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Silver Linings: The Limited Edition DRAT Bag™

You know how people always want to find the silver lining of an awful situation, like “The Gift Of Cancer”? In that spirit, I’ve figured out how to make the most of the Disney World Alligator Tragedy, or DRAT for … Continue reading

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More Crap About The Gorilla

Maybe you’ve had more than enough of the gorilla story. If so, I fault your limited imagination. There is so much here! It’s a story so rich in metaphor and allegory and philosophical questions about parenthood, ethics, and humanity. Just … Continue reading

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Heil Melania!

Let’s take a break from the Donald and turn our attention to his glamorous wife, Frau Trump. If you missed Greta Von Susteren‘s probing interview with Melania Trump, you’re in for a treat! From the moment Greta asks if it’s … Continue reading

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Grammys 2016 Exegesis

Torture. Continue reading

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What Is The Word For Donald Trump?

The schlonging finally got me. It’s just too much. The schlonging and the taunt about Hillary Clinton going to the bathroom. The Wall Street Journal calls it ‘potty talk.’ Potty Talk, from a Presidential candidate??? How can we take this, … Continue reading

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Is Your Pubic Hair Silky?

Three young women noticed a vacuum in the marketplace for pubic hair grooming products, and voila! They formed a company to right that wrong, called Fur. Because money. Wait, I’m so sorry, I meant to say, because why shouldn’t we … Continue reading

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2015 VMA Awards Exegesis

The horror, right? It was mostly non-stop horror, with the exception of Kanye West‘s comic turn. Poor Kanye! He could talk forever and never make sense. That is his genius. I tired to explain to my husband why I don’t … Continue reading

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Calibrating Distress

For those of you who use ‘social media,’ did you notice how quickly concern for the dead lion evoked angry complaints that ‘black lives matter?’ People weren’t done mourning for whoever they were mourning for and they resented the outrage … Continue reading

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The Awfulness Inside The Awfulness

Let’s say your dad is a tattooed bully with pierced nipples who had a nasty divorce from your mom before you were even born, and later leaves you with his new wife four days a week. Let’s say you changed … Continue reading

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Getting Over Bruce and Caitlyn

How much longer do we have to hear about Caitlyn Jenner? It was fun for a moment, I’ll admit it. I’m as much of a ghoul as the next man when it comes to sensational news stories and celebrities. It’s … Continue reading

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