Another Horrid Attack on a Poor Blogger Girl

Please forgive me Jesus, I can’t stop myself without Your help!

First, I was upset to see these $595 boots ( or rather, “kicks”) that have gotten so much press. Why does this poor girl need to spend so much on, let me quote here, “…my first piece of Alex Wang.”   “Alex??” Is that like someone buying the knock-off version by “Jeff” Campbell?

But then I am referred to an online magazine where the girl is featured in an interview and replying to the question, “What was the last thing you’ve bought?” the poor girl answers:

“A crew neck t-shirt from Obesity and Speed with ‘Choose Death’ printed on it. Can’t go wrong with that!”

Aaaah. Help me, help me, Jesus. Give me the courage, the wisdom, the serenity prayer, anything. The brand names, the goth cluelessness, no no no, take it away. Or help the poor girl to wise up.

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60 Responses to “Another Horrid Attack on a Poor Blogger Girl”

  1. Natalie / Fashion Intel Says:

    “Goth cluelessness” – that’s EXACTLY the phrase I’ve been looking for! Thank you for that. I’d also like to point out “Black Metal Cluelessness” as I know none of these girls has picked up the new Burzum album.

  2. Mary Says:

    Ha imagine those chicks listening to Burzum! What would Varg think? I rather like black metal. Hmm those boots are ok too. Who the fuck is Aimee Mann?

  3. Make Do Style Says:

    Oh my I need to recover from the use of the word ‘Alex’ and then the t-shirt which still leaves me speechless all round.

  4. Vy Says:

    Thanks so much.
    It is so much better to be wise/knowledgeable and to know yourself than to offset this self projected image of “cool”.
    SW, some people may say that you are attacking yet another blogger, but I think you are merely using her as an example of impressionable females (no matter the age, but usually younger) acquiring material goods to reach some desired state in their mind. Usually, with most of us mere mortals, this exhibits itself in consumption behavior. Sometimes it makes a bit of sense, sometimes it doesn’t at all, but usually it is a bit irrational.
    The blame doesn’t lie with one girl affecting another, a group of bloggers, even the marketers – it is a lack of self awareness and a disregard to address this. As displayed, this consumption behavior can instill one with the bravado to think that it is “fucking cool” to brand yourself with “Choose Death” t-shirts. Money isn’t in your pocket anymore. That’s all I’ll say about that.

    I’m not frustrated about the situation, just grateful that you are another person who can see through the bullshit & will call up another member of your human race about it. I think it is commendable that you didn’t leave her link because really, she is just an example.

    So again, I say Thank You. Maybe in future it will curb my irrational purchases too!

    I also want you to know that me, an anonymous stranger to you and your family lit a candle especially for your son Max last week. I feel extremely sad for your loss but believe that he is by your side. No matter whether you believe in mystical things or not, he lives on in some form. I also purchased Astral Weeks by VM, as recommended by you. I’m still letting it grow on me.

    SW, I’ve been trying to sift through your entries (without luck) to see where you developed such an eloquent writing style and such clear insight into human behaviour, political untruths, etc etc but have been unsuccessful. Is there anywhere in your blog that mentions previous jobs, completed degrees? You really intrigue me!

    Thank you for reading. Maybe I should have emailed you instead.

  5. Ann Says:

    It’s a wonder you even found her in the pile of others just like her.

  6. queenzelda Says:

    Maybe I’m being a square today but the cut-out heel just keep making me think they are broken.

  7. Cricket9 Says:

    “Choose death” indeed. A stepfather of my young coworker just did that last week- left a note, put his watch neatly on the riverside and drowned himself in the river. His stepson says that he can’t get the image of his body fished out by the police out of his head. That’s death, girls. Alex Wang is a major wanker, and these “kicks” are not OK either. I can find them in my local “Value Village” – unglued coming apart sole included – for $3.99. Obesity and Speed, Alex and the blogger – they all deserve a good kick in the ass.

  8. Mary Says:

    Oh is the heel coming away? I didn’t notice that shit up front. Hmm, yes but no.

  9. carina Says:

    I love you!

    I come from a certain country in Africa and recently visited a shop in the capital city that is introducing the “Goth aesthetic” to the masses – I walked in (I was curious) and happened to catch the lyrics to the music that was blasting out of the store soundsystem – total “WhitePower” bullshit! In an African country. Utter mayhem. I asked the proprietor (who is a friend, actually, but has unfortunately drunk the koolaid) what “goth” means to her and she said “it’s edgy and cool – pictures of skulls and bloody images and whatnot are so cool and different, as are the logos and statement tshirts [such as “choose death, appparently].” When I asked her what the music means to her, she said, “oh, I download this stuff from a metal website – it’s so cool and heavy, don’t you think?” Truth be told, a lot of what they carried was nasty heavy-metal concert tshirts and lots of studded nonsense and leather (or pleather) crap. And lots of horrible tshirts with various incarnations of “evil” as interpreted by the crazies who create this pap – ie. Nothing edgy or cool AT ALL. I do believe in individuality, and do not begrudge the emo and goth kids their fashion choices (even though I’d personally never dress in that fug). It just irks me when there is this blanket acceptance and need to acquire the next “coolest” thing, regardless of how fugly or offensive it might be. Keep putting these idiots on blast, SW!!

  10. Mary Says:

    Are we talking goth or metal here? There is rather a large difference between the 2.

  11. skye Says:

    Isn’t she someone’s mother now, that girl? Or soon to be, anyway. That might change her perspective on the whole “choose death” load of bollocks = coolness situation. I hope so, anyway.

  12. Paige Says:

    I don’t like her much. Those boots are awesome though, I think. It’s a cut-out in the heel, it’s part of the design and I don’t think it looks ‘broken’.
    I’m wondering if she’ll have to stop buying so much once her baby comes..? I’d imagine having children is expensive enough.

  13. annemarie Says:



    If I was that bland I would be embarrassed to show it to the world on the interweb. I am only marginally less bland and I am too embarrassed.

    Also, if I spent all that time/energy/money on clothes I would looking fucking spectacular. This girl looks like shit, right?

    If I saw her walking down the street, I would think she looks like an 80s throwback who doesn’t spend too much time fussing over the details and certainly does not drop real money designer names– how very, very disappointing. Are there any authentic people any more? Not in Brooklyn clearly, where, as my good friend once said, “good ideas go to die.”

  14. annemarie Says:

    Rant On, Sister Wolf.
    We, who are lonely and inconsolable in this storm of shit, need you.
    Love you mucho, xoxo

  15. dust Says:

    Mary- yes, Burzum would cure them. Add some Neurosis and they would be ready for Death In June.
    Sister, you remember the time when running away to see a gig with shoe money was cool? I miss those days….

  16. dust Says:

    Almost forgot, she wears 10000000$ shoes and crappy worn mousse tights?

  17. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    I assume this is dear old Hal…I remember that shirt, I was having a look through her archive and found it, on the same day that I remember reading through the epic anti-Sea post of last week. You rant away all you like Sister. I quite like Hal’s style (at least she has one) compared to Sea (no more Sea rants, I promise) but I don’t like t-shirts with stupid messages printed on them. I’m waiting for her to wear one of those ‘Eat Less’ Urban Outfitters t-shirts because it’s, like, rawk. If you’re going to stamp yourself with something, you’d better believe it.

  18. WCGB Says:

    It would be a pity if Jesus prevented you from speaking the truth.

  19. Lauren Says:

    Sister Wolf, all I can say is keep it up with the “attacks.” It’s refreshing to read a blog like yours in the midst of all of the crap out there.

  20. patni Says:

    this poor twat just bought one of mom of shoes stupid bug belts.

  21. Eliza Says:

    I don’t think she considers herself a goth – ‘crust punk’ if the patches/advertisements are true – but that cluelessness and buying power is also known by its umbrella term “mallternative.”

    In between Terry Richardson posts, did you ever read on Jezebel about Aimee Mann and Ice-T’s Twitter fight? Redeemed its very existence for a day. That, and showing the world what pricks Scott Baio and his new wife are.

  22. damaia Says:

    Not sure if it applies to this particular blogger, but I like to call this look “California Pseudo-goth”. That is, she owns the overpriced boots and the stupid black t-shirts, but she also owns Ke$ha albums and a pink bikini. And if I asked her what necklace Death wears (if you’re gonna give a girl a shout-out, you better know, haha), it’d be blank-looksville.

  23. WCGB Says:

    Dear Jesus, Sister Wolf is more qualified than just about anyone to speak against Bad Shit, but she’s not being paid to do so. Please address that directly.

  24. Elena Abaroa Says:

    The boots are just a normal boots, they cost 600 dollars just cause they have the A.Wang name on, disgusting…And then this ridiculous nail polish, the rings, the “choose death” thing…Jesus, they are soooooooooo original, if i have kids hope they dont see these people as the style icons of the XXI century, I still have hope that the fashion industry will change in a couple of years and all these people will disapear some day, and if they dont (always there are silly people out there) at least their blogs and “their influence” do.

  25. dust Says:

    Choose death as in pro-life-being-sarcastic?
    In that case, she speaks her true religion and her Jesus is happy.
    I wonder, are them people happy when they purchase? How and how much happy? Is it proportional? Can Sea still get excited with fresh shoes?

    Sister Wolf, I’m no Jesus, I can only offer my human voice of love.

  26. patni Says:

    All i can think of in the way of it being “Ironic” is the t shirt that george Michael sported in his wham! days, on the video for wake me up before you gogo… I think it had choose life on it in giant letters. Corny? indeed. on the other hand, when my best friend chose death two and a half years ago and hung himself, a part of me died too and he didn’t ask first. During the plague years of the 90’s when is seemed 50% of people i knew died horribly, the certainly did not choose death, but had no choice but to face it. I did not come into the world a cheerful happy person ready to enjoy every last second, but life and anti depressants have taught me that that is the only way to live. I have a feeling that when you are an overindulged not too bright teen from a too sheltered life, it is easy to turn round and think dying is cool. Its not. It is painful for all involved.
    I bet Chris Dior is turning in his grave.

  27. patni Says:

    Dying is of course much much cooler than dieing.
    sorry for my misspelled and un- punctuated rant. i doubt it makes any sense.

  28. omggmab Says:

    Anyone who messes with Sister, deserves a flogging. They will be accomodated here Meanwhile, keep speaking out, Sister! Jesus doesn’t need to forgive you.

  29. HelOnWheels Says:

    F*cking hell! Real PUNKS (what so many of these “mallternative” skanks think they are, HA!!!) do not spend $600 on shoes. REAL PUNKS get their clothes for free from dumpsters! Real Punk is about DIY, not B-U-Y!!

    I choose modern chemistry over Jesus to help me with the rage disorder, SW. It works much better…most of the time.

  30. thedelicatemink Says:

    is this the one that refers to swastikas by the cute little nickname of swazis?

    so cool

    Hang tough Sister! xx

  31. Cricket9 Says:

    Paige, I know the shoes (boots?) are not “broken”, it’s the design, blah blah blah. . I just don’t see the point of this so-called “design”, just like I don’t see the point of a sunglasses framed in fur and similar crap. Why would I want boots with the heel out out? To wear it in winter? Not in Canadian slush. Summer? It’s damn hot. Inside only? I go barefoot. Please someone explain to me; for now I think it’s bad design, dear Alex Wang.

  32. Cricket9 Says:

    That was supposed to say “heel cut out”. My typing is getting bad because I’m fighting nausea just looking at the $600 “kicks”, sorry.

  33. Elaine Says:

    I just don’t get it.
    The true idiots are the ones who shell out over $80 on a tissue thin simple black tank top just because it has a designer name on it.
    “Alex” Wang in comparison, looks like a genius and he’s probably laughing his way to the bank knowing there’s an army of these bloggers buying whatever he churns out, no matter how ugly.

  34. kellie Says:

    patni Says:

    June 21st, 2010 at 1:34 pm
    Dying is of course much much cooler than dieing.
    sorry for my misspelled and un- punctuated rant. i doubt it makes any sense.

    I have to say, dyeing is the best.
    Especially when it comes to hair.
    Sister, you have to call it like you see it.
    And this is caca.
    You are right on.


  35. fashion herald Says:

    Wait, I thought “kicks” just referred to sneakers? Oh, the shame. What kind of fashion blogger am I?
    And I CAN’T do those boots, I’ll get bad hair metal flashbacks.

  36. Cricket9 Says:

    OK, I had a closer look at the “kicks”. Some thought went into the design; I still don’t like them, Alex. As for the blogger – the poor girl will soon collapse under the combined weight of silver skulls, pentagrams, claws, talons, tails, hoofs, horns, crosses, “exquisitely detailed” ram heads, chains, oversized glasses, various handbags, money bags, and so on, hung from or perched on many parts of her body. The beetle belt from “Atlantis home” is missing, but that’s because it’s been purchased by another blogger, as reported by Patni. BTW, Cronenberg had much better bugs in “Naked Lunch”; he could finance his next movie by selling them to Sea&Mom as fashion props.

  37. Sister Wolf Says:

    patni – “Chris Dior…” Hahahahahahahahaha!

  38. *gemmifer* Says:

    I do often wonder how the hell some items become “must haves”… don’t these people have better things to do with their money?!? I have nothing against looking stylish, but c’mon, is it impossible to look good without spending 600 freaking dollars on a pair of shoes? A little bit more than that pays my rent each month… but hell, who needs a roof over their head when they look so damn good in their new boots? If I am ever lucky enough to have so much extra cash floating around that I could afford this kind of stuff, I will put it to better use, like saving for retirement, maybe donating to a charity or two, taking a trip somewhere exotic.
    Okay, rant over, I’m off my soapbox now. Some Aimee Mann to calm me down… you can never go wrong with Aimee Mann. I love this song, even though it is so depressing. Wow, I had a lot to say tonight, didn’t I? Anyone still reading? Anyone?

  39. Natalea Hell Says:

    I dont understand this girl. I mean, she dresess like a crackwhore, but she wears really expensive shoes and bags and stuff. Why do you want to spend lots and lots of money, specially with a baby on the way, on designer items and loot like a crackwhore???

    I like the crackwhore style, that’s how i dress sometimes, but whyyy?? why do you have to spend so much money??

  40. Natalea Hell Says:

    oh wow. a monkey is coming out of mom’s vajayjay. cool.

  41. Maiyia Says:

    Hi Sister Wolf,

    This is completely random, but I’m curious to your thoughts on “The Cobrasnake”…

  42. Sister Wolf Says:

    Mayia – thank you for asking. The Cobrasnake just opened a store of some kind in L.A., where I live. When I read about him/it and his pal The Selby, I feel like killing myself. It’s all bad, very bad.

  43. Stella Mayfair Says:

    still quite torn here.
    i second all of you who pointed out that the choose death and (jesus help us all!) *swazi* shit, and the compulsive overspending makes them puke. it makes me puke too.
    but i also like her in a way. maybe it is because she’s a mom-to-be, or because i love her jewelry made from old weapons, and her ancient looking metal husband seems to be a good one, too.

  44. Cricket9 Says:

    Natalea, thank you for a really good laugh! The picture is just beautiful, absolutely priceless!

  45. Morgan Says:

    her husband isn’t just metal looking, he’s the lead singer of pentagram, they’ve been around since the 70’s and are one of the originators of doom metal. i hate to give someone credit because they’re married to someone awesome (sue me, i like pentagram) but she’s not a total poser. that said, the ridiculous amount of money that some of these girls with blogs spend on themselves and their clothes is mind-boggling, but it’s their money, their future debt, their choice.

  46. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    Love your view on The CobraSnake, Sister. I looked at it the other day and it just made me nauseous, not because of the content, but because it was such a mess! Too many boxes! Too many pictures! No writing that wasn’t do in WordArt! I’m a simplistic blogger, me.

  47. Lauren Says:

    Mr. Wang has done it again, and he’s done it poorly:

  48. Cricket9 Says:

    Mr. Halcoholic may be a swell musician, but, for some reason, I can’t stop laughing at the words “Pentagram” and “doom metal”.

  49. Denise (denisekatipunera) Says:

    i follow her and i can’t wait to see her next next next next purchases and those “catchy’ phrases. cool ei?

  50. kt Says:

    I can’t figure out what’s worse: the use of “Alex” Wang, the major label whoring, her constant vapid faces/looks, her nonchalant email to the Ann D headquarters that just so happened to locate her much sought after shoes at a 50% discount no less, her blatant insecurity which is seen through apologies for things like a twisted bra strap in a photo (who even notices, let alone cares), her posing and crouching in platforms while 6 months pregnant, or the fact that a 24 year old fights over jewelry with her 56 year old husband.

    I’m seriously so confused by everything…is this the premise of a new sitcom?

  51. Style Odyssey Says:

    hey patni-
    i’ll let you borrow my beetle belt. :))

  52. Moi Says:

    I know I shouldnt be asking but can someone please help me on this: who is that blogger. I CANT wait to read her blog. I HAVE to. ? 6 months preggers, spending 600$ on shoes, dark goth, she’s a winner, for sure.

  53. nicole Says:

    To MOI:
    the website is
    It’s absolutely incredible..sort of like watching the Courtney Love Behind The just CAN’T stop looking at the absurdity of it all.
    I think what’s so sad about these narcissistic braggart blogs is the joylessness that is so apparent.
    That’s the real crux, because life is so beautiful but fleeting that showing off the “Jordache” of this generation is just nothingness.

    *First time posting; much love to Sister Wolf*

  54. Moi Says:

    Many thanks Nicole. After im done laughing like a maniac and crying at the same time from reading that blog’s name, I’ll make sure to drop by. Also, I already cant wait to learn the name of the newborn. Im sure it will be all ”edgy” – ”so freaking rad” and ”totally unexpected”… Let the countdown begin!

  55. Moi Says:

    Oh Lord another fur fox trail devotee. Will this ever end ?

  56. nicole Says:

    If I had to guess the baby’s name will probably be:
    Wrest Fenriz LaVey Liebling

    That’s just a guess. ; )

  57. Sister Wolf Says:

    nicole – I would like to see ‘Oy Vey’ in that name, if possible.

  58. Kamicha Says:

    Personally I find that O&S shirt clever – and totally unwearable at the same time. Maybe if I’ll become 100% hermit one day I will be sporting it in my solitude knowing that I will inevitably be left without options some day.

  59. Nausicaa Says:

    Is it some flipped-around reference to Trainspotting‘s “Choose Life”? I doubt it, somehow.

  60. Kamicha Says:

    Choose life backs up bit further than Trainspotting – you can find it from Bible. But I guess that the most obvious reference are those Catharine Hamnett Choose Life t-shirts from the beginning of eighties, even the typography makes a strong nod to that direction. It has also been used as a slogan in two quite obvious contexts.

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