Arbiters of Fashion

These two women can tell us how to dress because _______________.

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56 Responses to “Arbiters of Fashion”

  1. mess Says:

    Carine usually looks pretty good, she is a woman with a not typically beautiful face who works it with her outfits. She’s not pretty, ok, I will just say it. So I don’t mind her telling me what to wear. She’s thin but not a knockout, she wears her clothes well. And she’s not Anna Wintour sour-face with creepy bobbed hair.

    Anna del Russo is also not pretty, but I have never seen her wear a single thing I thought was cool or looked great or whatever. She’s just a rich lady with sinewy legs who wears ‘outfits’. It’s funny how these older fashion ladies hate on Tavi – who dresses equally kooky at a fraction of the expense.

  2. Christine Says:

    Everyone is collectively lying to one another about the same shit all the time.

  3. Aja Says:

    . . . they’re pretty fierce. I like them both. Look at the way they’re gazing at the camera like “so what if you don’t like what we’re wearing”. If everyone had that attitude I think no one would tell anyone how to dress.

  4. E Says:

    They can both do lady Blue Steel?
    It’s like being stared at by rotisserie chicken.

  5. Suebob Says:

    …because they are mummified corpses, and no one should mock the dead (or their fashion advice).

  6. enna. Says:

    Because Vogue (all branches of it) has succeeded in billing itelf the Complete and Final Word on Fashion, Ever. EVER.

    If one more person blogs about how “creative” Anna Dello Russo is, I am going to puke. All she does is wear looks straight off the runway–anyone can done that. At least Carine comes up with some interesting stuff now and again. ADR seems to be merely riding on her money and connections.

    PS. If Anna and Carine want to come to my house and tell me how to dress face-to-face, I’ll gladly give them directions.

  7. Cybill Says:

    they are really scary and will cut you like a bitch.

  8. Heather Says:

    Because Iggy Pop on the right there has held up incredibly well over the years and that should deserve some respect.

    Also, being obscenely rich and not eating for several millennia is a talent that all us flabby peasants should bow down to.

  9. sam Says:

    ..they have nothing more important to do.

  10. David Duff Says:

    because … they demonstrate to you ladies what *not* to wear.

  11. Ann Says:

    E – “being stared at by rotisserie chicken” nailed it.

  12. skye Says:

    well, clearly if you don’t listen to them then they will EAT YOUR BRAINS. And then possibly have your skin made into a handbag.

  13. Sofia Says:

    because they are so much richer and thinner than us

  14. Rudy Zarsov Says:

    Because the one on the left has the knobbliest knees I’ve ever seen.

  15. Victoria Says:

    Im with the rotisserie chicken comment. Brilliant!

  16. Katie Says:

    Because they hold all the world’s wisdom in the folds of their faces.

  17. arline Says:

    Because we let them.

  18. Make Do Style Says:

    without such pronouncements we might go all crazy and do as we please!

  19. Cricket9 Says:

    Off topic: is “hate on” now an officially accepted expression in English language? (see mess post). Also, Carine seems to be morphing into Cruella deVille.

  20. Jill Says:

    Because they are really men.

  21. Marky Says:

    E, I don’t know who you are, but I love you. I love you, too, Heather.

  22. Stella Mayfair Says:

    i adore these two. always have.
    so, there. that’s just because :-)

    also, both ladies completely enjoy what they do. they genuinely smile, and do so often, they have fun with fashion, and are not afraid to show that. yay carine and anna!

  23. suzbee Says:

    Love them too!

  24. Daniel Says:

    ….because they’re actually two of those animated sword weilding skeletons from the 1960’s Sinbad movies, disguised as SJP

  25. TexasArt Says:

    They look like birds wearing thrift store finds. Eeek!

  26. Dani Says:

    because people don’t know how to think for themselves

  27. Sheri Says:

    I don’t know about them telling me what to wear, but I certainly wouldn’t presume to tell them anything. The one on the left seems to believe that if you wear your 6-year-old daughter’s sunglasses and an inflatable inner tube under your dress when going out in public you’re “making a statement,” and obviously don’t care what anybody else thinks. The one on the right scares us all, and seems to be a man’s face on a woman’s body. Has someone been playing on Photoshop instead of scrubbing their bathroom again?

    If not that, I’m with Heather.

  28. kt Says:

    Because they demonstrate the carefree sensibility of a 4 year old in which mom let dress herself today.

  29. HelOnWheels Says:

    Because when you’ve been around for millennia you’ve seen ALL the trends.

  30. theresa Says:

    I seriously believe that Anna dello russo is out of her fucking mind. I think she is a lonely woman who has prematurely receded into the strange alternate reality of her mind.

    but at least that alternate reality is sparkly. i enjoy that.

    i like carine because she wears leather and gave birth to a vampire named vladimiro.

  31. RLC Says:

    i actually think Carine looks quite nicely and age-appropriately dressed here, apart from those weird toeless boots. I do not know who Anna del Russo is, nor have I ever heard of her, so she cannot tell me what to wear. Although I can tell her what not to wear, starting with those sunglasses.

  32. Erika Says:

    I really wish I could do what they do for a living which appears to be not much except getting dressed and it also appears to be lucrative.

  33. Jazmin Says:

    …the one on the right is channeling Iggy Pop, but she’s not as fierce.

  34. Louise Says:

    I love them both. I think the original question is flawed. Why are we enabling anyone to tell us what to wear? What should that person look like? Are we supposed to dismiss Carine and ADR because they aren’t “pretty”? Because they wear evening wear in the daytime? Are skinny? Carine is approximately the same body type as SW, no? They wear whatever the hell they want, because they can. The fact that their clothes cost a fortune is just a perk of being in the business. (Tavi wears expensive stuff when the designers send it to her for free, too.) They are totally 4-year-olds dressing themselves. Wouldn’t we all be that, if we could? If people wouldn’t laugh at us for it? I sure would. I love that these women are my age, and dress in crazy Barbie glasses and get their photos taken.

  35. chomy Says:

    blank stare. now please cue the requisite ‘genius’ ‘drop dead’ dying’ and every other fashion word out there and we can call it a rap.

    women have told these fashion editors their opinions matter, hence it has come to matter. For those people who ultimately believe that Fashion is a religion, these two are the high gods and so can do no wrong. now lets back up for a second and think about this, if an ‘unknown’ person was wearing any one of these looks on the street would the Fashion sheep and the Fashion brigade feel the same way and call it EPIC? i doubt it.
    now when it comes to personal style there is the thing about PullOffAbility, now speaking subjectively i can’t say that these two are ‘killing it’.i don’t care how old they are even because that factor never comes into play, but what i don’t get is why people pretend these two matter. I never cared before and i am not about to start pretending they can’t do any wrong just because they are wearing ALL DESIGNER EVERYTHING. give me a fucking break. Fashion can kiss my ass.

    i think this is an example of how ridiculous the fashion world has been and will probably always be. I am one for wearing what ever the hell you want but what i can’t get with is this idea that just because someone supposedly speaks ‘fluent fashion’ they are always supposed to make sense. i get the same feeling about these two as with alot of famous fashion bloggers. i can’t tell the difference between the two groups. women all over the world think these fashion editors can’t do any wrong, so this type of shit will always appeal to them. I wish someone will just say ‘get the fuck outta here’ , like religion those who believe will have a hard time seeing the bullshit because they want to remain loyal and faithful even when they know better. I wish one of these touted street style photographers can just be honest and say what they are all probably thinking but will never admit. but no, instead every Fashion Month, they all pretend this is it.

    my thing is if you are going to do head to toe designer and still manage to look cheap., then you are trying entirely too hard. what is the point? I will say this now and will continue to say it I don’t give a shit about Vogue, it is not as if Vogue is paying my tution or rent so why should i care?

  36. Elena Abaroa Says:

    Because “they are hilarious”… I cant help it, love Anna dello Russo, she is very tacky and ridiculous but I love her, i have so much fun with her; Carinne is quite funny too, not so tacky like the other one but quite ridiculous too. I think I love them just for this.

  37. Andra Says:

    Evil looking trolls. I wouldn’t ask them for advice about crossing the road.

  38. FROCKOLOGY Says:

    Find the things that make you look and feel great and you will always be true to your own personal style. If you are following fashion you will never de a leader.

  39. Bessie the Buddha cow: Says:

    These two women can tell us how to dress because the zombies will be able identify whose brains to eat and whose to leave alone. Like, really, if you were a zombie would you want that for dinner?

  40. mygreydog Says:


  41. Rosa Says:

    Sister Wolf!! Dropping by quickly to say I’ve moved and have not internet at home *yet* – I fucking miss your site!!! :'( Can’t wait to catch up on your posts – the Clueless Goth comp looked hilarious! Xx

  42. Sister Wolf Says:

    Louise – I never want to dress like a 4 year old. Is there something wrong with me?? Or is it because my mom dressed me like a boy when I was 4??

    Marky – E gets a Sister Wolf genius award for rotisserie chicken!

    Rosa – I miss you too! Hurry back for the next style event!!!!!!! xoxoxo

    Daniel – Remember the 7 Voyages of Sinbad or whatever it’s called??? One of my all-time favorite childhood movies!

  43. Elaine Says:

    …because every directionless person needs someone to mold their life after.
    If you know the right people (and have the cash), you too can be labelled as a style icon, photographed at fashion shows and reposted on thousands of blogs with fawning comments. I suppose it helps to work at Vogue.

  44. Dru Says:

    I honestly don’t mind them- getting to see two older and not entirely conventionally attractive women in the public eye (even if they’re rich and skinny) doesn’t piss me off even if they do have some ridiculous getups. I’d rather have these two giving me outfit advice than, say, Anna Wintour. I bet they wouldn’t mind if I drank copiously in the process, either. (and speaking of editors, I wonder what the reaction would be if the picture above had been of Vogue UK’s Alexandra Shulman? Her magazine is one that I actually like, and manages to have non-boring editorials every so often, but she herself is fairly inconspicuous)

  45. patni Says:

    because its a slightly less horrifying alternative to Andre Leon Tally?

  46. MJ Says:

    Because they are thin?

  47. Hallie Says:

    I felt like the only person in the world who doesn’t like Anna DR … definitely do not get the appeal there.

  48. Miss Janey Says:

    …they’re men?

  49. Winter Bird Says:

    Both look very constipated.

  50. thrift store lawyer Says:

    i love carine and would wear her outfit–boots and all–in an instant. anna is just crazy and apparently wants us to think she has a FUPA. weird.

  51. TheShoeGirl Says:

    Because EVERYONE knows drag queens have the best style!

  52. Rob K. Says:

    They look like hot dogs. Haute dogs. HA.

  53. Kathleen Says:

    No hating on Carine!
    She has style even while wearing one of my pet peeves- open toed boots.
    I mean, boots where, depending on the season, either your legs are warm and toes are cold, or your toes are comfy and your legs are sweltering?

    But yeah, the other gal… go at it…

  54. Joy D. Says:

    I like their jobs. But only recently have they become a pseudo household name. They always have and will continue to be the way they are.

  55. hammie Says:

    Where is the Hard faced leathery bitch style challenge? I could do this one, Ireland is chocablock with orange make-up and overpriced ugly clothes. xx

    ps. Secretly want the barbie glasses. and some small pink rubbery stillettos to wear with them.

  56. votum Says:

    …oftheir shoes alone. The happy hag has stolen supergirls fly boots, which are frickin awesome-o, the wierd looking one has on lace-up, stiletto-heeled, grey-suede lookin, open-toe, open-heel booties – er, hello super-frickin awesome-o.

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