Toy Fantasy Man

Smile Makers are sex toys with a cutesy design and a “playful” concept: they are named after different male stereotypes, kind of like the Village People.

I don’t know much about sex toys and that’s the way I like it.  But I love internet generators. Smile Makers lets you design your fantasy man, and with only a limited set of options I still came up with a very nice facsimile of my personal dreamboat.  His name is Fernando, and he’s all mine. You can make your own here.

I’m disappointed in the choice of masculine archetypes, since I have no interest in tennis coaches or millionaires.  (I did have an adorable French boyfriend, back in the day, but he became hysterical when I got my period.) Where is the Poet, the Biker, the Revolutionary, the Pimp, the Grad Student?

Go make your own loverboy and let me know how it goes.


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10 Responses to “Toy Fantasy Man”

  1. Debbie Says:

    But I want Fernando … what now???

  2. Cricket9 Says:

    Had a good time with Maximus, thank you, SW!

  3. Andra Says:

    Maximus? Cricket, really?
    My Jewish lover really liked it when I got my period. Thought a woman was sexier then, and I certainly was with him, at least.
    Ah, those were the days.
    I’ll pass on the built-it blokes…. the Chinaman is working just fine for me nowadays.
    Happy whatever…….

  4. Sister Wolf Says:

    Debbie – Oh fine, I will share.

    Cricket9 – My pleasure!

    Andra – See, they should have a Chinaman! That’s how stupid they are. (p.s. my Christian lover was just like your Jewish one.)

  5. Madam Restora Says:

    How about ‘Best Friend’s Boyfriend’?

  6. alittlelux Says:

    hot damn fernando is yummy!

  7. Sister Wolf Says:

    alittlelux – Totally yummy.

    Madam Restora – Oh, that’s a great one, I remember it well.

  8. Cricket9 Says:

    Well, Andra, not everyone catches themselves a Chinaman, and Maximus looks good on the beach. Why don’t they have a Scottish Lad with long red hair?

  9. Patni Says:

    Mine was called Kai, and I cold not decide between the champagne, and the bottle of cleaning spray. I picked the bubbly and we had a very nice time at a cabin in big bear. He says he will come back after his judo practise and clean my house.

  10. virginiasadie Says:

    Hilarity in its finest form!

    I personally chose Maximus – Party Man, meets ‘Never-Nude’. With his Caribbean roots, I couldnt say no.

    So after a skateboard and jail setting – The bar has been set!

    How will i sleep at night! Yikes!

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