Skirt of Death

This skirt by Kevork Kilesjian would look great with a massive viking helmet, don’t you think?

At $1,495, the price is just right, and the designer’s name suggests he may be amenable to killing you with a plastic bag.   Maybe he could even do this before you suffered the indignity of wearing the skirt!

Shopbop,   of course.

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22 Responses to “Skirt of Death”

  1. Andra Says:

    I don’t think that’s Goony.
    What’s going on here?

  2. littlebadwolf Says:


  3. andrea Says:


  4. Sheri Says:

    Wow. This is bad. Really bad. Like a 5th grader was given a table full of scraps and told to “make something.”

    I notice that the model was so embarrassed the only possible way she was going to be photographed wearing this monstrosity was if her identity were kept a secret.

    Good plan.

  5. Elaine Says:

    That skirt is recycled from an old saddle and the horses’ mane. Why it’s 1K baffles me.

  6. Heidi Says:

    WTF is wrong with people? This is just insane!

  7. sharnek Says:

    I’m going to admit that I really like the skirt…..there I’ve said it.

  8. Heidi Says:

    Maybe it would be okay if the skirt were knee-length, but that fringe hanging over the hem? No, no, a thousand times no!

  9. WendyB Says:

    Anything looks good with a massive Viking helmet!

  10. hammie Says:

    needs a trim

  11. Sandra B Says:

    I like this skirt. I would look like a freak wearing it though because I wouldn’t stop stroking the fringe.

  12. Cristine Says:

    I’d think that the fringe would drive you nuts-feeling ticklish or creepy crawly.

  13. Make Do Style Says:

    Good grief do you think her bush needs tending!

  14. Muffy Says:

    As we say in Texas — Roadkill, $1495 roadkill at that….

    Love ya Sister, Muffy

  15. ali Says:

    theres a good red and blue painting at the bottom of this post: you might like the whole thing though.

    that skirt is a reinterpretation of the landing strip. themanrepeller might be interested in doing a post on it.

  16. liz Says:

    Whoa- what is going on with me! I usually completely agree with you..but.. I kind of like this..

    of course, that price could pay a month’s rent plus utilities AND cable…

  17. jlynn Says:

    It looks like she popped the snaps on her silk-lined lambskin onesie to let her sleek, flat-ironed ladygarden drape loosely across her thighs.

  18. Sister Wolf Says:

    Andra and littlebadwolf – Thank you for making me laugh this morning!

    Sharnek – OK, just make sure you wear the Viking Helmet.

    Wendy – With a few exception, you’re absolutely right.

    Cristine – god, I gt tickly just thinking about it.

    Make do – Hahahahahahha

    ali – Thanks, what a great link! and you’re right about thelanding strip. Eeow.

    liz – You can wear it on a date with Sharnek!

    Jlynn – Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaa! Disgusting!

  19. Cricket9 Says:

    Jlynn, I had exactly the same association happening in my head…aargh!

  20. Tallulah Eulallie Says:

    I know exactly what my father would say: “That skirt is so short, I can see the fringe on her benefits!”

  21. Brittany Says:

    These are my favorite posts!
    I found the perfect accessory for this skirt as I was flipping through my November issue of Elle magazine in an article titled “Elle Shops: Lingerie Dressing”, subtitled “Frills and Thrills”; and goddammit if there wasn’t a pair of diamond-embellished gold lashes by Kre-At Beauty for $1, 350. Available by special order at Barney’s New York. I googled the lashes so you can see them for yourself in case you don’t have the Elle.

    Check out the rest of that blog. There’s some great, expensive shit.

  22. O D Y S S E Y Says:

    It would have made a killer Halloween costume with a sword and shield, and yes, a big ol’ horned Viking helmut. Pity about the price.

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