Comments For Jane 7-21-2010

OMG! This is major news! It’s official: Sea has confirmed FOR THE FIRST TIME that Ronny  is her boyfriend!

Where is the goddamn champagne?!

I don’t know why it’s taken so long, but I think we can all agree that we saw this coming. Maybe they fell in love at the cat cafe, or maybe it was already a done deal. I hope that being in love doesn’t interfere with the curating.

Sea has been trying to source a pair of hideous Margiela shoes and I am crossing my fingers that she’ll acquire them from Louisa Via Roma or whatever that place is called.

Meanwhile, Mom has been cooking up a storm, correctly deducing that Sea is now out of control and that she must forge a new Jane-less identity for herself.   Without Mom, though, Sea’s style has degenerated to tacky ill-fittting thriftshop dresses and sloppy unflattering hairdo’s.

Sea won’t publish your worthless opinions, but you can leave them here instead. I will go first:

Dear Sea, I am thrilled that you and Ronny  are a couple, but whoa, he is packing such a gigantic package, are you sure you’re up to this?? Mom must’ve had a stroke when she saw this photo. I am impressed by your courage in following your heart even if it means dating your ex-boyfriend’s pal and risking a female injury. Don’t forget to shop, okay? Love, SW

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67 Responses to “Comments For Jane 7-21-2010”

  1. alittlelux Says:

    is that for real? maybe it’s a sock? are we sure he knows what to do with it and where it goes? perhaps that’s how sea REALY got that bruise…

  2. David Duff Says:

    Heh! Those panties are not a patch on my Long Johns!

  3. miss a. Says:

    GOOD GOD. Where in the name of all things evil did this photo come from?!

  4. Denise (denisekatipunera) Says:


    i LOVE ronnie. he’s cooler. i have a feeling before Japan they’re already dating. You can sense from her entries, it’s always about ronnie, ronnie ronnie.

    am happy for you jane. So who’s the next “friend” you’re gonna introduce to us? I hope next time he’ll be British or something with an accent or intro real arts.

    in jane’s vocabulary… friend=future lover. sweet.

  5. Denise (denisekatipunera) Says:

    ronnie’s kinda gay to me.

  6. Denise (denisekatipunera) Says:

    the kids are so sexual. woooh.

    octopus on ronnie’s crotch.

  7. anon Says:

    maybe he’s just a boy who is her friend. he seems gay to me too.

  8. Elaine Says:

    hmmmm if that’s the case anon, does that make Sea the metaphorical beard?

  9. lucinda Says:

    Forget the crotch – what’s with Ronnie’s art?

  10. Siobhan Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Christ on a bike!

  11. Penny Dreadful Vintage Says:

    Oh God, MY EYES!!!!!!

  12. Elaine Says:

    speaking of crotch shots
    Sister Wolf, this blogger just can’t keep the camera lens (or her hands) away from her crotch area

  13. Denise (denisekatipunera) Says:

    am sorry but i can’t help myself.

    am so emotional today. My heart bleeds for amit. c”,) Poor amit. Oh young love. Amit’s taller and “handsomer” and he doesn’t give away a gayface.

    oh am just devastated. it’s like Britney and Kfed broke up.

    Jane pls what happened to you and amit? i thought you.are.gonna.last.forever. i want you back together.

    okay seriously..not really.

    am happy for you jane.

    anyway what’s up with mom and all the cooking. you can tell something’s sooooo wrong, she’s spending so much time with Carol.

  14. Make Do Style Says:

    Dear Jane – don’t forget to take contraceptives. Kids are for life not just shoe boxes.

  15. sally Says:

    He looks like he walked straight out of a 70s porno. Ew.

  16. Cricket9 Says:

    IMO, a sock.

  17. Consuela Says:

    Dear Miss Jane,

    Please be careful with Mr Ronnie.

    Love Consuela x

  18. Ann Says:

    Denise, what a find! That octo-crotch-shot was a year ago!

    I’m with Lux and Cricket. That’s totally a sock.

  19. Staircase Witch Says:

    Words….fail me.

    It’s not clear to me that she NEEDS to be careful.

    Oh, god, that leopard skin smoking jacket. Please tell me no animal, real or fake, gave its life for any part of that abomination.

  20. AmandaMichele Says:

    Oh my stars, Sea has gotten awfully thin. Also, I am a little sad about the breakup. Not Amit (Althrough i did love his pretty face) but Sea and Mom have both clearly moved on, sea with ronnie and mom has moved on to carol. The real question is, who got consuela in the split?

  21. the real andrea Says:

    Link to this and look at the third pic down, the second drawing, and tell me that doesn’t look like a penis & balls going the wrong way out of a vagina-

    All I can say is eeeewwww!

  22. Aja Says:

    I’m always happy for anyone when they get a boyfriend. Ronnie seems cool. Any guy that let’s you take a picture of him in his underwear to post on the internet must be pretty comfortable with himself.

  23. rebecca Says:

    Best yet, SW.

    This Ronnie creature… I don’t like him one bit. He seems like a narcissistic prick, who can’t write, and doesn’t mention his girlfriend very much. Eugh.

  24. Ew Says:

    OMFG. He is not attractive.

  25. dust Says:

    Ronnie’s testing 70’s glam rock style, I see, he’s got the tools for it.
    Congrats Sea, love is good you.

  26. Sofia Says:

    Dear Sea,

    You know what, I actually have nothing left to say to you, you’re boring now. I’m moving on.

    Dear Mom,

    Please don’t ruin Carol like you ruined Jane,

    Dear Carol,

    Don’t let mom ruin you.

    Dear Ronnie,

    Please get a haircut.

    Much love xx

  27. Romeo Says:

    What does “source” mean when used as a verb? Find? Because I think I just sourced my gag reflex.

  28. Alicia Says:

    CONSUELAAAAAAAA!!!! Oh god…Oh god, that was hilarious.

    Before I saw that comment and began laughing hysterically, I was going to tell Denise that Ronnie’s octopus crotch shot reminds me of this episode of Drawn Together featuring the infamous (in my mind) OCTOPUSSOIR:

  29. Alicia Says:

    Ok that was the wrong link. It’s THIS episode:

  30. Natalie Says:

    I really liked Amit’s blog. He seemed quite sweet and was into some interesting things. However shortly after Sea outed him as her bf, he made his blog private. Wonder what happened there? Is it strange that I do actually contemplate the private life of someone I don’t even know?
    Had a look on Mum’s blog a wee while ago. Noticed this post on some awful shit of a chair and couldn’t help but comment and surprisingly it got approved. It’s under Nat.
    The more money you have the trashier your taste becomes. Who the fuck spends that much money on tasteless crap?

  31. Jazmin Says:

    I liked Amit because he reminded me of the character Freddie McClair from Skins.

    When I read those words I got really excited that she finally admitted to him being her boyfriend. I feel like such a loser because I like Ronnie’s band, Neon Indian. It just makes me want to lay out in the sun all day. His music would probably help me have a cute day, I’m sure of it. Also, damn Ronnie, if that’s really all you. Stay safe Jane, stay safe!

    Now I am just waiting for the day she says “bought” “spend ridiculous amounts of money” or something to that effect.

    Here’s hoping *fingers crossed*


  32. theresa Says:


    p.s. I named the ghost in my house “RONNIE”

    this is the start of something beautiful!

  33. Erika Says:

    Oh geez, there doesn’t look like anything interesting going with his “package” I am skeeved by the picture tho. yuck!

  34. dust Says:

    I swallowed a word again …
    *love is good for you.

    I’ll stop commenting until I get a grip on my senility.

  35. Laila Says:

    Oh my god! I know Ronnie! I went to school with him and I was friends with his little sister! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and how you hate Sea of Shoes girl and my only thoughts on the subject have been “hey, I’m from Dallas”….. woooow…..MIND IS EXPLODING.

  36. Nati Hell Says:

    Dear Jane:

    Ronnie? like, really? Well… whatever. I guess that all the straight and normal guys are too busy not wanting to date you.


  37. Nati Hell Says:

    Dear Mom:

    I’m glad you and Jane split up, and now you’re hanging out with Carol. I think you’re a better cook than a stylist.


  38. Make Do Style Says:

    Dear Sea & Ronnie – in between underwear swaps and shoe touching would you vote for my short film. It is short – it won’t take anything away from you attention span. It features shoes.

  39. Bourbon Drinker Known as MJ Says:

    Oh Hell, I don’t know. I looked at his blog, and he’s cute (nice bone structure), and he’s in a band and likes art, and having a “boyfriend” at that age is exciting. I hope they are good to each other. Maybe an older hip boyfriend will be good for a sheltered nice girl?

  40. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    Just checked Sea’s blog, have you seen Ronnie’s art? I’m less worried about his massive schlong (I just love that word) than his apparent penchant for dinosaur women. But Sea does love dinosaurs, and painting stuff. So it’s a match made in hipster heaven. Sweet.

  41. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    And Jazmin, you are SO RIGHT about Amit being a bit like Freddie from Skins. But also a bit like Anwar from earlier Skins. I miss Amit. He was so cute.

  42. ellio100 Says:

    oh for goodness’ sake.
    he should stand elsewhere in the room when taking pictures, he looks like a child next to that giant bed. (a child with a man’s underpants, naturally).

  43. Susi q Says:

    Rokarony: an elaborate way to declare one’s self a douche bag.

  44. TexasArt Says:

    Good heavens!

    SeaMom IS totally freaking out in her kitchen. Sea is in s*x mode with her new BF. Carol must be cooking like a mad fiend to keep SeaMom busy whilst Sir Ronny is around. Poor SeaMom. =^O.O^=

    These comnts are hilarious … Better than Housewives of NYC or NJ!!

  45. mimi Says:

    i wonder if ronnie was the reason sea and amit broke up.
    arent ronnie and amit bffs?
    oh the drama!

    ps – amit was way cuter, even if ronnie does have a humongous schlong.

  46. mimi Says:

    oh and ronnie in those strange leopard print photos looks suspiciously like what i imagine conseula to look like. just saying..

  47. Jill B Says:

    I think Ronnie is sexy. He’s the type of guy who I would have dated at 18. He’s got great hair and nice lips too.

  48. Angelica Says:

    Hey have you guys noticed that Sea keeps talking about how much she spent on stuff lately (and how surprisingly cheap it was)? Hmmm….

  49. theresa Says:

    oh man ronnie is SO not in neon indian…..just saying….

    checked out his blog and his eccentric freestyling makes me want to puke. but I totally appreciate the octocrotch.

    I also think he has great style and great hair.

    Amit was way better though. Amit didn’t refer to himself in the third person.

  50. Eliza Says:

    This reminds me of the Daria episode when she’s at the library reading aloud the cover blurb off a fashion magazine Quinn thrust into her hands. “Thin Thighs for Your Man… but I don’t like men with thin thighs.”

  51. Sister Wolf Says:

    My husband just saw this photo from across the room and asked: “Is that a picture of you, drinking coffee?”


  52. Sister Wolf Says:

    Laila – Let’s have more details! Hurry!

    Consuela – Write that down and put it on the fridge for her. Thanks.

    Elaine – Hate her.

    alittlelux – It does look brutal.

  53. Sister Wolf Says:

    theresa – Amit was so much better. I feel bad for not appreciating him. You don’t miss your water till your well runs dry. Know what I mean?

  54. Anne Says:

    the real andrea – OMFG that PICTURE!!!!!!! WTF is going on there!!!! I totally agree with you. total LULZ!!!!

    i truly can’t believe Sea has gone for Ronnie. he is soooo gross. that whole 70s hippe “i’m in a band” look. where is the sexy in Ronnie? can someone enlighten me? all i’m seeing is a bunch of ewww.

    Poor Amit.

  55. theresa Says:

    HAHAHA!!! in my painting class right now we’re supposed to squint for better understanding of over all shadow composition.

    this shadow composition is TOTALLY you drinking coffee.

  56. Jazmin Says:

    RedHeadFashion, I agree, Amit is totally a nice mix of Anwar and Freddie.

    So I wonder if Amit and Ronnie live together. They had moved to NY together in the beginning of the year.

  57. Laila Says:

    He showed up to school one day with a bruise that he made from borrowing his sister’s red eyeshadow. He used to work at Target (don’t know if he still works there, probably not). …hmmm I’m trying to remember…. I went to his house for a Halloween party one year…..can’t remember much from that night though..

  58. Constance Says:

    Ah AH ah. Ronnie is hysterical and a bit gross i might say…

  59. Amy Says:

    Amit was so much sweeter, and it seemed like he really loved Sea.

  60. georgia Says:

    sea and mom are definately taking notice of what Sister Wolf has been saying. For us readers, it’s a pretty pathetic and shallow attempt to become more likeable. We shouldn’t have to tell a mom to pay attention to her other daughter etc.

  61. BethUK Says:

    Props to Ronnie for texting in his sleep. Clearly the man has skills, amongst his other attributes.

  62. Brunehilda Says:

    Idg how these people get away with being so vain

    Okay, yes, I’m kind of new to blogs but don’t they have people in their lives to tell them they’re being ridiculous or at least to mercilessly make fun of them until they finally catch on?

    I guess that is why this blog exists

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  64. Amy Says:

    dear internet/mom of shoes/stupid fashion journals. you can’t abuse the word ‘curate’ like that. you just can’t. stop it!

    there are people who have to get degrees to curate. you can’t just curate by buying a damn pair of shoes.

    kill me.

  65. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    Amit had better style. I loved his weird cape with a number on the back.
    Amy, I was wondering how long it would take for that to appear….I was depressed.

  66. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    And the more I read it, the more I think the journo is secretly poking fun at Sea and Mom’s use of the word curate…

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