The Hermes Lady: A Sermon

First of all, that Hermes lady is fucking nuts about her photos. She doesn’t want her photos used to mock her. They are there for praise only! They are there for gloating, not for you internet people to copy and ridicule. I found this picture on flickr, Hermes Lady, so relax.

I wasn’t able to force myself to go through 30something pages of her boasting about her Hermes purchases and the attendant ass-kissing. But I think I got the gist of it.

Here is the situation. Hermes is a symbol of wealth and success. Nothing more or less. A woman who spends a fortune at Hermes and then documents it online is a person desperately in need of love and self-esteem. There isn’t enough Hermes in the whole world to assure her of her intrinsic worth.   It’s a mug’s game.

Consumption at this level is very sad. All shopping is a defense against the knowledge of our mortality. It’s a stupid distraction that exists to enrich corporations and to numb the appetites of the soul.

Look in your closet and think about which outfits would make you happy if a family member died in a car crash. Look at your shoes and then look at this picture.

The Hermes Lady is a picture of insecurity, distorted by money and self-delusion. She is a waste of our time. Turn your eyes away from that lady and her ridiculous merchandise.

You already have everything you need to be happy.

Don’t worry about shoes or handbags. Listen to music, look at some art or have sex instead. You’ll thank me later.

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98 Responses to “The Hermes Lady: A Sermon”

  1. harmreduction Says:


  2. Erin Says:

    That shit is gross

  3. susan Says:

    Right on, Sister!

  4. Suebob Says:

    Amen, sister. Amen.

    “Look at my pathetic orange boxes! They mean I am somebody!”

  5. Gee Says:

    This post should be given to girls at school to read, treasure and learn from – it genuinely could save a generation of women from vapid emptiness.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, sister. My nation’s youth needs you! To be fair, I’m in the UK…

  6. Bronwyn Says:

    Just have a look at the entire Vogue forum (Australia). 99% of the women on there are desperately looking for some sort of validation, as they list their purchases on a daily/weekly basis. If it’s not over $200, don’t bother listing it. ergh.

  7. Stephanie Says:

    I looked through that thread on tpf a bit and it literally made me nauseous.

  8. Andra Says:

    I’d like to shoot the Hermes sheila out of a cannon and see how she likes that!
    She is possibly even more useless than Daphne Guinness.
    Could we vote on this?

  9. Melvin Says:

    This bitch is sick.

  10. Melvin Says:

    Sorry I meant “This woman is sick.”

  11. mimi Says:

    bronwyn – there is a lot more than ‘consumer validation’ on vogue forums. no need for you to be so hateful about that. there is a lot of quite interesting discussion on there NOT related to fashion.

  12. Desiree Says:

    I tried looking through three pages of the Hermes shit and could go any further – I was bored.

  13. Desiree Says:

    “couldn’t” – arrgghh general anaesthetic still wearing off!

  14. Rach Says:

    Aside from it being boring, repetitive, mindless and devoid of style; it sickens me that other posters congratulate her… like it’s an achievement to buy 50 versions of the same product? Shop assistants must love the shit out of her.

  15. Andra Says:

    Mimi, you are on the wrong channel.

  16. Andra Says:

    Mimi, ignore that. I thought you were somehow on the side of the Hermes sheila.
    My apologies.

  17. Heidi Says:


  18. Hammie Says:

    That woman has a mental illness.

  19. Hammie Says:

    Or a condition. My son has 9 copies of “War of the Worlds” DVD and is on the way to collecting similar multiples of Minority Report, Gladiator (Gaydeator), Mission Impossible etc. He has autism. Xx

  20. sharnek Says:

    I am lost for words after reading the tpf link you posted.

    There is so much more to life than fucking Hermes, yet she’s being congratualted on her ability to buy the same Harmes scarve in 6 colours! Well done her!

  21. Regularstarfish Says:

    But guys! If you can muster up the courage to locate her final post on page 30-something in that mess (it’s in the early 30s), then you’ll see the best quote of all from Hermes Lady herself! She says something like, “thanks for looking at my shit, blah blah. But remember that each piece of Hermes, no matter how many or few we own, is a testament to finally getting what we’ve dreamed about for so long”. Or some shit like that.

    Thank you Sister for finally posting about her on your site. I was getting maniacal in waiting for your response. Total nutter, that one.

  22. Muffy Says:

    Sister, going to take your advice….look at art and then have sex….

  23. carrie Says:

    I clicked on the link but I’m not even sure WHAT was going on there since I got bored before scrolling through even one full page. Bored and kind of uncomfortable thanks to all of that insane watermarking on every single (poorly taken!!!) photo.

    What hole inside her psyche is this woman seeking to fill with Hermes? I don’t really get it…aside from the exclusivity (no one else can afford this, it is just for me) and perhaps the validation (all these plebeian bitches on this forum worship me and my watermarked masterpieces, mwa-haha!).

    I’ve been on lock-down for a year now and have only purchased vintage (very little of that, to be honest) plus a few basics like cotton underwear and tanks. My perspective on consumption, and on what I need to feel stylish/confident, has changed more than I would ever have expected. Just one of this woman’s purchases could pay my rent for up to a year…and I’ll bet she’s making those purchases with regularity. Wonder if she feels as stylish/confident during her daily staring contest with a stack of orange boxes as I feel when I pull on a favorite pair of vintage boots bought for under $5?

    SW, I couldn’t agree more with your suggested activities…but I would also add cooking to the list (at least for me personally). Nothing makes me feel more connected to my community (micro AND macro) than selecting produce, meat, eggs, and dairy from local farmers at the market. Then, nothing makes me feel more connected to my body (my senses, my health, my spirit) than creatively forming those foods into a delicious meal to eat and share.

    Thanks for horrifying me with Hermes Lady – it gave me reason to evaluate and feel good about the positive choices we all get a change (me too!) to make on a daily basis. Three boos for demented consumption. Three cheers for Art, Sex, and Food!!!

  24. Kenners Says:

    Eesh. I’ve never seen such a disgusting disaplay of excess and waste up so close and personal. That is truely dispicable waste of money. I work for a chairty and we fight tooth and claw for donations of a fraction of what she just spent to make the world a better place. Makes me sick.

    Nothing like a good bit of despairing of society to make a Friday afternoon pass quicker!

  25. Lara Says:

    I actually looked at a good portion of the pics. My god. You’re so right Sister.

  26. tartantreacly Says:

    Aahaha, she’s one of those ubiquitous Hong Kong tai tais.

  27. Mathilde Says:

    Totally insane! She clearly has no grip on reality whatsoever. Makes me feel incredibly grateful for my sometimes cash strapped existence!

  28. Constance Says:

    Her hysterical consumerism is tasteless, but i’m amused by the fact she’s just a boring unstylish housewife. I guess all this Hermes shopping left her no time to visit the hairdresser…

  29. Cat Says:

    Wow….. this makes me feel like I’m gonna be sick.

    “It’s a stupid distraction that exists to enrich corporations and to numb the appetites of the soul.”

    Yes. Your post reflects my thoughts (and sometimes fears!) in a much more eloquent and effective manner than I could put it myself.Thank you.
    We all have to fight with a similar kind of demon, and sometimes need to be reminded that what can make us happy and full is not to be bought with money.

  30. Devin Says:

    so well put…. hermes lady needs to get a grip.

  31. Ann Says:

    Everything about that woman and her posts on that forum literally hurt my heart. Almost as bad were the commenters lavishing her with adoration and praise – “Amazing! Can’t wait to see your haul! Smiley face!” Jesus. It’s too much.

  32. Liz!! Says:

    Even if someone gave me a million dollars tomorrow, I would NEVER, and I mean NEVER be tempted to purchase all that Hermes stuff. So no, I’m not “jealous!”

    I like fashion and frankly, those pictures are bo-ring. This is why you shouldn’t exclusively shop for one brand. It just gets boring, I don’t care if it’s Hermes.

    That kind of gross consumption makes me look at my stuff and think, “Hey, I”m not that bad at all.” But as pride goeth before a fall, my sister comes and looks at my makeup collection and says, “Ugh, I can’t believe you have more than 50 lipsticks.”

    And I DO feel guilty about that.

    Then again, I’m a capitalist, so her crazy-ass shopping habits ARE keeping people in work. But I also believe in freedom of expression, so I have the right to express “UGH!!!!!!!!!”

  33. Artful Lawyer Says:

    TPF is very entertaining reading – the heartfelt pleas for direction to the “ideal” Birkin, the questions like “is hot pink ostrich more versatile than Hermes orange calfskin?” and of course the “comeseemy500scarves” “reveals.” Sickly entertaining.

    I have a few Ebay vintage Hermes scarves – wear them with my work suits for those MOST important conferences, etc. That’s it. I’ll buy an older scarf for 1/3 retail and use it, but not a handbag priced like a car.

  34. Artful Lawyer Says:

    I’m also going to hold onto the hope that the cash for those millions of boxes has flowed down to numerous families and villages that employ, or raised and trained, the craftspeople, and the silk worm farmers, and the American croc farms etc. And hope that the shareholders have spent their distributions too.

  35. Eri Says:

    I totally & completely co-sign with the bigger sentiment of your post. But good God that woman is completely devoid of any/all personal style. That is truly a fashion victim, right there. Someone who sees a label & then runs out and buys 150 things from the same place?!?! I don’t care how ‘high-end’ or ‘exclusive’ that shit is… you’re still buying 40 keychains. That’s like designing your house by running into a showroom & saying ‘hmmmmm, I’ll take everything in that vignette right there’… No creativity, no personal artistry, no STYLE. And some other posters pointed out, she had like 100 scarves, and not ONE of them would I have paid Hermes $$$ for. That woman is ridiculous.

  36. Susana C Says:

    The have nots bitching about the haves. I’m sure some of you here are consumer addicts of some sort whether it’s drugs, shopping(like this lady), food etc to escape your unsatisfying realities, otherwise you wouldn’t be here stoning her. So the woman got issues, So!? That’s her problem, who doesn’t? Anyone of you would trade your busted flip flops for her Hermes shoes in a heartbeat, don’t lie!. That’s why we’re all busting our arses off for better lives. you folks are poor inside and out. Let her be, I’m sure she donates cash so she can write it off come tax season anyway. Check yourselves cuz’ you’re a shit loads hypoorcrites,

  37. Sandra Says:

    Sure, it’s her money and she can do whatever she wants with it. But if she’s going to put it online, we’re entitled to form an opinion about it.

    People like this aren’t total wastes of space, even if they never donate to charity. Everybody has aggression that needs to go somewhere, and making fun of someone far away, who probably has more unworn outfits than days left in her life is a relatively harmless way of dealing with it. I laughed. I felt nauseous. I started a discussion with my coworkers about Hermes. Good times, all around.

  38. Sandra Says:

    Additionally, I hope that I speak for more than just myself when I say that my life is fairly satisfying as it is, which is another reason why we can’t wrap our poor little minds around why someone would need 50+ high end scarves to make it better. I’m actually good with my flip flops, thanks.

  39. Winterbird Says:


  40. Sam Says:

    For the cash she throws around, she still looks like a McDonald’s hamburger. What’s the point of having 12 Hermes bags and looking like you got dressed from the Goodwill reject pile? For that I revile her and her type who think that dousing themselves with labels raises them above everyone else and content in the knowledge that the hoi polloi can’t join in on the excess. Gross. Do it with style or don’t do it.

  41. Emily Says:

    Like many people here- I clicked- and was genuinely curious at not so much the consumption, but the general need to ‘reveal’ and seek approval and validation form a forum. I realise that blogs and websites seek this to some extent. But thats usually about sharing ideas, styles, and opinions. This isn’t. It’s just ‘here’s photos of things I’ve bought, look how much i’ve spent’. If there’d been some discussion of the artwork, the workmanship, etc, I honestly would have found the whole thing a little bit more understandable. The comments were horrible. “I loved every single item, but the silks made me (three bowing smilies). Thank you for taking the time to photograph everything – what a noble cause!”. Everyone has the right to spend their money as they see fit, and I’m not judging her for buying things that make her happy. It’s the sharing of the excess that doesn’t sit well with me. Comes across as a bit off, and with a lack of class, if that’s the right word. Yes, buy hermes all you want- but don’t seek other’s sycophantic approval. Enjoy wearing them, enjoy the compliments that you will receive. But don’t do it on a purse forum.

  42. Sister Wolf Says:

    Susana C – Don’t be ridiculous.

  43. chuck n. Says:

    i know in your last hermès post i defended the brand’s desire to remain as elitist as possible, but seriously, this is ludicrous. how can someone actually find so much pleasure in “wasting” all her time and money shopping at hermès and gloating about her purchases. though i stopped at the first page, i doubt it gets much better than the ridiculous keychains she posted images of. i believe in saving up money and getting one piece that’s worth the money and the hard work. i’m speechless at how sad this is.

    and susana c., ya… no. you’re obviously one of her ass-lickers.

    in the end, maybe we’re all just hypocrites that crave skyscrapers of orange boxes and shit like that. who knows?

  44. J.E. Says:

    This is just tacky.

  45. Suspended Says:

    A lot of people need to come to the realisation that Hermes is just an overpriced gift shop. Nothing more. Keyrings, scarfs, bags, bracelets, belts….yawn.

    Admittedly, all of those little orange boxes did make my heart flutter ever so slightly but only because I have a thing for packaging. Once I perused their contents, Wow, talk about boring. I had no idea Hermes produced so many items that lack any real design merit.

    As for all the people on that thread thanking and even congratulating her for sharing her wonderful haul, grow a fucking brain you subservient morons! These people are more lost than she is.

  46. Cricket9 Says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m old as hills – I honestly don’t “crave” a pile of orange boxes. There is a long list of things I wish I could afford, but Hermes shit is not on it. An Inuit sculpture of a dancing bear is, maybe I’ll buy it one day.
    Have a good look people – the keychains, most of the scarves and the bracelets are absolutely not interesting and some just plain ugly. I know, I know, the craft, the quality, the workers skill, yadda yadda yadda, so it’s ugly stuff of the highest quality, OK? Emperor has no clothes.
    I can’t believe girls (I hope they are girls, not women, and maybe will grow up) have orgasms over a “reveal” of someone purchases. All in all, truer words were never spoken, SW!
    Going now to have some food and listen to music.

  47. anna dc Says:

    the amazing thing about the way she puts together fast fashion outfits with this stuff is that she manages to make hermes look like h&m. i’m serious. those bags and scarves look cheap as hell. i started to wonder if hermes was deliberately producing secondary lines to be bought up by fanatical purse collectors with questionable taste.

    so i don’t understand what she’s doing here because if you’re going to shell out that much cash for nicely made items you should look stylish! it would make a world of difference if she purchased 1/3 as many scarves and bags and, if that money had to go to wardrobe, she spent it on simple clothes that were well made and fit and were not from mango, zara, forever 21, kookai etc. you don’t have to be a model to do that.

    i also don’t understand why people on that forum are drooling over it. it’s just money. it’s tacky to show off like that imo.

  48. kellie Says:

    I think it is hilarious that she requires one box per item. Clearly she could double or triple up.
    But then where is the thrill???

    I went by Hermes in London, and there was a woman on the sidewalk with her own personal H consultant, and a PILE of boxes on a flat carrier thingie.
    Waiting for her car, no doubt.

    I just have no concept of that kind of wealth.

  49. Aja Says:

    Every now and then I need a reminder about my own spending and what really matters. Thank you for this.

    I had my own personal reality check in March and April when I had no work. Suddenly I realized that my stuff (clothes and shoes) is pretty pointless and that living comfortably and being able to treat my family to a nice meal is the real deal and why I continue to work so hard. I will remember this next time I want to blow some hard earned cash on yet another material item.

  50. Erika Says:

    You are right. Mass overconsumption sucks. More to life than that. Thanks for the reminder. I have a horrible thing of buying things I don’t “need” because it’s nice and I justify but really that thing is not necessary nor what I am after ( it’s not high end or labely, just things ) I need to seek out other outlets. I have been working on shedding my addictions – quit smoking, working on the sugar thing, cutting back on alcohol…consumerism is another one I need to give up. Channel my energy into other healthier things and stop avoiding life.

    Regarding this lady, I did find the many key chain purchases just weird, are
    they gifts ? Does she have a lot of sets of keys ? And her plainness vs. $$$ dropping is very WTF. I know women like that who get really excited about
    some label purse or shoes and buy the ugliest thing of that label but feel so
    proud of themselves for just having that thing…that is so f-ing sad. When I see Hermes purses all I think is that I want to best them by making a purse literally out of cash, that way you just get right to the point.

    Also Hermes does not equal a better life. Love, Art, Spirit = better life and that is what I am working towards. Sister, you have the right idea.

  51. kirsten Says:

    i’m not usually sappy but i found this post very touching. somehow you have a way of getting to me. thank god for people like you that bring truth to the world instead of more vapid consumerism and blatant lemming mentality.
    “you already have everything you need to be happy”: that line almost made me cry a little bit. it’s so true. thank you, again, sister wolf. you are a light in my life.

  52. Jenny Says:

    Great post! A bit of a reality check though, I’m going to stop shopping.

  53. Dru Says:

    Conspicuous consumption is a really sticky wicket for me, Sister – I live in a country where starvation deaths and “luxury” stores coexist, and I work in an art gallery where we occasionally have rich people trot in and pick off high-priced paintings like they’re choosing groceries (mind you, art buyers can be every bit as status-obsessed as fashion people).

    And yet, it’s those people that, via the spending, help us stay open and I’m grateful for that. It’s her money to spend, and my thinking that showing off is gauche will make no difference.

    PS: Do we really need to comment on the lady’s personal appearance if we’re critiquing her shopping habits?

  54. Sister Wolf Says:

    Chuck n – Nope, I don’t want a sing;e orange box.

    Suspended – You make an excellent point. The groupies cheering her on are pretty reprehensible. Is there any chance that they’re taking the piss?

    Dru – I agree, there is no need to comment on her looks. The issue is the spending and hoarding. Her appearance had no bearing on this.

    Kirsten – Your comment is so nice. It’s hard to think of myself as a light in anyone’s life but it is a beautiful compliment. xoxo

  55. My Friend's House Says:

    Somehow the boot keyring depressed me, and from thereon in it was like looking in on an illness. I had a book as a child, about a humble girl living with her grandfather who was gifted boxes and boxes of necklaces by some fairy or other. In the end the volume of necklaces diminished the loveliness of each one, and she ended up giving all but her favourite away. Pious – yes – but also something that’s stuck with me. A beautiful thing doesn’t get nicer because you buy the whole shop’s stock.*
    *Although I do bulk buy plain jumpers, jeans and sneakers I like, and appear to the outside world as though I only have one set of clothes.

  56. Make Do Style Says:

    I don’t want to look as ready what you’ve written is enough. Good grief this showing off consumption madness is beyond. I think roof over head, food on table, music, art, books and sex is enough. Am I allowed films too!

  57. Make Do Style Says:

    I meant REALLY, typos errors are annoying

  58. Deni Says:

    Brilliant post SW.
    I’d rather have my broken, worn down, hot pink flip flops, (god, are they comfortable or what) than one orange box.
    And, I’m thanking you now!

  59. KiaVonXian Says:

    She might as well be wearing money. She should save herself some time and cover herself with glue and roll around in money. Would probably be more stylish as well.

  60. mustownmore Says:

    I love shopping. I know I’m addicted and I know I should be doing something else with my time and money. I don’t need another body cream or a pair of shoes, but I’ll still find a reason to purchase. I often defend my profligate spending, but holy hell, when I clicked through to this I just felt sick. Those orange boxes represent probably hundreds of thousands of pounds, and most of them are duplicate purchases that will never EVER get worn. It’s just sick, and so extreme I don’t feel one pang of jealous, rather pity and a nauseous feeling that the world is well and truly fucked.

  61. Anouska Says:

    Holy fuck, what a douchenozzle. I like how other forum members are saying ‘congratulations’, as if shes achieved something worthy of admiration, as opposed to the derision she clearly deserves.

    This is better (or worse?) than the girl on the Aus Vogue Forums who responded to a discussion regarding what salary you would need to live comfortably with $500,000 AUD. Not a ‘dream salary’ just what she felt she needed to give her a comfortable existance.

  62. liz (the who cares girl) Says:

    “Don’t worry about shoes or handbags. Listen to music, look at some art or have sex instead.”–EXCELLENT advice! I plan on doing all 3 of your suggestions today!

  63. Brunehilda Says:

    I found the congratulatory comments, “you’ve outdone yourself!!” particularly confusing

  64. SiouxsieL Says:

    “Don’t worry about shoes or handbags. Listen to music, look at some art or have sex instead.” — I agree with Liz, excellent advice. But while at the art museum I will want to make sure that people know I am a quirky individualist with a macabre sense of style. And to listen to music, I will want to go to a club, and that will require some more edgy clothing. Not to mention, I want to get laid. So we are talking makeup and fun shoes. I guess this means I have to go shopping.

    But in all seriousness, I think I get your point about this person’s photos. It is like looking at the blog of a hoarder, or an over-eater. I don’t envy her at all. Though, I have to admit that I might buy this much stuff if Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter ever have a yard sale.

  65. Hallie Says:

    Jesus christ. That post made me absolutely SICK … who the fuck has that much Hermes? I mean, it doesn’t even look good. Does she wipe her ass with those scarves that could probably feed an entire nation at their retail prices? I bet this woman has never had an orgasm.

  66. Su Says:

    Have you seen her actual blog? That business on the handbag forum is just the tip of the iceburg…

  67. sisty Says:

    Your all just jellis.

  68. Maddison Says:

    I respect that it has been noted above that her ‘appearance’ is not relevant.

    But it did jolt my memory of a trip to Macau my husband and I took last year, where Mr M attended a Casino and played Baccarat. He met a gentleman from China at the table on 2 or 3 occasions, they chatted……
    Turned out guy from China and family members had a manufacturing business…….travelled to Paris a couple of times a year…. “Wife and daughters very happy ladies, we buy designer goods, take home, make good quality copies, big business, sell all over world”.

    Mr. M introduced me to the China guy at a restaurant within the Casino, he was accompanied by wife and 2 younger girls, I noticed all had Chanel handbags, but it did strike me as odd their clothing just didn’t seem to match the bags :)

  69. Rose Says:

    Maddison – Wow you went to Macau. Who cares if it’s real or fake?

  70. J.C.F. Says:

    After randomly clicking through pages of that thread, I spotted the most disgusting picture of all. She posted her son sitting in a sea of the orange boxes. Why put the two together. For some reason that was the end for me.

  71. Marky Says:

    Like others, I’m more confused/disgusted by the people who congratulate this vile woman on her ‘hauls.’

    It’s like we’re looking into SoS’s future…

  72. liz Says:

    God, that lady must be such an asshole.

  73. Regularstarfish Says:

    Maddison’s comment makes a lot of sense. Maybe it’s one of those situations.

  74. jessica Says:

    i dont understand it and i am not going to try to understand it because it isnt worth my time trying to figure it out!! but i did get a good laugh out of it!


  75. Artful Lawyer Says:

    Rose – copyright violation is theft, that’s one reason a person might care.

    I’m thinking “buy and copy” might be the reason here….why else buy so freaking much?

  76. tartandtreacly Says:

    @Artful Lawyer: Because she’s a “collector”! She has more in common with the people who collect Hummel figurines, ponytail Barbies, rare orchids, expensive ugly art etc than with your average fashionista who shops sales and thrift stores and maybe makes one big splurge every year upon careful thought and deliberation.

    I don’t think she buys to copy (I’ve seen so many Hong Kong tai-tais buy luxury goods in eye-popping amounts and they can’t just ALL have repro factories in Shenzhen), I think she buys because she’s New Lucre. I mean, all that emphasis on high-end accessories (can we say LOGORAMA?) while wearing Zara or H&M or whatever? (Because of course clothes don’t immediately scream “status”, so why waste time on them right?) Yeah.

  77. Alicia Says:

    Well said, Sis. This looks like hoarding. =\

  78. Dru Says:

    tartandtreacly- you’re right about the fact that this particular lady seems like a hoarder, but it’s not just the HK tai-tais who do it, collecting logo crap is common all across the BRIC (or the RIC part of that anyway, I can’t speak for Brazil).

    It’s as you say- it’s become a new way for the very rich to spend their money so they can telegraph their status (in India, it used to be- and to a large extent still is- gold jewellery). Personally, I think it’s disgusting and gauche, but showing off is such a huge part of the culture that there’s nothing anyone can really do about it.

  79. tartandtreacly Says:

    That’s a good point! Although there can definitely be, shall we say, “aesthetic differences” even among the BRICs. Russian women are more into certain brands (say, Versace) than Chinese women (be they HK ladies-who-lunch or the molls of coal mine bosses). And plain is not an descriptor that can ever be applied to our rich Slavic sisters, no matter what they look like. Usually they’re just below “Paris is Burning” on the Work-It!-meter. ;-D

    I kid. That’s probably an outdated observation, but it’s still mostly true I think.

  80. Ro Says:

    Money can’t buy taste.

  81. Evanelle Says:

    What I noticed, and forgive me she is truely “homely” in appearance, she isn’t even attractive in the least. She wants to promote an unhealthy lifestyle while looking like the janitor of Hermes? It really just shows her ignorance as to how to be shallow.

  82. Evanelle Says:

    Above statement’s are nothing more then sarcastic 😉

  83. Maddison Says:

    I’m with you Evanelle, plus I find her choice and the quality of her bedlinen rather ordinary too!!!

    There really is something not quite adding up with his lady.

    Someone over on the Vogue forum posted –

    “On her blog she speaks about claiming back tax at the airport for her purchases.
    Saying—– “for me I prefer cash refund because I don’t like to wait that long and I can take the cash to my local bank and exchange it to any currency anytime I want”——”

    That comment is a valid observation, I would be surprised if any Airport Customs Office would reimburse such a substantial sum in CASH as would be due.

  84. absolutelymrsk Says:

    OMG so funny, I started scrolling and after two pages I gave up! Seen enough bracelets. You have defined Hermès perfectly, there is no better way! I agree with you on many points: fashion is not everything, but sometimes the magpie in me wins! So I must admit, LVMH knows how marketing works and it works on me! I love designer pieces, but to me they are like art! I treasure them and I love them. I know it is superficial, but it makes me happy. I wrote a piece about an hermès bag too, a neon bag!

  85. Cricket9 Says:

    Sisty – maybe “we just jellis”, but who the fuck you?!

  86. Anne Says:

    Look, I think she actually genuinely loves her Hermes and at the end of the day I’m to the point where I really don’t care what people spend their money on because most people have to work hard for it…even if they don’t have a job 😉

    But I do find that level of consumption over-the-top because it reaches a point where it’s just meaningless. How can you really appreciate that many scarves, key chains etc? They just don’t seem so beautiful in such excess.

    Where as one beautiful designer bag with amazing craftmanship and design. Or a couple of special scarves…it’s a different story then.

  87. Sister Wolf Says:

    Anne – We don’t use like “at the end of the day” here. Unless it’s bedtime.

  88. Liz Says:

    So well said. Nothing more to add.

  89. lulu Says:

    I got sucked into looking at her website…it’s a bizarrely fascinating portrait of a bored housewife. I left my job after having a breakdown, and am in semi-poverty, shopping the wardrobe, looking at but not really lusting after beautiful fashion. Even when things change for the better for me, I would never contemplate purchasing a designer object purely for its label rather than its form and function: everything this chick has appears to loudly proclaim its origins – each piece always has a visual reference to the maker.

    I seriously can’t understand this woman, endlessly trying to fill the greedy, little or enormous gaps in her life with status infused objects. I agree with what some other posters have noted, she is not very fashionable, and should perhaps invest some of her, or her wealthy husband’s cash, in a stylist. Apart from appearing like a vacuous, moronic shopaholic, she’s dowdy, droopy and depressingly pedestrian.

  90. Dru Says:

    I don’t really have an issue with people spending money if it’s theirs to spend. As a girl who would willingly fork over $1500 for a replica model of a fighter plane from my favourite TV show (the only thing stopping me is the fact that I don’t actually have that money) I have no room to judge people for buying expensive shit, and a handbag is probably a lot more useful than a model Viper mk. II.

    What really gets to me, though, is the showing off. Maybe this lady really loves her Hermès products and I’m not going to quibble about matters of taste, but the displaying of all the stuff is what makes me sad.

  91. Aja Says:

    Sisty, not jealous at all. I’m the type where I feel physically repulsed if I have too much. I find it vulgar.

  92. Jenn Says:

    I was more offended by her hideous mismatched bargain basement bed linens. If you can drop $200,000++ on Hermes, surely you can afford a MATCHING bed in a bag set from Walmart.

  93. duckalicious Says:

    I never heard about her before, but I took a look and it made me cringe. it’s fucking perverse … and sad.

  94. Mary Says:

    She seems obsessive and not very fashionable.

    The reveals on TPF usually just make me think ‘ooohh thats nice, lucky person’ but this one is ridiculous. Tacky OTT nouveau riche.

  95. sheri Says:

    I like how protective she is of her own “copyright” while posting pictures she’s taken of store windows. What about their copyrights?

    And her “reveal”? What the fuck is a “reveal”? If you use a self-conscious, precious name for it, does it change it from “showing off my blatant consumerism and the pathological insecurity with which it is driven”? Sheesh.

  96. Catherine Says:

    I am a live-in nanny in the Hamptons and I swear I saw her the other day. I almost stopped and said “are you that Hermes nutball??” but I figured if it wasn’t her, that would be terribly embarrassing…

  97. Zuzu Says:

    Miacillan really has one of the worst sense of fashion in the world. I honestly think the pretty items she got need to go to some more tasteful owners. She isn’t a bad person and in fact, a nice lady but she’s just way to crazy to just got all those pieces of items in bulk, and match them altogether in a mess just for the sake of wearing them. She has been a shopaholic prior to her marriage. So this shopaholic maniac does not develop simply because she married a rich husband…. I am just speechless looking at how she’s wasting her life away on luxury items in the least tasteful manner..

  98. Lil Says:

    I am mostly offended by her tacky style. What a waste of luxury products..

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