Withstanding Irritants

If it’s not some troll taunting me fives times a day, it’s some guy threatening to sue me, or a new stack of unpayable bills or a photo like this one, of the Man Repeller’s friends.

I hope David Carlo Photography doesn’t mind me borrowing his picture here. It helps to illustrate why I don’t “get” the Man Repeller and why I feel more and more like a stranger in a strange land.

The best way to counter these feelings of existential malaise is a sedative and a long thoughtful look at Godfrey Gao.

He is set to be the first Asian male supermodel. He is 6’4″ and loves to cook.   Let’s all forget our troubles for a moment and just be present, ahem. I know Godfrey would want that.

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65 Responses to “Withstanding Irritants”

  1. Dru Says:

    The first? Seriously? Though My Man Godfrey is certainly deserving of the accolade.

    I might be clueless, but why did it take this long? Clearly the suits who make these decisions haven’t spent enough time watching jdramas, kdramas or movies from east Asia, it would have happened faster if they had.

  2. Chelsea Rae Says:

    6’4″ and cooks? Isn’t that the only true requirement in a perfect man. Much can be overlooked when your tall guy is hunching over the stove making you dinner. Oh, Godfrey, I’m glad you’re finally being appreciated!

  3. EJ Says:

    Seconding Chelsea Rae’s sentiments. And doing my best to ignore that first pic, which looks really bizarrely photoshopped.

  4. P Says:

    I must say I don’t really ‘get’ the Man Repeller either. Her writing doesn’t have me rolling in the aisles the way it does for some people, and her schtick tends to rely rather heavily on the fact that she is extremely wealthy and conventionally attractive, neither of which – to my mind – are attributes which particularly repel men. She seems like a nice enough girl, though.

  5. andrea Says:

    I am in my 50s and have been dressing like the man repeller my whole life. I never felt comfortable in conventionally feminine clothing. And I have a husband! My husband happens to like the fact that I do not dress in an overtly sexy and conventionally feminine way and he actually finds it attractive, my smoldering sexuality known to only him. (said with just a bit of tongue in cheek). I think that she is about how women who don’t dress overtly sexy “repel” men because they don’t highlight their feminine attributes, like the horrible Kardashians. And women who dress like that are not dressing for men, but for other women who are more about dressing in an unexpected way. As far as she goes, I think she lives on 5th Ave or Park Ave and she goes to NYU. She probably does come from money and she may live downtown near NYU or still live with her parents. You can see their opulent style of decorating in some of her photos. Good for her for parlaying her “man repeller” idea into some noteriety for herself and maybe a career. But this style of dressing is not new. Just look at a Comme des Garcons fashion show (she started her company in 1969).

  6. Artful Lawyer Says:

    I feel so out of it, here in the Midwest, where the “Hasidic Ho” look has not yet caught on. Worst things I ever see are bad leggings, etc.

  7. Stacy Says:

    How can one resist a post tagged angst, bloggers, hot guys?

    I’ve actually never seen that blog before but just the shot cracks me up. The intentionally unintentional.

    I’ll have to track down some more shots of Godfrey – thanks for the introduction.

  8. Ann Says:

    Helloooooooooooooooooo Godfrey.

  9. Miss M Says:

    i liked the man repeller blog at first… since then the appeal has grown thin.

  10. Aja Says:

    Godfrey is gorgeous. I hope he has a long and profitable career!

  11. David Duff Says:

    “The best way to counter these feelings of existential malaise is a sedative and a long thoughtful look at” David Duff in his long Johns!


  12. annemarie Says:

    Yeah, when I first saw the Man Repeller blog I thought it was really funny. I did not realize that she was actually a loyal defender of fashion, and was using this as a platform to make some kind of statement about how women should dress. Now that the self-mockery is gone, I no longer dig it.

    So goodbye Man Repeller and hellooooo Godfrey!

  13. Jill Says:

    I want to see Duff in the longjohns!

  14. Layers&Swathes Says:

    I’m loving man-repeller! I think she has applied great humour and wit to an industry renowned for taking itself too seriously. Kudos to her for doing it in a way that also applauds fashion and those who do not dress to promote their sexuality, but dress for themselves.

  15. Erika Says:

    Thanks for the picture, I just got loved up and dumped by a 22 year old, I will soothe myself the only way I know how – pictures of hot male models. And he cooks, I can imagine him in his apron…

  16. Marie Says:

    Thank you for the picture of Godfrey. What a beautiful man.

    P.S. Why is it that 6”4′ and cooks is the perennial description of how great and “real” a male model is? He’s a model. He’s probably a little weird, like most people who make their living based on their looks. If you want to fantasize that he is the perfect man, why not take the imaginative initiative yourself?

  17. Taylor Says:

    That man is beautiful. I can’t stop staring.

  18. aine Says:

    I was just trying to remember what the repeller’s blog was called so this is a very timely post. I used to read her stuff, but then i stopped reading fashion blogs for a while. i just went back to look at hers and my god that girl seems to have mistaken self deprecation with self obsession. its also pretty annoying that the entire blog is centred around what she presumes guys don’t want to see, so it seems like shes still defining her style only by how guys dont want to fuck her.
    she really does seem like more of a fashion victim than most other bloggers.
    Also the tiring habit of yelling vagina everytime a dress has flowers or ruffles or any swirly bits makes me think of the fug girls at their very worst. christ that comment was long i only went back and read a couple of her posts but so much vexation at these people.
    Anyway have i missed something who’s trying to sue you?

  19. Suspended Says:

    The girl on the right reminds me of Fenella from Chorlton and the Wheelies


    How unfortunate.

  20. tartandtreacly Says:

    Mmm…Sister Wolf sho’ does appreciates her houseboys…thank you for playing to your audience!

    Godfrey is a babe, but like Takeshi Kaneshiro (cute as a puppy in Chungking Express) he just needs a little bit of aging and seasoning before becoming a veritable Stone. Cold. Fox.

    The Man Repeller is not bad. She goes for wit, and sometime even gets there, and that is more than one can say for a lot of her fashion blogging contemporaries.

  21. Alicia Says:

    he could get it…a lot…

  22. Andra Says:

    Happy New Year Godfrey.

  23. Jill B Says:

    I’d love to see the Man Repeller with some makeup on.

  24. Another old biddy Says:

    Loves to cook? That’s all well and good but does he wash the dishes and clean up after himself?

    Besides, I’m still not over Takeshi Kaneshiro (even though he’s gay… oops, didn’t you know?)


  25. Madeleine Says:

    Oh my god

    Men like Godfrey are my favourite (meaning asian, not cooks. no racist)

    thanks for awaring me sister wolf, I’ll be forever in debt for Godfrey

  26. toriikoko Says:

    hoot hoot ! what a beautiful man

    I love the Man Repeller. I find her very funny and very different from the other fashion bloggers. What I like most is that she doesn’t take fashion too seriously. I voted for her on bloglovin as the most original blog of 2011. Sister Wolf who did you vote for ?

  27. Sister Wolf Says:

    Marie – Good point. I was just repeating what I read about him. LET ME ADD, then, that his favorite book is Crime and Punishment, which he read in the original Russian. He loves Patti Smith, Ravi Shankar, and the Pixies. He plays guitar, piano, and mandolin. He owns 4 rescued dogs and hopes to have a large family.

    toriikoko – I voted for me because I have the most original blog.

  28. Another old biddy Says:

    Still on the topic of Chinese men, I vote Kenneth Tong for “Cunt Of The Week”:


  29. Cricket9 Says:

    Godfrey – yes, although I’m a bit suspicious of this reading “Crime and Punishment” in original Russian. Really, Godfrey? Really?? ? Oh, OK then.
    As for Man Repeller – I don’t know if the outfits in the pictures she posted from the collections repel men, but they certainly repelled me. They all should end in the trash bin on “What not to wear”.

  30. Sister Wolf Says:

    Cricket9- (Shhhh! I made that up about Godfrey, at the suggestion of a commenter) Yes, those outfits are flawless if repellent is the intent!!!

  31. Andra Says:

    On a totally different subject, I would dearly like to know why Americans do not think the past-tense of spit is not spat.
    Sit and sat seem to be OK but you only like saying spit all the time.
    Please explain.
    And Cricket9 – I also say ho ho to the alleged reading of “Crime and Punishment” in Russian. Sounds a bit sus. to me but then I am a fairly cynical old lady.

  32. Andra Says:

    Oh bugger, you know what I mean. I had it right the first time and then I added another and totally unnecessary “not”.

  33. Andra Says:

    I’m going home now.

  34. Sister Wolf Says:

    Andra – (Shhhh! It’s my personal fantasy, don’t fuck with it!) I say “spat” and here’s another language complaint: You can’t say “blah blah is so cliche.” Cliche is a god damned noun. This drives me crazy. It’s like “hate on” instead of just “hate.”

  35. dust Says:

    Godfrey would certainly be repelled with the fact that Man Repeller still lives with her parents. If she could repel with the same force from her own student flat, it would make her so much more credible.

  36. alittlelux Says:

    yum yum. thanks for the eye candy :)

  37. Andra Says:

    And I also don’t understand why Americans don’t realise that saying “I could care less” means the total opposite to what they want to say.
    Why is that?
    Do they not understand their own (well one they borrowed from the Poms) language better.
    No, I give up.

  38. Stella Mayfair Says:

    @ another old biddy: i never heard of kenneth tong, but after reading that interview i think he should be awarded “cunt of the year”. what a fucking twit!

    as for the man repeller, i think a lot of her posts are hilarious, but i have asked myself lately if she would be that widely recognized by “big fashion media” if she weren’t your cookie cutter young, super thin, and comfortably wealthy girl, and therefore very marketable. still, there’s nothing wrong with that. but she does mingle with the ridiculous hipster blogger posse, and that’s just booooring.

  39. Stella Mayfair Says:

    plus: godfrey is beautiful.

  40. David Duff Says:

    Jill is a obviously woman of taste and discernment which is not only demonstrated on her blog but also in her desire (yes, I think I can use that word) to see me in my long Johns. Please, Jill, ensure that you are seated on one of those lovely cushions you illustrate on your blog because what you are about to see makes ladies swoon and strong men weep – no, no, not with laughter!


  41. Andra Says:

    Oh David I swoon.
    Love the waist sash tied so casually. Such savoir faire, such flair, the tousled hair, the just out of bed look.
    But is it fuckable? Any takers?
    Godfrey – beware. The Duffster is on the loose.

  42. David Duff Says:

    Sorry, Andra, but Jill comes first, er, I mean, after ‘Big Sis’, of course.

    And Godfrey ain’t in with a look in!

  43. Cricket9 Says:

    SW, heh-heh, you fiend. Godfrey should start reading “Finnegan’s wake”. In original… Apparently he was raised in Vancouver, as per magazine MacLean; that explains his mellow look.
    Andra, I’m with you on Americans’ and Canadians’ knowledge and use of their own language. If I read “palate” instead of “palette” one more time!!!
    I work with quite a few fluently bilingual (French/English) people, who can’t write in either language.

  44. Sister Wolf Says:

    Cricket9 – Ha, he did his phd on Finnegan’s Wake at Cambridge.

  45. Andra Says:

    Cricket – I’m guessing you are Canadian.
    I am truly concerned about the future of the English language.
    I am old and by the time I was 8 I understood English so well that I used to teach grades younger than me at my school in Adelaide.
    They didn’t pay me either. I could probably sue (would if I was American for sure).
    Boasting I know, and I have certainly forgotten a whole lot since then but I still read 5 books a week and just love my language.
    I do like all languages and actually speak 5 or 6 of them well enough to get by but English is important to me and I am unhappy about the state of it lately. Teachers are actually telling children that it’s alright not to be able to spell or have the remotest idea what to do with apostrophes, just jam one in wherever you think it looks good. Nonsense.
    I will never understand the shorthand that passes for English nowadays.
    Nowadays…. why, you young whippersnappers just don’t know the joys of good writing.
    Bah, humbug and all that stuff.
    Granma Andra

  46. Andra Says:

    And furthermore, it is 31 C. in Cairns on a Saturday afternoon and I am now going to sit in my spa and drink white wine, watch the honey eaters feed on my jade vine and read my book.
    Ha ha ha.
    And fuck the poor people.

  47. tartandtreacly Says:

    Teachers are actually telling children that it’s alright not to be able to spell or have the remotest idea what to do with apostrophes, just jam one in wherever you think it looks good.

    LIKE in Finnegans Wake? ;-D

    I think I would be thoroughly intimidated (and secretly irritated, because I tried learning Russian once and that shit’s HARD) by an Adonis who reads Crime and Punishment in the original text.

    Godfrey enjoys comics like Swamp Thing and cries (big, manly tears) at The Wrath of Khan and listens to classy stuff like Raphael Saadiq and uses his polyglot powers for GOOD, tirelessly translating the works of imprisoned PEN writers in Uzbekistan.

    That is, whenever he has time away from the slathering of baby oil and the perfecting of his best “Blue Steel” and “Le Tigre” poses.

  48. Sister Wolf Says:

    Tartandtreacly -MY Godfrey is an intellectual but he’s not all uppity about it. I once had a boyfriend who could say things like “Every time I read War and Peace,…” without sounding pretentious. But we wasn’t cute. I like the PEN writers though, that works for me!

  49. Jaimi Says:

    Oh goodness, Godfrey combined with tartandtreacly’s comment made my day. Thank you Sister Wolf & tartandtreacly!

  50. E Says:

    Mr Duff – I raced off to admire your portrait and manly figure at the given url – and, excuse my curiosity and the ever so slightly-smutty tone – but is that an entrenching tool featured to the left, hanging on your wall?

  51. Cricket9 Says:

    Andra, I’m Polish, live in Canada for 22 years. I speak English, French, Spanish, and (obviously) Polish; my Russian was very good but now mostly forgotten. I can spell in these languages although I have to double-check the accents in French. Bloody French, one type of accent was not enough!
    I put some time and effort into learning English, and I don’t see a reason for sloppy spelling and haphazard use of words. We hire PhDs where I work, and we give them remedial writing courses, disguised as “business writing courses”. Managers were complaining that they don’t have time to correct basic English mistakes in the said PhDs’ papers for publication.
    We had -31C here recently. I’m very envious of your Cairn weather.
    I really enjoyed the discussion about Mr. Godfrey’s complex personality and intellectual achievements -thanks, everyone!
    Mr. Duff, I’m going to wear long johns today – mine are grey.

  52. David Duff Says:

    Indeed it is, ‘E’, WWI vintage, well spotted. Someone told me in 1962 that WWIII was about to break out. Apparently one of your warlord presidents (he was of Irish lineage – need I say more?) was determined to teach the Cubans democracy if had to nuke every goddamed one of ’em! I thought it prudent to be ready to dig-in at a moment’s notice. Nothing since has altered my caution in this uncertain world.

    However, I’m slightly surprised and not a little hurt that you could tear your eyes from my magnificent figure in order to search the background. You’re not one of those, er, ‘collar and tie gals’, are you?

  53. Andra Says:

    Cricket, my one and only marriage was to a Polish person. They are good people (I basically didn’t want to be married and have never felt the need again) and, when they came to Australia after the war, worked in factories, after being professors and engineers etc., and bought homes and are simply great citizens.
    My husband spoke Polish, Russian, German, English, Pidgin and Motu (Papua New Guinea languages). Nowadays he says he has trouble with English.
    I think they considered Canada but decided on the warmer weather in Australia.
    Best wishes

  54. E Says:

    Dear Mr Duff

    I have no idea what a ‘collar and tie gal’ implies and furthermore I do not have a warlord president; I think our dear Queen would consider nuking rather common.

    In taking in your surroundings (and averting my eyes from excessive exposure to your manly underpinnings) I was musing on the contrast of you living in a house whereas young Godfrey appears to live in a pond. And of course, I was dazzled by the entrenching tool (as may Sister W who is being stalked by a thinly-veiled German photographer).

    Carry on and pip-pip.

  55. Andra Says:

    You are a fickle swine David Duff.
    You don’t need long johns in Cairns…. just a sarong.
    I’d like to see you in a sarong.
    Smiles coyly.

  56. Cricket9 Says:

    Andra, yes, we are everywhere; mostly good people, but often with adolescent-like superiority complex (as in: we are smarter than everyone else, only stupid world doesn’t understand it).
    I was considering Australia – Canada won, because I had many friends here already. Now I suffer every winter for that decision.

  57. David Duff Says:

    ‘E’, apologies, I didn’t realise you were one us – God bless ‘er Majesty!

    Andra, I remain, of course, yours forever – but a sarong? I must have m’ tailor run one up and then perhaps I will have my picture taken and once again stir you from your tropical languor

  58. drollgirl Says:

    Godfrey Gao! CALL ME!

  59. Aja Says:

    Oh my heavens, David Duff. Be still my beating heart :)

  60. David Duff Says:

    Aja, for goodness sake control yourself – and get in the queue!

  61. Andra Says:

    D Duff – I will send you one. Give me an address.

  62. Aja Says:


  63. David Duff Says:

    Andra – e-mail me at david@davpat.co.uk. I dare not give out my address in public, the Memsahib gets very stroppy over all these women sending me their photos, and the postman threatens to sue me for giving him a hernia lifting his mail sack!

  64. Swan Says:


  65. Elena Abaroa Says:

    I´m a bit like a man repeller, sometimes I dress like a tomboy, and other times I dress more femenine, depending on my mood. I think the Man Repeller is a good idea, cause a lot of women dress like this (some women dress to attract men, but we always forget that there are women that dress just for the opposite), but this girl doesnt look like a man repeller at all, at least for me. The few times I visited her blog, I´ve seen her wearing expensive posh girly brands, 15cm heels, small skirts… I like this kind of clothes for some people, but I wouldnt say this is a real man repeller. She is funny sometimes, but nothing special or different than the other fashion blogs. I´m quite bored of fashion blogs lately, all are the same, in general quite shallow.

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