When Men Get Silly

On one of the blogs I like to read for sheer masochistic mental anguish, the mostly male commenters are arguing about the nature of intelligence. They can’t agree what an “intellectual” is, but they know they don’t like it. They’re also going on about Blacks being “cunning” rather than intelligent.

I can’t imagine women having this sort of argument. It’s too silly on the one hand, and too racist on the other. Who gives a shit? Women know what intelligence is and they don’t pretend not to. No wonder men don’t want to talk to us; we can’t take this kind of pompous pissing contest seriously.

Elsewhere, the ever-delightful Mr. Duff, who likes to annoy my commenters, has called them “retards” and “nobodies” in a rant (about intellectuals) on his own blog. Retards, good. We’re Retards. But “nobodies?” What kind of an adult man wants to obsess over the definition of Intellectual and then call a group of people Nobodies?

Men! They are always so confused about what to take seriously. And yet, they buy Extenze. Have we all seen the commercials where a dazed looking woman promises that Extenze will make “that certain part of a man” bigger? The first time I saw it, I yelled “What, his ego?” Which I thought was a really good joke, even though my husband failed to crack a smile.

Now there’s a new Extenze commercial where a married couple sits together looking smug and self-congratulatory. The man says something like he thought is would be “fun” to be “bigger.” The woman agrees suggestively that it WAS “fun.”

Hahaha! What’s wrong with men, I mean people?? A bigger dick is not the answer. I almost hate to break the news, know what I mean? But while looking for Extenze, I just came upon a website called Penis Enlargement Planet. And it’s about penis enlargement. What a waste of a great domain name!

The sillyness of men can be mind-boggling or endearing, depending on the size of their penis. JUST KIDDING! It can also be really frustrating. Take this simple quiz:

Person A asks Person B why they are mad. Person B denies being mad. Person A asks again. Person B states angrily that they weren’t mad, but now they are.

Who is the man, Person A or Person B?

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55 Responses to “When Men Get Silly”

  1. Skye Says:

    Is Extenze in any way related to Existenz, that Cronenberg movie? Because weird penis enlarging systems seem right up Cronenberg’s alley, so to speak.

  2. Nick McGivney Says:

    That’s a real shocker about that Extenze thing. I could do with a laugh. What’s the url so I can go and have a laugh?

  3. Make Do Style Says:

    Sadly I spend most of my day curling my little finger at men who piss me off because I know that small penis incinuation will get them really mad they are so stupid. But they are a particualr breed of men, it isn’t all men most of which I’d happily give an honest assestment of their prowess

  4. Juri Says:

    Why, oh why, aren’t men who want to decrease the size of their penises offered help as abundantly as the other group? Where are products like ‘zhrink’, ‘wrinkle’ or ‘MinisizeMe’? Where are the ads and websites for those?

    I hadn’t heard about Extenze before but my favourite enhancement story is the one about Mick Jagger and the bees:


    I don’t even know if the story true (probably not) but I’ll gladly believe it, because that’s how retards and nobodies like myself function. That’s how we use the computers we were given for therapeutic purposes. We indulge in smear and slander when we are not busy attacking a brilliant Alaskan visionary who ‘has at least achieved a considerable ambition and reached high political office whilst simultaneously bringing up a large family’.

    Being a somebody is overrated anyway.

  5. Jeremy Says:

    Must we all get painted with such a broad brush?

    A bigger dick is the answer, though. I may not understand intelligence, but that assertion is beyond reason and logic. Sorry.

  6. OMGGMAB Says:

    Just figures that it would be D Duff who would use my least favorite word to describe others: “retard.” I have hated this expression since I first heard it coming from my son’s mouth about 6 years ago. I took him to task for it and I continue to bristle at its use. Do you stop to think that a person who is mentally retarded (handicapped, the word used today) would be offended? What about their families? I have a very good friend who is mentally handicapped. She is a lovely person and her mental incapacity does not make her less of person in any way.

    Really, I think that those who look down on the mentally handicapped are the same individuals who look at the color of a person’s skin or their national heritage as a way to judge their capacities. So Duff, the next time you are tempted to call someone a “retard,” think whether you would call that person the “N” word, a “chink”, a “gook”, a “paddy”, a “kike” or any number of other euphemisms meant to be derogatory to a certain class of people.

    Use of these terms is an obvious attempt to make yourself feel superior. Perhaps you should try some Extenze instead!

  7. Tobi Lynne Says:

    I have actually broken off friendships with girls that “played dumb” around men. I assume “those” kinds of men enjoy the company of “those” kinds of women. Barf.

  8. Sal Says:

    Can I just second everything OMGGMAB said? And as for being nobodies, that’s just a weird thing to say. About anyone. And, for some reason, compels me to share one of my favorite Atmosphere lyrics:

    And with a mat on his grill, he asks “Who the fuck are you?”
    Don’t worry man, someday I’ma be nobody too.

  9. Sister Wolf Says:

    We’re here. We’re nobodies. Get used to it.

  10. Nick McGivney Says:

    Haha. OMGGMAB – some of my best friends are Paddy retards. And boy am I proud of them.

  11. HelOnWheels Says:

    The pompous D Duff stoops to idiotic lows by calling us “retards”? That’s just funny considering how high and mighty he is on here. Oh, and he’s resorted to playing “Who the f**k are you?” too? Isn’t that juvenile, just like him.

    I’d like to say “Hell yeah!” to OMGGMAB. And that size does matter. I like really big, huge….minds.

  12. enc Says:

    I’m afraid to comment, lest I be labeled a “nobody.”

  13. Nick McGivney Says:

    It’s after midnight. Here I sit, a balding – and ‘small’ – heterosexual white male, married and in his forties. Demographically it can’t really get uncooler. Well, I suppose there’s having an eighty year old anus, but hey, stick around (sorry am! couldn’t resist.)

    And yet, as I write this 30-second radio commercial for the LA Make-Up Academy (No I am not lying! And they are very, very far from LA too.) I wonder to myself just what the fuck a Brow Bar tint ‘n’ reshape might mean. Not what it is, but what it might mean, you know?

    I could agree with you, Sister, that men are confused over what to take seriously, if you could likewise contrariwise with me. Btw I liked your response to the ‘retard’. Couldn’t help but notice how you got called ‘Sister Wolf’ a lot in that post. Watch out you don’t step in the cowshit over there. ‘Spec ‘n’ love an’ all that. Just don’t lump me with him.

  14. OMGGMAB Says:

    Nick, don’t over analyze the “Brow bar tint ‘n’ reshape.” There are certain things for which one should be on a “need to know basis.” Brow bars are something most of us “don’t need to know.” Yet. . . it is intriguing.

    Is it anything like a bikini wax with an anus bleaching? Someone help me here!

  15. annemarie Says:

    Thanks for thinking about my anus Nick. I appreciate that.

    At this point in history, we have many lovely regimes that bashed intellectuals to look back on; among them, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union under Stalin, the McCarthy Era…the list goes on. Even if know-it-alls generally piss you off, surely nobody would want to replicate the cultural insularity and close-mindedness of said eras??

    But then again, you might have to read a book to know those.

  16. sleepy Says:

    I’m a kike with Asperger’s, am I a double retard?

  17. David Duff Says:

    ‘Sister Wolf’, with the sort of British pluck that lost us an empire, I am donning my NBC suit (that’s Nuclear-Biological-Chemical, not your 3-button, pale, wet, liberal imitation of our utterly useless BBC) in order to squelch through the comments section of your blog so that I might offer you a few samples of the keen, rigorous, intellectual insights which your readers have strained so hard to emit during recent weeks.

    “At the age of 25, a proctologist told me that I had the anus of an 80 yr old woman”

    “Dear god, I almost feel sorry for the cunt, except I don’t at all— haha!”

    “Bitch may be the new black, but black is the new president, bitch. Ha!Ha!”

    “Is it just me or do Palin’s earrings look like clip-ons? Is she THAT prudish? whatevs, cunt. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!”

    “But can we take a moment to say a big FUCK YOU to California for prop 8! FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU and YOU AND YOU!”

    “The Cunt is gone! The nightmare is over!”

    “Duff you fucktard!”

    “She’ll probably admit that Trig isn’t hers, just to get more attention (and to draw attention away from the fact that she is, indeed, a man, baby!).”

    “Bristol, Willow and the one they forced to Iraq are perfectly aware of what their family is made of, but poor little Piper is in for a big shock and a probable meth habbit before she gets impregnated by a sunday school classmate.”

    “Somehow I had been able to miss what a fucking creepy psycho he is. I just thought he was stupid before. Now Im worried he’s not just a seriel animal killer. I think he might be the Night Stalker of Alaska.”

    “They should be defending themselves as gross stupid fuck parents.”

    “You know what Plato gave us metapshysics in the sense he developed Socrates view of the division of reality, being torn or fighting between the spiritual and the material. And he was obsessed with the father-son relationship, plus there are lots of question marks around Socrates and his love of boys, was it parternal or sexual or both etc. so the conclusion I draw is that Todd takes them out to see if they squeal like pigs when he plays with them.”

    Now, I described your commenters thus, “the hoopin’ and hollerin’ from the commenters on the site of another of my e-pals, ‘Sister Wolf’, whose average age appears to be about 14 1/2, either that, or they’re retards who have been given computers as a sort of therapy.”

    I am happy to withdraw that if, having read the quotes above, you can describe them with greater accuracy. However, one thing is certain, intellectuals they ain’t!

  18. Make Do Style Says:

    Well given the last one is mine I feel compelled to rebuff Mr Duff. Firstly the BBC is a fine medium for the delivery of robust and diverse television. I find Cbeebies particulary useful for ensuring my youngest will be raised in the fine intellectual art of Iggle Piggle and Upsadaisy.

    Secondly until last year I felt unable to use the word cunt and now I’m liberated from my ridiculous British pomposity which has the same feeling as the word fuck which my 70 year old father and I discussed as being a most useful explitive in the 21st century prior to our sojurn in the Royal Academy which incidentally was filled with stiff f***** c**** of the duff variety.

    Finally I suggest you read Barthes, Bourdieu and Foucault to think about intellectualism and value of the intellect, think about signifiers and contemporary fashion (just in case you need it spelt out Duff, fashion is not just to do with garment, I worry you’d not understand) and the relevence of modern language in defining your particular value system.

  19. David Duff Says:

    ‘MDS’, I fear you are suffering from the ‘Galloping Confusion-itis’ with which this blog is infected.

    First, *I* have no particular views on the worth or otherwise of intellectuals. Like, dare I say, plumbers, I suspect that some of them are wise, most are half wise and half daft, whilst the remainder shouldn’t be let out unaccompanied by an adult. From the little I know of French intellectuals most of them belong in the last category, indeed, I would go further and suggest that if most French intellectuals had died of the plague before the age of ten the world would be a marginally better place!

    To help clear your confusion, let me remind you that the commenters here mounted a vitriolic, not to say,vicious, campaign against Mrs. Palin. No harm in that, *all* politicians should be the target of general abuse, or, as the late, great Auberon Waugh put it, whenever you see a politician on a soap-box the only proper response is to shout out, “Show us your willy!”. However, the attack mounted on Mrs. Palin was aimed mostly at what was considered by the great thinkers here as her lack of intellectual ability. It’s a reasonable attack *provided* that the attackers give some indication that they can actually read and write without moving their lips. Reading some of the quotes above makes me re-assess my opinion of ‘Dubya’ – upwards. If you are unable to write reasonably literate English, free of a stream of obscenities and containing at least a modicum of reasoning, it ill-behoves you to accuse someone else of ‘stoopidity’ lest you appear even more ‘stoopid’ than you already do.

    As for your own comment above, I have a question or three. What is “pompous” about avoiding the use of the word ‘cunt’? Your final paragraph is exceedingly pompous, so the, er, liberty you have gained in using it seems not to have changed your, er, pomposity ‘signifyer’, to say nothing of your pomposity ‘value system’. I have no idea what “signifiers and contemporary fashion” means in this context, or any other context, come to that, possibly because I am not an intellectual, the worst of whom delight in using obscure language in order to hide the embarrassing fact that they have nothing of interest to say. Likewise with “your value system” which I assume just means ‘values’, and if so, why not write it. Adding the word ‘system’ might impress the dummies here but, alas, it just sets off my ‘pomposity warning, er, system’.

  20. David Duff Says:

    Incidentally, and apropos the photograph of the cast of “12 Angry Men”, what a very silly film that was. I haven’t seen it for some time but it was quite obvious to me that the ‘kid shoulda’ fried’!

  21. Sister Wolf Says:

    Skye -Brilliant connection you make!

    Make do -Why haven’t I been doing this?? It must be my Fibro.

    Juri -Hahahahahaha. It must be a burden to have your enormous package.

    Jeremy – We may need to have a private talk after school.

    OMGGMAB – I already explained to Mr. Duff at his blog that “retard” is not a word to throw around.

    Tobi Lynne – tragic.

    Sal -Thanks, very eloquent.

    Nick – You are NEVER lumped with anyone; you actually enjoy women and I count that as the first quality to look for in a man.

    HelOnWheels – Big brains are my downfall. Can’t resist them.

    annemarie – I think we need to hear more from you. You can’t just coast on your anus forever.

    sleepy – I’m an atheist Jew with Aspergers in the family. You can call yourself “twice exceptional” if you are also “gifted.” The Jew thing doesn’t really get you much.

    David – Oh my, what time you have taken to set me straight. I love the comments! They are funny, irreverent, impassioned, all very appropriate to the subject.

    I would not be so intolerant as to quote or otherwise describe some of your commenters. But you DO have views on intellectuals, of course, so why pretend you don’t?? This is just the kind of male behavior I was complaining about.

    And then you even prove my whole point by bringing a penis into the conversation. Please, try to forget about penises for just a moment once in a while! I can promise you that we females are not impelled to mention our Female Area all the time.

    When we use the word Cunt, we know what we’re talking about. If it offends you, the is the LAST blog you should be reading.

    Finally, you pomposity is supposed to be part of your charm. Please try to use it wisely. I’m glad you like my choice of visual aid for this post. It IS silly.

  22. David Duff Says:

    “I love the comments! They are funny, irreverent, impassioned”

    Yes, I think that is a fair description of *some* of them and, indeed, some of them do make me chuckle which is why I slip in and out of here so often. However, the spectacle of them abusing Mrs. Palin on the grounds of her lack of intellectual ability is a bit like watching chimps in a zoo imitate humans, and I confess, I’m hooked on the delicious irony of it.

    Finally, pompous! Moi?

  23. annemarie Says:

    Mr. Duff, kindly leave my anus out of your rants.

    You are beginning to bore me.

  24. Juri Says:

    No siree Duff, intellectuals we ain’t and chimps we may be (read: are) but none of that makes Sarah Palin less ignorant or more up to the job she was running for.

    I feel rather honoured, though, and humbled by the fact that no less than two of the twelve chimp quotes you posted here were mine. If I hadn’t made it to your list at all I might have been worried.

  25. Sister Wolf Says:

    David – The proud ignorance and stupidity of Mrs. Palin can never, ever be overstated. I hope you are enjoying her turkey slaughter interview!

    annemarie – I will edit out your anus should Mr. Duff stoop to referencing it again.

    juri – wow, you got only 2 out of 12?! You are the practically the king of chimps as far as I’m concerned. Never take your comments away or I’ll be lost!

  26. fashion herald Says:

    even D. Duff can’t make me stop laughing about “Penis Enlargement Planet.” “What a waste of a domain name,” hahaha!

  27. Mark Says:

    Again, David Duff: Go outside. There might be some real people out there, ones who don’t hate you.

  28. David Duff Says:

    Annemarie, I hope never, ever, to refer again to your, er, rear end/posterior/fundament/botty or even butt as this is America (delete to taste), but before you repeat your pale imitation of Lady Bracknell, may I remind you that it was *you* who raised the grisly (or do I mean ‘grizzled’?) subject in the first place and all that I did above was to *quote your own words*. I understand, but remain bemused, by the fact that sometimes my mild scribblings cause upset but this is the first time that I have ever received a complaint from someone whose own words quoted back at them have given them offence.

    ‘Marky’, ‘Marky’, banish hate from your heart, Baby, and remember, it’s all peace ‘n’ love, man!

  29. Make Do Style Says:

    Ok I give in my life is too full of love and fun to partake in ridiculous points scoring points of view a la duffsville. I assumed you were being a pompus Daily Mail reader trying to use language as a means of expression in a faux 1930s retrospective fashion of the use of language, hence reference to fashionable trends. I thought you were confused between renaissence and modernity – but whatever. Either you are attempting to be witty or you are 14 and a half – and I’m not talking about your penis here!

  30. Make Do Style Says:

    Oh and as for the campaign against Mrs Palin I thought it was just because she was/is a cunt – intellect never came into it!

  31. Sister Wolf Says:

    fashion herald -Hahaha!

    Mark- you mean, he should find somebodies rather than nobodies? He will never be happier than he was here, for a brief shining moment…

    David – annemarie is indeed a whole new experience.

    Make Do – Thanks for not making a penis-driven comment. Hahaha! And yes, she is a cunt first and foremost.

  32. annemarie Says:

    Listen to me you stupid bastard. You quoted my comment as an example of un-intellectualism. My comment was simply a report of something that happened. It was neither smart nor stupid.

    Of course you wouldn’t know that. You see the word CUNT and ANUS and become so excited and turned on that you can’t listen anymore to what is being said. Your brain stops functioning. You should really take your flaccid penis in your hand at such moments, try to rub some life into it, rather than ejaculating all over the computer screen in such a puerile and nasty manner.

    Now I will quote myself back to you:
    “At this point in history, we have many lovely regimes that bashed intellectuals to look back on; among them, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union under Stalin, the McCarthy Era…the list goes on. Even if know-it-alls generally piss you off, surely nobody would want to replicate the cultural insularity and close-mindedness of said eras??”

    And also the wise words of Make Do and Style:
    “Finally I suggest you read Barthes, Bourdieu and Foucault to think about intellectualism and value of the intellect, think about signifiers and contemporary fashion (just in case you need it spelt out Duff, fashion is not just to do with garment, I worry you’d not understand) and the relevence of modern language in defining your particular value system.”

    You are a CUNT. Fuck off.

  33. David Duff Says:

    “At this point in history, we have many lovely regimes that bashed intellectuals to look back on; among them, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union under Stalin”

    Sorry, Annemarie, I can only give you ‘E’ for Effort on that one. Hitler and Stalin only “bashed” *certain* intellectuals. Other intellectuals were not only spared but positively flourished. And indeed, if you follow Hitler and Stalin’s, er, intellectual roots you will find they go back to common sources – I give you Herr Hegel, for example. In other words, some intellectuals are the ‘patron saints’ of mass murderers, which makes all your gushing prose in adulation of intellectuals just another example of you talking through your . . . ooops, mustn’t go there or our hostess will discipline me – dread thought!

    Anyway, do calm down, dear, you’re beginning to sound like my old drill sergeant – so unlady-like!

  34. annemarie Says:

    You are absolutely wrong about in your Hitler-Stalin-Hegel connection. I would explain why, but frankly I have better things to do than explain the finer points of dialectism to a moron like you who can neither listen nor learn.

  35. annemarie Says:

    I hope you enjoy my gushing typos.

  36. David Duff Says:

    “You are absolutely wrong about in your Hitler-Stalin-Hegel connection.”

    Possibly, in a long life I have been wrong more often than I’m right. Anyway, as I am unlikely to convince you whatever I write, try Popper’s “The Open Society and its Enemies: Plato, Hegel and Marx”. I’m sure abebooks.co.uk will find you a used copy for not much money. It’s a cracking read in any case – very, er, intellectual!

    At least we can share something together, Annemarie, my typos are shame-making.

    And do try and cheer up, I’m sure you are not always so scratchy – bad temper gives you premature wrinkles, you know!

  37. annemarie Says:

    Thanks for the tip, but I already know that book– just because someone makes a good argument doesn’t mean they are right. There’s a reason nobody reads Popper anymore.

  38. Iheartfashion Says:

    I don’t have anything to add to this fascinating debate, but I will say it’s given me some much-needed amusement.

  39. Sister Wolf Says:

    David, you should know better than to mess with annemarie. She is far beyond anything you have encountered or dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio!

    You would never threaten her with wrinkles if you could see her radiant young beauty. I suggest you bow down to her at once before you make things worse.

  40. hammiesays Says:

    please please please, can you start a new campaign of shouting “show us your willy” whenever “Mrs” Palin gets on her soapbox? And person A is Mr H. Who has a fine seiner BTW.

  41. hammiesays Says:

    weiner, godamn iPhone autocorrect.
    and I am totally gutted not to be on the chimp list!
    I must be too insipid.

  42. Max Says:

    Pursuant to the David Duff/Annemarie imbroglio, I refer DD to the immortal words of Robert Beck- better known as famed intellectual apostate Iceberg Slim, author of ‘Pimp; The Story of my Life':

    “…For really, what is the bedrock of all male aspiration, if it isn’t cunt and money?”

    (Whilst Mr. Slim may not be in the canon, or even your paltry metier, Mr. Duff, he does in point of fact CARRY a cannon)

  43. David Duff Says:

    “I already know that book”

    Just so I’m clear does that mean you have read it, or that you know of it?

    “just because someone makes a good argument doesn’t mean they are right”

    Does that mean you deny Popper’s proposition that there is a direct line of totalitarian thought from Plato, through Hegel, to Marx which inspired the intellectual content of both Stalin’s Marxism and Hitler’s national socialism? Always open to argument, I would be interested to know your reasons.

    “There’s a reason nobody reads Popper anymore”

    *”Nobody”* reads Popper any more?! That’s odd, because those usually smart people at Amazon appear to have three pages of books either written by, or on the subject of, Karl Popper. Oh, and I still read him from time to time.

    ‘Sister Wolf’,
    I’m not messing with Annemarie, she’s, er, messing with me (that’s if I understand the word ‘messing’ which I probably don’t!). All I ever did was quote her own words and I’ve been savaged ever since! And I didn’t “threaten her with wrinkles”, I simply offered some friendly advice – don’t you ever read what I write? Anyway, I think I’m making progress, her last comment was obsescenity free, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

    One of the pleasures of blog conversations is that one never stops learning. Hitherto, I had never heard of Robert Beck but a quick skim read of his ‘Wiki’ entry was fascinating. I was heartened by his tale of redemption, even if it came a bit late for the various poor young women he exploited. Alas, his knowledge of human nature was blighted by his own life style because the quote you provide – “what is the bedrock of all male aspiration, if it isn’t cunt and money?” – demonstrates his ignorance. He left out political power; and he ignored the vast majority of men who lead ordinary lives with partners for whom they have both affection and respect. Alas, there are many examples of intellectuals, or faux-intellectuals, who, so to speak, wallow in excrement for most of their lives and think this is the norm. It is not. I don’t, do you?

  44. annemarie Says:

    Mr. Duff, I commend you on your nicely crafted comment.

    I certainly hope you didn’t spend too long working on it? It is the weekend after all! Perhaps you should go out and find some cunt? Or anus? I think it would do you the world of good.

    I’m more interesting in cock myself. But as for our little Popper argument. Amazon may indeed have three pages of the old fart’s books, but in modern philosophy departments nobody reads him much anymore. And yes, there is no “direct line of totalitarian thought” running from Plato to Hegel to Marx to Stalin, though I am familiar with the argument and can tell you that it is a very superficial one. I will not go into the reasons why as I must go and find some cock, but suffice it to say there really is no such thing as a “direct line” of human thought, and those who try to extract one for the sake of making their own theoretical systems more coherent are simply bad readers.

  45. annemarie Says:

    I mean: I am more interested in cock. Though, I am also more interesting than cock.

  46. Sister Wolf Says:

    annemarie – You are more interesting than MOST cocks, I will back you up on that statement.

    David -Does one’s appearance on Amazon.com signify that one’s work is being read, or just that one has written a lot of books? I’m afraid to see how many pages are devoted to Danielle Steele, a writer whose prose is bad beyond description. Also, what do you mean by ‘excrement?’ Do you mean fecal matter or just conditions that you deem lowly or perverse?

    One other thing: When you say that Mr. Beck left out political power, isn’t all power as the term is understood by men just a currency by which to acquire more pussy??

  47. cker Says:

    Duff is daft and a bore. I suggest we not acknowledge his comments and he will go away much like a school yard bully that has no more victims. While debate can be intellectually stimulating it is an exercise in masochism to debate with someone that holds such contempt for the intelligence of others.

    Bigger is not better. You may be able inflate the size of “that certain male part” (as the commercial says) but if you fail to understand the difference between quality and quantity you still won’t get laid, big dick or not. BTW, all dicks shrink to impossibly small sizes once a man reaches the age of about eighty or more, if he has the good fortune to live that long.

    A madman can borrow the works and ideas of an intellectual but that does not render them intelligent. That is a bit like saying if you go to the symphony
    you can be the conductor of the orchestra. Hitler and Stalin were cunning enough to know how to use other’s intellect for their own gain. “Crazy like a fox” comes to mind but that statement does not refer to one’s native intelligence but to one’s cunning and guile.

  48. David Duff Says:

    Am I to assume from the fact that you avoided an answer to my direct question that, in fact, you have *not* read Popper’s book?

    If so, can I dismiss your words “there is no “direct line of totalitarian thought” running from Plato to Hegel to Marx to Stalin, though I am familiar with the argument and can tell you that it is a very superficial one” as mere assertion, even dare I suggest, a superficial assertion, since you offer nothing to support it? Also, may I ask, since it is not clear from your own words, whether you mean that there is *no* totalitarian thought in any of those three philosophers, or, that there *is* but the similarities are simply fortuitous?

    When you write “there really is no such thing as a “direct line” of human thought”, am I to assume then that you believe that each philosopher of every age produces his propositions in, as it were, a vacuum with no regard to what has gone before? If that is the case I can understand your assertion that “in modern philosophy departments nobody reads him [Popper] much anymore”. Indeed, if your description of the practice of philosophy is true, there is not much point in any philosopher ever reading any other philosopher, is there?

    Your description of Popper as “an old fart” says more about you than about him! He was, and remains, immensely influential in the philosophy of science and some of the greatest minds of today continue the debate between him and Kuhn – but presumably they are not members of “modern philosophy departments”! In his political philosophy, he was a very great defender of liberal democracy, and the book I recommended above which you appear never to have read is a monument to his learning and his analytical abilities. That doesn’t make him right in every respect but then no philosopher ever is!

    Sorry to ask you so many questions but the childish smut obscures my view of your reasoned opinions, assuming you have some, that is!

    There you go again – not reading carefully the context! Annemarie asserted that “nobody reads Popper anymore”. I pointed out that Amazon have a huge selection of his works because, one assumes, they are purchased on a regular basis – indeed, you confirm it by reporting that some lady novelist is also featured heavily for precisely the same reason. The content of both these writers is a different argument, the point is that Popper’s writings and thought remains immensely influential in philosophical circles and Annemarie is being silly – again!

    As to my use of the word “excrement”, I was being metaphorical. There is a class of mainly faux-intellectuals who delight in a depraved life style, not because it adds to their learning but simply because they enjoy it, being of a depraved nature themselves. Outsiders, lacking the required depravity to join in, nevertheless, experience a second-hand thrill at reading the details and assuming that life lived at the edges somehow imbues the writer with insights not given to those of a more sedate disposition. Utter nonsense, of course, but there’s a fool born every minute – you know, the sort of people who think, say, that Beck – or Burroughs – had anything worthwhile to say about anything! I mean – “what is the bedrock of all male aspiration, if it isn’t cunt and money?” – trite, or what? It leads otherwise sensible people to write things like “isn’t all power as the term is understood by men just a currency by which to acquire more pussy??” Even the faintest knowledge of history would disprove that.

    You are right, I am often a bore, but you are wrong to suppose me daft. Also, you are wrong to think that if no-one responds to me that I shall go away. Finally, you are wrong yet again to imagine that I hold “contempt for the intelligence of others”. I admire, sometimes to excess, people with great intelligence, I only despise those who pretend to intelligence but who are so irredemably thick they cannot see their own limitations. (Editor’s Warning: any similarity to commenters on this blog is entirely coincidental!)

    As to your final paragraph, you are falling into the same bad habits as our hostess, that is, failing to follow the argument in detail. It began with Annemarie asserting that Hitler and Stalin “bashed” intellectuals. I merely corrected her by pointing out that they only “bashed” *certain* intellectuals whilst using others to bolster their political regimes. So when *you* write “Hitler and Stalin were cunning enough to know how to use other’s intellect for their own gain”, we are hand-in-hand in total agreement. Oh dear, dread thought!

  49. Make Do Style Says:

    Ah well at least we know duff isn’t a wanker he hasn’t got time to masturbate with all this commentating at length.

  50. cker Says:

    Duff I did follow the “argument” in detail. I was not supposing to support either side of the debate. I simply added my thoughts. There was no tone of debate in what I wrote. Just thoughts. You do hold others in contempt as evidenced by your comments on this blog. You disagree with us. Your continuous, studied effort to affront others on this blog is tiresome. You, indeed, are daft – foolish with a tendency toward stupidity. In the nature of a bully, you return to hurl your contemptuous words at those you disagree with. This takes significant energy and time on your part. In a twisted way it is a back handed compliment to us that comment on Sister Wolf’s blogs. Another hobby would suit you well.

  51. Sister Wolf Says:

    Oh fine, David. I will admit that ‘political power’ is not just an effort towards pussy and/or money, but also an expression of the male’s inherent fear and loathing of Mommy.

    I have written about this extensively. You may disagree until the cows come home, but I will still be right. All male endeavors not designed to acquire pussy are in fact a futile effort to get even with Mommy for being the boss when he was helpless. It is the male condition and cannot be transcended. Complain as much as you want.

    When you can’t get even with Mommy or win the unconditional love to which you believe yourself entitled, you turn to other men for approval. Hence the drive for political power and while we’re at it, for bodybuilding. At this point, you are looking for Daddy or else trying to kill him in your Oedipal fury.


  52. David Duff Says:

    My first reply seems to have disappeared into the ether. Let me try again.

    I was not sure whether your remarks above were a joke or not. However, I have just read your latest post on “crazy mothers” which seems to have a streak of genuine pain and anguish in it so I assume you wish me to take the comment above seriously, which I will do in the comments to that particular post rather than here, given the inordinate length of thethread.

  53. Sister Wolf Says:

    David – Nope, not a joke. HOWEVER! It is about men, and does not apply to women. Infant girls are able to identify with Mommy, since they are the same gender and will one day get to be Mommy. Thus, this identification allows them to experience the helpless condition differently.

    You were silly to take this subject into another thread. Particularly when I outlined the purpose of the Crazy Mothers Club. Support and camaraderie, not attacks. Not a place to argue your philosophy or display your knowldege of Marx and Freud, or even Jewishness.


  54. Juri Says:

    Male bonding at its finest:


  55. cker Says:

    Yup! You never see women lifting their shirts and bras to compare breasts and nipples. Men!

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