Still Mean!

The Man Repeller is not just repelling men. Consider me repelled. I don’t think I “get” her, but I don’t think I’d like her if I did.

Why is she everywhere?? Why is she so connected, because there is no other way this girl would be in Harper’s Bazaar, and the subject of nearly every fashion or blog related article on the internet.

Am I resentful? DUH, fuck yes! Why isn’t the world adoring me instead?!?

I’ve been mocking ugly clothes for years now. I’m funny and I have a way with words, ahem.   But I don’t have a schtick! Damn me, this must be the problem. Unless it’s because I’m a cunt, rather than just “snarky.”

I don’t understand how a rich girl who talks about getting cabs in Paris and buys high-end designer stuff can position herself as a critic of fashion victims. I don’t understand why anyone wants to hear the word “ladyboner” or why people begin sentences with the words “I mean.” You can’t begin a sentence with “I mean” unless someone has posed the question, “What do you mean?”

I just read an excruciating interview with the Man Repeller in which she observes that red lipstick is not appealing to men but she finds it sexy. Haha, you silly goose, you clearly know nothing about men or red lipstick! I need you to either go away or give me your parents’ money so I can fix my roof and my two broken teeth.

A leaking roof and broken teeth: That’s what man repelling is all about.

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54 Responses to “Still Mean!”

  1. The Eye Collector Says:

    Thank God I’m not the only person who really doesn’t get The Man Repeller. For me it’s not so much the issue of a rich insider trying to criticise the industry, but just boredom – I thought the blog was a great idea at first, but I stopped reading because I got tired of the endless repetition.

    Also, I may be (read: ‘I am’) reading into it far too much, but the whole concept grates on me because although it purports to celebrate liberation from sexual objectification through fashion, it implicitly perpetuates the nasty ideas that:

    1) Most men only care about how women look
    2) Women should accordingly dress to enhance their sexual appeal to men
    3) High fashion, because it does not appeal to the ‘average man’ is some kind of feminist liberation

    Clearly the third isn’t true – fashion trades in objectified female sexuality as much as anything else.

  2. sam Says:

    Oh sister wolf, I mean………

    I hate that too (there is alot that I hate) and often wondered if anyone else ever noticed that in interviews and finds it annoying…….

    That girl up there – well, I do not see what is so worth adoring – no-one is worth so much adulation (except of course Gandhi or the Dalai Lama and you and me…..)

  3. Jill Says:

    She spends so much time on putting together outfits, but obviously spends no time on hair and make up.

  4. Jill Says:

    She spends so much time putting together outfits, but obviously spends no time on hair and make up.

  5. sheri Says:

    I wonder if she realizes that the hat is NOT covering up the hair.

  6. Make Do Style Says:

    I have a photo of my grandmother in 1911 and I’m telling you that girl has nicked her look!

  7. Joy D. Says:

    I have kind of washed my hands of this subject but I am going to comment anyway. She won a blogging award which could be insignificant to some but as a fan of some fashion blogs I feel like that “awardshow” was a good tell of how fashion blog fans want their blogs to look like. Fashion Toast got two awards….
    All I can say is that I roll my eyes at the idea that she has the “niche” of being a rich girl that buys expensive cool things. There is probably more to her personality and to her as a person but she would rather this schtick be a winning resemblance of who she is.

  8. Elena Abaroa Says:

    “I don’t understand how a rich girl who talks about getting cabs in Paris and buys high-end designer stuff can position herself as a critic of fashion victims” this is the point Sister, why i dont get Man Repeller either.

    She is funny and looks a nice girl, but I think at the same time she is deceiveing her readers, cause she tries to look something she is not. When you discover her blog you think she is ridiculizing the fashion victims but then you see that she is one of them. Her blog is not bad, she si only 21, maybe in a couple of years she will offer something really original, who knows.

  9. james Says:

    Men lovvve red lipstick!

  10. ellio100 Says:

    “What’s your position on jeggings?
    I like the name. I own a few pairs, but I think they suck”

    It just seems so pointless. Surely a blog about fashion that men didn’t like would be better if it was written by a man, instead of an attention-seeker.

  11. Babsalicious Says:

    What James said.

  12. Jasmin Says:

    Oh, Sister Wolf. You are brazen, brassy, over the top bold, and you appear to be unstable. These are true man repellant qualities. You win.

  13. tartandtreacly Says:

    It’s BECAUSE she’s getting cabs in Paris and buying high-end designer stuff that her blog so popular. If she were truly a gadfly who mocked fashion’s excesses with a rapier pen she would scare off a good portion of the readership But because she thumbs her nose at it while participating in it at the same time she reassures all those trend-chasing fashionistas that she is “one of them” and flatters them by making them think that even if they are silly consumerist gooses they are at least self-aware silly consumerist gooses. It’s all very LOOK AT ME SUBVERTING THE PARADIGM ONLY NOT REALLY.

    Your blog is good and often very funny, and you are a writer amidst a sea of “content curators”. Perhaps that’s cold comfort compared to being INTERNET FAMOUS, but surely it counts for something.

  14. Chelsea Rae Says:

    I don’t understand with the blog is so popular either. Honestly, I appreciate your wit or whatever you want to call it much more than her ravings of a self professed man-repeller. The thing is, all these girls are going to start wearing God knows what and “repelling men,” but then they’re going to complain about being alone. I assume she’s attempting to encourage women to dress for themselves, but I might be reading too far into her shtick.

  15. Em Says:

    What’s so repellent about being thin, pretty, and trendy? I’ve only skimmed her blog, and I do appreciate that she makes

  16. Em Says:

    What’s so repellent about being thin, pretty, and trendy? I don’t see what’s so edgy about wearing expensive clothes by popular designers. Although, I’ve skimmed her blog a couple times, and I do appreciate that she makes unattractive faces in some of her pictures. It’s a nice departure from the super pose-y pictures other bloggers take.

    Sorry about the double post!

  17. Zoe Says:

    Don’t even get me started on this girl. I’m sure she’s lovely and a fun person to be around but I just don’t understand her blog. Since when did ‘fashionable’ women start dressing for men? Of course no one in their right mind would wear harem pants and God awful Lita pumps on a date.

    P.s. You have a huge audience that adores you.

  18. Hortense Says:

    She’s actually semi-funny sometimes, in a desperate Joan Rivers kind of way. She has always reminded me of a richer, younger you, Sister Wolf. What’s wrong with her brand of humor is how much it just reinforces patriarchy/heteronormativity and then proceeds to pretend it was aware of the reinforcement and couldn’t give a damn all along.

    But yeah, if she thinks she’s repelling any men, she’s way wrong. Skinny, tan, young, rich, sassy. She could wear a suit made out of brillo pads and get some kind of a date (maybe not a hot one).

  19. kt Says:

    Her humor is contrived and her outfits aren’t even that good. She’s got youth, family money, and connections on her side. Again, it’s not what you know, but who. All these blogger bungholes depress me.

    P.S. Zoe is right!

  20. amie Says:

    I’m a fan of Man Repeller, big fan. Her voice is light and funny, and she turns a playful eye on an industry that takes itself too seriously (an industry that she makes no apologies for being a part of). MR makes of fashion what it truly should be: an expression, yes, but above all, something fun and a little frivolous.

  21. Sarah Says:

    Oh Sister Wolf, you are my favorite! I read/peruse an embarasing amount of fashion blogs. My job is way boring. And I do check out The Man Repeller. I kind of like her. But you sister, are gold. You’re unpredictable, you crack me up, and you break my heart. You are talented.

    I’ve never commented on a post, most aren’t worth my time. But I felt compelled to send my love and thanks. I will keep you in my prayers. I hope your heart heals and you get a new roof soon.

    Plus, you turned me on to Strawberige. I LOVE it.

    God bless,

  22. Stacy Says:

    I’ve never been to her site. I only know of it because of your posts. It’s like when you hear a song on the radio that you hate and you quickly change the station so the station’s music director will see a drop in the ratings at the exact time that song was playing – I like to think that really happens. I don’t want to give a hit to the site because I feel the same way you do. I may not be in Paris but I’m in a friggin’ rainforest and am still stylish – now that’s talent.

    I did see she was a guest of honour at some Barney’s thing – which is a whole other level of ittitating marketing.

    PS maybe she’s a ‘mole’ working under cover for industry….

  23. sarah.p Says:

    She’s only 22? Bitch needs some sleep and some sunscreen.

    Greetings, SW.

  24. Dani Says:

    Like others, I kind of liked her blog at first, but once I realized she was actually very wealthy and only wore designer clothing I was turned off. It’s not just that, either, her writing style is far too ADHD to keep up with, and it does seem contrived. Also, I was surprised to learn she was only 21 as her face looks 40 (not that that matters, but yeah.)

  25. Lys Says:

    At first I liked her but once the novelty is gone, her blog becomes kinda blah for me. Her jokes are becoming repetitive and her random use of bolding the text annoyed me. I’d rather read Go Fug Yourself for fashion mocking kind of humor.

    @Hortense: Really? To me, “” reminds me of a younger version of Sister Wolf. She’s witty, funny, acerbic and seems genuine to me.

  26. annemarie Says:

    ah, i rue the day i endorsed Man Repeller on this blog! i didn’t know she was just a one-trick pony! I didn’t know she was rich! i didn’t know she would end up being celebrated by everyone!

  27. betina Says:

    she is jewish, rich and lived in NYC all her life
    still any question in what her “conections” must be?

  28. Jess Says:

    I’ve been reading Man Repeller pretty much since it started and I used to really like it, but I just took it off my Google Reader the other day because it has become so incredibly stale. It’s the same old jokes and comments about the same kind of things (written in what she seems to think is a hilariously irreverent way but which has become very tedious), but now with more possibly sponsored product placement and presumably sponsored competitions. And for some reason it really gets my goat when she just casually mentions she’s wearing her mother’s Chanel shirt or Alaïa belt from the 80s. Could that be any more irrelevant to her readership, unless they’ve all got “man repelling” cashed-up heritage as well? If I raid my mother’s wardrobe, I’ll get maybe a pair of pink Crocs that are 4 sizes too small for me, or a sensible pair of jeans that fit someone 7 inches shorter than me. Wait! I could probably repel men if I did wear those things! I feel so empowered!

  29. liz (the who cares girl) Says:

    all I know is, I’m sick of those friggin’ hats.

  30. Nickie Frye Says:

    Oh no! Two broken teeth?! Ouch!

    Totally unrelated, but I had to come by & tell you that I saw Prince wearing your pants!!! Plus, he has the matching jacket! Check it out: I told you I needed those pants.

    I don’t read this “Man Repeller” blog, but there does seem to be an insider’s club when it comes to blogging. I’m not a member for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I don’t have one of those hats. :(

  31. Tanya Says:

    I think you’re right in that she’s found success in part because of the “schtick” thing. The problem is that all schticks get old; why the world hasn’t grown weary of her is somewhat of a mystery to me. Perhaps it’s because she never indicts fashion, even when it seems like she is. She perpetually fondles those vaginally-themed staples while ‘poking fun’ at them. Anyway, I do think that you’d be too controversial to be some sort of industry darling. That, and you don’t wear those annoying hats.

  32. sisty Says:

    I don’t follow her blog, don’t know a thing about her, but she reminds me of a younger, cunt-in-training version of you, so why not give her a break?

  33. Cricket9 Says:

    Sisty, you seem to be a cunt after the training – why don’t you give us all a break?
    SW, Tanya is right, and we love you “just the way you are”.

  34. Sister Wolf Says:

    Sarrah – I’m so glad you finally commented! xo

    amie- Well, but she should make an apology.

    Nickie Frye – I LOVE that Prince clip, I love how he kicks Kim K off the stage. As Chris Rock said of her: “All that ass and she don’t know what to do with it.”

    Hortense – Good analysis. Hate her.

    Lys – I went to look at the frenemy only to find that she just got a book deal! I need to kill myself asap.

    Cricket9 – Sisty makes no sense!!!! Make her leave me alone!

  35. Rach Says:

    Eh, she’s alright. Yes, her writing style is skittish but it’s more entertaining than most, and I don’t consider her a critic of fashion – but a celebration of the ugly shit women love and men hate. The fact she dresses mostly designer and has heaps of cash is neither here nor there – this is voyeurism, not a how-to.

  36. Sister Wolf Says:

    Rach – Neither here nor there to you, maybe.

    annemarie – Ten Hail Marys for you!

  37. kirsten Says:

    thank you, THANK YOU for bringing up the “i mean” thing. does that EVER grate on my nerves. the girl from nicole is better and that white lightning person do it constantly and it is so incredibly irritating.
    this goes along with “i can’t” as a means to express how much one loves something.

  38. Srenna Says:

    Is she positive that it’s not just her face that’s repelling the men?

  39. Nat Says:

    I went to IFB conference where she spoke on one of the panels. I had read her blog a few times and didn’t mind her at first, but hearing her at the conference made me dislike her. She spoke about protecting her creative content. I understand that she would want to trademark “The Man Repeller”–which I don’t even find that catchy, but she also wanted to trademark all her phrases like “ladyboner” and “birth control glasses”. Her lawyer convinced her that it would be too expensive.

    She has a problem with people borrowing her phrases and not crediting/hyperlinking her blog. During Q&A, one guy commented on how there’s a point where this proclamation of ownership gets obnoxious and mentioned how no one knows or cares who coined “Obamacare”. Obviously she wants traffic for her blog (which was her defense), and it’s hard to draw the difference between re-posting original photos and re-posting original catch phrases–since it’s all original content.

    I thought “birth control glasses” was funny…once. I didn’t know it would be a recurring thing. I just hate when people have to declare how clever and funny they are, and it seems like Man Repeller is doing just that. Comedians and comedy writers don’t say it, they show it–and I don’t know of any who trademark their jokes either.

    That being said, Sister Wolf, it may sound like I’m contradicting myself, but I love the Lesbian Stick! I love the story behind it. Please keep taking us on its journey.

  40. TheShoeGirl Says:

    I do the “I mean” thing. It’s annoying but I meaaaaaan… everyones doing it. 😉

    I think it’s funny when girls say things that they know to be untrue so that they sound more interesting (re: the red lipstick thing) It shows how truly moronic they are.
    I mean… guys probably PREFER heavier girls but I just like being super skinny for ME, ya know?


  41. Sister Wolf Says:

    Nat – God, this is so horrible…the arrogance of trying to trademark your Cute made-up word…it’s too awful to think about! Make it stop!

  42. Sister Wolf Says:

    TheShoeGirl – I mean you can at least TRY to cure yourself of this verbal tick. I mean I once tried to see how long I could go without saying “like” and it was reall hard, but still,like, possible.

  43. Mary Says:

    Thanks SW, I thought I was the only one who found this person tedious and contrived. Looks like I am in good company.

  44. sisty Says:

    Oh no! I’m sorry!! I didn’t mean to suggest that you were a cunt-in-training, only that she was (or might be). And also that she’s cute, at least in the red tartan picture, and looks like what you might have looked like when you were her age.

  45. Sister Wolf Says:

    sisty – How dare you! I was adorable at 22.

  46. candy Says:

    I read the blog, I don’t understand it really.

  47. sisty Says:

    Well, I think she’s pretty adorable-looking in that horseblanket picture, not enough to give me a ladyboner, but adorable nonetheless. She does remind me of you, physically, at least in that picture.

  48. EJ Says:

    Nat – she seriously wanted to trademark ‘ladyboner’?? I’ve seen people using that phrase all over the place for years, surely she can’t SERIOUSLY try to claim credit for it?

  49. MR Says:

    I never said I wanted to trademark the terms lady boner OR birth control glasses. Someone at the conference asked me if I had tried after I mentioned having trademarked “Man Repeller.” I said no, it seemed tedious. In other news though, you’re right that it is thoroughly douchey to start a sentence with the words “I mean.”

  50. Lara Says:

    I first heard about her here from another commenter and thought it was an adorable blog… at first. Now, I’m over it. I removed her from my reader and twitter.

  51. niamh Says:

    Oh, I love this post, brilliant!
    Keep up the good work, we are all adoring you!

  52. chuck n. Says:

    thanks for making me hate her you bitch.

    hahaha, jk jk jk! (please don’t take that seriously)

    it’s true though, her “man-repelling”-ness is now just redundant and rather lame. she was funny at first though!

  53. ll Says:

    Come on, what’s not to like, she’s incredibly stylish and an amazing writer to boot. I bet you’re all just hating the fact that someone as privileged as her is . also smart and witty.

  54. karenl Says:

    Thank you! I Just started following this person this year and I can’t anymore. Too much easy privilege and access and transparent about it. Plus the blog writing style is really annoying.

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