Nomadic Bagladies Killing It

TheShoeGirl knows how to rock this look. Note the live animals that accent her outfit.

Marie is rocking the shit out of it, right?? She’s got a fucking teapot, for godsake!

Juri always knows how to kill it. I don’t know what that crap is in his sock but it’s totally rad.

Kate B is rocking layers and layers of insane opulent/dustbin goodness. No wonder her blog just won an award!

Rebecca’s look is an update to this post, as she had to wrangle her cat, which I mistook for a platypus at first.

Aja is probably going to rock that vase on her head when she hits the streets in all her finery.

Rosie has curated this look to PERFECTION! Even Ted Bundy would admit it!

Here is more Rosie, if you can handle it. Tavi Shmavi, this girl can style like a motherfucking riot.*

TheShoeGirl not only knows where her pussy is, she is killing Sea of Shoe with these heels, while killing this insanely chic look for Fall 2010.


Thank you geniuses for the mad inspiration!

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70 Responses to “Nomadic Bagladies Killing It”

  1. Denise (denisekatipunera) Says:

    hahhaa. love LOVE LOVE!

  2. TheShoeGirl Says:

    Holy wow!! I’m in great fuckin company!!! You girls (and boy) are killing it! :)

    Sis, I hear it’s your birthday?? Happy birthday!! xo

  3. Style Odyssey Says:

    Oh. My. I am….nearly speechless w/ laughter. (I saw your last post and thought I would die right there but…well, I didn’t, obviously.)
    I can now only type this:

  4. RedPaeony Says:

    Too fuckin’ right!!!

    Nearly pissed myself laughing!


  5. Rosa (Rosie) Says:


    I am fucking honoured to be in such good company!

    You go TheShoeGirl! (“TheShoeGirl not only knows where her pussy is” just killed me by the way.)

    Marie, I absolutely love that you wore teapots. It just makes sense.

    Happy Birthday Sister Wolf, hope you have a cute day xoxoxoxox

  6. Juli Says:

    The platypus comment killed me. You are hilarious. happy birthday!

  7. Juli Says:

    Oh and fuck, sorry I dropped the ball on the pets and kids photo but I had a first birthday party to put on today and there was no time! I know, I suck.

  8. rebecca Says:

    Shoegirl… those shoes!!! Oooohhhh!!!

  9. Rosa (Rosie) Says:

    Aja, I keep looking at yours and laughing stupidly. It just keeps bringing me back.

    RE Update: it does too look like a platypus! A fucking big one.

  10. theresa Says:

    ahhhhhhhh hahahaha this is the best sister wolf post to date!!! i wish me and my photobooth camera were not so sadly out of commission. (or not.)

    Periods and nomadic bad lady pussy fashions….finally I have found my corner of the internet.

  11. Cheryl Says:

    FABULOUS AND HILARIOUS! SW, your contributors really know how to ROCK the Fall Look. Way, way much better than those models out there. Will I be seeing more of these soon? 😉

    Happy birthday!

  12. M Says:

    This just made my whole day, no, whole year!! All those girls who love to pile on random layers need to see this – this is how it’s done! Genius.

  13. Anne Says:

    OH MY GOD THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! fuck i love this post so much!!!! Every one of those photos was pure perfection. Thank you so much to those who submitted these pics!!! The fashion world needs to take things less seriously more often.

  14. backspace Says:

    HAHAHHAHAHAH, thank you for making my day SW… if it’s really your birthday then HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY xoxo…. I love what Rosie wears haahaha the bird is beautiful!!!

  15. sarah.p Says:

    this post is the fucking best thing I have ever seen. TRUFAX.

  16. Make Do Style Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY you are rad mad and killin’ it!! I think the vase has it for the most original accessory, or is it the platypus. And the Shoe Girl beats the crap out of all other poses. xxx

  17. Sister Wolf Says:

    Hahahahahahaha! It IS fucking brilliant, I can’t stop laughing either! Each submission is bonkers in its own way. How lucky we are to get a platypus, too!

  18. aine Says:

    That was awesome, they were all brilliant and well done to everyone! Was laughing so hard at that vase comment can totally imagine vogue advocating vase hats if philip treacy told them to. Please do more of these posts.
    Oh btw has anybody heard the term “reclaimed buy” for buying vintage, to my ears it just sounds so pretentious.

  19. marie Says:

    Brilliant! thank you Sister and a happy happy birthday to you from paris. X

  20. miss cavendish Says:

    !!!!! What a terrific birthday celebration . . .

  21. Mars Says:

    Bloody fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  22. court Says:

    where on earth did you find this???

  23. Aja Says:

    Happy Birthday Sister Wolf! In an effort to keep it real, I can’t be the only person that did this exercise and thought to myself I am totally going to wear this, this winter (minus the skirt)”. Riiiiiiight?

    Okay . . . maybe I was.

    Rosa, is it the vase? I thought I needed some sort of random accessory that had nothing to do with anything. Everyone did such a good job with this. I love all the photos.

  24. golden gate jumper Says:

    That is THE BEST!
    And Marie’s TEAPOT! Hahahaha these are awesome.

  25. orellana Says:

    Ha! This is hilariously good. You should make these sorts of posts more regular. I want to see one with everyone in the goonie bird pose.

  26. delicatemink Says:

    bahahahhahahahah…but they all look insanely good too, no?

  27. Juri Says:

    ZOMG it’s a huge honour to be a part of such a rad bunch of mad bagladies thats it’s giving us blowjobs. Overkill!

  28. marie Says:

    serial killers, one and all.

    fucking super.

  29. snatchdracula Says:

    OMG Sister Wolf! This post is genius. I love you!

  30. Tricia Says:

    This is fucking amazings rad!!! The curatorial genius is inspiring me, I’m going to go through my cupboards tonight and get out the baby sling.

  31. Erika Says:

    Everyone is rocking the bag-lady style mad hard!! love it. Happy Birthday!!

  32. cattirun Says:

    hahahaha.. omg Sister your post is so rad! can’t wait to rock this look.

    anyway.. all of the photos are brilliant! I wanted to contribute but sadly i stayed at the bf’s for the weekend and didn’t have my clothes available to rock it and send a photo. This is one of my favorite posts.
    (also, i love ShoeGirl’s shoes and i’m jealous of all the ones rocking the fur and animals)

  33. TexasArt Says:

    The BEST post evah!!
    I have never laughed so hard … Fantastic styling.
    Juri is rocking it.


  34. Dru Says:

    Happy birthday, Sister! And I take my (three, piled one on top of another on my head) hats off to everyone who submitted photographs- TheShoeGirl, Marie, Aja, Rebecca, Rosie, KateB, Juri- you guys are brilliant. Not that I didn’t know that already, but hey, photographic evidence doesn’t hurt.

  35. Joy D. Says:

    How did this come about, I am a little behind. I find this post funny but confusing.

  36. marie Says:

    thanks, Rosa. i’m digging your Stevie Nicks stance, and Aja’s use of plant life/face coverage.

  37. Iheartfashion Says:

    This is so great I regret that I was too lazy to get in on it! Juri is totally killing it!

  38. HelOnWheels Says:

    Thank you ladies and Juri! I spewed coffee out of my nose when I saw these photos! It’s the best way to begin work on a Monday. As soon as I can herd my two cats to use as furry accessories I’m totally curating this killer look for fall!! However, there’s no way I can beat the above submissions. You’re all rockin like totally rad steeze, crazy like!!!

    PS – Happy Birthday, SW!!

  39. Audi Says:

    Hahaha, holy crap this is brilliant! I needed a good laugh to get my day going. Ingenious use of live animals and household items as accessories!

    And happy birthday Sister Wolf! I didn’t realize you were a fellow Virgo.

  40. Bessie the Buddha cow Says:

    Brilliant! And fun!

  41. suzbee Says:

    Thanks. I needed that.

  42. Witch Moma Says:

    OH SISTER, this was just too good.

    “Marie, perpetually ready for tea.”

  43. That's Not My Age Says:

    Genius. Love it. Please please make this a regular feature Sister Wolf – and happy birthday to you!

  44. Hortense Says:

    Happy Birthday, you beautiful, charmed-out Virgo Empress! May your thin, fierce purity rip organic pizza-making wannabes to shreds with vulcan mindmeld precision.

    In the words of the late, great Patsy Stone:

    “Aseptic and razor-sharp as our customers hipbones. These women shop for lunch! Labels are their only sustenance! Their skeleton legs in Manolos have worn trenches down the pavement … Their arm sinews have just enough muscles left to lift up a credit card.”

  45. Elizette Says:

    Holey toledo! I’m with everyone above who has already said it – BRILLIANT post and a fantastic display of creativity! Seeing this definitely eased the Monday blues. Hats off to the contributors! Definitely one of my favorite posts of yours Sister Wolf.

    Next time some troll spews out the predictable crap about how “your all ugly jealous haters who have no life for realz” (etc), can we please direct them to this post? I hope the sheer brilliance of this content smacks them right in the face! :)

    Happy birthday Sister Wolf!

  46. Sonia Luna Says:

    Fucking genius, I had such a good laugh! Great job to all the contributors, they are indeed killing it (and shredding it, wrenching it and all the rest!).

  47. Ki. Says:

    All of you. I love ALL of you.

  48. Andra Says:

    Such style. Such grace. Who’da thunk we have so much class here?
    Just overflowing in decorum, not to mention couth.
    Love it, love it, love it.
    As I live in the tropics I don’t think I have that many clothes. Got about 30 sarongs though…. I could layer those a lot.
    I’m working on it.
    Happy happy Sister. This post is just what you need today.
    Much love

  49. drollgirl Says:


  50. ABD Says:

    Fan-freakin-tastic!!! LOVED this! LOL’ed at all of them. Marie for President and Shoe Girl for VP.

    Sister Wolf…for queen of the world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  51. Cricket9 Says:

    All pictures are absolutely brilliant – but the teapot, the platypus and the parrot are particularly great. SW, please extend the submission time – I’m sure there is much more fun to be had, not to mention that I’d like to try again…

  52. sketch42 Says:

    I fucking love you all.

  53. Suebob Says:

    This is some kind of Advanced Project Runway thing, isn’t it?

  54. Sister Wolf Says:

    Suebob – I think it’s more like a fashiony flash mob. I’m thinking that the next challenge will be either Mall Prostitute (the look sported by most young bloggers) or Clueless Goth.

  55. rebecca Says:

    Celine u made my day!!!! <3

  56. SwanDiamondRose Says:

    holy crap! what is going on here! i have to get in on this! where’s my stuff?!?!?!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  57. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    This is bloody amazing. Celine, please dress like this for the rest of time. You ROCK it. And Rosie, same to you. Words cannot express the levels of awesomeness and hilarity. You all rock my multi-colour knee socks.

  58. velvetvivisection Says:

    I vote clueless goth next!

  59. Alison Cross Says:

    Genius! Laughed myself widdly 😀

    Ali x

  60. Lucy Says:

    Happy Birthday SW! Hope you had a wonderful day, this post is too funny! xxx

  61. carmencatalina Says:

    Oh my god, you are all brilliant!

    And happy birthday to our wolf-den mother – with love from afar!

  62. Ann Says:

    I’ve been on vacation with no access to a computer, so this is the first I’ve seen of this post. AWESOME! This post was absolutely awesome in every way! Your readers are amazing.

  63. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    Sorry I missed your birthday (gathered from other posters) – happy day-after-your birthday!
    And I agree with velvetvivisection, I am already planning an outfit for clueless goth. I am so annoyed I missed the change to enter this, I have SO many picnic rugs that I could have worn.

  64. KellyBean Says:

    These are fantastic! Thank you, everyone, for such brilliance.

  65. tressie Says:

    so darn good! Thanks you all for being so swell! my goodness…that talent, the errant rags…the crockery and the random feathers and bones and the household pets…..

  66. honeypants Says:

    Damn those were GENIUS photos. I loved them all, but Rosie’s bird takes the cake!

    I only wish I’d participated!!!

  67. jane jones Says:

    hahahaha love your posts sw. the ironic baglady chuck whatever the fuck on look.
    shits all over tavi, and the shoe girls d squared bone shoes shits all over seas (moms) ugly shoes.
    happy birthday for the other day. hope you had an amazing day

  68. Alicia Says:

    I love you all. Truly.

  69. Stella Mayfair Says:

    just got back from ibiza – to find this incredible stuff!
    man, i missed you guys!
    i LOVE you all. and seriously ,celine, you are the bagliest, most shoe-tastic of all the nomadic pile-that-on-nows in the western world :-)) amazing.

    happy belated birthday sister.

  70. Amy Says:

    INCREDS. I love them all!


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