Play-Doh and Miracles

I haven’t bought any Play-Doh in years, but I’m very excited about this 50th Anniversary pack, with 50 different colors. Remember how hard it could be to get just the right color?

Actually, I used to be pretty good with Play-doh.   I have told this story before but it’s worth telling again because of the Miracle:

When my son was around two years old, I had to watch the O.J. Simpson trial every day, just like everyone else who had a TV.   While it was on, my son and I worked with Play-Doh on the tray of his high-chair. I remember making a little Marcia Clark figure and a little O.J. too. One day I was just absent-mindedly squishing some Play-Doh when I looked down and to my surprise, this is what I had made:

As you can see, it’s a familiar image! I had to think for a moment to place it, but I know that you will recognize it at once as a portion of The Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh.

This is known as The Play-Doh Miracle, and it will be on file at the Vatican when I am formally declared a Saint.

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5 Responses to “Play-Doh and Miracles”

  1. hammie Says:

    We had that multi-playdough pack and it was great for making teletubbies and their accessories, but I can safely say we never made a Marcia Clark.

    Will playdough be releasing a “if you did it; this is how to do it” edition?
    (that the Goldman family can buy and squash!)

  2. marmalade wombat Says:

    I’m very impressed! Are you the reincarnation of van gough? You better not absent mindedly lop off an ear.

  3. enc Says:

    It’s incredible! I never knew you were so hard core! 😉

    I was never any good with Play-Doh.

  4. Sister Wolf Says:

    enc, if you’d spent less time being a biker and more time with your Play-Doh, think where you’d be now!

  5. Charponnaise Says:

    Play-Doh tastes nice. I stay away from it because I know I will want to eat it.

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