Take That, Jeffrey Campbell


Oh god. As if!

‘What an Angel’ by Irregular Choice.   $225 at Karmaloop.

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44 Responses to “Take That, Jeffrey Campbell”

  1. enna. Says:


  2. Taylor Says:

    Irregular Choice makes the worst shoes EVER.


  3. Natalie Says:

    Too gnarly!

  4. Srenna Says:

    I think there might be fossils buried in that last layer.

  5. Make Do Style Says:

    Ugh! Says it all…

  6. Nadia Says:


  7. Alex Says:

    I do love Irregular Choice. They can be amazing but they also make some truly vile shoes. The ones you’ve shown aren’t even the most hideous I’ve seen from them.

  8. Sheri Says:

    One can only ask “why”?

  9. lyn f Says:

    Erm, I love ’em……if I was much, much younger, and rich, and never had to walk anywhere, I would own these!!!

  10. sharnek Says:

    I like the shape of the shoe. The choice of materials and fabrics is too much of juxtaposition for my taste

  11. Carrie Says:

    Couldn’t they even photograph a better sample pair? These look like the different colored ‘skins’ (lol) aren’t even cut very well…the pinked edges look all wonky. The effect is almost like these whimsical little hooves are held together by spit and varnish…they’re going to fall to pieces the first time some poor victim is fool enough to wear them in the rain!

  12. sam Says:

    We’ve all seen worse…surely?

  13. Julia M Says:

    I love these in their usual, all black incarnation, but this version’s pretty vile.

  14. Aja Says:

    You know I actually like the base of the shoe, but all the mismatching just doesn’t do it for me.

  15. E Says:

    Like an explosion in an upholstery works.

  16. liz Says:

    In defense of these shoes, they are not as bad in real life as they look in pictures… What’s more distressing is the fact that they’re over a year old and selling as new for $225 on Karmaloop

  17. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    Oh holy fuck! What IS THAT???? It’s like something Richard Attenborough made and then it ran wild and ate the tourists!

  18. kt Says:

    Srenna- Haha!

  19. patni Says:

    They don’t fit her right. If you are going ot charge two hundred bucks for a cheap shoe, you need to find a foot model that FITS it.

  20. SummerAdeline Says:


  21. Alicia Says:

    These shoes make me think of Bruce Jenner for some reason.

  22. theresa Says:

    those kind of remind me of a fred flinstone gummy version of a shoe

    i guess they remind a lot of people of a lot of things. I’m glad they exist.

  23. Marky Says:

    Alicia: Bruce Jenner?

  24. damaia Says:

    Patni- You’re right, now that I look at the pictures. They’re not even close to fitting, are they?

  25. Stella Mayfair Says:

    @ alicia:
    bruce jenner pre or post makeover? and did he lose those earrings already?
    bwaaahahahahaha! why oh why do i waste my time with that atrocious show?

  26. Nats Says:

    they’re known for their Frankenstein shoes; too bad these came to us a smidge too late for Halloween.

  27. Andra Says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

  28. Andra Says:

    How heavy are they? Is it possible to actually move feel in the walking mode?
    I don’t know why I want to know this and I really couldn’t care less about them.
    Vile, hideous, obnoxious, crappy etc.

  29. Andra Says:

    read feet for feel.

  30. Cricket9 Says:

    I’d rather wear these, you know, cement shoes…

  31. Desiree Says:

    Why are people wearing orthopaedic shoes when they clearly don’t need them?

  32. TheShoeGirl Says:


  33. HelOnWheels Says:

    My brain would like to murder my eyes for making it process these images. The horror!!!!!!!

  34. james Says:

    totally rocking them with my pamela love ring and harley davidson underwear.

  35. Layers&Swathes Says:

    You have a talent of finding the most repulsive shoes on the web, don’t you? Actually I wouldn’t confine it to just shoes. It seems to be dresses, coats, people…

  36. Kathleen Says:

    If they would have just alternated black and leopard, and left all the other patterns out, it would still have been “edgy” without being ridiculous.

  37. Eve Janine Says:

    Jesus Christ, they are disgusting.

  38. Ash Says:

    Haha! I would actually wear these… the shape is awesome, almost like juts sticking your foot into a glob of blu-tack.

    Ash x

  39. Drooling Isn't Pretty Says:

    haha i actually posted about how awesome these are just a little while ago…heh heh 😀

  40. Christina Lindsay Says:

    Oh dear! These are hideous. Hope you’re good though xx

  41. Annika Says:

    I HATE this style of shoe. I’m a huge fan of platform wedges when done right but these look like orthopedic nightmares.

  42. hammie Says:

    Medical device shop meets spray on jungle theme

  43. Perucha Says:

    This is the first time i visit your blog EVER and I love it. I read a bunch of your Sea related posts and I almost peed my pants. You are just hilarious.

    About these shoes: they came out in last year I think and I own them. Some people look confused when I wear them. Others ask me questions about them. Others just, well… laugh. I really like them on. And to answer some of the questions I’ve read so far:
    – Yes, they are heavy.
    – Yes, they are uncomfortable
    – Yes, you may lose your balance and crack your ankle or even trip, fall and die
    – Yes, your feet hurt like hell after you wore them for more than 4 hours

    BUT: they make your legs look ridiculously long. That makes everything else completely lovely.

    You gained a new fan.


  44. Emmett K Says:

    This post made me laugh so much, you have no idea!

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