amsterdamaged – The What.  ┬áMax on lead guitar

9 Responses to “Amsterdamaged”

  1. Make Do Style Says:

    I love Amsterdamaged, when I get interviewed and I asked for my favourite piece of music I will say Amsterdamaged: The What xx

  2. Andra Says:

    Max has the sweetest, most loving face ever.
    Such an enigmatic smile, almost Mona Lisa-ish.
    Your gift to the world is much appreciated, even though this darling, gentle man left much too soon.
    Much too soon.

  3. Debbie Says:

    Happy Birthday sweet Max and to you Sister all my love.

  4. Catherine Says:

    Thank you for sharing this, and sharing Max with us in general. Keeping you both in my thoughts.

  5. annemarie Says:

    really fucking angry that he never let me meet him….but saying heartfelt prayers for his soul all the same.
    love you, jojo.

  6. Sonja Says:

    What a beautiful boy. loads of love to you, Sister. xoxoxoxo

  7. Bevitron Says:

    Wonderful song!
    The picture is like a Botticelli portrait – I can’t stop looking at it.
    Love to you and Max, Sister Wolf.

  8. Ruth Johnston Says:

    Thinking of you xx

  9. Cami Says:


    He is beautiful. Take care of yourself, dear Sister. x

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