Fall Style: Just Wear Everything!

I was thrilled to see these images at Rackk and Ruin, from the NYT Style magazine. I’m calling this look Nomadic Bag Lady.

I think we can all effect this look without having to buy anything new. If you put on everything you own, and just drag around the leftovers or tie it around your waist, voila! Fall 2010!

At most, you might have to buy a scrap of fur if your old man isn’t a taxidermist. But compared to last year when you had to buy an embarrassing band jacket, this look is frugaltastic, if not exactly effortless.

Anyone wishing to rock/kill this look, send me a photo and I’ll feature it in a follow up post.

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54 Responses to “Fall Style: Just Wear Everything!”

  1. Esme Green Says:

    what about ‘just wear nothing’?

    Oh, but then we’d have to rely on our intellect and astute mental observations and (whoa) conversation to try to impress…

    OK, lets keep it covered up then shall we? Jane, be a sweetie and pass the black bin liners will you?

  2. Kapaali Says:

    “Rock/kill” has now entered my vernacular. Thank you, Sister.

  3. Rackkandruin Says:

    This reminds me of tar old Friends episode where Joey puts on all of Chandlers clothes and goes “could I BE wearing any more clothes!?” impersonating Chandler. Haha

  4. theresa Says:

    im rocking this look right now. and its comprised of the nomadic tribal tibetan haven’t showered in 2 days- hair is full of salt water-grandpa’s plaid-sweatpants-wading shoes-raw eyes from yelling at parents at top of lung aesthetic influence. its absolutely stunning. although i may just have to skin me a taxidermist daddy. they have the best fur, I hear.

  5. theresa Says:

    by the way, happy birthday! i hope your mouth is doing better! we require it here.

  6. TheShoeGirl Says:

    I’m gonna send you a photo tomorrow. I can’t wait to impress you with my sick steeze.

  7. hilda Says:

    once, a friend performed a reversed striptease and he ended up looking a lot like this, good memories!
    oh, it ‘s your birthday: happy happy!

  8. sonja Says:

    these little girls look like they’re running away from home.

  9. skye Says:

    I can definitely rock and kill this look, but the person who truly does it justice is my little dude who cannot actually leave the house without many layers of plastic pirate guns and nepalese hats and bits of cardboard and belts made out of shelf hanging things from the supermarket and furry coats and underpants over his jeans batman style. Of course he is four years old…

  10. Cricket9 Says:

    I’m going to try when I have a moment, but first I have to deliver an injured baby squirrel to the Humane Society. No, I’m no going to kill the squirrel to add it to my outfit, and if anyone doesn’t like squirrels, too bad!
    I may add a few cats “climbing up my skirt” tough.

  11. Susan Says:

    We’re having a fucking sleepover. Oh, and bring your pillow and extra clothes; we haven’t paid the electric bill lately.

  12. karin Says:

    so…are we supposed to carry around pillows and blankies instead of purses this fall? That’s just fugly. That’s all.

  13. Dru Says:

    I think it might also be called “Freezing Tropical College Girl”- it reminds me of my first proper cold winter, when I wore everything but my blanket to exit the house, since my thin-blooded self felt like it couldn’t get enough insulation (and I wore the blanket too, when I was inside my flat)- adjusting to 0 degrees centigrade when you’re normally used to 20+ in winter, is tough. At least these girls look warm.

  14. Marky Says:

    Can boys send in photos?

  15. Erika Says:

    i want to send in a picture but io can’t find my camera. Darn.
    Also WTF is going on there ??

  16. Alicia Says:

    This photo post is going to be great. I can just FEEL it. Kinda want to contribute. LOL.

    Happy Birthday!

  17. marie Says:

    submission sent.

  18. Sister Wolf Says:

    Marky – Boys CAN and WILL send photos. I have already received a great one from a highly esteemed male reader.

    Erika – Use your cellphone camera!

    Alicia – Yes, contribute!

    sonja – They do. It’s like running away from home without “editing” your wardrobe first.

  19. Sister Wolf Says:

    skye – Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Charlie used to do that too. Nothing is cuter. xoxo

  20. Sister Wolf Says:


    TheShoeGirl – You better Step Up Your Game, marie is killing the sick steeze.

  21. golden gate jumper Says:

    I’m doing this, you’ll have my photo tomorrow morning. I’ll kill it.

  22. Rosa Says:

    I’m definitely going to contribute to the photo gallery. Luckily for me, I happen to wear all my possessions and a live animal, at all times.

  23. TheShoeGirl Says:

    shit… Ok, I’m on it.

  24. TheShoeGirl Says:

    Ok sent…. ENJOY!!

  25. rebecca Says:

    I often leave my house without editing my wardrobe. It got so bad for a while that I got voted, at my old job, “the one most likely to come to work dressed for the circus.” Of course, now I’m going to send you a photo, and you can make fun of me too :D.

  26. rebecca Says:

    Ok wait, I’ve never carried a pillow. Or put a newspaper on my head. Or, for that matter, dragged around a stuffed cat, although sometimes I feel like I’d like to.

  27. Sister Wolf Says:

    TheSHoeGirl – HAHAHA! I see a teeny bit of a cat (?) in the bottom corner. Why didn’t you add him to your look?? Were you “editing??”

  28. Sister Wolf Says:

    Rosa – You might trump the super-killing-it SHoeGirl if you rock a live animal. I’m just saying.

  29. TheShoeGirl Says:

    Thats one of my dogs. Crap I should have slung her around my neck. I may have to send a second look. I’m very competitive.

  30. Sister Wolf Says:

    TheSHoeGirl – OF course you are, that’s how you got to be TheSHoeGirl!

  31. sonja Says:

    where’s the gallery of gals killing/rocking the sick steeze? I wanna see!

  32. sonja Says:

    pillows as hip fashion accessories! I can do that! I have pillows!

  33. Juli Says:

    I’m gonna send a photo in wearing my German Shepherd, my two black cats and my two kids. That’s gotta kill it the most.

  34. Sister Wolf Says:


  35. TheShoeGirl Says:

    Ok… here comes round two. Live animal included.

  36. Rosa Says:

    I’ve sent mine in just now! Hahaha

    Shit Juli, no-one could top that!

  37. tressie Says:

    happy birthday! Why can’t people come up with fashion/styling ideas anymore? Homeless! Again? I pity the young who seem so artistically bankrupt. Sad. I’m an old lady and I just keep coming up with new interesting (non-homeless) stuff.

  38. David Duff Says:

    Hopeless! She forgot the Long Johns.

  39. Make Do Style Says:

    Consider it done!

  40. Aja Says:

    David Duff and his long johns! I might have to try this. In the name of fashion journalism.

  41. allaine Says:

    I love they way you criticize all these fashion blogs. Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen what an abortion you are. You are a fucking mess with the fugliest hair I have ever seen. Get a hair cut you stupid vapid waste of space

  42. Sister Wolf Says:

    Make Do -Stunning picture!

    Aja – PLEEEEEEASE do. Tonight I will post them. Do you have David;s long johns with you?

    allaine – My hair rules, and you need to consider punctuation more. thanks!

  43. rebecca Says:

    Ah, the irony in somebody who can’t spell ‘the’ calling somebody else vapid?

    And what’s a ‘fugly’?

  44. Nati Hell Says:

    I’m so going to send a picture as soon as I acquire a huge animal belt to finish the look.

  45. marie Says:

    i am not at all competitive, but if ever there were a game i was born to play, it’s, ‘pile shit on top of yourself in the name of fashion.’

    however, my round two submissions, which i worked hotly to create for about two hours, just don’t pass. animal and vegetable were involved, but they don’t have the authenticity of the originals. good luck, theshoegirl.

    and to allaine: whore

  46. Braindance Says:

    Allaine, the ability to express yourself in a coherent and sensible way is a pre requisite of commenting here, otherwise you shall be mocked for your basic and shallow understanding of satire, wit, survival and decency. (I would list the other flaws you demonstrated in your pathetic sentences, but it would take to long)
    I bet your brain cells have never rubbed together, let alone danced you moronic pleb.

  47. David Duff Says:

    If I may gingerly intrude, I think my darling Sarah invented the word ‘fugly’ to go with ‘refudiate’, and for that alone she should be your next POTUS.

  48. Cricket9 Says:

    I did try and I feel that I failed miserably. I piled on jewelry, belts, it-shirts, shawls and other crap – as much as I could in 30+C we have today in Ottawa. I don’t look “the look” at all, I should have at least 3 times as much stuff on me…I may wait for a cooler weather. Maybe by then I’ll find my hats and Long Johns.
    allaine, what are you – an unemployed hairdresser looking for work?

  49. sonja Says:

    allaine, you’re not very interesting. your comment was just dead boring. why bother?

  50. Cricket9 Says:

    Oh, and Happy B-day, Sister Wolf!!!

  51. Debbie Says:

    SW you hair does not rock it sucks! How can you look in the mirror and think that dried thinning mess is hot. You really are deluded, which is understandable considering the life you have lead

  52. Sister Wolf Says:

    Debbie – Listen up you fucking moron. I can see all the other names you’ve used to post these idiotic taunts! My hair is thicker than yours, nah nah nah! Until you send me a photo of your hair, you can kiss my ass. xo

  53. Rosa (Rosie) Says:

    Debbie: whore!

    Sister Wolf’s hair clearly massacres it, it goes beyond mere killing. So there.

  54. karin Says:

    oh my fucking gawd! As if those pictures weren’t funny enough, all the comments are hysterical! It’s getting harder and harder to read this at work!

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