Mom Is Mad At Me

Several readers told me to go check out Mom of Shoes‘ new boots, so naturally I was curious enough to take a look. I left a nice comment but guess what? She deleted it! And not only that, she deleted another comment by someone else, who merely said she wasn’t crazy about the boots. Very, very sad.

Why have comments if you only print the supportive ones?!? What’s the point?

I wish I could remember my exact words! They were something like, “Don’t you worry that thigh high stiletto boots worn with fur will bring to mind hookers?” Then I added that every day, I myself have to fight off the temptation to dress like a prostitute or schoolgirl.

It’s not like I know a better way to wear thigh high boots. When I posted this photo back in October of 2008, a reader told me I looked like a drag queen.

I know Mom will be reading this, so let me just say:   Dear Mom, I was trying to be playful! You can dress like a hooker if you want! It’s better than looking like a drag queen, right? I hope you’re not mad about that awful bell-sleeved coat, because you’ll still make a bundle of money on it.   Love, SW

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54 Responses to “Mom Is Mad At Me”

  1. Aja Says:

    How come you never openly tease me on my blog? I feel neglected.

    PS- Got those Hope trousers. Look like a penguin. Loving it. I’ll take pictures and you can tease me? Please?

  2. Sister Wolf Says:

    Aja – Are you kidding?! I’m going over to tease you RIGHT NOW.

  3. theresa Says:

    haha… if only I was thick skinned enough to let you at my blog….

    though to be honest, hooker or not, I thought those boots had very strange proportions…

    (Personally, I think mom of shoes dresses like a money-ed wannabe cowgirl with confusing fetish issues?)

    You do look silly, though. I can’t comprehend why anybody would design OR wear boots that flare at the knee,

    whatever. I guess you just need to layer on the lipstick and hope nobody notices.

  4. Sister Wolf Says:

    theresa – Oh, don’t be a baby! Lead me to your blog. As for my boots: I’ve worn them exactly once. But they have a buckle to make them tighter at the top, if you must know.

  5. hahahahhaha! Says:

    The mother shoes and the daughter shoes are terrible and pathetic. Why can’t they just make one blog since they post each of their terrorizing outfits on both of their blogs. So pathetic. ANNOYING!

    gosh the boots looks so good on the models and def not on her. All sorts of WRONG.

    say, always blame the mother. What a shallow life.

  6. Who wears thigh high boots? | Kelly McLaughlin - Healthy Beauty Says:

    […] Godammit, I'm Mad! » Blog Archive » Mom Is Mad At Me […]

  7. Konnie Says:

    Oh dear, these boots on her really did stop my heart for a second, ugh.
    And this is what the sea has to say about the bell sleeves:
    “Totally captures the post-apocalyptic aviatrix vibe my mom and I were aiming for.”
    What can I say, I’m still amazed at how seriously these two seem to take themselves!

  8. Sil Says:

    Mmmmmmm… I think some people here that like to go fishing salmons to mountain rivers wear very similar boots… Maybe they started a blog about fishing outfits???

  9. Make Do Style Says:

    I do think I’m going to do a post about it being the other offending person who was removed. I was terribly polite because as a stylist I do think sometimes I should be helpful and suggest that the desired style factor is not always obtained. However I did say enjoy them if you like them.

    Whilst I’m not actually drawn to either afore mentioned blogs in your posts and I cannot pretend I am not amused by your teasing and digs, plus Ill freely admit I’ve joined in on a few debates – I’ve never been rude or offensive. I only swear on your comment box (it is such a relief to be able to swear somewhere) and only ever once sworn about someone else the infamous Duff.

    So, why was my comment deleted. It was sheer chance my comment came after yours as another blog loves their blogs and she’s been very pleasant about her enjoyment and encouraged me to take a look. In fact judy had a very nice plaid shirt which I really really like. I can’t say either blog is interesting and I won’t bother again but deleting comments is ridiculous. I do think their conspicuous consumption and materialism is open to censor but also if you blog you can’t expect not to get opposing views.

    I think if Judy were truly a warm hearted generous person she would appease you and join in because she has nothing to fear and surely is completely comfortable with her lifestyle choices. At the very least she could have sent her condolences on your plague of bad luck and offered to lend you some delightful flats.

  10. Ann Says:

    Oh, to live in such a shrouded cage, where no perceptions of ill will or undesirable language would ever reach me. Let’s not learn from things that vary or differ from our normal thought processes and lifestyle; let’s just delete them from our life if they don’t meet our criteria. Let’s just pretend nothing exists but our own plane of reality!

  11. Jill Says:

    My thighs are too fat for OTK boots!

  12. Jill Says:

    I’d gladly look like a hooker or a drag queen, but sadly, I’m not willing to give up my nachos!

  13. Minzhi Says:

    i want the link for her blog, anyone?

  14. Ambre Says:

    I have to tell you, your observations of Sea and her mom have had me laughing out loud at my desk lately. I can’t figure out why that weird little family interests me so….maybe I’m hoping to pick up some tips on how to be an unemployed, designer wearing housewife? The fact that mom and Sea live in a different house than father is extra strange.

    Keep on snarking Sister Wolfe. You are great!

  15. Lauren Says:

    Sister Wolf, can’t you please make a post about Jane’s adoration of lovely vintage KKK regalia? So avant-garde.

  16. Mark Says:

    Dear Mom of Shoes,

    The thigh-high boots and fur make you look like what you are: a whore. You have sex with that dweebish husband of yours and he gives you money. You’re a whore. Now go do something else with your life, whore.

    Money can’t buy style, whore.


  17. Deni Says:

    I love this blog! Mark, I love you too! (This coming from an indentured servant who can only look out the bars of her cubecage.) My daily fix of SW’s blog brightens my otherwise dreary day inside a warehouse of lost souls.

  18. dust Says:

    The Sea of Emptiness has no sense of humor whatsoever, the lack of is so dusturbing, that I start so suspect if they are human at all. If they would be a family of aliens trying to blend in, the whole tragedy might start to make sense.
    Your boots are nice, they sure promise to look wonderful with straps pulled. Orthopedic chique on its best, naturally accessorized with a classic cane, raven hair and bloody lips. Goths can kiss your asymmetric ass and hope to be as naturally cool as you are.

  19. Bratty Duke Says:

    Ah, this blog kills me in the best possible way.

    Jill, I don’t think anyone’s thighs are too big for those OTK boots. You can probably carry your nachos in them.

  20. Liz Says:

    I love how Jane and her mom never ‘buy’ anything, they always obtain, find, acquire.

  21. Alicia Says:

    GUYS! Being Orwellian about the comment box is FASHUN!!!

    But in all seriousness, that sucks that she’s deleting comments. I only do that when someone is being a jerk…and even then, I post the comment in plain view and heckle the commenter mercilessly…

    *idea bulb*

  22. Andra Says:

    Alicia honey – I just had a look (a very quick look) at your blog.
    Are you serious?

  23. WTF(WhatTheFashion) Says:

    I’m formally devoting this lyrics for Mom of Shoes (Originated from the song that don’t impress me much by Shania Twain)

    Okay, so you have thigh high boots.
    That don’t impress me much!
    So you got the fur and you’re a currator
    You won’t get me wrong, Yes I think their hideous
    And they won’t keep you warm in the middle of the night
    That don’t impress me much!

    lol, I put a lot of attempt on this. I hope you enjoyed it, although I would love to sing it.

  24. Faux Fuchsia Says:

    I really want Mom of Shoes (Judy) to visit Australia-I’m dying to see what she’s wear in this heat.

    Obviously fur’s out.

  25. Constance Says:

    I love the fact that this two do not “buy” or “get” things like everybody else. Too Pedestrian maybe? I’m not even a native speaker.

    The daughter says the mother “acquired” the boots, the mother that she “obtained” . What a pair.

  26. Constance Says:

    Or the other way around!

  27. Dru Says:

    ^Mark- that’s harsh! Agreed, those wader books look silly with a stiletto heel (IMO they’d look better-proportioned if they had a chunky heel or were flat), but you could have made your point without calling her a hooker, really.

    ^Faux Fuschia- hello!!!! I’m a longtime Vogue Au forum lurker who really enjoys your posts, it’s so much fun to read you (and your blog, your home and hair skills are amazing).

    ^Sister- like theresa, I am a big baby who’s scared to lead you to my own (personal outfit-less) fashion blog. But you’d be a lot of fun to have as a commenter, you would.

    Re: the KKK photograph, I’ve seen it on google image search before- and thought it was an SFXed sepia pic of Imperial stormtroopers at first. I can’t claim to know what goes through Sea’s head, and I’m not even American so the Klan as a concept means little to me, but it does cause a bit of a ‘WTF?’ moment.

  28. fashionherald Says:

    I adore the flat red Prada wader garter boots (whew!), but with the stiletto, not so much. Deleting comments, Mom, is lame. One should only be allowed to delete spammers, but when you delete the good stuff comments become so damn dull.

  29. erika Says:

    Is that Jane in those boots ? They should be ontheir own show called Pimp Your Daughter

  30. Adrienne Says:

    After reading your blog one day, I thought it would be a nice idea to look at Sea of Shoes’s first entries. I looked through them for about three minutes before feeling physically sick. Try it for yourself. It’s a great fix if you’re feeling a bit too eager about Lucite or shoes or anything for that matter.

  31. hammie Says:

    and again I say: bit of gaffa tape across the top and you have waders. xx

  32. hammie Says:

    from that link Lauren put up:

    “Calm down, everyone. Yes, at first glance it looks a bit KKK, but as adan soria said, swastikas were used even prior to Nazi reign. They were common as a party design, on tablecloths and pins.
    It would, however, be nice for a little bit of clarification, I suppose, as to where that photo came from (and what it is of).
    But Shu, I think you’re a bit over the line. That’s why Sea of Shoes no longer allows comments.

    Posted by: Petra | 01/12/2010 at 04:27 PM”

    S’cuse me while I go and have my jaw wired back into place. xx

  33. Gabriel Says:

    Sea just made some post about giant fish. I don’t know why it’s bothering me so much

  34. Dru Says:

    “party design” my arse, they were and are a religious symbol, they mean a very different thing in India from what Europe knows them as. How thick can Sea’s commenters get? (maybe she turned off comments because she got sick of them too)

  35. Aja Says:

    Ahhh thanks for that comment, SW. I feel like an itch has been scratched. And for label dropping’s sake, those PJs are vintage Dior (Dads. Who’s have thought?). Either way, they do look like the kind one would wear in a hospital.

  36. j Says:

    @Ambre ‘The fact that mom and Sea live in a different house than father is extra strange.’

    that’s because mum and dad are divorced, but dad lives next door.

  37. Sister Wolf Says:

    HEADS UP ABOUT THE KKK PICTURE: I saw it on several websites, identiied as women of the KKK, and on WIRED magazine it is dated 1923.

    The swastika symbol was used by Native Americans and called ‘rolling log’ or ‘whirling log.’ They stopped using it in the 1940’s, at least officially.

    Sea probably never heard of the Klan (their shoes are kind of nothing) but now she might at least add a caption to that photo. It’s only ignorance that could lead her to include that image among her “things that are cool and funny” display.

    Home schooling is not fool-proof, evidently.

  38. Aja Says:

    “who’d have thought?”

  39. hammie Says:

    And the Hindus used a reverse swastika for hundreds of years before the Nazis and their cool table cloths and bedlinen designs xx

  40. hahahahhaha! Says:

    stupid shu tweeted this, really stupid girl.

    We’ve donated $100,000 to @RedCross to support relief efforts in Haiti. Make a personal donation on or call 1.800.REDCROSS. 2:01 AM Jan 16th from TweetDeck

    a lot of people reacted,…and then,

    # Umm we didn’t personally donate 100k to Haiti X_X Twitter is do awkward sometimes. I was retweeting redcross!! Awkward. Justspreadingtheword 3:47 AM Jan 16th

    why would she re tweet something from the red cross? that girl makes no sense. She should just wear more shoes and just shut up. foolish stupid girl.

  41. Rachel Says:

    yesss, so happy to read you’ve addressed those hideous boots! i am becoming more addicted to your blog every day.

    i agree with gabriel. what is up with sea’s fish post? …and the mom also rambled on about jane’s love for the fish on her blog. i don’t get it. what does this fish have to do with either of their blogs? it just seems self-absorbed and stupid to me…

  42. Kim Says:


  43. hammie Says:

    “Arapaimas appear in my dreams a lot. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a crazy piece of jewelry featuring the arapaima?”

    WENDY B- Get over there NOW!

  44. Faux Fuchsia Says:

    I spend too much time wondering how it works for the Aldriges new partners- do they mind that Mom of Shoes (Judy) lives next door to Bryan (Daddy of Shoes)? It is tense? Do both households share the same housekeeper? Is her name Consuela? Does Judy have a personal assistant? On twitter she once tweeted that a r’ship just ended….why I wonder ? And I wonder how they afford all this’spensive clobber? I know Bryan’s a lawyer, but still….Also who dreamt up the crazy name Trophy Club (where they live)????

  45. Sister Wolf Says:

    hahahaha – We mothers can’t do anything right, it’s true.

    Konnie – The word they were looking for is Steampunk. Post-apocalyptic aviatrix is funnier, though!

    Sil – The fishing boots are cheaper, too.

    Make Do – I think Mom reads and recognizes you as my friend. Since I wrote this, she has allowed negative comments. I feel like god! Hahahahaha!

    Ann – OKAY! Let’s do it.

    Jill – You’re not too fat for anything. That’s crazy talk.

    Minzhi – Can you go to Sea’s blog? There’s a link there.

    Ambre – I have JUST FIGURED IT OUT! It’s like Grey Gardens, without the history or personalities! New post to back this up!

    Lauren – Done!

    Mark – Oh my. People don’t know how much you love the word “whore!”

  46. Sister Wolf Says:

    Deni – I love you and Mark.

    dust – Wow, that was a GREAT! I feel like a queen! Thanks, dust, xo

    Bratty Duke – Room for nachos AND a burrito.

    Liz – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alicia – Hahahaha!

    Andra -Why are you being mean to Alicia?!?

    WTF – Wonderful, A+.

    Faux Fuchsia – Invite her to visit you, maybe she’ll give you a nice gold animal belt!

    Constance – Maybe they’ve made a pact not to say “buy?”

    Dru – But what if i love your blog, then what??

    fashionherald – Would you like to have mine after I’m dead? They’re very easy to chase babies in.

    eirka – They could have Mrs. Palin and Bristol as guests!!!!!!!

    Adrienne – I’ll do it and get back to you.

    Hammie – Jesus.

  47. Sister Wolf Says:

    Gabriel – It’s very very creepy. Verging on a little nuts.

    Dru – My ass, too.

    Aja – Hospitals should hand our Dior PJ’s!

    hahahaha – Hahahahaha!

    Rachel – Maybe the fish is meant to indicate another interest besides shoes. I prefer the shoes to the fish, actually.

    Kim – WTF indeed.


    Faux Fuchsia – Good questions, all of them.

  48. hammie Says:

    Mom published my comment! ha ha! xx

  49. Imelda Matt Says:

    what-the-fuck! Now the mum is blogging!

    Ahh, so the mum is trying to leverage her daughters ‘success’…something Dina Lohan knows all too much about!

  50. fashionherald Says:

    Am dying over “the shoes were kind of nothing.” If only they’d worked a little harder on the entire ensemble. And all this just in time for Monday’s holiday, lovely.

  51. Beth Says:

    i don’t even – i can’t even…WHAT?

  52. Lady Smaggle Says:

    Well hello lover! Where the hell have you been hiding? I was having a wee little gander through out the interwebs (Note – googling certain phrases against certain people’s names) and low and behold I unearthed a gem.

    Have added you to my reader darling. Loving it.


  53. Nancy Drew Says:

    “acquire” and “obtain” are “code” for THEY WERE GIVEN TO ME IN EXCHANGE FOR BLOGGING.

  54. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    You’re right about those boots of Mom’s; they are fuck-ugly. And you are also right that money can’t buy style. It can just buy you a bunch of ugly expensive crap.

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