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Two Little Words

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Fiscal cliff.

I don’t want to hear these words one more time.  I used to think that “fiscal cliff” sounded like a painful and depraved sex act, but the amusement factor is long gone. Stop saying it! Whoever started it needs to die.


Push back
Double down
Middle class
Grover Norquist
John McCain

Taylor Swift
Lady Gaga

Which two words would you like to ban? In the spirit of Christmas, please share!



Saturday, November 24th, 2012

I’ve finally caught up with Homeland, after skipping the first season in a private protest against Claire Danes as a CIA agent. Now I’m cool with Claire, but Brody’s wife is a major irritant.

Whenever the wife is onscreen, I find it hard to stop critiquing her face. Her acting is awful, too, don’t get me wrong. She’s incapable of portraying any emotion with conviction.  Her character is badly underwritten but a decent actress could still bring something to suggest a life form.  Instead, she just strikes a pose and raises or lowers her voice.

Her head is too small for her body, making her look life a dinosaur of maybe a giraffe. But in profile, she looks like a duckling, thanks to that augmented top lip. Stop it with the lips, actresses! Remember Meg Ryan! In fact, I’m going to name Meg Ryan ‘The Alamo’ just to help keep the memory alive.

While looking at pictures of this actress (Morena Baccarin, who I see is considered a super-hot hottie) I learned from an observant stranger that she has the same nosejob as Ashley Greene. I don’t know who Ashley Greene is but let’s compare noses.


Ashley above, Morena below. I wouldn’t want this nose, although you could probably use it as a can opener.

Obviously, I’m feeling cranky and shallow but facts are facts. I love Homeland for its suspense and the tension of the thwarted love story, but that fucking wife is a pain in the ass.

Opinions or objections?

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life*

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Martine Roch is pure delight. Let’s love her!


Gifts for Him: First in a Series

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Set of two small cedar stumps infused with fresh, real Siskiyou cedar – it’s just like taking a hike in the rugged Siskiyou mountains of the northwest. Has scent notes of ginger, wool blankets, and deep forest.”

100% wildcrafted and organic ingredients.  $22.00



What man worthy of the title wouldn’t love a couple of stumps? They’re honest, wildcrafted, they say “I’m no sissy, and I’m not afraid of splinters.”  Buy them at Need Supply.

De Profundis

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

I’ve been meaning to read De Profundis since I read a biography of Oscar Wilde, around 100 years ago. I know Max read De Profundis and liked it. I was disappointed, though. Oscar Wilde managed to perceive a benefit from his suffering: It would bring him humility, and a better appreciation of Christ. That’s where he lost me.

I wanted to find something as dark and bleak as my own grief , something that resonates. Suicide Survivor websites talk about “Journeys,” a word that is now ruined for me.  I am not on a journey. I am already there. It’s the land of the Not Living but Not Dead. There’s an exit but I must not use it.

There is a dark veil that hangs just beyond my peripheral vision but I can see it there. I have to work hard to keep it away. When it sweeps over me, I am lost. It’s just agony. I live in fear of the dark veil and I work hard to refuse its existence.  This grief cannot be borne.  It’s not possible.

I stay up at night because going to bed might produce some moments of unfiltered thinking. I have to wait until I’m nearly unconscious, but I try to get to bed before six AM.  One night not long ago, it was nearly six and for a moment I felt a giddy sense of total freedom from responsibility or repercussions:  it was the epiphany that I didn’t exist any more, so it didn’t matter. The feeling was brief but scary. I can’t even decide if it was a moment of clarity or psychosis.

People who suffer from Cotard’s Syndrome often deny that they exist or believe they are dead. “In the first stage (Germination) patients exhibit depression and hypochondriacal symptoms.” Check. Jules Cotard, who first described the condition,  “described the syndrome as having degrees of severity that range from mild to severe.  Despair and self-loathing characterize a mild state.” Okay then. A mild state is good but not as good as mental health.

I have always felt contemptuous of women who seem to bounce back after losing a child.  I was appalled when Marie Osmond resumed her show in Las Vegas only a week after her son jumped from his 18th floor window.  Gloria Vanderbilt,  Judy Collins, non-celebrity mothers who write about their Journeys and even offer tips on handling intimacy with their husbands.  What propels them to go forward with their lives as if anything matters?

It’s no comfort to know I wont be one of them.


image: The Honeymoon, 2007 © Cig Harvey

A New Favorite Shopping Site

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

The ra webshop is heaven sent for people craving avant garde apparel. Everyone modeling the outfits looks completely insane, and the prices are sky-high.

I was upset to find out that one of my favorite ‘pieces’ must have sold out, but luckily I had saved a picture of it:

Leather hat (and corset) by Niels Peeraer.  Let’s love him, okay?

Here is a great runway look by Niels –

It’s going to be hard to go back to those boring skinny jeans and moto-jackets at Shopbop. It’s just a sea of nothingness there.

Check out ra and tell me what captured your heart.