Karla’s Joke

I always forget to visit Karla’s Closet, but when I returned recently I was struck by how often Karla is enjoying a private joke with herself. She just cracks herself up!

What is the joke?!? It looks like a good one.

She’ll be posing in her outfit with a composed expression, often a pensive one actually, And then, BOOM, the joke hits her and she has to cover her mouth to keep from guffawing.

The joke usually hits her when she’s sitting down, or maybe   the intensity of the mirth forces her to sit.

I like a fun girl, don’t’ you? Why be so serious all the time! Karla seems to know that life is short, like her hair, and not to be wasted by covering her legs.   She is obviously an empowering role model and good for her. But I’m intrigued by the mystery of the joke.   Share it with the whole class, Karla!

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64 Responses to “Karla’s Joke”

  1. RLC Says:

    She is laughing at this outfit and how awkward it looks:

  2. Aja Says:

    Hahaha, I tend to do this when my picture gets taken too. Don’t judge me :)

  3. mimi Says:

    i really like karla and her blog. she seems like a sweet girl who has fun with fashion. i never really noticed how much she “laughs”, thats hilarious.
    im sure she’ll she the funniness of this too!

  4. Joy D. Says:

    By far, this is your cutest post EVER.

  5. Cricket9 Says:

    Our Halcoholic could get a hint and smile from time to time…

  6. Maxine Says:

    Thanks so much for the giggle. I needed this today <3

  7. Maxine Says:

    Again, thanks for the smile :)

  8. sal Says:

    awww. I like Karla. She’s impeccable. I don’t know how she walks around all day in those outfits with 5″ heels though!

  9. Liz!! Says:

    Is she trying to cover her nose?!

    Better than the empty-glassy-eyed mouth gape that Roomy poses and calls “modeling.”

  10. Dru Says:

    She has a nice smile, and I really appreciate the fact that she gets her legs out despite the fact that her thighs are not twig-sized (and that she told people who called her “fat” to suck it). Cameras are awkward enough experiences as it is: if a girl cracks up after being in front of one long enough, I’d be the last person on earth to judge.

    I’ve just been re-watching Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights for the 1000th time, and it struck me that Hallie of halcoholic looks a freakish lot like Romola Garai, who is one of my favourite- and massively underrated- actresses.

  11. Penny Dreadful Vintage Says:

    I don’t actually read her blog, but might have to start since I love seeing girls who actually smile in their pics. And hell yeah, life is all about getting your legs out.

  12. sam Says:

    If I looked like her I’d be smiling too.

  13. Lara Says:

    I love her style! One of the few outfit post blogs I enjoy.

  14. The Queen of Hearts Says:

    Sister Wolf:

    Have you seen this absolutely ridiculous video from our favorite sea monsters: http://stylelikeu.com/closets/jane-judy-aldridge/

    Fan blowing their perfectly curled hair, full-face of freshly applied makeup — please, speak on the unmitigated fakery!

    The Queen

  15. Nati Hell Says:

    Hhahahahahahaahaha aww karla. I hate her 80’s step-mom dresses, but still, she’s lovely.

  16. Sonia Luna Says:

    I like her dimples, she’s cute!

  17. hammiesays Says:

    oh dear lord, Just watched the video of sea – “Sea, uh, 1998 called and they want their ‘air quotes’ back”

  18. Caitlin Says:

    the girl runs a lot of ‘errands’.

  19. Laila Says:

    Hahahahaha. Oh sister. This one is funny.

  20. Helen Says:

    Don’t know anything about this Karla but she seems awesome compared to other fashion bloggers.
    Talking of which the clip of Sea showing off her Chanel-heels and coquettishly purring “Aren’t they cute?” really makes me wonder. Is she trying to provoke or is she really like this? She really is actively putting herself out on the net as a public figure, absolutely nobody can deny it after seeing this video. Those shoes are probably equivalent of my total living budget for three or four months. I know people are different, people have different living situations, each to their own, etc, but really?

  21. sketch42 Says:

    Poor girl. She is pretty and well dressed. Agree with Helen, she seems like heaven compared to some others…

  22. alittlelux Says:

    that sea video made me realize how much i do not like the word “organic”. yuck.

  23. Michelle Says:

    I don’t always like what Karla wears, but I can respect her for always allowing comments and not being a pretentious fashion know-it-all.

  24. Andra Says:

    Never heard of Karla but she seems like a real person, a normal sized person who laughs and has a good time.
    I will now check Karla out and see for myself.

  25. Alicia Says:

    There may not be a joke. I always break out in fits of laughter in front of cameras…it’s almost compulsive.

  26. Elizette Says:

    The video of the “Sea Monsters” (well put!) that The Queen Of Hearts linked to above just cements every negative thought I’ve had about those two. Sea, what’s with the clicking? I hope you don’t bust that out when you ask people to do something for you. Sea’s use of “organic” – uuuggh. It was very remiss of her not to add “authentic” in there as well, tsk tsk!

    As for Mom – sweet jeebus lady, all that money, all that professed love of shoes, all that incessant exhibitionism and STILL you don’t go and get a decent pedicure!!! (watch closely at the 2:40 mark) Fix those crusty feet if you’re going to thrust them in front of the camera!

  27. Sister Wolf Says:

    Nati Hell – Have you seen the pink chiffon dress that she turned into a mini??

  28. Sister Wolf Says:

    Alicia – And yet I can’t even crack a smile when a camera is pointed at me, unless someone works hard to make me laugh.

  29. HelOnWheels Says:

    I don’t mind Karla. I don’t always love what she wears. However, she’s young and not afraid of experimenting with her wardrobe. And there’s nothing wrong with showing off a her cute shape, especially at her age. And, at least, she smiles in her photos and doesn’t try to be pretentious and “modely” like so many other annoying “fashion” bloggers.

  30. RLC Says:

    @Queen of Hearts, I didn’t even watch the video – I read a snipped of interview with Jane and felt sick. “I used to go to public school; it turned me into a horrible animal”. OMG not public school! You poor thing Jane.

    I like Karla too, I really dislike a lot of what she wears but she seems like a sweetheart. I also LOVE Liebemarlene, she’s another one who is always giggling.

  31. RLC Says:

    *snippet not snipped. Jeeeeez.

  32. claudia Says:

    quote from the “article” accompanying that video: ‘I love how Judy encouraged Jane to find her distinct voice, consistently allowing her to go to school in shoes that would land her in the principal’s office and then would selflessly “make the trek” to bail Jane out with an “acceptable pair.”’

    man, it would be so awesome to have a parent encourage me to break harmless rules for vapid reasons and then have said parent have the required free time, money, and lack of a personal life to ‘trek’ to ‘bail’ me out from the repercussions of said rule-breaking. what an important lesson about adult life and the real world! i am in awe

  33. patni Says:

    That video makes me want to gouge my eyes out and pour bleach in my ears.

  34. Denise (denisekatipunera) Says:

    oh i like karla. she’s really chic. And i love that she’s not so much affected by all these fashion week. Sometimes it’s tiring when all updates from these bloggers sounds the same. She’s very close to her family and i love that.

  35. Constance Says:

    Well I hate Karla’s style,she looks like she lives in an 80s nightmare and her legs are massive for the type of skirts she wear.

    I think the laugh is just a variation of the hand on the face thing, an equally annoying.

  36. Emily Bleak Says:

    ^ “Massive” seems a bit of an overstatement to me; I think she’s got a really cute shape and fills out her clothes nicely. It’s not like she’s cramming herself into bandage miniskirts or anything. She looks like she might be a runner!

    I might not be crazy about her style, but her shots are at least a nice change from the typical :< pouty moddle face…

  37. Erika Says:

    I find Karla not fascinating, interesting nor particularly stylish. The oh look I am laughing pose – I guess it’s her thing ???
    Her legs however are not massive, she has normal legs and appears to be on the short side. I think we are so used to ano models that we easily criticize any woman who weighs more than 100lbs.

    Oh yeah, The Sea family video. Yikes. We get to see Jane in action. She looks like a baby and her mom like a scary stage mommy.

  38. Helen Says:

    Constance is nuts and completely deluded – I checked Karla out properly and she has an absolutely amazing body (not that it is anybody’s business, anyway). Somebody saying this girl’s legs are “massive” is a really stupid provocation.

  39. Dru Says:

    Constance, you’re free to hate Karla’s style but you’ve got to be a little nuts if you think her legs are “massive” for the skirts she wears. Is this what fashion blogging has come to- that only girls with bodies of a certain type and appropriately slender legs are ‘allowed’ to wear short skirts? Ridiculous!

  40. Aja Says:

    I didn’t think the Sea video was bad. And I think Karla’s legs are quite normal. She’s super cute!

  41. dust Says:

    I was never crazy about Karla’s style, the shoulder pads and platforms, but she managed to remain herself and wears her body with confidence. She tends to shop like there is no tomorrow as well, though.
    Video…too many embarrassing details to mention… they don’t hold the pose and composure too firm, it doesn’t look so organic. Unless we’re talking about compost…

  42. Braindance Says:

    That video made my third eye throb with anger.
    Hardcore Surburbia?
    Her daughter made her proud with her depth & maturity about FASHION?
    Organic blogging?

    I am done with these people, I hereby vow never to comment or look at them again, That video tipped me over the edge.

  43. Dru Says:

    I think this video is nicer even if it’s months old, let me see if embedding works (if it does, everyone should see it even if y’all aren’t Arsenal fans):

  44. Dru Says:

    So apparently embedding doesn’t work….I think everyone here could probably use a laugh, and here it is (complete with people doing a slow-mo power-walk in fluffy animal suits)


    Seriously, watch it even if you’re not an Arsenal fan or don’t like football (soccer in the US).

  45. Sister Wolf Says:

    Dru – Thanks! We will be decontructing that other video, due to popular demand.

    Constance – Karla’s legs are not the kind I’d want, personally. But weight and Body Image are touchy subjects, as we’ve seen.

  46. Dru Says:

    Yay! Just for further giggles, here’s cast info for that video:

    Shark: Andrey Arshavin
    Lion: Theo Walcott
    Owl: Bacary Sagna
    Bunny: Cesc Fabregas

    The only way it could have been better was if the Great Ormond Street hospital people had managed to coax Arsene Wenger into a fluffy animal costume too. Sadly, that’s not happening.

    As for Karla, I think it’s great that she’s so confident in her own body. After all, that’s the best any of us can hope for- body image is such a difficult field for any female to negotiate, we don’t even realise our bodies are the only ones we’ll ever have and it’s pointless fighting mental wars against them.

  47. HelOnWheels Says:

    Constance – Obviously you’re trying to get a response with the “massive” legs comment. Also, I doubt that you’ve participated in sports. All athletic women that I know have muscular legs; it’s more noticeable on the ones who are of shorter stature or have short legs. Also, each sport’s unique characteristics determine where on the body muscles are shorter (“wider”). All of us roller derby girls would hip-check you into next week for that kind of shit-talk about our gorgeous, athletic bodies.

  48. Sister Wolf Says:

    Constance – See, you can’t say anything about sturdy legs.

    Don’t be mean to Constance, she’s entitled to an opinion! This isn’t Fucking TEXAS, you know! Free speech, free speech!

  49. nats Says:

    I used to think that Karla was plus-sized because I was so used to seeing all these Rumi-type frames, but she posted some bikini pictures awhile ago and she’s actually in great shape.

    Since when does everyone love Karla? I remember the blog wars thread from last year where everyone was just as annoyed with her as they were with Luxirare.

  50. HelOnWheels Says:

    I had to stop watching that Sea of Crap video half-way through. OMG, public school is sooo awful and repressive!! You can’t express yourself! Bull f**king shit!! My friends and I managed to express ourselves just fine. I didn’t think I could be more repulsed by Jane and her mom but this video proved that wrong.

  51. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    I love Karla, she’s such a cute little thing and I love her hair and how she’s not Rumi-thin and thus devoid of all joy, and how she seems to be having fun and how she looks like Molly Ringwald.

  52. Srenna Says:

    Karla’s got cute legs. Not a fan of her style, though, unless she’s wearing them high-waisted jeans.

  53. Dru Says:

    RedHeadFashionista- I always thought she looked like Keira Knightley with her sunglasses on!

    nats- I wasn’t around for Blog Wars, Episode 1, but I’ve never disliked Rumi or Karla. There are others who deserve to be properly raked over the coals, but these two aren’t among them. I respect them for their open comment boxes and their thick skins. And it’s daft that Karla can even be vaguely thought of as plus-sized, she’s probably very slender in real life- what with cameras adding 10 pounds and all- and has an ass and thighs.

    Also re: Rumi, given that everyone’s citing how skinny she is, it has to be said- she wasn’t this thin back in 2008, I remember actually commenting on one of Queen Michelle’s posts about her saying how much I admired her legs- they were still slim, but more “I go hiking every day” than “I have been stressed out for six months on top of being half-Asian which might genetically predispose me to being thin”.

  54. CR Says:

    I don’t always love what Karla wears, but I think she’s cute and has a fantastic body and most importantly, she seems to have a lot of common sense. She was in one of those one-hit wonder girl groups as a teen, so she’s a dancer – hence the muscular legs and extra spending money. I also like how she’s close to her family and is actually going to school as opposed to others coughjanecough.
    my favorite part of that video was when Jane said she was “repressed” in public school. as a 15 year veteran of those institutions, I can say that whatever their other faults, they are way more diverse than any private school I’ve ever seen!

  55. Sister Wolf Says:

    CR – REALLY?? Which girl group??

  56. Constance Says:

    Well, I do think she has massive legs for the type of clothes she wears, So what?
    I do not care if she does sports, if she’s dancer or if she was just born like that , she will still have massive legs for those skirts and shorts she favours. I think her solid legs are actually fascinating in a weird way. Unfortunately Karla is not as fascinating as her massive legs and after seeing one of her vacuous interviews, i was cured from visiting her blog.
    I find it really funny how this vapid girl won the hearts of the sisterhood just because she weights 5 more kilos than the other vapid bloggers.

    Sister,it’s official you could say you drown kittens as a hobby and still your readers would applaud you, but if you dare mention anything that may be remotely associated with the word “fat” and you are the devil incarnated. I just wonder sister, when did fat became the most negative thing you can say about someone? And isn’t the fact that a lot people are so offended by it, sort of a paradox?

    For a really fat and really well dressed, totally ready to receive your pity, at least you could visit the wonderful.

  57. Sister Wolf Says:

    Constance – I feel you, I didn’t make this rule, the one where you can’t call someone fat. I called Jessica Simpson fat, so I know.

    Karla’s legs are much bigger than I would be comfortable with. I am not an admirer of her legs. People seem very defensive about this, probably (just guessing) because she is shaped more like an average female than Roomy et al.

    Let me say this: If you started a blog called Massive Legs, and you asked for contributions, I might send you a link to Karla in her pink chiffon mini prom dress.


  58. CR Says:


    like I said, one hit wonder group!

  59. Sister Wolf Says:

    CR – SHIT!@)#*$&#(@)(@! I’m watching their them on youtube and I can’t stop! This changes everything (I’m not sure why though!)

  60. Heather Says:

    Vanity thy name is Karla. Seriously, anyone who just swans about all in day in moronic outfits getting people to take pictures of them is officially a total wanker. I have massive legs too, getting them out isn’t a bloody talent.

  61. a Says:

    Constance, I have a similar opinion to yours, and excuses “she was a dancer/sportsman” or other astronaut (always some kind of ambitious excuse, like naturally thick legs don’t normally exist) won’t make them appear thinner. My point is to understand nobody is perfect, name the things as they are, and accept it. Embrace it. I don’t mind she is wearing short skirts giving comfort to many, but negate the facts is ridiculous.

  62. slutface Says:

    Wow lets all post pics of our legs shall we? Id be suprised if any of you guys have better legs than her. I wasnt aware that chicken legs were required to look good in a skirt. God, get a grip.

  63. Sister Wolf Says:

    slutface – While I know it isn’t nice to critique a person’s legs, I think in the case of a blogger who enjoys showing them off, her legs are fair game. She appears to be very happy with her legs! ME, I’d rather keep mine covered up.

  64. DarcSwan Says:

    Your opinions on thighs are interesting, given the size of Karla’s gams had not previously registered on my radar. As an owner of truly chunky legs I think hers are perfectly lovely – their shape reminds me a little of Leighton Meester. And I love Leighton Meester.

    Phew. Glad I could get that off my chest.

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