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Botanica: A Field Trip

Remember going on field trips when you were a kid? It was a chance to get out the classroom, and it would an adventure. Not always a good one, but a diversion from the routine of school. Last week I … Continue reading

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Epiphanies From My Vacation

We traveled to another state for a family visit and it was an experience rich with epiphanies. Here are the ones I can remember: 1. I have zero fear of flying and no anxiety about things going wrong. I sat … Continue reading

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The Ass Age

We have entered The Ass Age, and The Apocalypse is sure to follow. I would like it to hurry up. I’m not certain about the beginning of The Ass Age. Jennifer Lopez was the precursor many years ago but no … Continue reading

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My favorite aspect of the Borat character is his antisemitism. Naturally, my appreciation of this relies on the knowledge that Sacha Baron Cohen is Jewish. And the more Jewish I feel, the more I feel at liberty to mock Jewishness. … Continue reading

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Whole Foods Adventure

  Whenever I walk to Whole Foods with friends, we have an adventure, and not just the one where tall thin women ram you with their shopping carts. This time, it was a guy with an enormous didgeridoo.  We had … Continue reading

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I Told You He Was a Cunt!

It’s about time that cunt resigned. I can’t believe he’ll get immunity.

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Paul Ryan: What a Fucking Cunt™!

Oh, snap! After insisting that his obsession with Ayn Rand is an “urban legend,” a tape has surfaced in which Ryan gushes about Ayn Rand’s philosophy: “It’s inspired me so much that it’s required reading in my office for all … Continue reading

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Lost Earring

Last night I realized that one of my favorite earrings is missing. It so happens that I only wear one of the earrings at a time, because Keith Richards is still my fashion muse. It’s a long safety pin earring … Continue reading

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Baptize me.

As Whitney Houston keeps dying on TV, I am transfixed by envy, bitterness, and grief. Her narrative has been transformed from the tragic untimely death of a dope addict to an adoring farewell to an angel. And why not? She … Continue reading

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Visits From the Other Side

*  © Jack Bell Gallery In the ever-changing world of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria, one thing that remains consistent is a close connection with their ancestors. The ancestral spirits of the Yoruba are much more than just dead … Continue reading

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