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I Told You He Was a Cunt!

Monday, February 18th, 2013

It’s about time that cunt resigned. I can’t believe he’ll get immunity.

Cunt of the Week™: Pope Benedict XVI

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

The current Pope, or “Ratty” as he is known in some quarters, has turned out to be a complete cunt.   As the clerical sexual abuse crisis erupts in Germany, the Vatican is doing its best this weekend to protect the Pope and to accuse his detractors of a smear campaign designed to bring him down.

Ratty’s own brother, George, the master of Germany’s leading Catholic boys’ choir for 30 years, denies being aware of the rampant sexual abuse at the boarding school but admits to slapping boys in the face. The German government has accused the Vatican of suppressing the truth about sexual abuse, citing the 2001 directive that declared cases of abuse in Catholic schools “subject to papal confidentiality.” The directive was written by Ratty, in his role as   Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

In 1980, while Ratty headed the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, he approved therapy and transfer for a priest accused of molesting boys. The priest was allowed to resume pastoral duties, and committed further abuses before being convicted. A subordinate has taken the fall for Ratty, insisting that everything was his fault, but The Rev. Thomas P. Doyle, who once worked at the Vatican Embassy in Washington, says this is nonsense.

Ratty has displayed little interest in going after abusers or seeking justice for victims. He has made statements trying to minimize the problem and to suggest it was exaggerated by the media. He is now making a big show of concern but it’s hard to see his recent flurry of meetings as anything but damage control.

I’m sorry if Catholics are offended to hear that the pontiff is a cunt. But he’s been one since the beginning. He refused to sign a UN declaration on the rights of homosexuals and the disabled. He went to Africa to announce that condoms could make the AIDS crisis worse. He offended Muslims by calling them evil and inhuman, and he offended the world by reinstating an excommunicated Bishop who is a vocal Holocaust denier.

Name one good thing about this cunt! Liberals in the church who had hoped for a return to the spirit of Vatican II were understandably depressed when Ratty was named Pope. Here is a quote I like, heard on the occasion of Ratty’s inaugeration: “Electing Ratzinger after John Paul, is like electing Rumsfeld after George Bush.”

Congratulations, Pope Benedict XVI!