Sea of Shoes is Through Taking Your Shit


That’s right, you meanies. She has shut done her comments because of you. Well, not exactly.   Let her explain in her own words:   “Comments aren’t necessary.”

Who cares what you people think?!? Fuck all y’all. Sea of Shoes is famous now, at least to blog followers, and their feedback doesn’t matter. She’s not here to make friends, after all! And she doesn’t need your stupid opinions.

But wait, I have an opinion, and now it’s too late.   Shit. Let me share it anyway, alright?

My opinion is, Take your new Dolce and Gabbana Wedges ($1,010 at farfetch) and get the money back. Take the money and buy a wheelchair for the guy I met last week who is paralyzed after a motorcycle accident. His sons are hoping the family can raise $1,000 to buy one.

I know it’s not your fault that people are paralyzed. And yet. Oh well.   Like you said, Sea of Shoes, “some people are just born with the compulsion to collect.

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114 Responses to “Sea of Shoes is Through Taking Your Shit”

  1. Miggs Says:

    Those shoes are god-awful anyway.

  2. Bex Says:

    God those are fucking ugly…

  3. Susan Says:

    That’s what I call style without brains … did I say style? Perhaps I meant vile. Your comment is so valid, suggest you send Shoesea an email. If nothing else, it’d be interesting to see if you get a response.

  4. Nats Says:

    I have been waiting for you to post your thoughts on this as soon as I stopped by sea of tripe… oh sorry I mean shoes… yesterday for an update.

    Seeing as I cannot leave comments there, I’d like to leave one for mademoiselle here if I may…

    “comments arent necessary” – come on Jane, we all know your shit hot and all, what with going to the Crillon Ball (setting back feminism, but dont worry, you are wearing haute chanel), but us mere mortals do have opinions and voices and I happen to think in some cases my comments are necessary – especially when you insist on throwing your wads of cash on monstrosities such as the above – someone needs to tell you NO – a god awful shoe does not mean quirky.

    Sorry for taking up your comments section but I feel I had to get that out there to Jane, somehow.

  5. sarah.p Says:

    I read Sea of Shoes for a bit, sort of guiltily immersing myself in a life I’d never have what with a) having the pale sturdy legs of a Victorian peasant and b) being permanently stony broke.

    But then it started to make me feel a bit bilious. And then a bit grubby. And then outright vomitous. It’s a bit frightening that not only is someone utterly insulated from real life but now they’ve closed off pretty much the only way real life is ever going to reach ’em.

  6. Jenni Says:

    I so agree with Sarah.P-a while ago I stumbled across SOS and thought she seemed a nice enough girl. However, the more I read the more uneasy I became. I mean, seriously, what sort of 18 year old collects belt buckles and vintage YSL? I may not have a closet which I only wear 10% so I don’t “spoil” the rest, but as a fellow 18 year old who has a group of lovely friends, goes out and enjoys being young, plays the violin, cycles, enjoys fashion AND raises money for trafficked women and children I just want to scram “Get real”. I have no issue with people spending money as they wish, but such materialism and self absoption worries me. You can have a closet full of a thousand pairs of shoes and still have an empty heart.

  7. jennine Says:

    shutting off comments…does she think she’s seth godin? the only reason why it doesn’t bother me he doesn’t do comments is that his posts are actually useful.

    with jane i can’t help but to think that if she took the time to really build a community rather than accumulate fans she wouldn’t have this problem.

    which reminds me… i’m so glad my mom wears rayon hawaiian shirts, jeans from sears and flipflops all year round.

  8. annemarie Says:

    That post said one thing– I’ve outgrown you, plebeians.

  9. Make Do Style Says:

    No comment!

  10. Alicia Says:

    I’m with Jennine. There is no community there; it’s a sea of fan-girls ready to bloodlet anyone who speaks ill of their beloved muse/goddess/aspiration.

    I swear, the internets has people thinking they’re actual celebrities…P’SHAW!!!

  11. Alicia Says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention the jacket covered in pierced nipples.

  12. Iron Chic Says:

    Did you like how she acknowledged her CUPIDITY???
    But didn’t really address it…like everything else.

  13. Elena Says:

    I don’t really know where I stand regarding the argument that people who have a lot of money should use it for charity/good causes rather than buying any luxuries, however, I read her post where she mentions those shoes, and I find it SUPER ridiculous that she bought them and doesn’t plan on wearing them. My reaction to that is confusion and disgust. If all she is going to do is look at them why doesn’t she just print out a picture. I can’t even handle this idea of turning functional objects into useless expensive crap to hoard.

  14. dust Says:

    Some people are rich, manipulative, self centered cunts. What are the poor fans gonna do now, when they can’t reach their goddess? Write her a REAL letter? Buy the shoes she so called designed, but never wore herself, to be closer to her?

    This world has become a dangerous place, all those desperate girls are loose and free, so many “amazings” left unsaid, so many lost their Shepard. I pity the fool….

    Now you know why hating somebodies big nose doesn’t really do it for me…

  15. Suebob Says:

    Why do all these shoes look like little deformed hooves?

  16. Moda Says:


  17. scout Says:

    Silence, Jacobins! Mme Antoinette wishes to be alone in the palace with naught but her shoes and her flamingly gay boyfriend.

  18. Ann Says:

    I have a few comments for her. Pretentious. Vaunted. Self-absorbed. Delusional. Avaricious.

    But most of all: sad.

  19. hildy Says:

    I agree with most of you. I started off reading her site awhile ago and thought, nice girl, etc. However, after awhile I too started to notice that there is nothing that you really get from her. Be it inspiration, insight or just plain entertainment! It’s not the fact that she’s got money to spend on whatever she wants. Let her, if that makes her happy. What I don’t like is the self absorption which seems to be the only thing going for her. She is just a rather boring, plain looking girl that boosts her own ego with shopping. There are thousands of others creating better sites with real passion and talent.

  20. DG Says:

    What I find hysterical and sad is that as soon as she posted that, all the wannabe S.O.S started blogging about what a “genius” (I now hate that word) idea that is and how they are also going to do it.

  21. Dru Says:

    I’m kind of with Elena up there….if I’ve earned/been given money, I’d like the freedom to choose how to spend it even if someone else disagrees with my spending choices. And I have the collecting urge too, only what I collect is mostly books because you never have to iron/dry clean those and they don’t make me feel fat or make my toes hurt.

    Re: Sea, whatever we see on a blog is only a tiny fraction of its author’s life, and she seemed like a nice enough girl. Outfit-wise, she didn’t really do much that Susie didn’t do (and do better), but it wasn’t anything I thought too much about.

    But now that she’s shut down comments, it has to be said- she got almost no intelligent ones, and given that the girl rarely if ever replied to a comment- like Jennine says, there was no community there – it’s not the commenter’s loss. I know I’d grieve if Susie or Queen Michelle decided to turn off their comments, but in this case I just shrug.

    I’ll tell you what DOES bother me about Sea though…the fact that she admits that some of her shoes are painful (I think she once said a certain pair nearly cut her feet to ribbons) but wears the painful pairs anyway. That’s just masochism.

  22. Queen Marie Says:

    *sigh* it was only a matter of time before she cut contact with us grubby real life bloggers after she took down her blogroll and links a while ago!

  23. Dru Says:

    Oh, it’s Queen Marie up there! *waves*…great bloggers, they’re just like us, they visit other blogs too…
    Completely off topic Sister, but I read your post on bad hair a while back, and I wondered if you’d tried hot oil massages? The colour and texture of your hair sound very similar to mine (black, thick), and my hair generally behaves better if I’ve given my scalp a dose of some oil about an hour or two before shampooing. I know it sounds messy, but once a week might help, and pretty much any oil does the trick as long as it’s not too smelly.
    And my grandmother swears (with good reason) that the stuff keeps your hair dark.

  24. erika Says:

    She is very young still. I would have to blame mom on this one. She’s 17 how does she have 1000$ shoes ? why ?? and she won’t wear them. I wonder if she has any knowledge of the reality of how other people live. Also did you check out that throw/cape thing. I thought ” oh that’s nice, a thrifted vintage piece ” when I first saw it, then the link takes you to the site, it was $2000 bucks. Making it an utterly ridiculous old piece of dead animal.

  25. Fran Says:

    I guess I agree with much of what’s been said here, the comments are ridiculous with the odd sensible ‘how are you buying all this crap?’ thrown in there, but by distancing herself she’s retreating further into her Texan billionaire world. So much for learning about the different cultures of her blog readers, all she cares about is what bizarre 70s combo she’s going to put together next. What I don’t get is how people know that she smokes; I’ve never seen a cigarette in any of her pictures, and she’s moaning that people comment telling her to give up. I also really hate her fur coat…

  26. Sister Wolf Says:

    Miggs- Horrible.

    Bex – and stupid.

    Susan – “Vile” and “style”, I get them mixed up, too. Since I wrote this, I’ve been alerted to the news that Shoes and Mom have each bought a pair of ugly hoof-booties for $595 per. That’s another wheelchair!!!!!!!!!!

    Nats – You have given me a great idea! From now on, I will have a weekly “Talk to Sea of Shoes” post, where people can leave comments for her.

    Sarah.p – I don’t hear the word bilious nearly often enough.

    Jenni – THANK YOU for representing grounded, thoughtful teenage girls. It’s so good to know you’re out there.

    Jennine – You might not believe this, but this is the FIRST time I’ve considered the concept of community. Wow. I do feel like my commenters are a community! Shit! Mind blowing. xo

    annemarie – Not that she knows what plebeians are.

  27. (WTF)WhatTheFashion Says:

    Well well well, a lot of bloggers don’t want my opinion!

    DAMNNN! I had a lot of suggestions and would like to bitch more! but thanks to you sister wolf because I’ll just bitch here.

    Unfortunately, she bought those ugly shoes which cost a lot of money not realizing how shitty it looks.

    If she wants a shoe with an eye, why don’t she just poke her eyes and put it on a shoe. Besides, she’s a “shoe designer”. DUHRRR! enough said. nyahahahha

  28. (WTF)WhatTheFashion Says:

    Oh and by the way, I can see Sea of shit mom will comment very soon! Yay!

  29. Sister Wolf Says:

    Make Do – Comments aren’t necessary.

    Alicia – Man, those fan-girls are scary! Sea of Robots!

    Iron Chic – Hahahahaha, she actually used the word “cupidity?”

    Elena – Of course, people should do what they like with their money. But at a certain point of conspicuous consumption of luxury items, it’s kind of abhorrent. LET HER BUY A FUCKING WHEELCHAIR!

    dust – What a beautiful statement. Thank you for your eloquence. About the nose: I DON’T hate the nose-girl, because her nose is so piteous. xo

    Suebob – Ha, you tell me, Suebob!

    Moda- Sartre-esque, even.

    scout – HAHAHAHAHA!

    Ann – Can I add style-challenged?

    Hildy – Yep. Agreed.

    DG – Oh Christ.

    Dru – So she encourages girls to fuck up their toes, on top of everything else!

    Queen Marie – You’re just a Queen, you aren’t worthy of a teenage “Style Icon” who dresses like a delusional 40 year old.

    Dru – I will try it! My hair is crap and I left a bottle of conditioner in my friend’s car today.

    erika – Oh jesus, the throw/cape thing! A nightmare.

    Fran – She has outgrown her readers. She must conquer the world! Let us pray for Carol.

  30. Sister Wolf Says:

    WTF – Look forward to our new weekly “Talk to Sea of Shoes” forum.

  31. Mark Says:

    We got Lou Dobbs off CNN, now lets get the Sea of Shoes cunts off the Internet. Let’s start a website that mocks their every move. We’ll call it “Sea of Cunts.”

  32. maryann Says:

    The worst thing on that entry was when she wrote that RIP as a a little blurb in the end. Oh you know, just a death, no big deal. Just a PS at the end is fine.

  33. WendyB Says:

    I fucking love those shoes.

    My new ambition: getting so famous I don’t have to interact with people anymore. Wait! That’s always been my ambition. I don’t like people much.

  34. Sister Wolf Says:

    Mark – I will just stick with a special comments forum/tribute.

    maryann – YES!!!!! That was the worst. “My thoughts go out to her family.” What is she, the president of the united states?!?!?! Is the family supposed to be READING HER BLOG??????? It killed me. Thank you for bringing that up.

  35. Sister Wolf Says:

    WendyB- Hey, stop interacting right now if you want. I can’t look at the shoes without seeing a wheelchair. Paralyzed from the waist down, Wendy.

  36. Lightly Says:

    This girl is about three minutes away from being like, so five minutes ago.
    The beauty of it is that she’ll not be equipped to endure her inevitable decline. And it is inevitable. Such is our age of disposable ‘celebrity’.
    She’s hoarding her wannabes and followers in the same way she hoards shoes. And don’t they all look very impressive in neat little rows on her shelves? Let’s ‘ooo’ and ‘ahhh’ – Jesus, what a fucking feat.
    What’s she gonna do when all her followers grow-up and tire of aspiring to be her? Wrap ’em up in tissue paper, take a polaroid and store ’em away, safe in the knowledge that they exist(ed) and were indeed hers?
    Fucking validation via the superficial. How boring, easy and predictable.

  37. denise (denise katipunera) Says:

    am a follower since the blog wars. I really respect your mean-ness to some bloggers, you really are just brave to say what’s on your mind.

    speaking of jane, when i saw her said that “comments aren’t necessary”, i was a bit shocked. Cos those readers who wrote comments made her “famous” now. I just wish she thought long and hard before using those words. Just left a bad taste you know. Well I love her, but am not really a giddy teen who drops “OMG” comments on each of her posts. Before all these she’s always thankful for the 100+ comments and now these people aren’t necessary? I feel sorry for her. Got to admit i was a bit hurt. hihihii. Am a reader, now i don’t matter.

    Now i really admire karla and rumi for stomaching all the criticism thrown at them.

    I guess if you can’t handle any of these opinions from people just stop blogging.

    She’s on a ball now right? God bless that kid. She has a sweet face though.

    Have a great day!

  38. Deena Says:

    I have to agree with WendyB- I LOVE those shoes and would wear them in a heartbeat.
    Interaction is the driving force behind blogging and now shes totally severed herself from the people who made her popular? Get over yourself!

  39. Jill Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving you sexy ass woman!

  40. Dru Says:

    Deena- pooh, who needs online fangirl nobodies when you have Kanye West and (American) Vogue backing you all the way into being a fancypants deb?
    I got a completely different vibe off her comment shutoff than I did from Lulu and Your Mom (the girl had a nervous breakdown and later got tired of death threats…just reading the post where she explained why she’d turned off comments made me sad).

  41. Beck Says:

    I agree with Erika. This is Mom’s fault! That whole we’re-not-mother-and-daughter-we’re-more-like-best-friends nonsense in their photos makes me feel ill. My kids are boys and only little and I know it’s a different ballgame entirely, but it all makes me feel like a comparitively decent (although obviously monstrously smug and complacent) parent.

    Oh, and of course the shoes themselves are foul. The face has an extra chin. I speak as one who has curated quite the collection of appalling footwear.

  42. Girl World Says:

    i thought this was a thanksgiving post.

  43. andrea Says:

    Oh, you guys are just jealous of Ms. Sea of Shoes! Come on, don’t you all secretly want to be her and live her glamorous life? And get to wear all those shoes? This is only the beginning- she is going to be everywhere soon.

  44. Dr Says:

    Andrea- her glamourous life is in Texas, of all places. Suburban Texas. I don’t think too many of the people reading this want to live there, and no amount of designer shoes would make me want to condemn myself to it (apologies to anyone who does live there though).

    And she can be everywhere if she likes, it’s just that the way she justified her comment shutdown made her seem snobby and snotty- especially with the timing of it.

  45. Alana Says:

    Andrea: Why don’t you go and have sexual intercourse with some glamorous penis shaped shoes and leave us alone?
    I wish you could see the pile of spew that I just threw up all over your horrible post.

  46. scout Says:

    andrea — oh good, someone’s finally come up with the brilliant, “y’all just jealous” defense! if this were only true, then hip-hop artists and 12-year-old girls on internet comment boards everywhere would be masters of discourse. (do i need to tell you they’re not? probably. andrea: they’re not.)

    for the record, no. not jealous of sea of shoes. i’m jealous of susie bubble, because she’s got more style, energy, and ingenuity in her little finger than in shoes’ whole body. i’m jealous of Queen Michelle, because her legs are much skinnier than mine, and therefore she manages not to look slutty in her insane dungeon wench get-ups, which are by the way far more interesting than shoes’ closetful of hamfisted attempts to purchase “edginess”. ever notice how no-one whose opinion you care about ever has anything good to say about shoes’ style, which i would generously describe as “very expensive clothes. worn together”? (do i need to tell you that hip-hop artists like kanye and shoes’ legions of tween fangirls are not exactly great judges of cutting edge fashion? probably. andrea: they are not.)

    she is just an overpriveleged teenage girl, not especially stylish, and with a tin ear for the economic reality of her readers and the world at large of “let them eat cake” proportions. (do i need to explain that reference to you, because you haven’t picked up a book recently? probably. andrea: look it up on wikipedia.)

    love scout!

  47. sarah.p Says:

    I assume andrea was being sarcastic, but in case not – oddly, it never occurred to me to be jealous of Sea of Shoes. I live in a grubby but utterly alive part of inner London where you can’t turn a corner without bumping into a composer or artist or poet. My clothes include dresses I sewed myself by hand, cardigans my 90 year old grandmother made me, shoes I found in antique shops after a long walk by the Regent’s Canal, and almost worthless pieces of Edwardian silver my husband bought me when I was a teenager.

    I’ll never go to the Crillon ball, but I friends come to my house and we drink cheap wine and sing stupid songs at my piano, or we sit in pubs several hundred years old and dream about being mothers one day, or getting our novels published, or who we’ll fall in love with tomorrow.

    THAT’S what makes me a bit sad about her blog. Because I’m afraid she thinks there is value in Anne Demeulemeester shoes and balls where you will never bump into your friends in the loo, or parties where everything was made by professionals, and not laughing knocked together in your own kitchen with a group of friends over a beer.

    And I’d rather have one night in my home-made dress eating untidily iced cakes in a room full of people who love me, than wear a thousand couture gowns to a thousand balls.

  48. sarah.p Says:

    That sounded really fucking smug. Apart from anything else you’d struggle to find a roomful of people who can stand me for more than about half an hour at a stretch. I just mean – sometimes it’s OK to not have many shoes.

    Stepping away from the keyboard now.

  49. Nat Says:

    Glad to be of service sister. Looking forward to re-opening the communication Chanel to SOs with you as the conduit! Oh jane, look what you’ve forced us to do!

  50. Braindance Says:

    I find sea of shoes disturbing on a few levels

    First, that she adds the tragic death of somebody she never knew as a one sentence side line, look, I do think about mortal and complex issues, not just shoes.

    Second, her never ending display regarding her lack of original thought, I wonder about why she never wonders about the joy & freedom of being 18.

    Third, the juxtaposition between her father and mother, are those two really a couple? I dress very differently to my husband, for sure, but we do look like we have met each other. Seeing those two in the same post explained a lot.

    As for Gala Darling, her brand of narcissism entertains me. She usually has a few interesting links with each posts, and I suspect she is a bit more tongue in cheek than some of the other popular bloggers.

    Have any of you checked the site Regretsy? Much mirth supplied.

  51. annemarie Says:

    Fucking hell, there’s a lot of semi-literate teens posting comments here suddenly.

    Dear Semi-Literate Teens,
    Sister Wold does not like bad grammar, ok? And say what you will about Sea and her fucking Shoes, but I’ve seen nary a grammar mistake on her blog. We must give her that.
    Now I know you feel passionately about this issue and that it was this passion that quite possibly what sent all sense of linguistic propriety out the proverbial window, but I would ask you to bear in mind, please, that this blog is for highly literate grown-ups and their finely-chiseled hate, not for semi-literate teens and their poorly expressed angst.
    So, until you learn to write intelligible sentences (yeah, I’m talking you you Denise, and also to Lightly, who actually can write grammatically but somehow still manages sound really OFF. Though I must say, I do find pretentiousness in a teenager cute, so points for that): get out of here. You can sit at the table with the grown-ups only if you are prepared to employ the rules of good grammar.
    Am I right, Sister Wolf?

    I really hope there are no typos in any of the above. That would be some serious egg on my face.

  52. annemarie Says:

    eeeek! egg!

  53. sarah.p Says:

    I love you annemarie. In a frightened sort of way.

  54. Sil Says:

    Annemarie… Please, tell me foreigners with another mother tonge girls aged 32 are allowed to write here even if my grammar is not too good…

    Does anybody really care about the crap a teenage talks about shoes? Come on… Ok, it´s funny to talk about how fucking stupid and empty her existence is. There´s people that says that the life of a blogger is more than his/her blog, but in this particular case I found no reason to believe that her life is more than a sad try to tell the world how great she is because her parents have enough money to buy her all the expensive trash she wants, because I don´t see this girl earning her own money in order to afford all this stuff. Fantastic way of growing up a child.

    And as for the people that says that maybe detractors of SOS are jealous… I am proud to say that as most of the people of this world I work to pay my flat, my clothes at Primmark and all my fucking stuff, what means I do something in my life.

  55. Sil Says:

    Oh, and if any of you remember the Village People, have a look at the post of today at SOS… last pic.

  56. Philippa Says:

    Sea Of Shoes,

    I am assuming that you read all the hype about yourself on the internet, and thus will have found this post, so here goes:

    We all know that the reason you are becoming increasingly more respected and recognised in the fashion industry is because of that special thing about you that marks you out from the common man or woman like myself, or most of the readers of your blog. It isn’t a particular skill for writing, or that you’re a renowned beauty – your entries are articulate enough, sufficiently spell-checked, and while you have a lithe, fresh-faced, teenage kind of prettiness, you’re no 80s-style Super and I suspect, in your mollycoddled little heart, you know that – or because you have an incredible, preternatural gift for assembling thousands of dollars of your mother’s clothing into something that can reduce a grown stylist to tears.

    It’s because you’re wealthy. You know that, right? You can afford to spend seven weeks of my rent on a pair of shoes, and people get a vicarious thrill out of that, the same way they do from watching Cribs, or Gossip Girl, or googling aerial views of Britney Spears’ mansion. You have the unique and very special ability to put clothing together and make it look like a million dollars, when really it only cost closer to five thousand or so. And I hope you know we’re all very grateful for that.

    Why am I suddenly so filled with vitriol when I’ve never been bothered enough to comment on your blog before? The fact that you referred to a young woman’s suicide in a casual afterthought, tacked onto a post about your own self-importance. If you really cared, maybe you could have donated a thousand dollars to a mental health or suicide prevention charity instead, as a tribute to Daul and the distraught, grieving family you so graciously sent your thoughts to, instead of on those monstrous shoes.

    But thoughts are just as valuable, right? At least, they are if the person thinking them is wearing SUPER-NEAT shoes.

  57. Kim Says:

    Ooh. I’m not jealous of Sea of Shoes girl, but I think that I am now Jealous of Sarah P!

  58. dust Says:

    annemarie, don’t be such …….. some of us come from non-English speaking parts of this planet and we do our best. You have no idea how lucky you are to have a passport that you have, so don’t push it, or else I’ll ask you how many foreign languages do you speak and write……… Let’s blame it on Shoes!

  59. annemarie Says:

    Ok, ok, I’m SORRY! Non-native speakers get a free pass.

    I’m still cracking the whip on the semi-literate children though. I can’t help it. I’m doing it for The Future. Whitney Houston said I must.

    sarah.p– I love you too! Can I stop by your house and drunkenly frolic around the piano with you and your friends sometime?

  60. Dru Says:

    I’m with Philippa on the Daul Kim front. That was one young lady who had mad awesome style, but her style wasn’t the thing that left the strongest impression on me- it was her personality, and the fact that she was funny, frank and not afraid to speak her mind even when the mind in question was in a dark place.
    I also think Sister Wolf would have liked her despite her not-always-perfect grammar.

  61. dust Says:

    When it comes to children, I’m getting my little whip out, too!
    Children shouldn’t be allowed to purchase any 1000whatever worth of shoes until they learn how to spell properly.

  62. Dru Says:

    And iliketoforkmyself is one blog which I am seriously sad to see getting taken down (I never knew Daul except through it- does it sound silly to grieve for someone you only know from reading their blog?). Especially since it’s because of idiots who quoted huge bits of it out of context instead of doing their research or even reading it properly. Makes me glad I never mentioned my own mental issues (didn’t leave the parental units’ house for six months) on my blog- she deserves better than to be picked over and generalised about.

  63. arline Says:

    I like comments, but only when they are intelligent and interactive.

    I don’t care one way or another whether Jane took away her comment options, I did not like reading them anyway, as most of the comments were obsequious uninteresting and pretty much annoying to me.

    I am jealous as hell over how many shoes she has and how young she is though. I have to work my ass off to obtain the shoes and clothes I have, and usually I wait for major sales. Oh well.

  64. Iron Chic Says:

    Grammar and spelling are totally overrated…(don’t destroy me SW!)
    The dictionary ain’t my bible..blah blah
    Sarah P nailed it with her comment:
    I wouldn’t trade my beautiful, friend-filled, struggle-filled city life for all the hidden-platform wedges in Texas!
    If you are jealous of SOS, that’s your own fucking doing. Get a life!

  65. Make Do Style Says:

    Good grief I hope all these c**ts have become your patrons – geez what a lot of comments. I must have posted my most boring comment ever but in my defence I was in the midst of finishing my dissertation – which is now done!

    Sea of shoes – sea of shit, perhaps I can do a lecture on this, it might be a full house!

    Does Iron Chic need to sea (on purpose) someone – is she talking to you or the ‘others’ – sorry Iron Chic just trying to clarify. Don’t cha be messing with the Wolf!

  66. Imelda Matt Says:

    sheesh…srsly? I’ve always thought Kayne West’s doucherie was contagious and it would seem I was right!

    I couldn’t give a fuck about sea of shoes but I love you. nuff said.

  67. annemarie Says:

    Iron Chic, that was indeed a rather ambiguously worded comment. Are you drunk?

  68. Iron Chic Says:

    I was speaking to the unecessary Grammer Police up there ^^^^.
    As long as you get your point across, who cares?
    I don’t waste too much time over spulling.
    I would never mess with the Wolf, however.
    She is my favorite Hater.
    And some commenters were admitting their latent jealousy over Sea’s shoe collection….so I was saying, get over it!

  69. Iron Chic Says:

    Oh wait, that was you Annemarie. Damn, this comment thread is long!
    Let’s keep the ripping-apart focus on Sea where it belongs!

  70. Aja Says:

    Sarah P I always knew I loved you. And your post made me miss London so terribly it nearly brought a tear to my eye. That part about drinking cheap wine and singing songs round the piano, I feel like we must have crossed paths at some point :)

    I guess I don’t really have any beef with Sea of Shoes personally. She seems nice and her Mum seems pretty cool too. But you know? I never am a fan of rich kids hijacking poor kids sports. Let’s just be honest for a second, blogging started as one of those activities for those of us who will never grace the pages of the Vogue social section of inbred looking wealthy types. Sea probably has enough money/connections to get to debutante status all on her own, so why hijack blogging from people like me (who put away two paychecks for one pair of awesome shoes and wear the shit out of them)? And like many have mentioned above, she really doesn’t seem too active in the social aspect of blogging, so why bother? As I said before in blog wars, much of blogging is about relating to people and sharing ideas. It’s not about allowing people to idolize you and then throwing them away when your popularity grows.

  71. Iheartfashion Says:

    I’ve never spent $1100 on a pair of shoes, but I’ve done my share of conspicuous consuming so I probably shouldn’t throw stones.
    Shutting off comments is a stupid move though. If you don’t want any feedback, why blog; just write in your journal!

  72. Vee Says:

    Good god, her most recent post.
    “Ooo the nice man even GAVE me – me, the girl who can buy any pair of shoes she wants – a new pair of $13423423432 Chanel shoes that I’m probably going to toss aside to gather dust in my closet whilst children starve with bloody feet!”
    It’s as if she’s doing it just to spite us all.

  73. maryann Says:

    With her blog, I always need to remind myself that she is still a teenage girl. I know I am only a few years older than her, but I know I’ve changed a lot from when I was 17 or 18. Hell yeah, I would write about some ball in Paris and boast it to the world. I would feel like hot shit! And I would write about all my new purchases. I wouldn’t think twice as to how it reflected to people who passed by my blog. I wouldn’t think about economic situations, or my average readers’ hourly wage. Especially if I’m just used to the lifestyle that I grew up in.

    I know for me, I don’t care too much about how I come off in my blog. I’m aware that it’s kind of a piece of crap, but I still enjoy it.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that with her, I try to think of her as Sea of Shoes Co., the blogger personality, not Jane. I do roll my eyes at some posts and think another is cute. Although I do have to say that the RIP at the end, was one of the first times I’ve lost respect.

    I am more curious to see if she will look back on her older posts and be like, “Yeah I came off a little ____ here”. I know I do that all the time.


  74. liz w Says:

    This girl is completely out of touch with reality IMO.

  75. Lizzo Says:

    Geez, people need to stop whining about Jane. If you think she is such shit, why the fck do you want to comment on her blog anyway? Seriously, get over it, a lot of people can afford shit that the rest of us can’t.

  76. Sister Wolf Says:

    Lightly – Agreed, thank you.

    Denise – Her face is like a nice well-preserved 30 yr old, in my opinion.

    Deena – Yep, the interaction is everything!

    Jill – Back at you, sweetie pie xoxo

    Dru – The whole “deb” thing is just bizarre.

    Beck – Hahaha! It’s nice to meet another curator.

    Girl World – Ha, was it the word “shit” that confused you??

    andrea – No one will know that you’re being sarcastic.

    Dr – see above.

    Alana – see above (although penis shaped shoes = good idea.)

    Scout – Well, I hope andrea had learned a lesson here. As for Sea’s “style,” I truly find it godawful. Any street kid in the “Fruits” series is a billion years ahead of her in style. She has inherited the very worst of Mom’s style-blind enthusiasms, eg. horrible garish 80s crap.

  77. Sister Wolf Says:

    sarah.p – Too fucking right!!!!! Not smug, just wise. xo

    Braindance – That poor father is slaving away at some job in order to provide enough spousal support and child support to enable the ex and the daughter to squander $$$$$$$$$$$$ on shoes. He should go back to court to revisit the support agreement, using the blog as evidence.

    annemarie – You go, girl.

    sarah.P – She is very scary when angry. But you two are a GREAT match.

    Sil – Well said. Re Village People: Hahahahahahahaha!

    Philippa – Sometimes vitriol is the only sane reaction. This is one of those times.

    Kim – She rules.

    dust – annemarie is very passionate about language.

    Dru – It’s appalling that Sea would mention that girl’s suicide so gratuitously. It actually shocked me.

    dust – See, you and annemarie are soulmates!

    Dru – I once couldn’t leave my apartment for 6 months, too! Thank goodness we survived. xo

    arline – But would you trade your intelligence and dignity for shoes? I’m only jealous of brainy women, and Sea does not not exude much of that.

    Iron Chic – Let’s all be jealous of sarah.p!

    Make Do – I am thrilled for you. And, Iron Chic is Good, not Bad.

    Imelda Matt – Aw, you always know just what to say to a girl. xo

    annemarie – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Iron CHic – Why, thank you!

    Aja – Have we ever discussed London together?? I lived there too, the happiest years of my life. We will go back, to hang out with sarah.p.

    Iheartfashion – IF only people would follow that advice.

    Vee- Oh god that creeped me out. I don’t think I can go back there now.

    Maryann – I know I was once very very immature, but I was never that shallow and deluded. Age doesn’t excuse everything!

    Liz W – Correct.

    Lizzo – You have missed the point entirely. Try harder.

  78. arline Says:

    No I would not trade anything that I am for “things”. I love my life, and I do value much more than shoes. I love the mind and all the layers of intelligence that can be explored. I am interested in the deeper meaning of why we are here on earth, and why we get caught up in such stupid bullshit.

    Abstruse and arcane are not easy to talk about, but they take precedence in my world view.

    I just go to the surface and get the wants sometimes, thats all.

  79. Kate Says:

    Oh Lizzo,

    Glibly saying that “lots” of people can afford shit that others can’t is comparable to shrugging off reactions of confusion and anger about poverty, since, y’know, even more lots of people can’t afford to eat ….and shit. Nihilism is cushy and all, but it’s kinda bourgeois.

    Indulging in wonder at Jane of Shoes’s fortune and stylistic flamboyance is conducive to contemplating the trappings of wealth and whether material gain is anything to admire too deeply (that and…the girl’s preternaturally annoying; most fashion bingers are at least fun, decadent bitches instead of rubish would-be popstars). If Jane and the fam weren’t so demonstrably wealthy and still shopped constantly or courted Vogue press, she and her (metaphorically) middle class bunch would be deemed crazy and tragic *snap*…like that. Sea’s wealth *is* the very crux of her image; it functions as a shield and a soapbox in one. This is fascinating and tragic and goes way beyond the reality if whoever Jane herself happens to be.

    When Palin overspent at Nordstrom’s or Imelda (Marcos, not Matt) od’ed on Charles Jourdans, the public took notice ’cause these constituted extreme cases of consumption way beyond collecting. Now Sea isn’t such a big fish, but some backlash in blog comment form is understandable. Jane trying to pass her compulsive spending off as “the collecting bug” is a damned insult to anyone with taste, joie de vivre, or an understanding of resale value. Warhol, Yves Saint Laurent, et. al. roll over in their graves in high-heeled bunion-like discomfiture at the artless nouveau riche of it all.

    Jane and Mommy are exceedingly lame, k, that’s why it’s so difficult to resist complaining. The mother buys every last piece of animal costume jewelry and every elephant belt on ebay and flips it for triple plus figures–not ethically corrupt, but definitely entitled and cheesy–something to be expected of a monopolizing corporation and not just a nice harmless mom with quirky tastes and design aspirations.

    Hyperbole: if everything stupid and worthless went uncommented upon or became begrudgingly accepted, every U.S. President forever would be George Dubya. That’s why I’m commenting at you, imaginary Lizzo. Just messing with Texass.

  80. marmalde wombat Says:

    … but judy aldridge comments here and she seems like a nice enough lady.

  81. Stella Mayfair Says:

    i’ve got to jump in for little jane here, guys. she’s only 17.

    when i was her age aeons ago in the 80s i thought everybody who had it should flount it. it just didn’t occur to me that my vuitton noe wasn’t that appropriate as a keepall for school, or that i was being a complete fucktard with my custom made western boots back then (this was germany in the early 80s, and nobody wore that kind of OTT shit back then). my parents had money, and i thought it was normal. when they got divorced and things changed completely and forever, i had to face real life though and had to grow up fast, but that’s another story.

    i just think that jane might be completely oblivious to the scorn she’s been inviting. she’s just a teenage girl after all.

    what i do understand is the irritation the “RIP daul kim” afterthought caused. this was a disgrace.

    ps: don’t slay me, dearest annemarie. i’m not a native english speaker but I’ve given my best :-)

  82. theresa Says:

    Jane + OMG Jane responses vs. bitter diatribes + kissing sw’s ass?

    its all worthless swill.

  83. theresa Says:

    or at least, if one is, the other is too.

  84. Aja Says:

    Theresa, not bitter, just honest. No ass kissing necessary.

  85. Aja Says:

    That said, maybe Jane was being horribly bullied by a lot of the comments and if that’s true than I don’t blame her for shutting them off. Every time I looked at Lulu’s page and saw the comment “chi chi chong” it made me want to beat the shit out of the comment leaver. For shame.

  86. Sister Wolf Says:

    arline – And you are an artist, not to be confused with a vacuous consumer.

    Kate – This is what I MEANT to say, thank you.

    marmelade wombat – She does seem to want to be nice. But she has certain moral obligations that are relevant to us because she and her daughter have sought our attention so assiduously.

    Stella Mayfair – I don’t know how much can be excused on the basis of ‘just a teenager.’ She uses the internet and is aware of social injustice and so on. She is a shameless rich kid who went to a children’s hospital wearing Miu Miu high heels to let the dying kids decorate a fucking chair with markers.

    theresa- No one has to kiss my ass. If you have a valid argument, bring it on! Bitter diatribes vs LOOK AT HOW MUCH I SPEND ON SHOES, I don’t know. The bitter diatribes involve some insight and humor, I like to think.

    Aja – I don’t know anything about Lulu. Racist morons are a scourge, though, and should be told to fuck off and/or blocked. I think that Sea just wants to aim for “sophistication” now, which involves distancing herself from the fangirls.

  87. Mariana Says:

    It may be the Mexican in me, but I often think about how unsafe it is to display one’s face + name + location + purchasing power so prominently on the internet.

  88. Kate Says:

    Coming from a cheapo eastern european, straight up Mariana. Such guileless wealth advertisement is pretty much a privilege of the WASPy. But who knows, maybe the Shoes have one-off Commes Des Garcons handguns or a Margiela laser home security system. “Drop the lace-up Ann D’s or I blow your cheap highlights off, you copycat scumbag!”

    In the case of Theresa sticking it to the bitter diatribes: with the tripe I banged out, she has a point. I was jet-lagged and pissed after a lame Thanksgiving punctuated with the desperation of the first whiffs of forced recession-time Christmas cheer.

    Jane and Mommy are an easy target but they’re just another side to the capitalist fallout: like greedy recession looters but too polite to steal. All apologies to them, their sycophants, and any designers who were above casually slandered.

  89. Hammie Says:

    Now dontcha think all her would be followers are going to go somewhere else to see their vacuous-ness in “print”?


  90. fashionherald Says:

    No, no, no. $1,000+ for those wedges is SO wrong. I had a similar pair back in early 90’s I wore to death for under $40.

  91. Lightly Says:

    Dear annemarie,
    When I grow up, I want to be just, like, you.

  92. theresa Says:

    I usually enjoy reading the SW bitter diatribe- otherwise, why else would I come back here? She seems to be genuinely pissed off. I appreciate that.

    The rest of you seem mildly annoyed and melodramatic.

    Dru excluded.

  93. Dru Says:

    Theresa- you didn’t let me off the hook on account of my past mental issues, right? But you’re correct- I’m not annoyed so much as disgusted by the tone of that post, even if the actual subject of it (losing her comment space) leaves me cold.

  94. c Says:

    I admittedly did follow Sea of Shoes in its earlier days for a while… there’s something to be said for eye candy, and back then I found nothing wrong with Jane’s blogging personality. But out of curiosity after reading this discussion I went back through her archives, and wow! Has she (and the blog, respectively) changed over the two and a half years it’s been around!

    While she still flaunted the designer goods in the old days, her posts were more likeable and innocent and she actually talked about thrifting and diy-ing. Now, vintage = $2000 fur ponchos from high-end boutiques, not random Goodwill finds. And instead of the cute, awkward outfit posts with realistically cluttered backgrounds, now every blog post is an I’m-in-an-artsy-editorial photoshoot, with ever-changing hair colour. She used to talk about exams and field trips and hanging out with her friends! So what the hell happened? I guess once the praise and attention started rolling in, she felt the need to keep up with appearances. AND buy clothes and shoes that are just ridiculous because they’re so “incredible” (she used to actual describe her sartorial choices more too, whereas now it’s more just “I wanted it”. So while the blog now, on a superficial level, looks slick and gorgeous, it’s completely lost any form of soul or character. Ah, fame.

  95. Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts Says:

    I do agree that alienating her army of followers by disabling comments was a bizarre and kind of questionable tactic.

  96. court. Says:

    I found you through Jenny at MFAMB. I love you.

  97. paige Says:

    C, i completely agree with you.
    jane’s blog was fun at first, but she has changed.
    Perhaps she will go to college, graduate and then get a job that brings her closer in touch with reality once she has to pay her own bills.

  98. kelleydgangyo Says:

    I think you all are being a little harsh. If you feel spending $1000 on shoes is a mistake, that is your opinion and you’re welcome to it, but you cannot expect everyone to live by the same principles. And yes, I’m sure there are starving children who could use her shoe budget, but can’t the same be said for all the non-essentials we buy? Everyone participates in materialism in one way or another. The fact is that, yes, SOS is wealthy. You can’t blame her for that. I’m sure the amount she spends on clothing is proportionate to that wealth, but that doesn’t mean her family doesn’t contribute to good causes as well; I can think of two charity-related events that she posted about recently (I think the proceeds of both went to support a Children’s Hospital in Dallas). So you see, coexistence is possible. In all seriousness, though, if any of you were rich, would you donate ALL (or at least the majority) of your extra income to starving kids in Africa? No. Even if you did, would you expect the rest of us to be as saintly?
    I AM disappointed that she took down her comments section, though. It’s a concrete fact that most of the people on there were overexcited fan girls, and the criticism that DID appear was really not that earth-shattering. You’ve got to have thicker skin than that, especially if you want to work in fashion. I guess it just shows how insecure she is, underneath it all. It isn’t surprising, when you consider how fast her popularity has grown in the past year. She probably still can’t believe it herself. The smugness that has cropped up in her writing as of late is also a symptom of that insecurity. It’s unfortunate, but hopefully temporary.
    However frustrating it may be to see the girl’s bank account propel her up the ranks (and I agree that it has), it’s unfair to blame her for something so totally beyond her control. She, like the other 500 billion fashion bloggers out there, myself included, is just expressing herself using the resources made available to her. Those resources just happen to include expensive shoes and a pedigree.

  99. Sitamo Says:

    I never comment on posts but I have got to say I totally second kalleydgangyo. Why are you all so viciously bitter? Yes, it’s a rare lover of fashion who can read Jane’s blog without feeling a pang of envy – how nice would it be, to pass your days orchestrating photo shoots, attending Chanel couture fittings, and dropping $1000+ on designer shoes. But that is her reality, and she can do with it what she likes. This whole robin-hood styled arguement, “she’s so detatched from reality” “she spent that money on ugly shoes when she could have bought a wheelchair” “rich spoilt ugly bitch” – is really nothing more than poorly concealed jealously. What we see on the blog is only a fraction of her life, and who are you to conclude that simply because the girl enjoys making use of the blessings afforded to her that she doesn’t have friends, support charities, go out for fast food and generally act like any ‘normal teenager’? Infact, if you actually read the blog you’ll see evidence that all these things are actually a part of her life. And even if they’re not – fuck it, who gives a shit? Get over yourselves and grow up. Somebody’s always going to be richer, prettier or more priviledged than you. You can make a choice to accept that as a fact of life and concentrate on what you have, or go on bitching about the unfairness of it all like a bunch of sullen thirteen year olds whinging “but Mom, Jane Aldridge’s parents buy HER Prada!”. For chrissakes, you’re even planning to make your own blog to mock her every move? No wonder she turned off her comments!

  100. Jackie Says:

    I really don’t envy the girl for her clothes or the hefty price tags they come with. What IRKS me is the fact that she has snubbed the same group of people that brought her the fame. I doubt she would have magazine spreads, shoe lines, and galas to attend if her blog had initially consisted of just images without any interaction from her audience. Without people gushing in her comment section, linking her blog, etc. I highly doubt her site would have achieved the same amount of popularity. So her statement of “COMMENTS AREN’T NECESSARY” is a real slap in the face for all of those that were there giving “vapid” comments from the beginning. Blogging is a process of GIVE and TAKE and this child has bitten the hand that fed her.

  101. Alice Says:

    Well said Sitamo!! What disturbs me the most is that most of the women leaving comments on here about SOS are middle aged women. Why the fuck are a bunch of 40 year olds obsessed with an eighteen year old?? it is creepy. I am a middle aged woman and have just glanced at the SOS blog and found it very boring and irrelevant to my life, she is just another Gen Y’er who flaunts her life in a blog, it’s not really any different to all the other teenage girls who share every aspect of their lives on facebook. The only difference is Sea is in the minority due to her wealth and privilege and if she wants to flaunt it then who gives a shit especially us oldies who can neither afford her clothes or wear them without looking like mutton dressed as lamb

  102. Rose Says:

    I think I’ve looked at my last post on Sea of Shoes. After reading it for about 6 months, I find myself a bit disturbed by the mother/daughter dynamic. I don’t want to read too much into it, and I could be totally off base, but it seems like mother is living vicariously through daughter quite a bit, and spending money hand-over-fist in the process. Also, when does Sea of Shoe’s 17-year-old author find time to attend school? I remember her saying on her blog that she was home schooled/attending school online, but is that the most rigorous way to learn subjects like physics, mathematics, etc.? And who is home schooling her? Hopefully she has tutors.

    I’m going to sound really old-fashioned for a minute, but young people need reasonable boundaries, responsibilities, and opportunities to broaden their horizons, partly in order to examine and determine their values. Through the glimpses into this young woman’s life provided by her blog, I don’t see much of that; rather, a narrow obsession with accumulating clothing/shoes and with associating with people in a rarefied industry (although many of those currently employed in that industry became so by hard work and merit).

    I guess it comes down to the difference between the eclecticism of Anna dello Russo, which I love, and the eclecticism of the author of Sea of Shoes. Anna’s sense of style, while also presumably coming from a background of wealth, has soul, creativity, joy, and hard work evident in it. With Jane’s posts, they seem to consist of “I’m sitting here posed on this new furniture because we just remodeled our house, and me and mom spent all day fooling around with our Nikon D3 and taking pictures of these clothes that I (I? one of my parents) bought on our weekend shopping trip, and next week I go to Tokyo to buy some more.” The clothes and photos leave me empty, the implied life of the author leaves me uncomfortable, and so I bid Sea of Shoes adieu.

  103. When Words Attack | Bonne Vie Says:

    […] of jealous rage (for a great read on that – click here), stemming from insecurity and a false sense of self righteousness. … Instead of mimicking the old directly anxiety-making model–for example, by posting […]

  104. When Words Attack Bloggers | Independent Fashion Bloggers Says:

    […] of jealous rage (for a great read on that – click here), stemming from insecurity and a sense of self righteousness. And no offense to Sister Wolf, here – who is often poignant or funny, this post just […]

  105. tracey-bee Says:

    I’m so over fashion blogs, believe me in another year or 2 so will everybody else. When new technology swipes in, blogs will be old and something else will be – oh so new.

  106. Stephania Marmion Says:

    I like it! I like it a great deal. You know exactly what youre talking about, exactly where other individuals are coming from on this issue. Im glad that I had the fortune to stumble across your blog. Its definitely an important issue that not sufficient individuals are talking about and Im glad that I got the chance to see all of the angles.

  107. inj Says:

    I am personally on both sides of this.

    its basically…

    she HAS a sense of style and can appreciate the beauty of things around her…./….which lots of people have and could show if they had the kind of money her family does….

    ….at 18 you can sound a bit conceited easily but that doesn’t deserve such hateful comments…./….some of her actions are hurtful and questionable (shutting off comments)

    ….if you take money out of the equation theres nothing wrong with loving beauty, loving odd-quirky things …./….but with it, you have GOT to have some kind of perspective to how much money means to others

    so all in all I think that shes just another kid holding up, and though its not her ‘fault’ for being rich, I think as she gets older, we should see some decent makings of her love for beauty. She should use her popularity to raise money for causes so OTHERS can see SOME kind of beauty.

    I think she can blog all she wants about whatever she wants, whatever makes her smile, whatever she wants to share and its her choice to shut herself off and if shes happy with it and not worried about hurting her fans, okay. But definitely, I hope she shows maturity and responsibility as she gets older, she owes it….because it was a lot of ‘turn of events’ that made her famous along with her taste.

  108. inj Says:

    thumbs up to kelleydgangyo. :)

    yeah there is a lot of jealousy here, I am too a bit jealous but at least I’m not some of these people here. we don’t live in utopia, and every person with money is not obligated to give it all away. Its not fair to expect that. and YOU cant judge that. Its too deep an issue to understand, depends on so many things and there are so many ways to look at it. But a mature young woman WOULD/SHOULD show some compassion and the kind of care that makes (some of) us here women. Let her figure it out on her own, don’t bug her. For all you know she has a worse life than you do but portrays something else entirely.

  109. inj Says:

    does somebody feel like its sad some of us need to counteract really hurting comments? its common sense and LIFE sense that basically a lot of issue – not only this one- call for! And I’m not sure comments on the internet are going to teach these people not to judge…they need to learn that on their own…and we cant help them.

  110. anj Says:

    hi, i know this comment will get attacked from all sides, but here goes nothing…

    i just discovered your blog today, and went through it for some time. at first, my reaction was, “what a frigging pathetic bitter woman using her wit(and the writing is indeed very entertaining) to bring people down”. however, when i re-read the posts, except for your seeming obession with SoS/the Aldridge’s, the entries are in fact, not poisonous at all, and just a very matter of fact (hurtful, but never untruthful) commentary on life as you see it. i was able to pinpoint where my discomfort was coming from, and it’s actually from the vile things that get published in the comments section. fact is, while there is nothing objectionable to your entries, the comments section is a little too much for me. hence i have decided to keep on reading your blog but skip the comments.

    everyone has an opinion, and i guess to those who are preaching that we should not hate etc – cmon let’s be real. we all judge each other, every hour or every day. SW just happens to post her thoughts in public. so what? don’t tell me you have never seen a woman on the street and thought, she looks like crap?! at first i had that hypocritical response to SW, i was like “wtf some bitter woman who cannot afford couture and hence just makes fun of it” but then i realized, hey i just did the same thing and judged her! so SW, i am sorry for judging you (not that it matters to you, but it matters to me to say this).

    i’ll be honest – i find ninistyle’s blog self-absorbed and not well written (so i stopped going to her blog), i like looking at SoS’s pictures but don’t enjoy reading the content. i don’t like life-in-travel’s style but i think she’s a genuinely nice woman and like reading her posts. i like the glamourai and i find Tavi/Bryanboy obnoxious and pathetic. we are all entitled to our opinion. soooooooooooo…

    to the haters – just frigging stop reading the stupid fashion blogs you hate. those bloggers have no obligation to you, so stop feeling entitled that they should write about “important” things. it’s their blog so they are free to put whatever they want. they want to say “life is so great i got another overpriced reindeer sweater for $500″, if they want to look stupid and burn money, let them! why don’t you guys start your own blogs about charity and world peace if you’re so concerned about those issues?! or better yet, why not donate your own money to charity! yeah you don’t have $1000 to spare right? then give $100..or $10…or $1. stop thinking you know best on how to live life and get your own affairs in order first (whoopee, i just did the opposite! so sue me).

    to the fashion bloggers out there – it’s a free country and you are public personalities so stop whining about haters and take the good with the bad. grow some balls and don’t act like you’re fashion Gods. you’re just mildly entertaining people who are incredibly lucky to be enjoying what you have right now.

  111. Sister Wolf Says:

    anj – You’ll get no attack from me. However, for the record, I’m not “some bitter woman who can’t afford couture.” It’s silly to reduce me (or my blog) to that but I’ve heard worse. It’s interesting how the word “bitter” is the current insult to shut women up. It used to be “Prude” then “middle class” then “bitch”….now it’s “bitter.”

  112. inj Says:

    @anj – hmmm well I dont know about that then because if I do judge its basically split second and more of an ‘impression’ kind of thing. I do usually disregard it instantly and i dont act upon it unless im sure it means something. For example I do like sister wolf but I think sometimes she picks on jane when she neednt.

  113. inj Says:

    i dont even remember middle class being used. I think that one was longer back.

  114. Cat Says:

    I first heard about this girl from this book I bought featuring lots of fashion bloggers. Out of everyone’s ‘About Me’ sections, I felt like I really agreed with everything she said: ‘I think everyone should have a blog…I’m really shy, so my blog is my way of reaching out to people with similar interests.’

    Bullshit! Why would you delete your comments section if you actually want to reach out to people? It’s pretty clear this girl is obsessed with making herself seem cool, but the problem is, she’s the only one who cares. I just visited her blog for the second time ever today and was shocked she didn’t have comments; that’s how I ended up on this page. Her style sucks (in my opinion, anyway). Nothing is fashionable: it truly is a bunch of expensive things thrown together. The fact that she lives in Texas is a joke. I’m pretty sure that even my city, Ann Arbor, is a little cooler than that.

    I read somewhere online before that she was pretentious, and, despite how nice she sounds on parts of her blog, it seems really true after I referred back to the post discussed here. ‘Clothes are like stamps…anyone who collects something can understand that!’ is so defensively pretentious that I want to smack her upside the head. Clothes and stamps are two different things. Stamps are CHEAP! Really, really cheap in comparison to clothes! Clothes serve a fundamental purpose of dressing a person – even if not all clothes are practical, they are supposed to be at least WORN, not just sitting around uselessly! Then, I was even more shocked and appalled to see her reference Daul Kim, who is literally one of my idols and inspirations. I am 1000% sure that if Daul had known Jane, she would have really hated her. I doubt Jane even read Daul’s blog, and the only reason she posted her ‘sorrow’ is so she could appear relevant by knowing the current topic being discussed in the fashion world – which is twisted and disgusting.

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