I Am Through Hearing About

Lady Gaga

Justin Bieber




Big Banks


Game Changers


Isabel Marant


Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

Tom Ford

Arizona Muse

Charlie Sheen

The Tea Party

Family Guy


Chinese Mothers

Crystal Renn

Brazilian Blowouts

Andrej Pegic


Feel free to add or complain!

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81 Responses to “I Am Through Hearing About”

  1. Rebekah Says:

    Sarah Fucking Palin.
    And “budget cuts”

  2. K B Says:

    – Oscar buzz
    – Jennifer Aniston
    – Katy Perry
    – Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss
    – celebrity pregnancies

  3. Tanya Says:

    I’ll have to add “lamestream media.” Have you seen the new ‘Chlo(eh) Does the Oscars’ video?

  4. TheShoeGirl Says:

    HEY! You don’t mean ME Celine, right? I mean, you must know that I would assume you were cause EVERYONE is talking about me… baahahaha.
    i kid, i kid.

    Don’t forget-

    *Lindsey Lohan


    …thats all ive got

    thats all I have right now.

  5. curlydena Says:

    I’ll add Alexa Chung to the list if I may.

  6. Sister Wolf Says:

    curlydena – Hahahaha, sure, I’ve had enough of her too.

    Tanya – I’m acatually afraid to watch that video. Will it enrage me or what??

    TheSHoeGIrl – Totally sick of Glee, even though I’ve never seen it.

  7. David Duff Says:

    Pheeew! For a minute I thought you were going to add my long Johns!

  8. sam Says:

    The Olympics
    The Royal Wedding
    Bankers bonuses
    How cold/wet/cloudy/windy/dark/dreich it is (being fucking February in the UK and all)

    Thankfully I don’t ever hear about Lady Gaga because I dont tune in to the kind of media that thinks she’s a revelation and something new and out of the ordinary.

  9. EJ Says:

    As long as I can still look at pictures of cats then I’m fine not talking about them.

    I am sick to the back teeth of British media and politicians talking about ‘fairness’. Also done with ‘living your own truth’, ‘sparkles’ and all that shit.

    Oh, and I’m through with Duff’s longjohns. Happy now?

  10. Sister Wolf Says:

    EJ – While I stand by Duff’s long-johns, I would gladly kill anyone who “lives their own truth.” I HATE HATE HATE the idea of My Truth and Your Truth. There is only ONE TRUTH MOTHERFUCKER!

    Yep, I’m happy now!

  11. mustownmore Says:

    How great The Black Swan is.

    A/W shows before spring has even arrived.

    Which celebrities are on the front row of fashion shows.

    Using the term ‘frow’ for front row.

    Bloggers that retweet people praising them. Ugh.

  12. lyn f Says:

    Cup cakes.
    Awards Ceremonies – enough already.

  13. Miggs Says:

    How about ‘mindfulness’? That one makes me gnash my teeth. Actually, anything about ‘living your life with authenticity’ and whatever else the earnest, priveleged white girls are talking about.

  14. EJ Says:

    Mustownmore – you are bang on with that last one. How some people use twitter baffles me.

    Also, I second Sam’s list. I am going on holiday while the royal wedding occurs to try and escape the madness.

  15. nadine Says:


    I was just thinking about a week ago on how much I hate this word.

    ‘We need to find sustainable this, and sustainable that’, ‘Is it sustainable?’


  16. monika Says:

    Scott Schumann&Garance Dore
    I had sort of liked them before I read that: http://nymag.com/fashion/11/spring/71665/

  17. Cricket9 Says:

    Cats? Cats? C’mon, SW, it’s always a good time to talk about cats.
    Crazy Cat Lady

  18. EJ Says:

    And another thing! I want to ban forever ‘hating on’ (the phrase, not the action). You are not ‘hating on’ something, you are hating it. If you can’t deal with hating something and have to separate yourself from the action by using the present continuous tense, then maybe you either don’t actually hate the thing all that much and should find another word or you’re more of a cunt than you want to admit.

    I mean ‘you’ in the general sense, not you spefically of course SW.

    Can you tell what sort of day I’m having yet?

  19. alicia Says:

    I think Scott Schumann & Garance deserve cunts of the week for that interview.

  20. Cybill Says:

    iphone – “I have an iphone” “its on my iphone” Its a fucking phone, or a mobile or a cell, what is with the irritating I ?!

    As for the Schumann & Dore article, it sounds a little like the interviewer didn’t think much of them either. Someone once wrote in on Decorno’s blog (I think it was hers) about how they met Mr Schumann and he was a fool who tried to hit on every woman in the room.

  21. Chelsea Rae Says:

    Oh, I like this game:
    Catherine/Kate Middleton
    Katy Perry
    Verizon vs. AT&T
    Emanuelle Alt

  22. Make Do Style Says:

    Big Society

    Sam Cam


    I’m going to stick up for Justin Bieber with a rod up his backside – I have to listen to him everyday thanks to the petit gracon, bring back Gaga that’s what I say. What happened to my dear little boy that sang along to the Kings of Leon on his first day going to school!

    Oh and can I add

    Monetise – where the f did that come from…am I going off script should I be adding actors?

  23. PsychedelicAnemone Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the first five.

    -Jeffrey Campbell
    -Jersey Shore

    Two things I’m not-so-into and am sick of seeing it everywhere!

  24. Ann Says:

    Your list about covers it all, and I also cosign everyone else’s suggestions. My only contribution is Kanye, but I think he’s been there all along.

  25. honeypants Says:

    I will argue with you about cats until the end of time. But you nailed it with Zombies. Seriously, I am SO sick of them and have been forever.

    Another one for the list:

    “You call THIS Global Warming???”

  26. mhdbass Says:

    Oh, you may not want to watch this then… Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson = urggghhhh http://www.heatworld.com/Celeb-News/2011/02/Does-Lady-GaGa-getting-naked-even-count-as-news-any-more/

  27. sharnek Says:

    Can I add Kirsty Allsop’s use of twitter?


  28. RedHeadFashionista Says:

    My Twitter feed is awash with Libya news and they tweet that she’s HAD A HAIRCUT. I despair.
    Was thinking of you, I remember your ‘Dictator Chic’ post…
    Sharnek – watch out for Kirsty, she watches you…I tweeted about her and she replied. Was kind of sweet, if a bit scary.

  29. bird Says:

    -Crystal Renn eating things.
    -Rachel’s haircut. Or who Jen Anniston dating. Or who she dated.
    -Real housewives of anywhere.
    -Anything that involves celebrities, real, fake, or reality tv.

  30. sheri Says:

    Tiger Woods.

  31. Sister Wolf Says:

    Okay cat lovers, I meant the pictures of cats doing stupid things like it’s the FUNNIEST THING EVER. Except for catswholooklikehitler.com I cannot endure this hahahahha look at this cat being weird. A photo of a cute cat just being normal is different.

  32. Tanya Says:

    SW: It’s quite good, actually. It’s not actually Chloe, just a man in drag doing CS impersonations.

  33. Lara Says:

    Only thing I disagree with is cats but… I really just like looking at them. I thought you liked Crystal Renn?

    I will add:

    Gossip Girl
    Jersey anything
    Black Swan
    the gym/yoga/Wii fit/Zumba/etc
    autism (sorry, I’m sick of it)
    The Man Repeller
    raw diets
    the debate over men liking red lipstick
    the debate over why women are single

  34. Sister Wolf Says:

    Lara – I forgot Black Swan?!?!?! I must be punished. Autism, we’re all sick of it but I have an autistic kid so I need to follow autism news.

  35. De Says:

    Kate Middleton. The latest iWhatever/apps

  36. candy Says:

    We could be very tired of the recent news related to the Middle east but it would be very selfish. I think the same for any disease, it’s very selfish to say you are tired of hearing about a disease, because then we become selfish, some people have to live with it. We have to hear about those because if you don’t hear about things that touch humans, you will only hear about reality tv stars and movies but not the real issues that matter.
    I am tired of hearing about the wedding of william and kate.

    Sw I know what you mean about those cat pictures. Usually the cats hold a gun or have a bubble with something written in it. Humans are crual sometimes, the cat and dog world shouldn’t be touched by our stupidity!

  37. Lara Says:

    My friend has an autistic child as well. She’s had a lot of success with a DAN doctor – gluten free diet, yeast detox, massive vitamin intake, etc. Her daughter has made major strides!

  38. Natalie / Fashion Intel Says:

    + The King’s Speech
    + Katy Perry’s boobs
    + white people appropriating black slang

    I’ll stick with 3, but could list so much more!

  39. Andra Says:

    Carpet cleaning person …. what the ??
    Sister Wolf – a good thing you changed the cat stuff.
    another crazy cat lady

  40. Cricket9 Says:

    I would give up chocolate for a loooong time if I wouldn’t have to see, hear or hear about Kim Kardashian or any other Kardashians EVER AGAIN!
    And, Carpet Cleaning Someone – WTF???

  41. Sister Wolf Says:

    Andra & CRicket9 – Carpet shit was spam. I would never, ever give up chocolate. There is no life without chocolate.

  42. twistedlamb Says:

    -Alexander Wang
    -Anna Dello Russo
    -Faux Fur
    -Facebook “likes”
    -Actress turned designer

  43. Srenna Says:

    “I’m half-sick of Katy Perry,” said the Lady of Shallot.

    Also, the whole Lady Antebellum thing makes me uncomfortable.

  44. Cricket9 Says:

    Andra, I <3 you!
    SW, yes, life without chocolate is miserable, but life with a Kardashian jumping at you from everywhere, plus fucking Kardashians' mom dispensing wise motherly advice to "the girls" is even worse.
    I also want to officially say: UP YOUR ROBE, Mr. "I shoot my own people" Ghadaffi!

  45. MisfitSarah Says:

    Turning nouns into verbs and verbs into nouns.
    Both of the following examples are from my workplace:

    “Links to the learnings can be found here…”
    Apparently a ‘learning’ is now a thing, not something you do.

    “We are evidencing this with the following…”
    And ‘evidencing’ is now something you do. It’s not even a frickin WORD.

    Stop fucking with the language people, it’s perfectly fucking good just as it is.

  46. Andra Says:

    Down the track.
    People fucking with apostrophes.
    Taking something on board.
    Rolling out something. (apart from barrels)
    Men wearing beavers on their heads.
    People not knowing the difference between “that” and “who”.
    And lots and lots of other stuff which eludes me at the moment.

  47. E Says:

    Mutton dressed as lamb – an expression that makes me all stabby.
    Carine Roitfeld leaving Vogue.
    Fashion singulars (trouser, boot, whatever).
    Whipping your hair back and forth.
    Appropriating sex-industry stereotypes (ironic whoredom, pole-dancing, stripper chic, S+M cliches) to sell clothes, music, your film script and so on – or to demonstrate your ‘edginess’.
    Fence paint legs.
    Something-or-another Has Talent (aka bear-baiting freakshow time).
    Somewhere-or-another’s Top Something (aka more bear-baiting freakshow time).
    Celebrity Anything.
    People who refer to the vagina as if that is the entire extent of women’s genetalia. And then want to add glitter to it. And call it something cutesy and coy.

  48. Sister Wolf Says:

    Make DO – Kings of Leon?? How adorable!!!!

  49. Sister Wolf Says:

    also, the prefix “uber”, fucking HATE.

  50. Sister Wolf Says:

    Andra – Have you heard “drop” as in “The collection will drop on Tuesday.” It means “release” or “arrive” and it’s like a hot poker in my ear

    E – Carine Roitfeld leaving Vogue= boringest thing of the month.

  51. Pam Power Says:

    High Street

    YSL Touche Eclat

    Maybelline Great Lash

    Jimmy Choo


    & any fucking cunt blogger that isn’t Sister Wolf.

  52. Rackk and Ruin Says:

    Ruby Aldridge

  53. David Duff Says:

    Well I’m a “fucking cunt blogger” and I’m not Sister Wolf, well, I wasn’t the last time I looked, but anyway, I’m wonderful, as Kate Middleton will tell you because she’s mad about me and she’s only marrying that RAF bloke because he’s got some sort of title but really, deep in her heart, it’s me she aches for and I think she’s DDG (Drop Dead Gorgeous). Er, for some reason she has failed to answer my many letters but I put it down to this lousy, socialist, bloody postal service we have ‘over here’. Your old Pony Express would do better than our lot!

  54. Aly Says:

    visual dialogue

  55. Emily Bleak Says:



    Whatever some blogger is being paid to shill. I’m sick of being a demographic and it shows when someone’s selling a thing that they don’t actually love.

    If my cat makes anyone leave my blog then I probably didn’t want them reading in the first place, my grimalkin is the ultimate prop for jazzing up those outfit photos while simultaneously implying my introversion and love of small furry things that poop in a box.

  56. Elena Abaroa Says:

    – Ridiculous nails
    – Tacky celebrities on tacky red carpets
    – The style of: Olsens, Nicole Richie, Rachel Bilson, & co.
    – Gay men in the fashion industry trying to look that they love women when in reality they envy them in the bad way.
    – Celebrities who sing terrible trying to look cool and indie (Z. Deschanel, I. Lazereanu, C. Kemp Muhl…)
    – Hipsters, in all their versions (from London, Paris, Madrid, NY…)
    – Must have and “it” stuff.
    – It girls/ it boys
    – Fashion week pedantic parties
    – People who hate Ricky Gervais

  57. Andra Says:

    Sister Wolf – I have not heard this usage of “drop” and I’m sorry you had to drop it on me now.
    David Duff – language please!!

  58. john Says:

    YOU! hahaha!!!!

  59. Sister Wolf Says:

    john – is some cunt from Indonesia! hahaha!!!

  60. Sister Wolf Says:

    Aly – What is “visual dialogue?” I already don’t like it.

  61. Srenna Says:

    Derek Blasberg.

  62. Andra Says:

    Should I know what macarons are?
    I know what macaroons are if that helps.

  63. Madeleine Says:

    -Boys that look like girls
    -Girls that look like boys


    -Anything on the news/tv
    -Underground indie hipster secret club music, it’s terrible anyway and its
    probably why no one has ever heard it.

    I still like cats though

  64. Sister Wolf Says:

    Srenna – YES, Derek Blasberg! Also: Bold Colors

  65. Dru Says:

    Gossip Girl

    Western cynicism about the protests across North Africa (“but what about our oil?”)

    any TV show that isn’t set in space/doesn’t have aliens/wasn’t written by Joss Whedon

    anything Jezebel writers like to have fanwanks over (except for Joss Whedon, because he’s smarter, cooler and more awesome than that pack of wannabe feminists will ever be)

  66. Dru Says:

    in fact, re: Jezebel, I think I should be more specific- I am absolutely through with hearing about anything that one writer in particular- Sadie Stein- writes about. It’s more or less bound to be hipsterrific and on occasion casually racist, so no loss to anyone.

  67. David Duff Says:

    Andra, I was only quoting Pam Power.

  68. Laura Says:

    know i’m a bit late off the mark but…

    – the phrase ‘colour blocked brights for S/S 11′ – oh please.
    – the acronyms S/S and A/W in general
    – Emmanuelle Alt
    – ‘street style’
    – Amber Rose
    – anything being ‘on trend’

    …and lots more which i can’t think of right now.

    Meanwhile, I had a good laugh at this article, think you will like it too:


  69. Emily Bleak Says:

    @Andra – Macaroons are vastly superior to macarons, which are like overpriced sandwich cookies. They are “cutesy” and becoming the next obnoxious non-cupcake baked good.

    Also wish to add Zooey Deschanel, the Olsens (I mean they design for J.C. Penney now, explain to me why people still worship them), anything Jeffrey Campbell, “pops of color,” those yawn-inducing Balenciaga Twiggy bags that everyone has now…Blogspot blogs that don’t allow comments without a Blogspot account…the list marches on.

  70. Aly Says:

    SW – I believe “visual dialogue” is a term that fashion and art people use to sound smart and sophisticated. Here’s an example: “And New York is such an extraordinary city because there are so many people on the street with such distinct taste and they inspire and influence each other–there’s definitely a visual dialogue going on.” Sounds pretentious to me.

  71. anna Says:


  72. ineedmydailydose Says:

    count me in on Andrej Pegic and Arizona Muse :-/
    but i cant get enough of Lady Gaga!

  73. Nickie Frye Says:

    GOOP? What the heck? I’ve been sick of Lady Gaga since day one. I hate gimmicks.

  74. Laura Says:

    Power couples

  75. Brie Says:

    – Taylor Swift

    and agree so so much with Lady Gaga

  76. chuck n. Says:

    i’m more sick of seeing:

    barney’s irritating backstage ads

  77. mimi Says:

    – AFL sex scandals (australian rules football)
    – natalie portman/black swan
    – political scaremongering
    – the royal wedding
    – rihanna
    – american idol
    – charlie sheen

  78. ANA Says:

    I think you like hating all popular things, maybe your kind of a hipster yourself
    just saying.

  79. French Shelter Says:

    Lady Extra-Sister Wolf:

    Did you see this?

    (ps: you know you are widely and continuously cuddled)

  80. girlnumberone Says:

    -skins secret party
    -im regen tanzen

  81. girlnumbertwo Says:


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