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Fashion Victims Unite!

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Do you find yourself craving those stupid rolled-up boyfriend jeans that Katie Holmes has been bothering us with? Don’t worry, you’re just reacting like a consumer, tirelessly trained by the advertising industry to buy whatever is deemed the New Thing.

The reason you want them is also because they look different from the jeans you already have. If the fashion marketers didn’t persuade you that what you already have is uncool and out of style, they would go out of business! You know that, right? But you still want those stupid jeans!

You want them, and you’d prefer the ones by Current/Elliott, because their publicists have been working around the clock to make you aware of them.

But guess what? They’re stupid! You won’t look good in them, and you’ll have to explain to your boyfriend why you’re wearing them instead of the tight jeans he’s accustomed to seeing on you. You will have no decent excuse, believe me.

Instead of responding to a new fashion imperative, why not consider resisting it! This item is the perfect one to renounce.   Imagine the freedom to ignore all fashion rules, or to make up your own.

Let’s admire Anna Piaggi and her friend Viv. They would never have taken the bait of those stupid jeans!