Lanvin H&M Apathy

I am the only person in the whole world who doesn’t care about Lanvin for H&M. What an isolating feeling.

I am out of step with my culture.

I am still tormented by longing for consumer goods, but I can’t give a shit about this Fashion Moment. Am I broken?

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62 Responses to “Lanvin H&M Apathy”

  1. sam Says:

    I didn’t even know there was such a thing as ‘Lanvin for H&M’ – how do you think I feel?
    Has H&M ever done anything for Lanvin?
    I think H&M are beginning to rack up the owed favours.

  2. Make Do Style Says:

    No you are not alone, me neither. I’m about to put a Jimmy Choo by H&M leather dress on ebay that I got from a client. Honestly people should save their money up and stop buying this shit.

  3. Penny Dreadful Vintage Says:

    Every time I see a blog post with Lanvin or H&M in the title, I am skipping past. No idea why everyone is so slaveringly excited about it.

  4. Lorena Says:

    I’ve seen a few posts on Lanvin for H&M but I’m still not sure what the clothes look like. The styling for their show was so over the top it seemed to me that that purpose was to distract for the clothes rather than enhance them. If a designer wants to hide what they made, why even bother?

  5. skye Says:

    Eh, who cares?

    If they just released the collection as regular old H&M it would probably get less than normal sales, the whole thing is stale.

  6. Helen Says:

    Dear SW, you are not alone. I couldn’t care less about it, and honestly, I think our unwillingness to get ladyboners from the collection’s lipstick-packaging can only be a very good thing.

  7. Mathilde Says:

    Nope! I couldn’t give a shit either. It’s just a bit boring isn’t it?

  8. arline Says:

    Ditto on the nope. I don’t give a rats ass.

  9. Drooling Isn't Pretty Says:

    there’s clearly something wrong with you, this is a PIVOTAL moment in the history of high street brands.
    derp derp

  10. Cybill Says:

    These “collections” always make me feel like they are offering crumbs to the peasants. I detest them.

  11. Ruth Johnston Says:

    If you are broken do not get fixed … I must be broken too and do not give a shit …xx

  12. Aja Says:

    I was thinking about going to downtown DC this morning to check it out but decided I favor sweet sleep more. So I guess I’m broken too~

  13. Rackk and Ruin Says:

    i couldn’t care less either. . . and not just because there’s no H&M in my area.

  14. honeypants Says:

    Nope, I don’t care either.

  15. TinLizzie Says:

    If I had any $ to spend on clothes right now I might care but I don’t.

  16. Christy Says:

    I never get excited about designer/ high street collabs. We don’t have an H&M here in New Orleans so all we get are Target’s Go International lines. There’s no reason to get giddy about this crap. It’s still the same bad quality with someone else’s name on it. Besides all of these stores are knocking off the big designers anyway so what’s the difference?

  17. deja pseu Says:

    I don’t give a shit about this either. The good stuff will sell out in 30 minutes, and the rest will be unwearable crap.

  18. Nickie Frye Says:

    HAHA! Your photo is classic.

    I was skeptical about this collaboration from the first. I got burned big time by that whole Liberty of London / Target collab & never have gotten over it. I’m still raving about how they used POLYESTER. It’s this type of fashion crime that causes me to shout out naughty words. I won’t be going to H&M. I’ve got two small children to think of, after all.

  19. the real andrea Says:

    You know, I am sitting home with a really bad cold or flu and really wanted to stand outside of H&M this morning to see if I could get the grey tulle dress. That’s all I wanted. But it was not meant to be, and i didn’t go. I think that I will survive. And you know, the stuff isn’t really cheap. It’s cheap for Lanvin, but not inexpensive. What also bothered me was that they had a fashion show at the Pierre Hotel here in NY on Thurs night for all the fashion insiders & celebrities. Some of them were even wearing the goods at the show before they went on sale! At the end of the show the fashion folk all got a chance to shop. I was reading their tweets. (Hey, I’m sick and had nothing else to do. I even jokingly asked if someone could pick up the dress for me, and one of the people answered me saying she had left already- damn!) So it really is not good design for the masses. The insiders didn’t have to wait in line this morning. And there is still a fashion caste system.

  20. dust Says:

    I don’t care for party wear anyway. Broken beyond repair.
    It would be nice to see the details, finishes and the translation of hand-made to mass-production, but that’s something else, called research not shopping.
    For the people worrying about polyester, there’s a lot of it, just like the real Lanvin actually is.

    Those collaborations can be good, nothing against them. Usually I pass by couple of days later to see the left-overs and there is always something nice that doesn’t shout hype and can be worn everyday. This one is just too fluffy for my taste.
    I got myself a pair of wool mittens from H

  21. dust Says:

    I got myself a pair of wool mittens from H&M today, and then I came home and pressed the wrong button….

  22. Elaine Says:

    Take your mind off yet another designer collab with this

  23. diana Says:

    hahaha i totally agree with cybill’s comment. also these “designer” collections always completely disappoint me.

  24. Andra Says:

    What is H & M?

    I’m guessing Hermaphrodite and Masochist but I could be wrong.

    Maybe something as simple as ham and mustard?
    Give me a hint.

  25. kate Says:

    i walk by the h+m every day, and also by the sacs 5th avenue and maxazria. the low quality of h+m clothes is apparent from the window when compared to other stores. if i were going to buy anything and pay for a label, i’d pay for the one that has the quality to back it up. i’m also going to pay for something that isn’t a one-shoulder poof of neon floral.

  26. Girl Can't Talk Says:

    Seriously I wanted to be excited about it, the only things that make me slightly excited are the sunglasses and the bib necklace. Everything else looks seriously WAG in my opinion.

  27. Kitty Says:

    Hahahaha… Thank you for popping my little bubble of existential loneliness.
    Like several above, I’ve also been avoiding every blog post with L/HM in the title. Except for yours, because it also said “apathy.”

    Consider this my first love note to you.

    <3 Kitty

  28. Ash Says:

    You are not alone!!

    I don’t give a shit about Lanvin for H&M. The tees look like they have been made by an 8 year old with a crayon, lace and a stapler. I posted a blog of assorted photos with the entire point of it being that it WASN’T about Lanvin for H&M.

    Ash x

  29. Natalie Says:

    Nope, not alone. While ladies were throwing elbows to get their very own cheaply sewn mass market dress, I was at home eating oatmeal and playing with my doggies.

  30. Dru Says:

    I like their cute little cartoon t-shirts, and anything with a cartoon on it, their shopping bags look adorable.

    But there’s no H&M within my national borders, and even Mango never bothers to get in its nice designer collab stuff to us riffraff, so I guess “don’t care” is really a default mode in my case.

  31. Dru Says:

    And Girl Can’t Talk- you are spot on about some of the stuff looking like it’s meant for WAGs…

  32. Style Odyssey Says:

    I’m in the “don’t care” sector. I’ve not heard of Lanvin for H&M. I barely know what H&M is, having never set foot in one. I dwell in a style bubble of my own design and am particular about what I let into this semi-self-contained universe. I usually steer clear of fashion collaborations.

  33. Carrie Says:

    I’m with you all entirely. Don’t give a shit! Though I kind of ‘expected’ myself to give a shit and then it never happened…the giving a shit that is. So I perplexedly but deeply don’t care.

  34. Cindy Says:

    every time I see these designer collaborations at Target, H&M, etc. I think they look cheap. Why spend the $ on it? so many cooler things out there than this. You missed NOTHING. I am sure of it.

  35. Mary Says:

    Meh, in the end it’s still only H & M.

  36. TheShoeGirl Says:

    I’M STILL SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!!!!! Yippee!! I’ll be excited enough for both of us Sis. 😉


  37. Sister Wolf Says:

    Oh, SHoeGirl, you ruined a perfect thread of unanimous non-carers!!!! You fucking fucking bitch! So what did you get from the collection??

  38. damaia Says:

    I liked the necklace, but I’ll be damned if I’m paying $100+ for what is, in the end, polyester from H&M. That and I think I’m permanently scarred by my deep disappointment in McQueen for Target, which looked more like Madonna for Target.

  39. Zoe Says:

    you are not alone!

  40. Sara Says:

    I hated the Target collaborations, and still continue to do so. I hated the Gap white shirt collaborations. I suspect that I hate the H&M collaborations, but can’t be bothered to see them in person. On a side note, we moved from NYC to Seattle. In NY, the Target designer collections were sold out in advance. Here, I go Target and the Jean Paul Gaultier collection is hanging on the 70% off rack. You know, I hate the mom-jeans sensibilities here, but my God, these people are so right when it comes to cheap-ass designer lines. ( Tho JPG’s chartreuse dress was quite kicky.)

  41. susie_bubble Says:

    Guilty as charged for contributing ANOTHER blog post to the whole drama that is Lanvin x H&M, Lanvin for H&M, H&M pays Lanvin a whole wadda cash for the collaboration…
    BUT… I had good reason to be excited which I still stand by which is that… the collaboration is VERY close to the real thing, scarily close in fact… I know this from knowing the design team at Lanvin and that the fabrics are pretty much like for like the same as are some of the design elements…
    For anyone out there who is a fan of Lanvin and Alber Elbaz’s work, and of course there are many that aren’t which is fair enough… this is a bone fide score. I don’t generally go apeshit over designer collabs just because there are so many and some of them aren’t very good. This one however was done lavishly (illustrated garment bags… just can’t help but smile really…) and a steal when you consider the price in comparison to the real thing. I look at the few pieces of real Lanvin I have and could almost shed a tear…
    In general though, I appreciate the sentiment behind collabs especially when stores do it with smaller designers who need the cash flow. If that translates to good product, I’m even happier and yes, will get excited about it on the blog. My enthusiasm isn’t supposed to be infectious though…

    The Real Andrea: I was at the Pierre Hotel ‘insider’ shop and trust me, there was a caste system there too…we were given timeslot cards and had to queue to get in as only a set number of people were in at a time… so in effect, there was a queueing/caste system within an ‘insider’ system… errr… it was mayhem nonetheless…

  42. Layers&Swathes Says:

    Nope. I couldn’t give 2 shits either…

  43. Alecto Says:

    i hated everything i saw. i’m so tired of all the hype. in fact, i’m even tired of the word “hype”.

  44. Aja Says:

    You know what really boggles my mind? Going on eBay and typing in a designer, for example Jil Sander and seeing a Jil Sander coat for $325 while the Jil Sander for Uniqlo coat located right underneath it is going for $399. People can’t see straight anymore for all these designer collaborations. Wouldn’t you just rather have a Jil Sander coat that is two seasons old for less than the Uniqlo collaboration? I would!

  45. erika Says:

    I don’t care much for it because I won’t pay so much for a polyester dressgeneral. I did see a tiered skirt I could be interested in and maybe some shoes but I hate going into the stores so I will let it pass.
    The only H&M collaboration I have bought was the Sonia Rykiel lingerie collection. That one was good.

  46. rosy hues Says:

    sorry but the collection is not even good =(
    it probably has 2 pcs that are nice (no, i’m being nice when i say that)…
    and the shirts are just hideous…
    are most people just brainwashed into thinking the clothes are actually worth getting…
    i’m really starting to lose faith in humanity…

  47. EJ Says:

    I just flat-out refuse to fight over clothes. Especially H&M clothes. Next!

  48. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    No, I am completely uninterested too.

  49. That's Not My Age Says:

    Nah you’re not broken, or alone – I’m too old to get involved in a high street fashion bun fight and the quality will be crap anyway.

  50. linlinlin Says:

    There was plenty of it left at my local H&M (hooray for the pragmatic Midwest). The sequin eyelashes on the t-shirts were already pulled off, and the red paint covered jewelry was leaving streaks on fixtures and boxes. Cheap stuff, and not worth the prices.

  51. Emily Bleak Says:

    “Hey, you know what will get more ignorant suburbanites to buy more shitty polyester clothes at our low-rent mall shop? IF WE STICK A DESIGNER NAME ON IT!”

    No, thank you.

  52. Joy D. Says:

    Broken? Pah! You just don’t care. This happens to be epic because I am one of the hordes that loves me some Alber Elbaz.

  53. Katharine Says:

    1) My H&M doesn’t get the designer collaborations (even though since it opened it’s hit the highest sales numbers in Canada!) No designer collabs, none of the edgy stuff. Our region has been deemed “boring.”

    2) I don’t think Lanvin is my thing. I’d need to be skinnier, and girlier, and I am neither.

    3) The only designer H&M collection I coveted was Comme des Garcons. We didn’t even have a local store then, and anyway, see 1.

    In short, yawn. And the promo video was stupid.

  54. drollgirl Says:

    you need therapy. KIDDING.

  55. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    Emily Bleak is totally right.

  56. Sheri Says:

    I’m so broken I don’t even know what that is.

  57. Die Konigin Der Herzen Says:

    You are not alone Sister.

  58. Jaimi Says:

    Hahahhaa, no, you are absolutely not alone in this.

  59. WithTeeth Says:

    I LOVE Alber Elbaz’s work, but I really don’t care about H&M.

    I’d rather fuck-myself-silly in a cheapie neo-grunge floral dress from Forever21.

    Or better yet, spend some hardly-worked moolah on cardigans at Urban Outfitters.

  60. Emmet K Says:

    I must be broken too. I didn’t get crazy over Lavin for H&M, probably because I’m not crazy about H&M in the first place…

  61. Elijah Micheau Says:

    Nice website, although I am having loading problems

  62. Roxanne Says:

    Late post but yeah I guess I could not care too..

    I mean my country does not even have an H&M yet!
    Plus point for me is when I travel and shop at H&M, people from my country are like ‘WOW’ thats pretty’ where did you get that??
    And I have this smug expression on my face..

    I was in Milan when the Jimmy Choo for H&M happened.. And I was not impressed.. It was still too expensive, and the cheaper ones were so blah!

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