Kill Me

Why did they stop there? Why not add zebra?

This “shoe” makes me want to cry.   $469.95 at solestruck.

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24 Responses to “Kill Me”

  1. Consuela Says:

    Someone, somehere will think this is Visionary.

    But they will be Wrong.

    Best wishes, Consuela x

  2. littlebadwolf Says:


  3. cybill Says:

    Oh Inuit-chic, puhleese that was so last week.

  4. Ann Says:

    That boot is a piece of shit.

  5. M Says:


  6. Suspended Says:

    It has the sole of an Ikea bunk-bed.

    I name this shoe “reclining bovine with pasties.” Can anyone smell cowpat?

  7. Andra Says:

    This is a quite wonderful thing to behold.
    It just needs feathers, Bird of Paradise, I think, or maybe Egret .
    Then you got something!!

  8. Elaine Says:

    I…I….hit myself in confusion

  9. Cat Says:

    ahahahaha! if you defocus your eyes it looks like Alf wearing a funny hat!

  10. Sister Wolf Says:

    Andra – Hahahahahahahahahahahha. I want the drugs you’re on.

    Elaine – Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahha!

  11. Taylor Says:

    Can’t. Dare I say it? This looks like a bastardized version of a JEFFREY CAMPBELL.

  12. Suspended Says:

    @Cat – haha I can see what you see. Such a memorable face, Alf. Not seen him for decades and he turns up on a shoe.

    P.S. Whatever it is that you’re smoking, please pass some this way.

  13. alicia Says:

    I can just see the ridiculous comments added to this ridiculous mess:

    “OMG, FIERCE!”
    “I. need. this. shoe.”

    No one needs this shit in their life.

  14. Andra Says:

    Sis – no drugs.

    ha ha ha ha

  15. Andra Says:

    I deleted a line by mistake.

    Here it is….

    I’m looking at life from the other side now, whatever that means.

    Somebody thinks this shoe/boot/shit is a thing of beauty and maybe he is right and I am wrong.

    See, I’m learning to adapt.

    This is good, yes?

    But, feathers can’t do it any harm. Can only help.

  16. Kellie Says:

    oh for fucks sake.

  17. Cricket9 Says:

    I really have to make an effort to get to that “other side” – wherever Andra is – oh wait, it must be Australia! Things must look better from there :-(

  18. Elaine Says:

    Here’s another gem from solestruck

  19. Sister Wolf Says:

    Elaine – Hahahahahahahahhaaahahahhahaa, oh god, it’s like a dead hamster squished onto a shoe…and the price! Fantastic.

  20. Suspended Says:

    @ Elaine – I laughed so hard at that shoe I had tears in my eyes.

    Sister Wolf – “Hamster” bwahahahahahahaha

  21. Luda Says:

    This makes me want to cry.

  22. Cami Says:

    See, what I don’t understand, is that these shoes probably sell really well, in fact, much better than a solid $340 DI$COUNT boot. Seriously, wtf.

  23. Lucille Says:

    Oh my god i love you! You are so right!

  24. martha Says:


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