain from bone cancer, or a mother no longer remembering her youngest daughters name because of the ravages of Alzheimers, or a favorite niece struck in her prime with a brain aneurysm, or a brother struggling to take his last breath while Hospice places the “last pain patch” on him to control his pain from lung cancer. I have severe ME – those experiences I just mentioned are my experiences. I have five step children, worked as a broker, banker and mortgage broker, took care of sick family member, watching them die one by one, sometimes worked two jobs and had a very abusive husband. Pain is pain…it can be physical or it can be emotional pain of the heart. No one “deserves” the pain we all have to endure and most assuredly no one deserves to be denigrated because of whatever their pain is at any level. So – to respond to the less than intelligent posters on this site….there but for the Grace of God go you! Hopefully, you will never have to experience one tenth of the pain and disappointment and loss that we with ME experience as a collective group. Unfortunately….you may not be so lucky.

  296. Lol@Fakes Says:

    I still cant believe that people try to claim that this crap is real, I know several people who have this “disease” and they are all the same. all they are is maggots living off the carcass of society , drug abusers and people who want disability , and the funny thing is that our government actually pays these people SSI/SSID for a made up condition

  297. Must B A Joke Says:

    Lol@Fakes Says – Sounds like to me from your post that you are intimately familiar with maggots, carcasses and druggies – could you possibly be referring to yourself in some strange psychologically projectionist way? The poster doth protest too much and too vehemently to be a random bystander of life with no life. Hopefully, you will enjoy all the joy that we do at some point in your so-called life. Hope things improve for you and that your attitude has a positive and uplifting turn. Smile! Things can always get worse!

  298. Lua Johnson Says:

    Whoever posted this load of nonsense has obviously never experienced this illness or had someone close to them experience it. Over a course of three months I went from being a fit, healthy, happy teacher who loved her job to being so incapacitated I had to cut down to part time and eventually leave my job. I was then completely bed bound for over two years but am thankfully now slowly recovering. my experience of Fibro was that I had to give up almost everything i loved because of the symptoms of this disease so to read this pathetic post feels like a slap in the face from an ignorant dimwit.

  299. Lua Says:

    Like I said previously, I don’t seek a government check or any other government benefits. I suffer from fibromyalgia and my pain is very real. I am a middle aged woman and I’m not “fat”, like others stereotyped in some of the above comments. I take a day at a time and deal with my pain as it comes. Unfortunately, there’s very ignorant subjects out there who shouldn’t be called people or professionals, who are free from this condition and decide to judge. Yes, there are plenty of people out there who take advantage of the system! There are people who pretend to be sick when they are not. Yet, don’t judge everyone with the same measure. Life makes many turns and pray to God you never go through this. I’ve had the opportunity to visit beautiful places and to enjoy vacation with my family at resorts and private luxury homes with all services. Sadly, I don’t have the energy or the strength to do all this. To those who are fibro-free, enjoy and thank God for every moment free of this illness. For us, true victims of fibromyalgia, let keep our heads up and keep our faith strong. God knows how much we can handle. Let’s take a day at a time. We are getting closer to answers. God bless us all.

  300. waaaa!!! Says:

    why do you have to damn God?

  301. Prinpea Says:

    I read this post, and all the other post of the doctors and some very nasty people calling this illness fake. I have to say I was not upset with any of you. In fact your rants made me giggle. I see some men whining about it’s just a women’s illness so they can complain. Did you realize that many men suffer from FM. Not just women. There are people from all walks of life that suffer from fm. I agree their are always going to be people who exploit the system, who fake illness to get out of doing work. But fm hate to say is not the illness they fake to get out of work. Fm is not the lazy man or women’s illness. It’s a known fact that ppl who truelly suffer from this illness are hard workers and refuse to let FM control their lives. You are right when you say it’s all in our heads. Our brains do not read out pain responses correctly. So it over exaggerates the pain sensories in our bodies. Amount other things. Yes, fm patients suffer from depression and anxiety. Hell, would you be depressed if one day one day out of the blue someone grabbed you and set you on fire or stuck pins in your body and doctors who are not completely educated told you there is no fire.. Or no pins in you skin… So you are a faker. I would be depressed too.
    Some people believe in God. But, we have never seen him, heard him, touch him. Does that make him fake? Please remember there are many things in this world we can not explain. It does not mean it not real. Or that it’s fake.
    To those doctors out there who think this illness is fake. I ask you only take a moment of your time and listen to the person you are suppose to be helping. Listen to all the different ppl that come to you, who look to you and who trust their lives to you and to please just listen. Even if you have know idea how to help. Showing that as a Doctor you do care about their pain. It’s the reason you became a doctor right? To help ppl. To find help for ppl. Sometimes there is no easy answer. There is no magic pill to fix every illness. Just because there is not a lot written about it does not mean it’s not real. There have been other illness in the past that doctors could not explain so called them fake to later as research and the more we learn find out they where truelly real. To the others who think this is fake. I can only say that you are welcome to believe of course what ever you wish to. I am not going to attack you or call you names. That does not solve any issue. I just ask that you keep a open mind, and have compation to anyone who suffers from any kind of pain. Because, not ones persons pain is worse then another. I have Fm. I eat well, I work out. I never complain. I am thankful everyday when I have a great day. The days that are bad are just days that are bad and I manage threw it.
    Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Remember, sometimes the best medicine is just listening. Does not mean you have to accept.

  302. Joe Says:

    I mad too, godammit! I’m mad at what I’ve read here. I’m mad at the trivialization of this disorder. I have this “mysterious” problem. If you would like to have it, I’ll be glad for you to take it off if my hands. No problem. By the way, I am a man.

    I was exposed to toxic mold at my workplace for about a year. I developed fibromyalgia after that. I am one of several who became sickened and had to be moved – without knowing each other personally or that we were each suffering from it. So now I suffer with all the symptoms of fibromyalgia. This leads me, an electronics engineer with a Master of Science in Engineering degree, as well as nearly completed PhD, to believe that fibromyalgia is a disorder that can be caused by numerous things. I still work. I have done everything possible to continue working. I have tried Lyrica and it made me horribly ill. I tried everything they threw at me and none of it worked, if not just making me more sick. So when someone tells you they have fibromyalgia, I can assure you it is no laughing fucking matter, and they should not be discredited, nor should they be belittled – but especially, they should not be told it is in their heads. The truth is, you will probably be struck with a chronic disorder in your life, or you will suffer at the hands of something like cancer, and I guarantee you it will not be funny in your mind. Let me inform you of something else: Functional MRI studies have now shown there is damage in a particular part of the brain that deals with making dopamine. Without dopamine in proper quantities, the endorphins and Substance-P that deal with mitigating pain signals do not work as in a normal person. Studying mold toxicity, you’ll quickly find it is neurotoxic. So neurotoxic that the DoD has weaponized it. So just maybe all of us suffering with “fibromyalgia”, which is classified as a syndrome, or a bucket of symptoms, are actually suffering with real, physical issues. Just because doctors cannot create a laboratory test to diagnose it doesn’t mean it is not real or that it is imagined. It means that they don’t understand it and are so arrogant that they cannot admit failure. They did this with lupus – all in your head – multiple sclerosis – all in your head, and lo and behold they finally discovered they are immune system disorders. So I’ve heard this psychosomatic bullshit before as related to those diseases. Fibromyalgia will turn out to be no different. It has been around and recorded for centuries. Alfred Nobel had it (of Nobel prize acclaim). I make good money and I have a good life, and no mental disorders, so those who claim it is “in their heads” simply don’t get it, nor do they want to understand. I’ll guarantee you this – if you ever get it you will quickly learn how real it is. They even try to treat it with anti-depressants which is a total fail. You may be depressed, but it isn’t depression that caused it – it causes the depression. Which came first? The chicken or the egg? So yeah, goddamit I am mad too – mad at people like you and these people posting on here trivializing the suffering of real people with a real physical problem.

  303. Fibro was depression, but so real. Says:

    My husband died in 1999 unexpectedly of a ruptured artery in his hip following a fall while weed eating in the back hill side of our little farm.

    We were both 45 years old. I managed a tobacco outlet and my husband was a claims adjuster for a large commercial insurance company.

    Upon his life insurance payout I immediately stopped working to focus solely on raising our 9, 12, and 15 year old sons.

    After only a year I had gained 70 pounds and really lost control of the house. I became depressed and suddenly found myself living alone.

    My mother took the boys home with her for the summer, which became much longer, and I just kept gaining wight. I got burned out on shopping and new cars every 6 months.

    I just slipped into a state of isolation and numbness.

    Then I just started feeling pathetic and exhausted all the time. I was up to 400 pounds and started to hurt all over.

    All my friends had forgot who I was due to all the money being gone. The car dealers stopped calling, the whole world shut me Hus.

    Even my own kids quit calling.

    I would venture out to the local thrift stores and people started talking to me. They’d listen about all my pain and aches. One lady told me about fibromyalgia and I just knew that was what I had. Another lady told me about her chronic fatigue syndrome and I quickly adopted CFS as well.
    Another lady told me of her panic attacks and I quickly developed pantic attacks. On and on. I finally found a doctor who believed me and he helped me to get on disability/medicare and put me on over 14 different medications.

    I was now wearing a CPAP breathing machine at night and had developed congestive heart failure, diabetes, crazy high blood pressure, bed sores, rotted teeth, and on and on.

    I got hooked on street drugs as well.

    Then one day life all changed.

    My Mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and my father suddenly died all with in the same week.

    I managed some how bum the 200 mile ride to my mom’s house.

    She died with in 1 month. My 18 year old was already in the military and now I had a 12 and 15 year old.

    I felt like I had a second chance.

    I took my mom’s house, money, car, and even took her old job answering phone calls at a local community action charity out reach center.

    I got to meet people who were really suffering with life’s sometimes painful journey. I got to see the little lonely lady quietly dying of cancer all alone who needs help keeping her heat on for just a few more months. I got to meet the little old WWII vet who is struggling to buy the medicines to keep his bed bound wife alive. I got to see the 25 year old young couple who are staying 150 miles from home to be with their 4 year old who is fighting for her life at the cancer hospital and they just need gas money to get back home once a week to see their other 3 babies that are staying with distant relatives.

    One day a man walked into the clearing house and ask for an application for assistance to help him pay for a ramp to be built so that His dying wife could easily be rolled outside to get to her only child’s high school graduation. Sadly that application wasn’t processed in time and she died.

    Tom was so upset and we made a connection in the year since his wife died. He got me into over eaters anonymous.

    I lost 250 pounds and came out of my depression. I now manage the charity house and I am happily married to Tom.

    I no longer on disability, no longer a diabetic, no longer in CHF, no longer wearing a CPAP, no longer in fatigue, and no longer under the delusional trap of fibromyalgia’s grip.

    You just have to find your way again. You just have to hit bottom and start to pull yourself up again. You have to want to live life again.

    I would rather die than go back to the fibro life style.

    Everyone is different. Some go “fibro” over depression, some go fibro over weight, some adopt the “fibro” life due to low self esteem.

    Fibromyalgia pain is real and very similar in all who suffer under it’s tight grip, and we fibro people come to get to know Mr. Fibro for a diverse number of reasons, but each and everyone one of us can be delivered out of fibro’s hold through weight loss, counseling, or simply finding the will to live again.

    Never give up and know that God loves you and their are better times ahead and no matter what your life has been like in the past, you can start a new life today. Fibromyalgia has no hold on any man or woman unless you let him take you down.

    Please reach out and know that you are not alone and that life can and will be good again.

    Never give up hope.

    Yes Fibromyalgia is real and you can fall down into that deep pit and if you don’t pull out you will surly die.

    God loves you and He is more powerful than fibromyalgia.

    I love you. God loves you. People around you love you. Rise up.

  304. Lance Murray Says:

    How to have fibromyalgia:
    Tell someone you have it.

    Now I’m gonna’ go look at some Anna Kournikova nude pictures because I’ll learn more and have more entertainment. And it’s gonna’ be reality-based web-surfing.

  305. Jo Says:

    Why does everyone keep going on about is it real/is it fake?

    That isn’t the question. Of course it’s real. The question is simply what caused it.

    Mental states, emotions, stresses can cause physical illness. Fact. (E.g. high stress levels = high cortisone = range of physical diseases)

    For me, that is what explains it. Emotional and mental issues can cause physical illness, illness that shows up in blood tests and other tests.

    So until sufferers start accepting psychological treatment, no wonder no-one gets far with other treatments. Why do people think that psychological help = they think I’m making it up? It isn’t the same thing at all! Of course it’s real – but it originates in the mind.

  306. Silly blog Says:

    I read all the way back to 2008. I think Sister wolf faked her first post all so that she could do the “big reveal” of how she now too has fibro!! I think she was a believer & “sufferer” all along and pulled that stunt to try and prove it’s “got to be real” since a non believer like herself is now a believer….because FM has now ironically occurred in her body. Goodness.
    Well played wolf

  307. Merry Says:

    I LOL’d when I got to Sister’s 2nd post about being diagnosed with FM after her blog post making fun of it. It made me wonder, who in her life had been diagnosed with it and why was she filled with so much snarky, sarcastic RAGE about it. Her Mom maybe? A sister or a friend? Whoever it was, it had to be someone she previously considered ‘lazy’ or ‘crazy’ or ‘fat and dizzy’. I thought it was a bit convenient when she herself was diagnosed. However, I am a 26 year old medical lab technician who is on her feet 10 hours a day. I run 3 miles a day – everyday on a treadmill. I’m 5’8″ weigh 135 lbs. don’t drink, don’t smoke and I don’t take any sort of ‘assistance’ from the government. I am raising my sister’s 2 children, ages 9 and 12 by myself. I don’t take any drugs except Cymbalta which I was given when I was diagnosed with FM. I clean my house, I pay my bills, I am doing my best to raise my niece and nephew to be good, honest, productive Americans. We go to church every Sunday and I attend every school/sport/scout event that comes up. I smile, laugh and sometimes even enjoy myself. Yet. Every other night or so, when the dinner dishes are clean and put away, all the homework done, the house picked up, teeth cleaned, stories told and exclaimed upon, lights are out and the house is asleep, I can finally let myself relax. I fill the tub with hot water and Epson salts, light some aroma therapy candles, take my Cymbalta and get in the bath. And I cry because I know for a fact that pain is real, the exhaustion is real, knowing it will never end is shatteringly real.

  308. Sheila Says:

    It’s sad how judgemental people are. I spent almost 20 years getting one diagnosis after another, feeling like I was falling apart but knowing that I was not a hypochondriac because I had test results to prove the diagnosis. They just were never all linked until two years ago. I was diagnosed in a sleep clinic with sleep apnea, restless legs (limbs really, it would get so bad in my arms sometimes that I felt like I was going insane), and also during that sleep study, my brain activity showed that I never got into the REM sleep that is restorative. I have had TMJ issues for years, in fact at one point my jaw was slightly dislocated. The oral surgeon wanted to operate, but after seeking help from massage therapy, my jaw muscles on the opposite side of my face relaxed and my jaw slipped back into its natural position. I have had a semi dislocated rib from a muscle spasm which required physio, I have had bulging disks in both my lower and upper back, which was caused by, yet again, muscle spasms….and yet I take no medication and fight through the pain while being a single parent of two special needs children. I do this with minimal family support and basically no support system. Some days I can barely move….and yet I do, because what choice do I have? Fake? Tell my body, EEG and X-rays. What is disturbing is that people feel the need to belittle people who are working so hard to get through the day, just so they can colasPs at night, knowing that it all will start again in the morning (or continue all night if the pain doesn’t let you sleep).

  309. joanne read Says:

    Fibromyalgia is a defective gene within the brain that is switched on via a traumatic accident, experience or virus and many other things. It causes the spine to be flooded with substance p. The body’s chemical pain substance that tells the body how much pain to feel. It also lowers serotonin in the brain. Causes violent muscle spasm so severe they can drop a person to the floor. The earliest mention of this so called fake disease and its debilitating symptoms can be found as far back to the 17th century. I will leave out going through a lot of the everyday symptoms as this is wildly available on the internet. I will also leave out the amount of other so called fake illnesses that caused people to be put into insane asylums that today are very real and treatable as thus is also freely available information. What I will say is the comments on here only help the problem rather than help it. It has ruined lives, it has ruined relationships and continues to do so everyday. Be thankful you can scoff and laugh at this truly horrible disease. One can only hope that you or a friend or a family member never developed this. Watching a loved one go from an outdoor girl, loving her life. Rollercoasters, walking holidays etc to watching her cry when she realises her dream of a parachute jump is out of the window. Or watching her pain that she can not ice skate anymore. Try knowing your boyfriend is scared of hurting you so much that your sex life has ground to a holt. Or the job in a shop that you loved, talking yo customers helping people laughing a joking, no longer being able to help your colleagues or in my case people I have grown up with. Watching the pity in their faces. Pray you never get it. Pray that minor car crash causes nothing more than a sprained neck. Pray that bad break up with boyfriends ends with you being stronger. I pray everyday. Its one of the only things that gets me through my day.

  310. fern Says:

    I’m 63 and grandmother of 3 Ive had my legs broken three times brain concussion skull fracture two times busted collar bone cracked ribs complete histerectomy appendix that burst heart ablation several back injuries through out the 28 years I was a nursing assistant at nursing homes my latest is a compression fracture at L1 that noons wants to treat been getting injections at L4 L5 and T 12 13 I’m on vicodin lirica cybalta. None of which help for very long. I have pain in all 18 point drs check for fibramyalgia I don’t know what to think after reading all this the word fibromyalgia has never been dicussed with my doctors do I have it probably but seems like nothing can be done about it any way yeah the term maybe abused by some but just as real as arthritis dont judge others especially you who are blessed with no pain

  311. PipersGurrl Says:

    I am 35. When I was 24 my then boyfriend picked me up from my house, in his new sports car to go on a date. Once we started driving, I realized he was drunk. I begged him to stop,to let me out of the car or to take me home. But he wouldn’t. Instead he took me to a country road to show off how fast the car could go. I’m sure you can see where this is going.. Predictably he lost control and catapulted the car front over back 30ft into a farm feild. I was knocked unconscious but when I came to I was face down in the feild, I had been ejected from the car. An ambulance showed up and rushed us to a hospital. Miraculously I wasn’t hurt. Sure I ached and was purple and blue but besides that I was fine and walked out of the hospital 8 hrs after being admitted. 4 years after this I started getting migraines, then muscle aches, then joint aches. Because I’m allergic to ALL pain meds ( it’s genetic) I turned to chiropractic, message and heat therapy. Nothing worked. I’ve had cat scans, MRI’s, full body ex rays of every joint, the Dr’s have tested for lym, meningitis, lupas, rumatoid arthritis the list goes on. Finally they diagnosed me with fibermialgia. It’s the only thing they say explains the pain and the symptoms all fit. I don’t take medication, and I never told my work. The last thing I need is my diagnosis holding me back. I’m a manager of a industrial paint supply store and I often work 60+ hours a week, yes it’s hard but my diagnosis doesn’t stop me. I love my job, I love my long term fiancé, I love our friends and that we just moved into our dream country property that many of our friends and family use as a cottage. We entertain all the time. Yes I am in excruciating pain daily and maybe it takes me an hour to get out of bed in the morning but I’m happy and so far 5 years into this diagnosis I haven’t let it hold me back. Sure there are some weekends I don’t get out of bed and some parties I’ve have had to be cancel but not one person who knows my story or what I’m fighting with complains because they know its real, they know I suffer and they know 95% of the time I suffer through. Yes fibermialgia is real and NO not all fibermialgia sufferers are the same.

  312. Dr. D Says:

    I’m a doctor, so I’ll add my two cents.

    First of all, you said it best when you said that no one can prove that they have it or don’t have it. Although this isn’t always true for the patient, it is true when it comes to your claims that fibromyalgia isn’t real. Honestly, you can’t prove that it isn’t. And to write a hateful post that claims otherwise is a bit presumptuous.

    Here’s the low-down on the physiology of fibromyalgia:

    Fibromyalgia, like syndromes, is based on a collection of symptoms. For fibromyalgia, this means pain that exists in at least 11 of the trigger points. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Iritable Bowl Syndrome, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, etc., are also syndromes that, although real, are diagnosed based on clinical presentation. The hallmark of a syndrome is that it does not point to a singular cause, and oftentimes is idiopathic (of unknown origin). The S in AIDS stands for syndrome, as it was an idiopathic condition for many years. More recently, we have discovered that it is caused by HIV. Interestingly, CFS is often successfully treated with antibiotics, indicating that an infection is presen. POTS is a form of dysautonomia, which is an umbrella term that refers to the dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. I chose these illustrative syndromes specifically, as patients with these conditions often also have fibromyalgia.

    So, fibromyalgia itself does not denote a specific cause. This means that fibromyalgia is almost exclusively a secondary condition — a condition that has developed through a primary condition (if fibro is primary, it is idiopathic).

    So what are some conditions that fibromyalgia can stem from?

    Thyroid Disease. Patients with thyroid disease often have reduced oxygenation in the soft tissues which, as you could imagine, leads to pain. You should also realize that far too many people who have thyroid deficiencies go undiagnosed, meaning that many people who have not isolated a cause for their fibro likely have a thyroid condition.

    Small Fiber Neuropathy. Patients with SFN have a genetic defect, that often goes undetected, that causes pain. SFN is often found in patients with dysautonomia.

    POTS. Patients with POTS have an elevated heart rate upon assuming an upright position and most have orthostatic hypotension and hypovolemia. This has many effects on the body, including pain. Many POTS patients also develop IBS.

    CFS/Lyme/Infectious Disease. Patients with infections often find that the infection manifests as, among other things, pain.

    Polycystic Ovarian Sydrome. Patients with PCOS have extreme hormonal irregularities that manifest as a variety of symptoms, including pain. PCOS is frequently secondary to thyroid disease.

    I could go on and on, but let it be known that patients with these conditions are often labeled with fibromyalgia — that is how they refer to the pain that is secondary to another condition. IBS is the same way. Patients may have IBS due to POTS, or a food allergy, or any other number of conditions. Irregardless, they refer to IBS separately.

    Yes, pain is often a symptom of depression. So yes, fibromyalgia is often diagnosed as secondary to depression. This does not make the pain less real — your mind is part of your body and can get sick just as your nervous system or thyroid can. This also does not mean that all patients with fibromyalgia are depressed, no more than it means that all patients with fibromyalgia have thyroid disease. Correlation causation colloquialism.

    And yes, fibromyalgia is more often diagnosed in women. Many of the conditions that I listed also affect a disproportionate amount of women. PCOS is exclusively women, POTS has a 5:1 ratio, etc. This does not make these conditions less real, it just means that women have different bodies that work in different ways and malfunction in different ways. Men have their own problems.

    I hope this was helpful and I hope that you think twice before making similarly uneducated accusations again. These patients already fight against their bodies — they don’t need to fight against non-afflicted, non-medical bloggers who are trying to stigmatize them, too.

  313. Rhonda Maddux Says:

    I am just sickened and disgusted reading these insensitive, thoughtless, and ignorant comments. I have CFS, Fibromyalgia, IC, IBS, GERD, and Chronic pain with a morphine pain pump. I didn’t ask for this. I was a registered nurse, making it in the world, not sure why I was getting tired and what was happening to my body. Fourteen long years of suffering and loss I would gladly trade away I a second to have my life back. This is not how I had hoped to end my life. I appreciate those of you who stood up for us that are so sick, and tried to explain to the haters. It’s just heartbreaking, seeing how cruel people are just because they don’t understand, therefore it’s not real. Shame on you.

  314. Katherine Says:

    For those suffering from FM or CFS/ME, please try to recall or check your medical records for any time when you may have been given a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, such as Levaquin, Cipro, or Avelox. These drugs are chemotherapeutic agents marketed as regular antibiotics. They are the only drugs on the market that are topoisomerase inhibitors other than standard chemotherapy treatments. FQs are known to cause tendon, joint, muscle, and nerve pain, as well as mitochondrial dysfunction/DNA damage. In fact, there were no such disorders as FM or CFS until the introduction of FQs. These may be the root cause of your pain. They are supposed to be reserved as a last line defense for resistant bacteria when other abx have failed, but instead, are over prescribed for routine sinus and urinary tract infections. As women are far more prone to UTIs, they receive these drugs more frequently than men, hence, the prevalence of women with FM as opposed to men.

  315. kandy Says:

    Science has now proven it is real and people with fibro have extra nerves.

  316. Nikki Says:

    So I just decided to lose the best paying easiest job I ever had for “attention”. Living in a mansion, driving 2014 BMW. Yeah right. I owned my own successful business at 25, in graduate school now at 30. I have always been an overachiever. I was diagnosed with FMS after a car accident. I continued working and ignoring my pain and fatigue until my body simply shut down. My legs hurt so bad I couldn’t walk. I had to move in with my brother and his 3 children. I never lived with anyone before. This illness ruined my damn life and this is so offensive it makes me angry! I wish to GOD I was just lazy. And believe me, you can barely find a Dr. who will listen and take you seriously, let alone prescribe any type of narcotics or pain relief drugs. They give you damn anti depressants LOL hilarious. I am so depressed I ruined my great life and career.

  317. jadecousins96 Says:

    I am firstly so glad I came across this article.
    My mother has always been over-dramatic, over-enthusiastic and an attention seeker. I am convinced her “Fibromyalgia” is all in her head. She can not go a day without believing she is sick eg. a sneeze caused by hay-fever will automatically be assumed as a cold or the flu etc. Ever since she has been diagnosed with F/M she has become even worse and moany, and regularily takes months of work, although, she is suddenly healthy again if she wants to go out shopping or singing with her friends. She also is capable of shouting at me from the top of the stairs then putting on a croaky voice when a friend comes. She is driving me crazy as she now claims she has alzheimers. Please if anyone has any new evidence that this “disease” is in your mind please share!

  318. Debs Says:

    I would ask here that every person who has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, ( & this also goes for CFS/ME ), please try to get hold of their medical records, & then I suggest to look back in time to see if you were ever prescribed a fluoroquinolone antibiotic at any time in the past BEFORE your diagnosis . I have something known as fluoroquinolone toxicity .

    There are now so many people in our various numerous support groups with this label, that we now know FQ induced fibromyalgia by another rather more accurate name instead, CIPROmyalgia , & yes, although Fibromyalgia itself as a syndrome may well have been around a long while, known under various names, THIS cause of the symptoms which are then labelled Fibromyalgia by Drs, who invariably know nothing about the accurate immensely toxic profile of this class of ‘ antibiotic’ ,, is all too often left completely unrecognised . THIS cause of the symptoms which are then often misdiagnosed as Fibromyalgia is kept hidden ‘ under the radar ‘ by Big Pharma, & in fact has been so for many many years, since the 1980s.

    It does not hurt to do a little independent research on this subject .

    Please google fluoroquinolone toxicity, the symptoms of this, also search out the numerous youtube videos, the recent news coverage, there are many. Google The Quinolone Vigilance foundation, do this & you will enter a parallel universe you never knew existed, At the QVF you can find information on the petitions filed by SONAR to add yet 2 more black box warnings to these horrendously dangerous drugs, which of course carry two black box warnings already, that in itself should ring warning bells in respect to their toxicities, this after all is supposed to be an antibiotic !! .

    This subject has recently been getting a lot more attention, due to hidden information found via a Freedom of Information request discovered in internal documents at the FDA. This information has been kept hidden from the medical profession / patients, the fact that these so called ‘ antibiotics ‘ The fluoroquinolone antibiotics ( Cipro , Levaquin , Avelox there are others ) can cause mitochondrial toxicity. With fluoroquinolone toxicity many of these symptoms can actually be delayed for many months, & as well as potentially causing immediate disability, although the damage begins at a DNA/ mitochondrial level from the very first dose, often this damage does not noticeably / visibly materialise in many people until AFTER numerous courses have been taken over time.
    These drugs are NOT your usual ‘ benign antibiotic ‘ as is so often thought, but instead the FQs are chemotherapeutic agents, they are Topoisomerase inhibitors ( again please look this up ), you will find that every other drug described as such is chemotherapy, & as with chemo, the FQs can cause delayed adverse reactions, this is something known in the field of oncology as ‘ late effects ‘

    The fluoroquinolone antibiotics were originally developed for, & are MEANT to ONLY be prescribed as a LAST resort, when every other suitable antibiotic has been tried first, all have failed, & the only alternative left is your death, but instead they are being given out like candy, for the slightest infection, even just for suspected infections, & as a result they are devastating uncountable numbers of peoples lives.
    IF you find you HAVE been prescribed fluoroquinolone ‘ antibiotics’ before your Fibromyalgia diagnosis please consider this as a potential cause of your symptoms.
    We have numerous support groups online.

    The fluoroquinolone antibiotics, they literally come straight from hell, unfortunately they often drag you back down there with them & leave you there, sometimes for the rest of your life . I sadly know so to my cost , I live there myself, & have done so now for 26 years .

    Whatever your belief in respect of your symptoms at the end of the day, it is SO important to become informed on the potential risks of taking these so called ‘ antibiotics ‘, for a very important reason, because our Drs unfortunately are NOT .

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