Free Speech and My Hair

Free speech is the whole thing, the whole ball game. Free speech is life itself. ~ Salmon Rushdie

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75 Responses to “Free Speech and My Hair”

  1. alittlelux Says:

    i will defend your hair to the death! i am very envious of it. how cruel of you to tease me with your luscious locks!

    hell yeah nothing is going to change on here. you keep doing what you do SW. cause you do it damn well.

  2. Romeo Says:

    All that French stuff was super threatening. Expect to hear from my lawyers.

  3. Fern Says:

    Love it. That is all I have to say.

  4. Pam Power Says:

    I fucking love you, SW!

  5. JK Says:

    Hey Sis,

    Of course you know what I’ve got as my screensaver – but what I don’t get is you’ve left out any mentions of your Arkie friends and our predilection for sex with animals – four-footed, not what (apparently) your critics fail to appreciate. But then I dunno, sex with a shorn sheep seems preferable to anyone who types stuff about “vag-s” that I’ve never spoken to directly.

  6. kt Says:

    Beanstalking is the worse offense yet! <3

    Also I have a French cousin named Olivier, so that was a nice little shout out.

  7. Miggs Says:

    What lipstick are you wearing? It’s flash.

  8. Dru Says:

    Love you, Sister.

    The video, your hair, and the quote are just plain brilliant (and I’ve often been tempted to spell Salman Rushdie’s name that way for shits and giggles, but you got there first). The trolls have nothing on you, and never will.

  9. Sister Wolf Says:

    Dru – HAHAHAHAHA, I misspelled his name and now I’ve got to leave it!

    Miggs – M.A.C Russian Red

  10. Sister Wolf Says:

    Romeo- I will see you in court, you bastard.

  11. Alison Cross Says:

    Your hair’s GREAT!

    Ali x

  12. Ann Says:

    Love it, love you, and your hair is glorious. Even Francois thinks so.

  13. Nadia Says:

    Someone’s already said the exact same thing I was about to type damn it! – I fucking love you Sister Wolf!!!

    For the record, I also love your hair.

  14. Dave C Says:

    And I also fucking love your hair! It looks almost exactly like mine used to before I got it cut back to Jim Morrison length. Anyway, Godammit is all about free speech, these jokers who threaten legal action are so dumb it’s (almost) funny. BTW an anagram of Salman Rushdie is ‘A Slur – Man Hides’.

  15. thundercunt Says:

    Seriously, when I sell my book I’m gonna buy you a lifetime supply of that hot oil treatment shit. Me, I don’t need it. I was born with a head full of thick and luxurious hair that barely needs styling. Also, I’m not older than god, so I have that going for me…

    Your Pal,

  16. David Duff Says:

    Um, I hardly dare mention this but perhaps your glorious leader is offering you a rather large hint – try a teleprompter!

  17. E Says:

    Vos cheveux sont votre gloire couronnement Soeur Wolf.
    Viva la parole libre, traitements à l’huile chaude, et en français shout-outs!

  18. E Says:


  19. Ana Says:

    I have come to rather like your writing and the way you exercise your freedom of speech, although I comment only when I quite don’t get you – but I guess that your recent posts about “attacks” on you by people close to people you criticize have hidden circumstances (do they harrass you or threaten you via e-mail?) – my point is: if it is your right to say whatever you wanna say about whoever (and it definitely is) – then it is also their right to say whatever they wanna say about you, as long as it is freedom of speech and not violence – am I right?

    As David Duff intelligently commented on “Aftermath” post: “don’t change a thing, but also, don’t complain”.

  20. Carrie Says:

    In response to Ana, above: I think that the problem lies in the SW path of free speech being flexed like a scrappy little muscle out in the OPEN – as it was meant to be….while these hateful responders take out their resentment by lobbing personal (and creepy/immature/mildly insane) bombs directly at Sister’s own doorstep (inbox, comments pages…).

    Am I right Sis?

    Anyway…the difference to me is an obvious one, and the poopy-diapered haters who are actually threatening legal action (WTF, really?!?!!) seem to me a bunch of middle schoolish assclowns. My guess is they complained to their wealthy litigious parents at the dinner table that some mean lady online was making them feel sad and this mess is the sad result.

    Love this blog….and relieved to hear the ships are sailing due course. The truth hurts bitches, and sometimes when you leave your gated community or private school soccer field a little puddle of dirty truth might splash on your gilded hemline. Gasp! It might even get on your SHOES!

    XXO – Viva SW!

  21. sonja Says:

    beanstalking brings out the lawyers, take my word for it. I gave it up for fishnet stalking.

  22. RLC Says:

    lol I don’t know why anyone would make fun of your hair. I stupidly cut all mine off last year and would give all my limbs for hair that long.

    The people harping on about suing you or calling their lawyers just remind me of Jessi Slaughter and her psychotic father yelling “we have BACKTRACED you and you’ve been reported to the CYBER POLICE!!!”

  23. WendyB Says:

    I love your hair. Next time I see you I want to wrap myself in it. Also love your red lipstick of course!

  24. Make Do Style Says:

    Brillant vous êtes le meilleur. Vos cheveux sont magnifiques et le rouge à lèvres rouge est magnifique. Votre discours reste libre!

  25. patni Says:

    j’aime votre rouge a levre et votre cheveaux. Je suis tres jeloise.
    et j’aime beacoup le fromage.

  26. Vicki Death Says:

    Love the hair. Love the communique. BAM BAM bill of rights

  27. miss cavendish Says:

    I cannot get any volume. I initially thought that you were having fun with free speech with a silent communique, but my technology seems to be failing me.

  28. Heather Says:

    you are so great

  29. David Duff Says:

    Dammit – oh, excuse me, ma’am – but who let all these cheese-eatin’ surrender monkeys in here? Ma hillbilly Arkie frien’, JK, he gits mighty upset when he hears all that ooh-la-la stuff and there ain’t no knowin’ what he might do when he’s upset, why, he might even burn his cassoulet, leastways, I think he said ‘cassoulet’!

  30. helen Says:

    I have had a shitty day and your reference to bean stalking has reversed it entirely. I thank you.

  31. HelOnWheels Says:

    JK doesn’t like the French or French things???!!! If that’s true…JK, WE ARE THROUGH!

  32. mhdbass Says:

    When I grow up, I wanna have hair just like yours.

    Being British, this isn’t a phrase I use much, but I think you are pretty much the definition of ‘kick-ass’!

  33. Make Do Style Says:

    Duffster – hilarious!

  34. Sister Wolf Says:

    Ana – Why put quotations marks around “attacks?” Again, there is hate mail, and there is flat out abuse. There is criticism, and there is obscene diatribe. Deep down, you rather don’t like to admit the difference.

  35. Sister Wolf Says:

    Carrie – Oops, you took care of Ana. Thanks! xo Viva la fromage!

  36. Denise (denisekatipunera) Says:

    first things first…

    love the hair and the red lips. so red. i like it. LOL for those who wear red on their teeth too.

    second, you voice is incredibly small. I was a bit surprised.

    third, say hi to your director over there. hahaha.

    i love this video. I just can’t imagine why some people can’t seem to understand the difference between just mocking/making fun and going mel gibson?????

  37. Sister Wolf Says:

    Denise – HELP THEM, DENISE!

  38. Monique Says:

    First one!!!

    Oh Joanne, you have your head shoved completely up your own ass, and while you may think that your “freedom of expression” isn’t harming or harassing others, it obviously is. And since I am also entitled to say whatever I want about whomever I want as well (thanks, First Amendment), I’d just like to add that you’re still a pathetic cunt and as long as my name comes out of your mouth or shows up on this site, or my picture appears, you’ll gear from me, one way or another. Uncle Jerry’s offer still stands, btw.


  39. Sister Wolf Says:

    Monique – You big silly, you’ve already said goodbye for good, don’t you remember?!?

    You do have the right to free expression, BUT NOT HERE! No once can or will forbid me to use a single name or word as per the first amendment. Monique, Montel, Montezuma, from A to Z, I retain the right to use every name and word I can think of.

    Your time is up, be gone!

  40. Srenna Says:

    Monique, your literary style blows. Stick to taking photos and stop making strange threats (and a fool out of yourself).

    Sister Wolf, you’re adorable, your hair is awesome, and you have every right to say what you want on your own gd blog.

  41. SiouxsieL Says:

    You are an amazing writer. And I love your hair.

    But this video has me worried that you are being secretly held against your will. I imagine that there is a Francophobic terrorist just off camera pointing a gun at your head.

    I just watched Paris is Burning, and I now can’t help but wonder why you queens don’t just vogue this out. If it works for transvestites than why not bloggers? But then again, you are so fierce Sister Wolf anyone in their right mind would be too scared to get on the dance floor with you.

    Keep on truckin’

    Peace and love.

  42. Sister Wolf Says:

    Helen – My pleasure!

    Dave C – I love a good anagram, thanks, xo

  43. adrienne Says:

    Good for you for sticking up for yourself, but it’s ridiculous that it’s come to this. I haven’t really been following the trash talk on the comments, but the act of leaving hate on someone’s blog is such an immature and low form of communication, it’s unbelievable that any adult would actually spend time and energy to do it. Btw, love the hair!

  44. Aja Says:

    Oh Monique. (Crickets chirping). I’m out of thoughts about this. But the idle, hypothetical threats? Really? “You’ll hear from me one way or another . . . “. You should have backed that up with a big old “muhahahaha” because you sound like a super villain in a predictable movie.

    Sister Wolf, your hair rocks. As do you.

  45. Sister Wolf Says:

    SiouxieL – Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  46. Aja Says:

    After re-reading all the comments, I’m beginning to realize this has deviated so hard from Janes’ cockroach necklace (which is how this all started, I believe) and now Monique, you just like a good fight, dontcha? This shit’s bananas.

  47. theresa Says:

    The first time I heard your voice I was shocked that it didn’t sound gruff at all (but instead, verrry feminine.) used to it now- but its still a little surprising.

  48. Sister Wolf Says:

    Aja – All I wanted was a Pepsi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let’s just talk about free speech or my hair.

    I need to go change my nail polish. xo

  49. theresa Says:

    Monique, the pithy cliche sarcasm you use makes me want to vomit.
    Thanks first amendment!

  50. lefiligree Says:

    even monique cant get enough!

    love it!

  51. liz Says:

    i am ridiculously jealous of your hair and your lipstick. also, although i’m an aspiring athiest jew buddhist (it makes sense in my head..), and wish we could all get along, i think you’re fantastic and completely agree with your right to freedom of speech, especially on your own blog! (and plus, those gals are taking it to a whole other disgusting level of harassment…) xo

  52. Alicia Says:


    I’m going to beanstalk someone tomorrow. Yeah.

  53. Erika Says:

    I think you are awesome, but I really wish you wouldn’t give these people the time of day by mentioning them at all which they probably only find thrilling. You are too good for that and they are just full of shit anyways.

  54. Ruth Johnston Says:

    Great post, and I love your hair :) … I have no idea as to what prompted the post but well done you xx

  55. Sister Wolf Says:

    Erika – This post actually had nothing to do with the trolls who went nuts here. I wanted to state my position re freedom of expression and now I’ve done that. Let us go back to discussing other things now. xo

    Ruth – As long as you like my hair, I’m satisfied. Thanks!

  56. Cami Says:

    Glad to hear it, Sis. Right on for free speech. Especially in a space that you own and concocted, or on a street corner for that matter. Or a bar stool, on which where you could pick up man (soz, Mr. Wolf), half ya age cos you look so darn smokin’. X

  57. Make Do Style Says:

    blimey luckily we just have manners and the police in the UK. Our manners mean we ignore people like Monique and our police just sort out the insults which read like serious threats, because only nasty people talk like this.
    SW you really must block her outpourings as it upsets my day to think people like this exist. Which reminds me I must go and write 3,300 words on celebrity and fashion.

  58. Fillipa Says:

    You rock my world Sister Wolf! You have my full support on free speech.

  59. dust Says:

    The trolls can claim their freedom of speech when they learn how to speak.
    I’m ready to discuss lipsticks now.

  60. JK Says:

    No, no HelOnWheels, emphatically NO !!!

    I like the French really. (Well except for maybe Sarkozy – Duff simply mistook a specific opinion comment I made on his site as a “generalized opinion”). He forgot to note I expressed extreme admiration for the lady accompanying him – Sarkozy – through the doors.

    Please, HelOnWheels consider the source before you make any hasty decisions.

  61. my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you Says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!do more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Miasma Says:

    Are you aware that nigress (your youtube name) is a racial slur?

  63. Sister Wolf Says:

    Miasma – I was given that name many years ago by an office supervisor who taught me how to use the internet and set up my first email account, misspelling “Negress” which referred to my inner Black woman. So that’s still the name on my youTube account. No offense is intended. If it’s any consolation, my first youTube comment was: “ugly jew.”

  64. Sister Wolf Says:

    dust – I MISSED YOU! I would love to talk about lipstick. xo

  65. dust Says:

    My dearest, I’ve missed you too!

  66. Audi Says:

    I’m so glad you’re not sparing the Fromages of the world!

  67. Miasma Says:

    No offense taken :) I was just kind of shocked momentarily by it when I saw it and thought that you probably didn’t know what it meant.

    Anyways, while I’m not a huge fan of the Jane blogs you make (I honestly don’t get it, she just seems like a clueless lost rich kid to me and I quite like her clothing posts), I fully support your rights to say whatever the hell you want to say and think the trolls are going beyond too far at this point. Theres just a point where it has to stop and they’ve reached that point, stomped it, and ran a triathlon over it by now.

  68. Cricket9 Says:

    Great hair SW, had the “russian red” lipstick once – it’s a “don’t-fuck-with-me” red, very appropriate for the occasion. I just wish Monique would stop posting her name on this site – or else she’ll have to hear from herself, I guess. BTW, not nice to uncle Jerry to offer his services and publicly evaluate the size of his genitalia. Is this the way you treat a sick elderly man, Monique?! Shame on you!

  69. hammie Says:

    I think you should give a course at the Learning Annexe on how to say “Cunt” like a lady.

  70. Sister Wolf Says:

    hammie – I think I could do this. Is this my true calling, in fact???

  71. Desiree Says:

    So what the hell is wrong with your hair? Have people been dissing your hair? Why? I know, it’s coz they’re jealous of your dark, tumbling, waves. That’s why.

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