In My Hour of Darkness

Nothing helps to soothe the pain like a picture of Sea’s big fat face.

The vulgar coat, the stupid Louis Vuitton bag, the painful shoes and the gratuitous Gaysian and midget are just icing on the cake.

I hate you, you stupid moon-faced bitch. But it’s good to feel some healthy rage instead of the kind that makes you want to kill every single person who might have said the exact word at the exact time to persuade Max that life was worth living. The bad rage is driving me mad.

I’d like to tell that stupid bitch and her stupid mom to shut their stupid fucking mouths and wallets but if it weren’t for them tonight I’d be stuck in an endless loop of questions that will never be answered.

When I get the strength and pull myself together, I plan to begin a thorough, groundbreaking analysis of what makes Alec Baldwin so despicable. Prepare to be grilled on this topic.

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216 Responses to “In My Hour of Darkness”

  1. Ann Says:

    Holy hot fucking wreck. 80’s pattern dress, tiger print coat, shoes that defy description and make her toes crunch painfully over one another, cross-eyed bitch in the center, and wtf is that shit on the left? Who told her she looks good? Who told any of them? “Unflattering” is the nicest comment anyone could sputter.

    Fuck Alec Baldwin. He can go fuck himself with Sarah Silverman. And that awful Chuck P, too! What is the magic? Is it us? It must be us.

    Love you. I am with you, always. xxoo

  2. Caz Says:

    First off I want to say how deeply sorry I am for your loss, I don’t know you and will never know how you feel but my deepest sympathies.

    I just came across your blog and you make me laugh. You say all the things a lot of us think.

    Jane is a spoilt rich brat and I cannot begin to comprehend how someone can spend that much time and money on shoes and clothes that I will never be able to afford. She seemed like a harmless girl with expensive shoes and clothes at first but over time I’ve realised what a shallow and self absorbed person she is.

    Rumi was another one that I liked at first but you realise more and more from their blog just how highly she actually thinks of herself. And she is extremely pretentious.

    As is Risko. I have never seen a blog where someone has regarded themselves as such a hot piece of ass and her photos with their stupid poses are really just a shrine to how much thinks of herself.

    And you’re right about BleachBlack. I like Black although she is the more boring of the two but Bleach and her constant swearing and everything…stop trying so hard to be cool.

    I could go on these are the only ones you’ve mentioned. Most of the popular blogs are just rich kids with too much money who seem to have this endless supply of clothes and shoes that normal people won’t ever see (Karla who writes like a child may I add)

    Maybe I’m just bitter but all I get from their blogs and photos are self-absorption and them thinking they’re super hot and that just bugs me.

    I’m a bitch and can be a hater but judging from your blog and their comments, I’m welcome here :)

  3. Denise (denisekatipunera) Says:

    am glad you have the energy sister wolf, glad to see the same side of you.

    btw the Gaysian is a fellow Filipino. Love him.

    the midget gets lots of shoes too, for FREE, i wonder how and WHY?

  4. Cheraya Says:

    Fuck. I’m sending you love from the antipodes and lots and lots of hugs.
    I have no idea how awful it is to lose a son of that age, but my 2nd son died at birth so I know how fucked it is, on some level of the grief scale.

    On the topic of fashion blogs: Most of them are dull and come across as self-absorbed idiots with more money than sense.

    We live in bloody stupid times.

  5. chudleypop Says:

    Sisterwolf, I have been reading your blog for ages and it’s been at the top of my list in my blog folder forever.You are my first port of call each morning and you always deliver either a hearty laugh or some deep thinking about serious issues. I want you to know that we are 1000’s of miles apart (i’m in Australia) but I have lit my candle for Max and you have been in my thoughts for days.

  6. Nathalie Says:

    I’m so sorry for you and your loss, Sister Wolf. You have been in my thoughts a lot since I heard the news. Please keep blogging; I usually look out for new posts from your blog before any of the hundred others on my feed.

    And Sea looks like a satiric caricature of herself.

  7. Denise (denisekatipunera) Says:

    SW look at this.

    gooney bird and sea together. haha. match made in …whatever.

  8. Dru Says:

    I’m so sorry about Max, Sister. I just wish there was something I could say or do to make this all better for you- but Sea seems to be helping, a little bit at least.

    I’m guessing one of the reasons why Alec Baldwin is despicable includes “He’s a horrible parent”. (unlike you).

  9. sarah.p Says:

    Sea almost justifies her existence by rousing the Rage in SW. This is a spiritual moment for me.

    Love to you SW, as always. X

  10. Suebob Says:

    What the hell. How awful. I am so so sorry. I…agh.

    Much love to you.

    And while we’re on the subject: does anyone with any class ever wear anything with a Louis Vuitton logo on it ever? Just asking.

  11. Desiree Says:

    In the pic you posted of your beautiful and what looked like talented son Max, he looks the same age as my son Max (21)
    May the angels lead him swiftly to peace.
    God bless.
    Desiree xoxoxo

  12. Ferea Says:

    Candles are lit in Paris too!

  13. Make Do Style Says:

    Dear Sea thank you so much for looking like a podgy dumpling in a rather questionable outfit. I’m so glad you can make Sister Wolf angry and distract her from her grief. You are slightly redeemed for undertaking this. Bet you can’t wait for the heat to be taken off you and on Alex – I can’t wait either.
    PS choose Beth Ditto in future for a photo op – the midget and gayasian make you backside look big.

  14. Mia Meow Says:

    I’m with you in my thoughts, Sister Wolf…I am sending you big hugs from the unknown country of Slovakia, where Borat would like to live as well…

    Sea is very WTF, but Bryanboy (the gaysian) is even MORE WTF, if you can imagine it. Do look at his blog, it’s hilariously terrible.

  15. Blighty Pudfish Says:

    Dear Sister Wolf, I am so sorry about your son Max, I can’t imagine and can’t put into words but I can say that I admire your great courage and humour at such a time.

    Thank goodness for Sea. I am totally mesmersied by that guy’s floral jumpsuit thingie, did he have it specially made for him? if so, would have loved to have been in on the discussions with his dressmaker (“I need a dropped waist and then go pouffy and gathered”) And how does he get in and out of it? And why? Why a floral jumpsuit? Has he been watching Sound of Music? Important questions I feel. Please take care of yourself Sister Wolf, Bx

  16. Faux Fuchsia Says:

    Dear Sister Wolf,

    I’m glad to see that you’ve rallied enough to create a post. Good for you.

    I’ve been so worried about you. Stay strong.

    The jumpsuit actually belongs to Consuela- she is very cross that Jane borrowed it without permission and lent it to someone and she wants it back. Pronto. She was planning to wear it on her day off tomorrow.

    Hang in there SW.


  17. arline Says:

    Feel that fucking rage, cry, cry, cry, and try not to get caught up in the questions.

    Love to you.

  18. A Says:

    You know what? I think this is the first time Sea has never inspired a case of the stabbies in me. I mean, when all of my rage is directed at the….CREATURE on the right, how can I spare any for her?

    Sending you love and keeping you in my thoughts.

  19. Debra Says:

    My sympathy for your loss.

    I don’t understand the level of antipathy that you have towards Sea. It is mean-spirited, not at all witty and frankly, quite pathetic. But go ahead. It’s obviously very therapeutic for you and your followers seem to enjoy it.

    PS. Imagine if someone were posting photos of your family members on the net and calling them “stupid moon-faced bitches”. Imagine if such vile adjectives were being applied to Max. Still cool with it?

  20. Mary Says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your son. I don’t know what else to say:(

  21. Witch Moma Says:

    Whoa Sister! That picture alone gave me so much material – I could go on for hours, BUT THEN, you mention Alec Baldwin, Jesus Christ now I’m mad for the rest of the day.

    Don’t even know you personally, but have been thinkin about you everyday. Love your blog & esp enjoy the comments.

  22. jools Says:

    That is the funniest photo. Ever. Period. Your humor and your heart will keep you going. Your family and your readers need you Sister Wolf. xo

  23. backspace Says:

    Ouch!! My eyeeeesss!!
    Btw Sister, I’m deeply sorry about your loss, i hope you keep being strong for you and your family, esp. your beloved son..*huggss*

  24. Ash Says:

    All I know for sure, is that I don’t! I send happiness and hatred where appropriate!

    Please know that I am here for you with the Baldwin hate, in fact, I hate ALL of them…but Alec is for sure, the worst!

    many x’s and o’s to you!!!

  25. the real andrea Says:

    I sent you an email last week regarding Max, but just in case you did not receive it, please accept my most heartfelt condoloences on your and your family’s loss. May he rest in peace.

    It’s nice to see that you haven’t lost your bite- I saw those pictures and they made me laugh. They are at an event sponsored by the store, Luisaviaroma in Florence, Italy. The store brought a whole bunch of bloggers together for this event, in the hopes that they will now blog & twitter about it and give them tons of online business. All this blogging, facebooking, and twittering is the new way to get tons of free advertising! These fashion bloggers don’t know that they are being USED! I have been following Jane’s twitter feed at: Check it out and get some laughs!

    “My feet are covered in infected blisters that are delicately blooming into open wounds but I HAVE to wear my Dolce wedges. Whatevaaaa”

    How stupid and superficial!

    What kind of parents bring up a daughter to be like that? If I were her mom, I would be ashamed.

  26. Cori Says:

    Thinking of you. I am so sorry for your loss. I don’t know what else to say.

  27. Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen Says:

    I’m happy that Sea has gotten you so pissed that you could express some rage! Although that photo has now burned out my eyes…

  28. Eliza Says:

    Debra, that’s not particularly clever either. Sea has invited attention by widely celebrating her consumption, not the same thing as any of Sister Wolf’s hypothetical relatives living quiet, sincere lives.

  29. Victoria Says:

    Firstly, Im so sorry for your loss. You are so strong, posting and going on.

    Bless you for pointing out that girl is a mess in a dress! I have friends who think her site is the most directional, inspirational thing, and Im left thinking, WTF?
    a) she is what 12 ? with unlimited resources, and b) why is she an arbiter of taste? what happened to age and experience and old fashioned good taste….

    Sorry about the rant. Again, I am so sorry for your loss. My thought are with you

  30. Sister Wolf Says:

    Oh Debra. ( Now you will go to hell for the sin of trying to besmirch a mother’s dead son. You are a stupid cunt. Never come near enough for me to kill you. thanks.

  31. Sister Wolf Says:

    Ann – yes,yes, you always know everything. let’s get Eric Clapton in there too if possible.

  32. Iron Chic Says:

    Sea’s feet look positively mangled here! I’m most angry about the fact that she is in Italy and I am not.
    I have no feelings about Baldwin, educate me!
    I’ve been reading Wendy’s updates from you everyday with tears in my eyes. Nice to hear from you SW.

  33. annemarie Says:

    Dear Jane,

    A Louis Vuitton logo bag? We are confused. What happened to your passion for the avant-garde and the anus?

    Sister Wolf Avengers, Inc.

  34. WendyB Says:

    Glad to see you’ve got your hate on!

  35. Sheri Says:

    On the days when my estrogen levels dip low enough that the filter through which I look most of the time doesn’t seem to work I can barely cope with the realization that all of the things that matter the most can be taken away from me at a moment’s notice. You’ve had to deal with this reality first-hand; I can’t imagine what you have been going through, and I don’t think there are any words to say that can help; but I am so, so sorry.

  36. Bevitron Says:

    You are magnificent.

    The outfit on Sea looks kind of like an ensemble that a refugee who’d just lost everything got handed to her from a big pile of donated clothes. But maybe it’s supposed to, what would I know.

    Shoot me, but I tend to like the guy’s “Sound of Music” outfit (that was SO funny) — perfect for eating greasy tomato-based foods or doing some painting in.

  37. Stuti Says:

    Dear Sister Wolf,

    I am so sorry for your loss.
    I just heard about Max, and cannot stop thinking about him, and about you.
    Max was very talented, very strong and has an amazing mother.
    I am glad you are posting. But please do take care of yourself.

    Much love.

  38. woolgathering & miscellany Says:

  39. Angelica Says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Stay strong.

  40. Pam Power Says:

    Sister Wolf, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love you!
    Sending love from Australia xxx
    PS. Debra IS a cunt!

  41. Make Do Style Says:

    I emailed Debra and told her to apologise for being such a fuckwit – bet she doesn’t. Stupid girl.

  42. Sandy Says:

    I visit your blog daily…my heart sank when I read your last post. I am so sorry for your loss. Take care.

  43. Kate Says:

    Dear Sisterwolf. I’ve always thought you rocked, your blog rocked and your pithy comments on Jane and Judy made me always piss myself laughing.
    Then I started to read your other posts on the struggle of your son Max and as a mother of a son I connected with you on another level.
    Now Max has gone and my heart aches for your terrible loss. I lit a candle for Max and asked the Universe to give you strength through this most terrible of times.
    If the Universe directs you (acknowledgement to faux Fuschia) to rail against Jane and her stupid clothes and posturing this week So be it,
    Take care SW

  44. XuXu Says:

    Dearest Sister

    You are loved.
    I’ve been thinking of you every day.
    And holding you in my heart.


  45. Mark Says:

    Debra–How can you even pose such a stupid and cruel question? Sea of Shoes and her whorish mother ***broadcast*** their ostentatious consumption. They post their own photos all over the net.

    Let’s just say for the sake of argument that SW’s son was the male version of Sea of Shoes–vapid post after vapid post of clothing and shoes that he bought with his father’s money. Would your post be justified? No. He’s gone, and his mother is suffering.

    You’re a horrible person, a really horrible person.

    Fuck you,

  46. Moda Says:

    Dear SW,

    I’m so glad you’re posting. I send you huge amounts of love and strength.

  47. Marl Says:

    Sister Wolf, I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful son. You are a strong and good person – take care of yourself. Good to see you posting.

  48. Braindance Says:

    I cannot say it any better than Mark, what is wrong with you Debra?
    You sound like you have no soul left.
    Well done, you CHOSE to insult & patronize a women you dont even know, as she suffers one of the darkest periods of her life. You must be so proud of your inner light and empathy.
    Have a long, hard think about what it says about you, that you have more empathy for a spoilt, rich girl getting criticized on the web, than a mother who just buried her son

  49. Debra Says:

    Nice work. I chose not to post anonymously because I think it lacks courage. You showed your true colours by posting my email address on your blog.

    I still maintain that it is not cool to systematically humiliate and ridicule an individual, as you have done. Grief is no excuse. But I will not be commenting any further.

    Thank you to everyone else for your emails.

  50. Helena Says:

    Everyone up there (except Debra) has said what I wanted to say: Your blog consistently makes me laugh, I’m so sorry about Max, and I’ve been thinking about you for days even though I don’t know you. Stay strong. You’re pretty awesome.

  51. Sonja Says:

    Debra… unbelievably fucking stunned.

  52. Sofia Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    I often pass a bench in my local park which was bought by the parents of a girl who died whilst we were at school together. It reads “Saying goodbye hurt so much because it was wonderful to say hello.” I hope that with time your grief only serves to remind you of what a wonderful son you had the pleasure of spending time with.

    In other news, are Sea’s toes deformed? Tentacles perhaps.

  53. Mo'Nique Says:

    Debra Babygirl,

    What you mean you “will not be commenting any further”?

    Girl, don’t be like that. Everybody wants to hear what you have to say. “I maintain that it is not cool” to make all the rest of us suffer by not enlightening us with your wisdom and your concern for teenage girls that blog.

    What if I say please? Please, Debra, keep commenting. We’re all sorry. Please? Girl, your “true colours” need to shine on through to the rest of us.

    Well, Debra, take some time and think about it. Maybe you’ll change your mind and comment further.

    But if I don’t hear from you, I guess I can always email you. Your email address is, right?

    Stay sweet, Debra girl.



  54. Cheraya Says:

    Debra, that was possibly the most insensitive and cuntish thing to post, ever.

    Perhaps you’ll understand the depths of your cuntitude if you ever have to go through the total horror of losing a child.

    I vote Debra for cunt-of-the-week.

  55. dust Says:

    Geee Sister, you heard it, you’re not cool! What a criteria! Systematical!

    Sea can kiss my ass and fuck her shoes. That bunch will have to sell their kidneys to maintain the lifestyle, cos they have no soul left to sell.

    Just bring it on Sister, just bring it on…

  56. Layers&Swathes Says:

    Debra, didn’t your mother teach you a little something about picking your moments?

    Of all the emotions, don’t use ‘sympathy’ as a way to pave out your argument to defend Sea Of Stupid Mindless Consumption because that makes you a liar and liars are the worst.

    SW – Love from London…

  57. Sonja Says:

    Debra for Cunt of the Week. Sea of Shoes, Kiss My Ass. I vote yes to both.

  58. Lara Says:

    Dear Sister Wolf,
    I’m terrible about leaving comments on blogs but I have been reading you for so long and I just adore you. You and Wendy B are my absolute favorite for your style and humor. When I saw that Karen Horney was one of your favorite people, I knew it was love! :)

    I am so sorry for your loss and I have had you in my thoughts every day since Wendy B allowed us all to leave condolences. You get your anger and hate out in any way you like damnit! You speak for so many!


  59. Felicia Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your son. I only hope that should I ever have to go through such a difficult experience, I will deal with it with as much strength, humor, and honesty as you are.

  60. Annie Says:

    Sea’s shoes have given her donkey hooves… who knew that festery blisters could delicately flower on those? So gross.

  61. Leslie H. Says:

    My heart goes out to you. I am sorry for your loss.

    Keep on hating Sister Wolf!

  62. Green Of Eye Says:

    Been listening to this today and thinking of you.

    Much love.x

    Ps: Debra, best keep your insensitive bullshit to yourself. You apparently have little for doing aside from putting that crap on a grieving mother. Shame on you.

  63. Sonja Says:

    …and Mo’Nique for Diplomat of the Week… good one.

  64. Jaaa Says:

    I genuinely love you Sister wolf. you are my idol, when i stop being such a sarky teenager i want to be just like you

    I’m devastated for your loss

  65. sketch42 Says:

    SW- I had to choke back tears when I read your post about Max. Im so sorry.

    Isnt it amazing that whenever you think the world couldnt be any darker, fuckers like Debra show up? Debra… What mark said.

  66. patni Says:

    Jesus Fucking Christ. I do know that on the internet people behave with far less manners than they do in person. Not that i come across too many in the real world whose manners impress me.

    But this isdiffrent.Debra, Sister Wolf is a real person, her son fucking died. Leave her the fuck alone. Did no one teach you any manners at all?

    I am sincerly shocked and aplogize for the human race.

    Debra you are a cunt.

  67. Aja Says:

    I’m happy you’re back. We love you. Now pray tell what has Alec Baldwin done now? Googling immediately. xo.

  68. Aja Says:

    Okay, I got nuthin’. Of course, I did only go to the first page that google brought up before losing interests in the pursuit. I can only get so excited for Alec Baldwin, you know? But I’m sure you’ll tell us . . .

  69. Mark Says:

    You know what? Even Debra’s cuntastic cuntitude can’t ruin the giddy warmth I feel when I look at the Gaysian in his floral jumpsuit. Thank you, SW, for your vigilance in monitoring Sea of Shoe’s website, and bringing this Gaysian and his floral jumpsuit to my attention.

    Never has a jumpsuit both amused and bemused me.

    Well, there was that one jumpsuit by J. Lo I found at TJ Maxx about seven years ago…

  70. Miggs Says:

    LV is so unbelievably passe, but obviously Sea will grab anything with a label on it.
    Candles here in New Zealand too.

  71. Miggs Says:

    Looking again, I don’t think that is a jumpsuit, I think it’s two seperate peices. Which means not only did he BUY both (or accept from adoring fans, or whatever), he actually CHOSE to put both on together. Clearly he hates us all.

  72. Aja Says:

    Oh yeah and Debra, fuck you.

  73. Anna Says:

    Im so sorry for your loss. Stay strong.

  74. Some Gaysian Says:

    I’m so fucking sorry.

  75. Shifra Says:

    Like others have said, I love your blog. I rarely feel sad for people I don’t know when they suffer tragedies, but it really made my heart hurt to read about Max. You have been and continue to be in my thoughts.

  76. EmilyT Says:

    Agreed, Debra, you have my nomination for cunt of the week.

    I can’t say it any better than any previous comments, but I’m so sorry to hear about Max. Sending love from Scotland.

    Sea, you’re failing. And the LV bag is the last straw. If you design anymore shit, I sincerely hope no one is stupid enough to buy it.

  77. Dru Says:

    Slightly bombed at the insensitivity of whatserface the troll up there who whines about having her email address handed out (you big baby, do you seriously think you deserved to have that detail kept secret after flaming on Sister’s grief?)- but she is not important, Sister, you are.
    There is a candle lit for Max here in Bangalore, too. I wish it could bring him back for you, or at least make things a little better, but I’m so sorry about this- all of it, really. I just hope things get less awful and miserable for you someday, and soon.

  78. JK Says:

  79. jd Says:

    I love you Sister Wolf. I am glad that you are feeling things, if that makes sense. I have been thinking of you and Max a lot.

    When I saw the pic of SOS on her blog – after I had got over my initial shock, curiosity and fascination at the fact that she is a full-on chubster – you are the first person I thought of. ‘Aw, Sister Wolf would be all over this piece of fucking shit’ ….and good to see her awfulness didn’t go unnoticed.

    You might want to take the time to rip the gaysian Bryanboy a new asshole as well – get that rage out. I noticed him whining on his blog about his baggage being delayed like it’s the end of the world and blah blah he has sooo many events and it’s the end of the world. His own fault, the simpleton. What a fucking twat. HATE.

    I would love it if you would yell at me and call me a STUPID CUNT for wanting to ride Alec Baldwin like a bucking bronco. Can’t wait to read all the ways in which I am a certified fuckwit for this.

  80. Sonia Luna Says:

    Debra, I don’t know if I am more appalled at your insensitive comment or at the fact that you don’t realize how heartless it was. I suggest that in future you re-read your comments and count to ten before hitting the submit button.

    Sister Wolf it’s good to have you back.
    Much love, stay strong!

  81. Hayley Says:

    SW, you are an amazing, strong, witty and overall downright fucking awesome woman. It’s evident just from reading your words. Most of these people, including me, have never met you, yet look up to you because you are fearless and amazing. Never change.

    Debra, you must be spawn of Satan.
    If you are offended at SW’s strong words in her post about Sea, WHY THE FUCK visit this blog. We visit this blog because we agree with SW’s opinion on Sea, the ostentatious and self important little fuck. Isn’t SW allowed to vent some rage? I hope someone “vents some rage” onto your face.
    Fuck you.

  82. Lindsey Says:

    Sister Wolf,
    my deepest heart felt condolences on the passing of your dear boy. When I saw your post on his death my heart sank, my thoughts are with you and your family during this time. I’m sorry.

    As for Sea-of-Shoes, well, nothing makes me laugh harder than her updates of relentless consumerism and self-absorbed, grammatically incorrect drivel. If Sea-of-Shoes had comments or encouraged some sort of dialogue it would be easier to swallow her personal brand of greedy egoism. Instead we get to look at pictures of her wearing a piano cover and flaunting her ridiculous excess.

    And to Debra, you completely miss the point. You are so wrong, I hope you lose sleep over how awful you were in that comment.

  83. Jill Says:

    We’ve already emailed each other…been listening to Be My Baby a lot lately.

    I’m kind of with jd on Alec…wouldn’t mind a rodeo ride, as long as he had one of those ball gag thingys in his mouth so he couldn’t talk.

  84. Queen Zelda Says:

    Sister Wolf – I’m so sorry about Max. I hope you are surrounded by nothing but love and support! Xx

    It feels far too glib to rail on Jane and her poor wornout mum who Simply didn’t have the strength to take her second overseas trip in as many months.

  85. hilda Says:

    sister wolf,

    while you are going trough your darkest moment, the world keeps turning.
    sea’s still trying to fill a voight all shopping in the world will never fill, toast is busy pouting like there’s no tomorrow, kingdom michelle keeps whining about the size of her tights and dress like the village idiot… Baldwin we deal with later on.
    none of this seems right or just, and thats because it is’nt fair!
    no mother should have to go trough the loss of her child, not one.
    so whatever it takes for you to have a little of the pain to go away, go on, don’t hold back, even if this might seem harsh to some people such as Debra. her remark probably came from the pure bliss of never to have gone trough grieving herself…

  86. Fashion Hayley Says:

    I was so sad to hear about Max, I feel for you like I know you, as if your one of my very good friends. You have emailed me before with supportive messages and I really appreciated them so I wanted to reach out to you and email you something, but I just didn’t know what to say, and I was sure others would say it all so much better than me. But I want you to know you have been in my thoughts for sure.

    I can say this, I spent a week with the gaysian in the floral jumpsuit and he is every bit as selfish/consumeristic and devoid of thought as you can imagine….he drove me mental by the end, but admitedly I got caught up in his hype like everyone around me for the first few days.
    Want to know something funny? I was invited to this LuisaViaRoma event in Italy, BUT only if I paid my own way….so let me get this straight, I pay my own way to help promote your store? No thanks! I wonder if these other bloggers had to pay their own way too? I doubt they did, even though most of them could afford to pay their own way they would surely get it for free because of their supposed “influence” in the blogosphere??? Even though I haven’t heard of half of them before.

  87. ginger Says:


    My heart goes out to you and all of the people that your son touched.

  88. sketch42 Says:

    SW- I am back to say that I cried for 45 minutes last night rereading everything you’ve wrote about your son. I’m heartbroken for you.

    The funny thing about Debra is how RIGHT she thought she was…. Oh god, what a moron.

  89. aimee_wtf Says:

    Too cool to make eye contact, are we, sea.

  90. HelOnWheels Says:

    Dear SW,
    I’m so sorry for your loss. It broke my heart to read the horrible, unimaginable news. When I went to light my annual candle for my mother I lit one for Max as well. We don’t know each other but please know that you and your family have been in my thoughts and in my heart.

  91. Sarah Says:

    Sea, looking all chubby:

    Love the cigarettes, darling. SO fashionable.

    TRASH. Is she even 18 yet?

    My prayers are with you, Sister.

  92. HelOnWheels Says:

    Dear Debra,

    You’re a class-A f*ckwit. And a c*nt. I hope with all my heart that for the rest of your life some asshole intrudes upon your times of grief with insensitivity, selfishness, and trollishness. I really do hope and wish for that. You deserve that kind of karma, you f*cking c*nt!!

  93. miss cavendish Says:

    xxxooo. Still thinking of you and yours; thank you for posting.

  94. Anna Says:

    i was going to talk about seas latest frankenfashion offering, but instead, lets all take a moment to drop a line to that Cunt from Hell Debra!!/debra.tamvakis?ref=search

  95. Anna Says:

  96. mutterhals Says:

    Jesus christ, you pigs are deplorable. Now you’re going to harass this woman Debra because she made a pretty cogent observation about the callousness mourning your dead son in one breath and berating someone else’s daughter in another? You people are ghastly. I can’t imagine how horrible your lives must be that you behave this miserably.

  97. Make Do Style Says:

    metterhals – oh for pities sake are you some sort of needy person who needs to come and comment trying to make a ridiculous meaningless statement. You and Debra need to take a holiday somewhere were God/Universe isn’t looking. No one is harassing anyone but if you mess with anyone when they are in the depths of despair and grief then don’t expect a pat on the back.
    Ridiculing conspicuous consumption is hardly a crime nor is it malicious.

    However leaving nasty comments to debase a community of bloggers is malicious after all you are attempting to get a reaction. Well I politely told Debra in the nicest possible way to apologise given the circumstances. Guess what the girl did, waded in with more… bonkers and you are clearly bonkers too. Go see a psychologist and ask why you need to berate others for extending sympathy to a fellow human being and enjoying the witty posts of a talented writer.

    The inappropriate nature of yours and Debra’s comments beggar belief and neither Sea nor her mother would stoop to such low levels especially as they wear high heels.

  98. Dru Says:

    ^why, hello to the second troll of the day up there, just before Make Do Style’s comment! I hardly think a handful of emails berating that first troll for hideous insensitivity count as harassment- unless you’re as big a baby as she/it/whatever.

    To the other, non-trollish commenters on this blog/this entry in particular: I think the commenter two posts above me wants to be email-outed by Sister, and wants us to email him/her/it since he/she/it clearly likes the attention. My advice: don’t give them what they want. They’re not worth the energy.

  99. Ashleigh Says:

    Lit a candle for your boy Sister Wolf, a long time reader, first time commenter, and im so endlessly sorry that you have to go through this. In the only way an anonymous blog reader can, my thoughts are genuinely with you and your family at this fucking awful time. Maybe Debra Cuntface has come along so you can squeeze her like a great tossing stressball of grief and rage. You could make her cunt of the week, but i feel it would piss her off more to pick on Sea Of Shoes more. How the fuck does she think thats a good look? When she has horrible mangled feet and has to wear specially made shoes, i will only pity her in that her mother should have been sensible enough to not spend more than my rent money on shoes, and she should have been sensible enough to realise that those shoes she’s wearing in the picture do not fucking fit!

  100. Make Do Style Says:

    Dru – you are so right! She wants her email published so she actually gets some emails!

  101. tor Says:

    I know that hearing it a thousand times won’t make the grief any easier, but wanted to add my sorry to all those above. Thinking of you and your family x

  102. PeaceBwithU Says:

    Sister I am at a loss for words. Have been too busy to comment lately but have tried to keep up at least with the reading. I am so sorry for your loss and have thought of you often hoping you are finding some peace, as for Debra……….. Cunt of the YEAR!!!!!!! How dare she.

  103. Ann Says:

    Thank goodness Mutterhals is here to be our moral barometer.

    Go fuck yourself, troll. We’re so despicable, yet you keep coming back. Talk about a lack of a life.

  104. fashion herald Says:

    Oh my god, that photo, and the triumverate it implies! Bless them for providing an outlet. Love to you, Sister Wolf.

  105. sarah.p Says:

    debra & mutterhals, you know what? Go and call your mothers, and ask what the fuck they were doing when they were supposed to be teaching you how to be members of the human fucking race. And then apologise to them for letting them down every fucking time you open your mouths.

  106. Elizette Says:

    Dear Sister Wolf, I mentioned in my email that Death was a worthy candidate for Cunt of the Week (although it might keep winning every time), but now I see that we have some strong contenders for that title… If it was possible to send a virtual slap in the face, please accept one Debra, on SW’s behalf (and make it an extra sharp one). As for you pathetic Mutterhals, I CAN’T BELIEVE you’re still moronically thrusting your virtual presence into a community of people who clearly don’t want you here. What part of Fuck Off do you not understand?

    Sister Wolf, I admire you so much for letting us know you are still there, still hanging on. I can’t even begin to imagine how it feels to have your heart ripped right out of you… I’m so sorry about Max. I hope you and your family have the love and support you need around you, now more than ever.

    Your global community of readers adores you Sister Wolf and it’s testament to your wit, charisma and talent for writing that you have attracted such an great bunch of people who clearly identify with your message. I follow your blog religiously, you are who I turn to first every morning, and especially in my times of need – and I know I’m not the only one. You are the most refreshing read I have come across in a long time. I also love reading the comments and am constantly amused by the wit and eloquence that I find there (except for the obvious…). So a big pat on the back to everyone, and especially to Sister Wolf for fostering this community of readers.

  107. Make Do Style Says:

    Elizette – that was so wonderfully put. I’m on troll watch, if only I could nab ’em the blighters xx

  108. Bessie the Buddha cow Says:

    I love you Sister Wolf. Stay strong. Don’t let the bad rage drive you mad. And it will if it gets a hold of you. I understand it, and you need your time to grieve and question and rage, but stay away from the bad rage, and focus on good healthy rage like that above. I will continue to light candles for Max.

  109. theresa Says:

    sea shouldn’t hang out with midgets… it makes her calves look fat.

  110. Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen Says:

    Holy shit first Debra — so big of you to comment again, like we cared? — now mutterhals? Who in their right mind would post such venom to a grieving mother? I elect both for cunt of the week.

  111. Juri Says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m out of both candles and words.

  112. Aja Says:

    My life is wonderful mutterhals. Sadly you simply can’t say the same as you keep coming back to walk among those you find “deplorable”. It’s like you have some sad addiction. You can’t quit Sister Wolf, that’s what it is.

  113. sketch42 Says:

    I like how these two bozos choose THIS POST to tell SW that her behavior is deplorable. As if she hasnt been talking about Sea for months….

    What kind of moron tells a mother how she should or shouldnt grieve?

  114. Aja Says:

    You know, Sea doesn’t even bother me a ton. I suppose if I were her age with her money, I might behave similarly (probably not though). . . buuuuuuuut the trolls on this page send me into a mood where I deeply desire to punch faces. Funny that.

  115. dust Says:

    What, the weed is back, ha, ha, ha, what a pest!

    Sarah p. , their mothers were outside on the lawn, grazing while they were growing up. Mutterhal’s Mom ate a dictionary as well.
    Elizette, very nicely put.

  116. Sonja Says:

    I think mutterhal is driven here by insane jealousy – and perhaps loneliness… no one ever bothers to leave a comment on her ugly blog. It is really quite ugly, poor thing.

  117. Sonja Says:

    oh and mutterhal, when you lob over ‘deplorable pigs’ – all bets are off, sweetie.

  118. Andra Says:

    Which is better …. a sea of shoes or a sea of love?
    Sister Wolf, feel the sea of love from all over the world.
    Love and more love and more love, waves of it.

  119. Mark Says:

    Do you think Sea had to tell the Gaysian that she liked his outfit? And did he have to tell her the same thing?

  120. Michelle Says:

    My deepest condolences to you Sister Wolf. I have been following your blog for some months now and I was wondering when you were going to mention the midget in question. Here’s her blog in case you haven’t visited it yet, she has pictures of Sea and co. Have fun!

  121. Mickey Says:

    For you:

  122. IndiaFrancis Says:

    All three just kind of look like “what exact free thing were we here for again? ”

    Much love to you Sister Wolf
    Rock on Max

  123. A-M Says:

    So so sorry about your darling boy. Don’t know you from a bar of soap and my heart is literally aching for you. Rage is good. A-M xx

  124. Aneets Says:

    Have been reading your blog for a while and just wanted to pass on my condolences for your loss. I can’t imagine what you must be going through. Much love.

  125. Vee Says:

    “Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

  126. Fi Says:

    Sister, I hope reading these comments is making you smile as much as it is me. So sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you and yours.

  127. Sophie Says:

    fuck you debra + mutterfuckhead
    love you sw

  128. Caro Says:

    lit another candle for max here in LA. i know there’s nothing i can say, so i won’t even try. hopefully you can feel us all sending love to you. p.s. max is my second-favorite name . . . i always wanted name my sons james and max. so yet another example of your excellent taste!

    sea really just makes me sad now. i’m her age (maybe a year older?) and she’s just like those painfully awkward kids in my high school who you were nice to out of pity. being a teen is never easy and she is not having a good time of it . . . in that particular picture, she has the round-shouldered posture and the self-conscious smile of someone who isn’t comfortable with herself. i feel like she would be one of those people who you try to be friends with because you feel sorry for them but they’re just too weird to have normal friends. it’s like the clothes are compensation or something. she takes so much pride in being strange that it’s like she knows she can’t be a normal, sociable person. in interviews she seems SO awkward and unused to normal conversation . . . i still kind of hate her, but now i pity her stupid lonely self so much that i can’t totally loathe her as much as i used to.

    p.s. to commentators who are calling her pudgy, come on guys. 1. we can’t help the way we look. and that’s below the belt. she may be insufferable but she’s just a teenage girl – one with bad parents and no exposure to other lifestyles. 2. more importantly, there are so many better things to insult her for: the mindless consumption, relentless self-promotion, porno pictures, etc etc etc

    p.p.s. please forgive my incoherence, i just finished 20 units worth of finals. love ya sister wolf.

  129. erika Says:

    I’m not a mama so I can’t imagine how you feelright now. My heart goes out to you.

    As for the Sea girl,, really you should only pity her. The feet are looking mangled. She is a podiatrist’s dream and a cautionary tale at the same time. Also floral jumpsuit boy is a symbol of everything that repels me about “fashion”.

  130. Simone Says:

    So so sorry to hear about your son. I cannot imagine how you must be feeling, but deepest condolences. xx

  131. Sofia Says:

    # Mickey Says:
    June 14th, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    For you:

    I know this isn’t comments for Jane, but holy cow after seeing this, I couldn’t stop myself.

    Dear Sea,

    After seeing this photo I have gained some respect for you. You have awesome photoshop skills to make that face into the one that appears in your blog. You tricked me into thinking you were pretty. Kudos.

    P.S Smoking is going to make all of your clothes stink, and it will give you wrinkles, not cheekbones. Not to mention your passive fumes my give cancer to poor Carol. Has she not endured enough already???

  132. Make Do Style Says:

    Yesterday I emailed Debra asking her to apologise publicly on this blog after her first remark. I was really polite and appealed to her to understand that it was a bit silly to attempt to defend Sea in the current environment. Then she published her second comment after my pleading for her to see reason:- the following is the email correspondence. I have published because she has attempted to become all legalistic and threaten because my emails are unsolicited and blah blah. I received this after i had clearly stated I would delete all emails and her email. I am nothing but a person of my word. When I woke up this morning to find her legalistic threat I was sickened. I had hoped never to have to think about the matter again. I spent all day yesterday hoping she would understand the serious matter of her actions. I wished I could reach out an arm to protect Sister Wolf and also she managed to fuel the poor disturbed mutterhals. When you choose to care more about getting your opinion across and your email account over death then I’m sorry I suspect you get your just deserts.

    It is as follows minus the first one which was a plea to apologise and the only reason I have a copy of the thread is because she emailed me – I had deleted everything.

    Kate Battrick wrote:
    > > > It pains me to say this but you are a heartless bitch and I don’t like
    > > such
    > > > terminology.
    > > > You must be very young or seemingly immature not to comprehend grief.
    > > >
    > > > It is not for me to judge but be careful for what troubles you will bring
    > > on
    > > > yourself for a lack of humility.
    > > > An apology would have cost nothing – instead you choose to fuel matters.
    > > >
    > > > It is your cross to bear
    > > >
    > > > Kate

    On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 12:05 PM, Debra_Tamvakis > wrote:
    > > 1. It doesn’t seem to pain you at all, given this is the SECOND time you
    > > have emailed me.
    > > 2. Here’s some terminology you might like to investigate – mob mentality.
    > > You’ve all shown it in spades.
    > > 3. I am neither young, nor immature. I comprehend grief very well. What I
    > > don’t understand is someone like Joanne, who has long waged a campaign
    > > against individuals she does not even know. She has systematically
    > > humilated, ridiculed and mocked REAL people, who seem to have done nothing
    > > wrong other than to buy clothes she doesn’t like or can’t afford. And you
    > > have all stood by and said nothing. Nice work. Have you thought about how it
    > > would make them feel? And even in the face of her grief, she continues to
    > > spout this vitriol. EVEN in her lowest moments. Wow. When you take a break
    > > from judging me, perhaps consider her actions and her irrational hatred
    > > that’s bordering on an obsession.
    > > 4. Posting my email address is poor form.
    > > 5. It is my cross to bear. Now, how about you climb off yours?
    > >
    > > Please do not email me again. I have read your comments and I disagree.

    Kate Battrick wrote:
    > Debra
    > I didn’t say it pained me to email but to write harsh words. You find this
    > particularly easy to do otherwise you wouldn’t have written what you did.
    > When you blog and put your life on display for all to see you have to expect
    > some people will be appalled/bored/think you are an idiot etc that is the
    > nature of publishing. If you had worked in journalism you’d know it is a
    > daily game.
    > SW is mocking conspicuous consumption – it is her blog, she owns it and has
    > every right to do what she wants with it. I often read blogs I disagree with
    > but I don’t waste my time leaving negative comments about the person. It is
    > fine for you to disagree with an observation and I neither care or think
    > about Sea nor does it bother me what she does. But Sister Wolf makes me
    > laugh with her amusing observations – I’d happily be on the receiving end of
    > her scathing observations as I enjoy her writing skills. I hardly think she
    > is waging a campaign – she doesn’t ask people to dislike them or attack them
    > or wish their demise. A campaign suggests a desired outcome.
    > However no one with any ounce of decency regardless of their views picks on
    > someone or tries to make a point when they have just lost their son or any
    > other member of their family.
    > Sometimes saying nothing is a good thing to do. You also could have chosen
    > to apologise for being thoughtless but still maintained your views. You see
    > this as a mob thing – well then don’t throw stones. I’m not judging you – I
    > merely warned you about what you bring on yourself due to your actions,
    > wisdom is offered in many forms. You have by the mere fact reacted in the
    > way you have to a polite request from me to undo your actions demonstrated
    > your own rage. I used the word heartless bitch with a heavy heart and it is
    > still heavy given how you have responded. I have my own crosses to bear and
    > had hoped you could redeem yourself.
    > I will delete your email and email address from my account with pleasure.
    > Kate

    to me

    show details 12:49 AM (9 hours ago)

    I asked you not to email me. This is the third email you have sent me in 24 hours and it’s starting to feel like harrassment. All correspondence with you has been unwanted and unsolicited. Please do not email me again.

  133. kelly Says:

    Enough of all this bitchy school girl behavior. Debra was very insensitive to make such a remark at this time but she has a valid point of view, the timing was just cruel and insensitive.
    I am a bit disappointed that SW published her email but considering what has just happened it is more then understandable. I would hope under different circumstances that SW wouldn’t publish the emails of those who have a different point of view.
    Sea is guilty of consumerism but then most of society is including SW. I have seen many pictures of SW and her high end fashion pieces too and have wondered is SW a little envious of Sea and her mother, who knows and who cares when such a tragedy has happened. Maybe Debra was confused as to how a person could be nasty to another during their grief but grief can be unpredictable and so is the particular rage that accompanies the circumstances of her son’s death.
    I am so sorry for your loss xx

  134. Queen Marie Says:

    I am having a special Troll Tower built this very moment.
    When complete, Sister Wolf can use it, to imprison whomever she pleases.

    Kate! I also added extensive dungeons complete with a resident legal team which are yours to use as you see fit.

    Queen Marie

  135. alittlelux Says:

    sending love and strength your way. whatever you need, i’m here…

    also, fuck that bitch sea! let’s hope her moon face doesn’t stop growing…. i wish her face to become deliciously pudge. chomp. chomp.

  136. Make Do Style Says:

    Kelly – I wish I was a bitchy school girl and then all my sense of decency would be stripped away and I’d really go to town. Read Caro’s comment. A very humbling way to make a point. She rightly pulled those of us up who’d made podgy comments. I felt rightly reprimanded for being show offy and making cheap remarks for fun. I’m not proud nor defensive. If someone pulls you up then you should be able to say fair point.

    I’m not sure if SW writing gets lost in translation but she has such a eloquence of argument and use of the English Language that even I can concede as a Brit she is a Yank who can write better English than I can speak.

    Please note I did not attack Debra for her views on Sea. I requested her to apologise for leaving such a comment in the midst of someone’s grief. I honestly did think she was just a stupid school kid I’m flabbergasted she is a grown women.

    And you’ve compounded this thread of SW v Sea by alluding and stating the idea of jealousy based on SW wearing or having some designer items. Then you go on to say sorry for your loss.

    I’m baffled and dumbfounded by this ‘Oh look I’ll make a dig be a bit snide and then I’ll say sorry for your loss.’ Is that how it goes? Do you then just wander off and make a cup of tea.

    Nothing will bring back Max but if you think that this community will currently allow any comments which aren’t an attempt to bring comfort or a smile to Sister Wolf then think again. Why didn’t Debra make this point before if she was so concerned. Sea is irrelevant here – it was the rage SW felt that made her stop replaying the why Max was dead tape over and over in her head. She posted this in itself was wonderful. So yes I’m on troll watch and I’ll keep going because I’d rather be the person who stuck there neck out and took the flack than SW. Have a go at me – bring it on.

    And thanks Queen Marie I’ve got a great dungeon outfit to wear.

  137. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    I am so disgusted that I ever liked Sea. She’s just yet another stupid rich tasteless brat with nothing better to do than rub her wealth in the face of the less fortunate and she doesn’t even have the good grace to wear nice clothes. Occassionally yes, she does wear nice things but she only seems to like them because they are designer and cost more than most peoples’ rent.
    Debra, I don’t even know you but I am safe in assuming that you’re stupid. That’s all. I hope someone who reads this blog avidly for its wit, humour and general wonder and marvels at a woman’s ability to construct an acerbic and brutally wonderful sentence in the midst of horror clubs you to a pulp with a hideous LV logo bag. Go Sister Wolf. My thoughts are with you.

  138. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    And I totally agree with Kate about SW’s writing; if someone was going to write abuse about me, I’d far rather it was someone intelligent enough to string an eloquent sentence together as opposed to a Perez Hilton-esque ‘your FUGLY! lolz’.

  139. Braindance Says:

    Kelly needs to sit down, so her ass can stop talking.
    But then again, will the fence take the weight of your mumbo jumbo?

    Somebody said it earlier, Debra et al are missing the point, and nothing we say will make them try to find it.

    They see a hate fest directed at a young girl, as Bill Hicks used to say, weedgie your third eye people!

  140. Anna Says:

    People really need to take a chill pill and calm down. A young man has died and everyone is just calling each other cunts etc, this is pretty nasty.
    I have very rarely read Sea’s blog but my guess is it is just another narcissistic adventure for a Gen Y looking for some form of meaning. My suspicions are that this is driven by her mother using an impressionable young girl who lacks intelligence or direction. Which makes me wonder why older women on here feel need to abuse a young girl and draw attention to her weight, it is pretty immature and downright mean. SW has an excuse, she is raging in her grief but what excuse do the rest of you women have?

  141. Simone Says:

    Max had one pair of shoes and he never once wrote about them. They were black and velcro and smelled delightful, like his feet. My cat used to just bury her head in them.

    He knew Sister Wolf so well. One day we heard a shriek from the other room and SW calling out that something horrible had happened. ‘What happened?’ I whispered, alarmed. He deduced correctly from her tone, it was a pair of shoes that should not exist.

    I miss him so much.

  142. katie Says:

    My condolences to SW, such a tragic loss of a young life. Does anyone know what happened because I thought he was progressing well after his accident or was it a tragic suicide?

  143. anon Says:

    Such a tragedy and you obviously knew him well Simone, what happened can anyone tell us?

  144. KiaVonXian Says:
    This girl really is a cunt. She deleted it quick fast though.

  145. anon Says:

    I can’t see any picture Kia, what the fuck are you going on about?

  146. KiaVonXian Says:

    Anon, the fuck I am going about is this-
    It seems to be working on my end. In essence, Sea_Of_Shoes tweets: “@atlantishome In her time of grief, Sister Wolf turned to us. I am so glad that we are here for her.”
    Again, I state, this girl is really a cunt.

  147. Rabid Says:

    I knew she was listening all along. Good on you for the screen grab. Now that we know she has the propensity to be mean spirited, can we all just move along and forget about her? I mean it. I am so TIRED of this girl. If we all just close our eyes and forget, maybe she’ll go away and take her tacky, overpriced shoes with her?

  148. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    That’s interesting, I didn’t think she was interested in any poor mortals’ responses.

  149. Sister Wolf Says:

    Just to clarify: This post is about grief. Sea of Shoes is just a trope. (I actually don’t know for sure what “trope” means but I wanted to use it anyway,)

    She is the Britney Spears of the online fashion girls, and as such is a public figure to be idolized or mocked.

    Simone is Max’s fiance. It’s true that he had one pair of shoes and didn’t want another. He was a musician and had a masters degree. He collected nothing. He didn’t want more than he could use.

    Debra has a disorder that I’m too lazy to diagnose. Kelly is just a dim bulb.

    The rest of you, you Good Ones, you are the goddamn wings beneath my feet. Thank you for your support, xoxo

  150. Aja Says:

    You’re so welcome. xo.

  151. HelOnWheels Says:

    @anon – It’s none of our business what happened. If SW wanted us to know, she would tell us. Those that need to know do. What happened was a tragedy in SW & her family’s lives. End of story, at least for you.

  152. HelOnWheels Says:

    @Anna – “People really need to take a chill pill and calm down”
    Nothing personal, but you need to take your own advice. We’re not abusing Sea. I think you’re completely misunderstanding. Take a chill pill & calm down.

  153. arline Says:

    We will keep lifting you up too.

  154. Dru Says:

    Dear Sister

    You’re welcome. We might not do much in this commentspace, but at least we can whack down the trolls for you, or try anyway.


  155. Georgia Says:

    Jane just admiited via Twitter that she has a boyfriend . . I see a pattern: get a Asian looking guy, take him to foreign country,photo,blog,admit

  156. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    Candle lit in Bristol, England for you SW. Hope you’re as ok as you can be.

  157. Aimee- WTF! Says:


    Look at this model. The “limp noodle effect” or “apathetic Asshat” or “Paul Rudd in Wet Hot American Summer”

    what the hell is wrong with the people that photograph this crap?

  158. theresa Says:

    In the entertainment narrative of this blog, Sea of Shoes plays the fool.

    We learn some kind of truth about our own flaws in examining and laughing at the caricature.


    Hey I know I’ve learned EXACTLY how I don’t want to behave- taking it all with a grain of salt- laughing my ass off- with SW’s Sea of Shit feature.

    If you get it, you get it and if you want to protect SOS, HOW VERY FUCKING NOBLE OF YOU.

  159. dust Says:

    If it is not to your taste to rant about Sea, see what her Illuminati are up to.

    Any time, Sister, it’s our honor.

  160. Audi Says:

    Oh Sister Wolf. I’ve been thinking about you and your beautiful son for days, and my heart is breaking for you. Max was taken from you far too soon but I’ve no doubt that he blessed your life while he was with you, as I’m sure you did his. Sea just blesses us in other ways; she makes us appreciate the people of substance and intellect in our lives by having nothing but a giant wallet where her soul should be. I’m glad you’re channeling your rage in the proper direction through all of this. Stay strong. xoxo

  161. aube Says:

    Angels are crying, rain has been pouring down since.
    I saw Max the other night,
    He was shining as a new born star in our galaxy, proud and amused of his new role, still playing guitar.
    Oh mother, your heart is broken and will never be the same,
    Oh mother every day will be longer and harder.
    We lighted candels around the world, but it will never be the same.
    I wish you to be able to breathe again and have faith in the future.
    With all my love

  162. Karl Says:

    My deepest sympathies, Sister. Another candle lit in Paris.

  163. Ella Says:

    guess anyone who has a blog and has a big following becomes a public figure whether that was their intention becomes a moot point. I suspect Sea’s has always been a seeker of public attention. I am not sure what SW intention was but she too has become a public figure and whether she likes it or not people will disagree with her point of view.
    I heard that her son’s death was a suicide so I think people should give her a break!!. As a person who has experienced this horror, the anger and guilt you feel is enormous and you feel so full of rage, words cannot describe it. So for the people on here who don’t agree with her, please be aware that her reactions to what is written will be abnormal.
    I can only hope and pray and tell her that in time it does get better and you do survive but the grief reactions to his death are far more intense with suicide.
    I don’t think SW would publish the email of someone who disagreed with her under normal circumstances.

  164. Sister Wolf Says:

    aube – I managed not to cry, thank you so much, that is beautiful.

    Ella – Please listen carefully: This Debra person did not “disagree” with me. She elected to chastise me via my dead son. She chose this moment… and chose to compare my modest, introverted son to an exhibitionist clothes horse. In the words of Pup Fiction, YOU JUST DON’T DO IT.

    How hard is this to understand????

  165. titus Says:

    obviously this will not relieve any of your pain, but it may provide a few laughs:

    the kind of photo little Sea should post on her own blog

  166. titus Says:

    ahh, just saw that Mickey already posted this…nice work

  167. ..... Says:

    I have never encountered such hate on a website. I don’t know why everyone is so full of pointless rage. Flame all you want, I will never come back….

  168. kate Says:

    SW I am sorry for your loss and the suffering of your son but most of all I am sorry for all the suckers who read the hate that spews out of your mouth and festers on this blog. You obviously suffer from NPD which is understandable if you had the upbringing you say you had but then again this also could be a lie. You ask people to donate money to you then you go out and buy designer chattels, wake up people SW is a con artist and a clever one at that, half the problems she says she has don’t exist because she is a pathological liar. All you have to do is read her blog and notice how many times she lies. I know someone who was friends with J and yes she may be a self proclaimed cunt but I guess the people on here who read her stuff have no idea how mean and nasty she is and how she has conned people out of money and continues to do so on this blog. Please feel sorry for her but for God sake don’t give money to a person who will just go out and buy clothes and shoes for herself.

  169. Angelica Says:

    I cannot believe the number of absolute dirtbags who are attacking Sister Wolf NOW of all fucking times. It is completely irrelevant what kind of argument they’re making, this is just neither the time nor place. Anyone who had any sympathy for Sea of Shoes has had their argument negated by her obvious complete lack of empathy for other people. She is not a human being, just a giant dollar sign with legs.

    Ignore these fuckheads Sister Wolf, we all know there’s a special room waiting for them in Hell. Do whatever you need to do. xo

  170. Aja Says:

    Kate I don’t understand what the apology nonsense is about when you immediately flip into a diatribe about someone’s mental health and integrity. No apology necessary, right? Because let’s be honest, if you really cared, you wouldn’t be posting all that on this particular post, would you?

  171. HelOnWheels Says:

    Dear Kate, Ella, …, and the rest of your ilk,

    I’m sorry too. I’m sorry that you’re such clueless, inappropriate bitches. I’m sorry that you have nothing better to do with your time than be heartless cunts. But most of all, I’m sorry for your parents, having raised such awful animals. You’re colossal pieces of crap, not human beings.

  172. Ashley Says:

    I am very, very sorry for your loss, Sister Wolf. I lost my Dad in March, and know that feeling of emptiness and sadness. Please surround yourself with loving family, friends, and pets. I don’t need to tell you not to listen to the bitchy trolls, because you know how to handle that shit just fine. Its my first time commenting here…I’ve been a lurker for awhile.
    Be Well, their will be a candle for Max in Vancouver.

  173. Sister Wolf Says:

    Oh my! Kate, you can kiss my ass, you fucking lunatic. Be gone from here.

  174. Vee Says:

    Debra, Ella, Kate, and other assorted trolls: what jolly good timing for your slander!

    It baffles me that you can look down on us for poking fun at some random, comfortably rich and spoiled girl with a public blog, while you yourselves think it good sport to kick a woman (that some of you may even personally know!) while she is in one of the darkest periods of her life.

    You’re all a bunch of shitbags unaware of your own stench. Stop worrying about how other people behave and examine your own rotting souls. What goes around comes around.

  175. Dru Says:

    HelOnWheels- I honestly don’t think Ella was trying to be a troll, it’s just that she didn’t get that first commenter’s trollishness. She might have been clueless, yes (what happened earlier on the thread really wasn’t about “disagreement” at all, and as for the rest it’s Sister’s business what she chooses to tell us), but just plain horrible in the style of the other idiots up there? I think not.

    And I do agree with at least one of her sentiments- people should give Sister a break now, of all times. Few, if any of us, have had a similar experience, I don’t think it’s anyone’s place to tell Sister what is or isn’t an appropriate way to deal with what she’s been going through.

  176. Make Do Style Says:

    Kate – you have sullied the good name of Kate. you have made me ashamed of my name momentarily. As for your diatribe I had a run in with Sainsbury once and they gave me a voucher rather than cash back. On the way home I found a tramp eating spagetti out of bin. I gave him the Sainsbury voucher. He told me he couldn’t take it because he’d only use it on drink. I shoved it into his hand and begged him to find the drinks aisle pronto. I loved his honesty but most of all I loved the fact he’d be dirty and smelly in their pristine aisle!
    Mind you I got my comeuppance as you do when recently an old lady stinking of wee asked me for help in the squash aisle.

    Stop these ridiculous personal attacks, they always say more about the person who does it than the person they are attacking.

  177. Sister Wolf Says:

    Make Do – “you have sullied the good name of Kate”, HAHAHAHAHA! xo

  178. Cheraya Says:

    Bloody hell there are some nutters around!

    Oh well. Ignore them and hopefully they’ll bugger off to troll somewhere else.

  179. Lindsey Says:

    Kate – your dimestore Psychoanalytic Theory is lacking. NPD is classified by a lack of empathy, a need for admiration and a pattern of grandiosity. Perhaps you should pick up a book, or like, google before you lob such accusations which only serve to underline YOUR own actions. You make me laugh, loudly and with nose snorts.

    See, it’s funny because you think you’re enlightening the readers of this blog, when really you’re just making yourself look like a fucking idiot. I am sure you must be asking “how does my super great comment pointing out the super mean blogger and how stupid her readers are over teh internetz make me look like a fucking idiot and flaming lunatic?” Since I get the impression that you are not too bright, I will spell it out for you.

    1.) Lack of Empathy – say, posting a comment like yours on a blog entry which clearly indicates the author’s grief.

    2.) A Need for Admiration – thank you so much for your perspective, I really admire the total lack of conscientiousness, it takes a special brand of douchebaggery to make a comment like yours. I admire that you are able to get on with your day, even in the midst of being a truly awful person that karma must bite in the ass on a daily basis. That takes a lot of ignorance of your own actions, good for you.

    3.) A Pattern of Grandiosity – that unrealistic sense of superiority must keep you warm at night, I hear having no soul can be difficult.

    So in short, dear Kate, it really sucks that narcissim is an ingrained personality trait that can’t really be treated, I guess you will never have a chance to be a human being, it’s ok though, we don’t really need you.

  180. Nat Says:

    Fuuuuuck me! What has been going on here? People, if you DONT like what you read, just shut the window down and move on. To berate someone who has recently lost their son is downright nasty. maybe if you felt that strongly about SOS, you might have chosen a better time, i.e. BEFORE SW’s awful news, to post it but no, you decide to do this now, and why? Because you are attention seeking little pussies hiding behind a PC screen. Would you really say what you typed up to a grieving mother? Come on Kate / Debra / Mutterballs or whatever the fuck your called – I want an explanation.

  181. Rebecca Says:

    Is this how someone should act so soon after her son has passed? SW what if someone posted something like this about your child? A grieving mother… Please. A grieving mother should be thankful and look at the good in the world not make bitchy and pathetic comments.

  182. Nat Says:

    Rebecca, guess what? Your a cunt. Why should a grieving mother be thankful? Thankful for what exactly? For cunts like you telling them how they should act?

  183. Iron Chic Says:

    Rebecca didn’t get the earlier memo it seems.

  184. Aimee- WTF! Says:

    I love how these self-righteous trolls actually care enough, and have enough time, to get all worked up about the hilarious comments aimed at several total wastes of space.

    I mean, SW may be critical and harsh (As hilarious as she is, I am not sure I would want to be friends with her IRL), but come on, she is mocking the rampant consumerism that is wrong with America. The girls with the fashion blogs, especially Sea, should be DOING something with their lives, not just exhibiting their temporary “good looks” (because we all know that once they meet their sugar daddy and pop out a few kids, they will look haggard and overly made-over) and their lack of impulse control in the money department. It’s FUCKING COMEDY GENIUS. And what makes comedy work is the truth behind it. Those stupid girls are setting back any progress women have made in the past 30 years. Sea and her ilk are a teenage parody of what a “kept” woman in the 50’s was. It’s archaic, and quite frankly makes me want to punch their parents for raising them that way.

    If she was on comedy central, you’d probably be eating it up, but because she is one person, with a wordpress blog, and you didn’t come up with the idea first, the attacks some out.

    And the trolls are only coming out of the woodwork further because of her personal tragedy. Because they know that no matter what inane thing they say, at this moment in time, they will get a reaction where previously they would be ignored.

    It is very brave of you to anonymously attack someone on the comments section of their website. Especially when they’ve just had something personally horrible happen to them. Kudos to you. Are you this brave and confrontational in real life? I doubt it. Get your little bravery points where you can get them, my friend. Because obviously not too many people offline give enough of a shit to give you the attention.

    Also, dear trolls, unlike you, i don’t trackback each and every comment i leave anywhere because I do have better things to do with my time than care what people I will never interact with on any real level have to say, so I am just going to ignore any bullshit response you might have.

    Reading this blog used to be fun. Thanks for ruining it, you stupid fucking asshats.

  185. Liz Says:

    Rebecca, and who are you to tell someone how to grieve? Have a little respect.

  186. sonja Says:

    Rebecca is The Queen of Cunts! What kind of idiot tells a grieving mother that she not doing it correctly??!!

  187. Dr Says:

    Rebecca, I guess part of what Sister Wolf should be “thankful” for and consider part of the good in this world is that you are not Max’s mother- she is. Apparently grief, and rage resulting from grief, are outlawed in Stepford or Pleasantville or whatever real-life version of them you live in.

  188. Kitty Says:

    YOU are a rock, Sister Wolf. A true and powerful force to be reckoned with. I am in awe.

    Keep your chin up and your fists high. You are an inspiration to us all.

  189. Make Do Style Says:

    Rebecca – the dungeon awaits. 4 trolls to contend with I will be exhausted. Unless you are playing up because you’ve caught the really lame perversion bug?
    Plus can you please go back to school and take comprehension tests and learn to read properly this will help in the punishment tests I will be overseeing. I’ve already bought the midget in the middle she’ll be wielding the whip.

  190. hoochiegucci Says:

    hahahaha…loving Kate’s post!

    Funniest thing I’ve read all day.


  191. The Raisin Girl Says:

    I would like to add my name to the list of people voting for Debra for Cunt of the Week, but then Ella and Kate started talking. Ella just sounds annoying in her attempts to show how much she “understands”, but Kate and Debra were way out of line in every possible way. Maybe you can just give them one big Cunt of the Week award together? Or give them the award on separate weeks, back-to-back?

    Thoughts go with you, Sister Wolf.

  192. Kate1.0/Hortense Says:

    Even though it’s stupid to handwring over it, for months I was the only semi-regular commenter who went by just “Kate.” Unoriginal yes, but I wanted to be neutral. Now it seems every third troll is using this simple handle. Obviously many of us commenters are named some variation of this universal shrew moniker, but now it has been killed once and for all. Kates–fuck all of you (except the nice one who is sister’s friend). From now on, I’m Hortense.

  193. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    Given the mutterhals definition someone found, I propose we unnofficially rename the award Mutterhals of the Week. Just on a temporary basis.

  194. Cricket9 Says:

    Holy crap, I go away for a few days and what I find here… Mutterhals, why are you still lurking here – don’t you have your awful blog to take care of? Are you addicted to SW blog, or secretly in love with her – which is it?
    Rebecca – you should be thankful that a grieving mother can’t whack you in the forehead over the internet, which would be THE right thing to do. As for Kate and her revelations – let’s not feed this troll.
    SW, don’t pay attention to idiots, sadly, there will be always plenty of them around…
    Regarding Sea – don’t hate her, it’s all rather sad, but things she does to her feet beg for an intervention. She’ll be very sorry about it when (and if) she reaches my age. I see very very sensible old lady shoes in her future…

  195. deja pseu Says:

    Oh yes, please PLEASE heap some hate on Alec Baldwin!

  196. Ash Says:

    Holy freaking Crap! This is so out of hand. Sister Wolf, I hope you find some comfort in the fact that you have received so much love in spite of these awful comments from disgusting trolls. I wish you lived near, so we could comfort you with some Amanda Palmer and much chocolate and even shopping for quality leather items. Since you don’t, I have a hypothesis for all of this insane hate. I think all these trolls might be Baldwins. It happens. Yee-uck…still lighting candles for you and yours…xoxox

  197. Syl Says:

    You know, I read Kate’s comment and then I went looking, you know, in the spirit of the Sainsbury voucher, for the money-begging posts and the Paypal button or the Visa logo.

    Cause you know, I don’t have any fucking money, but I’m sure I could make do just to make some troll pop a blood vessel, mm? That’d be worth a day eating the 80 cent yogurt at my desk, thinking of good ole SW with a beautiful new jacket, and some troll with blood spurting out of her nose.

    Couldn’t find the fucking buttons. SW, you gotta try harder with this money-begging shit. I read your whole blog and couldn’t figure it out. I clicked on all kinds of shit too.

    God, this reminds me of when my first husband died and the idiots would stop me on the street to tell me about how THEY were emotionally overcome and couldn’t handle it.


    I’d be like “Yeah, sorry to hear. Excuse me, but I gotta go clock in for work.”


    They wanted me to give up and start whining too.

    I went to law school.

    Does your dungeon need a lawyer? I still have a copy of my tax code…

  198. jemimah Says:

    Dear SW,

    Candles in Beijing. Votre haine dure, et c’est pour ca que je vous admire tellement, because it’s often the most tangible and ready emotion, and you’re not ashamed to grasp it when you need it. Your grieving is honest. I can only hope to be so brave as to not give a fuck about what others think regarding how I should grieve. The candles are slowly burning out – I’m sure Max has found a home. Nothing but the best,

  199. Kate Says:

    sister wolf – in my mother’s heart I am hurting for you and your family.

    on the trolls and the haters – I have nothing but contempt – anyone who has spent anytime in this wonderful community of smart, funny, stylish women KNOWS that Sister Wolf, and Make Do Style etc etc are passionate loyal friends and look after each other and fellow bloggers all over the world. That’s why I return here everyday – to see community in action. Love your work, ladies – don’t stop.

  200. Nikki Says:

    Sister Wolf, I can only echo what others said above, I am so sorry for your loss. I have always enjoyed reading your blog, and I am very glad you have decided to continue. I took a moment for you and Max when I read the sad news the other day. My love to you and your family at this difficult time. This feels odd to type out, as I know we’ll never meet, but some things can’t go unspoken. x

  201. Bels Says:

    Have I stumbled into an alternate universe? In my world, a mother who has lost her son can rip into Mother Theresa for being too wrinkly and emotional and her unusual fashion sense if she wants. Also strangers don’t ask a grieving person for the details of the death. Oh and you don’t speak ill of, or besmirch the memory of, someone who has died in any way.

    I’m embarassed to share a continent and an ISP with Debra. There must be an eighth circle of hell for some people. A candle is lit, and a cat is sitting on shoes, here in Brisbane for Max.

  202. carmencatalina Says:

    Bels said (and I quote respectfully):
    “A candle is lit, and a cat is sitting on shoes, here in Brisbane for Max.”

    For some reason, “a cat sitting on shoes” is especially touching. I’m not sure why, but it makes me happy. Much happier than the silly horrid posts that imply that there is some right way to grieve, rather than just a hundred million horrible terrible ways, one for each horrible terrible loss than could be experienced.

  203. Cathy Says:

    Hey Syl
    you must be a bit stupid or blind or both because if you want to give money to SW you go to the top right hand part of the blog and there is a “become a patron” just click on that dumbass and that will take you to a page where you can give various amounts. Stop whining and put your money where your mouth is you funking cuntie
    SW you are amazing and I hope people help you out in your hour of need!!!

  204. Aja Says:

    Whoa whoa whoa Cathy, what’s up with the haterade for Syl? Totally unnecessary and pretty uncool.

  205. Susan Says:

    God damn, Sister. I didn’t know. I’m so sorry.

  206. Sick of Hearing "Cunt" Says:

    Why do you guys love saying the word cunt so much? You guys must all have an IQ of 10. And BTW, Debra is the only sane person here (as well as her supporters).

    Why do you guys have such hang-ups about money and consumption? Instead of blaming Sea you might want to focus on your own insecurities and issues.

    There’s nothing wrong with what they are doing. That’s their values. Learn to respect other people’s values. If you don’t like it, switch channels. That’s what I’ll do too after making this comment, because I don’t really like reading posts and comments from imbeciles.

  207. Sister Wolf Says:

    Sick – I’m sick of cunts like you, so we’re even.

  208. Anna Says:

    I’m so very sorry for your loss.

  209. Nausicaa Says:

    Sick of hearing “Cunt”- I hope you’ve made good on your promise and fucked off to Pleasantville or wherever you’re from, because only a real, true troll would berate a grieving mother on the inappropriateness of her rage and the channels she chooses to vent it on.

    And in your book, apparently a few swearwords and some anger born of grief, are inexcusable under the circumstances, and being a big meanie to Sea is worse than Sister losing her child. You could try taking your own advice and respecting “other people’s values” here at this time, of all times.

  210. Nausicaa Says:

    PS: Sister, us cunts and non-cunts love you, and wish this did not happen.

  211. firefly Says:

    Dear SW:

    Good thoughts to you and your family, and my condolences.

    R.I.P. Max

  212. ellio100 Says:

    Sister Wolf
    There will be candles in London for Max.
    There will be rage here too for the trolls.
    But mostly there will be misty love flowing through the internet to you and yours wishing you everything you want, from people like me, who have not met you but whom you have inspired.

  213. agentm Says:

    It’s really sad that you hate so much on someone you don’t even know. Especially some 17 year old girl. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot worse people out there and your insults really show how ugly you are inside. Someone you love dies and your first instinct is to post abuse at some random stranger that you obsess about on the internet? Perhaps you should go see a Psychiatrist.

  214. Nausicaa Says:

    ^agentm- see my previous comment.

  215. sue Says:

    The Aldridges’ should consider a restraining order.

  216. Louise Says:

    You really are magnificent. I’m keeping an eye out for any more stupid moon-faced bitches to send your way.