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Crazy Mother: A Tragedy in Torrance

Carol Coronado, 30, stabbed her three young children to death and then got into bed with them. The children ranged in age from 2 1/2 to 2 months old. That is red flag number one. Earlier that morning, Carol had … Continue reading

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Beautiful Leg

  Before today, I have felt offended by images of prosthetic limbs that seemed to fetishize amputees. Even though it’s none of my business what people fetishize, I will always remember the doctor who told Max to consider having his … Continue reading

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The Crash Reel

  Once in a while, I see a film that is so transformative, I wish I could make everyone watch it. The Crash Reel is exactly that. It is a fucking gem in every way and I want you to … Continue reading

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Human Kindness Overflowing

  Last night, I stayed up until dawn after taking in too much suffering. I am trying to learn tonglen, a method of breathing in suffering and breathing out compassion, but I forgot. I forgot, and found myself dwelling on … Continue reading

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Sandy Hook Happy Meal

When I told [a family member] that 26 kids from Sandy Hook elementary school were going to sing at the Super Bowl, he was surprised and disgusted. I asked rhetorically why the survivors from the Aurora movie theater hadn’t been … Continue reading

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Hair is All

Aside from life and death, hair is all that matters. A really bad hair situation will trump  everything else, and I mean everything. Fucked up hair is excruciating. The pain is relentless. The knowledge that it’s your own fault makes it a source of … Continue reading

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Bad and Badder

Watching the news tonight, I am struck by the word “evil” in reference to the shootings in Connecticut. A disturbed 20 year old young man who lives with his mother, has no friends, hasn’t spoken to his older brother for … Continue reading

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When I was little, I loved mermaids. I loved the illustrations in my book of Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales. I drew pictures of mermaids over and over, draping them in strings of pearls. Now that I’m addicted to tumblr, … Continue reading

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Life Goes On

Isn’t is weird to see people going on about their business while a disaster devastates  one part of the world and a ruthless massacre takes place somewhere else? If you follow twitter, the incongruous tweets illustrate how most people go right … Continue reading

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