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The Wolfpack

I finally got around to seeing The Wolfpack, but I was not prepared for it. The true story of six brothers, aged 11 to 18, who were imprisoned in their New York apartment by their crazy parents, how could it … Continue reading

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My Prince

I thought of him as my own Prince, the voice I danced to in my living room when nobody I knew liked Dirty Mind except for me. On New Year’s Eve at the close of 1998, we went to an … Continue reading

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Hooray For Rape Victims

When Lady Gaga sang her song about sexual abuse during the Academy Awards show, I couldn’t help calling out to my husband, “Oh look, they actually have rape victims onstage!” He came to look and smiled appreciatively at the awful … Continue reading

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The Famous Writer

Late in 2012, I became Facebook friends with a famous writer. I considered him one of the most talented writers around, a truly unique and brilliant voice. His novels are dark and disturbing but also hilarious. He not only accepted … Continue reading

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Thankful Or Not

I have been struggling with inertia, feelings of hopelessness, and general apathy. Thanksgiving made me aware of my resistance to the whole idea of being thankful. Why do we have to be thankful on demand? Why can’t we just wallow … Continue reading

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Fashion Gibberish And A Contest

My cyber-friend and adopted daughter Annemarie has generously pointed me to a treasure trove of pretentious fashion gibberish that reads like a buzzword generator. In fact, the high-end shopping site Ssense has just launched such a generator and it’s fun … Continue reading

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Announcing My Reality Show, ‘I Am Cunt’

I decided to skip the new Caitlyn Jenner show because (1) I am just sick of her/him, and (2) I was busy watching my other Sunday shit as discussed only last week. But upon reflection, I feel I should have … Continue reading

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Sunday Night TV

Tonight we watched what my husband and I call ‘Our Sunday Shows.’ We’re like decrepit retiree’s, with nothing more exciting to do at night than watch TV. I can’t remember what young people do at night. Anyway, Sunday night is … Continue reading

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Exciting News About Hideous Denim!

Yay for me! I have started a new blog devoted solely to hideous denim, so as to spare sensitive viewers (and impressionable children) from being subjected to this topic. It you’re wearing your big boy pants, go check it out. … Continue reading

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The Nothingness of Marina Abramovic

If you’ve always sensed some nothingness in the work of celebrated performance diva artist Marina Abramovic, you’ll be glad to know it’s official. Discussing her new work at the Serpentine Gallery, her first since The Artist is Present, she says: … Continue reading

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