Behold the Sequin Pants


And behold the young Wolf, 18 years old.   We are dressed for a Passover dinner with our in-laws.   My pants represent the gold idols that the Jews were not allowed to worship.

Not really.

Feel free, if you dare, to criticize my styling of the pants.

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87 Responses to “Behold the Sequin Pants”

  1. Harmreduction Says:

    Rocking the pink chanel quilted bag is a bit surprising to me; I am being challenged by your choice. Now, i am humbly begging you to not track me down, and beating me up, but; feel free to rip into me with as much viciousness with my clothing choices!

  2. Sister Wolf Says:

    Harmreduction – I’m glad you brought this up. The bag is a relic of the past and pretty worn at the edges. It is up for sale to anyone who makes a decent offer. Now run like the wind!

  3. kirsten Says:

    sister i’d love to rag on you for shiny gold pants paired with a pink chanel bag, but i actually think despite the pain and grief you’re dealing with you’re doing a spectacular job of showing your warmth, spirit and kindness. i mean this with all sincerity in case you doubt that. and i FUCKING (GRATUITOUS SWEAR WORD) LOVE YOUR LIPSTICK, I WANT.
    your son is handsome by the way. WHAT A BEARD! dang.

  4. sarah Says:

    Hi Sister Wolf,
    I’ve recently stumbled upon your blog, via Kingdom of Style, and haven’t commented before. I feel compelled to say now that those pants are epic and amazing. I wish I had a pair just like them. Happy Passover!

  5. Marl Says:

    Just have to say you look amazing, Sister Wolf! (Pink Chanel bag and all.) You have a lovely smile in the top photo.

  6. Dexter VanDango Says:

    You both look fabulous.. and Young Wolf looks like a Rabbi from New Orleans.

  7. skye Says:

    Oh you guys look great!

  8. Penny Dreadful Vintage Says:

    Wargh! Sequin gold trousers, I WANT.

  9. Lulu Says:

    You look utterly sensational, and perfect for the occasion. Gold glamourpuss vamp.
    As for your Wolfling, he is totally handsome, and I am regretting my age and remote location….purrr!

    hope you had a good seder xx

  10. Molly Says:

    I love how your wearing them as if you wear them every day. Banging! xo

  11. Ann Says:

    Words do no justice to describe how foolish I would look in such pants, yet somehow, you wear them effortlessly. Your figure is to die for, as per, and I covet your necklace. Charlie’s hat is badass and he looks pimpin, as the kids say.

    Also, new ink on the left inner wrist?! How/when did I miss that?! Spill it!

    Nothing more to say except I love you and I hope your Passover was wonderful.

  12. MG Says:

    Hahaha, you look so bad ass that I can’t even talk ish. You’re just like “oh these things? I wear them all the time”. LOVE it! Rock those pants!

  13. tartantreacly Says:


  14. sheri Says:


  15. Erika Says:

    Love,love the pants- you look great!

  16. Miss Peelpants Says:

    Oh my word, I want those trousers. They’re glam-rock-tastic!

  17. Cat Says:

    This is brilliant. I really never thought I would find myself ever wanting sequin pants. But YOU, Sister, rock the shit out of that shit!!!! Holy crap you look hot in those!

    I can imagine the jealous stares of all the other ladies at the supermarket…. 😉

    Sorry I must agree with Harmreduction about the bag. However, I LOVE the necklace and leather jacket.

    Keep being awesome.

  18. regularstarfish Says:

    Those pants are so rad. You guys look like a fun team.

  19. deja pseu Says:

    Love the pants. They are so You. You and Young Wolf look great!

    Happy Pesach!

  20. Cat Says:

    Sister Wolf, I know others have asked you before so sorry for the repetition, but I forget… which lipstick do you use?

    It’s just such a real RED. I have a deep darker red and a lighter pinkish red but not one like yours which is truly fabulous.

  21. fara Says:

    I don’t like them :( I think if they were cut a bit slimmer and not so shiny, I would have.

  22. Artful Lawyer Says:


  23. dana Says:

    I bow down in worship to your pants and your mad styling skillz. All of you and the youngun look fantastic. I wish I could look half as cool! You are my inspiration when ppl say 1) cut your hair and 2) don’t wear black. As If.

  24. EJ Says:

    I love those trousers, I hope that you wear them every freaking day.

    Also, that beard belongs to an 18 year old? I’ve no idea what you Americans feed your kids, I know no 18 year old British kids who look that grown up.

  25. Layers&Swathes Says:

    My kinda Jews :)

    Gold pants look great. You’ve inspired me for a prospective Rosh Hashana outfit…

    Love to you Sista xo

  26. Aja Says:

    I’ve actually never seen anyone sport sequin pants so you’ve done it nicely. Happy Passover!

  27. Stacy Says:


  28. Iron Chic Says:

    SW, it’s reassuring to see you looking so great and dare I say slightly happy in those photos?
    Hope that smile is for real…and that legless Mary is quite creepy.

  29. Liz!! Says:

    Sister, you forrealz look fabulous! Even the Chanel bag is lovely.

    And young Wolf looks quite snazzy (the hat is reminding me of Carmen Sandiego). Hope you two enjoyed Passover dinner!

  30. daisy Says:

    as a woman in her 50’s i think you look amazing. i love the pink bag with the outfit too. i now want a tattoo.

  31. liz Says:

    The young wolf is quite dapper, and love the pants. Can we get a close up of the necklace? I’m intrigued

  32. Taylor Says:

    Sister- those are spectacular. Better than the stupid $3243424 Balmain ones even.

  33. Dizzyliz Says:

    And I thought I was cool sporting leather leggings to my Seder.

    I love it.

  34. honeypants Says:

    You look gorgeous – and happy – if only for the moment that first photo was taken. Charlie looks dapper in his finery too.

  35. alittlelux Says:

    you guys look great! :)

  36. Sandra Says:

    I think this is as tasteful as gold sequined pants get! Not too many colors, not too much else going on… I dig it.

  37. Bevitron Says:

    Sister, you are just slap gorgeous! What a smile. And your Wolfspring is positively adorable. Crave your outfit but I’d actually wear his.

    …heavy, envy-laden sigh… What’s it like to be beautiful? You are it.

  38. Kelly Says:

    I love it!

  39. unicorn Says:

    You totally rock these! Can I call you Lady Stardust? Oh, and I am jealous of course… I would probably rock em too…

    I read your blog since a month I guess and I’m happy to know that someone out there cares for language :)

  40. patni Says:

    I love the pants! I love the way they flare out all over at the bottom. You look great, and your son does too.

  41. Cricket9 Says:

    Pants-shmantz. YOU look fabulous, with or sans pants! I’d like to have a closer look at the necklace tough, and more of that smile please – as much as possible actually. Maybe you look happier because we are doing most of the woorying now 😉
    Young Wolf looks very spiffy – I do approve the hat/tie combination. Happy Passover.

  42. Jacqui Says:

    If anyone I knew dressed as dapper and you and your son, I would totally attend sedar. Why is this night different from other nights? Gold sequin pants, obviously.

  43. Andra Says:

    Those are just the greatest photos.
    Thanks for sharing.

  44. LIZ Says:

    You look like a hot disco mermaid.

  45. Jamtart Says:

    SW, you look devastatingly awesome.I love the sparkly flares, but I love your panache and insouciance even more.

  46. Deni Says:

    You both look fabulous!

  47. Sarah Says:

    Look at you! You look fucking ridiculous in the very best way possible. I usually come here for my bitterness fix and to feel a little less alone in my struggles, this was such a great surprise though. Just amazing, you look super fine.

  48. Brunehilda Says:

    you look really nice!!

  49. Kelly Says:

    As your most non-fashionista reader (though Suebob might fight me for it), I have to say that I thought the real choice was the pink Chanel bag to go with. It has a calming presence. And whatever is around your neck (shape is good, can’t quite tell what it is, peppers?) – that’s good too.

    If God is looking down, those pants are the ultimate backatcha.

    PS My younger son (just 25) looks somewhat similar to yours…hirsute with eyewear.

    Next year, in Jerusalem–and beyond.

  50. Tanya Says:

    Those look amazing on you. So much better than Jenna Lyons’s sequined genie pants.

  51. Elaine Says:

    Those pants are glorious. Please tell me they double as a scarf

  52. Marky Says:

    You once told me that if you’re going to spend over $1000 on a handbag, it had better be in the most impractical color possible.

    Gold and pink works in its utter impracticality.

    You and Junior Wolf look awesome.

  53. Lucy Says:

    I think you look FANTASTIC and it is so great to see you happy and positive. Love!!

  54. Make Do Style Says:

    Just utterly wonderful, original and what a pair of fashion Jews!! xx

  55. Sister Wolf Says:

    We are so honored and pleased by all these compliments, we are totally conceited now and think we are the shit. Thank you SO MUCH for the validation of our style! I now feel like the Queen of Sheba, so I’ll be obnoxious and difficult until the glow wears off.

    What a supportive group you are! It’s really wonderful. xoxo

    ps Liz – Exactly what I was going for.

    Make do – YES, fashion Jews will take their lead from us, if they’re smart.

    The smile is genuine: crazy pants + appreciative husband.

  56. sofia Says:

    I just wanted to say how nice it is to see you smiling! I am Sofia, I read your blog almost every week, I am not the comment type though. I do not always agree with your point of view but you have one for sure dear lady! Enjoy your family and your smiles, shine in your glamourous trousers and have a happy Passover! xxx

  57. Queen Marie Says:

    “we are totally conceited now and think we are the shit.”

    That’s because, dearest Sister and Charlie, you are!!!!


  58. hammie Says:

    I worship your pants!

  59. Constance Says:

    The outfit is hideous, sister. But you are looking really beautiful.

  60. candy Says:

    love the pants! happy celebration!

  61. candy Says:

    The young gentleman next to you is very well put together. please tell me did you choose the clothes?

  62. Tricia Says:

    Those pants are a KNOCKOUT.

  63. Zan Says:

    You look fucking amazing.

  64. That's Not My Age Says:

    You rule in those sequin pants!

  65. Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen Says:

    Wolf brings to mind a dapper 40’s gangster — and I mean that as a compliment! And you my dear look so great, as if you always just toss on those glorious sequin beauties! Its great to see your smile too!

  66. Tina Says:

    Pink Chanel handbag + Gold sequin Pants = WINNING.

  67. annemarie Says:

    you are positively radiant xoxo

  68. Witch Moma Says:

    Love the photo almost as much as I love the pants!

  69. Eri Says:

    HOTTTTT! I love them…

  70. style odyssey Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed these photos- the touches of red and pink, the flowers, your beautiful smile…oh, and let’s not forget those divine gold pants; they are keepers!

  71. Jill Says:

    Out of curiosity Sister, how tall are you? The young Wolf has several inches on you.

    I think you look fabulous.

  72. hammie Says:

    Love the statue of Our Lady on the porch behind the Golden Idol Worshipping Pants! xx

  73. Rackk and Ruin Says:

    big fan of the sequin pants right here!! I didn’t realize they were so belled when you first posted about them, which makes me like them even more.

  74. Caroline Says:

    I saw this and it reminded me of you haha. Like something you might say if anyone said they didn’t like those gold sequin pants.

  75. liz (the who cares girl) Says:


    p.s., apparently this blog is popular with people who have the first name Liz.

  76. sonja Says:

    spectacular!! stunning!! I covet the gold pants AND Charlie’s hat. beautiful pics.

  77. Andra Says:

    You got the smile just right!!!!!
    At last.

  78. Jaimi Says:

    Haaa, yes, love it! Little Wolf is fabulous as well. Dig the coordinated hat and tie.

  79. Desiree Says:

    Sister, don’t ever get rid of your gold pants. Even in your darkest moment when you think you’ll never wear them again, just don’t. You look utterly gorgeous and those pants or maybe the pants, the hair and your gorgeous, stylish boy are all bringing out that beautiful smile. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  80. J.E. Says:

    I don’t like the pants but I think red lipstick was made just for you

  81. WendyB Says:


  82. Homma Says:

    Ha! I love the pants and your son is hot! Beard = rowr.
    I’m in the states right now from Mebourne, Aus. to visit my cousins in Chicago for Passover. Totally off topic I know but America has the best apple pancakes ever!
    Lovely to see you smiling.

  83. Jill Says:

    Late comment, but I adore the pants…and the necklace is a perfect touch. You look absolutely fabulous!

  84. TheShoeGirl Says:

    UGH. You’re my goddamned hero.

  85. Jill Says:

    My husband was playing with my phone, checking out your blog. He loves your pants! Yay gold sequins.

  86. Monica Says:

    I can neither criticize your pantaloons nor Handsome Wolf’s getup. However, I am just paranoid enough to suggest that you take your house number out of the pic!! People are nuts! Also, I am going to now create my own blog, which you can take the sole credit for inspiring. No, really. You shall be the first on my blogroll (kinda makes meeting Patti Smith pale in comparison, no?). Thanks for being you and inspiring me to overshare my angst, annoyances, sadness and joys with people who don’t have anything better to do. You make it look good.

  87. Jennie Kay Says:

    These pants are amazing!!! Love them :)

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