Adam Goldberg: YES


I saw this photo the other day in juxtapoz, a stupid art magazine that my adopted son* Chris brought over.   I was stunned by the glory of the poster on the wall: NO YOU SHUT UP is the single most brilliant statement anyone could possibly make. I think it may be my next tattoo.

The photo is a still from a new movie called (Untitled), a satire about the contemporary art scene. Sign me up! Not that I’ll ever get out to see a movie, but, you know, theoretically.

Adam Goldberg is making a real comeback in my life after maybe being the guy in the Sarah Palin is a Cunt shirt. Last night, my kid got us a copy of The Hebrew Hammer and we laughed our heads off until the disc got screwed up in the last act and froze.

* If you don’t know about my adopted son, we became friends on MySpace through our shared appreciation of Deadwood. Chris lost his mom many years ago and I volunteered to adopt him. My family has accepted this situation very graciously, and why shouldn’t they?   I also have an adopted daughter, but we haven’t been able to meet yet.   If you need to be adopted, let’s talk when I’m not so overwhelmed.

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20 Responses to “Adam Goldberg: YES”

  1. WendyB Says:

    I wouldn’t mind being adopted by you. Let me know when you can get around to me.

  2. David Duff Says:

    Me, me, me – I want to be adopted by a nice, sexy-looking, California lady and I’ll even wear silly T-shirts, if you want me to.

    PS: I’m house trained.

  3. Queen Michelle Says:

    I need an adopted mum! Add me to the list please!

  4. Make Do Style Says:

    Can I be you adopted sister mine are pretty rubbish!

    And down Duff you’ll be writing letters to Mrs Mills next.

  5. WCGB Says:

    Have you seen Two Days in Paris? Another Adam Goldberg gem (thanks to Julie Delpy).

  6. TobiLynne Says:

    Oh, I’m definitely going to need that poster.

  7. deja pseu Says:

    I love Adam Goldberg and yes, that poster is brilliant. You’d be the coolest adoptive mom ever. I’m still pissed that they never made the Deadwood movie.

  8. Sal Says:

    I HURT myself laughing at “The Hebrew Hammer.”

  9. arline Says:

    everyone wants to be adopted by you.

  10. Sarah P Says:

    Adopt me as a baby sister. Go on, I bake cake with Guinness in. Plus, my (four) elder sisters are RUBBISH.

    (I can’t watch Deadwood because to the Brits Ian McShane will always be a dodgy antiques dealer in a naff leather jeacket.)

  11. annemarie Says:

    There’s only room for one daughter around here so the rest of you cunts can FUCK OFF, okay?

  12. Jill Says:

    WendyB and I would make a great daughter pairing! Annemarie…I will cut you! No…seriously! She’s mine! Come to me mamacita Wolf!

  13. Aja Says:

    WCGB beat me to it. I use Two Days in Paris to mend a broken heart and remind me why I never wanted to move to Paris in the first place. Mamacita Wolf, hahahaha. Has a nice ring to it.

  14. Deni Says:

    Oh no, what’s wrong with me? (My latest OCD.) I want to adopt your whole family, including all your adopted cyber-children, Mamacita Wolf, and turn you and them into faux-leather-wearing vegans, and set up a regiment of acupuncture, reflexology, vitamin and herb therapy, hiking, and juicing.
    Oye vey-ggie.

    (Don’t worry, I’ll discuss this with my therapist.)

    Best to you and Max!

  15. hammie Says:

    what about your adopted mother? As for No you shut up, try watching Brother Bear with Moose Commentary. Seriously. I dont care that its disney, it’s fucking funny.

  16. Iron Chic Says:

    I’m always raving about season one of Deadwood.
    What did you think of season two and three?

  17. Mr. Ann Says:

    Well, I had to do it – Ann told me about this photo and I had to copy it unto a shirt, in my own way. I know it’s not original but it’s too damn brilliant not to be worn.


  18. SwanDiamondRose Says:

    take! me! everyone else here sucks!

  19. maggie Says:

    I definitely re-did this poster but on canvas a few months back and it’s in my bathroom. awesome.

  20. jaime Says:

    i think that’s by christopher wool? unless it’s a send up? my fave one says FUCKEM IF THEY CANT TAKE A JOKE. more of his stuff here:

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