Trending: Wealthy Asian Mom Bloggers

This is Tina, from Bag Snob.

This is Mr. Freddie’s Mom, taking a little break.

Here is the Life In Travel lady.

All three bloggers have young children they adore. All three love to travel and pose. And pose. And pose. And all three are blessed with bald older husbands! It’s like a club!

Indulgent husbands, photogenic children, a lust for shopping, high end cameras, and the universal female dream of becoming a pin-up girl. Isn’t it wonderful?

If you know of any other Wealthy Asian Mom Bloggers, let me know.   I feel an obsession coming on.

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152 Responses to “Trending: Wealthy Asian Mom Bloggers”

  1. Leisl Says:

    I’ve only got three words to say – mail order brides?

  2. Make Do Style Says:

    I adore my children, I love to travel, I love to pose… damn the lack of high end camera and bald indulgent husband with lots of money.

  3. Mariella Says:

    Leisl – do you know these women? if not, then stop making snap judgments about Asian women with rich husbands. i am tired of this whole every-asian-woman-with-a-rich-white-husband-is-a-mail-order-bride BS.

  4. skye Says:

    One of the reasons I have let my blog slide into near-death is that some freak sent me an email accusing me of copying from Mr Freddy’s Mom. Now I didn’t take that too seriously, for a start my blog started a year before hers, and apart from having sons and being female we have zero in common, but it did alert me to her blog, and that made me feel like it was time to get the hell out of blogging, and time to stop putting my kid online lest anyone else think I regard him as some kind of fashion accessory.

  5. CR Says:

    bald older *white* husbands
    sorry, but it’s true

  6. sam Says:

    Not every-asian-woman-with-a-rich-white-husband-is-a-mail-order-bride – but alot of them are.
    Especially the ones that flaunt it.
    Just like the ones in the pics.
    It’s not a derogatory observation – who can blame them?
    Who can blame the bald older rich white husbands too….would you marry them if they weren’t rich?

  7. sam Says:

    did I say that out loud?

  8. Sister Wolf Says:

    Sam – “How dare you!”

    Skye – Oh Skye, that’s absurd. Your blog could not be more different. I won’t insult you by listing the differences. I’n sorry to hear this.

  9. Sofia Says:

    I wonder what they see in those millionaire bald fat men?

  10. Anne Says:

    As Sam says “would you marry them if they weren’t rich?”.
    Love this photo

    He looks particularly attractive there….!!

    I guess at the end of the day, whatever floats their boat. They obviously have to sleep with the guy so if they basically want to be prostitutes without the name that is there choice – and who knows….maybe some of the guys are genuinely nice people? There are a lot of other pros too because the hubbies usually work a LOT so you can have your own thing on the side pretty easily and life is definitely less stressful not having to worry about money (though with the advent of prenupss…probably a bit more stressful if they chose to divorce you). Personally though, I just couldn’t bring myself to sleep with a guy who was fat, bald and plain ugly :S

  11. BethUK Says:

    Now for all we know there could be a big group of ladies out there who go all weak kneed for balding white guys. It could be one of those cultural phenomenom I always find out about too late.

    Also ,if I might speak in defence of rich, balding white guys everywhere, I think it’s only fair to point out that becoming rich is a very stressful process and that loosing your hair and six pack is probably inevitable.

  12. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    I agree that the mail order bride comment was a tad harsh, but really, it’s too big a similarity to ignore.
    Mr Freddie’s Mom posing there makes her look like Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit. Though V is about 25 and has no kids that I know of.
    I bet Mom of Sea is watching this and planning a dramatic facelift and dye job to try and compete.

  13. mimi Says:

    i mean – obviously the ‘young hot asian lady’ married to the ‘not-so-hot older caucasian rich man who pays for my fashion obsession’ similarities cannot be ignored. im surprised rupert (murdoch’s) wife doesnt have a blog!

  14. Dru Says:

    All right, Liesl and other people making comments about ‘mail order brides’ and similar, it’s highly uncomfortable to read you making judgments about the personal lives of people you’ve never met.

    Has it occurred to any of you that (shock, horror) these women might actually love their fat older white husbands? For reasons that have nothing o do with money? Stranger things have happened, you know.

  15. Dru Says:

    meant *to do*, up there, sorry.

  16. Dru Says:

    Ok, something has gone strange with the comment moderation feature, but the gist of what I had to say was that it’s a little unfair to assume straight off the bat that these ladies don’t love their partners.

    And the ‘mail order bride’ comments and assumptions are just cringe-making, the only fashion blogger I’ve known of who was a mail order bride (in her own words) was white and Ukrainian.

  17. Lezzies Says:

    First off, have you seen the Real Housewives? This is not a “trend” amongst Asian women – it happens across races.

    Second, that mail order bride comment is ridiculous. The mail order bride industry does not leave women in rich households. Generally, they are placed in abusive relationships with men who are not well off financially.

    Finally, I have no problem with all the comments against the fat balding men. Haha!

  18. Artful Lawyer Says:

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single bald man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a hot wife.

  19. tartandtreacly Says:

    So, apparently:

    Asian + Hot + um, Attractiveness-Disadvantaged Husband = Mail-Order Bride

    But! I presume:

    Non-Asian* + Hot + the same = your garden-variety golddigger, not worth the consideration of the ethnographers that apparently populate this forum

    *excl. those Russians, of course! Nothing but mail-order brides and/or spies.*

  20. Emily Bleak Says:

    $10 says that their husbands work in the tech field. I do, too, and the “weak-willed engineer with money gets not-quite-brow-beaten into buying everything for and then marrying the out-of-his-league Asian girl” is a huge phenom. Good, because it keeps the uggos off my back when I have to network at conferences.

    I say good for them, if they have no regrets then let them indulge. If my man struck it rich, you’d better believe I’d be walking his Visa up and down 5th Ave. (The cat is photogenic enough to spare me the litter of children, though.)

  21. Babsalicious Says:

    I can’t look. The horror!

    I am extremely jealous. Why can’t I have a fat ugly balding husband with loads of money instead of a slim hot full head of hair one…a modest income?

    Life if just so unfair.

  22. annemarie Says:

    Little girls should not grow up to be little girls

  23. Alex Says:

    I read Life in Travel. I like her. Yes she’s married to a wealthy white man, but why is that of anyone’s concern? It’s shameful to make judgments of their relationship. It shouldn’t matter how any of these women afford their luxury clothes because even if they are portraying an unrealistic lifestyle, it is THEIR real lives. For Life in Travel, I don’t feel she is “flaunting” anything more than what most other style bloggers do. She has a mostly high-end wardrobe but her blog is just how she chooses to share her passion for something. I am a 17 year-old Asian-American female. The comments about the mail order brides are so ridiculous. I hope the people writing those comments are not older than I am because it would be pathetic for a teenager to have more decency and respect.

  24. Hallie Says:

    Oh god Joanne, this is so fuckin funny! Unfortunately I do not qualify for the club … I have a young child I adore, I have an older husband but he is not bald, nor am I Asian or wealthy. I read Life In Travel lady because I like most of her wardrobe and I think she puts things together decently. I don’t think I’ve heard of the others. Thanks for the LOL though 😀

  25. liz Says:

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth reading some of the comments.

  26. court Says:

    as someone who has been referred to as ‘a little china doll,’ I wholeheartedly support mail order bride assumptions because frankly, it’s not fiction. this shit happens all over the planet.

    so for all intensive purposes, indulge in the snark and be judgy…after all, isn’t that why we’re all here??

    as a certified half-asian, i approve this message.

  27. tartandtreacly Says:

    Okay, I took a look at their blogs and I don’t see how the first one (Bag Snob) made the list. Yes, she’s Asian, wealthy, and a mom, but she’s not a mom blogger. Her blog looks to be a series of, ahem, “advertorials” for bags (obvs) and other luxury goods.

    The only gal among the three who appears to really fit the bill is the second (Freddy’s Mom). There’s not a camera angle the lady doesn’t like and not a shoot that can’t be improved by the use of her son as a prop.

    More ubiquitous than any particular trend: “breaking” stories about that trend, relying on vague and ill-defined yet definitely statistically-significant population samples (see: New York Times on its slow news days).

  28. the real andrea Says:

    I thought Bag Snob and Life in Travel were the same person!

  29. kt Says:

    I am an asian female, and this is precisely why I refuse to (no longer) date older balding white men.

  30. susie_bubble Says:

    I’m destined to become Average Income Asian Mom – maybe not even a ‘mom’ if my genes tell me I can’t. It’s the curse of both boyfriend and I working in fashion/publishing… can’t say I’m all that bothered about my predicament though.

  31. dust Says:

    the real andrea – yes, but only because husbands are alike!

  32. Danielle Says:

    These mail order bride statements are ridiculous. Firstly, all three women show a degree of English proficiency that a mail order bride would probably not possess. From reading their blogs, it sounds like they were raised and educated in a Western country. Most brides who are ‘mail ordered’ come from poor backgrounds with minimal educations and know very little English. Secondly, the assumption that a woman can’t truly about a man because he is bald or unattractive is ridiculous. There are beautiful women all over the world who are in loving, committed relationships with men who are disabled, suffering from severe psychiatric disorders, disfigured by traumatic accident, or otherwise physically unattractive. If you can look at a beautiful white woman in a relationship with a guy who is in a wheelchair and think, “they must be in love,” then I don’t see why you can’t look at a beautiful Asian woman in a relationship with an older and less attractive man and think, “they must be in love.”

    It seems people are making mail order bride assumptions because an Asian woman is in a relationship with an older, less attractive man; and, when Asians get into such relationships, then it is because they were purchased and not because they are capable of loving someone for non-superficial characteristics. Or, in short, Asian women are vain, superficial, gold diggers–and, if their significant others aren’t hot then they must be rich because Asians wouldn’t get in relationships for any other reason.

    Hopefully, I don’t have to point out how ridiculous and racist these sentiments are.

  33. Emily Bleak Says:

    @Danielle – I’m not super thrilled about the mail-order bride comment, either, but if we keep this strictly in gold-digger territory, then it’s plenty fun to dissect the different stripes of them. Getting hitched to a fat, rich white guy is a lot more dignified than releasing a sex tape with a B-lister pop star like a Kardashian or a Hilton!

  34. Nicole Says:

    Sister Wolf,
    What an AMAZING POST! This is exactly why I love reading your blog!
    These women stir up feelings in us for different reasons, and in Leisl’s defense, sure writing “mail order bride” is a simplistic phrase, but there IS a feeling that is evoked within us that has obviously started this discussion.
    Without delving into each blog obsessively, is it safe to say that each of these women live a lifestyle that does not include a “regular” job (besides the job of caring for children)?
    Is that what strikes a cord as most of us struggle and attempt to balance our lives?
    I think I can pinpoint what bothers me, personally, and it has to do with modernity and motherhood…in particular the exhibitionism of people’s lives that historically would have been private family snapshots.
    We all have the ability to share with the world thanks to this modern technology, but I still think as old-fashioned as it may seem that people should be judged by their content. Anyone can share fluff.

  35. Make Do Style Says:

    I love the Artful Lawyer’s comment – brilliant Austen-isation!

  36. The Scientist's Wife Says:

    So is also safe to say that the blonde Amazonian trophy wives of older balding rich white men are so stupid and vapid that they cannot string two words together to create a blog showcasing their luxurious lifestyle? Also, can we also assume they are too busy being a dumb blonde that they cannot be bothered with taking care for their children without a nanny?

  37. Crissy Says:

    Do people seriously read this shit? I mean, seriously? I spent about 45 seconds on the Freddy Mom blog or whatever it was called before I started to break into a cold sweat. I could care less if she is Asian, but I think this lady deserves every sexist slur that may float her way. I can’t believe some women not only think it’s OK, but ENVIABLE, to live life doing as little as possible for themselves, and that the greatest achievement in a woman’s life (besides finding a husband that will do everything but flush the toilet for them) is to have hundreds of cute photos of yourself.

  38. CR Says:

    I don’t agree that the English proficiency is so glaring, especially on Mr. Freddy’s mom, which I just visited for the first time:
    “The proud Dad, taking photographs of Mr.Freddy pretending to pose like it was candid. We are so blessed to have him- a person whom we truly call Daddy who never get tired taking infinite photographs for our blog.”
    I dunno about you guys, but my mother never called my father “Daddy”, she called him by his name. That’s just a little too close to the whole Woody Allen/stepdaughter thing.

  39. annemarie Says:

    I can’t believe the “mail order bride” comment has drawn such criticism. Most people would make some sort of assumption like that when they see a beautiful young woman spending vast sums of her fat and bald husband’s money. The “racism” didn’t occur to me. Anna Nicole did.

  40. HelOnWheels Says:

    Ahahahahaha!! SW, once again you’ve pissed off a lot of people and have so many jumping to the defense of bloggers they don’t personally know! LMAO.

    My sister, who likes her men to be tall, bald and to “look like serial killers” (think Vin Diesel), married her “ideal”, so to speak. Except now that I’ve shown her this post she’s pissed off that she could have had a white, bald, RICH guy. Thanks to you, SW, she’s now unhappy with her middle-middle class husband and would like to trade up to one just as bald and white but with a fortune (and, based on the photos, that fortune comes with a lot of extra pounds). She will insist on being called a Russian trophy wife.

  41. Ann Says:

    Ah jeez. I never felt the mail order bride comment was meant to be taken as anything other than a joke. Get over it, folks. This blog is proudly powered by WordPress and snark. Always has been.

  42. Artful Lawyer Says:

    OK – I’m going to really stir the pot and offend people here. WHY THE UGLY SHOES?

    I’m sorry – but the hooker shooties/clodhopper look so prevalent on “fashion” blogs is FRICKING UGLY ON EVERYONE. If you have money – obtain some taste!

    I’m done.

  43. Zoe Says:

    the second picture is just too funny! her expression is hilarious

  44. Alicia Says:

    Ann, I was going to say the EXACT same thing…ok, not exact, but similar.

    Remember where you are folks…

  45. CR Says:

    can’t . . . stop . . . reading . . . these. . . horrible . . . blogs . . .
    thanks, sw, I just lost an hour of my life!

    can somebody please read this post:
    and tell me that I’m not crazy for finding it hilarious in several different ways?

  46. CR Says:

    sorry for the double post, but I just keep finding more of them. somebody stop me, please!! this is what happens when you’re at the airport on thanksgiving with a 3 hours layover…
    (this one has a daughter, and is filipina, but variety is the spice of life, right?)

    Man I’m going to hell.

  47. Hallie Says:

    ok I checked out Freddy’s Mom and this is what I found really disturbing:

    obvs it’s her prerogative but I personally would never post photos of my son with his doo-dad mere centimeters out of view … clearly this bitch does not watch Law and Order SVU. The internet is the pile of shit on which pedophilic flies from all nations swarm & feed. Let your kid share his bathtime online of his own accord if he chooses to do so as an adult.

  48. CR Says:

    ooh, this is a fave

  49. Sister Wolf Says:

    Make Do – Hahahahaha, I love Artful Lawyer!

    Lezzies – I used “trending” facetiously, just so you know. I hate those fake modern gerunds or whatever they are.

    Nicole – Yep, I think there’s a lot here to dissect and discuss.

  50. honeypants Says:

    “modern gerunds” haha – I wish there was a like button for half of these comments. especially annemarie’s.

  51. Srenna Says:


    That post about the she organizers produced by the husband’s toils are freaking hilarious in every way.

    She did good by choosing the fluorescent green background.

  52. Srenna Says:

    ^”shoe” not “she”.

  53. Esme Green Says:

    I don’t get the impression that Mr Freddie’s Mom is all that rich to be honest…

  54. Erika Says:

    OMG – CR – that is some horrible stuff. That kid is going to have mommy issues

  55. theresa Says:

    man…i think the life in travel lady looks ridiculous. all the time. she is a big pile of money set to color schemes.

    i’ve been reading her blog for about a year now.

    all of her outfits are a bit off. but i like her. she just loves her life. and even if its all over the top.. you can tell she’s grateful.

    its funny though- she just wants EVERYTHING sea and mom have.

    you can pick up on the advertisement power those two have just by hopping over to “life in travel.”

  56. Beck Says:

    Thought provoking and snortingly funny as ever, thanks SW! I do wish I could occasionally get my act together and comment earlier in the day when less wine-influenced . . .
    But two things to say:
    Skye – As if! I love your blog and miss your posts. I still forlornly check for updates. I may be a little under-employed
    And CR – am I a bad person for both sneering and simultaneously wishing my (not bald or old or rich) husb would build me one of those shoe cubby things?!

  57. Rachel Says:

    I think you’ve crossed the line here. It’s one thing to notice that a group of bloggers buy and showcase some ridiculously expensive things, and something else to make a generalization about Asian women. Sure, there are Asian women who marry rich wealthy white balding men. It does not mean it’s a trend.

    To label it a trend, you are highlighting some common stereotypes–that Asian women are docile wives that look good for their white husbands, that Asian women are temptresses that seduce white men, etc.

    And worse yet, the comments about mail-order-brides continue to use to those stereotypes. Isn’t it just as likely that these women are successful Asian American women who chose to marry their husbands out of their own volition?

  58. Alicia Says:


    *face palm*

  59. Cricket9 Says:

    Oh SW how dare you to be politically incorrect again and make a generalization about Asian women. Don’t you see that Rachel is all puffed up and blue in the face.

  60. Cricket9 Says:

    Oh crap CR, none of my hubbies was willing to make me shoe closets! I feel so shortchanged by life now! At least we can rest assured that Macoi’s mom will love him even if he becomes one of these homosexuals (as long as he doesn’t aggravate people). Damn you, damn you CR – my ribs hurt from laughing!

  61. Ann Says:

    I love when people don’t get it!

  62. Taylor Says:

    CR: The “Man has many faces” one is hilarious. I’m in class and about to get into trouble for laughing.

  63. TexasArt Says:

    A movie should be made based upon this post & all the comments … On Bravo! Great stuff.

  64. Sister Wolf Says:

    SusieB – Oh just give up. Your boyf has SO much hair and you still don’t know how to do those sexy poses. You have no future as a blogger, clearly.

    CR – Save a seat for me next to yours, in hell!

    Rachel – I’ve “crossed a line”??!!?? After calling the Pope a cunt?!? Seriously, though, I would never make a generalization about Asian women. There may be “types” of Asian women just as there are “types” of Jewish women or Scandinavian women.

    Taylor – But you HAVE to laugh at that one!

  65. Joy D. Says:

    Can I say I am impressed with how happy everyone looks in those photos?!

  66. mimi Says:

    i love this post. i love the offended comments even more.
    have people not heard of taking the piss?

  67. Nickie Frye Says:

    I’m a temporarily-financially-challenged, white, mom blogger & my husband has a full head of hair. Darn it, I’m always on the outside!

    In their defense, it IS nice to have something to do other than talk about frogs, trains, cats, & trucks all day. Everyone needs a break. I think putting your children’s photos on a blog is a mistake, though.

  68. Sister Wolf Says:

    Nickie Frye – That defense will not hold up in court. Nice of you, though.

  69. Andra Says:

    Oh Sister, how good it is to have you BACK again in all your wondrous glory.
    Hang in there … better times ahead.

  70. Aja Says:

    As a black girl who loves her white boyfriend I often wonder what assumptions people must make for us in general. I wonder if there’s a crop of black fashion bloggers with white boyfriends? If so, could we be a stereotype? The interracial thing can be a bit tricky sometimes.

  71. Kimberley Says:

    This article was in Marie Claire last year

    The New Trophy Wives: Asian Women
    Rupert Murdoch has one. So do financiers Vivi Nevo and Bruce Wasserstein. Why are the West’s most powerful men coupling up with younger Asian women?
    By Ying Chu

  72. Sister Wolf Says:

    Aja – You could start the trend by posing in a lot of come-hither contortions and calling your boyf “Daddy!” Just a suggestion!

    Kimberly – Now that article seemed racist. But I wouldn’t put it past Murdoch to choose a wife who cold help him crack the Chinese market.

  73. diana Says:

    i feel like this is everyone who comes into my work, tries on the clothes that we already have out, and then asks for a “new one” from the back when it comes time to purchase. WHY IS THIS?

  74. Dru Says:

    CR and Sister- I don’t know how old these women are, and I’m not the same strain of Asian as them, but my grandparents (Mum’s parents) call each other “Daddy” and “Mummy”.

    As far as I can tell (old letters etc), they have addressed each other in this fashion since they became parents for the first time- it’s a reference to the fact that they are their children’s parents, not each other’s*. And at least in my neck of the ancestral woods, it’s quite common for couples of my grandparents’ generation and even in some cases, my mother’s generation, to not call each other by name but use our equivalents of Mum and Dad instead, once they have kids.

    *after I got old enough to talk, they also refer to each other as [the equivalent in our language of] “grandpa” and “grandma” when speaking to me (I’m their eldest grandchild). And must say, this turned out longer and more boring than I intended.

  75. Sister Wolf Says:

    Dru – I actually like this tradition, and I especially love how Mexican parents call their little chidlren Mami and Papi. It just melts my heart!

  76. Jun Says:

    another thing in common: fat husband?

  77. Dru Says:

    ^Sister- all I wanted to point out was that if an of these women came from a culture that had similar traditions (for lack of a better word), then Freddie’s Mom or whoever calling her husband “Daddy” is not necessarily a perv thing.

  78. Sister Wolf Says:

    Dru – I know, I gotcha.

    Jun – Let’s use the word “burly” or perhaps “portly?” I can’t remember if portly is a pejorative.

  79. Aja Says:

    I accidentally called my boyfriend “Daddy” in my sleep once. But what was worse is that I said it in a mock British accent (I have no idea where this came from). His two alarm clocks were both going to town, ringing at the same time on a saturday morning at 7am and I apparently said to him “DADDY turn the alarms clock off” in a demanding, snotty tone.

    I opened my eyes to find him staring over me horrified as he uttered “Did you just call me ‘Daddy’ ?” I tried to deny it, but it was too late. I even hid my head under the covers to avoid persecution. He teased me for the rest of the day. As do my friends who I retold the story to later. Now it’s becoming a phrase of much hilarity, “Daddy, turn the alarm off”. I have NEVER called my own father “Daddy” (I just think it sounds really weird). So I’m really not sure where I got that from.

  80. tartandtreacly Says:

    For Aja –

    A) A wingnut’s thoughts upon encountering your interracial relationship:

    Black and white that ain’t right
    Jungle fever
    “Tragic Mulatto”

    B) A limp-wristed liberal’s thoughts upon encountering your interracial relationship:

    lyrics to that Stevie Wonder/Paul McCartney song

    There, I just brought the tone of this thread further down a notch.

  81. Aja Says:

    Tartandtreacle – I think I lub you. I was thinking more Ebony and Ivory with McCartney and Stevie Wonder. “Living in perfect harmony . . .”

  82. hilda Says:

    hallie, i am lost for words… you put pictures of yourself and husband online, enjoying a cigarette, and yet you are disturbed by the sight of another womans little boy’s naked chest…

  83. Hallie Says:

    ^ How is enjoying a cigarette disturbing? Outdoors and nowhere near our infant. And I wasn’t referring to his naked chest, I was referring to the photos in which his lower torso is blurred out. I myself am not offended by seeing a little boy’s naked chest, obviously I see my own’s all the time. I was just pointing out that putting pictures of your kid in the tub out for millions to see is disturbing to me. That’s all. So continue to be at a “lost” for words while looking at my blog, I’ll continue to smoke cigarettes nowhere near my kid. xo

  84. Die Konigin Der Herzen Says:

    As a young woman with a vagina, I have something to say too!!!

    Actually, no I don’t [really] because everything that I start to type comes out sounding horribly racist.

    [what I will say]
    I am surprised by the obsession with the “mail order bride” topic. I guess in my ignorance, I had no idea that this kind of thing happened with the Asian (non-Anglo or Indian) communities.

  85. Erika Says:

    This is a giant “let’s get offended festival”

    Calling man/husband/lover “daddy” has always seemed really off to me. I have a father. I don’t need another one.

    and Hallie, I can’t figure out why you married or are with a guy who is about 30 years your senior. I will say it is none of my business though so good for you and your happiness. I think this may be what Hilda is trying to say, in a round about way so as not to directly offend.

    Regarding the blogging thing. Why the F and where The F do these women get the time or inclination for this ? I need to look more at what they are doing here. Is there a career happening behind the scenes or is this the current bored housewife thing ?

    Actually where does anyone ? I get the feeling that we are all just a bunch of puppet shills for big companies milking free advertisment that fattens their pockets. Huzzah!!

    Is being a pinup girl a dream for everyone ? We all want to be models ??? yuch. I am so bummed because I need to start selling my vintage clothes online and I may have to model them myself to start. It’s making me cringe.

    My morning rant. I need more coffee.

    I need to flip this trend. I am going to find myself an asian boyfriend. Good thing I live in San Francisco, I won’t have to look too far.

  86. Kazoozoo Says:

    I’m an English bird with a slight paunch and I’ve got a gorgeous trophy Asian husband who’s the same age and me and we’re as happy as two piglets.

    Reading some of these comments does make me feel uncomfortable though. A lot of my educated, independently successful female friends who are of Asian descent have to put up with the assumption that they’re trophies or hookers when ever they travel with their non-Asian partners, and frankly, its disgusting. Imagine if it was you! By all means take the piss out of people flaunting their wealth on the internet, which is always gross, but please don’t make your point by connecting criticism to racist stereotypes.

  87. Alicia Says:

    @ Aja – I want in on this trend. *fist pump*

    @ Hallie – I <3 you more everyday.

  88. hilda Says:

    hallie, i’m really glad you only smoke outside, this is a good start, but please consider what you are doing to your son, wich is putting him at risk for losing his parents at a young age. smoking kills, you know…
    to me, this is really disturbing, while the pictures of the little naked boy in his bath are just what they are: a little naked boy in his bath.

  89. Catherine Says:

    I’m sure Hal is totally unaware of the dangers of smoking. It’s a good thing someone is finally telling her this.

    I think you may be missing her point about the bathtub pics. She is saying those pics are at risk of being viewed by a pedophile who wouldn’t view them the same way as you or me.

  90. Isabelle Says:

    In reply to previous comments which mentioned love:

    It’s true. Love really has nothing to do with age. I’m in my early 20s and my boyfriend is in his mid 40s. We are both Asian, myself being Chinese (Singaporean), and himself being Korean-American, and both living in a predominantly Chinese-Asian country (Singapore). He is extremely wealthy, not really fat and in fact a rather handsome man. Even in this case, people assume I’m with him for his money and not looks. A lot of times, I overhear people making remarks such as: Is that her father?

    But I’m really not offended. I even laugh. Perhaps because it’s undeniable, him and I walking together, that there is a great discrepancy in age. And surely, in this narrow society, people must look upon me as a typical materialistic-young-gold-digger type or a slut of some sort; and upon him as a horny old man desperate to be young again or a sleazy sugar daddy. Worse, they might think I’m just a social escort out on a date with a client!

    Now, all those assumptions are simply vile and nasty. But when you are with someone you love, you really wouldn’t give a rat’s ass what others say or think, or if they stare. As long as I am with him, I am content. I experience otherworldly bliss and joy. I hardly notice anyone else other than him. He is the most gentlemanly and thoughtful man I know, and he has given me more respect than any other man. He also has very charming grey streaks.

    There is a lot to love about him, yet others see no such qualities in him; just as none of us see any such qualities in the husbands of the women mentioned in SW’s post. They appear like soul-less characters on blog pictures with a brief mention and nothing more. We do not see the men for who they really are- the true Love Story behind all that flashy fashion.

    I’m just tryin’a say, maybe they really are in love? It’s quite possible. Though I can’t see myself falling for a balding older white man, I did fall in love with a handsome older Asian man who is “white” inside. What does that make me? I’m curious.

    p/s Dear SW, I love your video about Twitter! You are beautiful.

  91. Erika Says:

    Isabelle, What you say is beautiful and almost makes me want to kill my cynicism. Who knows why we love people ? It’s good to hear happy stories.

  92. Cricket9 Says:

    Viva amor, Isabelle! I fell in love with a balding, totally broke, older man once – he was incredible in bed and made me laugh. I’m not judging them, or genuine mail order brides either; I just find posing with the shoe closet made by a “handy hubby” hilarious.
    About genuine mail order brides – I used to know a couple – a gorgeous young Philippino girl and a much much older white, quite nice Canadian guy. She married him, he was putting her through medical school. IMO, not such a bad arrangement.

  93. Husband of Mr. Freddy Mom Says:

    Well, being the husband of one of the ”Trending Asian” bloggers you mention in your title it is obvious you have personal issues that would make you jealous or envious, but thats your problem not mine or the other Asian Mom bloggers . Concerning bald white wealthy men marrying younger asian women….so what. Yes I shave my head, yes I am white and no I am not wealthy. I meet my wife while living in Asia as a artist and we both fell in love with each other and together we have a beautiful son. Concerning putting your children in blogs again it is obvious you do not understand what blogging is about….a blog is about telling the world about your life and if your son or daughter is a important part of your world why wouldn’t you put them in your personal blog. I do respect the fact you have the right to express any opinions you want…..but you should get someone to help you with your inner demons because you really are somewhat demented.

  94. Nina Says:

    I think asian women age much slower than white women, so they sometimes look very young next next to their white husbands. I enjoy Life in Travel blog and her husband was good-looking

  95. Husband of Mr. Freddy Mom Says:

    Well, being the husband of one of the ”Trending Asian” bloggers you mention in your title it is obvious you have personal issues that would make you jealous or envious, but thats your problem not mine or the other Asian Mom bloggers . Concerning bald white wealthy men marrying younger asian women….so what. Yes I shave my head, yes I am white and no I am not wealthy. I meet my wife while living in Asia as a artist and we both fell in love with each other and together we have a beautiful son. Concerning putting your children in blogs again it is obvious you do not understand what blogging is about….a blog is about telling the world about your life and if your son or daughter is a important part of your world why wouldn’t you put them in your personal blog. I do respect the fact you have the right to express any opinions you want…..but you should get someone to help you with your inner demons because you really are somewhat demented.

  96. Sister Wolf Says:

    Aja – I LOVE the English accent! Hahahahahahaha!

    Kazoozoo – I am not promoting racial stereotypes! I merely presented three bloggers who have some things in common.

    Hilda – Leave Hallie alone. She is a new mother and it’s a tough job.

    Isabelle – I’m glad to hear about your happy relationship. You’re right: Love is blind. It’s mystical, it’s chemistry, it’s little to do with looks or age, at least not in my experience.

    Husband – I did not intend to offend you or your family or to analyze either of you. I am not envious of the bloggers I cited.

    I do indeed have Personal Issues. I have in fact written about my sons and my family.

    As for “knowing what blogging is about,” I think I have some idea. My blog is about expressing my opinions. To pretentiously quote Joan Didion, I write to find out what I think.

    We all have our demons, do we not? But let’s not profess to know what each others are.

    Again, I meant no insult. Your wife’s blog is open to interpretation, just as all blogs are.

  97. Denise (denisekatipunera) Says:

    oh SW i love Freddy’s mom. I consider her my friend in blogging, plus the fact that we’re both Filipinas.

    And I don’t think she’s rich. like that life in travel. She’s in fact a soccer mom, more real than bag snob and life in travel.

  98. Isabelle Says:

    Husband of Mr.Freddy Mom doesn’t seem to get the fact that the World, also contain sick pedophiles, who could be mixed right amongst his wife’s blog readers.

    Oh. well.

  99. Aja Says:

    Sister Wolf isn’t demented. But she has had one rough year. And sometimes she can be a bit salty (I say this with love, SW). But she does call it as she sees it. I’ve never looked at your wife’s blog until now. Does your wife travel? Check. Does she pose for lots of pictures? Check. Are you bald and white? Check, check. I see nothing wrong with any of those things as long as you’re both happy.

    I realize that if I ever marry my boyfriend, people will always ask questions. It’s okay. If I throw it out to the world, people are going to interpret it how they feel. And putting yourself out there is opening the floodgates. Deal with it, Husband.

    And on a last note, I would be HORRIFIED if my boyfriend flew to my defense on . . . a blog?? I mean, really. It’s not to be taken too seriously.

    And Alicia . . . club is on, starting now. (Fist pump).

  100. Aja Says:

    And I just got some hate spam on my blog. Apparently I’m an “ugly black woman”. Oh well, I expected that.

  101. Black Aja Says:

    To AJA- Now I am being racist! Put your self when SW tagged you as Wealthy BLACK Mom Bloggers. LOL! Ugly FAT woman! You are a cunt! Wash your pussy before you post a comment!

  102. Aja Says:

    Oh Jesus. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone (even you, Black Aja)!

  103. Aja Says:

    PS- Does anyone know how to make sense of that comment? (Silence). Okay, that’s what I thought.

  104. kirsten Says:

    well..i think you’re classy and gorgeous, aja.

  105. Aja Says:

    Correction, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone (even you, Black Aja/Freddie’s Mom). That whole “Anonymous” thing really doesn’t work out so well when you have the same IP address as YOUR HUSBAND who identified himself as YOUR HUSBAND (of course Sister Wolf and I talked and compared the evidence). You’re really not too clever. And RACIST to boot. Now, stop leaving nasty, racial slurs on my blog. I’ve never felt inclined to comment on your blog and you probably don’t want me to start because I’m pretty fired up right now . . .

  106. Aja Says:

    Thanks Kirsten! You stay classy and have a fantastic holiday 😉

  107. Sister Wolf Says:

    “Black Aja” is apparently Mr. Freddie’s Mom, as the racist comment here and on Aja’s blog came from the same computer as the comment from her husband.

    It makes me very sad that such hatred exists, and in particular that it is aimed at my friend Aja.

    When you attack Aja, Mr. Freddy’s Mom, you reveal your true temperament and compromise whatever dignity you might have.

    I hope you can understand how deeply hateful and inappropriate your words are. I hope you will try to make amends to Aja, who did nothing to provoke your attack.

  108. ellio100 Says:

    fuck’s sake. i was going to be all “love’s love, doesn’t always make sense to other people” & “i know it looks kind of weird and startling and we usually jump to assumptions, but even really superficial women find husbands” etc
    (even though i used to read life in travel)

    Now I’m disgusted by this ‘Mr Freddie’s Mom’ idiot. What a racist, stupid, anus of a man. Aja you’re gorgeous and your blog is wonderful, with so many touching posts. I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving.

  109. hilda Says:

    i’m sorry for making remarks on hallie and husband’s smoking habit, altough i’m glad that she pointed out that they aren’t smoking in presence of their child, so it is not harming him.
    in the end, it is none of my business, so i should have stayed out of it and not be judging.
    it also distracted from what i tried to point out: how sad it is that the sighting of a naked or halfnaked kid triggers fear of phedophiles enjoying those pictures. how far have we come?

    btw, the most disturbing thing in this whole discussing is the black aja comment. i cannot understand why someone thinks or acts like that…

  110. Sister Wolf Says:

    ellio100 – Just to clarify – The “Black Aja” attack is from the wife/blogger, not her husband, who has a better command of English as per his comment. But yep. it’s disgusting.

    hilda – Well, thank you for giving it more though and sorry if I snapped at you. You have a good point about the pix. It reminds me of how pre-school teachers stopped letting kids sit on their laps, in fear of being charged with a crime. It’s hard to know where to draw the line re protecting our kids.

    That crazy racist comment is indeed shocking. I don’t even know how to handle it…

  111. ellio100 Says:

    SW – Thanks for setting me straight.
    I’ve no idea how you deal with such comments either. It’s just shocking that people can be so stupid and hateful.

  112. Kendra Says:

    This is actually funny.
    But I don’t see how bag snob got generalized with this group. Her site doesn’t flaunt photos of herself. I’ve seen her on tv and she is articulate and intelligent. I also read she has a business degree from USC. But I guess you had to add her because she is the only one in this post that is high profile enough to get your post attention.

  113. eh Says:

    Aja – Your story about the alarm clocks made me LOL.
    SW – That nonsense (and gross) ‘BlackAja’ comment, can you just take it down, there’s proof enough that this Freddy Mom lady went off the deep end, kthx.

    Thanks must be said for some entertaining scandal on Thanksgiving!

    Hallie, maybe just don’t post the smoking pics on your blog and avoid all controversy – you must understand why some people would flip about this no matter where the kid is when you are smoking. And just to add an extra judgy bit here – I hope you aren’t breastfeeding. This comes from a guilt-ridden ex-smoker mom who quit while pregnant and stayed quit for 5 years and now can’t stop. It sucks, I feel shame, we should all quit. But ya, early mom-hood ain’t easy.

  114. Sister Wolf Says:

    Kendra – I don’t see how including her would “get attention.”

    eh – Nope, I’m not taking it down. She has outed herself as an unhinged bigot. Let her do some soul-searching.

    And again, Hallie isn’t asking for advice here.

  115. Helene Says:

    I don’t know what’s more offensive, the blog entry with Sister’s observations or the comments. Granted you have a right to blog your thoughts but calling out these three women merely because they are Asian married to older white men seems racist. Love your blog and your uninhibited musings but as an Asian, this blog entry makes me very uncomfortable.
    What about women like Georgina Chapman married to pigs like Harvey Weinstein?

  116. Sister Wolf Says:

    Helene – Women married to pigs is another topic, and a good one! These women seemed to me like a “type” just as young white girls blogging about how Goth they are, or nerdy gay guys blogging about sneakers, you know?

    It’s not my fault that these bloggers exist! I just noticed them and thought, Oh look!

    Maybe there’s a bunch of Mexican women blogging about their grandmas..if I came across them, I’d definitely take notice!

  117. Aja Says:

    You know what? I wish everyone could just take it down a notch or twelve. Do stereotypes exists? YES!!! And very often they’re (gasp) funny! Satire. Try it sometime. Any Curb Your Enthusiasm fans in the audience? I know plenty of you probably are. Larry David is hilarious. And yes in the show, black woman are often portrayed as abrasive, confrontational but usually down right hilarious. And I see nothing wrong with any of this. Black woman can be abrasive and confrontational . . . but we ladies have a good sense of humor. In actuality, I’m pretty docile and quiet. I only found my voice as of late. And after many years of swallowing my true feelings about some things, I’ve found that I can be confrontational when I feel the need. But no, I never get outraged by Larry David’s fear of Wanda Sykes or when he hooks up with Loretta Black (Vivica A. Fox’s character) iand she chases Susie (his best friend’s pushy abrasive wife). Or how about the black hooker that doesn’t want his and I quote “raggedy ass hot dog”? Just because it’s a stereotype DOES NOT mean that it’s true. But if we can’t poke fun at it and laugh then what do we have left people? Seriously. Now unbunch your panties.

    And yes, if Sister Wolf did a feature on black bloggers with white boyfriends and I were included, I would smile and shrug my shoulders. Would it bother me? Absolutely not! I just wish everyone would just take it down a notch. All this outrage is such a buzz kill. Sometimes there’s a reason to be up in arms. But this ain’t one of them.

  118. Sister Wolf Says:

    Aja – I fucking LOVE Curb Your Enthusiasm. Jews, Blacks, incest victims, disabled, lesbians…Larry David is fearless in finding humor in stereotypes and taboo subjects!

    I wish people would aim their outrage where it belongs.

  119. mimi Says:

    @Aja – a cute blog featuring a young interracial married couple is ‘apricot tea’ :-)

  120. Helene Says:

    Thanks for responding SW! I went through each of their blogs and have to agree with you about Freddie’s Mom and Lifeintravel. WTF! the poses, the look at me in ugly clothes photos are ridiculous. These two women are definitely a type not to mention they clearly are in need of ESL courses.

    That said, I spent the most time on bagsnob and found it completely different from the two aforementioned sites. It was mostly about bags and i didn’t see any “wanna be pin up girl” photos. I actually found it quite fun to read! Thank you for bringing this blog to my attention.

    Blog on sister.

  121. tartandtreacly Says:

    The post enumerates some commonalities, but doesn’t really go into what makes these ladyeez different from the rest of the overspending and underemployed fashion bloggers out there – aside from the simple fact of their race, a low-hanging fruit.

    Now, if the post had mentioned that Freddy’s Mom has a distinct way of posing that is decidedly NOT favoured by most rickets-stricken fashion bloggers (i.e. smiling and facing the camera, very catalogue, and very “dia” – a Chinese term for the simpering coquettishness many Asian females display) and extrapolated that into, I don’t know, a Grand Unified Theory of Wealthy Asian Mom Bloggers with Mail-Ordered Tendencies, THEN that would show some expert stereotyping skillz.

    Otherwise it’s just lazy, man. I mean, like myself and others have mentioned, bagsnob doesn’t even post photos!

  122. tartandtreacly Says:

    Wow. Just read the thread above. What I can’t figure out is the exceedingly hostile but cryptic “wash your pussy before you comment” comment. What does that mean exactly? That her Very Thing has been tainted by a White Man, and therefore she’s not qualified to speak? That’s the only thing I could come up with, and it doesn’t make sense. I mean, unless there’s some self-hatred and postcolonial angst going on…

    I do like it as a snappy retort to basically everything, though.

    “You can’t take a day off of work! Wash your pussy!”
    “You can’t mix whites and colours! Wash your pussy!”
    “You can’t run for Senate! Wash your pussy!”

  123. Angry lady Says:

    I am really shocked and angered by this post and also the comments. Rupert Murdoch’s wife, Wendy Deng, was a very successful and rich woman in her own right BEFORE she married Rupert Murdoch. She happens to be younger than him and stylish, that does not mean she married him for money. I’m Asian and my partner is white. I am doing a PhD and I met him when he was doing his masters degree. I happen to be young-looking (even though I am older than him) and slim and stylish. I’m not bragging here, people just think I’m much younger than my 33 years. They often think I’m in my early twenties. Asian women get stereotyped in ways that diminish their intelligence and objectifies them sexually ALL THE TIME JUST BECAUSE they happened to have married outside of their race. Stop it or just admit that you are RACIST. Oh, by the way some of you mentioned that you do not like the way those women dress. I agree that they are rather flashy (as are some non-Asian fashion bloggers that also happen to be mothers) and flashy isn’t my taste, but just because they are flashy doesn’t mean that they married for wealth. I know a very flashy women from Singapore who married a Finish man and she owned a shipping company and was RICH and that is how she met her husband (who is also rich). Just stop making ignorant judgements about people.

  124. Aja Says:

    Whew what a long winded commended! Outrage level high. Wendy Deng is probably NOT the example you want to throw up there of a successful Asian woman. Just read her Wikipedia profile and get back to me. (Doesn’t say anything about her wealth and successes pre-Murdoch marrying). Just sayin’ . . .

  125. Aja Says:

    I have no idea how the word “comment” became “commended”.

  126. Emily Bleak Says:

    My libarts boyfriend somehow talked me into paying the lion’s share of the rent…I think I’m going to start calling him my mail-order ginger.

  127. Tasha B Says:

    wealth is addictive when its someones elses

  128. Sister Wolf Says:

    Tartandtreacly – Well, man, it’s common knowledge that I’m lazy. Good call on that.

  129. Dru Says:

    I can understand why Angry lady is angry, the ‘mail order bride’ comments starting from the first one are reason enough- and this much is absolutely true:

    “Asian women get stereotyped in ways that diminish their intelligence and objectifies them sexually ALL THE TIME JUST BECAUSE they happened to have married outside of their race.”

    I really don’t hold the capslock against anyone in this case.

  130. c.k. Says:

    I just went on the Mr.Freedie blog and I am outraged at what one of the commentator in here said about this lady, stating that she deserved to be called sexy names. I found that the blog is more a blog for their son, it is obvious to me that this family loves their son and the blog is dedicated to him. I really don’t see the problem and comparing this blog to the life in travel blog is not right! The Life in Travel blog is dedicated to fashion.
    They don’t have the same vibes.

  131. The Scientist's Wife Says:

    As an Asian woman married to a white guy (full head of hair and thin), I did not find Sister Wolf’s post racist in any way. She made an observation and had the guts to write what was on her mind. I have frequented the blogs she mentioned and numerous others of the same vein and I too thought the same thing. I was so curious to see what Life In Travel’s husband looked like and when I did see, I chuckled. I wouldn’t trade in my handsome, athletic water polo playing scientist husband for wealth beyond my imagination and living life with someone so much older and unattractive to me. Call me vain but it is what it is. I also view these Asian trophy wives with the same fascination as with the tall Amazonian blondes who marry unattractive older wealthy men, with the assumption that the blond Anglo counterparts do not eventually fall in love like the Asian trophy wives do. So once again SW carry on and do what you do best, stir the pot and get people’s panties in a bunch!

  132. c.k. Says:

    yes but you can not call Mr. Freddie’s mom rich, they don’t seem rich like the Life in Travel lady. Mr. freddie’s mom seems to be focused on her son and her family life and she even said she works. I think they just happen to have a decent financial situation. However, when I read teh Life in Travel blog, which I found about 2 days ago, I noticed that that lady ahs a lot of designer clothes and a lot of designer shoes, and she seems so full of herself, like “I bought this and that” who cares? but the Mr.Freddies lady is buying her shoes at gojane and has also regular brand clothes. for me, she seems to like to pose in front of the camera, I just don’t think her intention when opening the blog was to show off like the Life in Travel lady, she seems to travel a lot and shop! If I was in that situation, I would at least give some money to less privileged people, but that’s just me, I tend to feel guilty when I have things…no wonder I am not rich, rich people are very selfish even when they are blessed.

  133. Iron Chic Says:

    Off topic, but filed under Irritating Blogs,
    just the profile description on this asinine blog makes me want to kill:

    Oh, and it’s nominated for some kind of award up here in Canada.

  134. Brunehilda Says:

    I quite like the last lady’s style.

  135. The Queen of HRRRTS Says:

    OMG I am so happy that I came back to this post!! Mr. Freddie’s Mom — can’t say that I’m surprised but entertained, YES!

    SW, I’m glad you did what you wanted to do with YOUR BLOG and brought this topic up. To be honest…I was thinking the same thing…but I guess that makes me a racist? Oh well. I’ll sort it out in therapy.

  136. Carol Nasif Says:

    Why would you be motivated to publish jealous statements about women that do good in our community. You obviously are interested in using bad press as a tool to get readers… never works. Keep positive in your mind and YOU WILL be successful.

  137. TheShoeGirl Says:

    Woah look what I missed while on vay-cay!! Oooh-wee!

  138. A fan of Life In Travel Says:

    Godammit I’m Mad lady, your blog name has explained everything about your personality and your lifestyle. You jealous of everyone out there, and nothing will make you happy. I suggest that you close down this blog because it’s really UGLY just like you. SERIOUSLY!

    I’m a fan of Life in Travel lady. I’m 17 year and I’ve follow her blog since last year and found that she’s a caring person, a good wife, and a wonderful mother to her two kids and she totally inspire me.

    Don’t make any kind of judgment when you don’t know the fact about someone’s life. Gossiping is not healthy for the mind. We are some of the very lucky people that live in this world that have everything and some have completely nothing. I’m just sad to see there are many people in here have nothing better to do than sitting here and type all these negative non sense comments

    Overall, I think Life in Travel ( Hanh )’s blog is one of the most inspire blog out there. She has great style, good energy and she’s a SUPER MOM. KEEP IT UP HANH!!!

    Also, Mr.Freddy’s Mom, she’s a wonderful day. I adore her blog and think she’s such a sweet person. You guys have no right to trash people. Life in short, think of something beautiful to do.

    Remember, when you think positive, good things will come your way. Have a great holidays everyone!

  139. Sister Wolf Says:

    The Scientist’s Wife – xoxo

    Carol Nasif – God. Just shut up.

    Brunehilda – Well, if you have a billion dollars, you can copy it!

    A Fan – It’s people like you who give me the strength to keep blogging. Thanks!

  140. Bag Snob Tina Says:

    I posted this comment in the Video thread but it’s probably more apropos here.

    “Don’t you just love how people are quick to jump on the “racist” platform? I am one of the women Sister Wolf wrote about but I’m not offended by being called a “Wealthy Asian Mom Blogger” (trust me when I tell you there are worse things in life to be called). So why are you? I found the hateful comments to be more offensive than anything she wrote.

    She made an observation, and she blogged about it. When I see ridiculously expensive bags made of scraps of left over fabric/leather/fur bits, I am also compelled to point out the obvious. We all blog for different reasons— some people do it to entertain themselves and share their random thoughts. If you think they are hurtful or inaccurate you can reach out to them in a civilized manner, as I did with Sister Wolf. Leaving nasty comments never solve anything.

    As for me, I started blogging about bags for fun with my best friend when we left our careers in fashion and entertainment industries to become stay at home moms. If you go through, you’ll see it’s all about bags— the good, the bad and the ugly.

    But I digress. Let us examine the facts of her entry that caused such an uproar:

    Am I an Asian mom married to an older white male? Yes (He’s not that much older btw, his “Caucasian” genetics just have not fared as well as my “Chinese” ones)

    Do I love to travel? Yes.

    Do I adore my child? Yes.

    Do I spend my days posing for photos and taking photos of my child to share on my blogs? No.

    In the 5+ years of blogging, I have NEVER posted a single photo of my young son or my husband on any of my blogs and I rarely post photos of myself (I save that for my personal Facebook page & sometimes Twitter). But I’m not judging mom bloggers who post photos of themselves posing in their pretty clothes with their cute kids.

    I am just not that type of blogger.

    Please do not judge others for their choices in life— there is beauty in everything and everyone. I was a junior at USC during the LA riots of 1992 (yes, I’m that old) and witnessed true racist hate crimes against humanity firsthand. Sister Wolf’s entry doesn’t even come close.

    In the words of Rodney King: “Can’t we all just get along?”.


  141. Hanh, life-in-travel Says:

    Wow, looks like everyone had comments even Bagsnob and Freddie’s Mom. Well, I’m lifeintravel lady. I don’t have much time for this, but I try.
    I understood that SW had her point on ” wealthy Asian mom blogger” who married older, rich white man. As she said, she doesn’t want to hurt anyone; a group of people or individual. But one thing she forgot that she doesn’t know these mom; who they are, their background education, how old they are and their husbands, where and how they met, why they love their husband, and what their blog are about.
    My blog is lifeintravel. Ofcousre, I blog about my travel with my family. I have featured my kid’s pictures, but I’ve never mentioned their name, their school…just simply their pictures. So, I don’t think that would be harmful for my kids. I’ve rarely featured my husband’s picture, it’s maybe one or two pics…It’s my choice. As I said in my blog profile, I like to share my travel, food, and my fashion. My blog is something I do for fun beside my busy full time mom (not show off, btw). I like to have my pictures taken for my blog, again, I’m having fun (it’s nothing wrong to have fun. Everyone has different ways to have fun and enjoy their life)
    Yes, I married a white man, but not much older than me ( just like Bagsnob’s husband, my husband’s “caucasian” genetics have not fared as well as my “asian” ones) I moved to Dallas 1994 when I had 2 degrees in International marketing and Management (I spent 7 years in university in my country). Two years later, I met my husband at my work in Dallas. After 3 years, I knew him as a friend. 14 months of dating, we married 10 years now. Yes, I’m that old… My shopping habit is bad, but I have 2 girls that I will pass my stuff for them later on. I was lucky to have a great job before I had my kids. My husband also is lucky to have a great job as well. We’re thankful for what we have in our life. Traveling has built apprecitation, positivity toward life. It has also taught us “Outreach and Giving” more, something that I never share in my blog or to people around me. It’s too much our personal to share here, but I think it’s ok. I like to be happy, peace, and have a friendlier world.

    Unkind comments are unhealthy, especially if you don’t know much about them, about their life.

    Peaceful is a happy and joyful life for everyone.

  142. Grace Says:

    You guys rock! Sister Wolf, I absolutely love you! All my colleagues find me laughing on my own once in a while and think I have lost it. I however do get disappointed sometimes when I log onto your site and there is no new post – what with the 8 hour difference in time zones:-( Keep blogging, love your honesty – Grace, Johannesburg, SA

  143. Dusk Says:

    Hmmm… I didn’t think this was racist of you because you’re an equal opportunity offender!!! I love you for it!
    I think you need to get a ‘fat people who adore fashion, the very industry that villifies them’ obsession.

    I would never think to lump people in to stereotype categories based upon visual ‘evidence’. I prefer to do that in person.

    I’m a mother of 5, a cosmetic chemist and I studied law [don’t hold that against me. studied, never practised], I’m in my 40s. My older, white, silver fox of a husband has all his hair, I don’t have an SLR, just a point & shoot that I self-click my pics with, I love to travel and prefer to travel business class but shop at opshops and sales out of choice.

    I am sick and tired of a world that produces self indulgent musings masquerading as substance.

    …I have a blog dedicated to my daily outfits…sigh…

    Bag Snob Tina… you rock.

  144. Bag Snob Tina Says:

    @Dusk – xoxo
    @A fan of lifeintravel – before we throw insults let’s examine our own hearts (or at least look in the mirror) and for god’s sake, use a dictionary.

    I am really enjoying the brutally honest voice of this blog. Sister Wolf writes and says what many of us are thinking but afraid to speak. I admire that.


  145. liz Says:

    I was initially so disgusted with the comments in this post (not the post itself-SW, I think your posts are always fantastic) but after reading through the comments, I realized I was just being sensitive because:

    I spent a month in china when I was 21, and was repeatedly cornered by various Chinese men who thought I was either a 1. a Russian prostitute or 2. a Russian mail order bride, even though I was born in NYC and have no accent. But if they happened to hear me speak Russian (on the phone, or to a friend whose English wasn’t great), boom, I must be looking for some dude to marry or have sex with for money. I guess the comments kind of gave me a flashback of that and funny as it is to make mail order bride comments, when someone is cornering you alone in your hotel in the elevator, grabbing your arm and asking “how much” it becomes a lot less funny, and you really feel like shit.

    So that was besides the point, but just thought I’d share!

  146. srenna Says:

    Mr. Freddie’s racist mom is ugly. Yes, I’m immature.

  147. Cheryl Says:

    CR and Taylor: Yup, the post ¨The Man Has Many Faces¨ was meant to be hilarious because my husband´s a funny guy though he looks serious. hahaha!

    SW: I´m your loyal reader and sometimes commenter. Though I married a white guy, I didn´t consider myself a mail-order bride because I had a good paying job as a chemist for more than 12 yrs. before I actually met him. I actually like being a stay at home wife for now and yes, my husband is my bank right now because he´s the one supporting me. haha! We don´t live ostentatiously nor does he buy me expensive things because we´re both practical but we always love to trave around here and I love taking pictures. My camera is a Point-N-Shoot by the way.;)

    PS: Sorry for not commenting sooner, we didn´t have internet for a week.

  148. Cheryl Says:

    PS: I´ve been following Mom and Son and Life in Travel and trust me, Mom and Son isn´t rich at all. She´s just a simple girl who loves posing for pictures. As for Life in Travel, I envy her closet but she´s down to earth.

    Peace! :)

  149. JP Says:

    Off-topic, but Mr. Freddie’s Mom … 27 my ass. If she’s 27 then I’m fucking ten.

  150. rosie Says:

    I have a boyfriend who is mostly bald, has a pot belly, and will never make the front page of GQ. I am in my late 40s, he is mid 60s. When we go places together, people stare and sometimes comment. I am good looking, and he is rich, and we were both this way when we met way back then. But I adore that old fart – he treats me like a goddess, he is kind and generous, he pays LOTS of attention to me, and the sex rocks !!! When I met him, I would never have guessed. I genuinely love this man, and he loves me. So maybe some of these Asian ladies also actually love their homely old dudes. I’m proof, it can happen.

  151. an Asian Says:

    i wasn’t bothered by the blog entry (she just made an observation, no?) and i read through all 100+ comments… and i’m still struck by how inappropriate and disturbing “black aja’s” comment was. WTF, at least have a good grasp of the english language before you hurl insults at someone. wash your pussy? what class …

  152. ali Says:

    this is hilarious.

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